Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 19, 1927 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 19, 1927
Page 6
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1'^ m . Wlwt Has (ibne Upforc, ' , Garrt^t KuUoni Is Htubbcil to; ' dotitli \flillu MwiinmiiiR lit Oi'cun Town, iX. J. Jt tH bulk-veil that |lK' <J<!jVlt} wifKiioii wiiH a plrhmi.- , iin Uri^ntiil kiiif(<. uiiil tliiit i(. ' wan jiu^ciiaxod on tliu bourilwiilk. ;j KolsoJn'H biiiblnjf iomiuinloni^ Jiiiil bpfn I{o(j;<'i* Nuvillf, « bviult Jifss purtiH'i -ii .Mrs. Hi'li-n iTiirnu- jiy ami; Carniullia' Valilun. \ Auaiiiasiu ' KoltiiiiiiJ crteulrfc | ^ fand muisierful sister of t le di?a<j nian. takes coinmarid. ai d It is establir.hcd that one, Croydon $uarK is u fancier p[ cnrioiis vvcuiMiiis. Searj .-tdmits baying |:wo knives but not the pleliaq. I i\na.stasia cnKUBes Titus HisKS. iin architeit. lo work on the <use. Dan I'elton. Fptsom's nephew, arrives and is pii/.zled by Jhe •ciir- ij>'i.s Frcnclr dolls in liis luu'li.-'.s rooms. :;(;rbydnn Sejirs send.-j £or Flcni- iPfr Stone, famous d'eii-clivr. He t.tllK hlni'Kolsoni had been lilack- inailinf; him and he I ad lied at the iniinosi but wa.s innoicni. istono meets oliiers lif the inrcle. including Xed Rarroi and his • Ayife. Madeline, who pi zzlis liini. ft is learned thai Carnielila iValdon has .stiilen s (>i:ie letters from K O I .SOIU'KMooni. j.Stouii. Iti- llevjns her inniMtenl. yei aeimses her III' \vilhh<ilii:ni; inaiioii. ! I .\<nv,«.« On With iiie'infiir- lliji' .siiir>. :<i .v. ;,lar d iii Klenl- I CH.M'TKK ', Cainii-lil^ Vahlon ing Stone.j . Jler RriMl dark i-yc;;. ;:e< inrd (o grow. liiiniiiDiis will U'/t* and ili 'ii thiy . heranie ><|i.liin\ lilj'- .iud in- wriitaM.'. , "Von slarllrd nil"." slir said with a' liKhi laiish. Vl iliinifilit yon uieanl it.*' ' . \ ••I itid mean it I do mean il. Y< II le :ini'>il HiinielliiiiK that <iiil have Kipt III) yonr.sell. Von. ill— i roveii-d .siimelhiii}; that leads yosi ; , _ fo :a ilil 'iiiite siispieiiiii. Tiiis tiling ! 'I lake thai- l ^Ialeineiit. as ii yoii niiisl'teir. or yon will liiid ; one. and I shall say noHiiii:; iinn yourf ;<-lf in sei -ii >'iis,irouble." I to' yon ahoiitr >l. until until I. t" •'(/il. MO. : not so'Tiad as llial." . j rlisrover lliat sami- .-ilij;!!! possilill] (,':ii inelitii iValitoii was aKain j ity." : ' ' \ @]927 janrNBA SERVICB QKX I frieiids. l»:-iso." I HuppoKf he kuU lots »r I'll many, but now ami then tjut utterlyi at a losa to do) so. and ifeli knowing that ntfthing llytitfois woulfl go with this man. I . 'Well, that's that." Sti no informed him. "Did he look iboiit at t le people be^re ho »;cn up in UI H rooms?" , 1 "He did Jiihij thai." and Hjw a ehuneij. "He stond fi !w minutes tin in iht' loiuiKe.c llej liadn" one. He was i:i saint. .Mr. i-ol .iom< Wpre In ,iome iHne and he wj.'«n'i. "So. IhoiiKh his; sl.-.ter Ilijiks he was." "Slie (i'to: that, Mr. .-itone. Miss Kiib-ojii Ihiiilts .Mr. Cairelt al- niinf a rnii'aii. and - he wasn't, sir." , ' i ! ".Vii," a' :'<• d .-^lone. "Well. iiiniiK. ^Ilii,-. < ' yoa i an'l help ni • out. |'':ill down for soiiie iee v.:-l>'r. v: I s<eni| lhal . "Tubly; ' Koss tl • ; l--"'tiil. .1 .11 htlleoy a];- t;ii-H'-V"; iii'P Siiiiie. yi !. and l"!l t <Ji-'i| w ih it.' to shMr! •M:!'I I I I 'd III 1- "i. 1. ir. Iii :i !in;; and de- y Ih" riitnnd ill'- water. spr:i.!l. .Mr. V. r h ;lii' air of • li .'Vid lo as- Tnbby I'iOlle » erowd.s been as a vi'- 11 l>:ir- fjil Interested," ; ! "Did he notljre anybody tienlar'/" i i , "Well, he rlidi You see, I is ov.'n crowd. .Mr. Neville and thosi hidie?!. weren't aroiindijnst then, I iit Just .Mr. Folsom was about ic ni' in the elev-iioi' the Searsi-s .mil fiarrous came idown In .11 e, next elevator and Mr. FJolsom" io|>ke<I at th<^ like he vaa surprised plecp.s." 1 "Why." said jstone, kiKjiw any of i them, Senrs. sllghtlv." (lo Kii I'ontlnuixl) Ihnt «iis KoNitm's ehnpler. I -r-!'hone vi(ur\ Want Wiinlijd Hie >iiifc In!, -Mr. Slone "Wait niisri-es.'- oMii-r.-iell. Her install! of fear lull! pa.sscd: • i-lif had i onu; tbmuKli the iiiiiui.-.iiltin aboiii her .'"irer .N, and 11 had taii .srd jji-r mi alarm.' 'Vi-^. Mrs. \'jildon." at oiii-i- •Stone li'iiiid liinii.eli on the losiiii; "Ve.^, up. a .•Ml till! siiU- of arKiiiuent. ions iroulile.'" he .ended lunielj. I Shi; loo!>cd .-It him and si::ile'l. "Shot all your arrows.,h ;jve xoii. .Mr. .Stone'.'" sjleihanlerei!. "Welj, what iie .xt.'"'' j Stone waiiled to shake her. .\evir before ha 1 he fi .dt so baffled by a - woman^s wit. }Ui was certiiirt lhal !,.,,. she hail no'eonncetion of liny <c)rt i„ .„ . , with the ilf'alh 01- (Janet. I •->"' Koss ••'•tinned But he knew, loo. that she had a!l" "'^'r the s;j;ht ol clue of some kind, however slight. I Muce -.Mr. holsuni-- _ that he would rive worlds to leaj-n. i , ,.' • But it was ?i vasue. .«o ,„„.i .ly ! 'Je;? 'a"'-l|".=;l>-- imagiuary on his part, that he couldn't think, at the nionienl, of I any way lo force her Iiand. ' Und al Ithat hi- had the .-^atisfa lii'.ill of sileillg Iter look very jnT lilt-M-d indeed,. They ri'luttieil In. the liiilil.. ami as ^1. was the halhiiif; Innir. Cur niffllia hlirrfi'il away lo Uecp :ii| 1^ Iappoiiiiinent, timl .•^iiiiie s:ii on til ' di 'i k liy iiinjsfll in iliink Ihiui; (ivrr. • , . .\s ;i ii'siiUlcir'his iiiKilalion-; 1 Wt 'iit no to Dan I'elloii's siiitr. Hoss, the Viitei f'fltoii had ii! Ileiileil fMilll Kolsiim. war- hi leavii;.:,' th- roiilils, haviijf: finishiii his work there. . ' "(loiitK ill tin; siirfV" .^liine saL ti: •.1(1 "1 wish We con sict at the. truth. ,ltoss."_ t wish so, too, sir. biit it is a niy.^tevioiis. If it had lneii .i And she was so impossible. She was a different person from the it. A niurdir < sad-faced wonian who liad con-*J^i^f'' ai Ka.^t some ihamf land, now—'' i "That's just .•|>tr(l. a minute. Iti •'ai'-iid. and the man "Villi know a ln-aj laie ma iter's priviile •on iieidn't 1 e^ilate hiinre nil'. Is iln-re Kiii 'W ol who I oiild h s. M III do lliis .Jul) ; yriii know of any om .Mr. Kol'oni had. a * I h.dil 111 niak • a iiiulii I I IT V - "Thai'.-: a liiu i (uv -!ii ^^id. -ii 'al.inu v.-ry se bin for me tl) answi-rl I Miraii lhal. I I IUUK I I SS." Ill- jialised. al.'ont affairs ••! "Whaj t;<-llinr, at is ihis. iTiih'iiy." i;-!- Ipl '-ili..' ; lid. slr .ai«ht- ri)r-.v .i :dl.*. "I .'..ani ;•) S"! all ihe Hid 'li.i'his I. ran on Mr. (Jarrett f'olsoni. I've learned a lot from h's friends anil from Hie police and .ill thai. lint there may be I sotiii' hi1 iif iiifurination you laii 5ivc >n" lhal nobody else could. I TlLiiik SI)';" "I wish I loiild. sir. hiil I'ni1 •lavned if 1 can think of anylhliif;. |t 'tol ;inylliing particular in iniud'?" ".\i;. I'm Inst flonnderini:. fnd |,voii sec Mr. K 'll .siiin 'vhcn lie ar:ii \<'d h'^rc'.' WlifH he lirst came litil- - ' j "Vi 's. vir. I ili 'l I was near Hie ' desk and 'I seen him arrive. Oh. ! vcs. he canii! in very Iniporlanf lik. " • "Swa>:Kerliij;.'" ".Vol I'oid iWa 'AKeriii;;. sir. .lust. lik- a m.iu,'.vlio 's biK and knovV.^j : it. .\i) .'•hi'ddy work. .\nd his man.} 1 Moss, yiiii know, hmkiiin after | , I '-.i-ryllonK <|iiiet and proper." j "I y<ni mean he mailer ian ••jilraiice such as one of the; best jieople iniKht hi- e.\pii tod lo ] i do." youi-i ".Just thai. .Mr. .'^tone . I know; , ajid.:i!| alxm! entrances; I've seen' I I ''SAM THE SURFACE FOR INSURANCE City and Farm Phone 131 or 820 iRay Invcktmcnt Co. ITrs. I'liliipSi Iftiy You'vi' j»ro|»ably liearti lliu above slojraii nuiiiy limts. but have you oyer realize I that it takes skillful orafti.sman- .ship, a>> wijll a.s fine, uialily paint ti) inako the perfect job. For either interior or extcritir ivork w«» arc your service-at iill times. Yoi: will aproe vdlli us thiil our prices are linost leasoitable. . Ol'K WOK|v IS OIK KiX O.^IMKNDATIO.N 203'sOlJTH BUCKEYE said.< sjieak out i lliollsallds." |anybi)dy you I Tubby -tood waitin;:. imping In ive had n-a-; ,(,iilil tell MunetliiuK of importance. I liiiaii do over whom iiiiK 1 iionyli :jve for miir-| ENRICHES THE ENTIRE HOME A; fine batli best you that lo .Din. rjchlj" simiile in its ti.Mun-s .ajipi'iiiiliiienis. and arrar.gemenl.^. offers far more than its cost in llie sati.-ifaction il gives. _| If you select onr fi.xlures for yoiir liaHi room and .kilciien. will have the satisfaction of UnowinK thai you are gelling ih money can' buy. See our complete line before yOu build or reinoilvl. lOLA PLUMPING CO. p. A. Sutton iMionc 1175 ili '.iim-; now and tliiii. n. >ir." Kos-; iously. "Toi! I'.y whiili saw a few or heard a ilett v .<i:i |s now and tlii'ii. I -iiaven't { en'.im:i ii ::i k.nn .••IrdKij or real :ea- .-<iii iiiv 'vhat you |i ;i-;lil c.ill silspi- ci 'Mi. II I ii;,d I shoiijld have told of il at first, sir."- . "Ve. . ll;a!s ri^^ht. . |l V'Ui "lltin't ihiiik il wa la-!y fiiciids did it'.'' "Killed him'." I amazed. "Hood Lord, there Wasn't ' any of iu^^e." • "Oh." yoi! mean liii;' ilwenv: -.ii^l 1 on ^corner mjmsmiare lies left: on the scen.e. '.ean -iiot a sliov.ins;." )t a sh6winp. sir. Von snspicionsi j^ir'.'" I say. Ro.-'is. hi -A -e you "' H Tessed to stealing her own letters j <'f'"^ '''"^ "'" anil had admilled her relief at the ""l; ' dealth of Folsnni. * • • .\ow hei- eyes shining. beV red "o^^n" lipH sniilins, her whole bein« full ' . ' . . , , , of vivacitv and charm, she leaned j• ""^ man .losel>. closl-r t r, him and .whispered: • ^ "' " "Don't shoot any more arrows 1 '••'['V''' -t'''-^';;""',' at ine. f have|-.-'f done anylhin^ i •''••'< '"f the eyes hat oldh.n •. jonlvof a naliiriil j;'i"! ilcat:i| ••But' yon know who has:" he ! "f '^-'l I' .-^ay. Iioss. s one of hii OSS linked (ill. sir: Why 'em down clioMiv ^ir! HARDWARES IMPLEMENTS lOLA-K^J-A/ J'wce ias7- himself for beaiilyv and saiil sternly. anj;ry at hei'ijg swayed by her lure. ' i , ' .\nd thin, with ano'thel- of b< r sudden ehaiices, she hefajnie v;i'.(- ful.; I veil p.ithetie. and .tears -actually appeared |n lier eyes. ".Vo. Merely a:f;iint. sli^;ll^ pes' s'hilily. .Nolhins lhal I can tell you." ' - "s'ery well. :\lr.<. Valdim." anI Stone j;'ave hiin.self-a nu^nfal shake.' "I wi;h I eioiliU siisii'.'t j liiiii.' Stone ilioiifilit wliimsi;.illV. "i woiil.) help aJoiiu a lot." RYICE! The lola Greenhouse Will e The Register's Home Beautiful The lawhl will be .seeded with W. GL WILEY LET JONES , DO IT! Jones Electric Works i I'llO.VK litt The Latest Hit! 3Iany ppople havg foun life of their clothes almost juvenate -them regularly, dress take the place pf two! I that they can jirrsorve tlie indjefinitely by-letting us re-, rhey 're making one suit or Doh't Neglect Ypur Clothes. Send Us Somethint Every Week. U'c v:i\l an 'E.rhiblt in the Register's . i Home Bemnful ; ' Phone 105 $ERLESSOIL&REFININGCO. Dill the in the MODEL HOME 'NUF SED f t Arrlii" Hiiiids. Ma in icrr Aorili Side Sqiiiire Durable Decoratii ^e ' Lighting \Fitments —combine all the elefnen't.s nece.sisary for idelal home lighti show you t known ligh fyjng so many honie.s. _ ....._.w .-.>MA J iVI . iMV ^<tl ig—iand at a mi^derate Let us le new thin .i ?s in these nationallv rng fitments which are now beaiiti- S<r Th. )i hi the Model. Home. .: Bii! 8 East Jackson . !,'hnn? 192 A dwelh'ng p'aec is merely that—without i)ooks. For in- varial)ly you'll find in tihe real heme a well stocked" library. Your children, in order to get the most of culture, re.soit to book.s—the logical place to find it, fol- it is here that Knov.ledge. E.Kperience. Romance, Education, History or Philosophy is found and. being presented in the right form imparts a depth of character |that is found only in the well-read. For this rea.son therefore, see that your child has books --ofj many and varitrd sub.iects. The Evans Store FloQJrs So Easy to Clean A NEW oak floor, waxed, polished, its- satiny surface reflecting light like a mirror, is beautifuL No matt«|r how the years of hard service, mis- treatmen; and neg lect may scar and mar th'e surface ojf that floor,, it requires only a little T^finishing and its for mer beauty is fully restored. That is the beauty of Long-Bell oak floors — they are BEAUTIFUL ALL THE WAY THROUGH. And since oak floors "putweai: the' house," it meai s' you can Wave in the final analysis the least e::pensive floors, while at th^ same time having always beautiful floors. j Another thing about oak floors—^they are so easy to keep cleanl A little wiping now ,and then—that's all. f i 'k\ COUNTS! While the so called "Giants" o.f the motor [industry are' battling- and squabbling" among" thernselves over who is building the greatest number of. cars, Star continues to interest themselves in Qualit.t mord; than Quantity and the result is that they are building; the best light car on the American market today; Let the "Giants" brag- and roar but Star continues to increase its friends and usei's through honest construe-,, tion. . 211 West Street iihone r»iri

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