Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 19, 1927 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 19, 1927
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3 • •; No Thorbugh ^heck Has Been Mad^ On RED CROSS Disaster ij Green Forest, Arkaiisas; ^jJ^L HEEP Visitors Report Bodies ofi 15 Victims . |kp. n inm AreloilndinTown I ARtaSHlT Little RockJ Ark.. March 19.. (Al')—Siiccosi^ive lj)rna- Reports doe.s left areJUs; (if .sufferuiif today in .sfuiljuvcsi md ctjntralj, in ope north western bordei- roulity and in .stArral i town.s beyond t u'^Ii.s.souri .^late lihe. At k'-.iM 2 P and (prob-' ably more were [lead. ' The iind iis yet not thoroujihlycheckf/d dis occurred ni|irhl when a twi.steV* curved IhrouKh, Ark., like a l»ootncrajijf from the norlh. . Vlnltorti IciivliiK llii- liiwji"!* - j y.trly IIIIH iiKiniiiiK liixl IHMI'II nt K JKHIII'H foiitnl iiiid of uii lo in• Twclv iif UH " "I'iiii wi'i"'^ istei 1 Irectn i Indicate Siorm Cov<?red Wide Area- In Arka^as and Missouri Last « Nikht. uuini'il. . .NVIghborliiK HCII|<'IIII'JIIS of ('oiii .'iiiff l>iivf>r Wfri- > r''|)nrlf(l wlili l(iHH uf lifo iind iif-ar. ^lllI'slllU'l/l. .Mo., :two inTSdii.s \v<'n' itijiircil . biiihliiig^^ well' il:iiiiuK*'<l. i'H'l i" Howell ami OrfKon coiiniii-s. .Missouri, ihero vjaH destiiiciioii from hnil:an(i high jwiixis. Tftur.stlay iilKht s tornadops It-fl ( two persons jspnously injured at ^ Deliglit in Sojithwesterii .Arkansas and then skipped 4.") miles \it hriwn lieath to elev'f" I"''"'^""'' ."Valine V county, sontliwest of here. . Nearli' litty per.sons were liiiii. sev- I «>ral iseriou.sly. in a half dozen nniaU comniunitici. f : . .Aiiofhor death ioooiirred in Coii- ' . way.l w'hen a man was siruek hy • lightning as he sought safely in a. Cell; r from a storm that did not materialize. Sweat estimated xhp- ))roperty- lof=s at $."{00.(MI(t. He urgeil fiiian- lial assistance ami asked thai the^ national Red Cro.-'s oi'i;ani/ation| take over Iheilisaster relief. A telegram received slionly aft erw-ard from R. .1. Rose water, sei retary of the Carroll cminly chap ter, said the extent of the disas . ter was "much greater than at; first api)eared." He said nurses were urgently; needed at Kureka Springs hospital.s anil at improvis n\ hospitals at. Oreeh Forest. Walter Over, executive secre tary of the Red' Cross chaplui' a .Toplin. Mo., lefr by aulouiohil with three APT NAMED ON P. S. ( QUIZBOARD jl). A. N. Chase Names lola Senator as Member of Croup Investigatirg Actions of Com- rliission. Waslilntilon, .March lii CAI') — 'I'lii- Retl Cross Iieadiiuarldrs lu-re iiiHiounceij today it had aulliorlzed ' f.•..'iiiM for ielief work in tin- sec- lioiis of Arkansas and .\llsnourf tornadoes. -\ye|il yesterday Earthquake by Reported In Misso^iri Today Tn.ieka. Kan.s.. .Mar. 19. ( M'l- The i-latelfgislatlire's invest! ;alion [ of I'.ie Kansas puhlii";servic>' <-om- niissi'.m prohahly williiot lie .start- .May. iir' ih St. .loseph. .MoJ, .Mar. 19. <AI')— j 'KariMcrs from [the vicinity -of. \VI|i-<>floiid. Doniphan county, Kau- j >as. reported in [St. .loseph today,; that an t'arthnuake shock was eX: i iperienreil al Wliitedoud yesterday; alioiit noon. .\ten 'and wtyneui! I rushed from theiij :like a thunder Hasted several stjtonds. Windows and dishes rattlejl and animals be- | came frightened. Hundred Buildings Are Destroyed ..1*1 ed until the middle uf first of .lune. .Seiialiir M. V. 1!. Van He .Mark, aii'lior of the res(diiiion ioriierin 111'.' invesliKuljou nvhiih \v;rs ^iilujil- ed hy the senate ailil IloiIHe few hours hefori' tliu close ]!C7 ses.sii'.u yesterday, sail in all piohabilily the oniniissioii would not start luisitioii uiftil that: Time. ••\Ve will sift thi.s ihinij bottom and take 'M) days :f- sary. • \an Ih- .Mark said. .lo| [llo.Miliately lllll iUK lionies and nienls.. ni;:ht's' homes as .X noise's ap and, a tremor ESCAPE PLANi IS DISCLOSED in Arkansas Charles Thompson Tells Of Nailing Prisoner In Shoe Case. in. Mo.. .Mir. l !t. (API—Ap- r\rk.. it was esiir list a ; .A. .M. .Iidinson of Imildinns, induil- llu .sinesK estahlisli- w're destroyed by last tornado at Creen Forest. f the district i sujierinttndent ' of toilay ; Southwestern Re lecial ; —->"-; Heavy Rain tated today by C Fayottp.ville, Ark.. I Telephone lie; in- I I'frt ott. Kaii SHANGHAI IS IN •jmbers ;f:'ll';" liere up to 7 o'clock Ippart- •"id there was prosjie ,v „r-'iii"r<' |rs. A' • also id. pro- lUKcd, : .Mark, .-md ' ADI of lol:i .Senator a,s SI niii( III Krederjick tiii'nil Na.tionalists Expected to i Ih r investi;;ation commissioii. Occupy City Within 48 Hours. Sh&nfhni, left wing <if iThree Brothers Say They're Not G\ .Mar. 19. (A Pi—The the Shantiingese army i defending Sjhaiighal on ^ the Sun- klung friiiit. o <he leces-' At For liecorded Scott Today .Mar 19 |dii'til"d that tin- investi.sajionj com-ilfa'" amounting-^o 2.«i5 inches I nii.ssioii wiiuld (iiiesiioii mi of the service commissian. iii-ntaleiiiployeti. puhlii- mi ficiiil.; and employes anil othi ifiiM i'ii'-stifialioii i.f rales Wo be made. Van l)e .Mark I |. Del-iils of the investigalio^i Ji-eiliire have, not lie.-n arri j Van De Murk said. • I-ientenaiii Coveiiior Chase Inamed I late yesterday .•ifleriiooii, V .\ew. Orleans, March 19. (AP) - CHarU's .M. Thompson, lormer assistant supiirintendeiit of the Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, iieniientiury shoe factor.v. was in custody loday ; awaiting return to that iiistiiiition on charges that he aided in [the escape of John P. Carroll, a prison- | ' er. Police believed Thompson iwas , •captured yesterday while waijijit^j I to meet Carri^ll. j ' ' I Department ; of justice agt'nis who arrested Thompson refuseii lo ^ comment on a! rumor that he laiid : Carroll had planned a sensati6nal ' i lumber camp.payroll robbi-ry wiiii-h, • deluging ^ain, with the sounding of sirens fronvt partmentj and with the calling out of the soldiei-^ A for immediate .service "to quell an impending riot ville, last night was a wild night at Ida. Captain A. K. (Jlbson, Troop A* H conin)ander, received a call from the ,state adjutjant at 9:10 oVlock last night nqtifying him tliat Governor Hen S.'Paulen haJl called the troop for action in ColTey\ille. Cibson at' once began effoVts to mobilize the troop, but was hampered by jioor telephone • service, lie called on the lire department to sound the siren, in an attempt to bring the troop toKeiher. .•\t li.."?!)'o'clock this morning, three cars. IIHeil with troops, began a long drive over rain-soaked roads to Cotteyville. Other troops followed. Captain Cilison annouiK'cd that .Major I'atter.son of Vates Center would he in charKc at Co|Teyvllle. W'hili^ excitement was jiig^ig in lola last night. IIiimbol>|i police arrested three nia-rues iii^ connection with ttje assault of f^^o girls at CorTeyvllte; but they weri- re- leaseil this ^iioriiiiiK. when Ifiim- holdt jiolice 'were' sali.4l|eit ihe\'> had no connection with the deal. .Many members of the lo<-al tVoop were unable to get orders because ! of telephone service, hampereil by the storm, and did not get to riiuke the Coireyville trip. ' i _<_• ^ f i; ; iie fire de,» of Troop lilt Coffey- Coitoty is Tci Probe Rade kiot . —t— Independence, Kan., March 19 r.\P) -County A-ttornw V. W .Mitchell and Depitty Co inty Allor-j ney .lohn ('ook went to Coffeyvillel Ibis morning to piake |a complete j ace for ar- they waive.. preliminary hearing aid desire to'"""'" plead guilty they .will be rushed. mob aciion I. Mitchell It on ijrob- e been (ileil investigatiiyn inloi th at Coffeyville last! nigl, had nothing lo give o{ able aciion toward tin rioting last Aight pen vestigation. So far no charges ha against anyone in coriiieciiou with the assaulti on two CofK-yville high school girlH early yesti rilay morning. Ilowiver, there ;s no. iloubt but that i( the guilty parties are arrested they will he firoUKlll •"fore a Justice of the p raignment at once. "If Register's Home Beautiful To Be Opened to Public For Inspection for Period of Flight Days. : Patrol Streets—Martial Law Is is Effect Mer Attack in Effort to Lynci Negro, Who Is Innocent ' Coffeyville, Kan., March 10. (AI')—Investigation of:thL .] '•• mob that stormed the city jail here last ni>rht in an effort to : i take Curti.s Smifh, a negro, from the law loomed today as' : I (|U let .'settled (JverCoffeyville; [' I .More than l.oOi) persons wt're in the angry crowctat-. » 'Itjm'pting to get Smith. He had Ijt.-en tirtested in connectiotv • with an attack oil tw.j high .school girl.s liere Thur.sday night..,- j~The UiC.isler's lloieic P.i -.Mllifiil tse gulll.\-- of I will he opened for ptililie iiisp <•ling hi.s in-i lion Saiiiiiiiiy, April 1'.- .ind will ijontiniie to be on display for alioiii elKht days. This aniiounceniii'ji: was made today liy..Mr. L. (). .Northrup.Chair- LIFE FELONY BILL SIGNED BY60VERN0R man of the Home IS-autifiil ISoard of Tnisli- s. "1 forvKee nothing'al this lime." said .Mr. Northrup. ••which i :!n come.up to prevent the' opening of the two wj.-eks iBill Covers Third Fclony today, moving ri^ht Kverything has been up to schedule ' the before ihe district .jud^e and then ipast week and every essential pari i ruken to tlie rft-nitentiaijy." .-\ report current her and were beiug riished mediate .sentence for f:j action was denied by liere for iiii-: r of mob ^uthoritie.s. | CAI*T. GIBSON SATS Captain .\. K. Cib.Hon wired I: The Daily Register afternoon requesting late that this relatives to Troop .\ iniMi be in- the Co. that all are ill good had this I It of: I Small Twister. Hits Near Deerfield, Mo. i Fort .';cott. Kan A tornado struck jYpliniles east of he rs last night cauiiing coiislderable.| ,„„,,,,. ,,• .Memphis property damag^. torn from the h Ciiwby. and the dell-w.s twisted The roof was line of .Mr». Alice home of .loe Kuil- so badly that the idasifriiiK fyll off the walls. Many I within 4S hours, as the .N'orthern- ers7 they say are unable longer to offer effective resistaiifp. The Associated Press correspondent, visiting the Sllianghai defenses tonight, found the Hritfsh troops on the alert and ready repel any incursions into the ternational settlement, whether Northern or Sjiuihern troops. to pn- hv Pryor. Okla.. Mar.- .19. (JAPi — Hen .Siliiih, of \'arina. Iowa, was foiMiil's'liliy l-.y a iiiry herej today of slayins I.iMl!i;ird K. t^reer. naw nierchani .lud seiileiii life impriMiumenl. lers — rrest,- s ago ' ge of I The three (;.iilioii hrot Carl. l':idrlilKe and Kriiest. ; to the soulfiwest, hasjed at .Manliailaii a few inoiil cr'iiiupled, ^and the Northern troops pleaded iiol suilly lo a clia ore hurriedly re'trealinn lowani irn(i|MirIiiif* a stolen ithis cllv. fw- wal tipparciitlv is;Thit l>oys are wanted open for the i to ;;aiu ; Ky.. . for rol.l.iiiK the ' po.« ' SQanghai. • • there of $f..'..(nMi aiid in other " Comivtent dbserver.s believe the i f">' J'''' c.scapes and oihcr ofl|eiises. I Nationalises will occupy Shanghai; i „ , , , . ^ Ben Schuh (liven Life I For Oklahoma Murder uilty owihuiir.iiig/ we^i damaged and Ire hy (he ro'd.s. > le-ell reported. foll<;i«e(| by a Htoiiu and heavy .TMlit'iieid", ; Jefferson Is office Slates V. .Mar. 19. (AP) — neerfield. .Mo., 12 e about midnight they' proposed to carry Init wjhen they .met. The agents had traliledj . ._ Carroll and Thompson 'o i'^*^' Dgpgrtment leans from Ixiuisville. Ky. Thoinpsoi). said that he ena^ Carroll to escape from the peni tiary In- nailing ,liim u|> in a > case which was sent from the ji on to Thompson's rooms in Li eifworth. Carroll, he said. hoe ' ris- av- liud promi.sed him a split of $Gsi .i.iH .i "i^' f^Ji^rar penitentiary at heav- of the work should'lie finished by i today thal.uexl Saturday. This will give us the guilty imen had bt^en arrested ' a week lo take lare of the odiN and ends and gel itie r-ady for display." • .Make your plans now to attend this openiliK- beialise the KeKis- ter gives its word that it will b-' TRnrkP "tlfV AOC r» ir «'0''«'' attending: You will l «,WUr iMEii'V U. tV. I see the up-toidate and in many respects llie ino-t eonveii-j iently arran;;.'d and bi-st biijli si.\-; room biinfjalow in lid:i a '•mode!', of const ruciion in every detail. Hui : you will s*-- mure than Ihat: you will see lllis model house rollvrT-- ••d into a model lioiiie: Kvcry room will III- furnishid to the-last detail.: .•\. U. .Sleeper will see that each i room is otitfilted with e.vacily the: correct suite of furiiituie and will i (over the floors w-iih luxurious; rujrs. Hoss'Arbiickle will have his; finest radio in one eprni-r of i!i-| living r( om and .1. V. Kolierts will' ' !have a Panalrope in .•iiio'her. .\':i- .Justice iLeffliT Will see that th- din: iuK room table is ^'i wiih the kind iof silvirwar.- that Hhoiild In- seen 'in ii niod"l home, i (Coutiiiiied on paee .\'o. J.) (AP)—Dr. ! be kept in Committed—Two Bills Are Vetoerf Today By Governor Paulen. formed spirits, quiet. and thai evervthing is DR. COOK IS TO STAY IN "PEN" of Topeka. Kan.. .March 19. (AP) — • loveriior Paiilen signed today the Ilaiiiiiiond bf^I making it mandatory for Kansas judges to impose a life senteine on persons convi<MerI of a lel'.'iiy i-liarge iiiiiiishable by .a_ siiiteiice double the one riieiviil for the lirst conviction. T\Vo Jiills were vetoed by the goveiiior. One of llieiii proposed to niuke a si-parate iiistitulion of tlie Slate pi iiiting plant. "The plan of caiiitalization of tile plant is uiinece.ssary," (Jover- lior Pauleli explained; in a message to the, legislaliire. The other vetoed bill also applied J to tile printing plant, it was disr i apiiroved because it provided ap'- : |)ro|)rialions which had already i iieeii taken care'of in another hill. Interrupts! Action On Parole. Washington. .Mar. 19. Frederick A. Cook will I THE WEATHER WINTER WHEAT ACREAGE SMALl which the prisoner clalmeil was Tenn. Iilemolished or >s "were twisted up o casualties -have The twister severe eleetrical rain Hit by Seveile Hail Storm Independemie, (APi -.-\ severe; .lefferson. a miles soiil:i o today. lasting t^mjill h Kans.. Mar. 19. jliail- storm vtsiteA alioiit teh- minutes. Hail stones randiug from the-size of a dinie to fix fere n re fell vov Spavi-I completely and d line niui'h ilaniage Ml to : to roofs, window! and trees. Topeka. Kan.s.. Mar. 19. (AP) — The 1927 legislature became.a pan — of ICanssas history today. Its adilevements have been largely the strengthening or retieal of ^existing la»js^ The legUlatiire completed it.s 'work night, and tlie lawniak- * ers were homew.ird hound today. Adjotirnme'nt sine die. however, .will take place Wednesday noon. The amount of new legislation i*^wa '8 ooniparatlvel.v small. The legiRlature has .<iaid •"no" to .the proponents of various ; new i.lawB. Among the suggestioas ilutt I Were i -asi aside were those o iernor Paulen. The e .xec i.r-t'commendatioj) for a constidiikion- al amendment for centralizin Itrol'of the state highways s land also the administration 'posal for limitation of tlK» .primary election system werf ;re.ierled by the legislature, j Instead of ;.:ivipg tiie slate] I way commi!=siou full iroad" building, the !a year to. be used in e.\tendin re station eight at one o'clock inches in circiim- rini; the ground bulle™ Coffeyville, Kah., Marij-h 10. (AP)—An order requiring all, caft}."*, theatre.s and other gathering place-s closed at 9 o'clod-k here tonight and tt)morr6|W night wa.s is.sued late today By Major A. E. Patterson, compnander of the troop.s of militia that came to Coffe.v- ville last night following years mails to ijefraud, had releasedi .str^t fight in which per-sons were injured. foiir enworth until a, test has been luadi ; of the right of a federal judge to ; release a prisoner on probation aftfiV a sentence has.begun, the department of justice an loiinced lo- I jay. The former explorer ierator. senteiieed to for ; for usins the I been ordered ! parinient iinnoiim-ed ti ' liad received assurance I eral .lndge| Wilson nt j wiM> issued; the order Tjliur.sday i Cook's release, that lui Uijierare to! test hp* in lof proliation law throiigh rfn appeal to the circuil court of appeals. I'll",warden at Leav he'-n ilotifiod that a st:ii.v of ex tiou of the probation been reipitisted. The of, justice has taken that Milder:the (>arole 4.7 Cent Crop Under Lasit Year. 1 FOR KAN.S.AS: Moudv lonlirlil ' , , „•, JMHIi colder In si.iitlie:i<t portion:: BoardLstimatCS I .Silniluy parlly clouii} : not so lold jilt north nnil wevl porfiun-. ' For lolii tiiiil Vicinity: Cloudr i iiml colder fiinlL'lil :.Siinilay partlj and oil op- ; cloiiijy, • , rteen years ' •Temperaltin- Iligliesl yi-.-terd:iy 1. at I. p. 111.; lov i-.-t last night, hilt the de-i-ttl. jji 7 a. in.. iitMUial lor today, day that itM'': excess ye."ierd)iy. 1:;; >•x(•es.^ from Fed-•-"iu'e .laiiuary Isi "-jl ile;;r>e<: this Fort Worth, !dat<- la";*! .viar, hif;liest, low- fori'Vt.- 17. would eo- Pr'-iipjtaiioti tor jibe 1'I hours ferprelattoii ••liiiiir.; ;il 7 ;i. m. (or).iy. :.';oti; total 19 ;• defi- :::: iuc^e'-. ll" liiioll yesterday. A" lier i.-ttt: 7 a. m. today. i'7 l"-r 1 eiit: haroiiurer re- il'iie.! to sea Ie\e!. l';i.;>! inch's. Sui! ri.^es, r,:2~ a. in.; sets. •;::!:: •for I hi- ye.-ir lo (',:%}>•. 4 lieni V siiii— .lanua.'.V, 1st. Jnworili has I Hel.uive humidity! .-it ' • ten-: order had | departnlent , tlhe position 7'oli"ka. Kans., .Mar. 19. Tlie winter wheat aire.iKe to be harve-icil ill K:iiis:is this ye; r will he 1.7 per '•.nt smaller t!i;in in lliL'»;, the stale board of jL -rii lilture eslitnateil today. l-is' ve.n. Ho- 1^(1 million hushi 1'-;it eiop was u-^eaneil frf-m lii.'i7.''. MIM aires. T!i" board es.limal'il a eorn arri- at'" only 91' per cent as Utrf^f ;is that liarvestc: last year would be Clenienl .\. Ileed. city aUDl^liey, '.said the city doubtless would jiayel' 'an invesiigalion into the mob l^ron*. the sfainlpoiBi of daiiiage.s'and destroyed pvop ..Tt .v. W. I). McCraibbr ' sherilT of .Montgomery cOhnty. said an invistigalion probably woulil be' made by ilie county into, the matter • of .inciting a'riot and attackinj^ counl.v ot}it•er .s^ ' , ;, Smitli released early todajr, .McCrabb said, after both the girls failed to identify him as one: of the- atiac kers. HeSsaid threfe-other ne­ groes had lieeii arrested at' Hfcl- holdl. I\ansa.s. and would ,be qdes- tioiied. He also advanced the ithe- ory that th(^ attack, -might . hiave iieen made by white - ineii.. tfith. blackened faces, but the' giris; declared tliey were positive their attackers -were negroes. , One said slie ii'ieil to pull one of Jhe mien'sr [ hair and tliat it was -short and woolly. i. -•: ('oifeyviile still, was lindef iinil^ , itary rule. The local cavalry troop \ and one troop eacli from lola aiid; Vates Center patroled t"he town to-": ^ day and in ve.stigated several .per^. sons believed lo have'had a part-in tlie- mob activity. - i The mob ruslu'd the Jail' three liine.s, and waii r<-pelled the last" time by teat iiombs. Rocks, brtcks . ami other inissileH were ^urledi_ and the cily hall looked like a' ruined (diateau in the French world war area. An the window lights were broken aiid bullet holes:-vere-[ plainly i^een in the wall of a iframej. hotel across the street.. Four per-Sj sons were injured during ithe ' shooting. . I • Sinith[ and two othernegroea.i were arrested late yesterday after-T noon after blood houndaC^had > ^ trailed ihem to their door, ' }l1ie >4 otlier two negroiH were released " before the niob gathered. | ; r Physicians toflay amputated part of tile let' hand of ijilly Waddles, 17 -year -old printer's' appren^ce. who was shot--when the mdb charged the jail. He was In aiterr' ions condilioir'at a hospital. Rl C. Waldeni foreman of a nsacbilie plant, who was trampled by.ithe (AP)—i mob, suffered a dislocated SHpul^' I der. llis condition was not'i^er-v i ioii .s. • i;lfrH(h«-i Ktird. 50. a negro^-H janitor.} was shot through tb& hip. .\ipr/erin .\ndi r.soii, another ne^ro; a i>o'>l hall jiroprietor, .was : ll:rn;ii;l) "riie less. .M;i(or ::. T Patterson, incbarUe of til.- i(a'ioii:(l guard-troops,cloiaei^-, a ne-.jri> iliili and a. negro pool! hall this in-.riiMii;. .Major Patterson! wM!/ Per - shoty-;'! aw of 192.^ federal judges an* an^llorized to grant probation only before sentence has beguii. The jissue never ha.< been tested in a circuit court of appeals. planted by Kansas farmers this j.tmidi.-jtic in staring that Coffeyvfllei--V while the • oUts acreage lis not under martial law. ^Hftary7 rule exjst.s. he isaid. The itipppft are heri; mereljf io aisist" ^iTillani authorities whei-e, if martiki lay' was proclaimed^ everything | inro'nid' be in the liaiiiis of the military;^ .i, Little'knots of ^nen gathered oil; downtown si reels today, biit _th^! ; dily dispersed by'' tifficials in 'a«-. I Continued on Page Nol' 2.) [iriirii, while (l,e ' oats acreage would li.e 90 per cc-iil a.H lai'ge as las', yfrar. Kansas harvested ."..C".''').;!';! ,'i!cres of corn and l.t;.'!7.:!!9 aires of oats ill J9l'i;. Weatirer conditions in the >iext 4'i day.s- may increase abandon- p. m. . . y - ; \ Weather and lioails. All points cloudy e.xcef,i Top-ka. mistiii^r:'. all roads iiiudd.i' exceiii ment oi" w!ie;it. and therefore in-i croups were r^pe Kmp'iria, Hutchinson, daiina, slip- CTi-ase the acreage of siirinj; crojit^.j the giiardsinen. Oovrislower than neighboring counties luive'sjin doing road worjj. New election lUw-a were enacted. •'s,i-stem remained the. new statutes solidify party or- but the ifTimary ysteni intact. Two of pro- were intenilcd to . _. direct ganizaiioir'at the.pi]Imary electicm. .soon line will requlj-e voters to give 30 days notice belf re • a primary, of high-'intent to change (wlltlcal affilla- contiio! ol,!tion. The othei^ will keep inije- legi.<4latnrt.>{jpendent candidates out of local as created (or it .i fund of JH'O.HOtl : well as state cohtests after the ; sur- primary election.! The 192.". legis- law requiring office to ea- iier the contest on or before the ^ay fixed as the deadline for entrance of candida'tes seeking party nomination at the primary. , The li»27 legislature extended this law Tto countv and district as well as stpte ofl^es, • J Repeal of the anti-cigarette taw and creation of a .sales tax on i^ig- arettes was the, first act, of he 1927 legislature. .But the law makers refused to tamper with ot ler Istatutes that were Intended to i jfacini; of tlie >tate highway system !lature had passed a law requiring I through :uuuti<;;) which have been Icaudidales for siaie i were submitted to the although ^everal reso regulate the nior^^ls of Kanpasithat purpoi e had been .people. They give little heed to I bills proposing repeal of the latir forbidding : theatrical I entertain- meiits on Sunday. It p|la( ed rural 1 dance halls under th^ township |irustee.<:. I Efforts td bring about; a eugenics : marriage liw were subc.essful in Ithe house, I but the senate, after using the bill as a .subject for mer- :rltnent, finally put it irito the leg- lislative waste basket. | I No constitutional atnendment.s by the legislature. house liad voted for ryubmiasion electorate, ution.s for considered lof the pro­ posal for an incn^ase in tiie pay of ; legislators, flie seiiato tried to Jchange the referendum projimsition .so that the lawmakers would get il.OuO a se#.~i.)n instead of only i$i>"0—the amount asked hy llie (house.' { This resulted in a delay fatal to I the resolution, and consequently the pay of legislators will remain $3 a day. .! _ The legislature also refused to I submit to the. voters! a five million ]dollar bond issue for paying claims jagainst the inMilvenc bunk guaran- Ity fund, ll left in the statute liiii.k tiie de:posiiors guaranty" law, wliicii lias heconitr-rneffeclive, but it did repeal" a .statute which •freed state bank.s operating under the law from, the requirement to give iKiiid to |irotei:i tlie deposits of public fund.^. ' .Xmong other acconiiilisiiments of jthe legislature were ti;e following: I ! Knactment of a new workmen's .compensation law. Kevisioa of the K; nsas insur- aiice ciHle. A pi ui to encourage industrial I development in Ivansa.s by permitting cities of more than 2,000 ia- habitants to exempt new^jaitti from taxation for five yeM«l$>:.t^ Provision for use of penalliAq^: in manufacture of motor license y tags and establishment of a factory : at the state reformatory at Hutchinson for that purpose., i Increase in the intangible tax rate. y. ! . , -V stamp tax on bonds. ' Creation of a! judicial council. Establishment of a state building and loan department ; : Broadening of. powers of state forestry^ fish and game cojmqi &i slon. vl!' -

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