Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 8, 1961 · Page 13
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 13

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 8, 1961
Page 13
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8ATUROAY, APRIL 8, T ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH Upper Alton News Event* car of one of them WM a crowbar, they weiw charge! suspected of Intoxication. The arrest occurred *hortly after mid night. Gospel Crusaders,at Ettwartfo Assembly The Gospel Crusaders, of Flora, will present a muateni program tonight, Sunday night nnd Sunday morning at the Edwards Street Assembly of God. The vocal and Instrumental group gave Its first sacred concert at the church Friday night. Included on the program are Gospel songs, spirituals, hymns, and sermons In song. Public is Invited. The night programs start at ? o'clock and the Sunday morning program begins at 9:30. INurgery Opened by Main Street Baptist News of Area Men and Women In the Armed Forces where at any time In its role ol preserving peace. HENRY 0. BOREN. son of Mrs. Evelyn Cartre of 187 Arch St.. has been promoted to airman second | class. He is stationed at Perrin JAFB, Tex. Airman Boren entered Wood River Club to Hear Anesthetist WOOD RIVER - Dr. Daniel Platt, anesthetist of the Alton Memorial Hospital, will speak on "Mouth to mouth artificial respiration" at the 7:30 p.m. Monday meeting of the Junior Woman's Club at the public li-| brary. j Dr. Platt will also explain "Exterior Heart Massage" technique. Mrs. Donald Hamilton is program chairman. Mrs, Leo Spiller and her committee are in charge of meeting arrangements. Old Fashioned 'Sing* Tonight PVF. WILLIE E. HARLEY, son of Mrs. Ozella Reams of 1208! The Main Street Baptist Church has opened a nursery service March 2. I960. S.4. DELBERT R. MADISON, Belle St. completed a four-week ROSEWOOD HEIGHTS individual combat training course, Rosewood Heights Tabernacle March 31. with the Second Infan- nt 145 Maywood Dr.. will be the and a committee has been ap- son of Mr. and Mrs. Merle R.;try Training 'pointed to supervise it. the Rev. Madison. .'!M Oak St., Edwards-!Corps Base, 'Benjamin Bohn, pastor, an-.ville. is participating with otherjCalif. nounced today. 'personnel from the 3d Armored KING AND QUEEN Fred McPherson being crowned king of the Youth Banquet, Friday night at Calvary Southern Baptist Church by the Rev. Howard Todd Taylor, pastor. Already crowned queen is Patricia Davis, right.—Horton Photo. Calvary Crowns King and Queen at Youth Banquet Regiment, Marine scene of an old-fashioned sing- Camp Pendleton, ing session at 7:30 p.m. today, Mrs. Betty Crane, secretary of Madison Countv „, . . . nj A .„ . , PFC. LLOYD MOORE. 20, son vpn f ion has ' Mrs. Betty Angle is in charge Division s 3d Artillery in a four- M ,. amj Mrs DH ,, M 144 ^cSes Caroenter and the of duty assignments, Mrs. Joe week phase of the division «i six- Edwardsville. is a mem- K nW QuarteTof II Louis will Magilson will supervise toys week train ing exercise m Und- m Armo ,. pd Dlvisjon . he Jeered anl Chafes Cle and supplies and maintenance enwohr. Germany. The artillery s,-. . . f ( . Germanv The reatu ^f d ancl Chailes Cle- will be handled by Joe MagnVphasc of the training is scheduled^' 1 on e ot Tive U S Sons in ^ e " S . W "L be , " Ong1 J eader " .son and Duward Worley. to end April 12. The exercise i^TO's "Pyramid of Powc, ' te Patr '^ ° D *"' els wl " he pian ' , u,, _, designed to provide training und- INAJ , <JS ry'amia 01 rown. is ( and F] rf c , master of A speaker for the public ad- B pruxiui. naming unu ( . ondut , t j ng intensive training in „__,-_. . ,P« w »tPm .but h« s HP™ in.;er varying weather conditions i n tfu . H with em . te V e . mo " les ' „ typical of the Graf enwohr area a battlefield movement. • The Rev Roy Banner is pas- a. th» time of year. The Grafcn- ; P. ommunications and smi ,,, y . ^ ° f the ch "''<*• training areai aithe largest who arHved wenem in available for NATO maneuv- INDIAN GUIDE BANQUET LeRoy Tulp, program secretary of from left, Me Richard Grenzebach the St. Louis Metropolitan YMCA, (sec- standing in front of his father Homer ond from left) entertained with Indian Grenzebach, Alton Longhouse chief; stories at the Thursday banquet of the Tulp, Bob Rhodes, Alton YMCA youth combined Indian Guide and Princess secretary; Frank Martin, E. A.-W. R. Singing Con- Tribes of the Alton and East Alton- Longhouse chief and son, Glenn (in Wood River Longhouscs at thc Wood front).—Staff Photo. River Moose Hall. Others pictured, dress system also has been installed in the cry room, the pas- 1 tor said. It wfcs announced that the board Fred McPherson and Patricia ~ of trustees will meet ers ,„ Europc . Thc 'briefly after the worship serv-.jj ve y g I'« Sunday morning. "Pyramid of Young people will be in charge i json. a driv of the Sunday evening service.'Battery B in Butzbach, entered A fellowship hour will follow, the Army in October 1959 and 1 completed basic combat trainin: " April 1959. is a rifleman in the in IS N°ATO°s :infantry ' s Coni P an - v C in Heil " », , bronn. He was graduated from rvjuQ- Edwardsville High School before entering the Army in November 1958. New Subdivision To Hold Open House WOOD RIVER Open house Add School Playground Safety To East Alton Program Check Set Facilities of volunteer leadership and bring- ng parents and friends on KAST ALTON the East Alton Community Building's summer recreation j "Family Day." program will be doubled this' year with the addition of the| Niapra School's playground on' June 8-10 A ' 3 ' C W1LL]AM Baptism Sunday at Upper Alton Baptist j PVT. JOE L. ' 17, son of Mr. and Mrs. John The ordinance of baptism will i Hernandez, 516 Shelly St., com- Theme of banquet and corona- drink and was caught in the act.'be administered Sunday evening'pieted the food service course ; n « i* tn <i (l t!ttii«it!ti*j #/•» 1 tin !\/f •*« f^ f\r\ ir *rtt?tjn*-J f ltn Visit-tin inf r\ n 4 4 L._ T *«..**.. A li.-.-. T* i_l _A ! . ... _ . Davis were crowned king and were nose drops and diluted me- queen of the Youth Banquet held thiolate. Friday night at the Calvary Randal's 5-year-old brother,. Southern Baptist Church. Steven, had prepared the mixed! will be held from 2 to 6 p.mjNiaKra avenue for use by lhe Sunday in the two completed! recreation department. _ „ . _, „ , . ., h(mses uf a platlned ISQ unlt ; Dan sta , my , recreation di- at Fort Hood, Tex He attended JviLLE whose wife, Nancy l,y«: ! suhdiv|sion on Rock „,„ road!rcctm . says thut an arranBe . iLdwardsville High School. on Rt. 1, Fieldon. completed Ite; G , enda , e Gardens m Wood | menl water supply course March - River ' 'Stairway to the Mrs. Cook tossed the bottle into at the |the yard trash can but Steven,Church. Upper tion was Stars". Also honored were: ' later Plucked it out and courte-j Thc pastori tne R ev . Robert ing, baking, meat cutting and pre- Steve Taylor, first prince; ous| y offered his brother first; j. cochran, will speakon, "Our; paring a field kitchen .Hernandez! Leonard Woodf 'Mo. He received training in cook- i 1961 at Fort Leonard Wood, Mo. Brakeville received training in the operation and maintenance jf water distillation equipment. The 18-year-old airman entered the ™'^ a ££™ has been made with School District 13 to use the 1 Wood River Club Honors Mrs. Hasted The subdivision is being de- Njagra playgrounds' two bas-l \ eloped by Mrs. Ivy Cummings, ket ball courts, two badmiton i WOOD RIVER - Mrs. 306 Tower Dr., East Alton. The cou ,. ts and tetner ba)1( croq uet, Husted, president-elect. Tentative dates of June 8 ! through 10 for lour traffic safety i check lanes in Alton were an! nounced today by Dave Lewis, i publicity spokesman for the cit- i i/ccns-orgaiiization group that is | promoting the project. i Ho said the group, an offshoot of the Mayor's Traffic- Safety Committee, met this week and made plans for installations at four sections of the city where motorists Lynn j will be able to learn if their cars was are safe to drive. i. Air Force in November 1960. Jersey Hi?:h The Ivy Heights Church of at a Tnursday evening The Community Building's!dinner party at the Sixth street The program is not assiciated with any attempt at law enforce- In other news: Frezella Creslin, first princess; drink - The commotion follow-' D i st j nct j ve Do Ctr ine.' Jerry Nelson, second prince: ed.—E.C.B. Trian Huffstutler, second prin-« cess: Michael Bridges. Steven: Reports Theft of White, and Lindell Blacklord as * knights; and Nancy Taylor. Di- Articles From Car annc Malone and Carla Price ,, , 1j»r 1 I tJV.1 ll/VI , «J 11 a\^ J V HIV, i *JJJU *** »-«**.. .v^». entered the Army last November i<jf Mrs Re]en £ Brakevillei 909 „ „ God \vill be constructed on the; . the son , _ , _..,, , ,'miton corner of Rock Hill road and 1 grounds already has two bad-'home of Mrs. Omar Lyons, byiment, Lewis pointed out. It is courts, a volley ball! tne Former Presidents Club ofjpurely an advisory project in the iand completed basic training at ; The combined Missionary So-' 4 ' 16 fort - He attended Marquettei ;ciety will meet in Peck Hall, H '8 h School i Wednesday. 10 a.m. A nursery will be provided. |\V. Spruce St., Jerseyville. ;OId Alton-Edwardsville road in' court ' two horseshoe courts, a; ! the subdivision. PFC DAVID L. COOKE. son of The 150 houses will be six- Mr, and Mrs. Arthur E. Cooke, room brick and redwood frame APR as maids. Joseph L. Karr, '-'104 Orchard ( Girls and their advisory board: The Order of Rainbow for 11™ Hdu-iVes , . ; ..i.. «_j .u« : .. _j..: _______ , ____ _, collegeglrtduates, jthe Woman's Club. j interest of saving lives and pre- croquet area and a free play! Spring flowers were used asi ventin g injury. area. Walking the decorating motif on the Sponsors of the program are tables and throughout the home. The new ^officer ti-aining school; Rt< 2 Godfrey, recently partici- structures constructed on one- The increased facilities offer-i by Niagra School grounds! s summer will bring outdoor ncentrated three ° ™ .. , ^1,,^^ with oflier personnel from < half acre lots. Mrs. Cummingsjed g , ithe LMth Division's 19th Infantry in; reported the subdivision will months i Trees", by Symonds. pure public The festivities climaxed a two-Blvd., reported the theft of a fish- will be special guests at the :„,„.," aV™^ -t ^5™ «PC ;annual Army training teSlS in ' completed over a five y ear P e 'lrecreation within walking dls- ^' „ „ ' j....: i nn ,-noi uuh.ari *t <m u.»i * hiai,.. ..i u o !„.. com be dimcu <u grdnuiig ^c.-,-, Th t t conducted riod. i. „, „. „? !.-„„. An^vi° l "'e idie mis,. month youth program during ing reel valued at $10 and a blan- : church Sunday, which the" young people were ket valued at $3 from his automo- it was announced '™ 1 lieutRntint>sl -' ommissions and ! Germany. The tests, conducted riod. that the ac tj ve du ty assignments to i. ... u .. .--_. ^ - —t, »» • * .. i« t • , i-*-i rn-iivt V4ULV aooii^i m icJiio iw graded on attendance, service, bile parked at his home, Friday, new Billy Graham film, "Africa ; ious types " of work Pilot and '• < " n " m -"»••» -» w on the Bridge" will be shown gator lraining is availab | e and achievement in church ac- 4:30 p.m., police said. tivities. to i under realistic combat conditions, were designed to determine the; i unit's combat efficiency. Cooke, j Mrs. Gwen Watson was organist for the coronation; Rayford at the church on Aoril 16 ai , ™ *., , <tvlulllul " l °la clerk in the infantry's Head - a ' ; male OTS graduates, as well as entered thc Arm ^ Roxana Church tance of most of East Allon's; former ' p re8 ident. children. j played . Playground hours during the: CQ ^ entered thc Army ivr tvr i ri i. ,7-311 n m • „ • • c.- i quarters v-0., eniereo me /\nny "'; T* T • 1 NeWS Worthy Colt The P 7cture snans Africa from ^ f sslgnmen ' s ; i5ing e VVO " June 1960, completed basic train-i PrOSTaill LlSted ,. . _ „ ^Jl-S/^^fi'llT^ at Foil Leonard Wood, Mo..| * * "g 1 dl11 ^» IC « research ' rese * rcn and arrived overseas last Novem-' is a:. ROXANA — The Rev. William Alton-Wood River Area Automo- 'Identification of' bile Dealers Assn., the Indepen- George W. oJ 0 ' 011 '- Garage Owners Assn., the as a gift to Alton Assn. of Insurance Agents in memory Inc- tne Road Kn 'ghts of Illinois, W. Bauer ! lru; " Alton-Wood River Petroleum was dis^R eta '' ers - ^ nc '' t ' le ^ onta Club, (Business & Professional Women's jclub, the Alton Auxiliary Police Mrs. ! Corps, the Alton Police Depart- ing will be dancing, games, ping Grafton PTA to Meet Monday GRAFTON — The Grafton PTA Scnool< a.m. service Sunday. Sunday Sp. 4. DEAN W. BOSTICK.|school is at 9:30 a.m., Junior ', U.S. Citizen of high moral char- •acter, and pass written and phys; ical screening tests, which are ad- Washington Ave., East Alton, j Senior High Fellowship at 6 p.m. was assigned as a disbursing spe- : The Rev. Charles Alstott, pa&- cialist in the U.S. Army Engi-|tor of the Church of the Naza- 10 p.m. Playground instructors will! Raby, pianist: Mrs. Raby. solo-; Makes News as Mare : !tS P rimit , lv !. P a S an vi " a ges |" flying jobs as jsf Howard Opperman, reader; j 1 " MIVC! ' ^ cws »° »»•<= modern skylines and from talk- anc j developm Rev. Howard Todd Taylor, mas-l A mare that made the Tele-; in g drum s to television. i pub ] ic information. Eligibility re-' De I; ^dJ^ e ^"j™v U ille lTiKh- !RicCl paslor of First Presb y ter ' pong and pool from 7:30^ to ter of ceremonies; John Whit-jgraph when she was born a ! '"" : -"- - ^-^'""'- - ""•* -• »|18W paauaie 01 jeiheyvmi. n* un rhm .,, h u . in r , nnri>mf . fho ^.^i man, herald^ and Kurt Killam | complete surprise to everyone, and Ann Gornegay, pages. I except her mother, was ready As each honoree was an- j tor a little news treatment again nounced, he was presented with; today. a medal by the pastor, who led i Sweets, who entered the world in a prayer of dedication at the | on the Rock Poole farm on end of the ceremony. ' Levis lane exactly 12 years ago summer program will be troni!.. ., „, , , , . . .— r -, — 9 a.m. to ! ,,m. Monday through, "^ J^' in ^^™«> »°* ^outs of Alton. • V.AJI in i tiitt., vv^,tc iito^tuv. (cu \AJ I rtnppw 1 f | n*'ii t*mwM f\f frno m*' Friday from June 19 to AuRUstj h book f th ljb ^kKeifoK^n*™*?* 19 Fridnv nipht activities fea- ; , , j. j • « J ccl s " elt " Jones, cnaiiman or 1^. J-naay mgnt aciniues rea-, to be dedlcated In memory of tured at the Community Build-j the , ato Mrs E v Gieh] I quires a bachelor's or high degree jor be within 135 days of gradua-! tion from an accredited college, j be between 20'•• and 21\ 2 years,! whose wife, Gaye, lives at 424! High Fellowship at 4:30 p.m. and the check lanes will be Charles E. Lewis. His committee is made Mrs. E. J. Gerner, Mrs. Glenn up of Jerry Gould, Nick Warner, De Alley and Mrs. Clyde Vanat- George Georgevits, Jerome Hanta, are serving as a committeejneken. Lt. William Petersen will to compile an album of pictures Ireprsent the Alton police. Harvey be Dean Calvin, Paul Palermo,| and thumb nail sketches of a iilR e illey is finance chairman. Miss Gene Rhodes and Miss Cleona | f ormer presidents of the club, i Emma Sawyer is secretary-treas- Schelling, East Alton teachers. | to be p resen i e d to the Woman's|urer for the project. The summer program's com-iQj UO- .ministered frequently at Scottjneer Center Regiment's Head- irene, will conduct thc 10:33 a.m. |P lctc list of d a ' ' y ac ' tlvll . ies Mrs. Russell Bell was elected AFB, 111. be obtained from M.Sgt. James the Army in September 1958 and: The Rev. L. E. Mustain, pastor Mrs Anna Marie Jenkins, lo the day, herself gave birth i will meet Monday evening at youth director, was in charge of!to a colt today. ;o'clock at the grade school cafe-j Information on this school may]March planning the activities surround-' Sweets was the subject of =• (t ' r ' a - ing this event. Mrs. Regina Price, church secretary, assi ed> ..' I will also HP "HUSK Ht this HIPP! ' , ., Tpnight the young people wdli chased her mother without!*'» -^ Je ^ sts - th ^ ^-(Broadway. ^graduate of Bunker Hill H i g h! take part in the assuciational i knowing that he was getting two. 1 "* dlici '' (plvo Ul1 " Advance-! gdiool Hjs niothor Mps Snil ., ey j Baptist Youth Night at the Cur-'for the price of one. : inent awards. • ST EVE A. HEAD, aviation ma- ;f ^ B()Stu . k , | jvcs at sn Cherry' die Heights Baptist Church. Sun-i The family became concern-1 W8CS M<%l>li »B chinisfs mate airman, USN, son of i gt East Alton . day, they will serve instead of led about the mare's plumpness! GRAFTON - The April meet- Mr. and Mrs. G. T. Head of 908 , .. . . [quarters Co. at Fort Belvoir. Va.,;and 7 p.m. service at thc church^''" also fealure a conimunlly | president to succeed Mrs. Lyon; ay | March ^3. Spc. Bostick entered '• Sunday. band - The band wl " be organ - and Mrs. K. D. Stover was regular officers. Sunday evening | in time but never related it to the worship service will be in the true state of affairs until charge of the youth. Raby will be in charge of the song service, with Patricia Sweets stood wobbly legged in the barn. Sweets offspring has been ling of thc WSCS was held Thursday evening at the Methodist Church. Mrs. J. Bradfisch was in charge of the program "Woman's Changing Roles." She al- McKinley Blvd., is serving with! PRIVATE RONALD R. OW- Figher Squadron 21 aboard thejENS, son of Mr. and Mrs. Thur- attack aircraft carrier USS Mid-< man Owens of Moro, has sue- way operating in the Western jcessfully completed the Medi- Pacific The Midway, with Carrier ! C 'al Laboratory procedure at O'Daniell as organist and Nan-1 named Poole's Penny Candy, cy Barber as pianist. ! The remainder of the program j x~,,.| I will include invocation by Eu-| v«nHCiren gene Green; Training Union report by Gary Jenkins; announcements by Don Jones; testimonies by Fred McPherson, Joy Watkins, and Patricia Davis; offeratory prayer by Bill Edmiston; special music by the iso completed the book review on j Air Group Two aboard, departed Fort Jackson, S. C. The course '"Safe In Bondage' [were led by Mrt land Mrs. R. Baxter presided at PTA To Meet Monday HARTFORD Hartford P.T.A. will meet Monday at Woodrow Wilson School at 7 p.m., with Mrs. Bernel! Starbuck in ized for children and adults by eleeted secretary-treasurer. Robert Hubbard. junioi 1 high band director, who will give nine weeks of instruction from June 12 to AUK. 11 from 7 to 0 p.m. at thc East Alton Junior High School band room. Three concerts will be scheduled by the band for the public .lurin Ktlie summer program on ;he Community B u i Id i n g grounds. List Services At South Roxana SOUTH ROXANA — Thc Rev. '.' "".Victor Herman, pastor of Wanda 11 and South Roxana Methodist A junior bowling league tour-|.. NVhy We Believe .. at the 9 a . m . mient will be held from a( Wanda and at j am age" Devotions | its homeport, Alameda, Cliaf.. in included a 12-week training per-! lllee t' n E. an educational pro- boys and girls, ages 10 through j is a( i-K. C. Campbell February on its 1961 deployment iot1 at Fort j ac kson, S. C.. Pvt. gl ' am wil1 be Presented and re- 14, and for senior boys and girls,l Tne s , 9 House Windows i the business session. to the Far East. During the| Owens will be assigned to t he^ reshments wil1 be served in the l »S es Youth Choir; and trumpet trio and duet by Carla Price and Nancy Taylor. Speakers will be Bill Dawson, Frozella CrosJin, and Terry Peterson. The invitation hymn will be sung by Steve Taylor. The Rev. Taylor has announced his sermon topic for the 8:30 and 10:35 worship services will be "The Lordship of Jesus". The pastor will be serving as evangelist in a revival with the Wellborn Baptist Church, Kansas City, Kan., where Paul J. Hall formerly of Bethalto First Baptist Church, is pastor. Boy Pumped Out; Mixed Drinks Two - year - old Randal Cook landed in the hospital again Friday to get his stomach pumped after he downed, neat, a mixed drink of nose drops and an antiseptic thoughfully prepared by his older brother. Randal was discharged from St. Joseph's Hospital after treatment. His candition is good. Last October the boy went through the same pumping procedure when he was thought to have consumed mercurochrome. What went down the hatch Friday, his mother, Mrs. Dwignt Cook, ot 2905 HlUci'eet Ave., suul Breaking of nine windows in ; a house under construction at' 508 Wyss street was laid to children in four families, police reported today. The large windows were found knocked out, apparently by rocks, Friday evening, and police were called. Officers traced the vandalism to children in two families whose fathers said they would pay for the damage. Children in two other families had a hand in the incident, police later learned. Golden Age Club To Meet Tuesday Golden Age club will meet Tuesday. 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., in the Recreation Center of Rockl Spring Park A sack lunch will be served at noon. Police Nab Youths After Thefts A policeman early today nab- charge. Following the regular j 13 through Aug. 23 for bantom|, u gouth Roxana Sunday school 10 a.m.' at both churches. Senior MYF will meet at 6 through 18. Teams wiU ;p . n , at Wanda and t} p.m. at 1 and the Junior cruise to join the seventh Fleet. Uniled Slates Army Term Com- t;afete " a - New P-T.A. off leers I|MW I O n Tuesdays and Wednes-1 south Roxana :lhe Midway has visited Hawaii, manf) . u NVw Orknuls La wil1 be elected. )avs (l .,, m 9:30 to noon. '" (Guam and Hong Kong. < ' ' - pE RTH r A u S ,,.aliH~ - A^team Softball Pro K r«,n EDWARD L. O'BRIKN, chief KICNNI-JTH R. HUUin. *A. K ,. ni>1 , i|i|1K p|lin , is ,„ bc buj ,,; A Mjltbal , proKl . am will bo «i South Roxana and thc aviation electrician's mate, USN l)SN ' so " " f Mi: an(l Ml *' Arlie -uear Coolie, sonu- W miles fromifeaiurert for elementary and '» "S>aul s Cosily hrror. WCTU Institute Set for April 21 WOOD RIVI-JR -- A Mother's Day program and silver tea was adopted as a project of May by the Woman's Christian Temperance Union at the Friday meeting in the home of Mrs. L. L. Harrod. Mrs. Sophie Webb, president, announced the Madison County spring institute will be held April 21 at the South Roxana First Methodist Church as an all-day meeting with a sack lunch at noon. Registration will be at 9:30 a.m. Helen M. Allen, consultant on narcotics of Ev- rmston, will be guest speaker. The annual state seminar, 8S scheduled by Mrs. Robert Nessl, son of Mrs. James Warren of 1308 Fieldon aboard high boys and girls on MYF will meet at 6p.m. at Wan-1 A| , ()n s ,. t|e pl . esident win be da. The 7:30 p.m. .service will be' comhinpd mee ting of the un- theiiu-l jons u( M Hd j son _ Jersey, SI iClair. and Macuupin counties at The Rt-v. R. M. Mapes, pastor t| le ciillispie Methodiist Church, mnouneed. Mrs. II, 1C. F?unker Hill, is general the P5M-2 Martin "Marlin" sea-;programs were and is an anti-submarine; and units of ttu ... held service in August 1950, he attended Alton High School. .. unlimited were, Robert D. Couch, !'»B the summer program on *mp»; Rt _ ^ Rudolph p Holloway, 281™ * afet y l> ostei< displays, pet! i Sullivan Dr., Robert O. Lee. 507J5how, puppet show, treasure; Hartford Bl'OWIlie ROBERT D HUFF ''3 'Washington, Thomas A. Dirick- hunt, health poster displays.! 37070 " - - - ars havi: a life span uf L'.J to 30 years. son of Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Huff,! so ». st - Frank D - . . . . , Medora. was assigned to Head-! Seilx ' ld ' M6 E - ™ th St - Robort quarters Company, U. S. Army,£ Ei * ol * n 6 " Geol ^ e S1 " TAlton = n T Ronald P. Ross. Moro; Joseph Wayne A. DARRELL D. GILL, seamanj Garrison a , Forl Mye ,,. Va . apprentice, USN, son of Mr. and JM . ,,., Mrs. Darwin Gill of Rt. 1, God-!^ ^. ", . frey, sen'ing aboard the destroy- s l' eclu s in _^ _ er USS Preston operating out O f |enlered lhe Army . lasl ° pl()bt ' r Dr.. Edwardsville; Robert M. ... R. Brown, Godfrey; transportation!,. loll show, play day, track and Officers Elected field meet, band concerts, -nusic activities and parents lay. Titles have been given Dr.. and vVeek of tne summer program. Mrs. Claude Rains. Diane Klug was elected vice- president; Katy Rodgers, secretary; Nancy Schneider treas- HARTFORD Susan Fo.\ was urer; Linda Brockman, scrap- elected president of Brownie; book chairman. Klesen members of the troop are preparing to "fly up" into 10 each Tro °P 24 at a meeting Thursday afternoon at Woodrow Wilson the company, he. w A ^ m Blwldview |' -* j *',',.; School conducted by the leader jr.irl Si-outing in the near fu- ifm., lu^l Of>l,>h«.r ., „. .... „ . .. iFlOlll .JUIie IJ 10 AUj,Ubl 1_. „.,;..„ o,,l., .,..,.:.., „,! I,, i,,,^. Long Beach, Calif., will take part and . basic training at Vrabk . Rt and James H. Ben in a large U.S. Pacific Fleet ex-j 1 "' 01 ' 1 ^ eo »a''d Wood, Mo. Huff, son . 338 Grant St., White Hall; ercise during the Spring of 1961. '* tt 11)56 graduate ol Green-; und j ames D. Crest, Kampsville. Nicknamed "Green Light." the ex-'Held High School. Before enter- Assigned to security agency are, i ercise will be conducted by theimg lhe Army, he was employed; Josepii E. Murphy, 435 Foulds, | wee ' . . U.S. First Fleet, commanded by I by the Laclede Steel Mill in William L. Mayhall. 624 Elfgen A ' eek anct ' jalnollc week ' Vice Admiral C. L. Melson. Di-1 Alton. iSl.. and John E. Met/ler, 357 Lin-! Tournaments will be condm-t- vided into three phases, "Green! denwood, Alton. ? d in the sport or activity been designated consecutively as safety week, •lealth week, nature week,! i rack and field week, parents j handicraft and hobby j as . si .. tet) t)> | , ure , Light" will involve more than bed two 17-year-olds at Humbert Q I VfA ft S OLD . r*A e n llt <.4l.A A *c. nf.AM U M r n ....^1 ^M- * *V *^ » % ^-' V*-**-^ and Salu streets after he found vending machines money hoxes Mrs. Elizabeth WALTER W. BEYER, i Assigned o Army airborne are j ipecified ioi the particular! > r eek. ' The recreation department \ •las devised a competive point | 150,000 men, 150 ships and 300i NCOIC > Alton's Army recruiting Lowell E. Petitt, 450 Sullivan, East !Navy and Marine Corps aircraft i station - 205 w - Tnird Sl " tlmt a Alton; Lawrence R. Nascono, Ed- and will cover a two-month pe-! new . record has been set for the ;wardsville; and Barlow E. Harriod from April 3 to June 3. All elements of Navy and Marine Corps striking power will be exercised during this period. This station by enlisting 32 men during j,-i Si Qi en Carbon. March, placing it hi first place j other assignments are James in Missouri and Illinois. This is^j. Burgoyne, 126 Boynton Dr., ad- the largest number ever recorded'ministration; SFC. Russell W. Me missing at Beets One Stop Serv- hardt, Who U 81| enter- series of operations is a part of! for a month in J ' e i" lar <n»-ee-year Mullen. 351« Wickenhauser, re- ice station at Washington ave- tallied h»r card club Oil jthe continuing program to keep I enlistments. enlistment; Albert E. Clai%e, nue and Salu. ! her birthday, at the home jships and men of the Pacific! For the U.S. Army in Europe, 2815 Edwars St., St. Louis MissUe One youth had nine dimes oni ol her Illece, Mrs. 0«»I» > Fleet in a high state of training i Robert G. Wreath. 121 W. 15th site;gRoger D. Grizzle. 137 Mc-Af- and readiness. In addition, these j St.. Thomas G. Ahrlujg, 2819 Res-.thur Dr, Cottage Hills, infantry; exercises are designed to further i idence, James W. Montgomery, j Kendal M. Brewer, Edwardsville, Wood River Scouts Kennedy Sends Regrets, Can't Attend Chili Day WOOD RIVER — The Presi- "Thank you fur youi letter to dent of the United Slates will the President, with the enclos- system to stimulate and main-; 1 ain interest in the summer pro-''.' i not be able to attend the Chili lures. He enjoyed seeing the pic- Day being sponsored by Boy! lure of your Scout Troop and ! Scout Troop 35 at the American j a 'though it will not be - . . , _ . . , gram's activities. Trophies and- Jon Ha( , today although nt ,i for , he Pres ident to maiw awards will be presented to . ,. eccjved an inv i, a tu)n and com- j use of the two ix»mpJim«Uw> him and the other five dimot.. Smith, 818 LogaU fit. Mrs They had no other money. Cpl. Walter Conrad picked up the pair after he checked the station following a tip. In the her brother, reside* with Si ~ Sr., I960 W. Mb Stftlt Fboto. increase the radiness and mobili- 3401 Oakwood, Richard R. Poin ty of the U. S. First Fleet and dexter, 1902 Gross St., George J. keep it preuaied to move un>- Darnell, 1253 Yeakel, Alt611; Louis military police and Ross L. Mel- leiUhin, Cottage Hills, coiubitt engineers. point scorers. Points will be given for each article made in hsr.dicratt, bringing new children to act- vities, specialty events, tournaments, helping Improve the playgrounds, good deeds, good oehavioi- aud tickets, which you so ihought- ' plimentary tickets. A letter of regret was re-1 fully sent him. he doe* i-eived by Ricky Bragga, Iruop.ciate your friendly though! <•! member, from the White Hou*.,;him. The President hopm lh«l earlier this week signed by;your Chili Pay will be a Kenneth O'Oonnell, spe ciuljcess, and extend* hJ« assistant to the President. wishes lo you j*mJ tlw oilu^i Quoting from lhe lettui: incinljerb u( >oui S«ouo T

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