The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa on June 18, 1892 · Page 3
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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 3

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 18, 1892
Page 3
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HONEST CLOTHINGh THAT MEANS ITS I He Postrille Weekly Review. P8WMHEB EVERY SATURDAY W. N. BURDICK. BY TBBfcMS: Ji.bO A YEAR IN ADVANCE. LOCAL REVIEW. —Look at our other page. THAT'S WHAT WE HAIDLE! THAT'S WHAT WE BELL! — School closes to-day. -Beef Steak 8 and 9c. at Hart's. —Salt Fish of all kioda, at Hart's. —Poultry bought and sold at Hart's. —One 100 gallon kettlo for sale, at Hart's. —Six Loaves of Bread for 24c, at the Hakerv. tf —Veal calves wanted at Hart's Market. Meat - Corn wall now. and weods are both doing — Sugar Cured Hums from 10 to 13c, at Hart's. —This has been racing week at Dece rah driving park. —A full 'line of MeaU, at Hart's. Salt and Smokod —Take a steam boa', ride on Saturday of next wt«k, June 25. — Mrs. H. B. Miner, of lop, his been visiting here this week. - -Cnoice butcheriug stock wanted at the Central Meat Market. 12tf We handle the wire buckle Suspenders- Every pair warranted. —New Dress Goods and Embroidery at Skelton & Tangeman's. • Choi e variety of Smoked Meats of all kinds, at Central Meat Market. -Raid and hood tho call for repub- ioan caucus next Tuesday evening. -The best stock of Shawls kopt in the town at Skelton & Tangeman's. —Jus*, ree'd a fresh stock of all kinds of Pickled Meats, at Central Market, You can't help being struck with the superior merits of our goods. You CAN BANK ON THEM. We are at all times prepared to show you an immense line of Men's, Boys' and Children's Clothing, Hats, Caps, Gent's Furnishing Goods, Trunks, Valises, &c, &c. THE TJ. T. K. CLOTHIER. Headquarters For Dress Goods! —Sanders & Kapler have received arge quantitie» of lumber this week. —No Stale Meat at Hart's. —Prosh Lake Fish 9c. at Hart's. Wanted. Veal Calves at the Central Market. 'Additional Local'' on —Young Charley Schultz had a cow killed by lightning last Wednesday. Cow For Sale. A good milch cow for sale at a reasonable price. MAKr MCDANEI.D. For Bale. My residence on the north sido. Mits. 11. B. HAZLETOX. Dr. C. It. Topliff ill again be at the Park House, on Monday and Tuesday, June 20 and SI. —Malt Leithold is making a visit here, tho first in ten years. His homo is now at Sioux Falls. —Call at Skelton <Sc Taugenian's for a Genuine Stub Proof Hubber Boot Kvery pair warranted. Kiss Anna JBatton, instructor on the piano and orgau Postrille, Iowa. PROGRAM Of Christian Endeavor Rally, at the Cong'l Church, Postville, Iowa, Tuosday, June 91st, 1692. 9:jo to lorjo—Informal social hour. 10:)0 to l MC —Devotional citrtiiM. 10:40 to tree—Why Wt> W.ititcil you to C1R1S. R»v ti. U. Bl -sToK. Wliy Wf Were Glad to Com». MB. E. L. BEAKD. 11:00 to tt.oo-Our Social Poster, How Best Ussd. Riv. W. W. Lltwli. 1, Among Ourselves at Ctiurch Ser-iees. i. Among Otlmrs at Church Services. ID tiling Calling Privilege!. MtSB J. BRtCXtffFlO^ In Socials and Entertainments. Kiss Nellie H. Abbott, Teacher of Vocal and Instrumental Music, Postville, Iowa. —Do not miss lliosis Bsrgains in the Ladies' Job Lot of Shoes at .Skelton & Tnngemaa's. They are being oOereil at half price. Horse-Shoeing. No hit and miss, hot r. good job every clattir and pricos very reasonable. TllOS. SHOIeTUEED. —Louisiana Dinienson, Cypress Shingles and Arkansas Vellow Pino Finishing, for sale at SAXDKKS & KAI'I.EU'S. Diescussion. Miss DAVIS. Tt'F.SDAV AI'TKKNOON. 1:10 to 3:co-I <Bports From Socif lips. Miss Bt«T. 3:00 to 3:30— Consecration Meeting, Miss YOUHO. 3:30 to 5:oo-Our Prayer Mrrting; For What is the Placi? Krv. A. A. YOL-MO. How Can it Uc Madn a Success? 1. By Leader. Ma. Cius. K »klt. s. By Individual Mcmhirs. Ma. J. CLYDE*. 3, By Pastor. Rtv. N. L. PACKARD. 4, By Social Committee. MRS, I.EUI. 5, By Prayer Meeting Committae. Miss Jr.Mitie KELLY, 6, By Lookout Committee. Chairman of Lookout Committee of Volga. 7, How Can Older Church Members Aid? MR. HALL ROBERTS. Discussion. Riv. N, I.. BURTOH. 5:00 to s :i5~Our Convontion. REV. W, W. LEWIS. TUESDAY EVENING. ?:.v> to 7:45—Praise Service, MRS. CORNRLL. ;:43 to 8:15—Do Christian Young Peoiile Neod Organization? Riv. R. L, VAMHICE. 8:15—Address. Rev. II. E. PACKARD. Question Box. -Walter Chriss, of Pwstville, was th» guest of Agent Cogswell, betweon trains Saturday.—Oelwein Herald. -Fred McMarlin packed his trunk and left for parts unknown last Tuesday. -For a tine fit and style in Ladies' and Misses' Fine. Shoes, call on SKBLTOX & TAXGEMAX. - Weddings have been pretty numerous of late considering the stale of the weather. -Klgin has organized a state bank, or rather the old private bank has been reorganized. — Copying one of tho Photo Gallery and ipeci enlarging pictures, ilties at the licedv - Only tl.OO for the railroad and steamboat excursion on the 25th.. Children half price. —We shall acecpt F'rank Orr's invitation to visit Monona at tho first favorablo opportunity. The inducement he holds out is ample. —The school commencement oxer- oises will come offal the M. E. church this (Friday) evening. As usual the houso will doubtles be packed. —Both sides of Post street on the west end, have been treated to new sidewalks. This new "suburb" is getting right to the front, and it is one of the pleasantest portions of the "city."' —All teachers who would like to spend July autl August in hard study to fit themselves for belter work Prof. Breckenridgo invites to Dccorah July 4th. Mrs. Breckenridge will furnish day Voard for $l.i0 per week. —T. C. Barclay was unfortunate enough to fall from his barn Friday of last week, striking a beam acrcss hi* back nntl bruising anil twilling himself severely. He is still confined to the bed, but is slowly improving under the care of Dr. Ainsworlh.—West Union Gazette. Steamboat Excursion. A wei'k from next Saturday, Juno J r >lh, is tho day of :he excursion tc MeOrogor the river ride on the steamer Josephine. Den't forget the date anil be all ready to go. We havo the strongest nssrrance that the agent can give us that the excursion from beginning to end is under tho auspices of lhe Y. P. S. C. K. And we don expect anything 011 the boat or any where else that is inconsistent with th most decorous church entertainment The lumor is floating thnt there will be dancing 011 the boat. If there is it will be in violation of the strongest verbal plodge of the company. Nor is any nnkenness or disorder of any kind tolerated on the boat. We have the longest day of the year and the asMiir ance of a good stage of wator. No danger of being delayed on sand bars or anything of the kind. And the two months and more between this and th 3Ut of August rsndor any conflicting of the two excursions unnecessary. V. L. BUKTOX —Ed. Prior is away 011 a delivery trip, putting up monumental work in Clayton county. —County conyenlion on Saturday of next week. All the townships should be fully represented. —J. N. Topliff and wife have been down from Uecorah visiting neighbors ami friends this week. —W. II. Valleau. former mayor of Uecorah. now of Chicago, wagered $1,000 that Blaine would he noaiinated at Minneapolis, anil of course lost tho lucre. Will can get his money back by betting on Harrison in the next heat as he ought to have done in the first instance. —Just now our space is badly crowd ed with advertising favors, hut it will as only for n couple of weeks more. If was to bo for any length of time we would arrange fer a supplement. It is dull season for loeal matter anyway nd we hope our readors will boar with us a short time. -Skeltom & Tangeman are carrying loublo the Stock in Ladies' and Misses' SWoes than ever before. Henriettas, Bedforcte Serges, Chevrons, Challies, Silk Foulards, Silks for Dresses and Trimmings. —Miss Hattie McCallum was called home to Canada this week by the dan- gereus illness of a sister. - A M. Thompson was laid out by tUe floods at Decorab and could not get home te the wedding. -Dave Jacobia remained in Postrille over Monday night for the first time si ace he moved to tho farm. New dark Prints, only Comas Cloth, in new styles, Black India Linen plaid. Silk Drapery Fringe, Brocade satin ribhon, 3 in. wide, Satin Ribbon, 1 in. wide, Outing Flannel, only Check and Plaid Shirtings, Damask Towels, 13x28, all linen, only Gent's Colored Border Handkerchiefs, only Windsor Ties, only * 3c per yd 7c «« 8c « (C 10c « a 10c a << 2c it u 5c a « 5c •i « 8c each 5c 3c -H. O. Ureen has been Uking a tour this week, visiting at Cedar Kap- ids. Toledo and other paints. —H. B. Taylor returned from St Paul Monday afternoon, Mrs. Taylor remaining there until Wednesday. — Three or four circuses are billed In northern Iowa but Postville is still out in the wet. mad it is wet enough too. ECTFULLY, —Charley Kerr rejoices to a Urge extent aver the arrival of a new boy at his house, who arrived last Monday. — E. H. Dains is np from Dysartlook ing after repairs on th* (arm in Ludlow. He reports business good. We are indebted for a call and cash on subscription. —Let us see. Is not there an ordi nance requiring dogs to be muzxled? We notice that rabid slogs are men tioned in different towns around quite frequently. —A special train from Mason C ity to the Chicago convention will pass through here next Monday. We suppose a number of our democrats will "get on board." —The democratic special train for Chicago will pass through Postville at 7:51 next Monday evening arid arrive in Chicaga at 6:30 Tuesday morning; Half fare rates. —Tony Marshall has lenjovei hfo jewelry store to th* building' adjoining Holler's clething store on th* south, where he hones to see bis patrons and th* public generally. —Mis* Loring now oecapfts'tbe old VoetoCce kmflJIog with her; millinery btuiatH. It baa bee» fitted up and maM* a Hoe p»a©» in wl^" to'4lspJaj -The anneal election of officers of the Citizens State Rank took place on Wednesday, all the old officers, includ ing the directors, being unanimously re-elcoteil. The incorporated year will not expire until July lOtlt anil the rea bs.-fin.eia year not until Aug. Slst, tlm bong tho day on which the doors wer first opened. The bui.incc will truck: when the incorporated year expires and a diyidem! will bo tleclarei! the balance being passed to the lurplti fund. The board of directors wi decide this, but it is presumed that dividend of 7 per cent, will be declared and a nice little sum will go to the stir plus account. Tor a new bank, whoso doors have been open les.s than ten months the showing will be phenominal and proves that '.he management has boon onergelic, careful and popular. HARRIED. THOMAS—PERKY—At th -t rrsidoncu of the bride, in Postville, on Wednesday evenW, June Inlh, 18 'J'.', by Uov.N. L. Burt in, Mr. W. II. Thomas anil Miss Mae Josuphino "erry Thtis has anothor of our estimable young ladies -'crossed tho divide" that eparates single from double biassed- ness. and In the trnnsitien she has the best winhes and congratulations of every porson in Postville, where slut has spent almost her entire life. Having been assistant in the pnsloflics undor hor father's administration of it for the past threo years, not only the people of Postviilo but of all the surrounding country have come to know and repect her for her courteous and affable ways. The groom is not no Intimately known ero as his business is on the road, rep- esenl'ng the Davis Sowing Machine as assistant to A. M. Thompson, but he has iho highest rocommendatious for moral, social and business worth, and • is expected that he will seen be pro- rooted to a general agent. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas will make their borne with tho Perry family during the summer and contemplate building in the fall and settling permanently with us. A large concourse of invited guests, relatives of tho contracting parties with friends, nearly seventy-five in number, were prasont to witness the happy event and offer congratulations. Misses Sarah E. Durtio, of Springville, and Clara Slicild, of Postviilo. supported the bride as "maids of honor," and A. It. Johnson, of Limit Springs, and Tony Marshll, of Postville, officiated v» groomsmen. The ceremony nns in Hev. Bur- Ion 's happiest vein, was short and impressive. The presents weie numerous, beautiful and appropriato. Thu refreshments wore superb aid would tickle the palate of an epicure. And so we leave tin happy couple to the life that opens before them, hoping that though nature did not smile nl the nuplials the storm which proceded and suoceedud tho event may be a precursor of the sunlight of joy anil the sweet pence thnt may How as a river at their feet all along their future pathway. There can be no rainbow without a cloud, no smiles that may not sometimes be diminod by tears. Though— •'Somo davs may In; dark and dreary," if puro love, trust and conlidonco ahnll continue to sil enthroned in the citadel of their hearts their enlirn lives will be glorified Ity a benediction from the fountain head of loro and "at eventide there shall be light." So moto it be! ESTABLISHED 1SB3. (ZflRU HGIAVSR. Proprietor. At Both Ends; That's where you burn the candle, when you pay more than $10 for a $10 Suit. There isn't any law to prevent you from paying more, hut if you do you do it on a theory that your money isn't worth as much to you as it is to somebody else. "You'll have a handsome '• balance in your pocket to spend for other things if you come to us and pay that price; go elsewhere and you'll be parting with the balanco-that burns the.can-' die at th© other end. All savings don't necessarily go into a safe. The safest kind of a saving is to buy* where you can get the best goods for thn reafit money, and this is the plaoe. The unusual amount of rain thnt has fallen the past few weeks has left our counters more heavily loaded than we want them, so to make goods go wo will inaugurate a i Great Bargain Sal© OF MEN'S, BOYS' & CHILDREN'S SUITS. Children's Suits, two pieces, 1.25, 1.50,2.00 and up Knee Pants, - - 25c to 1.50 Boy's Suits, - - - 2.25 and up " Pants, - - 75c to 3.00- Men's Suits at any price from the cheapest to the best- —We have the authority of llev. Burton for the statement that the steamboat excursion on kialurday of next week will not start from Postville, unless the rains should continue, but ample room on the train will be provided to go to McGregor, where the boats will bo in readiness. GOOD FAB.AC FOR SALE. My farm of 20* aeros for salo. Situated iu Madison township, Winnesheik Co., Iown, threo and a half miles west of Docorah, in sections 11 and 14. Well improved and timber enough for farm use. In good stato of cultivation. Well watered and good buildings. School within six rods of house. Leng time will bo given on part payment, nquire on farm for particulars. Address, WK. MCISTOSH, (Box. 538) Decoraa, Iowa. —It i» not yet definitely known whether Prof. Smith wi 1 accept the principalship of our schools another year or not, he having under consideration aaother business enterprise. He is to decide within a week, and ail hope that he will conclnde to give as at least another year of his valuable service. —W. W. Shroyer has sold five acres off the south end of bis place to Geo. Lull for 9160 per acre. It looks like a gostd price for bare land so far out, and yet ther -t is no doubt but it is a good investment Mr. Shroyer will sell no more of his laid for less than 9300 per acre. Land around Postville is the next thing to a gold mine. —Douglass Deremoro, Esq., of Wau kon, made us a pleasant call on Monday. He is a genuine and original Hill democrat, and believes he is the only democrat in the country who would be sure of an election if nominated. We agree with him that Hill has mora democratic characteristics than' any other man. In the south he wonld be a grand good ballot box supervisor Republican Caucus. The republican electors of Post town ship are requested to meet at the office of Wm. Shepherd, In Postville, on Tuesday evening, June 21st, 1899, at 8:00 o'clock sharp, for the purpose of choosing tea delegates to the county convention to be held at Wankon, June 35tb, and for the transaction of any other business that may come before the meeting. A good attendance desired. BT OSOEK TWP. COM. Take Kotice, That the Pojtviile Steam Roller Mills wiil grind Feed, Corn Muni and Graham Monday and Saturday of each week hereafter. Having added a lino of wood-working maehinery we are prepared to do Planing, Matehing, and all kinds of sawing, on short notice. Bring in your logs and have them sawed. Respectfully, E. D. STILES. Hon *o good M b »D >jrtoek;. . ^»und « W sdrtssf and T* * very eWtraHocaltotw be pwt io at once. —GuA>n> C'UKAI' EXCUIISIOH TO GOTIIENUI.'IK;, NKU. THE C'OMINO (1 III AT MANtKACTI.IiINO ANI> MfLI.IKO CEXTER OF THE WEST .— Recent publications in the leading newspapers of the country of tint wonderful strides the beautifully located city of Gothenburg, Hcb., hare caiiSQil a considerable stir. Goihonburg has grea', natural resources, a liosllhy climate nnil a magniticont water power for ilircrsi- li«d industries, flour mills, paper mills, otc. Already enterprising manufacturers aro settling on this groat 'Niagara of the Plains." On June 29, WJ2, Gothenburg city lots will be sold at auction, without resorve. upon their merits. This will be a chance in a lifetime to raakn a solid and safe investment. Early investors will reap immense profiti. Everybody come. Here you can lay the foundation of a fortune. Don 't miss tho opportunity. It will be a delightful trip for you. Ten thousand people will attend. Tho excursion parly will leave Chicago on Monday ovaning, Juno 27. Round trip tickets for one ami one-third fare can be obtained upon application to the general agents oi lhe Gothenburg Water Power 4 Improvement Co., at Chicago, or excursionists can leave from any poiit and by any train by purchasing one full fare single ticket antl taking receipt thorefer from tho ticket agent for amount, paid. Upon presentation of this receipt to the gen eral agents of the company on the 29th f June at Gothenburg a return tickot will be furbished for one third of one faro. Remember the date, June -9. For paticulars. maps, etc., address Gothenburg Water Power 4 Investment Co., 226 La Balls street, Chicago. Full line of Summer Underwear- Full lino of Nook- wear of all descriptions. Our line of Negligee Shirts for summer wear comprises the latest and best novelties in market. Blacksmith and Wagon Shop. I have secured the service* of one of the best blacksmiths and horse shoers in this part of the state, and am prepared to do all kinds of blackamithiag and wagon work on short notice aad in the best roatner. New wagons, buggies, road carts, etc. on hand and made to order. Call and examine work and prices. 2m3 H. C. HONK. -The C. M. & St. P. railway excursion train to Clear Lake, June 26tb, will leave Postville in the morning at •7:14 The celebrated evangelist. Rev. Sam Jones, will preach to the assora bled multitude in the pavilllon. both afternoon and evening. Fare for the round trip, including ticket of admis- to tho Park, 99.16: —Last Monday ocetrrred the yearly meeting of the Postville State Bank. The old officers were all re-elected and a dividend of 7 per cent was declared and 5 per cent was carried to the- nar- plus, making the net earnings of the bank (or (be put year 16 per cent. This is a iliowing at which that instftn- tiod may welt feel proud, and proves that there to muf toi'twnniJMhfe »ee- Wennterr new safe wf" Dr. Will Cole's Dental Booms Will hereafter be open <tvery week day, as I have associated with me Dr. M A. Humphrey, a graduate of the dental schoel at Iowa city, and a good operator. I shall continue to visit Postville on Tuesday and Wednesday of each week, as heretofore.' WILL COLE, D. O. S Buggies of All Descriptions. Gnarantee: After two week's trial if the Rice Coil Spring proves not to be the easiest rider otT «arth, wilt exchange ami give any *pt ing desired—witf' the "Handy Top," tn« most conveoien b^gy- /• I** 8 - Wnwrnsit. —Bo one emo fail to tee Creafi|> annoqawWment 1 On fh»'Other page.' He is in earnest and wUl «tw* th«t go<>d^ to utoje H bargain prkes and Mr trestv: ment_,»^,A>,^ A (t * r reading tbej iwf>ne goods, sTona wilWij jo' I^'LATEST STYLES - Straw Hats, Stiff and Soft Hats, all at the Very Lowest Living Prices. All goods warranted as represented or money refunded. Call and see. TO DON'T YOU BUI ONI 1 The New Poetoffice. Mr. Perry is now fully settled in his new postofllce home. His without fear of successful contradiction that we say that no town in the state the size of Postville has a better or mere central and convenient office or a Oner outfit. It is not only a credit to Postmaster Perry but to the town as well. In the general advance cf the town in all directions which has been noticeable for the past year or two Mr. Perry is net only not behind but has forged to the front, and in doing so is entitled to the thanks of everyone interested in the onward march of the old town up towards metropolitan conditions. They are cheaper than ever and we' sell them under a written guarantee. W. J. HANKS. Skelton & Tangeman's Advertisement. B. C. B. <fc N. Excursions. Democratic National Convention, al, Chicago, III.. June 21, 1892. For this occasion, the Burlington, Cedar Rapids and Northern Railwi.y will make a rate of One Fare for the round trip. From stations south and east of Including Maynard, Vratonr and Kalona, tickets will be en'sale June 17, it, 21, 23 and 23, geod to return nntil and Including. June 27, 1892. From stations north and east of these points tickets otv sale June 17 to 31 Inclusive, good to return until and including July 6, 1892 For ticket', time ot trains and / any other Information, call on or address any agent of this company or J7E. HANXEGAN. FOR SPRING - TRADE. Gen. Tkt. and Pass. Met.: Cedar Rapids, Ww*. —The Turners have bills not fore/ grand ball. July 4th. It looks as if this would Jtfr the only demonstration we soonlff have- (bf» year. We can afford rest on It one year after Iwing had s^httooioits in sneecasion. And j»y any good, " j»«t%.. ?k« ro> bp^fd^isjsfd i» better to fieep them at home «nss to t«nd tbem m is near. Have yon bought your Shoes for Spring and Suram'er wear? We nave all the new kinds in stock. We know' we can please you. Step 16 and look trserofover. Ladies' Walking Shoes, , Ladles' Solid Ctomfort.SUppers, Old Ladies' Easy Shoes, Men's Plow Shoes, Men's Pine Shoes,... Men's Cordova* ^bes, Wen's Southern Ties. Yours to Please/ j' V I > J - S

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