The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 6, 1966 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 6, 1966
Page 2
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0«t MofcWt ?***»*, D*t 4, WAIHIIGTOI mtsti WASHIWGTOU - Ooe uaiis- dOMd incident before tbe crisis between Israel and Jordan was a UHc between Premier Esbkoi of Israel and Mjer Felteas, former White House aide. F%W- maa was in Israel cm private business, and EshkoJ asked his advice about taking retaliatory measures against tbe Jordanian village of Es-Sanra which bar- bored Jordinaaian commaados. Feldmao's advice to Esbkol was not to permit tbe Jordaciar border raid. He waned that it would bring a rebuke from tbe United States. Feldman's advice was sound. Tbe U. N. Security Coaacil has now aaanimooslf censored Israel. U. S. Ambassador Goldberg, now Chairman of tbe Security Council, a Jew aad a strong Zionist, was also emphatic iz his rebuke. Goldberg has soce- times differed with tbe State Department, but is this case there was no difference bei»eea them. Both tbe State Department aad Ambassador Goldberg were aware of the fact that King Hussein of Jordan has bees a stabilizing influence for peace and has had trouble curbing some of Ms own populace who have long wanted to attack Israel. Aa nnAffiHa] army of Palestinian refugees has been on tbe Israeli- Jordanian border, some of them bitter against King Hussein. He has had difficulty restraining them. - o- - REFUGEE BnTER.VESS- Some time ago I visited Jericho, at tbe north end of tbe Dead Sea, where there is a huge Palestinian refugee camp. Unas been there for 16 to 17 years. During these years it has been Arab policy to discourage Palestinian refugees from getting jobs ia Arab countries or planting their roots in Arab soil. Actually many of the Arab countries bordering Israel need labor. Some refugees have disregarded tbe rule by migrating to Iraq to work on reclamation projects; but tbe great majority have remained in refugee camps. One notable exception was Musa Alami, who left the Jericho camp, drilled a well, struck water, and started a truck farm. Be raised chickens, installed a refrigeration plant, planted bananas, and soon operated a thriving business, hauling his produce to American Oil Company employees ia Saudi Arabia. But one day when Jordan was seething against the West, tbe refugees at Jericho decided to take out tbeir vengeance on one of their own number. Storming down tbe road to Musa Alami's farm, yelliag "Get the traitor S" they destroyed his refrigeration plant, and wrung the necks of 35,000 chickens. Mtsa ted employed at uses as mazy as 1,200 refagees. However, be made OK Mai mistake of acc*pttof the peraaaeacy of his residence ia Jordan. Be h*i Eirea op the idea of retaraiag to Israel- This ssafe his a "traitor." Daring the ioog rears the refugees bare been sitting it beat aai idleness at tie bead of tbe Dead Sea, toej tar? twill op a boning bate. They bale Israel, a»j they hate Britain aad tbe United States «1siC2 hare be- Jriearje-i Israel. Fanatic Arab leaders bare ased tMs as a vea^oQ. Jicrieraie Arab leaders bars bowed to it because QKJ are prisoners. Kiog Hussein bas been trjiag to resist becoming a prisoaer. - o- ISRAEL OUT OF LINE - U. N. Ambassador Arthur Goldberg at times disagrees sharply with de orders be gets froia tbe Slate Department. Furthermore, Goldberg is a. Jew and a. strong supporter of Israel. However, Gcidberg emphatically agreed with tbe State De- partt&eafs orders that tbe United States >oiain reprimanding Israel for its iarasioc erf Jordan. Not only bad tbe Israel^ threatened to eagulf tbe whole Near East ifl war, but tbey crossed tbe border to tbe oae Arab nation whose ruler, King Hussein, bas tried to be aeotral toward tbeir nation. This writer bas visited King Hussein, and while his comments on Israel were carefully phrased, there was DO question that be would like to lire in peace witb Israel, oolike the other Arab rulers. Bat be knows his attitude is not popular, with his own people as veil as tbe other Arab nations. And tbe invasion of his territory by Israelis has made it that much more difficult to restrain tbe anti-Jewish hotheads who vast holy var against Israel. King Hussein also knows thai his ova life is in danger every moment because of his "softness" toward Israel. His grandfather, King Abdullah, vas shot to death, while praying in the Great Mosque of Jerusalem, because he bad conferred with Israel's Foreign Minister, Mrs. Golda Meir, on peace. And Hussein, then a boy, was kneeling beside his grandfather when King Abdullah was killed. Thus he knows that the danger of assassination is very real. • The Israeli government is also on the spot If s believed that invasion of Jordan was launched by Israeli military "actionists" without the prior knowledge of the government, because of the Arab terrorism aloag the border. Thus, in spite of government restraint on both sides, the Israeli-Arab powder keg could blow NANCV FROCK Made to Wear Anywhere JUST $5.98 • Deep Hem* • Full Cut • Mi$w & Half • 12-20 A 12' 2 .24Vj All New Selection for Christmas & Everyday See Now Elite Hat Shop 20* t. 5to*t Algona at tsy time aad briag oo a mr- iovs and bloody TOT. - o- ROMKET SUPPORT- Offerf to wfn^Jil 8w ex-aoto aaieamaa, Got. George Ronaey, for tte OOP PresidegUal ooml- u&tlos bare puflrfS ia frotc top Reprtiieta* is K «*aj«§. nenr b*ld Mcret setskxts Ja Waritiaftoo as adtltory cotamiXte* that ioelades two foraaer GOP cfaiir- m»B - Leoaard BaQ aad Sea. Bmgh Scott of PeaMylTauia. Tbey vert nprimiatie over Ramsey's chances of Timing a* noro- isatloo. Tbey were confldCTt Out take aH tbe big r*iag dates except Califoraia aad Oblo. Tbey fipred thai 5eT York *ooid asllirr CalUonia; and Mlcbigan *oald caaoel oat Obio. This tiH ieare Romaey vttb tag Oeleeattoas to «1& the BoiEinatlQC. Tbey spec»- lated Obat Senate Republicaa Leader Everett Dlrksea, aeeiag tbe baadvrttlQf OB tlw Tottaf- booth van, would >oia Senator- Elect Cbarles Percy ia liaiag 19 tbe nilaoic deleg atioo lor Romaey. Most of tbe other big stales froia PenasjlTiaia to Texas are beiiered to be sale. Ercn Barry Gol<}vater, ttn bas made ao secret of Ms dislike for Romoey, may be compelled to go aloog vltb Jiinu Goldvater vants to return to tbe Senate from a state that Is predodiaactly Mormon, and vouid lose support for bis on election ia Arizona if be opposed a Mormon for President. - POLITICS AND GROCERIES- There is some indication that tbe housewives' boycott of supermarkets got a little political push from tbe Republicans just before tbe recent elections in order to remind voters of "John- 600*8 inflation." Tbe lady picketers in Seattle, Los Angeles and San Francisco, for instance, all had the same kits. In Colorado more recently, Matt Mateyka, a Denver Republican, has been enlisted as "political director" of the National Housewives for Lover Prices, organized by Mrs. Ruth Kane of Aurora, Colo. Generally speaking, however, housewives are motivated not by politics but .by the difficult -job of making the paycheck stretch to cover tbe family budget - o - -FOODFACTS- However, here are some further facts which, in fairness, should be noted: 1. Tbe U. S. factory worker today can buy more food for an hour's wage than he could in 1947-49. Wages have doubled in that period; yet food prices have increased only 33 per cent. This Is due in part to bulk buying and tbe efficient operation of chain stores. 2. Housewives now demand foods and mixes prepared in advance. This is the envy of European housewives because it has emancipated American women as slaves of the kitchen. However, deboning chicken, cutting meat, preparing TV dinners, etc., adds to the food cost. 3. Certain basic food commodities necessarily nave increased. The price of milk has been so low during the past ten years that thousands of dairy farmers went out of business. As a result the cow population of tbe United States was dangerously reduced. Under the free enterprise law of supply and demand, this scarcity of cows sent up the price of milk. If we're going to stick with the capitalist system and the law of supply and demand, we have to live with higher prices when food is scarce. If we want a socialist system we can take over the food chains, the farms and the food processing companies and try to regulate food prices and food sales. Those are the alternatives. , o- HEADLINES AND FOOTNOTES- General Motors, rather than run tbe risk of an Arab boycott, has notified Arab leaders privately that it has DO intention of setting up an automobile assembly plant in Israel. The Ford Motor Company, on tbe other hand, has defied Arab pressure and gone ahead with arrangements to build an assembly plant in Israel.... Tbe New York Times has confirmed our recent story that the Viet Cong are using American dollars and south Vietnamese piasters to purchase American supplies oo the Saigon black market. Tbe currency is smuggled by Chinese merchants In Saigon to Chinese banks is Bong Kong, B»*«ia* buy up tb* piasters, then deliver tbca to be flet Cong. CELEBRATIONS Mrs. i. B. Wafter of Rodmas bad three qwdai occtdoe* to celebrate SOT. 24 fids rear. Besides ThaakSfMflg it vas bet 100ft birthday tad ber 81* vedding aanrrersary. She teas feted by many members of ber family aad friesds at aa opes bo*s« in Roisnaa. THE UPPER DES MCCKES ID- rjtes rcn to send In yoar own local aevs items. Council Mmuf*t Tb* Cit? Consril raet Kor. 8, with Mayor Finn aad tbe council members present: Kockej, Andreas* n.EIbert, Cook, Miller andPeirce. Absent: none. Minnies of last meeting were approred. Bids lor ao End Loader tor the Street Oept were opened, read aad tatxilated and after discussion it was tbe opinion of tbe Coeacfi that the matter be farther investigated before a decision OB a bid was reached, and that tbe CotEidl meet IE special session at 5:00 p. a., Nor. 16, 1956, tor farther discussion on same. Application for a cigarette per- ralt was approved fcr the Kossaft Oil Co. Application for beer permit was approred for the American Legion. Agreement from Elmer Dole to crush, load, haul and stockpile gravel at a cost of $LOO per C. yd. was approved, City to furnish gravel. Quarterly report from the Algona Municipal Utilities was read, approved and placed on file in the Clerk's office. Resol. approving the Annual Budget Report of estimated expenditures In the Road Use Tax Fund was adopted. Sewer taps for 3 lots In Blk, 154, Calls Add., were set at $225.00 to $250.00. Moved and seconded the meeting adjourn. O. A. SMITH CITY CLERK GEXERAL Finn, Salary 123.45 Smith, Salary 235.08 Sands, Salary. 120.39 Soc. Sec., Tax. 382.57 la. State Bk., Wholdlng. ...60.60 State Comm., Wbolding... .. 6.61 IB*-, lanrtace. ..... rr.18 Affranc*, frtiUsMas. ---- 33.20 23,00 Co., Repairs. 4D.S6 BraSer Bcpflp., Repairs TRUST 122.89 0. /or ^MOTHER . , or Grandmother ¥> . WILTGEN JEWELERS ALGONA W. rtitt, COST! Costs. ____ 8OOO IBM Corp., Rftboii. ...... L2S Upper D. KL, P»*ll«di«. . , 15.72 STREET Bvrri*, Saiarr ......... 18L10 Birtl*. Saltrr ......... 141.65 Frxrabaeh, Salarr ...... 1M.S8 Salary. ...... 1».2S Stitrr ..... 47.89 Pergaade, S^»rr ...... 194.18 SUert, Salarr ........ 141.« Trtt**n, aalUT- ...... 149.12 It State 8k., Wbol«i«. . . 87.00 State Comffi., WteldU«. . . . 12.58 Life IBT., lasartnce, .... 95.52 Coist-to-Co«s» T SappUes. . . 1.85 Cook's Welders, Supplies. . 25.S 5 lirf. Ttnrel Serriee, TcrreU. . ........... 3.50 Frederick Htfwe., SoppUes. .9.38 tap,. Tank. ...... 3.50 . 2.43 2.35 . 4.46 114.46 . 2.53 . 11.85 6.00 . . L96 408.00 35.00 Svftten, Oay, Salary Thompson, SaUrr Elbert, Later Totft, Salary. Ia. StartBk.,Wtol«r«.... State Comm.. Wtol<Sj«.. Trast * Agency, Pension.. Life tor., Issmraaee. Greenberf**, Batteries. . Sosrar ML, Gas. Ttyfer Motor, Repairs, .. Arnold Motor, Parts. Asfnoce 4*5.97 27S.S2 M0.44 224.10 266.10 HML10 240.25 239,90 . 43.9? .23.15 .1 18.95 Coast-to-Coast, Seppiies. Hetoas Eqal?.. 195.14 .23.41 .29.16 . 5«.10 .15. W ROADUSS TAX Arnold Motor, Repairs. . Bowinin'i, Repairs Bndter Equip., Repairs. H. M. Bnnrn, Repairs. . . GIttw-Cook, Repairs. . . Greetiberg*s, Repairs. . . Hilton's, Repairs. KLGA Radk». AdrerL L. Xicbols, Cast^oos. Upper D. M^ Atfrert Fire Dept.. Services. . Hfltoa's, Serrice. ..38.50 ..25.50 .. 10.00 . 50.46 .893.00 .94.40 i. T. McGtfre, Grading. . Redteg Ezc., Labor SAJOTATIOK Gade, Salary. la. State Bk., Wboldiag. .... LOO KLGA Radto, Adrert. ..... Cpper D. M., Advert. .... 16.80 Hum bo! ilt Concrete, T"*- ............. 1,772.70 Miller Lor., SBDpIies. .... 19.10 : RENTAL b, Salary. Lemfeee, Salary. e. D. Bdi Co., ffftereftt.. Valley Bk. * Trtost, Interest Ia. State BK, Wholdlng. ., State Comm., Wholddng... Life Isr., Insurance Bo» man's Engines, Repairs Bradley Equip., Repairs. Greettoerg's, Supplies. . . PercJvaTs, Repairs O. Sjogren, Refund. .... KaiL Cbemsearcb, Supplies ffleg Co., Supplies Sunray OX, Gas Ic OIL ,.. RECREATION Boldridge, Salary la. State Bk., Wholcflng. State Comm., Wholding. Life Inr., Insurance. . . Lalng's, Service Alg. Greenhouses, Bulbs. Bowman's En?., Repairs. E. Colby Co., Supplies... Miller Lbr., Supplies. . . Sonray DX, Gas & Oil..... DEBT SERVICE 190.04 ctntrtl ffttt. Bk., 222.64 Bond*.. 5,004.00 . 2400 c. D. Beh Co., Interest.*.. S^as Ia. D. M. Wtt. Bk., 122.75 interest 2Q*»7S . 22.90 First tftti. Bk., Interest. loloo .. 4.74 Security Sttte Bk., . 29.17 Bondfl A Int 10,S2«.7S la. D. M. Hatl. Bk., . 1.20 Interest 7t50 It, State Btnk, . L09 Bonds It Interest.. ..16,085.00 ..2*24 Ja. D. M. NltL Bk., . 1S.OO interest .<....». 60.00 , .. 5,08 Merchants NatL, Interest * • «77.50 . 17.72 D«corah Newspapers, . . 1.08 interest 56.25 . 224.40 ia. D. M. Natl. Bk., Interest 745.00 M. F. Coonan, Interest . . 31.00 . 139.50 la. D. M. Natl. Bk., .. 10.10 Interest. . .'. 201.90 . . 2.09 ia. State Bk., Interest ... 175.00 . . 8.01 . 15.50 PARKING METER . 5.00 oroen, Salary 369.74 .. 41.65 Nauholz, Salary. ....... S3.46 .105.75 la. State Bk., Wholdlng. ....68.60 .. 10.86 state Comm., Wholdlng.... 11.05 . 280.55 Trust & Agency, Pension. .. 4.79 Life Inv., Insurance 29.17 PUBLIC AUCTION For Ifa purpow of settling with th« Otto Wichtondahl tfoirs will offer for sab to the highest biddtr on D*c*mb«r 8, 1966, at 1:30 o'clock P.M. at th« farm tht following described real estate: LEGAL DESCRIPTION: Tto Southeast Fractional Quarter (SE Fr. %) of Section Thr*« (3), Township Nin«ty-fix (96) North, Rang* Thirty (30), Wt«t of tht 5th P. M., Kossuth County, Iowa. LOCATION: S«v«n milts w*«t and frv« and on*-half milts north of Algona, Iowa. Six and orw-haif milts north and thrtt milts tast of Whitttmort, Iowa. Thrtt and ont-half milts South and thrtt milts tait of Ftnton, Iowa. Lccattd on blodctop rood. SOIL: Wtbsttr Silty Gay and Clarion Loam. Good drainagt — good state of cultivation. ; , . ...,. IMPROVEMENTS: Ninefoom houst, block barn 36 x 68 x 15, hog houst (block) 26x68, block garagt 18x20x8, block chicktn houst 20x36x6, machint shod 24x 403c8, block silo 14x30, crib and granary 24x30x8. POSSESSION: March 1,1967. TERMS: Twenty per cent of purchast prict upon execution of customary contract on date of salt. Balanct on March 1, 1967, upon delivery of deed and abstract showing merchantable titlt. Seller reserves tht right to acctpt or rtjtct any or all bids. AUCTIONEER: Lloyd Berkland For further information sot McMahon and Casstl, attorntys, Algona, Iowa, or Ktnntth Bollingtr, Ftnton, Iowa. 1966 MODELS PLYMOUTH Fury HI, 4 dr. hardtop, 318, auto, trans., power steering, vinyl interior, white side walls, big hup caps $2395 FORD Galarie 5M. 4 dr. hardtop. 352 engine, power steering and power brakes, factory air cond., tint glass, 7000 miles, turquoise, new last August 12895 FORD Galaxie 500, 4 dr. 352, auto, trans., R & H, one owner, warranty, white with red interior, like new .. $2550 FORD eastern 500 V-9, auto, trans., R & R, red with red interior, warranty $2265 FORD Custom 900 V-8, auto, trans., RAH, Power steering, factory air, 4 new Urea $2495 RAMBLER Ambassador 880, 2 dr. sedan, 232 6 cyl. engine, standard trans., R it H, WSW tire*, 11,000 miles like new $1995 1965 MODELS FORD Custom 500, 4 dr. V-8, o'drive, heater, 1 owner, good condition $1595 PLYMOUTH Fury 1, 2 dr. 6 cyl. stick, R & H, maroon with red interior $1495 PLYMOUTH Fury I, 4 dr. 6 cyl. stick shift, R fc H, extra clean $1585 1964 MODELS FORD Custom $00, 6 cyl. standard trans., R It H, grey with red interior. Very good condition $1195 PLYMOUTH Fary. 4 dr. V-«, auto, trans., power steering, power brakes, R & H, lite blue, still in warranty .... $1495 FORD Custom 5M. 4 dr., V-8, auto, trans., RAH, light blue with matching interior $1185 CHEVROLET Impala, 4 dr. sedan, 283 powergUde, power steering, power brakes, R 4 H, good $1585 VOLKSWAGON, 2 dr. sedan, like new, one owner .. $1185 1969 MODELS MERCURY Meteor, 2 dr. 286, AT, PS,, R 4 H, tunjuoise with matching interior, tint glass $1195 FORD Galaxfc »ff, 2 dr. hardtop, $53, Crui*eou«tlc, RAH, very clean 11395 FORD Galaxfc SM, 4 dr. hardtop, 352, overdrive trans., R & H, maroon and black vinyl, like new $1295 FORD Galaxie MO, 4 dr., V4, auto, trans,, power steering, power brake*, R It H, extra dean, one owner $1295 CHEVROLET Impala, V-8, standard trans., white with red interior, R It H ; $1395 MERCURY Monterey. 4 dr. V-8, auto, trans., R * H, TUT- queJse with matching interior. One owner, Anyway you want to buy $1250 FORD Galaxie, 4 dr., 6 cyl. stick, R 4 R, Clean, one owner 1995 1M2 MOORS CHEVROLET Biscayae station wagon, 283 V-8 motor, stick, R 4 H, one owner $1075 CHEVROLET Be! Aire. 4 dr. sedan, red with red interior, 327 engine, stick, R 4 H, like near new $1150 CHRYSLER Newport 4 dr., V-8, auto, trans., power steer- tag and power brakes, R 4 H, white with red interior 11095 CHEVROLET Impala. 4 dr. sedan, V-8, auto, trans., power steering, radio and heater $1195 OLDSMOBILE "88" 2 dr. hardtop, V-8, stick shift, mar* ooo with red interior $1150 CADILLAC, 4 dr. hardtop sedan deviUe, full power, one pwner, like new $1695 CHEVROLET SUtion Wage*, Biscaym, 8 cyL ftick, white with red interior sioso DODGE Dart 44, 4 dr. V-S, R 4 H, AT, Kght blue-and matching interior, extra clean $775 19*1 MODEU CHEVROLET InpaU, V-8, auto, trans., 4 dr. sedan, R 4 H, one owner, very good condition $875 FORD Falrlaoe SM. 6 cyl. 4 dr., R 4 H, motor completely overhauled SS50 CHEVROLET Bisctyae, % dr., V-8, JMrto. trans., radio and h?atfr ,, S695 BWCK tavlcta, ? dr. hardtop, V-8, tuto. trans. Full power and air condition tlOM FORD Galaxi* Coope,' 350 cVuiiewn*tici R''* H, PS, PB, white with r«d interior $ro 1959 MODELS FORD Custom 3M, 4 dr. V-8, auto, trans., R A H, runs good FORD 2-door V-8, auto, trans., runs good IfrSft).. $85 FORD Cvstwn MO, 4 dr. 8 cyl. stand, trans., R A H $350 1956 MODELS CHEVROLET 110, 4 dr., 6 cyl., stick ...... .......... $250 PICKUPS with LONG WIDE BOXES !!! ** ISM DODGE D-IM pickup, H ton, long' 'wide' box' i- new PICKUP ' $1898 14 ta.4 mi FORD PICKUP',' $ ton,Y 8 peid; stock' 'atf'^ b£ $12$ KRAUSE AUTO CO. PHONE 889-2943 FENTQN, IOWA

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