The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on March 19, 1927 · Page 4
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 19, 1927
Page 4
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...PAGE cHAa F." scchrr ~ IBntered at>.tlM_Iola Poatoinbe i ^ Second /^aaa Mattw.! . rraiepfione .Li! 7 ......18 ^'(Plivmte Braiich Bxchange .ConnectlDK ' - All Departinemts): ''Offiolaf Paper City of lola. . . Official Paper City of Bataett ' Official Paper Allen County. !^ i' SUBSCRIPTION RATES. liy Carrier fn Julu. Uaa Citx, J^Iarpe I . , UTiil Baiuelt. . On* Week 16 C«;ntii Onm Month ;...7o Criits Ono Year u_:.--;i-.;.........| ' BY MAIL-- Oiittld* Allen County. On« Tear K' Bubu-tU.» 12 .10 Tbnte iMunth* '. ...IJ.W In Allen County One Y *w. Tbree M <iiitlm One Month .. '»u.t» r.. 11.25 ..tor Member of— ! National editorial Aitoclatlon. Kanea* Prete Aitocletlon. The- Kaniat Dilltr Ueliflua. Audit Bureau of Circulation. Preaa Conpresa of the World. Jnland Dally Preaa :Aaao<ilatlon. MEMBER'ASSOCIATED PRESS. • Tba Register carrl<iii the AHSocliited i mss report tty tpeclal I<iii.=ed wire. vThe Associated Press Is exclusively t-ii- • titled to, the use foif repuljllcatlon of all ne A-s dispatches credited tu It or • not' otherwise prtdlted Irj this paper. • find; also the local news published liere- .th. All rights 6r republlciitlun of; siw- • (^al flispatolies herein are JIIHO res«-rved. i Bible Thought for .Today. I The' earth shall be full o£ the . jknowle&ge ot the the wat- -fers cover the sea.—Isa. 11:9. KAISI>« RECOKI) COR\. \ • An- Ohio cousin of .Mr. A. AV. Beck, having noticed in the Kegis- ter a report of. the prizes offered by the lola Chamber of ConinieVce for the" best five acre corn, send.s a clipping fields of ifrom an Ohio paper reporting some phenomenal yields of, corn la.stj_year— in .Uie ne1girBorh9od ~of Kenton, Ohio. ,i —AectmiinB to t |hi8 clipping two teri- , ant farmers, fathe^ and son .TJfb- duced on each .• ofj two ;ten-acre tracts, iCSC.8 and hs:i hu .-jhelH respectively, the tost,s liaving jbeen conducted under the observiitlon of specialists, at the Ohio State University and the corn niea.sur !d by them. TIic laiMl upon wrrtch^fhcse plK?- lionienal ciop^ W<T ^ grown 1 H what called in Ohio ' "niiick" • land, formerly swamp land but now drained -and tiled" overy fi-w rods ' to keep the wulcr (ilf li. Hut the m <'M wlio raised the big crops did not depend upotr the natural fer- lillly ol their soli. Mr7 Marshall, the man who raised ovt-r t86 bu .she}H' to (he acre, 'Hscd ,si.x tons iimn.ure and .100 pounds ot a coni- _^etB. the acre. " Tlie corn was planted in bills and was check rowed, but the . hills were •very close together, averaging more than 19,000 staJks to the acre as ^compared, with the 8,000 or 9,000 -stalks on the .v average corn-field. Naturally tli seed used was carefully twited an:^ was known-To^ be of a prolific vai iety. The yields proiluced were gii'the basis of shelled corh witli 20 per cent moisture. On the basis of bushels of <ar, corn, Marshairvi y'old would have been about 1!)') busiiel.s In tuts jpcre. f So there is a pointer for tne farmers who want to the big .jirli'es offered by the lola^ Chani- b'-r of. Commerce for-41;e. bigK'-st yi'.'Id of corn in Allen coui^ty. Goo-I seed, good. land, plenty of Ifertilizcr «nd plenty of stalky Ito the acrb. It l8jrathef~ a. curlbtfs thing 1 that progressives and reformers who go into snch spasms of Indignition over the so-cailed gag rules of the House, lament Just as loudly [that there is no gag rule In the SehateJ They point to the filibuster w ^Ich' prevented the passage of Important bills in the recent session of Congress as an evidence of the inabiT Ity of the Svnatc to legislate whenever a few *"wllful men" choosj; to obMinict. li'^islation,. and lif sunn- brvail ask for ii < IIIIHK»| rules wlilcl , iirtmrding to own rcUMoit |nK as jiippllfd in ItiiiiMi-, wiiujd iilloW a few ;'wl|fiiL men" lo'iiihiKil liiglHlatliin uil limi-. Tlii-re Is II vi -ry xiinple cliaiigil the rules iif the Senate woul<l ijavi! reiidfTcd (he la flllbUHler barmliss If II had b in force. And that i« a rule giving appropriation bills and cohfereiice reports on'apprupriulion bills jtbe highest privilege during tlie l| ten days of any session of Congress. Jt is very seldom that really portant general legislation is foil pending in the last hours ol| .session. Alirfost universally bills that crowd the caltndar the closing liour .s are appropriation ^bills,' and yet there seldoiji any that! cannot easily be reconciled. Let .both's provide rules giv- ot of VjmroJA. DAILY-RB^^ SA^JKBAYEVEJOTNG^MA l &g7. ing appi-ppriatiim billri the rightj way: during the last 'ten days each session and then the Senate could debate abd filibuster to heart's desire without doing country any special harm. —TliweHs—a-i:nrvri'race"Tnan^wlio; has some personal, experience which ought to be passed on to the statesmen who think our Government is too liard on poor'ol'd Mexico. This man bought a ranc i of wild land in 'Mexico twenl>- sevon years ago. He improve 1 such parts of it as were siiscer- lil )le of cuHlvation. built ylllagel* for till- i)egns who worked thi? Ian I and cKtabilKlied a (hrlvinf;^ an I happy comiininity. .Now ih<! .Mexican government lias conflHcal<-< , not the wild 'land of this ranci i but ihe cultivated areas, and liirn- ed it and the IIOUHCH upon It over lo Iheiieons. The governiiH 'ht luili never said a word ti> I be owner of this ranch about jiaying him lor his properly! iiiit It^eonlinues ti> tax him just the samo as if h KUU owned it! And that, aftet having taken, away from him tli only: part of the ranch upon which anything could be produced. Yet there are Americans who think their government is "imperialistic because it politely protests againsj such iniquity,aH that. The editor of the Uegisler h.i; received a very ffatieri ig an ^ announcement from the pu jlishen of the International llluc Uool --THESE^O BOYS CAN STANU LOTS OF HJBAT. •t -..4- button I or centanrea ind ^Emperor Wiliiartris still jthe poilular favorite with its fringed blue flowers produced in great Iprofasibn with goodr stem.s for cuttiiag. The annual larkspui-s give some fine blues, although all have niorei or loss purple in theni and are one of lJie:nio-t valuablej of the ; an- uuiiU. They luubt be| sowii where ] they are tti bloom aiid then be |hinn <-(i as they arej difficult to traii .splunt. • '• Auolli'!!- li.-aiitil'ul bluf annual not .iiou^!] ll^l(d is ilji- hrovyallla. It h .is iiiti'iisf blue fl|>W<>is h 'l 'lV pnidii. .iinji.) I 'ir 'ilyl gri>« 11'. .M th<>iK;|i ilii. U an <\iiJll«ut ganltui' alllllMl It IS liiOi"' llOi^lH-ltll.V .>il;«Ji a.-< a ;i (it plmil.i ! The rli |i lihif splkc.'j of tlie an- • niial hi|iin.< wit .h tlic '.it pea -Mliapi'd ' bli'oiiis mill 111 the list .Iiaiiiisiime bill)' iiiiiiii.'ils fur tlif blii<- porlion of till- buril-r iiMil till' r(!;;<s : l.licl'" iiri' tin- ifoigi -oiij; d "'ptl['< nf lh<: Idhilhi^ .iiirl 'liii' vi-Ivi-t tif Ihc- blip -iriij.-il jian^-its. Tlie Jiliic! s"' - : Mo:; . JI " I'M' Imril'r nit (ii< tlw lihiiit- iim ;.T<ni ;i.- Ill' pink. ^i;ile yillitw I am! \\)(\u- ii(!;;i\i' liie'lihie-: ilii-ir: effi'cis Mill I1J ;iviiiil ni (jii()triiiy. 'I 'lli- l»llii-lli !"-il tcll-W 'fi-ks Kll)i -ks ; anil :i .-l<-:> u-ive soliiiiiy to tlie blue ; lioiili-f mill li::v>' lln -rr nwii pink.-;.! wii'te .-J iiiid iKiinis iiy yijiy of; liiDiiy. Till'ilortiori <if VU'c an-; liiial 'lorili-r i-i most ,i -l'l !'H !ivi' if in I paitliil >li;iili-. '.Ml llii|-f annuals j in .iv lie; c.i .sily rai.stii ifiiun seed plaiir?>il in :in iiiil .iiiiir suydbi -il when ' rlif suil is Wiirkablf. CROSS CURRENTS i (A. C. S.) . Why don't some of the smart, newspaper mm who are keopin;.; tab on ihlngsat Topeka open up and tell the world what is at the. bottc ^n .of the row between Gov-' ornor PauJenaiid the Legislature ?- Obvlpufily there isi np team work between the e ]tA:utlv6 and the leg Islative brunches of the .State government, as there should be 'when })0th -ure-orihe saine polltlcid party." The I,<'j|lHliUlire has Ijeeii kicking Ihn Oovornocla- recommeiidu 4lUMH around us If tliey were mere hound dugs wjilch lft)boily .owned nppiircntly taking delight In defeat Ing-iJu' lueaHiireH In which he Bceuied to be the tnOst Interested. In the Seiittte especially the lack of teiim w6rk seems to ha*-^' reach<KI Iho stage hf active.aiilagonlpm. The ! Governorls most important appointment was denied approval by a practically unanimous vole, nnd In order to-make sure that the G^verjior should not "put one over on, them" th^ Sonatoi ^s wrote a ptOXislon- into one of the appropriation hills that no salary carried in'the: bill should, be available for the jiayment of an official appointed bf \be Goveri^r during the recess jof the Senate -except In case the~^cancy occurred after the ad- {joumment of the. Ijegrsiature.. Thesi and various other things indicate' that the rela.flpns between the povernor and the_L .egi8lature are .anything but cardial. Why doesti't jBoniebody tellus why? that he is eljgible^ for reij'ord ii^ said publication and asking bin: to submit biographical data — am •enclose ten dollars for a copy ol the, book. Having a sneaking notion that his eligihility is due in larger measui'e to his supposed ability to false ten dollars than to anything notable, he has ever acbievt'd the aforesaid editor will try to get along without haying hh name 'in the International _Bl(u Book. At last the Prince of Wales has von-'a hor^e face, riding his own mount and not,/rtalling ptt oi^ce! Small wonder he was\^ven a great ovation by the crowd. ;Thfcit:yoting- iter is a good attprt. JBut be )Ught to get married and settle The absolute limit of nerve, gall audaclty.-r-whateyer else yoti may wKsfi to call it—iu the miitjer of niooching free advertising Heenis to have bien^iTttalmd by tlie In- siirance Deparimerit of the Sit pfeiiii' Lodge Knights of. I'ylhla? which has I'iri-uliiri/.ed all oiibord' iiuite lodges offering cash jirl/.eH totaling lifiOu til be iiwar-diil in memlMTH "who Mii -iire the gri'iitesl volume of free newspaper adver- tlslJiK for till' <irilei -~trnd Its li&Hur- iriTcc di'Piirtnieni during wljii; The Kegister's ambitious and en- ihuslastic City Kilitor had h n'A figured out last night that lol.-.V .Vaiional fiuard wou'.-l! get down to Coiffeyville just cil tln'|timi' the riot would_ be at ils heiglif, rfiat foiii' or five of tlii'in would probably gel killed bi-fore onler ciiiilil be restored, lie came down | to the oTIce tills inoviiinE bright a'rl early, rubbing hi^ hands like a miser :wh(* liml just found a new pot of gold, his face beaming and liis .icyeK shining, all preparid to liirrow some fine six-ln<-b wood hiad-Ii'liers from tlie job dvi'art- menl. When he foiipd' that thing.'; had (iiiieted down,, that no lola men had been killed.—well, we won't say he was di.sappoin'id, but sonii'iliing ceitainly made him grumpy for the rest of the day. » • * » Some of the quaint old i customs ii-ive their talking points. A Springfield woman recently received a 1 I 'llet in the back from the rifle of a earele.s.s sportsman. The bullet struck a stave in her cqrsei. wa.s (iefiected and causied only a slight .'iesli wound. • • «• « Acciinling to scientists, a hog seldom sleeps more than four or five hours a night. We know several who .'•l-i-ii twice that long. The Home Garden What Is Home Without a Qardeli? Window |{«>xe>i. Iiousaliils of lilr—full; li::vi- iinil the giiinis Of .Calil'nrnifl 11(1, iire i-r-pvcliinv. attractive fot T othi r opportunity In mow flow, is 1 fringed p.tals and mlor blinds, thai is atfon'i-il iiy a ,p()i-«b or'uiii-i is diincull to h.-lei;l a piti^nin dow box, Yil thiiiisaiids ovi-rliiuk i wliicli one will l.i-*saiip<)ln this opptirtiinii y. Failure is ••a-v., If gi'i-:iniiinis In- rhns.ij of loursi?. afiil iiK one likes In fn 11. ^ wiinli.w lii/x. 111^- pink v; sini'i ssf v'jili :i winil.iiw box is^uill 'if finiinl tinire pb'UsinK jiriTiin- I'i'iK run lliaii the. nils. Minv • r ' I'DJii -vine, a semidouble pinld Hill also easy j(' :i X»-\\ siniide ttitns are tiiki'ti, and om fttrsiiii It in •p. • itir till- riellis in till' |l<'i(ate is in will bring jyy iiii-i the day as wi-ll ;i < li(ss hy itsi If. Siicli a |i|ink iiijKinniy. .\I;:igar':i Sii:i!i-. .liinini''': as a thoiisi'ilil.^ iiniibin.itiiiii with the dark 1 " ' "The be.-1 lioiv. is ti> grow in win- baltoiiy bjue petunia, or dow bpxi-s. wht-n- sun liin In- ),'ivi n • li'-ililing i(<iicn. will .serve wi at least part of the day and tin-i Wh"re orange and yellov obstrilcteil aii- and light Ihroii^li-; permissible it is difficult to out the day. ar« free fliiwcringi better flower thun the <1 annuals. .Vmiuig these- pi-tiinia.s | niistiirtiuia, which may In- have come Jii nient yiars to belfr-jui seed. Ageratiim is an un-'qualf:!. Their tolnrs are ex<el- Icnt; ihey arl' fragrant and thrive Carlyle School jXotes -March IS. —.Vonvooil! itoiieris. Virgil I'liwell. Kili'.ii- .lunior i'arks-r. Kvelyn <;;:rv. r iiml Tin-lnia .Mealv iw- laltst iiicasli-s vic- liins." |i Toniiiiie I'arker is .in school agai:!. . | Tiitsiliiy nig;,;. Man-U 21, is to b.' observeil as Carlyli'f tuwnship cumiiiunity night. T!ii|- districts, OJd Carlyic. I'liiir;.- l^iliun. .\orth !.\l:ipii Cinv. l)iir c'rjek. Rock ! Creek aliil Curlylc ;;n- 10 he enter- iaineil at !t'a.» Curlyii. ^^liiooi lioust- by llif Ciirl .ili- <irriic-ti|a and - Ihe ; l-M iiu!(. "Chari's F. ! otl .has kjiniiy 1 iiiis<ii;i il lo gile . an address. .Mrs. Clink will tsiuisiKor a 'tin i-''iit .siHJai. i;viryl ^i )ily is in- vitcil. .j : .laiin-^ Wilkinson nf K.|:isas City, , wild •.'.a,'. I lu'iiite fur- itiklaliouia ! niaije :i slinrt .<-tay in (,'ailyle to visit ill-, ninth, r; .\lr-. .N'l .l.'wilk- iiiSii!:. I ' ilrs. .MrCny • ;:iii! .Mr.|. .\l-lvin • were i-iilli -r- lliis wi'i-k. I i We had tli.j i>iivili^'i' nf (uler- |l;iining lln- Tiiiiiing Class ^if Inia Wiiliii'.-^ijiy fnr'jii'inn as 'ginsts Of .l,'i>~S'linnl. Thi'^ cla-^s ; |•l>ll^ist-•' ni' .Miss..- i ):i|.i l^ilnier. ! .Minnie Kai.;!. "M.n Fini-!i.| .M.iricaret Alniiinr!. Crilleii'f Mil iililils; Jta- niniia .\!i KHiiii" V, .\iiii.i £.ia)i Callaway. Oriilia liil.y. .Milihii! .Mi- such a Iniation is blue, and the fJoWer wliiih was invented, it would niial border needs its blues.t ance ^the color scale and to seem, for such a situation is theiinij tomh' during the hot iiijnnth? balroiiy blue petunia. This is a of summer. We have an exo rich Velvety iljirk blue, of trailing new bfue in the Chinese forg I habit, and will daape from Ihelnnt. < vnoglos.siiin amabile. The vehemence with which Sen-j window box iu a pieasing festoon | as a biennial but blooming of green and lilue. Balcony Queen annual from sowing early ouli|oor<. OWer rofu- ator Kdwards. Democrat- of New llent -nie- :'sti il ^s an Jer.sey, hiniself not avers*- lo get-j" ''.','."' ""''h vvhite blotches. also.It has deep and intense blui idential lightning, insists that Coolidge will tiuL' -in the wiv nf Ihe PiBsi .l^nn.i i"*^ rduster.s prodiicesl in great !.".*'"'". P "'S "l''ntiaI I, T,,^. ^,„.,„ ti.^verirrg type of pe^si-m. making a bril,liant patih in tunla^ of which the best known; the garden as well as beinri fine not be a candidate Tii flt^s; would seem to indicate a fear that he may be. The Km;ieror Yoshihito is Ihe first of the Jaiiaiiese eniperors not to be buried in the iieighborliood of t!ie old capital, Kyoto. variety is Kfisy .Morn, will do bet- for cutting. ter than any other flower in mak-i ' It much resemblcS the Itali; n al- lug !\ bed of <olor throughout the, kanet. Anchusa italic a. a fa'oriti season. in the per^'unial border for ii s in- The large flowering pejunias'tense blue, hut is of lovvi-r giowlh have fewer blos.soms fhaii tlie small and much less coarse in fo iage. flowering type; but one ii{ them Thin In aTeHladdltKfn to lht> blue is Worth a good many of the oth.^^ annuals. . . ers. The double large flowering' .Ml old standby is Ihe bai Can you heat III Forlun waste baskets are cheap-and. flely I thi one In tbe Register office noble capacity. is' of Harry Sinclair has been convict«»d of being in contempt of the United States Senate on account of having- refused to answer certain questions-asked by a committee of the Senate. As he refused to answer the questions upon the advice of his attorney it must be hoped that his attorney will at least' put in no'bill for a fee in defending him againlst the charge, even if he cannot serve the jail sentence which .seems likely to be imposed upon' him. •Postmaster General New, in his last report covering the year 1926, stated that the dead letter service receivecl during the year 24.056,! 2^ undeliverable letters, an increas^ of 2,72^^696 over the precedi'ng year. All of these ; let!efs woiild either have been delivered or i^j- turned to the writers if the name of the writer had been printed ion the envelopes and letter heads. Moral: Patronize the printer! . 1 _ ../ 77 FOR IK BOLU o' rt^ \scxxyh -f9 w/vToA K CVM P I E WALK, -flME.. VAE-E-HE VA/ALV<S LIV^E A I T O RT L E iNJ A S»JO >Ai MOv /iKl' PITCWER .-1i-\" B ULL A '00 UVv<e.-T'GiE-T OKi soil ilr.-fin ike a eXrel,- j lent - window box jilant: aljyssuin .is a'l- with litfp- f'ar.'. producing flow-lways-dependable and iu ^'er;' SIIII'TI ers from .liily until frost arrives, jny Incatiohs zinnias; m;tj- bcKrown. | without c. .-sal;i!ii. Hot. dry weath-[ r.obil soil and good dTalna^e are i er has 110 terror for the petunia.',),,, important points. Thi iirovided it .an be watered o (-i -a- j si,„„],i allow water t'< sioually. Aii.l this one taniily bas ,|„i,.klv but remain vet' a'remarkably varied assortment ofjs,,,,,,^,.; an.l as a .rule it sho ild li< 'ypcs. lallowed to dry prcuy wellj,bt^weeii In a ri-r; brii k building, wliicli, waterings, descrih's inosi of oun aiiartmeiits,; For the Blue Border, one «Iiics am .-old a de<forative not..'' »!lu(? is a favorite color i^i _lliej when leil ihiwers are planted in a. 1 garden and pun! blue one i window ii.i -v. The best color fur ^ rarest tones to supply. Tli Lull Callaway. .Mart.- Alli-riiian. liNisy ll .-!r .\i.;iKg:ii.- witiii Mr^.-K. W. .\lylir. iiistriii tnr. Wi- are niakiri'.; nmr • finwer find"- !'"''••*• <''aniii;^ nji tin- .vftrij and ._.,'..'.'.'si-itiiii: nut :.;ii|iibs. 'Qi'.-^hyacinths lilnnaiin;,'. iiiinibi-r nf !u^- nf lobelia If. are iiibiiig i grown I are pi-njdi the riplniilK -tion nf Ihilibs" iiiii!'-iinn- iu futuri." Dcacnn iJiilibs \v:\l his .ap;i. a! C;irlyl;e. h-iiuested "i).-.icoii the lii-ar make .^n^v.e pi .ipie make their money i-'M a linig~viiv. wlijle othf-rs in.vrr li-i it ;:<! at all. ^ ' r tile an- 1 hal­ oid a 11 lor NNHCM A FELUtQ FA»MT^ 1^ SMOOLO R IM(!T OO T Fipef AM' R^MCr WJKAENJ i -ie. CQKAeS 'K) —Th \AT I^- voo SHOO LOKircjer P AID FOF? BEtKl' UVJCOMSCIOOS : I HE" O U «E T STlC K A PiM IW MlM , I CM ^E.^ A Man of Rare I Professional Atfanunent I Tho orlglnaton of Dr.; ilMerce's i Golden M< dUal T>5si:o^-eryj Kvas tho \ 1 late nay V. Pierce. .M.D. [At first Ihe practised medicine In AVesterii ' I'^niisylviinla and his unu.sual libit- < I Ity and success Were sooil recoK- I nized there, ihcn li.' move I to Buffalo, .N'. v., and establl .-Iied tho I World's r >i .speiis ;iry where Ills fam- , oUM home remediea have cVer slnco • hecn._ma<l". j Hach siiecoeding year l.ho palO I of I>r. I'li'li i-'s Gulden Mrtljcal 1)13- 1 ; covery has been greatly Iti-reased. Kvidi-ntly people iippreolilu tho fact that It increases tho j.ippetito, . stimulates tho digestion, il elpa to enrich the blood, clears Itfce skin of eruptions and blemishes, an<H makes both men and wonipn feel as they Aid when llie>' were: young. . II contains no harmful ingredient. Ask your nearest druifegjist for Doctor Pierce's Golden ^^|e|dical .Di!7Covery, in tablet or liquid form, or send 10 cents for a trial paclc- rffee of tablets to Dr. Pierce'a Clinic, in Buffalo, X.Y. That Come At Night A coughing child heeds tha >eooth- sng ri|Iief of Chamt>erlain's Cough hcmedy. For 5^ years. Mothers havo relied upon it. help yuur^hild to-night. Ask your dniggist. j Mothers—write for free booklet on vCaro of the Sick." Chamberhiia ilcdicino Co., 605 Park. Dea Moinea. Contains no alcohol . or narcotics •4 Radio Sets That Entnmce A liirri of till- tliiil—;ii!(!;a \()ic(' or niii'-it: from .i (ii.slant l)6ini: Yoti cnlhralici—;iml marvel at the faithful n^prothiflioii. R.M)I()I,.A will ylvif yn (hat .sflwtt'd re;^ wptioiiijit i )n\f.>< that make it a lu 'ic ^.sily in every homel Sinipli' .sct.s fror>i two tiiliu alfairs to multiiilc-liibe ttut- fit.s arti bflV'red on ca.^y iiaynictit ])lans. j A (Icnion.stndion of (he R.\1»I()L.A will • convinct.' you that a.ll Wf i-Iaiiir for it i,-< ti.ii.-. 'I'liat is \vli.\--1lii- R.\DI- f^LA will l)c .sft'ii ill !hf .^l(lll<•l Ilom'i': (all for a dem- nii.straiion. ., ROSS ARBUCKLE Garage and Radio Store 222 .South SI reel Phone .56 * 1 er Interest —i.^ tin; "end of liic rainliow" "t iial fVi -ry ImrroUcr \a, looking for. - And We li;ivi' it. If \ oii 'iiirntTl iinli.n,!. u.-. follow IJHi followiiij.'; ('.xjiriiiiii- of ;i S'I.IKIO ln.-ni 111. idi- for ."i yf ;ir.^: I • ' . Moiit !il.\- p .-tynifiit Imlli tiriiicip .il .-111 (1 Int. 20.80 I'aiti for •"> year.- or Cd) niont 'ii.^ _ ^ , .G0_ '. . ^1 Total a'lioiiid paid in hy iKiirowi -r i .o |i:iy loan !^'I.'.dlH.OO Hut the face of llie loan w;t.-. . ..Ij; 1.000.00 .So tht? paid for .^I.OoO forf) year.s wa.s ^ 218.00 •Or IW 1 vear . _ L 49.60- Which meaii.-^ tllial your l -ian' v,ilh 11.-; for ipl.OOO for 5 year.s ha.s you I.IM ; pf-r coiii on^ the entire amount for the entire time. Where can you do lud.tttr th:iii'T.ftG per i.-eiit'/ See u.-; if you w;in( to rul .-ince a new_ Iiiiilding or re- (inance the loan r^n an old oj|e. '. , ©[yios.©i^]© mm mm 0 . 'A ^1 The automatic pencil sharpenei* is a con. venience now found in every modern : office anri in thousands of lip-to-date • private homes. ' With the Chica.tjo Shai'pener selh'ng' at only a doHar—ho one need deny himself the pleasiire^ and satisfaction of this modern convenience. Phone 18 and we will deliver one to your store or home, . '\ • o\-^FICE SUPPLY DEPARTMENT iTHE lOLA DAILY REGISTER "Erinjthinij ftn; the Modern Office' . ^,

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