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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 1

Postville, Iowa
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Saturday, June 18, 1892
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PTJBUUBD KVKBT SATURDAY —•»— . W. ». BUBDIOK. •l.BO Per Tear, Strictly la Advance. Th* JStU Aiftrtiling Medium to r-<trh tht four north'tastern eomititr Offlc* Soathwest Comer Lewler sml Tildvu ADVERTISING" RA-TBsT W. N. BUIIDICK Editor and Proprietor. INDEPENDENCE OUR POLITICAL CREED; THE GOLDEN RULE OUR MORAL GUIDE. TERMS: $1.60, IF PAID IN ADVANNCK VOL. XX. POSTVILLE, IOWA, SATURDAY, JUNE 18, 1892. NUMBER 13. 1 week I weeVfl .. 8 weeks .. 1 month ., Smooths. 8 montlis.. 4 months. 1 ye .ir 1 in. 8 In. 4 In. \H col H coH col |l «0 1 00 2 00 a no t oo 4 00 5 fi0 10 00 II 60 8 85 a oo 8 75 4 SO 5 00 18 00 13 601 r> on| o-ar g on| II 2 .1 IB Oil is On II W 5 ;» 7 SO a 35 II V8 19 00 an oo so 00 11 00 8 00 io on 12 00 1? 00 Si 00 88 00 45 00 110 00 18 OH It 00 18 00 96 00 W 08 60 00 80 08 Ilualnriu ranis not cxtrecltng Ore lines, 15. La- (itl ndvcitisi-mente nt legal rates. Advertisements Inserted with no specific time will be pulillslio I liut'l nrdirnl out nnt ?harged for ao- oorriln?ly. All bills pnyabl- qimrterly. MASSACHUSETTS bus roorecilits of tvvr 36,000 population thp.n any oiler statu in the union. AT THE neit presidential rliclion it 1B estimated that moie than 11,500,000 men will have tbo right to vote. Berlin university is the third largest in the world. Paris, with 0,215 students ind Vienna, with 6,220. am larger. EDINBUIIOR university is one medical centers in the world, ounded in 1682. tho NATIVE Christian women in China hare formed a society to discourage the custom of compressing the li-et in childhood. A HIBTOKIC collection of luilroud tickets will be one of the ixhibits at the world's fair. 1 HE LATEST NEWS. mail and treasure boxes were taken, but it is not known how much they contained. Tho government has offered a reward of 8500 for the capture of tho thieves. GENERAL NOTES Hi'.AVY snow falls in tho Montana mountain-. DKUUCIIATS of the Sednlia District, in Missouri, have nominated John T. Hurd for congress T. JRCFKIISON COUI.IUOK. Ihe new United .Slates minister to France, arrived in I \.rU Sunday. 1 'iiKBiDRNT Polk, of tho Farmers' Alliance, died in Washington Saturday morning at 11:15 THE National League of republican cuius will hold its annual convention at Buffalo, Ftfpt. 1. FUANK Waller of Oakland, Cal., rides a bicycle over 383 miles in_ twenty-tour hours, breaking the world's record by twenty-two miles. FIRES ANT) OASTJALTIEB RUBIIBR heels for marching have been introduced by u French iirmy surgeon. The infantry have tried thuui with good results. GERMAN railway oftiti .Is are experimenting with rails tuudo of paper, which are said to be us superior to sk el rails us paper car wheels are to ihotc made of iron. Oint national library now contains nearly 600,000 volumes and 200,000 p.un - phlets, and the yearly increase of books is from 15,000 to 20,000. MH. T. JKKFKHSOU COOMVUK, the law ininistor to France, has given £40,000 fur A public library in Mancker-ter-by ILe -seu, and 9115,000 for the Jefferson physic >i laboratory at Harvard. THE 12th of October will doubtless be generally obierved in I ho U rated States; asa general holiday, as it will be ir, Spain, Italy and other countries which Are particularly interested in.the 400th anniversary of the discovery of America. The president will issue u proclamation before long recommending the obkiivuncoot (lie day IT seems tbut the Columbian <*p:silion to have a tower at lust—or that tin ro will bo a structuro of this ih .ir .voUr on the midway jjlaisunce, « hicli uui) be considered En attachment tu tie i xpofition While it will not be us ambit bus m height as the Eiffel toner, it will u- ju as use ful. A syndicate of eastern capitalists, sup posed to be headed by l 'utchell, the Pennsylvania oil operator, SUYB a Richmond, Ind., dispatch, has completed a contract by which thoy secure about 10,000 iicres of land in the center of the Indiana oil fields and will drill one hundred wells at TUBIIK is suid to be an ouk in the Imperial gardens at St. Petersburg which was grown from An acorn taken from a tree growing near the tomb of Washing ton at Mount Vernon. It was planted fifty years ago by George, Sumner, of Boston, the brother of Charles Sumner. l'lOPLK IN PHIHT. MAIIOAIIBT CLAHK of Dubuque, Iowu, fell down Btairs Monday and broke her neck. Finn at Eldon, Iowa, Wednesday, destroyed business propprty to the value of $15,000. * A TKAMSTKit named Wells, and three yoke of oxen ho was • driving, were killed by s stroke of lightning near Wextang, III., Tuesday. TUB aewer-pipe workeB of Robinson Brothers at Akron, Ohio, were destroyed by Bro Tuesday night. Loss, $100,000. HEAVY ruins cause the upper Missour Io overflow nnd inflxt mucli damugo in Montuna. Two men were drowned. GKOROK DOTY, section foreman of tho Great Northern, was drowned in tho Mia- IT is proposed to make Ssnntor Stewart siBsippi at St. Cloud, Minn., Sunday cven- of Nevada, tho peoplo's party candidate ing, while bathing, for president, and Allianco Congressman Two cars were wreked on the now At- Wuisoiwf Georgia vice president, lanta nnd Chattohoochei electric lino HARRISON AND REID The President Renominated on the Kii'Ht Ballot. Blaine Men make a Valu Break to M'Klnley. Harrison, 5115 1—0; McKlnley, 1H2: Blaine, 1112 1-0. Whltelaw Reid, lor Vice Piesiddit. PIIKSIDKNT Harrison, 'tis said, desires thai (leu. L T. Michencr, of InJiana, be made chairman of the republican national committee. TUB Inst weekly atuteinent of the New York banks shows u reserve decrease of 8133,900. The banks hold 123,539,850 in ?xcess of the amount required by law. IT is stated that Prof. S. W. Burnbam ban resigned his po-ition as conior nstrono nier at Lick observatory, and will Bhortly leave for his old homo in Chicago. SYDNEY DILLON, tho famous fxpresi- lent, of the Union Pacific railroad, died Tuesday in New York City. liicNUY WOLFISH, of tho Detroit (Mich.) hcuse of correction, succeeds Mi. Garvin is warden of tho Stillwater penitentiary T. Jefferson Coolidgo, United States minis'er to France, was received by M ltibot, tho foreign minister of the siBtcr republic. TnE republicans have carried Oregon by majorities ranging from 3,000 to 6,000 on the Htato ticket, and control both branches of the legislature. A COMPANY, which includes some of the leading Northern Pacitic railroad stockholders, with a capital of 810,000,000 has t'ern organized in New York to build a Meet of whiibibnck vpssols to compete for ocean currying freight, Tim noted Ojoge Chief En-Tsa-Wah Tab-lii-Kuh, died 'fi^jurBday at Pawhuska, of Brighl 'H disease. Ho was just closing his second term as principal chiof of tho Osage nation. White Horn, the second i -hiif, will ascend to tho throne. Frida/. Three men Bevernl fatally injured. FntK in the W. P. were killed and Southworth company's wholesale and rotail grocery. Cleveland, O., Saturday, caused a loss of about 150,000. The loss is fully covered by insurance. THK moDotury loss by the Oil City nnd Titusvillu fires will not exceed $500,000, but tho lo-is of lifo is greater even than all provious estiuiutos. IN South Dakota, Mrs. K. M. Footo anil three children, whilo returning from a visit, were drowned in attempting to cross a ravino with their tcuui. CIIAHLES SKNNK, xged 01 yeurs, fell down stairs at 178 North Currier street, Chicago, Sunday and sustained severe internal injuries. He was removed to the county hospital for treatment. CONOHKSS. MiNNBAi'OLiB, Minn , Juno 10.—Benamin Harrison was renominated for president on the first ballot. Tho voto was: HAHHIRON 535 1-6 INK 182 1-6 MCKINLBY 182 ItKKU 1 INCOLN 1 The result was announced at exactly :36 o'clock this afternoon and wus received with tremendous applause. The convention ut onco adjourned until 8 clock, when Whitehtw Reid, pdltor of The New York Tribune and ex-minister to ranee, was nominated for vice-president acclamation. The convention adjourned sine die. Tlio UelOKiiloA l'rovo lu bo Stroilffor Tlum the I'urty Lenders. fr'ORJillON. Young Edwin Gould is in supreme charge of the Gould affairs in the absence of his father, Jay Gould, and bis elder brother, George J. Gould, » * » Boston is profoundly shocked because flishop Phillips Brooks persists in wearing M bobtailed coat. This txoitemvnt is akiu to that aroused by the mustache of Chief Justice Fuller. * • * Genetnl Obrulchtff, recently placed in command of the Russian armies, is too stou* to sit in with difficulty. 65 years of age. , saddle and even walks Gen. Obrutcheff is some COUNT LBO TOLSTOI, the well known writer and philanthropist, is seriously ill THK king of Sium recently cut the first turf for tht first railroad in Bangkok. IT is announced at Berlin that.Poultenoy Bigelow, the well known American traveler and writer bus been expolled from Russia. A DISPATCH >ent out by the Harvro agency sajs that the French have occupied Whydon. The French Minister of marine however, does not confirm the report. A CABK of bti.iine was ignited accidentally in a shop in Rome, Italy, Sunday. The cask exploded, tho house collapsed, and caught fire. Four persoua were killtd TIIK twenty-fifth nnn 'yerBiiry of Fruncis JV epb'f coronation us king of Hungary was celebrated, Wednesday. TiiEineeting'oC the eiuperor and the mi took place Tuesday and was very cordial. The two.monarchs inspected the purrhion and reviewed the troops. THE eruption of Mount Vesuvius is increasing in violence. Wednesday an earthquake shock WUB felt. For a time the residents were panic stricken PIIKBIDKNT Falacio's forces wore defeat ed in n battle fought near CaracaH, Vene-, zuelu, Thursday. General Crespo, thi bel cominuinJer,'U udvai .ciuu on iMiNiBTKit Lincoln, in company with Senator Hour, of Massachusetts, spent most of the week on a visit to Lord Color- Jgo at Heath's Court, Ottery, St. Mnry. He returned to London Thursday evening, Tunim hundred r~id ten houses in Pot- hinld, which is 120 miles southeast of Nijni Novgorod, were burned Wednerday and most of the occupants arc now do- pendent upon charity. Tho Oriental bank, of London, has assigned. The liabilities are about £7,250, TUESDAY, Juno 7. SENATK.—Tho senate took up and passed tho consular and diplomatic appropriation bill, and soon nfter adjourned. HOUSE.—Tho urgent deficiency appropriation bill (about 87,000,000), was pussod. No further business was transacted, and the house adjourned. THURSDAY, June 9. SENATE.—Tho senate, today took up and passed tho uruunt deficiency pension bill. Mr. Morgan called up the bill for Iho free coinage of gold and silver, anil addressed tho senato in its favor. Adjourned till Monday. HOUSE.—Tho bill to repeul sections of the Revised Statutes regarding disloyal citizens, was passed, so far as to dispense with proof of loyalty during tho war as a prerequisite of being restored or admitted to Ihe pension roll, or to obtaining bounty on lands tu which tho applicant had be come entitled by service in the urmv pro vious io tho war of the rebellion. MONDAY, JUDO 13. SENATE. —Tho pension apprpriation bill was reported back from tho omuiitteo It carries nn appropriation of 81)0,737, 350, which is un increase of nearly 812, 000,000 over the house bill, tho increase is principally for the army and navy. Tho bill to increase the currency and provide for its circulation, to reduce tho rates of interest, and to establish a bureau of loans was taken from tho table and Mr Peffer addressed the senute in explanation in advocacy of it. Tho bill then went ovor without notion.—Adjourned. HOUSE.—Mr. Peelo reported from th cjiuuiilti e on lmlUn affairs, a bill ratifying an agreement for tbo cession to the United States of lunde, in the Cherokee outlet, which, if the bill becomes a law, will throw open for settlement ovor 6,000, 000 acres. SLIGHTLY KMB A It HASHING. M, Pasteur, the distinguished French physician, frankly admits that he has received inspiration and aid in his studies on hydrophobia from Mrue. Greville, the clever French novelist. » • » A work on which Count Tolstoi is now engaged is called War and Government He contends that "war between nations is cldioulcus and illgoical." Asked what he would hxve soldiers do when ordered to fight, he answered; "They Bhould refuse to obey orders." : » • * For the first time Bince, at a young tian, he began to take Interest in politi- ^affairs, Abram B. Hewitt has left the rtnntry on the eve of a national democratic convention. He sailed laatWed- M«idayfor Eoropt, and he does not expect to return until the canvosB is practically over. * * • Ex-Congressman John T. Wait of eastern Connecticut, now 80 years of age, de- ivered tje memorial duyaddresBin Nor wicb this yeturj and the papers say thathib voice was as clear and his figure as erect an the; were decades ago, while his eye- eight was so good that he needed no glasses to aid him hi leading bis inarm script J Col.. Richard Oullen is a candidate for congress in tho Superior district. That neck of woods swarms with men who are fairly dying to serve thoir country t » « » Assemblyman Babctok has the pull for the republican congressional nomination in the new third di t riot, hut Senator tyidd may coma to tlie front in the Ktih ., •\ i « no'miA' and a soft clinging MBS was planted S °X' H°i du ? th , e £" ua U P caplt ^ 1 of , ;e6 ,- 000 ': where it wou' I do tho most good. 000. Ihe bank hopes to pay in full and "Break away," came hoarsely from iorcBume buMness. an)ul thefen.ininedebiis. The Speaking- Tube Was Oat of Order, bat Jobnny Wasn't. They ttiod in tho durko: e I vestibule of a Jouble-flii, house up Io vn It was a late hour end a cold night, but these were nothing— fjr it WUB ho and she, and they were young and Btond very closo- ly together, i.ijs the Now York Herald. Timo stood m show alongside of opportunity. "You don'i love ino a bit!" BIIO said. "Lovo vou'r 1 I worship you sweothoart -darling!" The blonde head wot brought against tho manly b-aast for the fifteenth time A BEYOLT haB broken out in the Moose- land Husoun district*' of Armenia. Turkish troops seut to the revolt have I been defeated. Tho rebellion is spreading. ORIML. POSTOFMCE safo blowers wore arrested at Dubuque. A LABOR riot occurred at Tonawanda, N. Y. What did j HI say, dearest ?" "Come off! ' in a half smothered whis per. Why, darling, I novor heard you use such slang before. Don't." "I nevered eaida word," sho declared It must havi been—" and a terrible dread overcan • her, "I nevor ttou jht—" Bho began, regret fully. "You did—yes, you did!" "Why, who'athat?" Both young people suddenly started away from the wall against which they SE\ £N bandits who were captured near | haa - b9en leaning, and" stared at the two Omaha,, Mexico, havo been exeouted. \ lms6B 0 f bright letter boxes and owli 8 b A BACK war is threatened a t Guthrie. 1 - • • -° O. T., by the lynohing of a negro accused of outrage. A MOB of 100 men Monday took Austin Porter, a wife murderer, from jail at Orison, Ky., and hanged him. SHKIHFF Woolington, of Piatt county, III,, was knocked Bomoless by James Fink, a burglar whom ho had in custody, and who then escaped. The sheriff's condition is critical. 'Will you never oomo off down there?" "Oh, pUgue on it! That's Johnny, said she, with deep disgust. "Our speak ing tube's out of order—I forgot." LOXG DIIESSKS A Physlown Tells H but be Tbluka of Tills Ferulolous Coatume. A doctor in Chicago was asked by a re it will lie Bnlfioient to enrlangor the FUC- cess of the R«publican ticket is very problematic-!:,). Cbairman Clnrksnn, Ex-Sona- tor Plntt, J. Sloat, Fnssctt, Ex Gov. For- akcr and the others genernlly intimaie tonight that their coats are off and that they expect to enter tho pilitical fray in behalf of the nominee of the Republican party. The rand and filo of the delegates have hnd .their petty quarrels, their nngry nkernttions on tho street corners, throughout the week, but for the main part they hnve shaken bunds nnd made up to-night. Except in the cases where tho presidential contest became the basis for fiorce factional disputes in localities, it is likely that all the animosity of the hour will be worn away in the early stages of the campaign. NOMINATING SPEECHES. HUfl ON LY OSB IIALLOT NKKDED. Tbo Blaine boom IKS had a piu stuck in it, It reached its largest dimensions the day Harrison infinroedhj* secretary (tat the nation ceuid am without his aid, - Benator Boar's eyesight is not Improved atuihUittenltaiy bemwitigyry assUut, I'Dolie.of Alb*, a toadipg JpaniA ' jiild mm? 9l Bwwen Sugeniei . SUNDAY night burglars broke into the porter what he thought about the talk office of (he Bjtlaeu Lumber company at about typhoid fever, lie is one of those Genuessje, Ark., a station of the Cotton dootora who can afford to be brusque, and Belt, and oracked the safe. They secured your brusque man IB apt to bo honest, i 152,100 in cash and securities. He heard the question, and still looking! MILTON GAUDNBUI , a preacher of the ow bis book, never lifting his eyes, he United Brethren denomination, was fined replied: $20 by a magistrate at Huntington county M "There are worse things than typhoid Iud., Monday, for permitting a cow t»run fever stalking the streets of Chicago I at large in the town. mean the long dresses which fashion aas CASK & Co., of Ohiongo, who established ordered women to wear. A lung dress on „ bucket ebop in JoPiet, III., about six the street picks up all the refuse of the mouths ago, ubsoonded Monday with about walks, and the woman who veais one oar$9,000 oash belonging to oitliens for whom riea enough germ life to her borne to they were engineering deals. ..- sicken tho whole family. I would like to A WARRANT was sworn out for the ar- see these people who are always on the rest of R. C. Beggs, secretary of the Oak- alert for epidemics take care of themselves " ••• • • •• - am j u8e a little common sense. If my daughter wore One of those long drosseB, wbiob she does not to my knowledge, 1 would make her take it off in an outhouse aud have it cleaned before it was brought into her room."— Selented. CHve TJ» IJkeajbUg Vbllosopben I Hon* of jour (DMUng oynloj for as. They langb not, nelthsr to (bey imU*. They are lugu­ brious—oyipeptlo. Ther »r» ssnally wux ot visage, ptle, slight, dry, quite grtmteii indlvMu- •is in faeti who look » U th»y bad beta st log- StrhMdt with MM! b**l ill thll? Uiss, Tb» •lde-spllttlnj, button-buritlng guSsw tbst pro. ' front we Indivldpsl wltfiagoodijl,—"— '- Mr .NNEAi'Oi .is, Minn., Tune 10.—The battle hits been fought nnd won, and tho administration of Benjamin Harrison is sustained by the Republican party in the renominntion of the president for a second term. Tho result of this contest, which has been sn -f".b , >irnly waged tor the past week, remained in doubt up to the very lust stages of tho ballot, hvery resourco " nown to political warfare was brought to benr by the leaders of tho opp mition to de feat the president's rononiinution, and fcr one brief hour in the iniddlo of the day it icrned that tho popular favorito of the Buckeye state was to receive the highest honor which can bn bestowed by the Republican party. But men hold stead- fust to their fuitb, and this great contest, tbo end, was determined by the instructed delegates from thoso ^tute-i that i had given formal expreBi-ion to their wishes ia the selection of a presidential candidate. It is doubtful whether any previous convention in tho history ot tho party has witnessed more enthusiasm than was called today. The consummate plans ot tho organizers of their movement for tho nomination of the x-stcretary of state were carried out in every particular, but the result demonstrated that a now era hud arrived in national conventions and that the preferences of delegates were no longer to be swayed by the manifestations of tho cheer 'ng thousands in the galleries. At no timo during tho day did (.he miine of president of the United States evoke tho enthusiasm that was repeatedly called forth by both the names of Bluino and MuKin ley. Indeed, tho most (Littering ovation of the entire proceedings was probably re ceived by fbo generous governor of the Buckeye srato when he insisted carrying out his declarations of the past and votoil for President Harrison, in defianco of the expressed wish of his colleagues from Oaio aud in opposition to his own interest is a presidential canoidato It was a re pitition of tho scenes of four years ago when McKinley rose ma jeatically in tho republican national convention at Chicago, and declaring the Buckeye state was pledged to the candidacy of John Sherman the greatest financier of tho nge—insist­ ed that those who bore n friendship for himself from voting for him in the convention. The parallel between the action to day nnd his actions of four years ago loses its_analog,' in tho difference that hip gener vsity of to day was accentuated by tho.fiict that Ohio was now in no way committed to the candidacy aa the mau for whom McKinloy paid his loyalty. DELEGATES GREATER THAN LEADERS The various mouibera of the National committee, who havo found such able co operation in Ex-Gov. Foraker, Ei-Sonutor Plntt and Senutor Quay, Wokntt. and Teller, maintained their powerful organization to tho very lust, but delegates wero greater than tho leaders in determining this contort and the votes pledged to President Harrison in the weeks gone by when Secretary Blaine was not a factor in the presidential race were at last delivered with fidelity in opposition to ull the enthusiasm which the name of Blaine called forth. A half dozen conferences wero held in tho oarly .hours by tho anti-administration leaders to determine what was beBt to be done. The proceedings of the convention show what the result of all these conferences v/as. It was determined to keep Blaine in the field until the spirit of tho convention had been ascertained and then endeaver by a skillful move to Mc Kinley to Etampedo the convention for the governor of Ohio and the chairman of the national convention. McKlnley was the very embodiment-of tho Amen oan ideal of statesmanship. Ho neither sought nor repelled, the presidency, but pursued the even tenor of his course, with infinite justice in hia rulings, regardless of tbn effect it might havo upon .aim or hia dostiny, PENNSYLVANIA TURNED THE TIDE, Pennsylvania was the first state to turn the tide against the compromise candidate, UBbored forth by tho almost solid support of the state of Ohio, and Matthew Quay to -day_ as in four years gone by, is a prominent figure in RspublicUn politics. But to -day it was a demonstration that the delegates of the Koyitone state were no longer plustio to his will, for it was the unexpected accession of tea ad-' ditional votes from this state to the Harrison column that turned the tide in favor of the president and cauBed so many Southern delegates aa well aa the slates of South Dakota and Texas, a few minutes Inter to follow the example by giving a significant majority to Benjamin Harrison, practioally assuring him the nom Woloott Fresente lllillim — llopUiw SpoonerHpeKks for Iltirrlnou. A sharp tup of tho gavel at 11:35 checked tlie sHint, and was followed a moment later by Chairman McKinley ordering the aisles cleared and some sort of order established. Tho prayer of Dr. Hoyt helped to produce silence nnd order. The reverem! gentleman prayed that the man to be selected as the standard-bearer might bo one chosen by tho Lord, and a man after his own hear'.. A little flutter of npplnuso greeted the report by Senator Quay that David Martin of Philadelphia had been selected as Penmylvanni i's member of the National coiumitte". Martin was Quay's candidate, auil his selection indicated tho continued sway of the senator in the Keystone state. A moment later Chairman McKinloy said: "Mr. Qj.iy, of Pennsylvania, reports on tho part of those opposed to the majority report, that they will iiinkn no furihcr opposition to its adoption." Prolonged cheers followed this announcement of tbo tucit acknowledgment of defeat by the opponents of tho majority report of the credentials committee, and the report was adopted by acclamation. A beparato vote was demanded by the Mormon contesting delegates of Utah on their case, but tho majority report was udopted aud the Mormons declared ineligible. MIcniOAN DELEOATES 11ETIHK. On request of Chairman Duflield, the Alger QiittMger, the Michigan delegation was allowed to retire for fifteen minutes for consultation, no nomination speeches folio made until after their return. At tin's juncture a magnificent bin piet was presented to Chairman McKinley from some unknown one and ho was freely applauded. A colored gentleman from South Carolina said that under tho rules of the Fifty-lirst congress, adoptod by this convention, ever; contestant had .1 right to a hearing, yet the committee on credentials had slammed the door-; in the faces of tbo contesting Alabama dele [ration and said that t.lioy should not be heard. Soinoone made the point of order, however, that tho obatrcperious Alabain- i in wus a member of no delegation upon tho lloor of this convention, and the colored gentleman was forced to subside. Then followed tho nominating speeches, Senator Wolcott nominating Blame rami ex-recretiiry of tho navy, 11. W. Thomi son nominating Harrison. When, during the mil of states Mivhignn wus reached, not a voico sounded for Alger or any other man. M. L Mutterson, a colored delegate from Mississippi, spoke for Blaine, as did also Bruno Fink, of Wisconsin, and Boyd (colored) of Toniusseo. _ Harris (colored) spoke for Harrison, whilo Warner Miller, of New York, while having no word to say Hguiust Harrison, warmly PU ogized Blaine. He hoped that the nominee ot the convonlion would receive the support of all republicans, which provoked heiirty apolauso. When Wisconain waa called ox-Senator Spooner came forward, and amid a .great demonstration, seconded tho nomination of Harrison. Tho ballot waa.thon ordered and tho roll of the states bogan with tho above showing land, (Cal,) Consolidated railroad company on a charge of embezzling $10,000. Beggs' whereabouts are unknown. Tan simultaneous disappearance of Cashier Anderson, of the Long Island Express compuiy, and a considerable sum of money belonging to the company ia reported. HiQuniNDEiis in San Francisco have warned Miss Culbertson, a missionary, who has been aotive in rescuing Chiness women from lives of degradation, that she urnst cease ber endeavors in that direction er be murdered. • s ^^ftVi «arvr^ tu»?raro^ M. Sraltb, Tuesday at Elkhart, Ind., but oquld find paly a few dollars. The police fxcMnged, about a dozen »hots with them, butnQ ope wa* injured so far M'known, !aj}»"jlngi, Ifout., robbed , i,In, JaitMM tbe »: ' " Tim Platform. '" " rcpr M-i.hi!ivi's of the republic-.»,< > • Uin e-i a ,iivs. us-einbled in genera' '•••M'ion, on tht) shores of las i-sippi river, tlio everl .isting bond el i -jdcstructiblo republic, whose _ mo-1 i 'ous chap'er cf history is a oul of tbo republicun party, congratu I -t<! their countrymen on the majestic m i) eh of tho nation undor banners iu- criiif-d with the principles in the platform 1 1888, vindicated at the polls and in the lo .-perity in our fields, workshops and mines, make the following declaration of principles: ' We reaffirm the American doctrine of protection. We oall attention to its growth abroad. We maintain that the prosperous condition of our country is largely due to the wise revenue legislation of our republican congress. "We believe all articles which <sannot bo produced in the United States, except luxuries, should be admitted free of duty, aud that on ail Imports coming into competition with the produots of American labor there Bhould be levied duties equal to tbe difference between tho wages abroad and at home. We assert that the prices of manufactured articles of general consmmption have been reduced under tbe operation of tariff act of 1890. "We denounce the efforts of tbe democratic majority of the house of representatives to destroy our tariff law* by peace- meal, a* is manifested by their attacks upon wool, lead and lead ores the chiof produots of a number of states, and we oik the people for their judgement thereon. "We point to the success ot the republican policy of reoiprooity under wbiob our export trade hoe vastly increased and the new and enlarged market* have been opened for the produots of our farms and workshops. Ave remind the people of tbe bitter opposition of tbe demooratio party to tbii practical measure, and claim that, executed by the' republican administration our present laws will eventually give as control of the trade of the world. "TheAmerloan people from tradition and interest favor bimetallism and the republican party demand the use of both gold and silver as standard money, with such restrictions, to be determined by legislation, at will secure tbe maintenance of a nwritv of values of the two metals, eo inatioii. mat the -puronasiDg and aeoi paying Up to the lust William McKlnley waa power ot a dollar, whether silver, gold or superb. When tbe nomination of tho paper, shall be at all timet equal. The president became praotically assured chair- interest of the producers of tbe country, man McKinley beckoned to tbe stage. Col. its farmers and its workingmen, demands Elliott F. Shepard of tho Empire Btate and that every dollar, whether paper or coin taking the floor, moved that tbe nomina- iasued^by tho government, shall beat good tlon of President Qairison hi mado by ao- as any other dollar. We commend the olammation. Tonight McKlnley stands wise and patriotio steps already taken by as having been true in tbe letter and the our government to secure international spirit of his fHelity to the president, and conferences, to adopt tuoh measures as of our republican institutions, and our party will never relent in its efforts until the integrity of the ballot and the purity of elections shall be fully guaranteed and protected in every atate. "We denounce the continued inhuman outrages perpetuated upon American citi- sens for political reasons in certain southern states of tho union. "We favor the extension of oar foreign commerce, the restoration of our raercan- ene taw wj awna etBR mist IM toe- creation of a navy for tho protection of our national interests and the honor of our flag; the maintenance of our most friendly relations with ull foreign powers; entangling alliances with none and tbe protection of the rights of fishermen. "Wo re-affirm our approval of tbe Monroe doctrine and believe in the achievement and manifest destiny of the republio in its broadest sense. "Wo favor the enactment af a more tiirgent law and regulations for tbe restriction criminal; pauper and contract immigration. "We favor efficient legislation by congress to protect tbe life and limb of em- employes of tranportation companies engaged in carrying on inter-state commerce nl recommend legislation by the respective states that will protect employes engaged in stato # commerce, in mining and in manufacturing. "The republican party has always been t he champion of the oppressed and has recognized the dignity and manhood irre- i -pective of faith, color or nationality. It sympathizes with the cause of home rale in Ireland, and protests against the persecution of the JOWB in Russia. "The ultimate reliance of a free and popular government is the intelligence of its people and the maintenance of freedom among men. Wo therefore declare anew our devotion to liberty of thought and conscience, speech and press, and approve all agencies and instrumentalities which contribute to the education of the children of the land; but while insisting upon tho fullest measure of religious liberty we are opposed to the union of the church and atate. "We reaffirm our opposition, declared in the republican platform^ of 1888, to all combines of capital, organized in trusts or otherwise, to control arbitrarily the condition of trade among our citizens. Wo heartily endorse the action taken upon this subject and ask for such further legislation as may bo required to remedy any defeotB in tho existing laws and to render their enforcement more complete and effective. "Wo approve the policy extending to towns, villages and' rural communities, •f ho advantages of tho free deliveiy service now enjoyed by tho larger citicB of tlio country and ro-uffirm the declaration contained in the republican platform of 1888, pledging the reduction of letter postage to one cent at the earliest possible moment consistent with the maintenance of the postofiice department and a high class postal service. "We recommend the spirit nnd evidence of reform in the civil service and the wise and consistent enforcement by tbe republican party of the laws regulating the same. "Tho construction of the Nicaragua canal is of the highest importance to th American people UB a measure of national defenso and to build up and maintain American commerce, and it Bhould be controlled by the United States government. "We favor the admission of the remaining territories at the earliest practicable Unto, having a due regard to the interests of the people of the territories nnd of thu United States. All federal officers appointed for tho territories Bhould bo selected from bona fiilo residents thereof, and) the right of self-government should be accorded as far aa practicable. "We favor the cession, subject to the homestead laws, of the arid publio lands, to tho states and territories in which they lie,undor such congiessipnalrestrictions as to disposition, reclamation and occupancy by settlers as will secure the mamimum benefit to tho people. "The world a Columbian exposition is a great national undertaking and congress should promptly enact such reasonable legislation in aid thereof ai will insure the dischargo of the expenses and obligations incident thereto and the attainment of a result commensurate with the dignity and progress of the nation, "We sympathize with all wise and legitimate efforts to lessen and prevent the evils of intemperance and promote morality. "Ever mindful of the services of the men who saved the life of tbe nation, we pledge anew te the veteran toldiers of oar republio the watchful core and recognition of their just claims upon a grateful people. "We commend the able, patrlotioond thoroughly American administration of President Harrison, Under it the country has enjoyed remarkable prosperity and its dignity has been faithfully maintained. We offer tbe record of the pledges kept as a guarantee of faithful performance in the future. 'CHINESE RIGID LAWS. Severe Measured for the HunlHlimen of Criminals Which are .Speedily Executed. There is uo Oppoitunlfy [lor Appeal. Tho Decision in all Cases Is Filial. Person Guilty of Murder siuHern Death by a Slow, i'aluf'ii 1 Process. grievous, «iuo»nc«»,, 8taw «*• o» tbe opotrery, e sua who lues trouble with a sail*, repines not M sntll mUfieps, end la whost the lounialui o| merriment ere ei»lly set rtoW, and we will >bow M»:men wUh-_a. Wo*< *te»«Wl»< U»e Hoetetter'itltomeciS flitters to tecerelbli bin*- so it ia but natural tbat be is the hero of the hour, Ex-Gov. Foraker of Ohio, the fiery and eloquont fighter of American will insure tbe porfty of talue between gold and silver for uw at money through out tbe world, "We demand that every oltittn of tbe United States tball be tJWed to cart ft free and unrestricted ballot In fJl vubllo elections, and tbat web ballot iball be counted and returned u --«ut| that mob laws shall be enacted and enforced M will 'leoure to every oititen, bebe rich or poor, native or foreign bora, white „Qf Muree, there i« « great deal of bltterf fy,* fofiwi equal ropremtoUoi* of all 8 ^i? M^' *B|? P«> b »Wy fpueh of this fiZfa M well M tuelrfat and equal pro- will live during the Qampoign, but whether ^t^^ey^ehTii wfffonHPon politics, generously swung the unanimous | vote of the Buckeye state into the column for MoKinley, No, this vote woe not quite unanimous, for McKinloy himself prevented it from being. so by refusing to yield the right pf ballot to bis. alternate, and by casting bis own voto for Benjamin Harrison. ' Arthur Mack, ex-chief of the Shanghai detective force, usfcrfs that while China bus a population of over 450.000,000 yel the criminal element in propor'ion to numbers is less than 10 per cent, of what it is in tho Chineso quarter of Sun Francisco. Ho accounts for this by the greatei stringency of the laws for the punishment of crime in China nnd the greater certainly of their administration. In proof of this ho has furnished The Alta with the following extracts from the Chinese penal code, of which he possesies what he claims to be tho only Enulish translation to be found outside ot Cliinn. As to the Belling of female children as slaves, Chinese law provides tbat any one who detains a fugitive child, or sells a child for a slave, chall receive, ninety blows and two and a half years' banish"- ment. If a female child is sold for marriage, the seller gctB eighty blows ami two and a half years' banishment. A hnrborer of robbers or a receiver of stolen booty, even though not a participant in tho principal crime, ia bcheadet'. Any wilful daruagoto crops ia punished UB theft, unil tho pen on or "persona causing the damngo must make good the full amount of ihodumiigo. All ngtd or infirm peri-ons must be cared for, and upon complaint hi ing mado to a mandarin he must provide food for the destitute aged nnd those who have no relatives. Neglect of his duty is rewarded with fifty blows. Bigamy is punished with ninety blows, nnd the marriage is null. If a niun ejects his son-in law the punishment is ono hundred blows, and if thf wito consents sho r-lso gets ono hundred blows. Whoever marries when his falher, mother, grandfather or grandmother is in jail gets eighty blows, unless by special command of such parent, in which case there shall bo no feast. Marrying ono of the same numo is punished by sixty blows. Forcibly taking a woman and marry ing her is punished by tho captor being strangled, and if tbe captor gives her to another person the punishment is the same. Any government official marrying a inusi- ciun, comedian, o one below his station gets sixty blows and the marriage is void A Jpriest marrying gets eighty blows and is expelled. A principal inthociimo of mui-dor or attempted murder, with a subsequent design to manglo the bodv nr divide the limbs of a porson, shall Buffer deuth by u slow and painful process. This consists in cutting off u bund, then :\ log, then an ear, then taking out an eye, tlun Bcojping a pieco'of flesh from tho body, nnd so on until life is extinct, when tho corpse is cut to pieces and made way with. The murderer 's wives, sons ana all inmates of his house, although innocent, shall bn perpetually banished 2,000 li, or about 700miles. Accessories contributing to the crime of murder iu tho slightest manner tball be beheaded. Other accessories, who neither contributed nor shared in the crime, but merely knew of its contemplated execution, shall be punished as ordinary accessories by being beheaded. If a murder is planned, butnopersoD is killed or wounded, the principal shall bo beheaded and all bis relatives banished. Any person who gives information of u crime or a contemplated crime sball receive from the government twenty ounces of silver. Any person or persona rearing venom OUB animals, or preparing poisonous drugs which are to ',be used to kill a person, although no person may have been injured, ahull bo beheaded. The property of any person guilty of this crime or violation of law shall be forfoiteil to tbe government, and ull hia relatives or inmates of his house, although innocent, shall be banishod 3,000 li, or 1,000 miles. Practitioners of medicine, or any person who protends to lie a practitioner, whr causes a patient's death, or injures a pa tient, or ndministetB drugs with a punc ture or needle, and thereby kills or wounds a patient, he shall be summoned before u magistrate, who shall call in other reputable practitioners, and if it sball appear to be an error, the practitioner shall be allowed to redeem himself of the charge by giving up his practice forever. If a practitioner aggravate a complaint for tbe purpose of extorting more money, the fee ao extorted ahall be considered stolen, and punishment inflicted in proportion to tbe amount so obtained, or attempted to be obtained. If a patient dies and the prac titioncr who attended the deceased IB shown to havo employed improper methods, he shall be beheaded. Any one who occasions death from fright or violent threats, or alarms another to such a aegree that the frightened person kills himself, Bhall, when reasonable cause WHY SIIK IIKSITATKD. Sho Ouilil not Miirrr film, llecimsn I10 KM Too K&trttVHgtuit. "S.ty you will be mine!" he pleaded. But she hesitated. "You have been very kind to mo," she said, "And I swear to devote tie balance of my life to you." bo protested. "Your devotion has always been marked," she assented. "I admit that you have piid mo every possible attention. You discovered my favorite flower and kept me supplied wub them all last winter. It wus very thou rhtful of 5011." "It was my love '• "And tho uon-boi s, George. You seldom left rue wittiout them. It mu>t have token a great deal of your salary to " "Pray don't speak of my salary, Luella. How can one think of money when trying to unlicip.ite your wishes? It was nnd is my greatest pleasure." 'You have seemed to think that 1 wus ton f.iiry-like to walk anywhere, no matter how short tho distance," she went on. A carriage, dearest—you'll let mo call j 011 dearest—n carriage is a small mattci when one enjoys your company. How could 1 ask you to walk when I knew you preferred to ride." '.'I appneiute it nil, George," she said; 1 appreciate it fully. And I like you, George. 1 —I—perhaps I cj'.ild truthfully ay 1 —But I can't marry you. I have thought the matter over cal inly nnd teri- ouely, and 1 feel that I could uot bo happy with you." "Why not?" h" asked anxiously. "Yon are too extravagant." "IK 1 WKIIi; A MAN." A Woman Itccttvt Somo of the Noble TIIIUK" him Might Do. Now, if I were a man, and 1 am grateful that I am 11 woman, except when it ruins, and I have a u.uff, a couple of books an umbrella, and a skill to take care of, and tbo umbrella won't stay straight and tho books will slide iillerwiird, and 1 have to lot my skirt down in tho mud tc- straighten things out, then 1 think that to be a woman is "middling well ua far as it goes," but I would like to bo u man and wear—j ickets But if I were a man, I would get rich or no, not so very mercenary, but fully appreciative of the value ot money. Then I wouldn't t ilk about, woman's wagging tongue, and then tell tho latest piece of gossip. Then, just iiecause I was tryin to gut icb, 1 wouldn't lie mean and stingy. Then if I wero married, 1 would nave a home; not at the newest and most fashionable apartment house, not at a boarding ouse, not, with my mother or my mother- in-law, but a real heme, which I would to make brighter every day for tbe little omun who took care of it. I would toll my wife. 1 would not wear iirned stockings before she wasted a hole moi wing darning them. I would tuke ber to tlio theatre every pelt and buy her Ibwers and candy for unday. I would not call her extravagant just because she wanted a new hat and gown every season when she had plenty that were just as good as muv. I would not !,« the kind of u mini known a ".lude," who spends his time staud- g on comers ogling and making srepectful remarks about woman, a isoruble individual who has no faith in worn in or belief in goodness.—Music and Drama. The First (juurrel. If the importance of avoiding the first quarrel could be firmly impressed upon the minda of all newly married couples it would provo an invaluuble lesson and spare them numberless unhappy days and oceans of tcarB. After the flrflt others only too ouaily; once remove the restraint, pride and natural reserve which bound them together, yet did not allow them to give way to tvory annoyance before each other, and you have opened a way for a constant resentment of every trifle which does not run smoothly. Mr. Morris and hia wife oach began their married life, al though unknown to each other, with a firm determination to make any sacrifice to avoid the first disagreement, and, ainco tho first really did not tako place, Morris is shown to have exiated on the part of tbe has spent tbe time in the hospital, won- suicide, bo punished with 100 blows. Any deting at tho forethoughts hiou prompted government officer who shall do this, or attempt to do it, shall receive the Bame punishment, and be obliged to pay tho family of the suicide ten ounces of silver If any person threaten or frighten an older relative so tbat the latter commits suicide, the junior so offending shall be strangled, If any prisoner resists an officer and strikes tbe latter so as to draw blood tne offender sball be strangled. If a criminal IUIO wiw *b° resists an officer is armed, and tbe prom ply dumped on top of him. A doter- oln cer kills him to Beoure bis person, or if mined rush and desperate jump landed tt criminal eicapes from prison or is killed him in the yurd, with a sprained ankle, w bile being pursued, or if runaway dlreotly under tbo window from which »..-»• his butter half showered him with a continual stream of dish water und rubbish of all sortB. Finally be was rescued by a neighbor and since then has been recruiting. His advioe ia not so so wise a resolution. Exaotly how it com menced he is uncertain, but be distinctly remembers tbat tho opening of the en gagement was his attempt to dodge a stove covers a small shovel of coal came next, followed by the shovel itself, accompanied by the tonga and poker; gained the dining-room with the caster, two dinner plates and a pitcher oucling around Lis head, while a three-legged stool knocked bim down, and the breakfast table was virimioal destroys himself, tbv offlcwr shall in no wise be unswerable for tbe prisoner's death, In any case where a criminal is killed, where the offense charged against him was punishable with capital much to avoid punishment, and the officer had no legal _ 1 constitution "4TW, to assault or wound bim, Br moy stand that, but beware of tbe con- punishment of the polioe officer shall sequences that follow disagreement. m any oase exceed 100 blows. WglSKY T/HTJBT. If a prisoner releasee any other prison I* Win. victor, in tlie Uniteq states 6t fl ?? {.', b ? exempts, it, he makes bim Court »t Cleveland, ^' self liable to the punishment of tho most CLEVELAND , June H.~Judge A. J. ""'"ftVbo escape or try tpeso<p», Hick* in th«n„ii »A DI in J . f, *' : provided tbe punishment sball not excred Hicks, in tbe United States district oourt 100 blows and banishment for K.OOOil, or today, denied the warrants for tbe re- 1,000 mileB. If one or more prisoners In K p vft i, of Warren H. Corning and Jullns prison rlee against th«l* keepers, and thus * -lifwlii of ibi" city, to tbe Unite effeot an escape, they shall be beheaded, Htates district court of Massachusetts, for no mutter what their previous offense m«y answer -to ind lot ments found against have been. , n 9 ? MiPSpA 0 "! °f. , tofl »M«key Vuet, , Toereareaiewtamplasof the Chinese He held that tbe indictment^ were iniuffl- laws, tbe whole code of China being brief oient in charging ne 'a crime either and to the point. The Walt there we bo- the purchase and use of distilleries, or the ton mag stratei, and decision is Pn*l, no sale of their prodaeta. opportunity for appeal Ulng provided lor. CATS ON A VALIiltlAN IJRUNK. IIuw un Artist Got Uvuu wliitli n Neighbor Who ritiytu! tho Cornul. All gentleman atllicted with un aversion for rented chambers in town near a celebrated artist. Tho latter was subject to agonizing headaches, which wero intensely ggravated by his neighbor's persiatent practicing on n cornet, or big fiddle, nr some such instrument of cur splitting torture, lie seut repeated messages, most politely praying for an interval of respite, Out finding that his petitions were discourteously ignored, and being worried beyond endurance, ho nt last hit on a plan of revenge by enlisting a whole army of cutullios in order to rout his foo. Knowing the extraordinary weakness of cats for valerian and its t-fficfs upon them as a maddening intoxicant, he wont to tho neurest chemist and invested in u largo packet. This bo sprinkled on the low roofs before tho windows, and in u very abort timo tbo scent attracted nil the neighbor.)' cats. Theto deliriously de- lighed at HO abundant a store, Bpeodly sent round invitations to ask their friends to come and sham tho bliss of gotling thoroughly drunk. In loss than ro time whole regiments enmo trooping in und, tho Domestic Monthly suys, a wild orgy continued for hours. Tin WIIJIP company wero soon quite mad, fighting and mewiinfj, dancing und scrambling, till th-s barbarian with the mus'c.l ear rack was tearing his hair in a frenzy nu wild as tho cats. Soon a shower of rain washout the valerian into the courtyard below, ao that whoever walked ucross it brought in particles on tho Eoles of his fee.t and scented tho stairs, so the cits followed even to the very chamber of tho cat-hater, who thus was thorougly punished, while bis neighbor waa so enchanted at the success of his little game that the headuche was effectually banished. Oreeu Pe» Soup, Cook togother for thirty minutes one quart chicken stock, one pint canned peas, one onion, ono slice of carrot, one sprig of parsley, one-half a bay leaf, one sprig of tbymc, one stalk of celery und one clove, all but the pr-aa to be tied in a rnufelin. Remove tbo herbs and rub tbe peas and stock through a sieve. Reheat tbe soup, add one tablespoon butter and, ono tablespoon flour cooked together, one teaspoon salt and one saltspoon pepper. Add also one cup cream and serve us soon as hot. Etreols, E'iiat, we note the effect upon the king, 'then was tho king exceeding glad." He was allowed to boirow Borne of Daniel's gladness. A king is hardly likely to bare ae good a stock of that on hand as a prophet, and so the latter, ia a neighborly way may help him out onco in a while, u i-s hard to tell whether DariuB was gladdened from his loving interest in Daniel, or from tbe relief to his own conscience, or hv the degree, aud kind of faith he bad in Daniol's God, possibly all three. But it must be a high joy to a saint when he is permitted to bring happiness to those by whoso order he was persecuted, And this is one of the crowning joys of Christ . himself. UOY Kll.LBD. Two Electric Cur* Collide «ud Hell Uawu 111)1, Injuring; the riusengere. LAWRENCE , Mass,, June 11,—There came near beinf a horrible ucoident on tbe Andover eleotrio road this afternoon. Two oars going down a hill collided, and as a result an unknown boy lies at the point of death, a lady passenger has both legs broken and a motor man and conduct or have broken limbs, and a half a dozen others injured. A newly discovered vein of asbestos in New South Wale* yields reddish fibers 18 inches long, silky and flexible.

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