Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on October 8, 1959 · Page 7
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 7

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 8, 1959
Page 7
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Junior Editors Quiz on TRUMPET QUESTION: How old is the trumpet? ANSWER: The known history of the trumpet dates back to 2000 B. C. Probably early trumpets were not man-made, but were natural horns of shell or bone. Such a horn would be used by trumpeteers like the one in our illustration, who is striding across the rough country of the Wilderness, leading the children of Israel to the promised land by the sound of the trumpet. Or mountain tribesmen would use the trumpet to communicate with more remote tribes. Today the trumpet is made, of brass. The greater part of its length Is of small-bore cylindrical tubing, and there are three piston valves which can be pushed down at different intervals so the player can run through the entire musical scale. The trumpet's sharp, clear, almost penetrating tone makes it a perfect instrument for orchestras. Sometimes a mute is used to soften its tone. FOR YOU TO DO: Listen to a recording of a symphony orchestra and see if you can hear the clear voice of the trumpet, and separate it from the other wind instruments. Verdi's opera "Aida" has a stirring trumpet call when the victorious general comes back at the head of his army with a detachment of elephants to celebrate his victory. (Alan Fyock of Johnstown, Pa., wins this week's $10 prize for his musical question. Violet Moore Higgins, AP Newsfeatures, welcomes your questions. Write her on a postcard in care of this newspaper. If duplicate questions are received, Mrs. Higgins will select the winner.) CARNIVAL By Dick Turner TM. R« «S. CM. OH « 19M by MEA SVYJM, bm, "No you cannot get out and listen to your father fix the tire!" SIDE GLANCES By Galbraith T.M. J) 19SS by NtA Siriic.. Inc. "One person could never have turned out a mess like that. It must have been painted by a committee!" SWEETIE PIE By Nodine Selfxer T.M. »•*. »•»• !*•«• «*• $ 1959 by NE» S«nrlM, hi«. 'It's no use! I think I'd better switch back to the bast drum!" TIZZY By Kate Osann "No thanks, Freddy, I've already been late for school twice this week!" Hodgepodge Answer to Previous Puzzle ACROSS 1 Apis mellifera 4 Musky substance 9 Shakespearean queen 12 Varangian 13 Worship 14 Exclusively 15 Request 16 Bristles 17 Untruth 18 Contended 20 Roman copper 21 Islands (Fr.) 22 Register 24 Critical 26 Discern 27 Ruptures 28 Small shield 30 Yale 31 Taste 32 Brother of Osiris 33 Grivet monkeys 35 Mediterranean resort 38 Author 39 Tillers 41 Tentmaker 42 American district telegraph (ab.) 44 Alaskan mining town 45 Cognizance 46 Hillsides (Scot.) 48 Peg 49 Unit of energy 80 Bird 51 Vicia orobus 52 Compass point 53 Donkeys 54 Scottish sailyard DOWN 1 Indian \ warrior 2 Dyestuflf 3 Geological mounds 4Casimir (ab.) 5 Utopian 6 Ballot 7 Obliterations 8 Precisely 9 Small maul 10 Foreigners 11 Blessed 19 Forecaster (slang) 21 Kindling 23 Ancient language 25 Mollify 29 Parvenus 33 Gentlers 34 City in New Jersey 36 Barrel makes 37 City in New York state 38 Prods 39 Greek pillar 40 Feel 4 3 Platform 46 Scout group (ab.) 47 Streets (ab.) 7Z 70 1} BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES A Tipster BY EDGAR MARTIN OUT OUR WAY BY J. R WILLIAMS OUR BOARDING HOUSE . . . with . . . MAJOR HOOPLl WE'RE SHdSE PROUt? O 1 VOU SU6AR, A-filTTIM* 1MTH'MOVIES WITH YORE FIPPLE AM'AT VORE A6E.' ITS MARVELOUS- HOW PIPVUH POIT? VA/AL, EF= VUH MAIKJ'T GOT WO BEAIWS, VLIH ' GOT TBE GOOP LOOKIW, AM' EF VUH HAIkJ'T (SOT WeiTHFR O' THEM, YL)H 6OT T'HFV TAL£WT, AW EF VUH HAIW'T 6OT O 1 THEM, WHY Vl.lM JEST H6V T'BE A COWPDMCHE TILL VO'RE SEX/tSMTY- ER-HOW OLD AIR VEW, STIFF 1 /? WAL, (SOOP N LUCK/I HOPE IT 5 A TEM- •/:;..%/•.*:•; v,x. : 4;-, '.x/'*- ,;ys//^,//, •: -SW AgSJT PLAyiSfcST^ ••.•i;:":^.. ff '.- AM , j7 - .- ^ ,,--";;'$ ? —3M VESSEL?** YOU V'i^'i ='/' -4: 'Y t^^'r >S J. C^ULD-TH^SA-TSMTd A ,-*-? . J _'. .-•••- -,..•-.-. <_ i -i • •>;<,-- ' -<LJ=. •50 = ^' \«.Hle»«« .VO7A^T IS V <s. " !Tiv-ra' t? -'^' = --' :J S??rS5V-JM5f?£ ' ART IS Ml PRIVACY MS MIGHT ?j'V VOLJ OFF WlTM A BUGS BUNNY Temporary Job HEVl WHAT ARE YOU POINQ? I FIXEP VER ROOF JUST TIME, ELMER! IT'S PAININ HARP LEAKS 1 FIX IT OR I WON'T PAV , NOUl LEAK NOW! I'LL COME BACK PRISCILLA'S POP Short Story BY AL VERMEER vou MEN AND VOLJR SILLY NICKNAMES p/'OW^W! L> MERE ! COMES i "SHORTY \PWILLIPS 10-8 HE'S AS TALL AS YOU ARE/ WHY CALL HIM SHORTY" NUTCHELL, CAN YOU LOAN ME A RVER? V I'M A LITTLE ir. U.S. PiL Off. ALLEY OOP Back Breaker BY V. T. HAMLIM ™M&£^YEH....CAME *"^ --uia FRQM QVER DIP YOU HEA« THAT,\ THERE, ALLEY? SOUNPED LIKE f SEEMEP SOMEONE IN TROUBLE.'V LIKE HADNT WE SURE...BUT LETS BEnER SO I TAKE IT EASV., HAVE k / IS NO TELUN 1 LOOK? / WHAT WE MIGHT RUN 10-8 N -^a . '-^^^ J^-^^ MORTY MEEKLE Slight Error BY DICK CAVALLI ( I KNEW HE I WA<3 6TILL \ PRETTV V FA6T... FASTER/ FA6TER/ HE'S 6TILL RIGHT BEHIND US// FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BUT I DIDN'T THINK HI5 WIND WOULD HOLD OUT 19S9 by NEA S«rvlt«, Inc. T.M. R« z . U.S. p at . Off Smooth Talk BY MERRILL BLOSSER GOSH,YOU LOOK DYNAMIC/ WHO'D EVER GUESS YOU'RE OLD I'LL BEf OWE 6OOD CLEAN YOU \ ^ 'HEM / YES," THAT'S TRUE/ \ Ef?~- DON'T MIND IF I WAIT HILDA IM VOUR. FAVORITE CHAIR, DO VA ? THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNE Forgiven BY WILSON SCRUGGS JUST BEFORE IT HAPPEUED, VOUK PATH6R RAMS) FOR ME. HE OJMPUIWEDOF A SHARP PAIU/ A r^ DIZZY FEELIU6.1 IMMEDIATELY CALLED DR. THOMAS/ THE PESlDEMT... YOUK FATHER'S LAST WORDS WERE/TELL DOUKIATO TOK6IVE ME. I'VE BEEU 5ikTH A LATE?, AT MAeTH A WAYNE'S HOME... M2S. WAYNE, AAAV I SPEA'<TO YOU ABOUT 5OMETHIM6... 50METWIWS IMPORTAUT? CAPTAIN EASY Easy Is Cautioned BY LESLIE TURNIR TOUCH WITH HOTCL WHY, PgWNY WA* LATE i TOO. SHE ARRIVEP PUB TO VOOR HI6H PAW? APRAlP I'M BY THB FBI, C^PTAIW EA&V. WE TA1XEP RATHER FREELY BEFORE VOU. I HOPE YOU WOM'T PI5CU5& THE CA56 WITH AWYOKJE veri

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