The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on March 19, 1927 · Page 8
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
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Saturday, March 19, 1927
Page 8
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Three of Four Semi-Final Teaifis From Lea^rue, With Fourth from Banks of the i Kaw. Hays. Kans., Mar. 19. (i\P)— Four clubs, three of. theni|:ffoni the .\rkanslas valley and a fourth from tli'e bank.s of the Kaw, toijay hf^d bids from jLady Championship lo attend fw-sta ciji ToachtTS her I 'sreatest ba.skelball Coliivv^uin flfK,)r at Hays (Ollege. The four aro Arkansas Gfty, Winfield. Kl Uorailo and Kujvrenfe, only wunlvors of the sixteen wlio yesterday entered the c onflirt whicli annually crowns a basket liall cljampion of Kansas. - WInfield flastied a |)owerful «f- - fen .se 10 move iiilo the semi-finals. I I'arsons beins jliejiiless in • the nti to 21 rain of bKalielH the Winfield , front line- ioiis «J. .Meeting Win:field In llie semi-final, scliedulod •for 'I o'clock toiliiy will 1)1' Arkan- HuK City, trndliiunal enemy, who >inrvlvc (i the second rr»und liy ellni- iuatinv (ilathe, to 21. In ihr- seconil s>-nii -rinal at. .'! o 'clo <_k. Kl ItoiailO; Ih- Ijilnl team from il'ie ArkaiiMus Valley leuRUe. will meet jjiun 'iiic. whiili unexpectedly de- A -aled .Vewloli jIiiKh scJiool .'iO In i;i . Dorado won her rlRhl lo ijicct |,awrenc<'i by defeatiUK .\Ic- I'liersoii hich .school, :t4 to lil. . i Tlioiisb Mliep rebuilt Coliseum • seatH ;i.i(iM(. couch Frank .Mande-; ville of the College announced to-; da.v thai slandliig ^rooni only is to i be had for afii-rnoon SJinies amri file linal .s tonight! Crowds yes-: ttirdav were uniisually. largp.' Koliowiiis till' finals whi<ib will detcrniine i a state championship and second, lliird aitd fourth place club;^, team and individual awards will iie siyeii and" the all-.stale .selections announced. The winner of the Kau .sas. tonr- namVnt will receive all invitalioii t<i atieiid the national iuter-scliol- aslic at Clncago .March 29 to April 2. National honors were taken by •]-]„, Kansas hij^h Schools in 192:! a 'nd lS }2r). Scores of A games laic yesterday: .Vewton, 43; Toj)eka ,29. , Kl IJorado. :\2: Hrewster, lit. .Mcl 'her.^on. ."iO; Powhaltan, 11. , Winfield. ."i6: I'arsons, 24. i Ark.msus jC'ity. .17; Olathe. 21. I.jiwrence,;: Newton. 20. Kl Dorado- :!1; .McPher .son, 21. NEWS NOTES OF NEOSHO FALLS All-Srhool • IMuj, "Iliiddy"' (o ite I (^itfii Monday Ktenin^. Marcli 211. Local iind .Social I'ara- irra|ih (.Mr.-i. W. I'. Ileath.l NKOSIIO KAI.KS. K;tn.<.. weather heiiii;' sofim I several da.vs. iwe are pl^,,yp,j! reporl utir hick people as .Mar. IS. for lite glad [o all f.-H!- ; i iiig nuK -h improve<I. j Tlie Kev. .Mr. Toilil preach: d ;! the .Metliodisi • Kpisdipal cliun b !.Sunday tiiorniiig and evi^iiiiig aid jut tlie .Mi'tliodisi/Kpiscopal i hur> li ! in the al'ternortn. al Veriioii ai met with a coniiiiif.e.' at :iie Co •j gregational cliiircii also in the iu];- iernoon. After ilie dose of theii ALPHABET Friends Track Squad Has Six Veteran I services he drove to liis homr- • U'iiannte. 'Me is to ineaili a! bo Men 1 f'burclies here a.< arrangeuieiiils J have, been made until .Inne 1. and .Mir 10 (\I*t I possi'biy longer. He was greeted uniye^sityi 19^7 track • '^v K^'"'' "'Vj!': built largely around i Kan's. . Wichita. The Krieuds team will bi _.„. . teii men, six of them wearing track I bard letters. With ten experienced alh- leies ami a number of promising freshmen, prospects for a winning •tra'ck leain are the brightest in years. ' , The letter men available are: .'Vnnstroiig. last year's cliptain and (iiiarler nriler: Hervcy. hiiriller and diish niiin, oi' nionv t*ian ordinary ability: Hrown, da:«lCnian of the 1112.1 leam: llosci'lV, a distance liiun; .Mai'lin. pole ;Viinller and broad jumper; and Hope, dai^li man. The four liien whose piisl per- formaiices initiejiie they Mill make llie flrsl team are: Laird cupiain of this ycarV team, a long illstanco runner; .tohiison. -1 weigh jinaii; Hrewor. weight mjiin lii il high hurdler; and Uicy./a high Jumper. services wiiicli a|ipivi ialed iiis IS FOR NEVERS WHO my YET PITCH WeLL ENOUGH FOP THE BROWNS TO MAKE THE FANS FOQGET GREAT FOOTBALL "PEGORD/. NEWS NOTES OF GkS CITY ii 'usM 'll ( liei'/i'Mi HreaKxAnn Ife- ceplliHi I 'lir Ihe Ke\. aiiil y\rs. .1. C. WIlMin. I .IICM I S and J'ri'Minal Seus. I.Mr.-. A. I", lloii .n .i C.XS Crry. Kan^.. Mar. Is.-Kur:sell C^|em Irid tlie iiiislnrniie- ii{ lireakiW his arm wlifle :ii a piiiii .\liinday. Tile nu'iiibers ol' i!;e Kiim's ,|latigilters ( Iii.-!S III llie .M. IO. ;. cliiircb met ill Mil- home ol lliei,- I teaciiir. .M.uide SiMitli. Tius: day evening ilisiiisserl plans :(riir their funire « :rk. .\i;er lb 'liu.siinss mill ill!; r !, were served. Tile liev. .I'.n.ii;i:i:i was niakiiiii cail- in : Tiiesiiay. ,\ revepi lull ,and sl>iei;il priii,r;;iii was giviii at tlii- .VI. K i luirei'i Tliursilay cvi iiiiig i!i !'"iior of tln> !pusiiir. ^'•le Kev. .loiiallian C. Wil- |si.ii ;i!itl' y\;->. Wil.<'.ili. .\ Inns; ,i .ible was iliavii in iln- Ji .i. k I'MHU III' the at wiiii b* liie iia.-tor the conference Wisconsin .May 2' iialioiial collegiHJte I vidii'al cliainpionslilps Lliiii" ;» iiiiil 1 (1 lilliiig week ends. •. (Jliini 's vieiiirv in all at Ino: .-reason indoor which; .Vortiiwestern. Wisconsin and (''liragii: also makes tin- Hui-ke.ves par contenders in •Iri -^liiien.s C. Wilson t;as City •• iilTii i;rl ; w er.- i .-iitic'iil.-' -wi'V,' -• in.i nil II..' >V I 'llllel'Ilee task and willingness to li where -help is so much nei here ed. The all-schiiiil play -Dadd was jiostponed from Widncsd:i March 1« to .Mi'inday, .Manii il. ( accouni of the illni-s.s of mie jii ber of the ca.-:l..Mrs. Weiitllng has been feili some bettei- during tlie pas! wei .Mrs. Win. Scbrier eiiierliiiiied dinner in liomir of the birilid.iy her father, .Mr. Keiits, .Mjirch If. .Mrs. Kchij|i|i spent last we|ck here visiting irlelld- .Ul.l ilnnkl al'ler her'properly. Ibr r^'jii. \\ liiini iJrove down Ifmii lOiipo Sunday and aci nmpaitli d Iter lioi^n llariilii reliiriieil' \;ji|i ilieiii lor sjiorl. visit. .Miss Krnia Kngb; l.s ii'coveri from Ihe scarlet fever. ; .Mrs. Kli/.alii III WoMord is eiil Trapshoot at Walton Izai\k Glub Today y, 111 t»- ig k. lit or ^ , , iiainiiig Ibis weekMier M><ui: .M Agjfie iStudent Wins ; iKemmerer. of HnmlioMt fia.l Oratoricali(:^ntest ^!''- • ' ! ' II. Keiit. Miss .Mildred Thrall a Kl. I.oiils. Miirch 19. .(AI'l-7{. ^,1^,. i,,,,,^, c,,,.!,,.;,,, |, ,„ ,|„ K. Hedberg, of the Kansas Stale „^v„ wa.v ..celel.rate.l llieir l.irl ,^sricu^lural folleee, sneaking on ,i.,vji whicJi occurred .Manii HI. ••Puppets of the Press," won tha The meftibirs of the Heb.k ninib annual contest of the Mis-'i,„igp invited their friends to soiiri Valley Oratorical Association ;|„-opraDi and cafejeiia. supper here at Washington I'niver.sity last the hall March 17. nisibi. Chart's Dillon of Washinn- was In attendance, ton Cniversity was • awarded second prize'. .lack Finegan. Drake, took thiid. Ueorge Chninos, I'lji- versity_of spoku on "The P -MU" of. the : Anierican Univer- Bity." r- r Hill If A good crowd Frankie Lloyd Wins . From Bat Stewart .Nils- Mildred Thrjill her birthday March liome. Among the presents received wi especially dear to li 1! large iiot <if joiiq her aunt. .Mrs. .McClijire, and in. Kdwurd ."of lola. .Mrs. Dixon gavt •f Ceifbnit Iff, quietly ijiaii.v bi-autif il niention oije r which lils. given COII.S- .>^l. IMcher, Okla.. Mar. 19. Krankie Moyd of Tt;eec'e, Palricl^ bridge jiarty at her .iliome .Moiid; -.March Itf. The as-listing host.}.(AP) — es were .Mi's. Slaveii.s and Mrs, Ijo- Kans.. gan Heynolds. .More than liil his) night outpointed oii. .Toplin in a last ten here as the feature of Hob Ciillins of Piclier Tulsa Brown, al.-jo of l' Hat Stewart round battle |a flRl't card, knoiked out ^ichei*. in the guests \^ere present. Tlie lioitio .s'-'-p"'! round iound jso. of a suhednled ten was decorated fitting the occasi and ajolly good time was irepurtf-*! bv thosciiiresenl. ".Mrs. Mildred lUioaiies „! I. was here Tuesday and calieil Mrs. Wentliiig. .Mr. and .Mrs. Marinji Wi.lsup a ilaughter, Huih and .Mr. and .M Walt Wiggins went mi a imsiiK and plea.-«hre trip to western Kansas and 'Colorado last iwe\'k. A- r>otr-,ii wu'h \i-^r-l9 f\p.')_ 'x'w Thursday.; Hi^^Ford-s oinnon;^e^yk\o; fhe funeral of Mrs. ,Mary H. bluiicovered in tl.e Sl.OOO.UOO libel ""Is was held a4 the suit brought in ledeial court Ijere Ford's Opinions Are Yet To Be Expressed .\ regular t^.-ilisliiml will le hi-li! on I!;- laiige iJf the lola l/aaU Wal- tun (Inn Clii!| east oi the rmiiilrv Cluii [((innri iiw :ifl>Tii>Miii !i "giiiliiMg at 2 o 'clii 'i k in the alt- eiiiiien. Hiiss .\rhi'tkle aii}ipiiniii|r| l.;d:i:. A sp'iial prize of ;t Ibox ejiMi-^ li> lb - mail who tliools the I'.'si will be v ,i »i -ii by I' .11 llie Mergii! 111. : and his wifi' aiiii :ii is.•all.I. .Mier : s rvei 't jiieiiiTi-: w, v liiidgi ; lor 1 il" 11' ye-ir. I'l ••acliii::; .•-erviri at liie .M. K. ,c':ure|i .^iinilMv iii..inliiL' :i; 'ii:!.'.. Till- iiasiiir. Ill" llc -v. .liMia;li:ni C. iV '.ilsiiii. i- lii liv ri'm a si ri..-- nf •lappriipriaii- si nii.'ni-; l> ailing up I'l . i I':;iiii i.-^iinilay a :.i| liri.-ii r. ' .Sunday -.1 iieol :i| 11:00 Siiiidav liinrii in:j. l-ipwnrtli 1,1 :u;iie si-ri il IS. iiiidi r tin- liMiler.^liip 111 Miss Hr;tl. |'i-r- kilis al 7:eii .--•iniilii > i-i i-ii ii;;;. Siiinl.iy SI liiiiil a: I'liiir.ii iii ' (!i'i| .<u!;il:ry. itim tiiiii: at !i:l.'i aiil pi-ai lii:i« eivii.s :it 11 ;i. m. |-;v- •ellillg -••rtii'es ;i! 7:.'lii. those evciiis, and Captillii JKenn .i 'liy and Wiknff ail geroiis al. Ihe inidille distd The IiMiling ciuifereiii •Spike" Kile, heads the men a! Illliniis. among Dim l .yon. shut put clian ; Hioige Oiti rne.-s. versatile liiesi.ta siiplioinore. will stjep 'the leading liask"lball' sc Ihe nig 'I 't n into tlie .spr till- liiirdlis. aiul I.awreiu son, six-foot-six discii.s will reinforce the Copher Chicago's best bet seenit?. .Anion liiirg. who beOame ;tli" country's best high jnn: le;i |iini: over" fences on his vviirk in tiie South Chicago steel mills. .Vortiiwestern has a likely p.le vaiiller in Droegmilllel. Indiana and Purdue arc weak, but Ihe ; Hons;. IS have a d.ish man Jn Pep-, per. tiirnii riy of .MI .sKissii >pi ; M.. :.iiid tile Diiilerniakerjt their lone conference i»<iiAt lie!- of a year ago, Capialii Liillc, a miler. Peiin. outdoor und 2K. •'Back a' cher," says "Irish" Bob ^lensel (left) as he leans on a fast one hurled by hl.s vetepun team mate; "Bill'* Doak (right), at the Brooklyn Dodger.s' Clearwater, Fla., training camp. Perhaps von don't believe the ball "Irish" Is here} sinitlng and the ••Bill'' is pitvlring are one am the Haiiie. Don't blaiite you; they aren't the same but it made iiiter- esting reading,ididii't it? Two Kansas Teams Fall iff Semi-Final Round = of A.A.U. Tournament AtK. CiLast Night. Kansas City. .Mar. 19. (AP)—The championship Hillyard basketball team of; St. Joseph.: .Mo... tonight . faces tlie strong Ke-Nash-A fiye from Kenosha. Wis;, in the final game fif the .National A. A. V.. to'.irnament here which will deter- I niinp ihj' 1927 title holder. ' The Hillyard^i^ in the semi-finals last night trimmed Washburn College, Topeka. 134 to 29, while the WIs^ consin fr\ve defeated Wichita University .16 to ."IS. Yankee Rookie Cuts Wood for Exercise Chicago oi: the relays meet Class C TourneV to S«ni - Finals Today j Have Hooted Murray Since St. Peli'rsburg. Fla., Mar. 19.- Paoliiio ifzcudun, the wood chop- por of thie Pyrenees, may have a rival |n biiseball. "James Wlltse, a young Icipated, Kmporia/'Kaus.. Marl 19 .(AIM— Four Kansas Junior high school basketball teams will jtaku to the cFMirt this afternoon In the scmi- ] finals of the class C i tournament 1 foi- the state chanipioiiship. Kni.•^ WMlIillL'tnl poria will play^ Wellington and Cockerill (if .Mulberry will be pitted agonal Dodge City. Scores in the first .'round last night follow: Chicago. .March 19.—The deci.s- ions of Jim .Murray seem to draw more hijots from Atiierican A.sso- ciatiou fans flian of any other umpire in tlie circuit, bin Tlinm- as Ilic'key, president of the .Asso- ci.-itioii. lias signed Murray for his I twenty-seventh year behind the jplale. I The hoots iliin't bother Jim. for I j iie decided long ago that his seeni- ; Shermai' of Hutchinsfon forfeited i ing iinpupnlarity was only be- to Kmporia. ' | cause lie nev«.-r-pays any attention Wellington defeated Olathe lilito the customers. He started in to 9. j- iilie Tri-State League in 1900 and Dodge City won from Saliiia ICiWeiit to the .Aineiii an .Association frnm the International Bevan, lire dan- nces. miler. \2 letter whom is |ri()n. Min- froni jirers of ^ .. . . . uts and ! 1" " and Cockerill beat Winfield i i" l!'l'! loiip. Only one ntlK -r diamond arbiter. Pop Connolly of the American . m . J I I I-eagne. has leiii dodging pop hot- Proxy m Tennis Match Hes as long as Murray. pitching recruit from th« lOastern League with ifhe Yankees, has been ichopplng. wood all wln-|f ter to keep In condition for his major leagiK! trial Intlie spriig. Wiltse. whose home: i.s at Ravenna, -N. Y..; tried st-velral training stunts experimentally; until he hit upon iwood chopping :as the most effective. I Wiltse, libwever. was fully shod in contrast with the boxer who worked in his bare feet, i John- 1 19 to 13. hrower, j ihalanx. be one of pers by way to Duke lis Defeated by Beaulieu. France, Man 19 —The ^ firooklvn MuV HaVG Duke of Westminster, who -prides j - 'j i j : m • himself on his tennis game, has a; Kespeclacled 1 HO defeat by proxy on his j record. The Duke recently niade a bet i Clearwater, that he could beat M. iHerre .Mai- i^Norman Plirt A., & ',M. the French sportsman. .He lost have hut without having tonclleil racquet win- 1 to ball. ; •I. K.; The Knglish noblemati delegated this game to the doiiblesjteam Maj. iCarr and the professional Kose- KansaS State Class ; •<» P'ay his game while Mallet B T^.',«^>>,, l>.n,«..l*« ^"*d Cochel for a partner. rOUrney KeSUltS; The score was C-.'!, 6i2 and the iDnke lent his proxies moral (AP)—iport from the sidelines. ' Tiipeka, Kans.. .Mar. 19. llilis!M)!o -.luil Chantaiiiini wion. i!i»ir wav this! morning inio the -I iiii-fiiials of ihe class B st: te high .• Il .:..l biisket'iall IlillslMeii .reflated Sacred I liiiirnaniejil. lart, nf dulei lilU Til" lle\;'liillll|illt nf r:ii|ii| III Sweden how cnvi rs ihe i-iiti'e iii'iiitry. 'ilnie Ibaii L'IIII.IHIII re- ceK ill:: : els ale in n isiliii:i L'2 to 111 and Cha^itauqiia le.ii I'eny 22 to :;i. The si -ini finals were fur tills afieriiiion and game tor tonight. 1) feating Fijoiileiiac Kllii '.veiit III the :ii::iinst (.'lialllail'|lla. Fla.. Mar. . 19.—If becomes a member of the piteliing staff of Ihe Brook-. Ilyn Kohins tiie bespectacled club of I..ce .Meadows aiid fleorge Toporcer will have a new nieniber. Plilt. who h :is been out of major league ball for a year, returns wearing "specs." At that lie can See well enough to gel Ihe ball close lo I lie plate :iiiil may become su|/- lone of "Cncle Hojibie's" corps of • sliarpshooter .S'. Star!Brand Shoes Kverw pair solid leather, well put together, built for. style, service; and solid comfort. We are now ready; to show you the keen new oxford-S for 'men that are open for your in.spection. Priced^ at $4.Uit to |7.iiO. TH&HUi^ 1." sc th 19 to 10, sen l-finals l ''ilii'-. •!• ell-wliiu lili:n III w.c! Mailtil Ins. fii-l eulmii/! rlr.'-l I'liiiiiii 'ai' Med ill I .S 'lti. al Cen-' Diilih,; was' ti.iiniil :itt.i li'ville. Midi.! P I ilii e :iil Oraiigi. I by the • Fur the fh«i time in liilsliiry a in girls spring. •) il liy the I .Mauri.-e. crii >s ciiiiniry race of .Mo.^bi l:r'Cm key is lo be held Ihinl ig "elements of style, it^ms pf coiivehience, and prol- visions for comfort usti- cars costiiig twice as ;:1 that Draw Crowd A and Sway Buyers Little wonder Dodge Brothers Motor Cars today are accorded such \jide^pread and enthusiastic cominendation— Smart^ new body lines and attractive color combinations—• I • • ' i I A newj seating arrangement that provides still more rbomi* ness ajid comfort— ' A new clutch, simple, sure, silent— Softer pedal action, easier gear shifting—^ Quicker acceleration, still greater steering ease— l)y .\aron Sapiro. Attorneys yes terday failed to obtain satisfaction from M'ni. J.' Cameron, eilitor. of the Foid publication, the Dearborn .Independent, when they liini regarding Font's; belle ^..HlandK udjourned iinfil '.Mcjnday. Kansas Giri ' ^Death ^^ar in A l-uraiiiie., Wyo., (ieo'rgla .Mhsgrave al c'hnrch here Tiiosda .v. afternni .•;Interinont was made itrCeilarva ;cemetery. The service was coji- :dui ted by the Rev.. .Mr. Boswort her former iiasiiir. assisted bv ilk .Mrs. Keynolds h :fi! Falls vi -a qulz /.ed ||*:"f March 119, (AIM , a HtudAil at the i land Was one of the piomer ri'>| di 'iiis of .Mien county. She w; very active and Indiislrinii.s uii used vin- great can- and pri -i isii PCident '" "'r bnsban .i di abiiul five yi.jiis ai;;i. Tier i.lili ary will dnitbtless lie giviii in li ;ii'liinitis of ilii. It ..gjs(,.r. rnlverslly of Wy«n.ln»i- whose ;,„;) j;;;,,,!;"',';!'-''^ liotiie is nt Ogallah, Knnsiis. hiifrer- ed 'coni 'iisslon of tfae br;iln today in -an automobile i^^diUu I, and Is near deaib. One w^inun was klll- -ed in the iniHli. ^ sni w sioiin, iiiakihc I 'lrlvinir dliricitlr was re- Bponslble for flie coUlslin of two automobiles. li-i s ' d; 'I i •1 FlMiiK AVhi Mrs. Thursday nfie'riioiin. .liiii. Mi 'Viris ^has's|/ III'M eral days with li-r dauKliler, .Mr Oils r .yiin a! A'crnmi. .Mrsi i,vi has been unite in |„it Is SHIIK.-A- I I ; im>" Med. (Mi; l .ynti lia.- suffering .fimn sevfiral weeUd. hi rheumaii>ii i\,r I. 1, TheLcn4auStdanfl29i^ While it is true that the Greater OaklanJ Six Is built to a degree of precision'oncc undre &mi ^i- uf save in hand-built cars—. I —while it embodies engtneerinK features found in nci other automobile in the world, regardless of price— | —no sfnail part of Oakland's irresistibly spreading^ popularity can be traced to the universal appeal uf Oakland- Fisher bodies. "Body by Fisher" is a m>Kic phrase M 'herever automobiles are known. 1095 Yet FLiher's mastery-in body building wag never more brtllianffy revealed than in the Greater Oakland Six. For here, in a car of the $1000 class, are elemenu of style, items of convenience and t"wisiuns for camfort utually associated with cars costing twice a* much! Speni| halfan hour going over tha Greater Oakland Sin—and you will cleaHy understand \yby it* popularity il growing day by day. SEDAN- Oakland Six, $ 1025 to 51295. The Next) and Finer Pontiac Six—at Netu Low Price*—$775 (u9!'75. All priies at factory. Easy to pay on the Qeneraf. Motors Time Payment PUuu HOBART-STEELE MOTOR CO. LM0-212 North Wavhinfjlon ; More rigid engine s<ipport—and smoother performance— New, pilent-tjrpe miiffler^^ Sturdiness and depfendability made still mpre pronounced by vital betterments in body construction and in thei propeller shaft, differential and axle shaftsJ Add to these the new fi-ve-bearing chrome vanadium crankshaft,! with its remarikable improvement; in engine periform- ance, the excellent new starting and lighting system and many other recent betterments, and you imderstand why owners proclaim today's car^— Hdie isnest Podee ever builtr Slandard Sedan L_- —-i ,-__$895 I FKODUCT OF GBNERAL MOTORS '•«_<«>iWn4NING AND HOLDING GOOD WIU. Special Sedan I )e IMXC Sedan ^. F. O. li. $945 $1075 Detroit ELUS MOTOR COMPANY 211 Norfh Wa.shint'ton . Telephone 301 We Also Sell Dependable Used Can '".

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