Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on January 10, 1950 · Page 16
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 16

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 10, 1950
Page 16
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They ere deitructlve to your property, For tree Information cell Century Termite Control Phone 192 lOlt Ruikin Ave.. Edwardivllle. Ill All WOrk a'U» rlln t e *"-__i— — nT-rr-rTMC- PAINTING & DECORATlNG-Hemovlng wallpaper and patch plaiterlng. No. monev down with 36 month, to pay H •o detlred, All work guaranteed. Free ritlmaten. John Ewlng^ 2^8709. PAPER HANGING — Patch plaiterlng Prompt Mrvlce, Dial 4-22M. WANTED— Paper hanging. Good at reasonable prlcet. Ph 2«l« Vager >treet. . hone 3-BBB7 or RESIDENTS OF EAST ALTON AND WOOD RIVER AREAS FREE DELIVERY AND PICK-UP SERVICE FOR WHITE WAY LAUNDRY ALTON'S Shirt Laundry CALL ACE CLEANERS — 4-75U Dewey Kelley SLEEPING aOOMS 41 SLEEPING BOOM — For rent In E«»t Alton. Dial 4-7177 or_4j-4jiaB_aaer_7_pm ALi7~MObEHN SLEEPING ROOM — Single or double. Ladles preferred. DUI 4-11873. WOOD RIVER—Clean, modern sleeping room; private entrance. ISO 10th itreet. 3-7237 VEHY NICE ROOM—With private entrance, all conveniences; cooking privileges, suitable for working couple or 3 girls. im.D. .Bth._Dlal_a-1737. ATTRACTIVE ROOM—For 1 or 3 in nice home. 1216 Brown. 2-78B3. 1 SINGLE—And 1 double sleeping room tor rent. 100 Lorena avenue. 4-3864. 1 SLEEPING ROOM—For gentleman. 801 Bond. 2-24011. LARGE SLEEPING ROOM—Single or double. 17 N. 6th street, Wood Hlver. Dial 4-8529. MODERN SLEEPING ROOM — River. 4-4974. SLEEPING ROOM — For rent. Dial 2-731*. . _ _ ___ WHY WAIT?— Get %oar decorating done now before the iprlng ruin. There !• no pla»terlng Job too »mall or too arge for ui. Will we platter your celling.' Veil Will we planter your complete room? Veil Ye.1 Will we remove your wallpaper, paint your walls or hang wallpaper Yen! Do we guarantee our work? Yesl Will we decorate your whole house and give you easy term»T . Yesl Why not phone us today No ob- llgatlon. Of course not. Phone 2-4726 MODERN SLEEPING ROOM—For rent. Gai heat, on bus line. 718 E. Fergu- »on, Wood River. Dial 4-3B4B. SLEEPING ROOM—For lad'y. Phone 3-7B17. UgflllUIa. UK *.«**»••« isv*. • •• — ••• _ INTERIOR PAINTING - Bemoving or cleaning wallpaper; floor reftnlshlng. Special prices now. 3-8364, INTERIOR DECORATING - Plastering', patch plastering, removing wal 1 Reference. Free estimates. Dial DIAL J-aUl - For free estimate on floor sanding and Inside painting. WALLPAPER STEAMER FOB BENT- Olal a-2141. 1004 Phlnney. ______ FLOOR SANDING - And reflnUhjng"; alto painting Beasonable rates free estimates Dial 3-8M4 or 3-3830 _ __ MAKE OLD FLOOBB LIKE NBW-Keiil our high speed sender and edger Dial 3-aui 1004 Phlnney __ PAINTING. DECOBATINO - Removing wallpaper plastering, patch plastering ' oui ' specially All work &•*•£%£ References. Free estimates. DUI »•*»« a-»na. _______ INTERIOR PAINTING— Plastering and ; patch plastering. If you are tired ol old wallpaper, call us today we win remove your wallpaper and with the latest style colors, we will remodern- lie your home. Call today for a free fMker Aluminum CROXTON BROS. TILE CO. Oge 140$ Rodgers Ave — & TELEVISION SERV. rOU» HEN TO UMVICE VOU SQUARE DEAL SHOP 720 E BROADWAY - 3-9411 •REQENZEBS Radio, Television Serv- Ice at your home. Guaranteed. Dial 34002. 1228 Slate. »TO»AUK—liOVINU lUICK MbVlNC •MS. BELCHEI IrVJTtH BROS. MOVING" LOCAL - LONG D1BTANCB DIAL 4-6561 IB W Ferguson Wood Rivet Alter II F M Dial «-»*_» Ised Furniture Bought and Bold A. NEVLIN MOVING, STORAGE ACHoaa nut irriucri OB ACROM THE CONTINBIIT LOCAL * LONG DISTANCE 1$H yAHUMUTON A»B OiAt II4MS HeCOV TRANSFER CO. IIS rBONI BT ALTON ILL. ^^-CTup^ MoVWa *. A LM.I.R Outei MgV V <mm^t\ CBa%TlnO BWAIBBD turn N0»m AMBBIgA^ VAN UNBB lac Call xff Art* * o*s» *-3tH ___ ...... eloa* to » ' '" BOOMS BOOM — In Private home, but Un»», fareakUtt it de- ~Aa.oTn. >tio hoi water. 1308 WOOD RIVER—Large modern sleeping room. Phone 4-8847. _ NICE ROOM—In private home. Block from bus. Dial 3-9186 after 6 p. m. «$ BOOM AND BOABB ROOM £ BOARD—For 2 gentlemen. Private, modern home. Call...3j»55j.__ BOUBEB.BEPINO BOOMB 1 LARGE HOUSEKEEPING ROOM Dial 4-668.V TWO ROOMS—First floor; front and , back entrance, close In. 22 E, 8th. O'NE'B'ASEMENT ROOM — For light housekeeping. Outside entrance. On Ims line. No objections to one child. 2-3293. U PARTLY FURNISHED ROOMS — 1008 E. 4th street. AfA8tTalBlittU.ri.ATB a 1JASEMENT ROOMS — Dry, Phone 2-1292. 3 "itOOM -~ Unfurnished apt. Private entrance, private both. Wood River. Adults. Ca_njj.5BB8 after 5:30 p.m. 3 AND 4 ROOM — Unfurnished modern ants., automatic heat and water furnished. Apply between 7 and B p.m. Acton Apia., apt. No. 7, 37 Bast Acton, Wood «lv«r TWO ROOM APT. — $3o7oo per month. Two rooms partly furnished $42 per month. Lights, heat, water furnished. G. H. Fornliiig. Hartford, III. Nbllf.T~ALl'6N—For rent, modern 4 room*, unfurnished apt. Utilities fur- nl»hed. Dial _3_*1M' '. FOR REN'r—a~unfurnUhed rooms, modern. 3-7100 or 3-8359. 3-ROOM UNFURNISHED APT. — With shower. Dial j-7497. . WOOD RIVER—a~room apt. Steam heal, private V> bath, telephone! also washing machine, reasonable. Dial 4-8396^ 3~LOVKLY UNFURNISHED ROOMS And bath. Private entrance, first floor. Automatic heat, large basement with laimdry_facllltles_._1011 State. 2 UNFURNISHED ROOMS—Lights, heat, w * l !_t-_I! h - on ?_i??^''UNFURNISHED APT.—Middletown. 3 large room and bath, bedroom, living room, kitchen and dinette; or vale entrance, Venetian blinds and bulll-ln kitchen cabinets; heat and electricity furntihed, »7» per month. Garage available. Write Box 710, care lele- graph. 5~LARGE-ROOM UNFURNISHED APT. —In Godfrey. Large yard, heat and water furnished. 3-B5»7. ROXANA — 4-room modern basement apt., on bus line 4-8336. 3-ROOM APT.—Heat and water furnished. One block to bus. References. Mlddletown. 818 Arch itreet 3-5438. _ 3-ROOM APT.—Couple. "Lights, water and heat ffnjahed^BM._Dlal_ 4-781B, 4-ROOM MODERN APT.—Private bath, new electric range, heat, hot water, electricity furnished. Good location on bus line. $85.00 per month Write Qox 830, care Telegraph. 48 - ______ FOR RENT — Two room furnished apt. Cjas^ llfhl. heat^and wajy 3'?0"3_. 2 FURNISHED APTS. — Private entrance. ulilillllei and washing privileges, adults only. 335 N. 3rd Si. Wood River. ;MIT3. __ 3 FURNISHED ROOMS — For relit. lii« Went rorre.l. Hartford. 3 ROOM FURNISHED — ~BaseinenT apt . In new home. Electric stove and Ice box, lights, heal and water furnUhed- $50 month. Call after 8:30 p.m. 455 Tip- Broadway Washir Rtpalr Genuine Bendlx Part* Pfrto and Rolls for all machlnM Call for and IMlvar. QUICK SEKVIUE Dial *-SMo ISM C. .Broadway 4(1 rURNISHED APARTMENTS FOR COUPLE — 2 clean, comfortable rooms, nicely furnished, including utilities. B23 Whlttlcr. Wood River. TWO NEW APTS., Ready—3 rooms, private bath, gas heat, automatic hot water; very nice. 3412 Bolivar street, one block north ot Hlllcrest off Milton road. After 5 call 2-4797. THREE MODERN ROOM'S—Bath, lights, water, heat, furnished. 1212 Main St. 4-ROOM FLAT — Furnished; modern. Adults. 2-2SR7. 3-ROOM FURNISHED APT—For rent. Heat, lights, water, garage and wash- inn facilities furnished; private bath and entrance. Call 4-8078 after 5 p. m. 2-ROOM FURNISHED APT. — No Objections to children. 3-5931. 2-ROOM FURNISHED APT. — Electric box. hot water and stoker heat. 1244 W. Pth. 2-RUOM FURNISHED APT — Modern. Adults. Wood River. 4-.1304. 3-ROOM ALL MODERN APT — 4-4797. J'" E ' Hawthorne. Hartford '_ MODERN 2 ROOMS—Private bath, private entrance, gas heat. Adults. 821 E. 6th; WANTED—Mlddleaged woman to share my home. Dial 2-5380. 41 HOUSES FOB BENT FOR RENT - Modern 5-room with oil furnace, furnished. Lincoln Dr., Cottage Hills. P. D. Chapman FOR RENT " New 4-room modern home, located In new subdivision. Per month $85 New 4-room modern home, located In Uppec Alton. Per month $85 CLOVER LEAF AGENCY Phone 3-8448 After 3:00 P. M. Call 2-1781 - 2-3984 - 3-8130 48 rUKNIBHICU HOtlgtll 4 ROOM BASEMENT HOUSE — Furnished, with garden $40 per month. Children welcome. Cottage Hilts. Phone 4-2001. 58 BUSINESS PLAt!E8 RADIO It TELEVISION SHOP — For rent. Some equipment needed. Write Box 660, care Telegraph. FOR RENT or SALE—Masonry building, 28x42. at 1D7 Colliding avenue, East Alton. Suitable for grocery, etc. •Oil heat and water furnished. Two apts. above now occupied. Dial 4-8884 MIBOKLLANHOUII 35-ROOM HOTEL—-Or rooming house, furnished, Located In downtown area Write Box 880, care Telegraph. WANTKU K> «BN1 WANTED — 2 or 3-room furnished apt. Responsible party, A Item. Call 3-613 1 . TERRITORY MANAGER— For large oil company needs 3-bedroom unfurnished house li.v Feb. 1st. In Alton-Wood Rivci .___ . RELIABLE COUPLE"— De'sire 4 or 5- room modern house. Have 1 small baby Dial 2-1753. ___ WANTED TO RENT— 5 "or' 6-rooin "house, unfurnished, _AUon. _ Phone 2-1566. WANTED'~TO RENT— s~or ' 8-roonV~house In desirable neighborhood Will lease. Phone 3-3500. tt rABMk ANU LAND 40 ACRES—20 acres tillable. D-rooni house with electric lights, telephone and plenty of water under roof of back porch; we have plenty of thade and located on new State Aid road 13900. C. R. Anderson, Cldred, 111.. Rt. No. 1. HOUM* for Sale _____ On bus line, oil privilege* If desired _. 2 ROOM~FURNIBH~lfb APT. - Heal and water. Excellent location. 43B E. 3rd. FURNISHED - 4 room *pt . private bath and entrance, alt electric kitchen excellent area, In new brick home, jyaao. __ _____ __ 3 ROOM APT. —Modern, private entrance. close to Western, adults. 808 SI. Louis Ave., East Alton, 4;««I3 1 ANY'YOUNG COUPLE - InTerested lii a clean, well furnished all modern apartment 13 room efficiency) In nice residential dlilrlct at moderate rent. apply 855 First HI., Wood River, ««») ol ' swlinmlngpopl.. 3~ROOM APARTMENT - Adults only. 8i» East em BI. Phone a-aoaa. MOOMS — And kitchenette, water aiid heal furnished Frlgldalre 1408 Wli- lard, a-3547 __ ______ ._ f WO FUBNIiHiD ROOMS - rrlfldalre WU) «8e 3t»Vf • M4 «•*»«• FO« SALE—New FHA approved home* In Wood Htver or East Alton a» lot* us $330 down and $43 per month. These ar« I'i'sl buys. Must be seen to be appreciated. Phone Kdward-vlllc 2168 jUlph 1\ l.add._Gni»r»l Contractor. 4, S «i"6 ~HOOM"S—»Toi)6""down. ImmecT late poiwes.lon. Good location. . HIEHL AGENCY 303 Delmar. z-ira Evening. .1-372.1 KbSEWOOlT"HEIGIITS - New 4~room brick house. Hardwood doors. Inlaid In kitchen and bath, wired for stove, insulated, full basement, hoi air tur- nace. Lol 80x100. $3000 down, balance at rent. $43 Per month. Dial 4-3083. _ | FOR SAi._-N*w .-room "brick "home. Coved celllniis, Inlaids. chime*, oabl- ueu. beautifully plastered, Ideally located, exceptionally well built. Beady for occupancy. $11.200, or will rent to right party. Dial 8-11)83. S-KOOM MODEHN HOME — Hot air heat. Insulation In attic, hardwood floors In living and dining room, edge grain pine In hall and bedroom*, wired for stove; also has gas, norm windows, cabinets and Inlaid ill kitchen; garage. For further Information dial 3-433B. __ . KOH SALE - Nice~'counlrv home of) highway, u miles from Wood Klver. 1 large rooms. IVj baths, hoi water healer, stoker, acre of ground Good condition. Sell on contract No reason .ffi'.l. o»*r refused. Bethalto 1T*«B8. FOR SALE - In MeadoMTbroof, 3 room cottage with 3 large lot*. $1300. Apply Meadowbrook Grocery, Phone Bethel- to wa. J •*» ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH TUESDAY, JANUARY 10, tIM 1949 DEMONSTRATORS DeSoto • Plymouth DEMONSTRATQRt, OFFICIAL CARS- N«w Mni •tftrtd ti • tr^mandttit MV- Inft. ACT WHILE WE HAVE THEM. Alton's DtSeto- Plymouth Dtilcr CHILES MOTORS 112 W. Fourth Dial 3-3539 Pay scattered bill* — than have only on* payment each month. faMMf* YES MAN says YES to 4 out of 5 omployed msn or women—employer or outsiders not involved. If a loan will tolvo your problem, coma in or phone today.. You'll get prompt service. Uont $95 I* $300 on denature, Furniture, ,. er Car Repay MenlM* IS Mat. 20IKM. CASH YOU GET $110 J9.24 7.42 SNO $15.88 12.73 $2*0 $21.49 17.18 Loom of othtr amount! in proportion, Cbargtt on J% on impoid mo. ho/, up la 1150, 2% mo. lo $300, 1% mo. en hoi, obov* (7) TMI COMUMrfftHAT lIKIt fO SAV FINANCE CO. 9nd FL • (Over Solly Ano Shop) 301 MUI ST., A1TON, ILL Phene: 2-7513 • Leille Hyndmon, Yl$ MANoe.r Ittni mitt It mlimt. si ill imimUjiii ls»ni WANTED AUTOMOBILE SALESMAN For Permanent Position with ono off the big 3 franchited dealers. Salary and Commission Basis. Write Box 720. Care Telegraph 6* HOUIEt. FOE BALI S^ROOM HOUSE FOR SALt-Cottage Kills. 4-0098. LINCOLN ADDITION — Near new hospital. New 4-room modern, jusr completed, ready to move in, full basement, pipe furnace, nice bath, large kitchen. Only $5250.00. Terms. GOULDING AVE. — 5 room modern, with extra sunroom, full basement, good furnace, stoker, garage. New insulated brick-like siding $6000.00 Terms. Be Thrifty in 1950 — 1 Buy a Home! HALE REALTY CO., REALTORS Dial 2-7121 GROSlTrrEArESTATE WOOD RIVER AVE., EAST ALTON Attractive 5-room home and sun room; fireplace, living room. hardwood floors throughout, modern Youngstown cabinet unit. 2 bedrooms, closet*, bath shower, part tile, concrete basement, furnace and garage. Immediate Jjosses; •ion ' $10.500 PHINNEY AVE. 8-room modern 3 rooms and entrance hall down, hardwood doors, cabinet sink, 3 bedrooms, closets, up; 3 bath*. oil heat, good roof. Immediate P 0 ***: slon NEAR STATE 6-room brick. Large reception nail. Urge living room, dining room, kitchen with modern cabinet*, 3 large bedrooms, closets, 2 porches, ornamental fireplace, built-in bookcases. Level lot 00x144. Large closets, hardwood floors full basement, hot air furnace, new bus line, near Cathedral ...... ^?lviiT LORENA AVE.-WOOD RIVER 7-room frame house. Excellent «? nd '' lion, newly decorated, modern kitchen unit, Venetian -blinds, 5 roomj down, 1 up. tile bath, automatic hot walcr. hot air furnace, garage; 3-room modern apt. In rear Income MS per month. Will take 4-room house in t ra de ....... .$11,580 GARDEN STREET Duplex. Two s-room apts. Beautiful kitchen, cabinets, knotty pine chaii board, new plastic linoleum IB both apts.. living room and dining room. newly papered, a baths. 3 turnacea, concrete basement, 2 garages. Home and income $55 .......... •• ....... i "* au DIAMOND ST. Modern 6-room. 4 rooms and bath down 2 up; newly deeorateo; Inside, newl Patrick'. 4 rooms. Large living room. •««•»•»« condition, 1 bedrooms, cloeeU, twth. wired for stove, hardwood floors, two Enclosed porch.., < u ll basement, furSScerYtoker: ne.r bus. w.lklng dia- tance to butlneat district and schools •Jtg»»V I»£el , .,,,.» NEAR SIDNEY ST. •as 5 bedrooms bath, large Itvina. room Price • HOXANA g room*. I floor. 3 bedrooms, bath, closets living room, dining room, kiwhen. holalr Jurnace, wlred'or stove, concrete basement Lol »*7iSi 3ODFBBV — '$ room' 'modern,' kitchen, cabinet unit. Inlaid. *nlranco haU. guest closet, living room, dining room. Stsft^affK^ ££ asp's •&' 3 TSm '.£ u&Z loom, wired lor .love. In.ulated, modern kitchen, garbage disposal, lot loon WO. Irull tree*, garden, chicken houae IHEPPAHD ST — 4 room modern, 3 "r» old. H.W.P., cabinet unit, kitchen, linoleum, $ bedrooms, furnace part bath • GHOSH REAL ESTATE 100!) Phlnney Avenue Allct Office Phone: • F. M. CaU I-7IM For Comfort and Protection V-Seal Storm Sash Aluminum Awnings DIAL 4-3922 ALTON VENETIAN BLIND CO. 603 St. Louis Ave. E. Alton, III. HOUIEI 'OB IALB BEAUTIFUL — Completely modern 5- room brick. Full basement, garage. Priced tor quick sale. $7500. Phone 2-6335. 6 LARGE ROOM HOUSE in Upper Alton. Price ......$6300 10 ROOM ALL MODERN—HOT water heat, on College. Immediate possession $7000 C. H. AUTEN AGENCY Call 3-8422 Drew. 2-1296 Tuetken' 3-5095 Hale 2-2246 ELI M. CREER WOOD RIVER, Acton Ave. — 5-room modern home. Very large floor plan, in A-l condition. Hardwood floors, cabinets and inlaids; Venetian blinds, large closet space, gas water heater, large screened-ln porch, garage. Financed through FHA, Price $8400 MILTON AREA—5-room modern home, fully insulated, hardwood floors, cabinets, Inlaids. stoker heat, storm sash, sun porch $8100 MIDDLETOWN—8-room modern home. Newly decorated, inlaids in kitchen and bath. Venetian blinds, wired for stove, large closet space, forced air heat, garage. 1 block from bus. Price. , * $8050 MILTON ROAD—A beautiful, large 4- room modern home. Very large living room, hardwood floors, cabinets and inlaids. Venetian blinds, large closet space. G. 1. or F. H. A. <oan. Price '. , $9250 PARK DRIVE, • Bethalto—3-room home in A-l condition. Oil heat, water and lights. Large level lot. Price $2500 WASHINGTON AVE.. Cast Alton - 4- room modern brick home In good condition. Venetian blinds, storm windows, screened porch. A good buy. Small down payment $4800 FRANKLIN AVE., Cottage Hills - T- room modern home in perfect condition. 1 years old. Large floor plan, ft rooms on lint floor, 2 rooms and bath on second door; also shower in basement. Hardwood floors Venetian blinds, storm aash. cabinets and Inlaldn : Double garage, large lot, 140x280. Price EAST ALTON— S-room modern home. Fully Iniulatttt. Hardwood floors, cabinets and inlaids, Venetian blinds, automatic gas heat and water heater. Sacrifice price. $1000 down, Price ftSOb WOOD RIVER, Slate St.— 4-room modern home In A-l condition. Cabinets ... ELI M CREER AGENCY AND REALTOR Office Phone: 3-7504 2-3735. a-4»88. 2-85T1. 4^«a». -MeOO NORTH ALTON — 4 room" all modern brick house, just a years old, HWF, cabinets, gaa heat, basement garage, price $8BOO. Dial 2-4606 EXCELLENT INVESTMENT - And home, a houses on one lot. 8 room modern. Excellent close in location. $ft»50. 7 ROOM HOUSE— On T acre* of ground, near Fosterburg, fireplace, garage in basement, insulated, large «*?<*•«> house and other out buildings. Will sell or trade for 3 bedroom house la Upper Alton. 2-8B03. May I Help You Buy or Sell a HouteT MRS, HAROLD HEWITT 3-8T33 Pohlmao • TiiujUy Agency. 3-t*lll WANTED—Small modern home'in oi near Godfrey. 3-3718. WB WILL PAY CASH-ForToU la and on outskirts of Alton Write BM «o, care Telegraph CASH— For unaU modara home, fairly BrUwfL CLOVER LEAF tosey t-AMMftV St.—« mm frMH*, RROWN STREET -» mm MtsMMI ffrBflse), flMBIBMf 4 dawn, 9 up and hath, nicely ftMt pofeB, Btuttry, wired tot electrie slave. Pttee 96300 BERING AVBVM5-4 year oM, • rooms, celling insulated, automatic hot water heater, Venetian Minds. l«t 4*xl26, redwood sMIng, hardwood floor*. $1M« down. Price 18000 UPPER ALTON—« room modern; one floor, corner lot, Range, fully Insulated, good location Price $8060 MILTON AREA—4 room modern, hardwood floors, cabinets In kitchen, gas furnace, Insulated celling, 4 rooms and furniture. Lot 50x149, garage. F.H.A. loan. Price $1O,5OO FRU1TLAND AVE. — 4 room house, wired for electric stove. 4.a acres. Trade, or $im down. Price ..$4750 MILTON AREA — New 5 room brick, forced air gas furnace, garage In basement, Inlaid (n kitchen and bath, hardwood floors, cabinets, storm windows. Nice location, FHA loan. Price $11,OOO EAST ALTON, ILL. —5 room modern, screened - In front porch, storm windows and screens, double garage. Price $6500 WOOD RIVER — 5 room brick, ranch style, breeceway and garage, hardwood floors, rubber tile in kitchen and bath, gas furnace and electric water heater, reception hall and closets. F.H.A. loan 112,500. Price *15,OOO PARK DRIVE — 4 room modern, hardwood floors, cabinets in kitchen, gas furnace. Price $7900 MIDDLETOWN—« room frame, screened front porch, large closets, fireplace, new forced nir furnace, S rooms down, 8 rooms and bath up. Nice quiet location. Prjce, $1O,5OO stairway, screened-in front porch, hardwood floors, ex* tra large closets, folly Instt* lated, sink BBS! stool In hase- ment, tra*Hy furnace with stoker, automate las heater, pOttrea MBCffejle fOttfMBnOB, double (Brace. Lot MxMl. PHee 816,800 8ANFORD AVE.—« room mod- era, forced air oil furnace, Karate. Can he used for apartments. Price .. 98950 RODOERS AVENUE — • room modern, 4 rooms down, S rooms up, larafe, corner lot. •1809.M down. Price 97300 MILTON AREA—New ff >oom house, all modern, veneUaa shades, hardwood floors, 1 haths and t showers. Upstairs has private entrance and h rented, good Income. 9 room house and carafe built on back of lot, also rented. Pflc 912,000 STATE STREET — «'/j room brick, double brick Karaite, open stairway, fireplace, excellent location. One of Alton's nicer homes. Price 920,000 FARMS NEAR BUNKER HILL — 160 acre farm, 100 acres In cultivation. « room house, hie barn, 2 granaries, Includes equipment and livestock. Price 922,000 ROSEDALE, ILL. — 80 acres, 35 acres in cultivation, 4 room house and barn, includes livestock and farming; equipment. Will trade. . Price 96350 MULBERRY GROVE—SO acres, 55 acres in .cultivation, K room house, good road and electricity. Price . .9695O SUMMERVILLE, ILL. — 38 acres unimproved, cood road and electricity available. Price -. $13OO RODOERS AVENUE — 2H acres, good road, electricity available, nice building; site. Price *850 We Have a Number of Building and Commeyial Lots Located in and Near Alton. FOR QUICK SALE LIST YOUR PROPERTY WITH US CLOVER LEAF Agency REALTORS 2-1781 3018 EAST BROADWAY Phone 8-8448 After 5:00 P.M. Call 2 3984 2-4939 3 8130 1940 MERCURY 4 DOOR SEDAN Original black finish. Good rubber. $495 HARV & PHIL REILLEY 1025 E. BROADWAY DIAL 2-8732 «g WANTED—«>At WANTED—80 to 120 acres unimproved land with outbuildings. JMal 4-7251. CITV * FARM PROPERTY WAN'l EDIT* have cask buyers for voui property Cell Us tot run APPtaiMi •LI M ORECR AOtrJCY «-T104 OUUg - CAT* COCKER SPANIEL PUPPIES-Golden. A. K. C. registered. Champion stock. 10 weeks old. 2 females. Phone Bethalto 403. PEKINGESE PUPPIES—Also itud service. 212 Gerson. GERMAN SHEPHERD PUPPIES—A. K. C. registered. Show quality. Champion stock. Phone 3-1853 or 3-aoei. BEULAH and ORlOLE - Two black curly cocker puppies. Diai_4-801b. _ CANARIES - And love birds, guaranteed singers; also hen bird for breed- Ing Dial 2-1837 613 Lampert FEEDS AND BEEDS BALED ALFALFA—Timothy and clover hay, also hay in itaek*. Boot. Stark, Seminary road. _____ FOR SALE—Hay and bale. Fred Bachman. Dial 3-OT04. LIVBBTOOB PURE BRED Spotted Poland China male hog, not registered. iaS-150 Ibs. Alfred J. Walls. Rt. 1. Moro. Dial . . HOME KILLED MEAT FOB Fresh meat. Custom butchering. 4-aaoa. _____________ FOR SALE— IS weaning plga. Clarence Creeling. Godlrey, Phone »-a03B. _ « fiirum \nu snifri..^ FRYERS. HENS-Alive or dreaied free and delivered; fresh eggs. V. mile out Alby street road, turn right at sign. a-ao53. ODELL FRANCIS. FOR SALE—1 chicken batteries. •!»»• Dial 3-7«Oa. ^. FOR SALE — Full blooded bantam roosters, baby swing, wonted comfort, overcoat. 3-8554. n ABTirus FOB COAL RANGE - Cheap. $10.00; oil range $5.00; sewing-machine $10.00. 3300 Belle. PAIR BOY'S SHOE SKATM - Pair girl'a shoe skates. 3-5478. • LADIES CHICAGO RINK SKATES Biu «. Used, twice. 4-4741. SIDE OVEN GAS STOVE — For sale. Phone a-«375. THOB GLAD1RON — B new. Phone 4-$oM abli ew, rtwum m PMUP. WHITE CIUNILLE — Bed *preadi, twin sl»e, like new. $15, CaU 3-T903. SHERATON — BuHet lor aale. S-B4M. BLACK AND IVORY - Table top gas stove. Good condition. Very reatona-ie: 4-5M0. FOR SALE — Girls white figure shoe , $11. 3-7447. skates, slie 1. like new FOR RALE — 1 pr. ladles ice ikates. slie SVi; fur coat si»e 14; suits, skirts, coats and dre*.e7 iKea » to 14. »OT West Delmar, North'Alton, a-a4oa. . DRAFT BdCBB. SOX— Two H-barrelf, -Bit, «m 4-tlOL WANTED 6 KOOM MODERN HOME in Middletown or Upper Alton. Must have immediate possession. Will pay approximately *12,OOO FOR A QUICK SALE CALL HALE REALTY CO. 2616 EAST BROADWAY DIAL 2-7121 INCOME TAX SERVICE 8 A. M. to 9 P. M. E. C. BROEHL Formerly with Internal Revenue 601 BROADWAY AND HENRY Phone 8-8022 ALTON, ILL. 71 ARTICLES FOB SAU FOR SALE — Wurlitzer juke box, reasonable. Inquire 349 S, Main, Wood River. BABY'S CAB SEAT—Play pen. Thayer's high chair, used iron, all for $14. 4-6485. STOKER—In good condition, used 1 winter; also a couple tons of stoker coal. 2823 College. ZENITH—Portable radio. AC-DC. Coat $75, now $25. Good condition. 2-3450. FUEL OIL HEATER—Heats 2 rooms nicely; used 8 months. Reasonable. For details phone 3-3784. CLOTHING—Mirrors, cash table, desk. wrapping counter, large table, chain, sewing machine; ladies coat, size 16; men's topcoats, sizes. M and 48; men's suits, siie 37; all new or like new- Call 2-3J01 between « and T p. m. CHILD'S BED—And mattress, like new, $12. Call 2-3178. GAS FLOOR FURNACE — Like new. Heats 4 rooms. Dial 8-1881 GEHL STOKER — Used two seasons. Monkey stove. 40-gal. hot water lank. 1588th street. Wood River OIL CIRCULATOR HEATER - Oil drums. 831 E 6th street. Dial 8-a»80 V SPINDLE SHAPER-Wtth 1 h. p. motor; Bolce crane; l pair, sash cutting knives. Dial 4-5157. FOR QUICK SALE—Continental 4-cyl- Inder gas powered sorghum mill In A-l condition. Priced $325 complete with new vats. Violin with original seal of Antoine Stradavarlua, made in 1TI4. Thia violin in perfect condition, $1550. C. B. Anderson, Eldred, jll^R!. No. I. TARPAUUNi-AII aiMi Alton Surplus Stora, "lust wast ol food Center 1858 East Broadway FULLY AUTOMATIC - Blectrte wjMJM heater •!•»• !!«• _,tjre"* Wo4-« •I.... Hi.1 4.T14B or *.MM or*, ironar*. dryers all la Mitt FOR SALE COURT ST. • ROOM MMkfeftN f fltwr plaji. I Mtm •n ttmr •! It*. See thin for- t» te»«; 99900 SPRING ST. IS ROOMS— Brick I family, • not* d«pte«. Betwrate hBtli. 912,800 DUCO ST. • ROOM MODERN HOME Very etesn BM« pertert 93800 DIAMOND ST. « ROOM MODERN HOME - •JtlendM loe*tkm .... 96800 CHEfSEN LAN! A VERY MOB 4 room home. MM dowB payment. Sale price 92950 ORCHARD 1LVD. 4 ROOM HOME - Like, new. Hardwood floors, cabinets, Attic, garage In basement. Special value 96950 QROVELIN ST. BEAUTIFUL 4 ROOM modern brick home. H. W. floors, cabinets, Insulated, storm windows, gas automatic heat. Landscaped lot. Reduced to 98900 FAIRVIEW 4 ROOM MODERN HOME. A-l condition, a bargain for 95500 ADAMS COURT NEAR TOWN—5 room modern brick. H. W. floors, cabinets, attic 95900 WEST 19TH 0 ROOM MODERN HOME — An unusually nice buy for 97500 NEAR STATE • ROOM MODERN HOME H. W. floors, gas heat. A-l condition 99000 SANFORD AVE. • ROOM MODERN BRICK HOME, sun parlor, H. F. floors, fireplace, • built-in cabinets. A home you would be proud to own 914,000 SEILER ST. 7 ROOM MODERN HOME Suitable for 5 and 2 room duplex 975OO MAIN ST. 7 room modern home, perfect condition. Venetian blinds, down carpeting included. Lot 80x160. A home you would be proud of. *12,9<M> NORTH ALTON B room modern brick home, Insulated, storm windows, a bar- tain 975OO HARRY F. HEMPHILL Agency PHONE 3-3584 After 5, P. M. — 2-1335, 3-8771, 2-3239, 2-4606, 2-3147, 4-6439 MONEY IN ONE DAY $100 On Yew Name Only Other amounts up to $500 ON AUTOMOBILE FURNITURE PERSONAL PROPERTY Small Monthly Payments PUBLIC LOAN CORPORATION ALTON) Ml «r*» MoMaiMl h* Mel Trvtt MB. MO W. Third St. WOOMIVIU 1U leel renwNesi Ave. 11 __ ABTUiLEB f OB BAI* ELECTROLUX DEALER WM. EDWARDS. DIAi. 2-3774 BTOVB rUBNACIMi 'OILBB 78 BUU.BINQ MATERIAL* ON DISPLAY - 30x3a new sectional house, complete with windows, door*. roof, finished floor, partitions, plaster board, and good construction. Only $1300 F. O. B Mattoon. Can erect la 1 day. Bee our sample house. Also 24x28 and 34x33 Write for free specifications. Midwest Building Co.. Box 505, Mattoon, III INSULATION MATERIAL Full thick rock wool batts; 40 • fool carton . ... , . $3 80 Granulated rock wool, per bag $1.31 We Deliver BETHALTO LUMBER CO. "»«*• »*» rLOOBINO No. l Bed Oak flooring $13.90 Select Bed Oak Flooring $31M 1 x 4 B ft B Yellow Pine FloorlM Ml 1 x 4 B * B Fir Flooring $31 1 11 4 C Grade Yellow Pine Flooriaa $10 1 K 4 No. 3 Yellow Pine Flooring »a$) We Deliver BCTHALTO LUMBEH CO. Phone 345 UU YOUB CREDIT-For n*eded~~ro7 pair* and improvement* No mortgage, no down payment. 38 month* to pay. Loan* include cash (or labor sad mo> BBTHALTO LUMBBB CO. Phone 343 Lath. :.... 4e par K Plaater Board $• ntr M Plaster, per bag .Til BKTHA1.TO LUMBBB CO. 'MB»- BBABONABUt BATCB-Coal, *Jrivewa» roca. chal. *and__and fill dirt CaU J. L. CATEB, COAL. $».35-Btok*r available, prompt delivery. Donald Short. Dial 4-4M40. LUMP COAL tV-Bfg. caal $*T$: aul coal, $3.30 Oiai 4-tW COAL, tt.30 PBB TON — PnaiB4 4tt» livery. Dial 4-MB) $r 44144. ^^

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