Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on December 6, 1963 · Page 7
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 7

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, December 6, 1963
Page 7
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FRIDAY, DECEMBER 6, 1963 THE REGISTER-NEWS — MT. VERNON, ILLINOIS BELLE RIVE Mrs. Mary Evelyn Kiofcr and Mrs. Cora Wilbonks shopped In Mt. Vernon Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Bert Allen of O'Fnllon, Mr. nnd Mrs. Don Boyd nnd son of Johnson City, Mrs. Bertie Phiery and Mrs. Clone Bahcr of Dnhlgren visited in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Bob Allen. Mr. and Mrs. Don Powers and children, Mr. and Mrs. John Heil an dchilren of Lockport, Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Aydt and children of Mt. Vernon, spent a few days with their parents, Mr. nnd Mrs. John Aydt. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Bell, Misses Reta and Neta Jones, Cherry Valley, spent the Thanksgiving holidays with her mother, Mr. and Mrs. Everett Irwin and grandmother, Mrs. Bessie Sanders. Mr. and Mrs. Boh Noffsinner of Evansvillc, Ind., Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Compton and family of Ml. Vernon, Mr. and Mrs. Ncal Richardson and Darlean of Dahlgren, Mr. and Mrs. Ross Horton, Mr. and Mrs. Gene Richardson spent Thanksgiving with their brother, Mr. and Mrs. Glen Richardson. Miss Darleen Malcoln of Knoxville, III., spent the Thanksgiving holidays with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Francis Malcoln and family. Mrs. Beatrice Wilson of Car- hondale, spent Thanksgiving with her friend, Mrs. Lorcno Tan-. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Marlow and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Richards and children spent Sunday in Geff with her brother, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Carlton. Mrs. Clara Moure of Opdyke, Mrs. Cora Wilbnnks visited with friends in Dahlgren Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Gene Blades and children of Aden spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. George Capps and family. Mrs. Hallie Storment returned home Monday after .T weeks visit in Eugene, Ore., with her son, Mr. and Mrs. Wendell Storment. Mr. and Mrs. Howard SUill and daughter, Vicky of Dahlgren, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Gill visited Saturday night with Mr. and Mrs. Everett Irwin. Mr .and Mrs. Leroy Lewis and children of Longmont, Colo., visited with her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Allen. Please call 756-2522 Monday. I will be at home to take your news from 6:30 a.m. to 6:00 p .m. . . . Ruby Winn, Cor. At the time Congress moved to Washington, D.C., membership of the House was 106 and that of the Senate was 32. SHIRTS Wash - Dry - Hand Ironing Dying - Dry Cleaning - Rugs Bedding - Drapes - Curtains- Feather Pillows. TV Stamp*. UPTOWN LAUNDROMAT 224 N. 11th Watching TV Tonight 6i00—Rifleman 2, Carloons 3, Newi 4-5-6-12, Biology 8, Three Stoogei II, 6:I5-News 4-3-6-12, Rocky and Hit Friend* 11. 6:30-77 Sumtl Strip 2-3, Great Adventure 4-12, Wolper Special—Pearl Harbor 5-6, What's New 8, Amoi and Andy 11. 7:00-At Issue 8, People Are Funny 11. 7:30—Burke'i Law 2-3, Community Music Festival 4, Bob Hop* 5-6, Bold Journey 8, Beit of Groucho 11, Route 6b 12. 8:00-Science Reporter 8, Stat* Trooper 11. 8:30—Farmer's Daughter 2-3, Twilight Zone 4-12, Harry's Girli 5-6, Feitivel of Art» 8, Invisible Man 11. 9:00—Fight of the Week 2-3, Alfred Hitchcock 4-12, Jack Paar 5-6, Movie: Prisoner of Shark Isand 11. 9:45-Make That Spar* 2-3. lOiOO-Newi 2-3-4-5-6-12. 10:15-Steve Allen 2, Tonight Show 5, M-Squad 6, Weather 12. 10:20—Sugarfoot 3, Movie: Pursued 12. 10i25—Eye-line 4. 10:30—Movie: Road to Rio 4. 10:45—Tonight Show 6. 11:00—Movie: Over My Dead Body 11. 11:20—Movie: Rough Riders of Durango 3. U .45—Movie: Crossfire 2. 12:00—Tonight in St. Louis 5, News 11. 12:10-News 12. 12:25—Movie-. Madame Curie 4. 12:30-News 5. 12:40-News, 3, Newsreel 11. l:15-News 2. 1:20—Mahalie Jackson 2. 2.40—Nows 4. SATURDAY PROGRAM Morning 5:30—Sunrise Semester 4. 6:00—Town and Country 4. 6:15—Sunrise Semester 12. 6:30-P.S. Four 4, Modern Farming 5. 6:45—Mahalia Jackson 2, News and Weather 12. 6:50—Farm Report 2. 6:55-News 2. 7:00—Community Campus 2, Capt. Kangaroo 4-12, Ruff and Ready 5, RFD TV 6. 7:30-Corky the Clown 5, Atop the Fence Post 6. 7:55-News 6. 8:00—Alvin Show 4-12, Popeye 6, Modern Almanac 11. 8:30—Cartoons 3, Tennessee Tuxedo 4-12, Ruff and Ready 6, For Your Information 11. 9:00—Learn To Draw 2, Adventure Club 3, Quick Draw McGraw 4-12, Hector Heathcote 5-6, Cowboys and Indians 11. 9:15—Cartoon Carnival 2. 9:30-The Jetsons 2-3, Mighty Mouse 4-»2| Fireball XL-5 5-6. 10:00—Casper Show 2-3, Rin Tin Tin 412, Dennis the Menace 5-6, Clutch Cargo 11. 10:30-Boany and Cecil 2-3, Roy LOOK TO VAN HE US EN* VANTRIC for perfect wash'n wear 100% Dacron Tricot Here is luxury shirting all the way! It's 100% Daeron* Polyester Tricol, the ultimate in fabric finish and in wash 'n wearabllity. This superb shirting dries wrinklr• frre, stays neat and fresh from A.M. thru P.M. To this, add imaginative styling and superior workmanship- and you have the "VANTRIC by Van Heusen. Offered in a modified spread collar. Long sleeves. MAMMOTH DEPT. STORE Rogers 4A2, Fury 5-4, Felix the Cat 11. 11:00—Buga Bunny 2-3, Sky King 4-12, Sgt, Preston S-e, Commando Cody 11. 11:30-Alak«am 2-3, Do You Know 4-12, Bullwlnkle Show 5-6, Mischief Makers 11. Afterneen 12:00-My Friend Flick* 2-3, S.S. Popey* 4, St. Louis Hop 5, Exploring 6, Movie: Prisoner . of Shark Island 11, NCAA Football—Alabama at Miami 12. 12:15-NCAA Football-Alabama at Miami 4. 12:30—American Bandstand 2-3, liOO-Watch Mr. Wizard 5-6. 1:30—Adventure Theater 2, Top Star Bowling 3, Exploring 5, Weekend at the Movies 6. 2:00—Suspense Theater 11. 2:30—Bowery Boys 5. 2:45—Industry on Parade 3. 3:00—Th* Story 3. 3:15-NFL Football-Green Bay at Lot Angeles 4, Movie: Over My Dead Body 11. 3:30-AFL Football Highlights 2-3, Capt. Gallant 5, NFL Football—Green Bay at Los Angelas 12. 4;00-World of Sports 2-3, NFL Pro Football Highlights 5-6. 4:30-Wrestllng 5, Capt. Gallant 6, Cefari 11. 5:00-Studlo Bowling 6. 5:30—Championship Bowling 2, Pre-Olympic Show 3, Porter Wagoner 5. Evening 6:00—Pioneers 3, Death Valley Days 5, Porter Wagoner 6, Country Show 11. 6:15—Big Four 4. 6:30—Hoofenanny 2-3, Jackie Gleason 4-12, Victory at Sea 5-6. 7:30-Lawrence Welk 2-3, The Defenders 4-12, Checkmate 11. 8:00—Saturday Night at the Movies 5-6. 8:30-TBA 2-3, New Phil Silvers Show 4-12, Wrestling 11. 9:00—Gunsmoke 4-12. 10:00-New» 4-5-6-12, Roller Derby 11. 10:10—Gold Award Theater 5. 10:15—Movie: You Gotta' Stay Happy 4, Saturday Night Jamboree 6, Movie: Blaze of Noon 12. 10:30—Movie: Fabiola 2, Have Gun, Will Travel 3. 10:45—Movie: Night and Day 6. 11:00—Movie: No Place To Land 3, Top Star Bowling 11. 11:45—Movie: Cannibal ttack 12. 12:00—Movie: Cavalry Scout 2, Touchdown 11. 12:10— Frankly Speaking 4. News 5. 12:15-W«ekend Theater 5. 12:55-News 12. MO-News 4. 1:30-N*ws 2, Weather 5. i:35—Mahalia Jackson 2. -x- -x- -x- SUNDAY PROGRAM Morning 4:30—Big Picture 12. 7:00—Gospel Singing Caravan 12. 7:05-News 4. 7:15—Big Picture 4. 7:45—Christophers 4. 8:00—Camera Three 4, Legacy of Light 5, Industry on Parade 12. 8:15—News 11, Christophers 12, 8:20—Mahalia Jackson 2. 8:25-News 2. 8:30—Religious 2, Faith of Our Fathers 4, Christophers 5, Paducah Devotion 6, Bob Poole's Gospel Favorites 11, Herald of Truth 12. 8:45—Message of the Rabbi 2. 9:00—Fisher Family 2, lamp Unto My Feet 4-12, Met. Church Federation 5. 9:15—Hamilton Brothers Quartet 6. 9:00—The Answer 2, look Up and live 4-12, This is th* Life 5, Christophers 6, Allen Revival 11, 9:45—Sacred Heart 6. 10:00—Catholic Mass 2, Montage 4, External Light 5, This is ihe life 6, Frontiers of Science 11, Cement Three 12. 10:30—Sacred Heart 2, Way of life 4, Industry on Parade 5, The Answer 6-12, Herald of Truth 11. 10:45—Ask A Priest 2, Americana At Work 5. 11:00—Viewpoint 2, Quiz A Catholic 4, Quarterback Club 5, Popeye 6, Third Baptist Church 11, This is the life 12. 11:30~Pro end Con 2, Cartoons 3, Face the Nation 4-12, lone Ranger 5, File 6. 11:45—Light Time 3, Davey and Goliath 11. Afternoon 12:00—Discovery '63 2, Faith For Today 3, Challenge 4, Movie: Medltone 5, File 6, Oral Roberts 11, Hollywood Matinee 12. 12:30—Movie: Fabiol* 2, The Cowboy and the Tiger 3, KMOX-TV Views the Press 4, Gold Award Theater 5, Eternal light 6, Rev. Beeney 11. 12:45-Movie (part 1) The Search 4. 1:00—File. 6, News 11. 1:30-Allen Revival 3, J. |C. Penny Program 6, Church of Christ 11. 2:00—Oral Roberts 3, News- Encore 6, Conn Organ Theater 11. 2:15-Changlng Times 2, Movie (Part II) Tarzan and the Mermaids 4. 2i30-AFL Football-Boston at Kansas City 2-3, Biography 5, Amos and Andy 11. 3:0O-Sunday 5-6, Wrestling 11. 3i15-Changlng Times 4. 3:30— Ey* On St. louls 4. 4:00—Sports Spectacular 4-1!, Uritd Kingdom 5-6. 4:30-Amateur Hour 4-12, College Bowl 5-6, Movie: Duel at Appache Wells 11. 5:00-20th Century 4-12, Meet the Press 5-6. 5:15—All Pro Scoreboard 2-3. 5:30-The Saga of Western Man 2-3, Mr. Ed 4-12, Maverick 5, Accent 6. ivenint 6,00-Ussie 4-12, Bill Dana Show 6-11. 6:30— Travels of Jalmie McPhoeters 2-3, My Favorite Marlaln 4-12, World of Color 5-6 Shirley Tempi* 11. 7:00-Ed Sullivan 4:12. 7:30-Arr*st and Trial 2-3, Grindl 5-6. liOO -rJudy Garland 4-12, 11. Bay 11, Bonanza 5-6, Thriller 9:00-Laugh« For Sale 2-3, Candid Camera 4-12, of Pigs 5-6, Movie: The Late George Aploy 9:30-News 2-3, What's My Line 4-12. 10:00-Steve Allen 2, Movie: Honeychile 3, News 4-5-6-12. 10:15—News 4, Movie: The McConnoll Story 5, Movie: Devil's Canyon 6, Movie: Circle of Danger 12. 10:25-Weather 4. 10:30—Movie: Pursued 4. 11:00—Movie: You Can't Cheat An Honest Mo 11:30— Peter Gunn 3. ll:45-News 12. 12:00-News 2. 12:05—Mahalia Jackson 2. 12:25—Movie: Klondike Annio News 5. 1:50-News 4. Television Review By NEW vision siKtis CYNTHIA IvOWRY YORK CAP)—The tele- eircln turns, and all the indicate that program- it. NAMED COUNTRY King N'gola, who invited the explorer Paulo Dias de Novals to settle there in 1575, gave the name Angola to Portuguese West Africa. ming is moving loward a new period of emphasis on light escape entertainment. "A few seasons ago wr were in I lie beach-boy phase," said Daniel Melnick, partner of David Susskind in the producing company, Talcnl Associates. "Thai was Ihe heyday of Ihe ' Hawaiian Eyes,' the 'Surlsidc Sixes' and 'Adventures in Paradise.' " It was followed by what Melnick calls "the two-realism" phase, which he thinks got a foothold willt the old half-hour "Naked City" programs and then moved on to peak out this season with the freshet of social dramas — "The Defenders," "East Side, West Side," "Mr. Novak,'-' and the medical and psychiatry shows. "Now we've got to move and it probably will be to themes combining the romantic with comedy," Melnick said. "We would nrobably have moved to sooner, but the big problem of television is that we have a tendency to hold on too long to something that has proved popular." Entertainment programs age rapidly, but at a rate that depends on the quality of the writing and on the style and interest of the leading man, Melnick, 33, said. Generally, the active life of a dramatic show is about three seasons; of a comedy, four. CBS, notable for its lack of enthusiasm for color broadiast- ing, will use it this year—as NBC has done every year—to cover the Tournament of Roses parade on New Year's Day. Recommended weekend viewing: Tonight — "The Candidate," NBC, :30-!):30 EST, political drama on the Bob Hope Theatre with Milton Berlc in a serious role. Saturday — "Victory at Sea," NBC, 7:3ft-9 p.m., a condensation of the award-winning series about the Navy's participation in World War II. Sunday — "Sage of Western Man." ABC, 6:30-7:30 p.m., focusing on events ol the year Settle Strike At Ford Plant DETROIT (AP)-A strike at the Ford Motor Co.'s Wayne. Mich., assembly plant, one of three Ford walkouts threatening idleness for 14,200 workers, was settled today. Ford announced the settlement after all-night bargaining with Local 900 of the United Auto Workers. The suburban Wayne strike affected 1,800 workers. The union rank and file will vote on settlement terms on the weekend. Production resumes Monday if terms are ratified. Strikes at Kansas City and Meluchen, N.J., factories, together with the Wayne walkout, had idled 6,500 men. 700 men would be laid off at other factories—including the Chicago Heights, 111., stamping plant—if tiie three strikes were not settled soon. 1776, and second of a four-part historical series; "Best on Record," NBC, 10-11, musical variety with stars repeating performances that won them awards from the recording industry. Our Religious Art- Calendars Are Ready Please Pick Up Yours PULLEY GUTZLER 1314 Main St.. 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(This makes the NBC color schedule for the day run from before noon to 9 p.m.) ABC — The Mummers Parade from Philadelphia, 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. CBS — Tournament of Roses Parade, 10:45 a.m. to 12:45 p.m. V* r ", HIGH FIDELITY ^Im^kmUC . .' • *' Tr RECORD PLAYING INSTRUMENTS ' WORLD'S FINEST HIGH FIDELITY! Featuring: Revolutionary New Zenith Automatic Record Changer Develops The Fines* High Fidelity Stereo Record Reproduction only in ^fjgjffjjff /faA/xti^jfag) • 100% greater stereo separation • a Ends forever scratched record grooves • Plays a record 2000 times yet virtually no record wear •In completa instruments with new Exclusive Zenith "MICRO-TOUCH" 2G TONE ARM ...only 2 grams needle pressure! Compactly Styled ^ull Performance Features Portability for Patio, Porch or Den The BALBOA Model L2004 Slim, compact, lightweight. 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