The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on March 19, 1927 · Page 7
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 19, 1927
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

: tiniwlng Strawberries to lecome XsriM ladiiKtnr Here 1 hntn^b (lie €tei9Bt«' strawberry - €l«!^wef<!«*i AMU, ' _ (Francis Ctdyer)- C HUMBQLDT. March 18. — The gophomorie diss of Humboldt high school- is hoi iing annual party toniBht at the liigfa'scrbobl auditorium. As Ihisi partly is an affair of special interest, all" oi; the class members ' w^re- expected to be present. i j i Karl Ai^hbrook. wlio has l^oen here on 6iclc| leave, for several months, wcnti to Blackwcll, Olcla.. this week. There he will begin work as'an, operator for the Frisco railroaxl. ]• ij E. H: LciUbach is in Kan.>fas City this week on business. The menjbcrs of the Harmony liridge eiub; cntertaitied their hns- bafids ,at ai c^inner and evening party Riv«ni f^stl night at the home • of Mrs. Cbal[(iersl Clkrk. After a i^umptuous three course dinner the evening feast Isiicnl playing cards. TJie commute}* which planned the .laiik m^ir; a youthful first laae- man iof Piilm Bcach> 1^ ba'iug given a I rial by .Managejr Stanley iar- ris of the Washiugtpn Senate -s. lOLA CITY TREASURER'S STATEME^ M For (he Uwirler Ending; Manh 15, 1W7. I GeniralFaRd CR. DR. Dec. 13. 13U6 t-Baiancc J i- ; $2.93 >.ll Received from til.v Clerk ----- -S .lOr .Sft Received from PolU-c Judge "<>''•S ' Received from County Trea.surer 8.6tM.35 Warrants paid 1-.- ? n.9r>.1..'i.'i -Balance — — - HSOr,.lS Mar. 15. 132T • I , ITHter Works Fund Itec. 1.5—Bal.-ince ..--J : Received froui City (Merk . Warrants paid 15 -Balance $14,648.68 $14,648.68 Mar. --$ 4..'i(l5.07 $ 3.53&.70 7,251.98 Eleclrir Fund l>cc. I.'i- Ilaliiiico / Recciv'^d from ("ily Clerk __ Warrants jiaid .. $ie .7 »1 .6S, $10.7! 1.G8 .-$21,302.61 Mar. 15-^IiaIancc '4 ...... 20.3.'(7.26 $|9.97 27.0.519.90 'Has Fund Uec. 1.'.—Balance Jl..^.-. 3 Receiv.'d from Cily Clerk (..i Warrants paid ._. -.L. Aljir. r .j— Balance L. , Street and Alley Fund Uec. Ifi—Itii lance - --. - -l 4-Received frouii City Clerk Rec{!ived from County Treasurer --.i.. Warr.iiilH paid Miir. ir.4BaIauce $41,659.87 $41.Sria.S7 $3r..n4a..-..-, - 7.SSJ.6ir 7.96 r,4.96 $42,928.15 $42.!»2j>.15 $ .S9jt.0l :i.l40.72 - 4.934.70 11 7.07 ..lO Ml • ^ . $ 8.075.42 Iitternul Improvement Itttiul FUIMI Dec. 15 - llaliincc ' - - ,;.L$13.197.S4' Received from County Treasurer Rem it I eil. Fiscal Agi-ncy $ 8.0 .Mar, 15—Balance J .$25,260.57 2.:i85.51 $40.8^ i.92 Dec. Mar. Dec. Dec:. Mar. Dec. Mar. Mar. Dec -Mar, I 'nrk Fund ij —niilniice Received from;Coiiiily Treasurer _. 15—Balance $40,843.92 $40,848.92 . -'-i r , .— $ 1.294.23 $ 73h.42 ii5«.81 IC-^Balaucr Received Ke(nndin); lionil Sinking Fund ' -_L. Troin County Treasurer $ 1,294.23 $ 1,298.23 $15,356:51 15— Balance J :. $17,594 .88 2,23 Library Fund 15—Balance , Receiveil fnuii County.Treasurer" WarrantP paid ... 1 $ 15—Balance 1 . $17,594.86 565.45 ! 765.45 i $17,59 1 ;86 $ 21 !.83 1.07 1.28 ^ Cemplery Fund 15—Balance Received from City Clerk Received from County Treasurer . Warrants paid 15—Balance, . ^ ,. $ 1.290.11 :$ LtJflb .ll $ 1.55 .$ , 604.39 - i2.670.56 81 15—Balance .15—Balance Siiecial PnTlnigr >'o. S $3,274.95 $ 3.274.95 6.66 $ Refunding Bond Interest 15—Ralunce - . . Received from County Treasurer ... Remitted Fiscal Agency ... l.i—Balance . : ,.. 6.6S $ 1.50 .65 r ..42 hostess;: Mrs. W. C. AAama, Mr»^ Dale Booe,iMra.\W»ey tiaclc ^nd Mrs. IJ ., B.,,Bonecutter. Fred Wixon, who has beeri employed for seyeral months ii. Oklahoma, came borne tbis weel: and will remain a <ew days here. He has been employed with the Sia- clair Oil Co. Mrs. W. I.- Morrison of Emlporia came here today to 'spend - a tew days 'With friends. Mrs. ^loi risen was a former Humboldt r<>e dent!, having lived here several yeai» be^ fore her reinoval from,: here I^st summer. The growing of strawberries may soon become a ] promlneiit agricultural industry Iq this pdrt of the coimtry. At lea&t, the iiove- mcnt ha«'a good start near-Ium- boldt. The Humboldt biianci of the CHanute • Strawberry 'Gro irers' Association, has.pledged six teres, which will: immediately- be pli jnled ifri |St ,rawberries. This, added t > the land already controlled iy this branch, will produce about twn car loads of. strawberries, the nioney retiurn of which will be qlos4 to t2.m. Sharp Break Houston Oil FlniillV Brings Dre^ Today. .New York. Mi r.^ 19. (AIM sharp break of approximately points in Houston Oil; combined with the cropping out of a number of new weak spo s in other sections of the list, jfinaily unsettled today;; stock mavl ot after an r^ar- lier period of' up; | and downs as conifol ot the (rice niovemen't shifted from one speculative proiip to another. . * 'i Opprators for the rise endeavored to maintain bullish eritlius- iasm, by e.xteuding support to 1". S. Steel common. • General .Motors."! L.-ickan-anna and slome of the other rec'iit leailers. bit bea r tiailer.s coutiuued their pei*sistent campaign for vulnerable specialties. Lackawanna, concerning which runi')rs of a spwtal dividend di«-' trilution -have bei>n revive<l, wa-s bid tij) to 162, the highest price .since 1921. , ] The clo.-in*; w.;^s hk'avy. Total 9ij0,000 sales uppro.ximated Kansas lijj «.'rain. Ka^isas City., receipts 87 lower; .\o. l ..!5: .\o. :; $1.27 hard $1.2Srir 1 .35: 1 .34; So. 2 red $ S1.26''(/1.27. Corn, unchan^ed: shares. lar. 19. (An — cars; 'i to I '^c 2 darK hard $1.2Sffi 'itil.:!!: -N'o. .\o. 3 $l,S7',-j«: ..2'6'iif*1.2S: Xo. .N'o. TltfTl'-jc; ,\o. 3 6(1 'i'II 70'I So. 3 lie: .No. yellow 73f*75'.;.c: •No. 2 mixed 70ft/: 70 »^c. Oatf. Ic lower: No. 2 ^7(•: .No. :.• 4.t''«>48ci Mi!o maize »1.17j«(a.22. Kafir. $1 .0 If/1.17. Rye. .'.mi 35Vjc. Barley. 72:ji;74c. 1 21 while : -acl .No. 2! • )f (7 :!''i..-; ' 3 6 (;'::(?i Aliili.i^ CI.'IIKI hlte I'.-ir i .Stiller, lii I ilo iiincli , lias; ;i:iml)s $li .^•-11.:;.'; I '•laics 'lie .Xiii'riciiii I(> luovc th;ii I' I- pic.l'in-d licri I :r>Oy liDin Fraiire to il l .'ciiui <-)iiiv< iiiloii in I 'aris ilii4 1: \IIIITIIIIII iiiiiiv is iiiil)ii.k>-ii. v .iih lii.s il.itijlilir. Kflifc.. : olliiT^ 1 .11-. i|ii\viiv.:ii'il !• h- si 1 .00 O^l KsHsas (ity (lose. Kansas City. Mar. D*. (AIM — Close. Wheat, .May.old $1.27vi: .May new $1:27: .luly $1.21%. Corn, .May 72',A Sept. 79*',c. ;;35 Kansus t'lty .68 ,s7ft.5n .77 6.66 6.66 $ 491 920.50 689 .17 i.ioa.iig $ 1.600.67 $ 1.60 (i »i7 J Slores Fund '.nfc'. 1.5—Balance $3,80131 Received from City Clerk 6,170l91 Warrants paid . i : $6,155.30 Mari 15—Balance 3,816.92 Dec. Mar. Dec Miir. MrmorinI IIHII Bond Fund 15- liiilance . .- . Received from County Treasurer :.. 15-4Balance _' ..- :.-$ $ 9.972.22 $ 9,972|.22 $ 43.Sl.96 .135 15- llaltiuce . Received from City Clerk 15 -Balanie !l»air; Fund OS City. .Miirch 19. (C. S. r,,- Dept. of Agricuitu receipts too small prices inominally si lop $11.20 on 190 I 210 to 260 II )S. $l0.60i?i 11.05: stock pigs up to $12.50. Cattle 450: calves 25c .Medium weight and 25u to 5<tc lower: most: light wcigl ings. fed 'heifers, stockers and feedf- CIS. generally 25c tfr cows and luillf fully 50c lower; weak. Top for w steers $12.00: July Livestock. •el—Hogs 1.000: to test market: eady; practical ) 200 lbs.; a few the ( liicauo, Uriiiii'. Chi(a-4 !i. .Mjr. VJ. (.\J- Wheal. .\I;iv 11, to ^i .2;»>.;. to : .Supt. #1.27',. ! Corn. .May 71'« to ',<•: .di.'y 7S"' '>•> 'Ttc: Sept. S2I- ((I ':.M';y<-. Oats. '.May I lU lt> • rlPiiir; Sept. »;!''ic.' Rye. -May to !!»7*i to :»Sc: .Sept. 9t'-ic. I CI.ASSIFIKB ABVERTIS- IXG I.\FOR.'HATlkj.\. : .liii.v .llllv .lulv r>8lly rate :r .8 «Mlons: ri.Aasink;n RATES prr Hue for for week: heavy stcer.s better grades off t steers, yearl- lower; slauglr- stotidy; vealei-s weighty calves <ek: On heavy medium weight at $11.75; yrarlincs -$11.00: .hulk fed steers and 'yearlings $S.75f> 10.75: fed heifers $7.75ffl9.25: ; s|ockers and feeders $7.75<'(it9.25. Sheep none; for week: l.amhs 35c to 50c lower: sheep steady; top lambs $14 85: closing top at $14.75: hulk $ 14.25lfr 14.75: shorn offerings $12.75 «n .1.25; .odd lots fat owes $S.50ft(9.25: top •'••'''•''•K ! j,',"'-,,,. • ' ' • . .'!?n '.yr.. • lOLA HIDE, FlIR & WOOL COMPANY Get onr prfres on POITLTBY AND EGOS We witl come nifl^r poultry. -B. A. JONES (11 .So. Oblo i I Phone 1307 •M ---- $ 25S .III GR E NNAN*S il.l'i I i Wei pay — 'Faaey Ktnts 774.16 $ "ivi >o. l]Kmps ; - . d Errs $ ^.10 lb. X KBKS ;.0« Hens 'Springs J -, — Dec. 15—i;»l.'<ncc i.Mar. 15—Bala'nce Dec. Judgment Fand $ 2.58.10 $ ; 25 $ 235.36 $ ; 23: .15—Balaiice Received from Coi .Warrants paid Mar. i5—Balance Band Find •'V Treasurer .J 235.36 $ $ 23 823 „-$ 3.5«.(»U- 496.12 $ .-$ 646.12 ! Ri:< M'lTULATlOX General Futid ..Water Works Fund Klectric Fund Gas Fund ---Street and .Alley Funi Internal Improvement Bond Fund ] Park Fund -—4 Refunding BQnd Sinking Fund .... Refunding Bond Interest F 1.I0S9 Library Fund ...— Cemetery Fund. ^..i Special Paving No. 2. i..— Stores Fund Memorial Hall Bond Fund r- Dairy Fund Judgment FumL .^J Band Fund Cash on Hand : ... $77,354.86 84G.12 8.69.5113 4.505 07 20.35 7.884160 4.934 2.385 51 1.294 23 17.594 86 65 4il 2.670 56 6 66 3.816 92 1 16 258 10 235 36 496 •Overdrawn" ?77.3 .-.-l.sfi $77;:'..-: THOS. U. feOWLrS, City Trwisnrer. .10 .36 -.2,> IHc .IBr KM- Ke lo 2He - I6d to 19c ...lie 'Green iiWe? j L f He iJIome Hide". ....J ,..J..«8.iMi We v Ilf eo^i afti i; yonr poultry. .36 .49 .63 J. F. Grennan pProduce Co.; Ki>«t 3faaroc aa^ Khn PhOne STff' Tola. Kfanik 36 12 (lilca :.'it l .i^eslock. ; Mauli lit. (l". S, li.;);. of Agririilturc I •Ho;:s i ':,ti- inaLed 'hold over :!.(ii»o; h.-avy weight Ihi)j;s $lo.5o'!( il.fn: in.•ilium .? 10.75(1;. n .(;5:' !i»;iii .$l).H'-<( ii.Mi: light liglil ?I1 .0iP ''f( ll.^ii: parkini: sows $!».75''(( lii.aii; .-slaii:.;!!'i r x >iA> ^flLdOffr H.Si). Cattie 2tii: ..vcaiiiuKs $ I Mm -'f 1; mealy »5 imnnil oflciinKs up in $!».8n: hulk fS.'MiffiS.oii; wilji" ljc!i( feeders lu .$'f .;!5: weeks Imlk pri^'- es: Fed s|e<.|s SJI .'.lfii ,'I .",11; f.^ ,|- ers anil stnekers ?s.25'//ii.dii: fai I row.-; ili.UWii .•^7.5i "i S .75: ciittrr.s /.-,.(Mi: vealer.s Jlo.oo^i li .511. [ .She»-p .3.HI"'. , hrir wi 'ok: n:, doii- Lhles iroiji fer 'ilin:; stnlinns: I2.5iiii, ^ilirRiis. 'Week 's priie...: Fed • ne^iiTii ,'lainli.'.' .?I5.iio: n.itivi- lanili;. Sfjf days T'lree clayi 9? .<•. « 4-.- l:! 2ktiiiliiiiim rhirKe. nCc on,' Minimum cash. -Oc. ! Count .five wonia to a line. I'HOXE yntT. <'I.A3 !5IFIED AI> TO. IS Plrrnr.s In advfrtiseineiit;^ should he "t 'orted Imnicdiattl.vL 'r ;i)e . Iteijlster more than rill not l)e ro.^spon^n.t,* fori ynf Ine.irrect Insprtion. Special rate."" for y.'aily' )idverti>ini?. The Individual der the f>ilIo'.vin»; armngc'd In A I.PH.VHK'flj •ttr «|iii.'k r *'frr.Mi<:«*. .\11 ail.-i are rvstm-tril to 'T <;l.'i.^sifi<*atio'i , .<inl to t'aliy Rr^j^t^r st.vl.* of tvpe. I flllT.I revive il|f> liK^it • f,i.-,'t niiv rt;i.<'illi*',t aciv i>td"reil :::r sj-^ tTlll'-.l p/.I l»f*fiir«* ••xpirtliiiji will f."»r f>niy the liU'nt/er »»f liri ii»:i«»;,r»'d. a tat adj'i-^t ineiit tlia<l,? at the r;ili" earnprl. j *'arefiit, att''>»ltMri ^tven ({*» malt or- d'^rs wliirh must l"^ '-ish t\llh firdrr. GOOD "USED C-\RS-{-1926 Hudson coach with extijas; 1924 Maxwell sedan: Ford touringi^: Buick tour­ ings at bargain pricep. .Marr Auto Smyly Co.. ^tuick Dealers. FOR S.\I>fc: OR TRADE—Overland 6 standard seidaii,i drove 8500 miles, for tion truck. Apply 327 .North Fourth street. FORD CARS—i;vc just got in twenty , new use'd [Fords: 1926 Ford coupe: 2i l !l2t>. Ford tour• ing<: 1927 Foird roadster: 1926 Ford roadster: 11926 Ford truck: 1 S-i yljnder IJldsmiihile Sedan; 1925 Ford, coupe, hiilloon Wheels and tires with lots of extras; 192.5' Ford roadster; il925| Ford tiiupc: 3 192". Ford tourings: 1921 Overland touring; 1923 Chevrolet tour-I i^^; 1923 Dort tourini;. Will sell on time or will trade for livestock. J. C. Butcher. ' ; Sitnatlons, Wanted—Male 37 | iuTO .MECHA.NIC—Familiar with jail makes cars. Sweeney ^ school graduate, Geo. Walter, Humboldt. Kans., Box 26. Businesiji and Oflice Kiiuipmcnt FINANCIAL Money to Loan-^Morfgages 40 FARM LOANS-Qulck service and reasonable -rates.: A. D. Hawthorne. 213 S; Washington. FARM A.ND CITY LOANS—Base •rate on farms. 57c, city 67r. Long or short time. R. M. Cunningham. TYPIOWRITKR.S A lar^e shipment. just rccciviil: :! Reininutoiis No. I.': Riiiiin ;;(i >!is >•>•.. lii; 2 Uoyliht: :', itiidcr'.'-iiiiils Sn. .'»:.Corona portablej: I,, c. .Smuh. and others. .-5ee display 111 window opposite Postoffiije. Williams Typewriter ('ompany. - Fnel, Feed. Kerlilizers ' M WKl.l- ROTTKD M.WIRI-V-For flowi-rs.jgardeHs and law .iis. J, C. I«iile !;rr .i .MONEY TO LOAN—Private and eastern moiiey to loan on farms and city property. Low rate. Terms and payment to suit borrower. Stewart & Funk. INSTRUCTION l.wal Inslriicllori-Classes 4". OAKl.A.ND — Dealers - PO.NtlAC . '21 Fortl roadster: "22 Ford coupe, good: 'is Ford'coulee, cheap';- '22 Huilsoii sedan.; good shape: '21' Studelniker 4 -pass. j coupe, fine fhape; '26 Chevroltit coach, fine shape: '22 Dmlge colipe. good; '23 DodKe Voupe. Some other very (•hcai; cars. Cash, terms'or trade. !lobai^t-Stee!e .Motoi-iCo. MOW CLASSKS—In Grc.i;g shorthand, bookkeeping, typewriting, hankiuK. expert accounting, auditing anil telegraphy, will be organ-; • izcil at Button's Businei's Colle.i:e. | Evan.* Bldg., next week. Special! nricos and terms to all who enroll; now. . \ lloiisehold Goods FIRNtTll'RK -Oil stoves and cook s'live:;: !i :irli 'ai| u'-aile u.^ed fiirnijiire iii.^t, atrived I'roni Kansas ('it.vj Sa \e iiiio lialf. easy pay- nieiils. fre;' rielivciy . Cu.rtis Bar- pain "tltiji -e. l.allarpe. 'means Rugs."- Furifi- : RKGS—liouseilcaniiiK time putting idowu Coimoleuni Priced lo sell. Br .vson';; turc Store. ' Seeds, Pbints, Flowers C3 LIVE STOCK F!EL1> SEEDS—or all kinds, get yonr" '-arly. Ser^ us for priies. •MIe:; Conni>- 1 ai iilciiie:;.; '('o. REALIESTATE FOR RENT 1 1923 FORD • i{pAD.«jTER — Good j tires, good upholstering, good! ] lia-iii. Uoyet'.Mi)tor Co.. 212 South i Jleffcrsoit Phone- 23. e I'nited yi-ar'will Til.- am- tonsecuflve Cash SC 7c 10c hny ad. iiients un- ••las.-^lfiii'ation.s are ' order Jtticlr prop- lllie regular • The pub- 10 nlit er i -lllsinc copy, and ytop «-lr.iri;ed T |ie ?l the ad AUCTIONS] Anctions lOA 1*15.25; : 1 \earlin" • d rlipp'il lainlis .?]:;.V5: \Ml!i"r.s 'in; I '.ii ewes, •dill" and s!i»-arina lamb.- ITMl.tC .MCTIO.N I'lild .v.M-i- Satisr.lav at 1 :><•< i;i<liii;)'.; Sali-s I'aviUoli. AUTOiMOTlVE auction ilock at l'.f2l FORD TOURl.Nt;-Starter, d.-I 'leiiiitalilfs. new black paint, good luei.hanvcally. fair ^ires. guaraii-: tfed; Sl.'di.iiu. Snuill payment j ilowa. balance easy terms. .Me-; ('ar!l:y .\lidor Ci>.. 212 .South Wash- iiiKteii. Phone ,s9:t. | litJi; CHRYSLER - "a.S" coiipi : "f.S" j Chrysler coach:' "707 Chrysler se-1 liait: 1926 Ford roailMer: 1925 Es-1 SOX coach; 1925 .Maxwell sedan; i 2 Overland sedans:;! 192o Buick j touring. We tratlij. Ro.-<s .\r- iHickle 's Garage. Chrysler Tjealeii. I'liyne 56. i Ai|to Accessories, Tires, Parttr^ 13 FOlil) ROADSTER j BODY—1922 jnoilel. Ised parts of iiil kinds, lola ••\:iio Wreeking Co. Phone 782.' BUSINESS SERVICE Bnsin^ss Senrlcesj Offered 18 Horses, Cattle. Vehicles 48 j COiVS—25 Iii'ad milk co«'s. extra ^ good ones from 3 to 7 years old: ' 5 ;Jerseys, will l;e fresh in s:aht ; of 'en days; 7 red DiirUanis. will = freshen in hboiil a wcfk; one Guernsey fiiw. jiisi fresh, glviuK ' 3 'j .^ulluiis milk per ilay: one red | Durham, just fre.-li, sivin.^ 5 g:il- • Ions inflk pep day: one red Diir-i ham. just fresii. giviii'; t Kiill 'Hi''| milk tier day: on.- Cu 'ei n .-^e .v. v.ill j 1)»- fresli in tew days: one- Shorthorn aii'l Jersey. ( year .^i old. will t'reslien in li -.v day.s. wiir};iye 5 'galUms milk per day when frt'sli; 6 heail ShortluM'ti-'. will be fresh in I 'lioat te,i jiays. from 3 to .". vi -ars old: oni' '.ler-ie.v. 2 .veari old. can b> re^i.~ter.-d. will be fresh in I IfiU few days. Will sell on time or will trade for' other cattle or hogs. J. C. Butcher. ' Apartments and Flats 71 Fl'R.XISriED-Enliro- upitairs. :\ rooms, i' c! ..-I'l ;iaiitry. sleeping • porch, front porch., privtite cii- Iraiice. iuoiiern. i lose in. I'lioi 551. I KOOAli Al'AUT.MKX'i \ih:>\ for .;iiiiiiuer| m u Iv linir -u'ed aim uiceljr fiirnisli'V.. m .ide 'ii. '^ri aUias^ iionk^ close liii - C-ilI 11 In'-". , • ; ' Farm* and land for Kent. 7fl iA>!(,irr .\f'F!K- j and 'i I 'lSv I .-ind, .'i' i wi-st iili lola. .hdili (If . fariiiiiig • riil.-s liorih- ICeirlher. •10 ,\CRE F.\i:.M Jack- .son III ;iJty C). ovi r I'.roivfl's Drug Store, ACUKS—Tuo mile; Savonbiir.::. lor rc:il. Funk, i ; • eaKt Ste '.vart of Poultry and Supplies 49' Aonses for Kent LEE CLARK—.\nd Son. ; carpen- <ers. woi'k by hour; or contract. Leave word at Brizham Hardware. HoTlng^ TmcklnflT,! Storage S3 CORK TRANSFER CO.—Packing?, storage, long distance haiiling. Reasonable rates. Phone 140. l>rdfe8slona] Services 28 SURGERY —Medicine. X"ray. Dr. K. I.«nRkL Phones: residence. 1126W. Office, 886: EMPLOYMENT H e[p'_ Wanted-^'omnle DLNLNJ; ROO.M GIRLS 32 B.xperi- encod. Kelley Hotel. Call in person. .ManjiS'r .l;i' k Diliiii of I'le Mil liinoie IMI'rr'a'ioinh- tiiinl..': '!?•• r-dditioii of Ml' v< 'eraii Si-nit uill :'<.•! uutri-rially in I'M- I fforts of He- ur'.ole.>-- lo -:•!!'• iiK ^ir peimani-'.virinijtir h.ibit. wiiich wa.>« int( irupted li*! seven 4 f''i-i' f'l^HV I' fla;.' -r.iised in il:e M.'ltinioii- MARKET ;V. '-'j"^- Wej pay the following prices: i"" hei II ijilav kiMi-.vii tl .all «h. seen! 1VI p !i" L 'aiu .lord foi in Icic 1' '.1 'K p .ii! ye;i r bid park, VVi'.il' f:!,,!.!!(;;:. I oiiliil Jr •• .^i,'Ui> liarf- 'u i::»7 lon- .tnfomoblle A?enrl^s A .\ ISI;D CAi;i-Is as depe idablo as fill! de .ilcr ivho Sells it—.Dodg<> t^ale; and Service. The 1 o;-t place to buy good. dfi >:-ndablc i sed cars. .\i prc-.i lit we-Jiave a complete lie of b..lh fipcii and cl< ^fil mod- pri ed to sell. K! is '.Motor Ci).. I'lt North WasIiWmt iTi. !;ll) WIllTli MfllOR t]();--ILnd- •lifh class lisi'd ca :"S. ii:id '• '.vbai yoii want h jiTiceil :vL)r:h; the money. • r give liberal terms. Wasli.'iigt III. I'hono lSi| ! I !!eaiilii\ ^ o-ir I.awn.' -Of .•lUi-e >(;ii Will vvaiir om'if t!iore !-:i!'!ifal r'ii:!or'ed cor.ireN' tlmver I'liis liii your I nvn or in front of y,,'i;- p!,.- • . ; 'nivip. liii- s'siiine r. .-'' W . .V. \\•••idriiff .i"d order o':" i:^, •,.•!! 1.,- r,-ad> when voii ui.n; it. T-leidii'M" SJl. Automiiblles for Sail* GIRL OR WOMAN—To help with housework on farm. Phone 992-12. A. L. Townsend. WANTED—Housekeeper and office help coinhineil, age 25 to .'!5. fjood credentials necessary. Dr. M. B. Roberta. fJridley, Kans. Help Wanteil-.irale S3 PORTER W.\.NTED: -At once Kelley Hotel. Call in person. at Solicitors, CanTUsscrs, A^enis 35 , - - DEALERS WA.NTED-;A real busi- i )n-E--e\ ditalers. Evcrfi'thing inj toss opportunity, W.^ are looking for ?iv«. wide awake liien or women lo handle the City Trade lh<- Genuine Ileberling i Household Products, in the City of lola. ; Write today for full! particulars, rrr- G. C. Heberling Compaiiv, Dept. : 112. Blooraington. ill.' Vou will re. All tVe trade 19 South —Triepliono vo 'ir!sifii'd. to l.S. Ad-> !>K!'KNI)AL!LE I'SED C.V C leirotrt coadi: 1 '.'25 •tij '.c -i: E.-si .V ei .11 h: Di vter. worth the niotuy: C'if'.robt n':!';-.fe:-. reWiii-::>el: l!ij;; .star r'23 ciie'rolct foad .-tei). u'ld refiui>::iei|. V.. T. I i Ft-RNlSljlED HOUSE— Five rooms, B.\BV CHICKS—Reds. 11c: AVhitei strictly jniodern. uioly rtiniished; Leghorn. Hic. .Miirch 21. 28 and 31. i garage. |.71o .\. - Washiimton or Custom hatchiiig. 5c per chick. ^ phone 1|)S. .Mrs. Trubey. lola R. 3. Ph. 942F23. j — rr. -~ "T^TT 1^ I HOrSE •-Nine looliis on -North B.VBY CHICKS—You can buy State i .Main. LiiHarpe. a uravcUd street. Inquire i.Mrs. II. IVet. LaM.irpe. .\ccredited Chicks now for $12.00 per 100; 200. $23.50; 300. $35.50; JOO. $46.00: :m. $56.25; 700. $77^00; 900. $94.50; 1000. $102 .50. White Leghorns, Ic per chick less. Poul- i :j;cS%:":er ^r -()urSc ";!''if^f'^ i^r"", ''Tr'rr-i^ T' r;;^ '-^ s^ h-r :".,::u"^:e 'r '^:'^c^i^ week was .S9.6', of all eggs set. j HfJUSES—Several small Iiout^es, one big I lioiisc. \'. ('. -Vrsdier, ,01(1' Cour' Bldg. Stitrdy Chick Ilatcliery. 220 West Street. lola.. Kansas. EGGS—Pure bred white Wyan- ilcittcs for hatching. $.';.0(» per lOii; Jiliii geese eggs. lOr oacli, .Mrs. V.iR. Estop. Phone 980-31. EGCiS—R. C. White Wyandotles and iWhite Peking ducks, for hatching. Mrs. W. E. Owens. Humboldt, phoitc 3:53-2. HIGHEST ''MARKET—Prices paid for creain. eggs and poultry. Our truck- and chicken coops are j . at your service to pick up poultry. Barker Produce Co. Pho. 658. Suburban lor Kent 80 SUBCRBAN-'i:: acrers gas. fruit, good soil. Kelley Thealer. ejty. w.i.ti <fr. VaiillyiiJiilg. REAL ESTATE FOR SALE Bu'iiness Property lor Sale S3 FILLl .VGi .STATION Inreniatioiial truck. jlols .", rooirrbouse. :*. gar- aces. oiJKT biiddiii;,-.'^, all in the main p;i|rt of l;ro ^^•'n. Kan:;., on p .i.eil ri >art I' r.iIUjii. JERSEY COW-I years old: 9 months old Jersey heifi-r: 5 months old Holstcin heifer . 1201 .North Svcaiuorei I'lione 1127. Houses for Sale CuTTACE ('I.eap ;-, room modern. Kara,-;e. lot" and half. Ileal with owner, lii"" .Sii'iili Clifstnui. COT'r.\f;K 5 r 'niiii. nio'lern, <l")i'e iii> for Sal" .-Il a bar^.iin. ' Will QUALITY ELECTRIC HATCHERY.j Kiy- la-onald- iriin :. SI. wart Gas City. Kans. Custom hatching.] Funk.; 3c per egg, or 5c per chick. Baby chicks. Iieavy breed, $12 per 100; light bree'ds. $10.50 per IW. _ Wanted—Livestock .'•0 RS 192t; IChevrolet IK.I. roail- i ri22 F. H. i <'<>iiill all"! i roadster:' r.ebuill rber Gar- ; b..i:.. .-I.-. ' timber or Swinford. $3.25 delivere'l. Phone 518. Situations Wanted-fFeraale .16 GIRL—Experience:!, wants work: housew<»rk preft'rredj. Telephotie H61W. — •• i POOL TABLE—Brunswi.k. balls WOM.X.N—Waiits praclrical nursing, and cues.' giHxi condition, priced' or housework. Phoie 12iil after; <heao. Inipilre l'onsoIjira:ie<' Ce-i p; 111. : j . nienl C-.-rprcation. MM-irei. Kans.' FOR SAI.K (Hi UKNT X room house. iModi-rii. ariaiij;»d for I'M) fa;iiili"s. i 2 iM 'hs. "jouiib- r-'ara""'. ill lta::^t .la'-k.-oii l'l'.,,„. :MK HOU.SE—C room mod'-rn." garage, close in, near Jelfer-ioii sch'ifil. — j ^ohn Reiither. ^ _'lIOUSK—7 room mti 'Ii 'in lu'iise. 51 I gara.iie. (•'•m.-r iot. p.iviil street. • :—"—r ; ,$isoo; .>jij "i (!o«n. iialaine CHUNK WOOD-For sale. $2.50 In rem. Ai.iu .l,!. K. al K. WANTED TO BUY—All kinds cat-; tie and. hogs. J. C. Butcher. i "MfiKCHANDlSE Articles for SaleT Ifk.' A. J.|=z'---; To Kxrhaniffr-Kejil FMnle R<» WA.NT SMAf.LEU PROPERTY- For eight room inoilern h';ii.-c. located only two blocks from the sriiiare. i Inla .Land Co. FRRCKLES AND HLS FRIENDS X Doi'r,P©P« tl /Vilce BED APPLE-? TJlE I E DIFFEI^ENCE^ lOAl

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