Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 19, 1927 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 19, 1927
Page 2
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NOCTURNE. I ^TAB Mmded nnns bent qver thefr nfhe haiirs passed in a ?oelnin ft*Siit'W)z *a i'lirto the statued niches Wavlnf file; Saint's arnis <o and ' 1 fro.' • - V i • ; (Immortal and beautiful, moon:•• I light's spell.)' b^But *af aWay, far frnm this room, rly^uth clung td youth in a rapt I, ' embrace, j j 'Ott a ^t^JM. Itillslde under the .•]•: mo^n, Mortm and beautiful, face to I face.. ! • • • I (Ring; soft, ring low, sweet rloister t; rLbeJWh . . • —Paul'FVaiicis Welisfcr in the 4 Boojcman. . Jniilbr Momwifs M»«lral Rcrlliil ,i CoiisidpriiiR the ntnrniy night, the rjicital Klvehjl.nKt night by ihr In«int4r8 of the ' Junior Monn^nts I' Mnoit&l .club Wiiij well att(!n (l <'il, jLlbriily Halj bi»lng uonifortnbly 'fllli*. ' MfB. floyrt Brown is «pon- I -^JfbiF dtlM clnl) ami In tbe future • rtit haVc (he aKsistance of .MIKS J largaret ^JlobertK in/the conliniiu- tloB, of instructionri in niUKJcal |j" rtppj-eciation. Ildsi Frantz. violinist, plnyt-d e.'i- <^€6Un6a *!y 'well \VeihiawsWs Kui- awaii^ atld Marvel BCIWIUR captufo.i aitdlcnce with a ('hopin mnzur- f jpliityed on the ijianq. Marie Pftvis's number, Seetie dc Baiet by BdttM-fpr violin, wrts atrnjclively ioah. Rutli ITarrictl .Taylor won ^hJB audience in phiyinff Xrluitus T)y Bliss. James Rtjul." who has been studying violin for quito a j^hlle, gained, miieh jiriplausi- after jliij selection j Souvehi • by Drdla, 4iidi L «ester ciota pla^e 1 in an al- tiractive manner.Edelweiss Glide, •^f Vanderbeck. E \1e4n Harri.-; gave a piano; composjit ion, Arabian Ifoctttme by Wright. Jn a decidedly fiilisbed style for ofi^ so younK. A -miiiiSt In the club, who is altract- in^.Mtentiob ,ln pia'nrtfort.^ work is Adelaide Rcid and s6e made : her djebni last night in j a two -piano Beleetion,.^Elegie by Npllet witlrher teacher, Lloyd N. Brbwn. at the ! scdond' pianp. This jwas one of tie ttntstanding numbers on the pj^bg^ain. "Juason RUmsey. a fav- iojrike flutist and a siiJdent of much aWIIty, played romanxa by Lax. I^el Clbse, another talented stud; gnt, : played exceptionally well, iVlaisfe Caprice No. 2, by de Lqone. i ilii closing piece ion this fine '6^m -was a violin number, )b^b Dance by Reilfield. played "Fylnarvey Herr, whjo is making ;ubtustially rapid progress in • his stuiy; His playing Istst nlgUt ,fill- eijljxith iii^'teacher iind the atidl- oilce with pride. Me; Is consli 'ler- e4 4n artist on lils chosen Insitru- nijehtJaiid Is making ttio best of his •wflrtjat this time c>f| life. . MIKK ;Bija4 Martin was bi.i IflicompaiiiHl. Om^f aceompanlstH iwrire .Mrsj R. L Kocnlg and MlHR Enola (ireen. All all It wiiH U' itoluble: re- ''«ilal its all who tookf part, with fUe axcejjIloD of twrf. wyre yi-ry iyqubfl. It was regp'tteel that tlm •gttcgt niusltlan, MarJrtrJc r.llibs. of BJKlncSId, Kansas, ivas tinnl)Ie tniget hire oii account fif j the stormy DKbt She will be hea'id some llinie ijn th^ fiitlire and h^it appefiritnre iw II l>c lobked forward to. ' = - ; : ' * •> ; —St»clAl Sunday IMnnor noon lai id'«r«>ti1>U;, SOc. 7."ir. Kellev Hotel. •!:•.'••• ' 'f 1> \iean Class Knleria Inert By Fftfrfls Class ^* rt»e,Dorcas class mi'mhers were iei tertained hjilhe jncinbcrs ,of it ho •FMeli* calss at a St. jPatrick party yesterday afternooA in the j .so- *ci ilj-rooms of the Bajitist ITemple. Thie: rooms were decorated! in 81 I and white streamers. ! St. PJ trick games \«-ere i played ; in w! liph I Wrs. E. Aniicrson, Mrs. Attends Snrorii}- Annual Banqael Missj Daphne ptodgbilt. who in Kansas Ciliy fot il shorft visl will go to Topeka today to atteh the arinual'banquet of the Dnitk fJamma sororidy iWhich will >be h^la there tonight in the Jayhawk hotel. Sontheast I»hlsIon of rirsl ChrlsJhin Churfb Tho menibeT«--'Q|_^ the Southeas Divi.sion-nf the' 1-adicS' Aid of th( Firsl" CliTistian church met iThur.s day uftern(Min in the church social room. -Vine members were pres ent iiud s-^'ht tlic nftf'rnoon quilt ing and planning for the Kastcf- bazaar. • <• « . Woman's .Soclefy al ; : F.piKi-o|uil Churrh The- Womans Society met ye.s trrday afternoon in the v'etfirjj room of St." Timothy's Episcopa church. The lesson was on "l'ray» cr" and .Mrs. ('. H. Vincent waH the leadi'r. The meeting was f"l^ lowed by the Iciiien service for the children of the church, with I the rector, the Rev. Tliomas (let Mill, in charge. • • • I 'IcnIr Supper niid Line Party The members of the Twelvr Belles club* held a picnb- supper last .night in the home of Ann.i Runisey arid aftenwards formed :r ne party ati the Kelley Theatre G;MABCHl9^19g7. Mr;i. Tab.-itby Cfit, iinuminces the rcTtioval oT Jliorcli to mure i'ntiinii)flii>us .•.i-ciiiiimi"laliiii|j. ju llarger.(|ii:irleiliijinT.iliv<-. .Mr.-; I'lit vxpl.uucd. Ilicillarly .;|iice hi'r nflsiiriM;;. Killy iiidicali jThey were: I^orene Robinson. Shirley Stover, neloresi Pry, Gertrude Green,! Margaret Jones, Kathleene Carter, Virginia Paul, Helen Cortner. Kathryn Cox, Helen Kerr, June Thompson and Anna Rumsey; St. John 's AHar Society , i The members of St. John's Altar society of the Catholic chute i held i a meeting Thursday after- Beautiful—And Very Smart her Taniily from Jlielr fikViiicr residence! uniler the mii'biHly's li:ii ::k :^lied. aildiliou In her fHinily'hax leni is a siniplii one for her >ven if she doeacit evince It Itnt llxn the iiMiv^lig luol I ,1 imidnes.K iVir travel nooii in the honie of Mrs. Ross Ari- 'J. H. Sowerby, Mrs. C. E. I.ehnian, MB' j^idney,! ..Mrs, 11. Doijsett an d ;Mrs. John Moody rece ved prizes.' Mrs. T. E. Shajnahan play- edf an overture of Irislh melodies. A piano <r|o was pla};ed by Beatrice lifeffler, Margaret Griffith and^NSlia Ninas. Readings were giv^ by Sarabeth Kinp and Mary Mpsber., Green and white were fe^^tdred In tho luntjlieGrn. The guests were: J J. N. Burnside, Lenora Miiiiilseit. . Mrs. C. W. Smith, .Mrs. te. liJ Cpok, .Miss Rose! Dodd. Mrs. |0., Ht.^Dotsett, Mrs. J, W. Funk- llOtisai*; i Mrs. Kidney. Mrs. C. E. Leb ^^i Mrs. Ebb LeWnian, Mrs. Rj.lJ M&tbef, Mrf Fannio Morris, ^ . , Mover. buckle J^nd Mrs. John Olbording was the assisting hostes^. Sewing was the work of the afternjobn. at the meeting were: .Mrs. Harry Harris, Airs. J. \ J. Keefe. .Mrg. B. Zyskowski, MLss Nell Kelley, Mrs. K. B. Kraus, Mrs. \V. J. Coleman, -Mrs. Sat;ah McCann, .Mrs. Chas. ShebanekJ Mrs. Adam Jeck.t Mrs. John Jeclt and .Mrs. F. Womack. • • • 'HosCesses to Ctrele No. 1 .Mrs. U W. Fenimore and Mrs. -M. II. Fleisher were hostesses Thursday aft<|rnoon to the .members of Circle No. I of the Fii]st .Methodist Episcopal ladles' Aid society in; the home of the former, 219tSoutn Elm street. Tlie president. -Mrs. F. G. Lawyer conducted the devotlonals and! the time ,•was; spent in tacking a con fort. .Twelve members Were present and refreshments were served. j . : 1 4- * FelloHsliIp CIiIss .>r «*'ets Wlllt CliisK PrpsftlMit The members of the Fellowship cla>s of Trinity Metl'iodist Bpisco- |ial idiurch nief. Tuesday eVening In he home (jf Mrs. J. F. Kverj;. I' atiH for the .yenr's work were' illKcu>Heil and it social hour was: • iijoycd. AtrjrHvi .-A. Sehlick and! Mr», M. J. Paitker assistiMl the bos-S toss In serving refreshmenls.' * * * AlMtfiy .Meetliw-of Past ^oWe tiinind Cliiir Ai.i all-day riieetjug of. the members )f the P ^sl -'Noble Grand club <ir til* Dorothif liebekah lodge was held Jcslerda.v: in the. home of Mrs. J. It. Kemp, ,')(»!) .South Sycamore street^ One ribw name was added to th<* membership. Luncheon was serve I at nooji with the following jueriil ers .present: .Mrs. \Vm. Glllow. .Mrs. Fred .Menzie, Mrs. Bnice Armacosl, Mrs. .r. K. jKlllott, .Mrs. if. L. Frodsham. Mrs. B; P. Heigele. Mrfe. George Kerr. Mrs. .1. M. Kctterman. Mrs. .M. H Wilson, Mrs. L. F. Wilson, .Mrs. Anna Blood and Mrs. W. E. Swiufbrd. j Thel next meeting will -be witli Mrs. I K. Elliott.; •! « 4- . Hirlhijay Party for ; Rutli Lacey jMrsj .M. C. Laiiey. of Jilil' East Jncks«>n iivcnue, entertained Thursday evening iij honor of tho birth- da^- of her daughter, Ruth Laccy. fiances and music entertained the guests and -Mrs. Liicey was assisted jby Mrs. M. M. Close in serving rdfreshments. —Tliose present were: ' |e Strode, Ocie Diiklnson, Copening. Evelyn Green, ^mitb nia«le par- bore. TO THr mm 'Oiohids and Ermfn^' to Be Feature Monday And Tuesday. : i'asbi(iu.«; of tliii year just oj: iening ;;iie a feature of Colleen Moore's i 111 vest (Picture. '•Orchids an It Er' iiliiii-.' ooliiinK to the Kelley Thea- ilije next -Mouda.x^ and Tuesd: y. , jSeores oi innovations in gown's, wir.ips and slippt-rs are a pijrt. of Hie sto:v. Director Alfred Sjintell tdi'tc jiariicular care during' the : fiimin.i; of the picture, lloirever, uiit to force tlui fashions jori his ' !iu'li<'!H-e as a, show, but to make :tli<ni a natural part of the piodtic- ! il'ill. ; ; jJiicl,- Miillia'l beads the su iport- ; iiiK (ast of t 'ld picture which! John • .MiCormick produced and Which i First .\atioual is releasing. The I otIi'T .vi'ipporting players include , Sam Hardy. Gwen Le«?, Almaj Beh- |niKt. iiedda Hopper. Kate jPrice, } J «j !l IMouty. Emily Fltzro.v. Caroline I Sijowden, Yola d'.^vril and I rooks ; H.MH'(licI. SCAMETmR AT EUTE SOON ProdttctidA Which Opens ^ .Monday Feature& , • Lillian Gish: rtrltifif.of old, with wous awe, tised tt> envlsidn witches flying tbhjDgli the' al.r on broomsticks— but; Puritans of a modern day watched "modern sorcerers fly and never bothered about it\. except when. the shadowS of the flyers crossed their paths. "rtiis Btrange occurrence hap- pedert during the filming >r Lillian GIsb's new Metro-GoIdwyn-.Mayer starring [vehicle, "The. Scdrlet Let- Marjch i?.—The- Farmers Produce Company-held a big meeting last ShtUTday night. J. .M. Noian of Lane.' Kansas, was here meeting-with them. His proposition was to sell! them a standard bred horse, which i some _or, our farmers think we need here, for improvement of work horses. Born, to Mr. a:nd .Mrs. George J. Wille. .March 14, 1927,.a daughter. Mother and baby getting along fine. Mr. and Mrs. B. H. Konen and .Mrs. Ida Kipp were Ida visitors Monday. Alvin Murray and P. D. Southard went to Fort Scott Wednesday morning, returning home Thursday evening. .Miss Mary Schoinhoff and' Miss Ross of'Garnelt. both nurses at St. John's hospital, lola, were here .Monday afternoon, spending their half-day -vacation. .M. s. Bacon was in Rich iiiii. Mo., on business and visiting with tcr." While .staid Ptiritans march-Ceo. B. Gregory family bust ed in_a procession to chnrjirh in the Tuesday. picture, army.iiviitors frrVm Clover Field, near the i studios, circled overhead in maneuvers. | So used were the screen actors to airplanes above that" none 1 1 pauserl except when a qhidrtw IhrPHten^il to in- terfero with photoi^raphy. jThe only one at all interestcil ,WBS Karl Dane, a former aviation officer inj the Dattish army-^and he watched' Hie ipanetixWs' with glee.l .Miss (llbh iHays; tlie tragic hi-ro- lnc?r""ll«<!rtei: l^npe," in | the new picture,; filmed ifrom iNathanicI Hiiwthorne's classic rom^iui-e. and which cpnies .Monday for t!hree <lays to the Elite, Theatlre. Viiftor Seas-1 troro-" directed the! play.' vtith lyjni Hapson, the Swedish slari. as lead- irie man and alcaSI that:. Include.:? Henry B. Walthall; Karl I ane. William H. Trtoker. i.MarccIlk Corday and others of riote. i .Mr. and .Mrs. H. H. K(>n4?n apd son, went 1o Yates Center Thursday afternoon, on business. .Mrs. Miller and son. Joe; of St. Paul. ^\ansas is here visiting her daughter. .Mrs, P. J. Walters and family 'for a" few days. —For prompt results use Classified Columns. the Endicott-Joknson World's Largest Shoemakers ^ SIliK HOSE -n 98e PAIR li >l .50 Tfllue The fir.Mt subniajine teli-Krapli in America iwas lalij between Governor's Island and New York Citv in 1S12. ; ^^^jfe ^^CG/COC Miss Virginia •\Valiar,|of Cancy, Kns., lias teen chosen qiiecn of tho annual Tirisa,. OUa., Rose Carnival 3Iay 20 and t'l, and this picture seems to prove the judges were men of wisdom. i;ul Miss Wallar is very smart as well as beautiful. As a student in Kani"as State A;:rii cultural CoUcpc she lias'been presented, wlib a sorority rinp awnvdea each year to the co-cd making tbcf best scholastic record anioiig the 2u00 girls or the Institution. N. E. SAVONBUliG (Dora Price.) ! KIrton Price finished putting in ills iiats .yesterday. J > Tlie pastor of the .Metjlodist iliiiicli at Savonbiirg will ,p]reach at! Elsmore the t<dl(iwiug year. SavDnbtirg won the ^basketball Ki'iiie playeil Tuesday * nlgjit be- mjeii liiiontdwn and Savonburif. iMiss Krsel and; Dolly Price Siiiiiday with friejids in Savoi Sir;, .lake Hejjs spent Tu .in;.rnoriri with Mrs. HUrk. ! Mrs. ICileii I'rlcp- speht Tuesday :iU' rimciii with .Mrs. Dahlstrofn. Mr; .lake Hesj and .Mrs. perg- .-Jiiii riiolorrd -to; Chauuto Thurs''••y. ! i '.i>ii>ii .inil Eliner Wpitzel (;ieii iii .Ml. iPleasant ' sd ilMMlay. I • WillKuJi Weitzel threshed litir'i 'I'liesilay. • ' V!,-. ami .Mrs. Lowe and -fi^mil.v '.-!>• lit Tuesday evening ^I'ri'e-s. spent burg, bsday • have hool, j itafir with STAR DISTlilCT I'll.I ( laia IV naifs bii I !i>lii.v. .\H ;>r' •MI |i';iiii'l ;i K •iti\ lime. ' j •jiic i:.>>;iilMr^ III I he .-'ajii Wil- i i-. . , ii:nii.^ family hav.- all' leiii II-UMI jClifton alt..n,le,l l!,e ••K;a(^....s C.<y , i^^,,^,^ ,,...^.1 nr-l V, ry ill bi.I all a|-.' iiiiiiiiiii;; WW. (\Iis. .S. M. Di.k .March ir.. .Mr.' ami Mi-- Dickersoii. |liin!i'-a. 1.' . M. an.'. Nell Mary Ruth Adams, Mary Hoerning, Marl helen omi 'y, Little .Syiiiphoiiy" |iresii)lalioji I'll day niglit aii'i were ili!ii;.ii(i| Wiih-! the music. (Bui wi- .•^lllj .--wear by | ' , the Kobertr; baml.) • • Be.iiitilv Vdur l,a»vii. j .Mrs. Kiith l!a.:;uiiis~(U fiiuii llie : H," ,.i)iirBe voii will w.Tnl une (if : .('oiHilry Club ' iiei^lilirirlioml liaj liii'M- li'.'aiilif'il i-<iiil>: ceil emiiri tr- State [)f Kansas writing tho best tea. rt. Mbyer. L^ Mrs. jA. A. Moshi?r, .Mrs. Marplc M^. pSthel McKarnln, Mrs. Ralpb Mcitinney, Mrs. J. HJ - Sowerby, I^r6.;t.6»is-Thompson. .Mrs. Lizzie rhftliipson and Mi's. Aniderson. • The! imrimhers ol tjlie—Ktdells, jlass jiilrere: Mrs. Nulhah Lcftler, ar 's. WaUer King, . Mr.s. ; Ralidi [.udluhi;'-Mrs.- John Ik oody. Mrs. r.'.Jackson, Mrs. J. (. EdWards, iel«siiy )n "Loyal Cltlzeu.ship" or-a fklra. jjarties SlcKnrnln Mr;.. riu-|kindrel subjeci. One applleatloii ;eno Brim, iWrs: T. T. Scot! .Mrs. ifor nicmhcrshlp was read, and jB. B.! Anderson, Mfti. \N. Hodges itwelvoUlck calls were reported as ipdi Mrs. T. E. ShnnaJiun. Chll- having', been made since the last ireil present were: Riliy Leffler, meeting. Mrs. S. A. Ellis was an- 'trlbeth KiiiiK',IRtlly BrSm, IHnrry other liriember. reporited 111. •-^tJRuth jAnderson arid Eugene i A letter from the department president was rend which announced the ipisilntmcnt of Mrs. Pearl Tompkiils of the local unit as plan-. Adams. Hazelle Nelson, Na- cKlpney and Hazel Close. • • • Womuii's Relief C^n-ps regular meeting of the Wo- ReUef. Corps of McCbok Post, ^;rand Army of the Ilepiibll<'. waiJ Held iyesterday nfternorin- 4n headquarters in .Memorial hall with tte pi-esldent, .Mrs. Ida Huff, in change.: It was voted to give .*.S."0 toward -Hie department schoi- F arslilp Ifund. This .schoiarslilp will go to ^ high school-student of the been spemiiuK the week end v.>;ru .Mrs. .\lbert, Bo.-^e. .Mrs. .\niia .Simp.'-'oii vl.';|iti! Monday with .Mr.-:, rciia DivkiKsoii. C. C. {.'. . was eiiloriaiii'il by -Mrs. .loe (iiegory la .iv- 'j'lmrsil.iy a week ago. .\l>rnibers ! .UKI mie.sis were: .Mrs. .Vsli. .Mrs. 1 L.i.\. .Mrs. t:r,K..vy:an.l linl|; .lli.mbi.r ! .T:!, !,o (l.sii- to Minlv Itnddh-sm Ruth and .Mrs. Ollio .siniiii worked ; j.^ ,1,..,, ,„,ii]>,v I, Ijoh a qiiill I'ur Mrs. Gri f;-;>iv. AlUr i ' _^ . ,tiie business uieetliiK .Mi.-^. (ireg-! , . j ' , ii)-y served saiuhvi.-lie;!. ..i.ui..-.: fr-<y ;iv reti.--- ,„i„m.iii. but tli'fter urns on y.uir lawn or tiv' f>;i;il of your pi:'.- e 'it IIIIIMIIC.JS tliisj Miniiiivr. .^ei W. A. Woodniif and (inier (Mie How ;;o it •.virTlie ! (>;i (Iy I nlien you want it. Teliphoii-' SJl. .'aiiaii ^s liiiililiiic :i Hilddliist s.;liool lor Ailierii-.ip> and an;.; otb- t. SHOE nco. u. rAT. a'r. Sir. the New SptiuJ/lStirtrn ill PEACOCK SHOES Growing Old Clear vision helps^ to retain the confidence of youth. Those past middle age should have their eyes tested frequently so that glasses may be corrected when necessary. It is.a mistake to feehthat symbol of glasses are a . age,^ because;^ imperfect eyesight is colinmon even with very youjig children. Hace Your Eijeis Examined JEWLLEF^-OPTOMETRIST c'liiropracthrs now treat many a;case Due to ac<-iit(^nts years agn that took place. -\ slight; twist of the spine, however obscure iMay develop nerve pressure It takes years to cure. lie the source of tliq .\ Chiropractor will I "J'.>|iyiij;hlcd trouble rcfent or old jibaTtc off its hold. hy J. T. Uimtrr.) Adjtistmehfs Northnip BIdgr. -Electro-Therapy DR. LUCY E. POLSON Phnne -ISG hjrv served saiuhvielies. jiiukle:^. ' • "' ' :"• Iruit salad, cake and <(!.ff -e. The I 'J"' >'""'' '"aim-rs. lext hoste.:.: will III. X tiud roll 'ail lesiion-e '•Curreaf Kv'iil-" Tliitis i'l. • • .Mrs. C. L. Dick" isoji a Jil. TiTckersoii vi>i!.|i Monday. W. .M. Vartier is pap fSld Bllzabetii Shanfthan •* * • MNT W. H. Ander-sbn, Mrs. B. jist •ot 'TIie convention meetings fajffknin, -Mrs. W. Hi Murphy, hirS. V d Hart, Mrs. 1\. G. riowker and [rs. J.I M. Young enterta ned ivei tj -one members of Icircle No.* Of tie General Ladies' Aid soriiety if til .First Methodist Bpisopal uijcii .'i'hursday afternoo ^-Jn the ) bf Mrs. Anderson, 600 South iHwpod .8tr :e€t .i ' . ;•• T' E. j. P. Fonst conducted the gril ^the absence of^^ Bti.Mrj[.-J. iP. Swonger, jr. , vHl Wlshak -d was., the dp- I leader- '• A shorf program en cdpsi^Une of St Patrick ina 'iloirifes Md Shirley ai d • S4T«J readtngii:. B f nls:w«re pn jreen &m which will be held during the encampment at Pittsburg in -Alay. •! * * * . Celebrnles XInlflMh Birthday; With Dkuirhtprti Captain James H. Wing, of Chanute, Kansas, is here today ; the guest-of his vdaughters, Mrs. Wi H. King ..and MISTI Ellen Wing, i in celebration of his nintieth birthday. He will spend the *eek-end .here i Captain Wing ;accompanied Miss Wing- here from Chanutc where she teaches artlin tht scliools. C^taln Wlnr.jls lb fgood health and-At his adv^Bt^ed «K« 'fS; enjoy- ftig life and keeps postei) on the newd'of tbeLday. -• • •• •• " ii 1 . will ^l.e i :.y. .March j Id Mrs. S. : ;:r .^'-linol : Check before starts. Rub oh—inhale yap«irs niK soni'- : roolUS lor !!le iir\. .-'.Ir. Iv Iloi Ij of (I'oloiiy. ' I Alviu i-iii cK h;i< mov flarni vai;:il>i| by .«:n!i .S: .Miss Lucy U-iiii:'ms i! •d lo the luffi r. slay iim -ilh .Mi.^s I'UiiMia* .Anno i ig school. I .Mr. -Hid .Mrs. Cay lli'lidri.x .ind illy Maic visited at the rt hoiii'.', .Sunday. Sundayl <;yeiiiiii: IIK' oiing p.Mii'Ii^ atti iii!.!d ('. leva': .Misiiiiill)oroiliea I llol.-i- Lock-irl. Lojiise I Ksihcr .Snijtl] and " th 'ir ijwfn'.v-eigirt' yoiiuc peoiilr; preset and an inlevi sting tU' [v.Walter .^iilk•r. Mrs. Albert; Rose ba.s I l\] but is iniprovinf;. . .Mrs. Anna-Simp.son vi..M. flickerson "r 'aiirsda.y Jlrv and. .Mrs. Walter I d atii^nd- Kl. l..o(kr follow ins <;<- [•ickcrson. I !>icI >i 'rsoii. : est (irt*^. ^ ENS ling led leen quite ited .Mrs. rcau en- ertaiiicd Saturday eveniiig with a \ riarty in jionor of their jdaughter,.: REUEF FROla i BI I trt^l xrc H I N o t'llic^; fa as uniek when PAZO OIN+MENT W applied, it will rarpriso you. Drurel »3 .are keenly inter^ted in the rtrocdy an3 are IjraraniMding it to their kstontth..! Aric,>aiir Oraiorist ^out PA20 OINT- m tu box. 60c. I . Instant Jtelief^y Dr. SchoU's Zino-pads.stop-all paSi quir^rc.- than any otb^. known method. Ttkes but a tnlnutit to quiet t:ic worst com. Healing starts at cccc. When the com. is gone it never ccmDS back.rif nfw shoes makeJthe OTot-"Icuchy" again, O-Zino^pad ctrp'i it instantly. That's bocaiise —'i Zinopacs iimore the causer— I ! pressing and rubbir .3 of shoes. I Dr.'Schc^i'i Zino-pnihi are medicated, aattstptic, F.'otrcliv;. At all dtuguitt'a J >j :SchoU 'g Put mcvt^—ikc pmn t» gonel VS. Iloprs jpent with the children are seeds of future liappiitess. But liouns 8 lent with thfe washing- are stones dropped into a bottomless pit. That's why so many mothers use our i n shed \ family- service, artd fnves^ ' their!.time with the i children instead ot speftd m , it on the washing • , • TrilNK It OVER i PHONE 102 FRIGtDAlRE DOES THE WORK of 50 pounds of Ice—and more— every day! \ If it were po.s.sible for you to keep yoiu^ ice j^o.x filled—constantly—21 hour.s a day —you would .still not have a.s good;iefrig- eration as the Frigidaire froat-coil will give V you. without any attention on your part. If you-haye any standard make of ice-bo .K, you can have Frigidaire installed inj it abd from that tjme you can forget about refrigeration. Your meats, vegetabl^.s and - other foods will be kept better than you, were ever able to keep, -them—before. I Spoiled foods will be a thing-of the Come in and let us demonstrate Frigid- j aire to you. |_Tfte ffome Beautiful Will Be Equipped with Fiicjidaire Electrical Rcfrigcraiioii. L. 8. ttlistai^cl Co. SALES and SERVICE 208 North Washiiigibh Phoite 834 ' ••--1 l' "I •1.

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