Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on December 6, 1963 · Page 4
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 4

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, December 6, 1963
Page 4
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THE REGISTER-NEWS — MT. VERNON, ILLINOIS FRIDAY, DECEMBER $ f 1963 MT. VERNON REGISTER-NEWS 118 North Ninth Street, Mt. Vernon, Illinois (DAIIY EXCEPT SUNDAY) MT. VERNON NEWS ESTABLISHED 1871 MT. VERNON REGISTER ESTABLISHED 1882 CONSOLIDATED SEPTEMBER 28, 1920 EDWIN RACKAWAY Editor WM. C RACKAWAY - -. Bujinen Manager ORIAN METCAIF News Editor JOHN RACKAWAY Sporti Editor GUY HENRY —• City Editor ROBERT K. THOMPSON Advertising Manager IRENE PURCEIL — Society Editor JOHN M'cCLURE , ,„ ... , Circulation Manager MEMBER OF THE ASSOCIATED PRESS The Associated Press Is exclusively entitled to use for the publication of «ll news credited to It or not other­ wise credited in this paper and also the local news published therein. Second Class Postage paid at Mt. Vernon, Illinois ad' SUBSCRIPTION RATE Subscriptions must be paid In vance By Mail, Jefferson County and adjoining counties, one year $ 7.00 6 months $4.25; 3 months $2.75; 1 month t 1.00 By mail outside Jefferson and adjoining counties within 250 miles, one year, $10.00; 6 months $6.00; 3 months $4.00; per single month $1.50. Outside 250 miles, 1 year.... $11.00 6 months, $7.00; 3 months $4.50; one month $1.75. Delivered by carrier In dfy per week 30 A Thought For Today For everything; created by God Is pood, and nothing is to be rejected if it is received with thanksgiving.—I Timothy 4:4. o-o-o o-o-o o-o-o If a man doo< find the solution for world peace it will be the most revolutionary reversal of his record we have ever known. —George Catlett Marshall. Editorial Political Show Must Go On "|"HE POLITICAL MORATORIUM formally decreed by the parties is proper and wise for the mourning period major . set aside for John F. Kennedy. But it is not in the nature of politics that it ever be totally adjourned. It was by careful design that President Lyndon B. Johnson invited four key political figures to join his wife in the House gallery - the day he addressed Congress. Three of these are either commanding or prominent figures in important, populous northern states Johnson needs to win to gain election in 1964. They are Mayor Robert Wagner of New , -. York. Mayor Richard Daley of Chicago and former Gov. David ! ISuoSp^ome' limo" ^ Lawrence of Pennsylvania. j SAGITTARIUS (November 22 In their areas Johnson could not at the outset, if ever,' to December 21) Influential por- hope to match the voter appeal of Kennedy. But he is moving! sons . do not as 1 ' 00 with you on quickly, with such instinct, to cast out vital political lines for | ^ft'he ffy £ ^ j° HOROSCOPE BY CARROLL KKiHTKR GENERAL TENDENCIES: A day of minor annoyances when you can't seem lo get -matters ironed ouc that involve appan entertainment, traveling, changes, jewelry and other valuable and attractive articles. Keep plugging away at usual chores and await a more propitious day or evening before expanding in any way. SATURDAY: ARIES (March 21 to April 19) If co-workers arc not as fast or efficient as you, don't lose your tember. Be more helpful instead. Later, improve wardrobe and take health treatments needed. TAURUS (April 20 to May 20) It is best to forego social affairs today and also steer clear of controversial subjects. Try to get some of the bugs out of special work you are doing. Patience does it. GEMINI (May 21 to June 211 Many dull little duties requires that you focas attention on them, but you get rid of them with alacrity. Others test your thinking processes. Show that you are very sane and sensible. MOON CHILDREN (June 22 to July 211 Take care what you do or say today and tonight or you can easily arouse enmity in others. Be courteous with that wayward one. Harsh treatment onlv makes matters worse. LEO (JULY 22 to August 21) If you arc more economical now, you soon find that abundance increases greatly. Get advice from a wise banker if you need it. Have no doubts before you take anv vital steps. VIRGO (August 22 to September 22) Good day to sit down and analyze the distance you have covered toward your goals and what is best to do in the future. Get rid of false temptations now. Be wise. LIBRA (September 23 to October 22) Don't neglect to keep promises made to those who are not as lucky as you. Be courteous, thoughtful and avoid hard feelings. Do not strut or feci superior in any way. SCORPIO (October 2.", to November 21) Be understanding with acquaintances, since they are under pressure of some sort. Show thai you can be loyal. Be- Write-In Candidate Digest Of The News assess- Ouick Ouiz WASHINGTON' I . . , u TH,„,.„ . • i- .- saying whether they agree with There are strong indica tons (Sp]1 . Bany G oldwater - s that the FBI has completed its: ment tha( h „ bulky report on the assassina-i Ihe race for the 19f34 GOP presi-! May 4, 1871. with-1 dmtial nomination. j ' Q — How Q — Who was the first Negro to serve in the U.S. Senate? A — Hiram R. Revels of Mississippi. He took his seat. Febru holds the lead in i ary 23, 1870 and served until m- the months ahead He clearly does not intend to give anything away. Nor was it accident that the fourth gallery guest was Gov. Carl Sanders of Georgia. As a moderate on the race issue, he is a southern leader the President can make bond with without compromising his own moderate stance on the issue. Sanders later had an hour with Johnson at the White House, , and he brought along Georgia's Democratic state chairman. tSave ' nu ° S jf' Plainly they were not discussing the state's famed peach crop. | AQUARIUS* (Januarv 21 to Feb- Presumably the pattern here begun will be enlarged upon; ruary 19) Don't give in to temp- in succeeding weeks, and Johnson will talk quietlv with other 1 'mion to rake one over the coals • .t.tinru. finances are trouble. Be more subtle, flexible. Then you make progress in various directions. CAPRICORN (December 22 to January 20) It's all right to start that new venture, but don't think it will be all smooth sailing. Rv tion of President Kennedy out closing its wide-ranging vestigation. President Johnson outlines his foreign policy philosophy, says the United States must be strong, just, temperate and patient." Republican leaders are not People In The News TOKYO (AP)-Caroline and John F. Kennedy Jr. will receive Christmas gifts from 180 Japanese girls attending a knitting school in Wakayama. A cream - colored cardigan jacket and cap were sent to 6- year-old Caroline. John Jr., 3, gets a brown - cream - black sweater and cap. A letter addressed to Mrs. Jacqueline Kennedy, and enclosed in the package, said: "We wish our humble Christmas present will help console the hearts of your two little children." HOLLYWOOD (AP)-Despite their years in Hollywood, actresses Bette Davis and Susan Hayward never met. They were introduced Thursday at a news conference at Paramount Studios, where they'll star in a new Love Has Gone. movie, "Where LONDON (AP)—The Duke of Kent, cousin of Queen Elizabeth II, arrived from Hong Kong with the duchess for the usual royal celebration of Christmas. The duchess, like the queen, Princess Margaret and Princess Alexandra, expects a baby next year. All four royal families will spend Christmas at Sanlringham, the sueen's country home. The Kents have been in Hong Kong a year. He was serving with the Royal Scots Greys Regiment there. LONDON (AP)—The government has announced tiint Prime Minister Sir Alec Douglas- Home, and Canadian Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson will confer in Ottawa Feb. 10-12. Home is to visit Washington for talks son Feb. with 12-13. President John- (AP)of the United deputy WORLD NEWS BANGKOK, Thailand (AP)The Southeast Asia Treaty Organization (SEATO) said today Communist subversion originat- i ing from Communist North Viet 'j Nam and neutral Laos remains the biggest threat to the area. The defense alliance said in a year-end report Communist subversion is being aided by propaganda broadcasts from Red China and Hanoi, capital of North Viet Nam. Prospects long is a day on Thinking wisely saves many a friendship, also. IF YOUR CHILD IS BORN TODAY . . . . he( or she. will be satisfied with orderly and kindly living, a steady job and will give little time or importance to the great problems of the world, etc. So, be sure early to give the finest teaching in spiri- being open-minded you get your i tunl matters that can offset any Be successful in where top Democrats such as Gov. Richard Hughes of New Jersey, I You can alicnate a (f ecl j 0 „ concerned. quick- Gov. Karl Rolvaag of Minnesota. j i y . Be kind, understanding in- As for the Republicans, their surface activity has of course \ stead. Bring a little gift, too. halted, probably until after the Christmas holidays. But the minds of GOP leaders coast to coast will nevertheless be churning away on the big matter of which man to choose for 1954 presidential nominee. The surface quiet makes very practical sense. Political speeches are undecorous in the aftermath of great personal tragedy. In this instance, they might also have proved stunningly empty. For the Republicans have lost their established target, the late president, and cannot yet focus effectively on the new one. In a very real sense they have nothing to talk about. Naturally they will not have too many weeks to wait for ammunition. As soon as they see the President's budget and hear his specific 1964 proposals, they will be off to the races again. But even now, beneath the surface, the speculations on 1964 go forward. In this enforced hiatus, they will perhaps be more reflective than otherwise. At issue is the question whether front-running Sen. Barry PISCES (February 20 to March 20) An associate can advise you wrongly in some important business or public matter. Use own judgment and get better results. hard blows throughout the life, which can be a happy, care-free and sane one. A sweet personality here. ''The Stars impel, they do not compel." What you make of your life is largely up to YOU! Carroll Righter's Individual Forecast for your sic;n for January is now ready. For your copy send vour birthdatc and $1.00 to Carroll Righter Forecast, Mt. Vernon Register-News. Box 1921, Hollywood 28, California. for the civil rights j M] inri tax bills have not changed . ..... „ ..... , . • . much since President Johnson! ^_ — JuM ajimeJonger than ;nomic Commission for Asia and MANILA, the Philippines (AP)—A conference of 21 Asian nations called today for greater economic cooperation to speed development of their area. They agreed to set up technical committees to make studies aimed at trade liberalization, regional industrial projects, establishment of an Asian development bank, lower ocean shipping rates and coordination of air transport. In a unanimous resolution, the special conference of the Eco prompt ac- asked Congress for tion nine days ago. The labor department puts its finger on a sore spot in the nation's labor movement — union membership losses. A nation still mourning the death of its president pauses a day on carl h — 24 hours, 37 i Far minutes, 22.58 seconds Q—How does fuller's earth get its name? A — Originally this material, which resembles clay in appearance, was used to remove grease from cloth and wool. Saturday to remember another j It gets its name from this dav of infamy—the bombing of i process, which is called Pearl Harbor Dec. 7, 1941. 1 ing." "full- Today In Washington Today In History the WASHINGTON (APl-In .... .. „ , , ... nous from Washington: i > s thf \ sc( '°» d nava ' w*™ 1 t0T £e CHRISTMAS TREE: a 71-foot : named in honor of Ensign John red spruce cut from Turkey C England of Alhambra ; Calif Bone Mountain W. Va.. was. who> was ki led aboard the bat- placed in the park behind the tleship Oklahoma White House Thursday to be- The firs.England was a World come the nation's Christmas ' « ar I destroyer-escort which troc imade history in 1944 when it President Johnson will press a button to light the tree the night of Dec. 22 and will deliver his Christmas message to the nation. sank six Japanese in 12 days. submarines Goldwater has been so broadlv damaged bv the Democartic : and the remaining members were called the "Rump Parlia- changeover that he is now a diminishing prospect for the GOP nomination. The emergence of Johnson, the southern and conservative, is acknowledged to have hurt Goldvvater's chances of R southern sweep. No moratorium is likely to suspend discussion of this and related matters. We are too far launched into the political season. U.S. - JAPAN The United States and Japan are understood to be trying to arrange a new date for a cabinet-level eco, nomic discussion in Tokyo. By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Miss., counted 26 dead and 230: Secretary of State Dean Rusk Todav is Friday, Dec. 6. the injured in a tornado — one of j an d five other Cabinet members 340th dav of 1963. There are 25! f °i"' such storms that also ripped ilavs left in the Year. I ; " -, - - «ss Arkansas and Louisiana. Five .veal's ago — The Army fired its first lunar rocket to a point approximately 65.000 miles into space. One year ago — India closed its consulates in Communist China and ordered the Pe-: was postponed. king government to close its. . consulates in India. PEARL HARBOR DAY: Tie . Navy will mark the 22nd ann> The average woman needs j versary Saturday of the Japa- today's highlight in history: On tiiis date in 1613, Capt. Thomas Pride arrested or excluded all Presbyterian and Royalist members of the British House of Commons prior to the trial of King Charles I. The act is known as "Pride's Purge" were en route to Tokyo for a meeting scheduled for Nov. 2527 when word was flashed to their plane in midPacific that President Kennedy had been assassinated. The cabinet group i immediately turned back tot Washington and the conference; KREBIOZEN: Sen. Paul Douglas, D-Ill., has asked for a Senate investigation of the validity of two government agencies' reports that Krebiozen is ineffective as a anti-cancer drug. Douglas told the Senate Thursday that he had arranged for an independent study of the agencies conclusions. no eulogy Timely Quotes Theory is nice, but a man al- w<\s needs to have some luck in lif-\ 1 was lucky. —I>r. H.'lgo Ingstad. Norwegian arc.'u'oln'gist who discovered remains at a Norse village in New- iniM'.fH-in-i. first real proof that Vikings came to the New World. 1 hrliove we may be over the wa:c; s.-ic:! of danger with the S-iviet Union. If so. it is because tiif di-t'-nent has deterred. — Biiii-'i Prime Minister Sir Alec Douglas-Home. Your Manners The hostess who directs her guests in having fun transfers her nervousness to them. ment. On this date. In 1492, Christopher Columbus herself, discovered Haiti and named it Hispaniola. In 193S. Germany and France signed a non-aggression pact under which Germany pledged to pursue a peaceful, neighborly policv toward France. In 1955. the United States. Britain. France and Russia formally recognized the perpetual neu- litv of Austria. Ten vears ago — Vicksburg, she speaks for j nest attack on Pearl Harbor by commissioning a new guided * * missile frigate named for a Cal- Play it safe and don't let ifomia ensign who died in the your imagination run rampant battle. with your judgment. The 7,000-ton U.S.S. England In today's country traffic the question is not "Why did the chicken cross the road,"" but how? JPjrtHtmafi v Fight Tuberculosis and Other Respiratory Diseases Route 148 — 242-3738 Open 6:00 — Starts 7:00 | 2 Times Shown "HATARI"-7:00 "TAMIKO"-10:00 ENDS SUNDAY ofA//Ages... AHtoH0 £MUL#£WWMWOf BfrffivHMwr! mmm HATARI! THIS YEAR'S BIG 4q P 1 EXCITEMENT JP\» JKOTWN PICTURE! ^^iJ^ 2nd Big Feature moouciioN L aurence niance HARVEY •NUYEN MARTHA HYliR »HA1. , ^^•fc,. ( T WAU.1S ^BS^ CM* STURGES • t, EDWARD ANHALT • PANAVISI0N* » EXTRA COLOR CARTOON TECHNICOLOR®^-' Join Security's Christmas Club Today And ... PAVE THE WAY FOR A MERRY CHRISTMAS 1964 • HUMOR SHE CALLED YOU WHAT? ''Yes, she did," the third grader told his mother. "My teacher called me a scurvy elephant." The aroused parent called the teacher for an explanation. "Not exactly," said the teacher. "I said he was a disturbing element." East (ECAFEl expressed deep concern over difficulties encountered by most members in achieving a desirable minimum rate of growth. OTTAWA (AP)— Defense Minister Paul Hellyer told the House of Commons Thursday night the Canadian government will eventually save $52 million by trimming 2,079 men from one defense establishment. Hellyer said 1,123 regular will not be replaced when they retire, die or transfer; 3,316 civilian employes will be shifted to other departments or allowed to get other jobs, and 23,610 reserves will be removed from the rolls. GUATEMALA (AP)—The Guatemalan government announced Thursday night it has resumed full diplomatic relations with the Dominican Republic. The Dominican government called its ambassador home in April 1962, and Guatemala did likewise, after student demonstrators in the Dominican capital of Santo Domingo charged Guatemalan President Miguel Ydigoras Fuentes with repressive measures. Since then elected governments in both countries have been overthrown by military coups. MADRID (AH)—The United States delivered the first of seven HU16B antisubmarine war planes to the Spanish air force today. At the presentation ceremony, Spanish officials told U.S. Ambassador Robert Woodward and Air Force Maj. Gen. S. J. Donovan Spanish crews were ready to take over the planes. FREE GIFT TO ALL MEMBERS Security Has A Wonderful Gift For Everyone Who Joins Their 1964 Christmas Savings Club. FREE OZARK FLIGHT BAG *w ^v-*W »ifc Start saving now for next tChristmas with easy pay- i ments — as little as 25c weekly. GRANADA SPECIAL MATINEES 4 Performances Only Saturday and Sunday At 1:00 P.M. & 3:15 P.M. mm* THE Security Bank 119 N. 9th St. Mt. Vernon, III. The privy purse in English government is the amount set aside in the civil list for the private use of the sovereign. During the reign of Queen Victoria this sura was 60,000 pounds yearly. © Encyclopaedia Britonnlco SACRAMI3NTO. Calif. Earl Warren Jr., son chief justice of the States, was appointed director of the Oiile-Californla program of the Alliance for Progress by Gov. Kdmund G. Brown loriny. The post pays $18,100 a year. Warren, 30-year-old Sacramento attorney, campaigned for Brown, a Democrat, last year against Republican Richard M. Nixon. Warren's father is a former Republican governor of California. The Chile-California program involves technical cooperation between Chile and the state. NEW YORK (AP)-Tho new president of the worldwide New York Academy of Sciences is the Rev. J. Joseph Lynch, director of Fordham University's seismic observatory- He was chosen at the annual dinner of the 18,000-member society. NEW YORK (AP)-"I think it can be fairly said that never has a man, including my father, come to I lie presidency of the United Stales heller (rained and more experienced than Lyndon B. Johnson." The speaker Franklin D. Roosevelt Jr., son of the only man to be elected president four limes. Roosevelt, undersecretary oi commerce, praised Johnson in a speech at a ceremony marking the 601h anniversary of the Commerce Department. BERLIN (AP) — Baldur von Schirach, former Nazi youth leader serving 20 years for war crimes, has been taken from Spandau Prison to a hospital for treatment of a circulatory condition. An Allied spokesman said Schirach's condition was not serious but a blood clot in a leg could not be treated conveniently in prison. Schirach. .16, is due for release in 1968. In the Woods Answer to Previous Punle US! ACROSS 1 leaves 4 shoot 9 hunt 12 Exist 13 Forearm bones 6 List of quotations 7 Mr. Hunter 8 Mining lode 9 Congeal 10 Exit 14 Jamaican liquor " Christmas 15 Reproof 17 Greek letter 18 Approximately 19 Highlanders 21 Man of Turkestan 23 Clutch 24 Hishop's scat 23 Slow down fmmic) 27 Soak flax 28 Earlier 31 Wrapped tightly 33 Fireplace projection 36 Sun 37 Aries 40 Exhibit agitation 42 Dispatch boat 44 Bedim 45 Jewish priestly garment 47 Sick 48 Subdued utterance 52 Regret 53 txio ks for 54 Ariknra 55 Speck 56 Belief 57 Make a mistake DOWN 1 avis 2 Anteroom to Hades (Gr.) 3 Testify 4 Wholly 5 West German city 16 Bumpkins (slang) 20 Ventilate 22 shooting 23 Feminine appellation 33 Glutton 26 Japanese girdle 34 Egg dish box 29 From 30 Musical note 32 Uroppcd in globules 35 Snake 38 Off the boat 30 Abstracted person 41 Monopoly 43 Russian measure 44 watching 46 stalking 49 Born 50 Bear's-lair 51 Piece out 1 2 3 4 6 6 7- 8 9 10, 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 H • • 20 21 B 23 24 • » 26 • 21 2B 29 30 r 53" 34* 31 32 | 53" 34* 35 36 • 37 38 39 40 41 •2 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 50 57 NEWSPAPER ENTERPRISE ASSN. PHONE 248-3175 TODAY AND SATURDAY — JONES-MING BUTTONS-JONES S inPANAVISION'tiKlMETROCOLOl IHEAR -9 QREATBIB HITS/] TIMES TONIGHT AND SATURDAY - " "Ticklish Affair" at 8:05 — "Swingers" at 6:4O-0'8O " Opens ft—Starts STARTS SUNDAY - anything in the world likt •M** QMI too Mcopoii noMtnar I EMIT W0MEN 0FTHEW0RU) AND SOPHIA LOREN Tftthnicolor »Technirnma 70mm I NOTE ADULT ENTERTAINMENT Not Recommended For Children TIMES SUNDAY" "Madame" at 6s00-»!45 — "Women" at 8:00 Opens 5:80 — Starts

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