Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on September 6, 1972 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 6, 1972
Page 2
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Alton Evening telegraph Wednesday, Sept. 6, .1972 I VOWS for Israelis ltjr MARGAftET GENTRY (AP) - The 0.-S, government will do aM IftJtS power to protect Israelis traveling to America, President Nixon vowed as he «£pressed sorrow and outrage at tite death of 11 Israeli ttihtetes captured by Arab terrorists at the Olympics. Congressmen, candidates and administration officials Jtilfled Nixon in condemning ttle assault which ended Tuesday with the killing of nine Israelis held hostage in a burning helicopter. ' Two other Israeli athletes were shot dead when the Aab coin m a n d o s invaded the Israeli Olympic compound in Munich early Tuesday. .'.Democratic presidential candidate George McGovern appealed for new determination to "stop the killing .„ before we come to believe that violence is the only way of life." Speaking in Los Angeles, he said, "Once again the shame of violence has stained our times. It is a recurring nightmare which shadows our brief years together as human beings." The White House issued this statement shortly after Nixon returned to Washington late Tuesday: "The President has been watching these developments closely throughout the day. He was deeply saddened at the outcome of this tragic incident and offers his heartfelt sympathy to the families of the innocent victims." In San Francisco earlier, Nixon told newsmen he had telephoned Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir to offer "the total cooperation of the government of the United States." Asked by newsmen what steps the United States could take to -. protect Israeli citizens, ~<Nixon . responded, "Naturally, we cannot do anything with regard to what happens in other countries. That is their responsibility, primarily, except we can indicate our interest." He said he assured Mrs. Meir "that we would try to do everything we could with regard to groups of Israeli citizens traveling in the United States to see that where there is any information at all with regard to possible attempts of this sort, that adequate security measures are taken." SIU journalism boss nominated CARBONDALE, HI. (AP) Bryce W. Rucker, 51, has been nominated to replace Howard R. Long as director of the School of Journalism at Southern Illinois University-Carbondale. Rucker, who has been deputy director since 1970, is a native Missourian and foriper journalism professor at-tJje University of Missouri. long, 66, who gave up the director's post effective Sept. 1, said he is within two years of mandatory retirement age and "it's time for the young fellows to see what they can do." Rucker's appointment is contingent on approval by the SIU Board of Trustees. If you fail to receive your Telegraph by 5:80 p.m. phone 465-6641 before 6 p.m. and your copy will be delivered. Bi-State guilty of bias, federal agency contends The crowds are gone . Union Station in St. Louis was once a bustling passenger rail center but declining rail service lias turned it into a cavernous and lonesome facility where only a couple of tracks a day are used. The new Amtrak effort sponsored by the government might bring it back to life. But Aintrak officials are also studying the possibility of abandoning the huge terminal because of high rent. (AP Wire- photo) German decision to fire supported by Golda Meir against Arab cells operating By DAVID LANCASHIRE JERUSALEM (AP) — Israel warned today it would hold the countries that assist Arab guerrillas responsible for the Munich Olympic murders, and demanded that world governments expel Arab terrorists from their territories. A government statement said it vowed to fight the guerrillas "and will not excuse those who aid them from responsibility." Premier Golda Meir thanked the West German government for its efforts to free the Israeli hostages from their Arab captors. She voiced support for the German decision to use force against the terrorists. In the statement, issued after an emergency Cabinet meeting, Mrs. Meir expressed regret that the rescue operation had failed. The statement said Israel will demand foreign governments and political organizations take effective measures guerrilla abroad. Such measures should be taken with the aim of paralyzing their activities and uprooting their bases, it added. Israeli newspapers criticized West German security at the Olympic Games and demanded revenge from the Arab world. The nation reeled w'th shock over the killing of <i of the 29 members of Us Olympic team. Only hours earlier, Mrs. Meir had drunk a cognac toast and the Jewish state had rejoiced over premature reports from Bicyclist, 57, killed by car near Virden CARLINVILLE — A 57- year-old bicyclist was killed instantly Tuesday evening when the bicycle he was riding was struck by a car on Rte. 4 about a half-mile north of Virden in Macoupin County, police said. James Wilson of Thayer was carrying a flashlight but there was no light on the rear of the bicycle, police said. Driver of the car, John Ovington, 19, of Virden, was unable to see the bicycle because of the glare of headlights of approaching cars, police said. No charges were filed. Germany that, nine Israeli hostages had been rescued. Later came the terse official statement: "The government of Israel announces in profound sorrow that 11 members of the Israeli Olympic delegation have been murdered by Arab terrorists." Newscasters' voices ' cracked as they told the country of the massac-e. Radio Israel's usual g?.y breakfast music was replaced by the funeral march fiom Beethoven's Eroica Symphony. Even while Israel thought the hostages were Scife, newspapers called for reprisals. "War to the end against these murderous organizations, their member"., supporters and dispatchers, wherever they may be,'' urged the newspaper Davar. "As far as Israel is concerned this is an act of war, not only by members of the terrorist organizations, but also by those Arab countries whose open support for the murderous terrorists made possible this deed. "... If they do not now eliminate the terrorist bases within their borders. Israel will undertake the task," Davar said. Al Hamishmar blamed West Germany. "Responsibility falls on the German hosts of the Olympic Games who undertook full responsibility for the safety of Israeli sportsmen. They have failed ignominiously, and must account for their failure," it said. Hatzofeh said: "The surrender of the German gove-n- ment in the past to terrorist extortion has prepared the ground for terrorist activity on German territory." Yosef Burg, interior minister, said the name of Munich would now compare with that of Dachau, the nearby World War II concentration camp where countless Jews were massacred by Nazi Germans. The afternoon Maariv, its pages filled with headlines and photographs of f he bloodbath, said recriminations over Olympic security ancJ West Germany's rescue efforts should be delayed "because now is the time to settle the score, in blood, with the saboteurs and those who sent them.... "We want not only justice and vengeance, but to cut off the arm that threatens us." The Israeli Student Association urged the United Nations to act against countries harboring Arab guerrillas. By DENNIS McMURRAY Telegraph Staff Writer A federal agency charged the Bi-State Transit management with racial discrimination only three days after Bi-State officials told an Illinois Senate investigating committee that there was "absolutely no basis" to charges of such discrimination. A report by the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission issued to 34 complaining employees of Bi-State on Aug. 31 accused both Transit Services Corp., which is the management team thnt runs the bus system and Amalgamated Transit Union Local 788 which represents most Bi-Stale employees, with violating the 19(54 Civil Rights Act. On Aug. 28, John C. Baine, president of Transit Services and the head of the bus system operations, told an Illinois senate committee headed by Sen. Kenneth Hall, D-East St. Louis, that no agency had found Bi-State guilty of any of the discrimination charges brought before them. Sen. Hall told the Telegraph today that he would write to the EEOC and ask for a copy of the report charging discrimination, as a part of his committee's investigation of Bi-State. The EEOC report also comes right after the transportation task force of the East-West Gateway Coordinating Council declared that charges of discrimination against Bi-State had not been proven. The task force made its declaration, also on Aug. aerospace McGovern states workers' jobs won't be ended By GREGG HERRINGTON LOS ANGELES (AP) — Sen. George McGovern goes before potentially unfriendly crowds today, promising his presidency would not be the end of freedom for Israel nor the elimination of jobs for aerospace workers. And, in an interview with a Seattle television station taped Tuesday for release today, McGovern said "any laboring man or woman who supports Richard Nixon ought to have his head examined. These people have gone through the mill under the Nixon high-interest, low- employment policies." The South Dakota Democrat, who said last week in New York that he doesn't believe there is such a thing as the "Jewish vote," softened that stance slightly in an appearance before the Southern California Board of Rabbis. He said today he doesn't believe in a "monolithic Jewish vote." B_ut the Democratic presidential hopeful went after Jewish votes just the same, asking the rabbis "to judge me on the basis of all my actions over my 15 years of public service, and not on the basis of what the opposition says — or prints — or whispers." In a speech for the rabbis, M c G o v e r n reiterated his oftenstated intention of militarily supporting Isreal if elected. President Nixon, McGovern asserted, is interested in helping Israel only until the Soviet Union is out of the Mideast. ' McGovern is generally believed to be in trouble this year among Jewish voters who usually support the Democratic candidate. 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These statements were submitted by Transit Services to the task force but they did not submit the reports from the EEOC, al'though a Transit Services official told the task force that no government agency had found any basis to the discrimination complaints. The Aug. 81. report was the second one by the EEOC this summer contending Transit S e r v i c e s practice racial discrimination. In a June 2!) report the EEOC stated that its examination of disciplinary action taken against transit employees indicated blacks were given harsher punishment than whiles for the same infraction, and black employees were fired for offenses for which whites were given minor suspensions. The latest EEOC finding of discrimination contends that Transit Services and the union violated the Civil Rights Act by not giving the predominantly black em- p 1 o y e c s of Consolidated Service Car Co. the same seniority rights given the predominantly white employees of 15 other trans't companies acquired by B ; State. The complaint of discrimination was brought by the 34 of 35 employees of the service car company who are black. The service car c o m p a n y . whose majw stockholder was A.J. Cervantes, mayor of St. Louis, was bought out by Bi-State in 1DB5. The 34 black employees were hired by Bi- State although it contended it had no obligation to do so. because unlike the 15 transit companies purchased in 1903, the service car operation was completely phased our. The civil rights of the sen-ice car employees were violated when they were denied seniority privileges and required to pay a $100 initiation fee to join the union, which had not been required of (he predominantly white employees of the 15 bus companies, the EEOC report contended. Transit Services officials responded that the service car employees were not entitled to senoirity or automatic union membership because the purpose of acquiring the service car operation was to discontinue it rather than incorporate it as as "ongoing business" as it did with the 15 bus companies. The purchase of the service car company Itself was criticized by the head of a Missouri House investigating committee. Rep. Eugene Mazzucca, D-St. Louis, con- fended that Bi-State should not have purchased the service company and eliminated its operations because it was providing a needed service to inner-city St.. Louis residents, which bus service has never adequately replaced. Mazzucca told the Telegraph that rather than paying $600,000 to eliminate the service car operation, Bi- State should have encouraged it to continue, since the service cars chould operate much more cheaply than busses and provide more frequent and extensive service. Two-year sentence given Rev. Berrigan lly LEE LINDER HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP1- The government has dropped conspiracy charges against the Rev. Philip Berrigan and seven others in an alleged plot to kidnap presidential adviser Henry A. Kissinger. The move came Tuesday after the imprisoned antiwar priest and a Catholic nun in his peace movement WLTO sentence d for smuggling prison mail. U.S. District Court Judge R. Dixon Herman sentenced the 48-year-old Berrigan to two years in prison, while Sister Elizabeth McAlister was sea- tenced to one year. She was ordered on probation for three years after she serves her sentence. They were convicted last April after an 11-week trial. 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