The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa on June 18, 1892 · Page 2
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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 2

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 18, 1892
Page 2
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T GOODS NOW OPEN ^Q¥L IN©P > EG / MO] s 5 ! Bale begins Monday, June 20, and continues for Six Days, closing Saturday evening, June 25. Cost does not figure. EVERY yard of these goods must go during this sale. We will divide in Three Lots, giving you a choioe of the Popular and Leading Lines of WOOL DRESS GOODS for spring and summer wear. LOT ONE. Lot One will oouaiat of our entire line of 86 oeni Chevrons- Colors: Blaok, Biwn, Navy Blue and Light Q-ray. 36 in. wide. Regular pi'ioe 36c per yd. Our entire line of 40 cent Henriettas. Colors: Wine, plum, gray, brown, light green, cardinal, dark green and blaok. 36 in. wide. Rogular price 40c per yd. These two lines will be sold at th« unheard of prioe of 24 cents per yd. FOR CASH. LOT TWO. Lot Two gives you a greater variety to select from, including the moat fashionable weaves of this season. Our 66 cent line of Bedford Cord. Colors: Brown, navy blue and cardinal. 88 inches wide. Regular prioe 66 cents per yd. Line of All Wool Chevrons. Regular price from 65 to 76 ots. per yard- In blue brown and blaok mixtures. 38 in. wide. These are handsome goods- That Stylish line of Snow Flake Suitings, all wool, in ohecks and mixtures. 88 inches wide. Regular prioe 70 cents per yd. We are going to put this entire Lot (Lot 2) in at 474 CTS. PER YD. FOR CASH. This is the G-reatest Bargain ever known in Dress G-oods. You could not to-day buy them of the manufacturer by th« oase for that prioe. * LOT THREE. Lot Three will include all that is left of our Bod- fords. Blaok and colors- 42 to 46 inohes wide. Regular prioe 1.00 por yd. Our 90 cent line of Bedfords. Light shades only. These two lines are the best Bedford Cord that has been sold in Postville this season. All put in at the one price of 764 CTS. FOR CASH. You cannot tray any of these Dress Goods for less than the regular prioe, which we haye given you. till Monday morning, June 20th. And then if you can appx*«oiate a Bargain yon will have it for SIX DAYS. We will add our Spring Jackets. Our 500 gray cut to 3.50 " 5.00 tan " " 3 .50 " 6.00 " " " 4.50 " 8.00 " " " 6.00 " 3.50 black " " 2.75 " 5.00 " " " p. 7 r " 6.00 ' 4.50 All New no Old Stock. The right style, best fitting. Lowest Prices. If you want a Jacket com* quick, ag. we have only a few._ »• E^If you contemplate buying Shoee soon hold off and watch this spaoe next week. Do Not Be Deceived, We Are HERE TO STAY! KEEP TOUR E7E ON Strictly One Prioe to All, No Deviation. JNO. CROSBY. Ttn Pestvillt Weekly Rwiew. POSTVUJUE, SAT 'DAY, JUNE X8. W. X. BVRDICK, Editor. XnUrtil ui the pottofficc at i'osluillc ui Htonti-clu.s .1 matter. National Ticket. For I'romdoiit, BKNJAMIN HAKRISON. of Indiana. Kor Yioo-i 'rflHi 'lent, WHITKLAW RIUD, of N»w York. HAJ&RISOK AND REED. 'J'liifl is tno ticket that we placu at the •mast uuud to-day, ami it it the iiigu by wliioli wo conquor noxt Novoinlmr, no matter who is placed in opposition to it next week at (Juiuiigo. Thu only regret \vu (okl ut tlio result in that any tight YVM . Tho opposition was iuejt- uusalilo and outirely without wativnt. Mr. Harrisou win clearly emitted to tUe nomination by acclamation *ud had it uot been for rho work of three tuen tliuro would have beeu no orgau- izad opposition, lint the outcome was right, nnd in fact was the ouly tiling that could have been dono to have made success ,cort*.iu. Blaiuo never could have beeu elected uadoi tho existing <;irc;.^UBt»,nces. MfKiuluy might liar* boou, but it would liavo caused a hard tight aud thru tho tion would have contained eluiuonts of uucortaiuty. Now there is practically no qitostion M to the reeult. Mo ruau will seriously, dauy but Harrison liiui- solf is stronger thau he wan four yours age, n«d certainly the republicau position of protcotton and reciprocity is iutiuHeJy stronger. Tho platform and the candidate* are invincible, aud uo man or palt/ eau stand against thcui. Of course iu order to wake a oloau sweep of the presidential and congressional ticket* it will be Mcessjtry to do hard, united aud persistent work, but lb,is will be doue- Much slso depends on the eongrecsiopal nomination*, aud these wjM.t lo looked after carofuJly >r»»l| Hie district*. No personal favor, iiei should be thought of this year, aud only » wen should be nonjinaM its wjJI poll lb* largest vote mi Strengthen t)j# ticket w.tire, '^"bis l\m we »r« geipg Ju to win uot wJy Uio presidency %m cQ«gres» as >y»Jl» and we can do jl with judicious nominations »ud earnest w »rJf- lUmMt Hoy lUrrbm »udRei4 a«4 Mx» !*»* rii#trtct republican noia.i- WIXL IT BE THE OLD TICKET. That the ilemoernay of the country has and iloen dusire thu nomination of (JloToIuml tin-in onu bo no doubt, notwithstanding the Mj)lil. in New i'urk. Hud either lilitino or McKiuloy reccivud tho notuinnti< it ut Minunnpolis tlierc would have been no tpiOH'.iou but the democratic parly of the nation raiuld have IMUIC HUCII a dumnnil for (Jleve- In,nd tltal Sin would iiavo reccivud tile noiuiuution, ovuu aj^aiiiHl the piolttst of liis own slutc. But tlie nomiuntiou of Haii'ibon places tlic mattoi in a dilVur- unt lifj'il- >'our years ago Harrison bunt hint in his own statu by mote than 14,000 plurality, and thou Cleveland wax in, aud had the power of the administration behind him, HP well AH the army of olVicuhoideis. Now he is out and Hiuriaon Ima this advantage. JT\VA\ tliiili t\f;Hiii, tlio Hill forces arc hotter orgauizud aud arc moro determined tliau ever before. Under all these oiruumslaucea it would scuui idle for tho dumimritln to hopo to curry New Xork with (Jlerc- laud. If wise councils should prevail ut Chicago lie will not be uomiuatod, aud yet it will br like surrenduring the liwt friend to the inevitable to lay him on the shelf. The democrats all hoped for the nomination of Blaiue at Minneapolis, aud there is uot a well informed republicau iu the country but hopes for the nomination of Cleveland ut Chicago, because thoy know, in the vory uaturo of things that ho cannot be elected. There is very little hope that auy democrat can be oloctad this year, but Cloyolaua certaiuly cannot be. Aud vol there i<< such a clamor lor him that it looks as if the convention would be fuampeded for him. A little time will now decide it. ADDITIONAL LOCAL. —Miss Gertie Wheeler's mother came up from Monona last night. - -The PuHtville Silver C-jruot Baud, at Ossiau, one day only, Monday, Julv 4th, 18»S. -Mrs. llottys arrived from Chicago yesterday to spend her regular summer vacation. - Lightning struck a skuuk this morning. "A rese by any other nnmo would hurc Hiuellod as sweet." —A little girl, 7 yours old, was drownod iu Otter Crook ut West Union on Wodnuaday, so NV. W. Shroyer informs us. C. W. & St. P. Excursions. h'or the Upper Mississippi TunifeJti to be hold ut l)ilbiii|Ufl, excursion ticket* Will bo aold at a rate of one aud one third fare for the round trip. .Sell July 15 -Hi. goud laturuing until July 20. Kor the National Convention I'rolii- lii'.iou 1'uil.v, which meets ut Ciuciu- iiali, O., ilunu 'J'.tth to July Lit, tiukuts will be sold at a rate uf one lowest, limited fare. bell June L'/tli aud '.'titli, goud loiurniiig until July (ith I'm the "nd Annual Convention Uu)>- tist Young l'ooplo's Liuion uf America, which meets ut Detroit, Mich., July U 17. tickets will be sold at a rate of one lowest, limited lirst-elasa fare. J. A.HAVIRLAKD, "Veterinary S"u.rg -eoxi., I'osrrii.i.t:, unv.v. Olliee lirst door Enst of the Cowuiev- ciu! Huusr, ttrnon bt., 1'oHtvillc, Iowa. A line sot of surgical instruments. All tieceSHury mediciuus kept on hand Thirleou yearn sucuussful practice Calls promptly answered f'RED A couple of stalks of ryo six feet and ten inohes high were loft here yesterday by John VYuI/.ol, grown on Henry hoosoh's farm. —THE Hood aud lire iu the oil regiops of Pennsylvauui, Oil City and Titus- uille, are something terrible to contemplate. At the latter oily 05 bodies have buen recovered uud at the former 0-1, aud a number still misetug. —THE Mason City tta/.elte has beou enlarged to the mammoth propoitions of an eight uolumu quarto, and is as full of good things as au egg is of meat. Such outerpriso is uot ouly oommeud- able bet should meet with merited success. ffurmtm >w» Ihv kyig-Mrfo mU will prmM a #y ,9j*n4'« »Qin}n »aon on lb« #AXt Mfob »# l» w)IJ bnyn m«r« ihm a JHejority, #n4 ikm }«* po^iibi.lii-y «>»»• kit w#y»y#» bw »tit »-»mmry 1*9 Mr4», limgk M» » »ot probabjs, I* ftow »t IM» fm M»w i» #.c»irc«J/ j» pto)»»WIUy «f bl» *» HM >'# to mrry tlm tblWHttvn, *l .tf )ougb h in praeKmi ««)»W« to mmlrttUi Mm, s»4 the )imi»rt wfeH fe»ow % U8w York m» mt li^)*.^;) w .)tM4 be different, Ufit 1)9 tibmMVM f-m Us e|*ote4 witbtut New nhmtl who «»»fi»»'ry \H%nim lim-i* iW ?n, Bv #n f)W Mm would yta»d » bfimekwm, l)» ii iwt known »# » i .4f)4l4 »to on(#|de of'|ow», mi- bis sk»nm m mi worUi mmUmlng, 1% iwf mr/ other ftammM muhl m> tjHsw Kork »smn»i lUvilwn bnimy* fe»4/ eenW poms mum to ii Mn mmMt W» nMMr ii^m (o m Mmmn[mi$i iw4 Hi» (wHMfc oitmv yiwisjEfft mnMttfo Tlw will ft Hit IARI» M Mns, eiily iuer# Is it not a little singular although it is uow nonrly thirty years siuee tho war, almost a geueratiou, the demo crats dare uot yet uomiuato a southeru man for either presideutor vice-presl deutP They talk tearfully about the "bloody shirt," "force bill," otc. because if is supposed that these tuiuge arc r,ot iu the interest of their seutkeru brethrou, who are always "solid" for democraoy, but wjion if comes to nominating a presidential ticket uo democrat south of Mason & Dixon's liue is thought of, aud still these stales, with throe 4 or four north of that Hue wust eleet the ticket, if it is elecUd. Wbat does this wean if it is not that the democrats the»*e)ve» feel and know that their party is se surely a southeru sectional partr that no northern state can be 4cpenc'#d npon to vote the ticket if » southern man's nauie appears on jt. If it were true that the democratic party is not essentially a southeru party it is rank injustice to the southern section never to fi*» H tbt ptnuUmij, Why »ot »«?,o»4 the motion oi Col. W»tter<9» »si4 »omln»t» John Q, C*r- l)M W»tch th» #ony»»tiQ» at Chi' »»*t we«S a»4 see ff this Is don*. last of Letters remaining uuoalled for in the postoftice at I-ostyille, loww, June 11. 1892. Parties calliug for auy of thew will please say "Advertised:" Chas. Adams, A. VV. Uuerusi'y, Juo. I). Lawsoc, David £. Pelesou. POSTJJ^S :—J»hu I rorltck. JAS. PJCKKV, I'. M. 11*. goud returning —We have only space to say of the great storms of VVeduesday afternoou uud eight that they were the heaviest aud most destructive of the season iu this secliou, causing much damage to crops, gr^ss. fences, bridges, etc Trains on both roads wero demoralized yesterday, though the Milwaukee got one train through each way, some ten hours late. The Burlington got a trniu through last uight. Whou will tho windows of heaveu be closedP Sol! July l-> and until July Wth. Tor the National Kncaiupmuut mid the National Competitive lu-ill to be hold at Oinuuu, June tilth to alUli. will soli tiukiils June lltli and I '.'tli. making roturu coupons good until June l"Jd. at fare one way for the round trip. Stations within S.00 miles of Omaha, will, in addition to above, sell June liitli to lluh, inclusive, makiug return coupons gootl until June "Ut ivt faro and a third for the round trip. To the Democratic National Couveu- lion, at Chicago, beginning Juno Sis', tickets will be sold for one tare for the round trip from stations withiu 200 miles of Chicago, on June 17Lit, 20lh, Slst, gaud and 28rd, making return coupons good until June '27tk. All other stations outside of 200 mile limit will sell Juno 17th to JJlal inclusive, making return coupons good until July Ctb. From April 25lh tickets will be sold via Detroit, Grand Haven & Milwaukee stoamer. Steamer* leave Mihvaukoo daily at b:80 p. w. 1'or rales sec Milwaukee joint rale sheet. M. K. TAUiWTT, Agt. F.J. BECKER, M.D.. X3TO l^LEIOI'uSuTaEJCia Nuw 1-urniuirc ALE! C.^^-^^-'lj.Cj'^^'tj'^-^C<- f uu- 1 u- Are you g:oing to buy a New Carpet this spring? Now is your opportunity to see a choioe selection of ALL WOOL INGRAINS. CHUKCH DlEItTCRT. CON 0 KKG ATIOK aVL. - -He v K. 1.. Hurim., toi. 1 'Vtttvul.iiir. t>vovy Humitiy ut;.\f.;u» »\ K mill 7 I'M. huhljutlt hfhm>' iir.muthiLtui j- uttor u.nrnitit! Hurvu:ii. 1. 1'. K. C'. E. IHUKU uvorj tiunduy uvuninf; ut I : {J. 3'ruyui AU m- ui(; W uUiiniiUuv u% uiniii;i;. MtTIKiMS'T.— Kt-. . E. J. I.uci.iviiml, fuii-fi J'rnuL'htiij: HorviiuMi o\ tirv iiundt'. > ut li- '.'M- 1. jW. t.Jitl 7 Jim J'- M. Hahliutli hriM',.! uLnty lift or lunrnuic liorvicii. 'I 'Jir i;pTM>rtL Idiufiu* ovov: Humiity «vonin;: u'. c w i MLI . i J'vnvov uiunttni; yvory Wuttimmlwy •vuutnc i.\ • 7 ;D0 tt'uluuk. Tot; uvt- mtrnuiiLU invlLt-tl. -r-PHOTOG-HAPHER.-:- And Dealer iu Picture I'I-UHIBI-. Postville - lev- BODY BRUSSELS. The Old Reliable Meat Market,' JOHN B. EAET, Proprietor. Opposite - Poatvllle - Stute - Bank- None but the bey! meats ]>urchMHcd. "'APESTRY BRUSSELS, J£v<irything iu tirst-ciiial Mhnpe. Cour toons truutmout to all. .Prices ul\va\s the lowest. ALL KEADY. TH» Qflly rtgr»% w» h»v» J» «w»«c tio» with th» politics) situation it the 4o>yufa)l of Blslne, It fs too bad that *0 gretta map sl»ou)4 have allowed himself to bt dup »4 by such a clamor, »n4 to hurt felten into H»» »«t Ml lor him, But all great m»l) b»r» some weakuMs »o4 Ml»in#'» */eak tf»i was finally tewslurf ftii4 b* tell from tho pinnacle upon which b» h»4 st«w4 f#r tweuly years, wv$r to riso »g»fn, Tin* Wl'lnry will «er|f inly not W» hi* Ilk* i» Hit ll»»t on* 4o*«, But it »»em» to be i\w s4i «t ut (st# llmt no p»»eml»«nUy gr #at w»» ourt «?«v o§s»i>j tbt prsnl- 4ii»llftl nl)»i»'> ei»y, Webster, »»¥f»ri, Q\mt, fammt, Doogtasi, Coukii»g, Hl»iu», oil wore grwt mm but »ll emi tnovt at th» mWtion tf tMr lly#i, 'i'bli would b»v» beso «o,<JU p»i'*iS9iH»nt to Blilnt h»4 lis m»in in\mi tin tllf n\iy et liii pesUJon »oA (oi'bl(i()«n Ht»ltn«l uieelblin »m« iu tiif \*b wnT»»Kei, M bt oft'tftiuly d9«liy,»(l», Hto 1 Milott MUM tfo\mt two Wnfo M\»Mt> HiM b9 luoHivi Illftt.liO bM -W© have received a kiud letter aud a wpj of the JJrowu's Valley Foot Prints from our valued frieud, M. F. McCaherau- He says crop* ot all kiuds are looking fine, corn, what little there U, being ready to plow. Emigration is pouring in at a rapid rale aud every, thing i» hoowing. The new bank wjth which he i« cor,neeted I* doing a mee buiiness and on the whole be U well plewed with the town, the country aud tb* prospects. AD ot which will be gratify)og to nil man/ friend* here. 0, M > 6 ft, V, Bxcurelon*. For the convection of Young People's Society of Christian Endeavor, to be held in New York, July 7th to Ivtb Ticket* to Chlcage one far* for round trip, mided to round trip fare horn Chicago to New York, which if 110.00 or 118.00, owing to route taken. Ticket* «ohi »'uly 4tlt to 6th lucluslve. Yor tb» Nutiouul Oonrnntlon of Educational Association, to b» h«14 at Str- atogn Spring*, N. Y., lalj XHb to 16th, one f»i» for round trip, plu* 12,00, Sold July <U» to 10th i»olu»lve, good to return July I6tli to 90tb Inalwlve, Kxtoniioni granted to not l»t«r than B»pt, Jit. Fur tlis Trleuoiftl Cyuclav* KnfgbU T«ropl»r, to be Ii*l4 at D*uver, Colo,, in Aiigtl»t, out full fare for round trip, TlekeU m*j b» l»u«d going via on* line *nrt ratiirnlng flu uptbtr. Sold Aug, ^rdi to 7th Inoluilv*, with ADRI return limit null! 0«t, lltb, Foi' July 4th axaurilon MUIMUI will be #old July 9nd, Qi'4 »nd 4th, b*tw««u nil »1»11PB*, MAalng. going OPUpOM fOO 'J only on dot* of title* returning coupon* goof) mill eftilr Wlb «V im »nd third for ri>wt4 trip. HV8 .'P»W0i»i«A|»i»t.' •UNION & COTTON CHAN. Prices Low if yoti buy. It -will cost you nothing: to see them. Also remember that I carry the Largest Line of Lace Ciirtainis, and Winclo-w Shades and Pix- fures in the city. Yotirs Respectfully, Office ftiui refcUUncc over Cluis* DR MABRY, Office and residence over Water* & Nicolay'* Hardware Store. Call* will receive prompt attention day aud uight. DR.J S.GREEN, Office aud itesideucc Routhwett par of towu. All eall* promptly attended DANIEL A. /BEALD, Xvl©rclxaaat Tailor, Postville, Iowa. All workfwarrauted lo give *»tl»fac- tion. A full line of the latest style* in sample*. Wm. SHEPHERD, ATTORNEY AT LAW, tnturtnc* Agouiaud CollKtor, Autl»oirl /.«<J to pracUu* in nil OJ » court* olth* •(•t*. Offi«« oil, M»»'» tu>t», brick block. POSTVILLE - * IOWA. Postville Dray Line P. J. BEUCHER. Prop. Having purchased the orlglua. Po*t- vllle Prity Line I nm prepared to do all kind* of dr»ylng promptly, carefully and «ull«f(tutorlly, (Jooil teuiu*, good dray* and enrefnl driver* always at Hie service of the public, at fair price*. All kinp* of light or heavy hauling. In town oroouutry promptly done, L.STROBBfflL&SON, ~ wmtuwtom or — Postville Boot and Shoe Store; Ut *HM*T80N« * BOtffMt'* 01.U H'*KU.) H»ve A full line of 0ool*v Slioe*, Slip- pel*, Biibber* ujid everylbliig kept In a No. I guu«t'»l »oe store. U'hat expluins the condition ui tiiif concern to a dot. Our store is lull of seusouablc goods, and we ate full of energy and honest inteutiona. We therefore feel wurraui- ed iu nnnouueing ourselves all ready tor Intsinens, uud ruspcjtfuliy invite the *ltuntiou of thu public for a few luounouts while wu endcuvor to show that this auuounuejri ut is of vital importance to you all. Wu HIT . expvnd- 'ng our bent etlbrtn to conduct n successful business, aud arc sharp enough to see we can do so ouly by gratifyiug the WHiits of our patrons. U'hat is what we nro here for. aud that is just what we propose lo do. If you want to be j edifiud. gratified aud almost slupeiied by big bargains asd kiud treal.uieut, come right along, and we will till you so full of contentment aud brotherly love that you will want to give every man you moot a quarter. uuit AIM is To sell ouly first-clas* goods. To sell theua as low as we possibly cau. To s «ll oalv such good* as we c«u recommend. To please all who favor us with their patronage To represent our good* only ut we believe the 10 to be. To treat everybody honestly aud fairly a* we would ourselves be treated. That sound* good. lias the right kiud of a Hug, doe* it not? aud now please bear iu uiiud we pravtlce just exactly what we preach. You need not take our word for it, hut come in at aay time and see for yourselves. Aud uow a word Iu regard to our stack. Wo, of course, think It i* nice. We know we have made an honest effort to seuure^lbe very b#*t articles lu our lino to U found In the market, aud know no one can buy closer than w« have. The good* are her* in our store, we have marked the goods M low a* we possibly can. tlio result uiu«t depeed upon our actions, and wo do not worry over the issue. We only ask the people to examino our good*, leatn oar prloM, and follow their own conviction*. Thanking our old frleed* for the cordial support we have received at their Irnnd* in the past, and promlilng our b«?t effort* to merit a »li*r* of your future patronage, we remain Very truly your*, WM . KLUSS, POWIIXB, IOWA, Manufauturer and dealor In all kind* of harness, and all other goods belong. Ing lo tli* trad*. A full and *owpl*te itook »lw»y* on band* V, 8. W* Imvo tome Wlatev Good* yet aud *re aoxlouf to bar*, them all " wlll.ell.tb.bnlw* at si WALTER CHRISS, TIE POSTVILLE ©. F. CLINTON. A complete and fall stock of Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Sash, Doers, Blinds, Mouldings and Building Paper, yellow pine Flooring and Ceiling oak, ash and maple Flooring. All parties intending to do any building the coming season'will consult their own interest by obtaining figures from me. Particular attention to filling bills Best of grades only handled. POSTVILLE LODGES KOELE LirD^E Ki> 61. J. /'. H\ Thr l.nvul Am-icnt Order <.f l'i '«.: Workini'ii miti'li thr .- IIKHII.II kin! inunh Suturdiiv 'M'liings in carh m: ! h. in the Miidoiii'.' Hall over the ilrici- ! "ng i .i -f. J. W. Mii; . iV. \V. W.H . Sinf.ftiiu:l>. ItfcoMicr. EROl'HERLY.XOX'E LCI tr. -V(/. I'fW. .'I. /. J- ..•(. J.'. Ifiignliir inert nips on TncHdny nit- ing mi or before the full uf the UIUOD. All liri'tiireu in good standing lire rc.i- tl"ui 11v invited to nlteiid. K. I). H'lii.KK. W. N. WM. NOTT , Sen'v. J. SHEPHERD M.D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, Otllut ut rouidouuc on Oiosa utreet, ebuLinct liuutu lilliit vi lioy & McKvll'a Hardwu .;i>. Graaite Cemetery Work, Iron Fence*, Ourbing &c. Those iutcudiug to purchiise Monu- Utteutal work for future delivery will fiDd it to their advantage, t ifxauiiue M. V. Kidder's tSrunite Work iu Ceuieic- ries, as he is do'iug ilrst-class work ut m low pnoes as can be procured in lh« country. If he hue not culled upon you drop him » curd Ht Deborah and he will be pleused to risit you with Design* uud samples of all kinds of Ursulti'. nl the lowest possible prices. M. V. KIDDER, 34m6 Decorah, Iowa. RAILROAD TIMX-TAEX ES fm.. W TOKSORIAL PARLORS KKAK 'lilt I'OSTOFrit i;. All work clone in the hie,hot,! slrlf ef the art. Sulihfiiotiou jiiiun nieei!. J. T. PAI:KI:I :, I'rcp. $1,000.00 REWARD JAPANESE 1 te .#s «si &asT59r *j!«» On iirid »lte: Sundny, 2C. . truins on thin C. M. <t St. ! lt»i( Postville as follows. : C.OJJCG EAtiT. i l'lissmgn's. No. 2 No. 4 [ni^lit) . J'l'ui^'lits. No. 10 Chicago Stock . No. 6 War No. 12Miiwaukoe Stock IJOING WEST. PsBfieDgerf. No. 1 night 15.30 n No. 3 .I0;2o* Freights. No. 7 Way Freight U;(**.» No. 9 Time Freight 6:U )>. t* No. li Time Freight... ,8;U f. Wi All Freight trains ruouliotied, «vo»|<\ ! No. 12, curry pnsseDg*r* when jjwvMetl .> with proper transportation. No. <l ' hslween A Cuarmnlecd Cure for Piles of whatever kind or d#eiee—External, Internal, lillud ur lllt'eiliny. lIcliluK, Chronjc^ Heceut or Hereditary, Thu Remedy has positively iiever beeu knovvu to fall. Si.u. a box, 6 Loses for 15 .00; eeut t.y uiail prepaid on roceirit of price, lively - : — •- — A written Guarantee post. { given 10 each purchaser of 6 boxes, when tased at one time, to refund tho S5 .00 paid if notcuicd. Guarantee issued by R. N. I>OUGf-ASS, D««COI»T. Sole Ajenl, Postville, Iowa. R. N. DOUGLASS, Pact. J. V. SMITH, JAS. McEWBN, CASHIKH. V, P. CITIZENS STA.TE BANK/ POSTVILLE, IOWA, PAID UP CAPITAL, $25,000, Do a General Banking Bu«ine*». liny and sell Fordgn find DQTOMIIU GK« change, Acconnl* of Fitrmor*. ohmits ttnd oth«i»'reoelved and nat;o-' fully proteol«d. ' , ^ N. MoOrogor and Musivn ((''Hy M. 15. TALCOTT, B. C. R.&N.R.R, LEAVING AND ARRlVINt TIME OF mm Q^twl fttr my Ii^Im that % DAVIS Vwiloit W ing Machine, DECORAH DIVISION, TiiiieTaUo in effcot M*y ${\ Passenger going North.,, At», J* M i jsu^ . w .— " " South, 9i 0 (V >< 1 J*** V*VAW .««» t «iM«« toi Freight, North, ,,, "tiift, R M W »Xt» VoV tm • " South.' " MSTJI ****** %kM VertteeJ J. K. Pirn Afi«?\ ^ww* MHIT ON EARTH. BTAHOOTIKY. Don't forget, whan you want pltviu or t»«*>y Btfttlouery.thttt the Review oftioe l» tb* p.»w ,tQg J etitohe*p.' i w& uxms item**

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