Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 18, 1927 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 18, 1927
Page 7
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LEADER^SHIVER ng l*r (BSsijre, Is More .PrqtijDunced in Markets. Nev? York, March IS.-. (AP)— Selling pressure wua more pro- 'nounced in today's stock' market. Although speculator.s for the rise; attempted to inaiutain' IjuIIisU en^ ' by bringing forward new -fasbrltes-whenever tlx- old li-adt-rn - /showed .ttlKns ot wavt-ring. Ilie per-; ; slKtent JMijnniering of hear tradcr>i . 4igainst'vulnerable s u-claltics had ' unsettled ifflett. A .growing beliff tllat llie rociiit ptrehglli of U. S. St,eil <;niMiiioii, Ccneral Motoi'-H aiid oiln.-r lii;;li priced I HHUI-H Wa-j lii'liig used as a Hfjreon to ('over dislrilttilicjn if cljeaper HlockM was n -flcMled ii tllo luen-ast'd offtrliigs wliitli-aj- V' cdinpunled f.vfry rjilly. HnnliH " called abijut $10,0 (ti ».0 »Mi In loatirf before the Hessloh wan half ov.-r, . btil there appeared to be/ pbiily oi call money available at; llu- re- i' newal figure ol 4 pfr cent. /;olla|irse of" tin- Btniis liiiitlii -rs iHHue* ehi'cki'd a rally wliicli started shortly after• midday. Further weakiii'ss also < ropjii'il out in the. baking, attiusenient n^id i'lijctrical supply l.ssucs. ^ ; -j'ools were aeilvely at work in —J such Issues M Ameriian Siifety llazurj Philadelpliia Company and Federal .Mining and Smcltiiig.r tlit» last'named juqipihg iu-points.^ MOBTN POP. rve COME wrbTAvki,TJb SOME fuJtk- siNce I've HAD A B OOST AND It I {ilGHT Alow— nii'dhini :*li ).7r,''« lit;.-.; liKlil llgbt iTO ^t&^bklitiHgGl'MB^ 18.1927, z " • . -n-r?! ^ « rr - I M «-I v«kTY^'«?mi . i • ^' 111.10 Knnstis Clly ('Io<je. Kahsas City. Mar. IS. tiAI'i-i- ClOHe: WUieat. .Mav Jie\v-«H.28V4 : Muly" $1.2:!. Corn. .Alav IS'Ac: Jihv Sept. 79^i..-. jiaikliiji- .'iiuvs Jlt.T.'i'if l»i.:!0; liA- pigs 1!U Si 11. SO.' Catiie Z .iHio; on*, load 1.4.10 liiillochs IIZ: today's fxtrenii Kiocki 'C*. aiiil ' ffedern noin .sK-adyial J'i'ii!!: lour loads wi ni.illiiiii bulls ,*«'i(ti..';o; vealeijf< $10 1/ II- I.) big killers. ,Sli('<'|i C .'MMi: wooled lambs jl4..'>0 (iii'i.^iy. clioivi' bandy weight aliov«> $l.'...^iij good heavy ?1 14..^it: ( bol< e^iandy cilppt'd Iambs hulil around choice li<-avy clippers $l:!.10; dlieep sicady: lal ewes $.sif!.!»; few c loici' j!t .'.or fiedii.g and shearing li^mbs .-i'-arcc. sitady. Kansas. < ilj I.ivesftick. City. .March IS. (f. held III tub's dght Al'»4- ti) fc Kiiii!iiis nij <;raln, Kansas .Gity^ '.Mar. IS. Wlieat. ,re<^ei/its ' ^ower; So. 2 dark hard' $l.!J» = j!f/ IM: Six. 3 ILiiSJA /gi.:!:.: LVo. M 'hard $1.29U,ft.l,^; ^•o. .j jiji's'-fi l,; .\o. 2 red Sl.L'Tk.T/1.2S''.; So. 3 Jl.26'/.jfil.2S. Corn, to If lo\<er; .Nd. 2 wU'iW 71Tj;72l-ic.-: .N'o. :t «« U ft To'^.^ .\Vi. 2 yellow 7:{<ri7ric; .\o. .'! tOft 7:!'i:r; No. 2 mixed 70'</7:!i'; .\o: :! CC .f/ TOU JC. • Oat.s. l(^Jowerl .Vf). 2 while 4(;'' <lTi4»c; >U). :', 4.0(fi47c. .Mllo njafee %l.Ur,tl.Ti. Kafir. $l '0 .".{!i M.S. Jlye. 9r, ffiOCr. Barley, 72*0 74c. ' ' old .*1.1'!>: .May I ''"I"- Ai;riculi arc)--Hogs 4J.00I(; f |Uinv,ii: lights and butchers steady to lac lower: mostly loc lower and li;;l!l lii;litt;, 2r .c .to .=iOc lower; slock p!»:s :;Uaiiy $Ml.'it»fjl2.r,oj; top $11.Pi on ll'l to l(!<i lbs. Uijsira- ble 170 to 2J:o lbs. $11.00(fi|l 240 llis. iindj mostly $1(1 ..«u i.:i5 (r( lOilo; linht liglits up no $11 .40; JpiMking" sow.'J! S!t ..'>O (rj!).ri0. j (atlle 4<I0: calves 200. La '|a. cleun -uii trade on killing cl latisti'ady prict-s'; siookeri and cr' iraTTe confiiKMj lo supplies by ilcaler.*: medium to good; il'iouud s'l-ers 'tiL.S."!; ' Texas' land bull ted ^\2.'. ; practical ! , tUiCi -j) I.o'iMi; lamb:* 10c t< I hicjigo liraiii. Chhago, .Mar. 18. (.\l•^ Cl..s<':' •Wheal: .Mav $1.:!(; to l.:!i;'ii .Inly $1.30'?„ lo "$1.:!I; .Sepl. -?-1.2SY, lo Corn:'.lMay 7'''/4 to ."»<•: .loly 7»5i,(?/% to %r: .Sept s:!--„.-. * -Oats: .May 44'.v'(('S, Id ''hc; .Inly Attli, to lie; .Sept. 4,!i-c. kye: .May $1.02%: .liiL,v; !i:r-..- . ,Stjpi. !o;c. • . , ^f'liJeimo l,l»es -|4 ,(k. (liiliago. .\lur. IS. ((i.ii.-.l ^;;;iieH UeiwiTllieiil of Agrlciillurei II OKS ..•11,000; •sirlelly choice 1 to lo li ;ii ptyiind. welghl licid aj-ouiid $ll.!io: bulk KiO to 200 pouinl avcraKcit $ll.riO(ij.ll.7r.; 210 to 2.'iO pound weight . $lo.s.'.'i/11.."0; 20o to :!oo •pounds $1070(f|.10.!l.-,; .".iio to .'l.'^iO pound JlO.tiOifi lo.7'i; paiklng sows $U.7.')(f/10.2.1: pigs upwai'il lo $IM.S0, heavyweiglit hogs $10.."iO'f( lllln; lower: lop $l4.7 ."i; vf ;iid to /MiOii; no rsely llsses feed- jheld l.l.-.l hieal veal 1 .-.C others down- sheep off.! ! .\!:u DIAMOND t.Mis. 'It: K. ,Kpurgik»n) . It!.-^ The liirmers iiuionl red. held scliDolliiiuse Kilday evi'iiing aflcr I he liiisifiess session ai| tertaillillcu! Ml' pieces, Kougs iiiiisic was given. . - -. ..lames llarri :;on w.ia in lola uiday. ICayinoiid l.:int/. ban. been nl| tioiii I'liool II lew days I bis I'ai-.h.h ;i|iiii;v""u hauled liiiblbi -aw mill Tl II rs- ' fOLA HIDE, FUR & WOOL ! mMPANY 1 Get our prices nn I POrLTR¥i A.M) KCGS 1 We will come aftet. iiODltrr. B. A. JONES 111 80..OI1I0 Phone 1307 h^i i be'i'll solving cl ; loi;'!.- lo the- • Is at-. f T!ia> GRENNAN'S MARKET We pay tlie following prlccte: Fanci Eggs.,-: -^.^3c Jfo. lEirRs _ —IHc >o. 2 Eifcs .Kfc, », 3 Eggs 15c; ' jiwis - to 2(ic Springs - I6c to l»r YponK and Old Cocks 1 He (Jreen Hides L—-i- «e JfoiTHe Hides ^-.i-$3.0« We will conle-atter,your ponitnr. I(al|.;i lioiil He d.iy. .I.Tlile;: .lolM o:il;i Ihb; wnl. .Mr. r .:iiila haul s.iw mill Tiiesdiiy. (.'ariol .Coii|i"j'. of jLallarpi !<tayiiig al -.Ijtiies Irwiiirs and tending sii hold. .Mr. .1 lid -Mrs. .McKlliliey calleri at.MJ'. Spurgeoii's Saljitday. .Mr. '.\'(d.son hauled; logs to the .Spiirgcoii <aw mill Jloiitla.v. - Little' Roberta I'eck and Max I'aJUsh liave been visitors; at sc'liool I his week: .lohn Lent/, delivered bogs toj La- fla 'rpe .Monday. The Jiijhl rain Friday caused thV road dragger to gel out ugain Ht tries to keep the roads in :;ood ^hape ami that is wliJU we likle tO ! .see. This i.^ fine weather for farm work and the farmers are linsy plowing, discing and sowing <)at.<!. .Mrs. Ruby Baker rei eived a let- . ter Monday from her mother. Mrs. i will- be good news to <dd friends and neighbors. J. F. GreHhan Produce Co. F.Mt Uonroe iin^ Kim Pbone S'e folk, Kaniu Ttfiiycco'" growing in Manrh iria. (•omparatively new :ndustr.v in at country, is rapidly gainin 5 in a -tl; importance. .Maitchurla tobicco tfi'TAYLOk OF HUMBOLDT (nndidiiles Cirrulaltng Petilioiis lor City Ot'ilces — ( onrrete Floor lor llr:i|ie (Krancis Culver.) 111MIU)LDT. Mar. dates ai"! beginning to titiorrs for city offices, tlic ijvi of j canilidates foil..WW: Mayor. Carl I) iTre.:.'-:uror. B. Flii^t; .Iiid:;-. .1. S. Lehman; L'oarl of Kducatioli. .lanies (ilbbs; Aulomnliiles for'Sulc II - t; 7.—Candi-, resent pc- j r\t present • stands as ! rake: Citv 1 Police Treasurer DKPK.VDABLK l'SK|) CAHS—l!l2t; f'hevrolft coach; 192') Chevrolet coach; Kssex <:oach'; Dodge' roadster, worth the raaii ,ey; 1!»22 F; IL Chevrolet roatlst'er, rebuilt and reOnished; 1923 . Star roadster; 102::. Chevrolet roaister. rebuilt aitil refinished. B. Berber, (iar- age. 211 We :Jt ittreejt. Phone r>15. SALK OR TKA sian.dard sedan. ;ejt. PI ABK-- Overland drove S.'OO miles, for ton 1 :;27 North Fourth st ruck. Apply •eet. ' FORD CARS—I've twenty • new iised just got in Fords: 1926 MERCHANDISE Articles (nr Sale- 7 SHOW CASES—Glass, troin 4 to-' 10 feet long, priced right. seen ai Barley Store at Mildred;. Business and Office Eqalpneiit 64 TYPEWRITERS—A large shlpmaat Just rej eived; .3 Remingtoiu-lfo. 12: 3 Remingtons No. id; 2^ Royals: :; Unilerwoods No. 5; Corona portable: 1 I \\ I See display Postoff Compili C. Smith, and others, in window opposite Wllliaiiis Typewriter Fuel, Feedy Fertilisers U NICK PKAIRIE! HAY—Baled. 35c bale at j barn. Lewis PoiVell, I&Ile north and one ea.'tt Iron Wo .rks. WKLL HOTTED .MANURJE -*For rJowers, gurdeiis and lawns. J.- C. IJiilrhcr. ..r^--—. - t ^ood Things lo Eiit \ —Cl'Cl MIlER I'ICKLRS--ln &7 EMPLOYMENT Situations Wanted—.Male :17 AL'TO -MECHA.VIC = Kainiliar with all makes curs. Sweeney .school . gruduat'e. Geo. Walter, lliimholdt, Kans.. BoX' 2*;. [brine; .'.0 cent[< a fvillon. Pho. 94|iF21. NICE FAT FRIES I 'i IbJ; to 2 U.S. eajli. Trowbridge. 318 Wast BrurierJ . Phone 12:51.-^ FINANCIAL Household Goods ^9 Money to Loan—Mortgages 40 FARM LOANS—Quick Ber >^ce and reasonable rates. A. D. Hawthome. 213 S. Washington. FARM AND CITY . LOANS—Base rate on farms, 5%, city 6%. Long or short time.^ R. M. Cunningham. Fl!RNIT;i;RI'>-Oil stoves and coofc stoves;! carload high grade nsSd fiirnrture arrived from'Kan- sas Cit.y. Save one-half.- eaSypAy- niehts. free delivery . Curtis Bargain-Store. LaHarpe. 1 CRAY, llOOSIER—Ci^binet. new, will .'fell cheap. Inquire 312 .West Camphell. ; E. Steph- [vard. .1. L. !rd ward: i Counciljman, 4th Ks;. inem- n, Ueorge Dr. J. A. is bejiij; removed ^^nd a ; I refc iloor will tep|;ici| lloor is There's nO mistaking the fa<-e at the in ibis pliiurc. jit in long., to I': S. Senator .lames A, lli-ed, cliici' <fouii .cj lor Mciiiy I-'ord in ilie iiilllMin-ilotlar libel sub b.\\.'\aron Sapiro pi'.aiiisl ibe^ciilo nuil .i .i: iiotv nn niiil III Delroil. Willi Reed Is liiu liiyv |>:>rliier, fieorge ||ig)',in^, of .•;a:. CI '.V. Tllcy.Were plii>IO^r::phed dliril.g i^ieulllg vsloii-, ol III!' ! I •Miireii I hi; new iiieail liakiiiK ; lh:<l Mr. Drake wdl sooit i h1i?"t/,-l;ibli.-llliienl. Tie- bigb school Init I Mici ^i will bir held on .Moitdiiy. T.Ues- Kiiii NEOSHO VALI.EY (C. JL. AriKddl .M;ir'. HI. Silnday school al Sali ii'j Chapei al 10 o'clock on SiMiil;i.\-. •Miircli 20. Pr.'achIng by the p::s- loi. Rev. .N'. at 11. Cliris- liaii Enileavoi at 7 p. 111. Prayer meeting on Wednesday evening of each week. .Miirry Taw;ney has liien out selnio' .'^everaV days (in account of i having'measles. j The .lohiisoji young folks were visitors with .Mr. aiitl .Mrs. Pal .Smith, in lola.- Sunila.v. Elaine Talley has been havin,^ chickenpox. .1. !{. Cline is about ready to be-' ;;in drilling another oil well on his i farm. |The rig was brought in <iii i 1 hurs(Iay 01 last week. i .Miss Ruth .Meadows is at preseiit; WetU -Ill Kl'ill'. .1. I!. I 'aiilelic I,d!. ; <al!i d >>;i .Mr. jiiid .Mr.". Sivi-i who rci.nliy liViVeil III Uoiii Wi -lerii l\;iii -!:c;. iiiili) Mrs. t ;iiH.)i'; 1 .1 III. eviiilig. Jt i .«t reported II KI I will sow flax oil tie d'ly and Wedni'.sdav of The eii 'ors sei 111 lo ha\i< j Vl'''"ce>i ,if winiiiiit; the I ilie lowi r classmen an I fh( III a iriiod sliowl >iiiliai.> .,1 llial . ,\ "SilcceHsfill Season liiiii in honor oi the Ihiiniuddt high hool l< he )|..|d am iind Coach II iievci .Monday night at the '.-Iiiiiday { hi .1. I. Clinker i i|iiari..'r sec- j „f!l:oii of land, south of his f;irn!. in 1 short time. Iiii'h sciiiio;.aiidiloriilm. 'Iriiere will t''.r of speeches : iid stunts ;,iveii iiy iiie school, and by mem bc;s of lb- Rotary club, the Chani- 4)1' Commerce, and lljie -.Xmeri- l .e >;ion. t Coiiiii i'.nuiii, 1st ward, .M {eii.soii: Coiiiicilmaii, 2nd : ,loliiis(iii; Cf>iincilman, I E. il. IJow'lhv; j ward. Dr. A. R. Chaiiib • hers Poard ol Edneatit i, Sylvan .Nfiller, iCa:iiph..Il. . ] \lr-. Lucy Stewart, w 10 is con- i valo.^ciiig froiii an opera ion wliich iv.a.-; i;<-rforiiied at the .lo inson lios- pjlal :(t'Chanute a few days ago, is rerorled to be recov -ring in a ,. atishictiii V manner. . . I .Mr. aijd .Mr.'-. W. L. Dfake enJer- laliie! aiiiiinber of frien Is ut their I10.111 • laiii iiinjii in honi r of three l):;.llii::i.v^. those of .Mrs. W. T. Car- W. L. Drake, and Dr. A. ' <'itniiihers. _Those presJint were: ; y.\\ fid \IrsT W. T. Carvie. Dr. and ,.\!r-. .\. R. Chambers, .vii. and .Mrs. .v. A. Armel,.and Mr. andlMrs. W. L. Drak". Til-' (lid board flf)or iiijtlie build- .iii:, <'>ciii)ied by Hie Drake Hak^-ry i Foi'd coupe; 2 192C Ford tour­ ings; 1927 Ford roadster; 192C Ford roadster; 1926f Ford truck; 1 S-cylinder Uldsmbbiic sedan; 192."> Ford cotipe; balloon w^heels and tires with lots ot extras; 192.-| Ford roadster; "ISZ.'i,' Ford coupe; 3 1925 Ford tourings; 1924 Overland touring; 192:! Chevrolet touring; 1923 Dort touring. Will sell on j time 1 or will trade'for livestock.' .1. C. Butcher. MONEYi TO LOAX -:Private and j -j Victrola, rugs, eastern money to Joan on fprms i """r kimp, refri.!?erator, and city property. Low rate, tabic Terms and payment to suit bor- '••'"'' rrwer. Stewart & Funk. : I . chairs, li-brary beds, iires.'ier. reznor, and. rotis other articles^ James 21rS S. Cottonwood.' Pho. 597. INSTRUCTION Local Instriirtinn f 'IaKii <>s OAKLAND — Dealei;S - - PO.VTIAC I '24 Ford roadster; "22 Ford coupe, igood; 'IS Ford (-oupe, cheap; '.22 • Hudson sedan, guod shape; '21 .Studebaker 4-pass:j coupe, fine shape; '211 Chevrolet coach, fine shape; *22 Dodge coiipe. good; '23 Dodge coupe. Some otlier vciry f cheap cars. Cash.iternis or trade. Hobart-Steele .Motor Co. • NEW CL.ASSES—In CiX'gg shurl- haiid. bookkeejiing, typewriting, bunking, expert accouniing, auditing and telegraphy, will be orgaii- iz.ed at Butuin's liusiness College. Evans BIdg.. ne .\t week. Special i.Tices and terms to all who enroll Inow. - I Rl'CS iiinisecleaning time meins i [intting j down Congoleum Rugs. 4::\ Priced to sell. Bryson's Purui- ' Jure St(ir<\ Seeds. Plants, Flowers 6S new con- I it. The ' necessajry to hidd iiiacliiiiery install ill 1923 FORD ROADSTER — Cood tires, good iipholi^tering. good l>aint. Boyer .Motor ^Co.. 212 Soiilh .leffersoii. Phone 23. • LIVE STOCK FIELD SEKDS-Of all kinds, get yours early. S^e us for. prices. .MIei; Coiinty Implement Co. - . ROOMS AND BOARD Rooms for Housekeeping \& Horses, Cattle. 1'ehlcles 48 lass track ijiext week. • the best liieet but ready to IK-. c<debr:i leikell will 192ti FORD ROADSTER - 192fi (Mirysler "iS" coupe; 192.'> Essex coach: 192ri .Maxwell Hedaii. We trade. Ross Arbtnllile's »!ar:ige, •Chrysler Dealers.! I'lione .Mi. 1921; FORD ROAD.SIJER -Sfarler, balloon tires, nickel radiator shell, Hiiare lire, original rinlsli. (nrin •\1 meelianlcal condition. Siiial.l puynieiit down, balance easy leriilK. .McCarthy .Motor-Co.. 212 Soiilli WaslilligliJii. jPhoiie S<Xl ? Aiito Accessories, Tires, i'arts 13 1 FORD -ROAD.STER ! BODY—1922 model. Used parts of (ill kinds, lola Auto Wre(!klng Co. I'hone 7}i2r : Friends of .Mr. and .Mrs. E. P;-, vislK'd tl.''iii diiriir.; ;!u early pari of Ia^.l week. 1 We'regret tlin-. wchav" not liad j time, to give io colleclilig i;eiiis | ti'iis Week, thai i.^; reuiiircd in ii':ik- 1 i"g up a.coinsdele li.-^t. The wi M. A. met Marc!i 3. A j song opeiifd the >nie>-lii;^ iiinl ,hei ; scripture re:'.d w,is C .>1. :;:1-'17. read : CLA.SSIFIEI) ADTRKTIS. IXO INFOR.MATION. Ca.ih <c 7e 10c • Mr. and -Mrs. W. U. HHlhraiJt .lohn .Morrison of Lansing. Ifaijsas, I make rre(iiient vi.^its to the home saying they were well, and hajppy. I of Mr. Hillbrant's mother. Mi>. her ' Pees, during her present sickness, 'land render such assistance as coir- dilionsmay refjuire. . . .... „ .by the nr'-sidein. .Mi.^. C. R. Pi-.k. ! staying with Mrs. K. P. \\^ | SrhuUy. was leal, r'of the les- 1 .M -n^and .Mrs. Opal Hayes review.v! j is said to be of fine quality, an well liked iKJt only by the Chiliese but also by anese. the Russians-and Jiip- 1 is a idiapter from "Ocr Hills." .\n lalere.-liiii; •How Can We llclp.' ',>as .:?iv<:!i hy 1 J":-.- Inctjrrrrt Insei ,i ,. ,. . ,. ,., V. ... • i't'Ccml rales for .\ rs. K t rooK. .M:;. Sliiiltz gave; .' „,,.,„,, . Chas. Baxley of Hiimboldt wa., 1 -. Kl-ction of officers * arranKed In ALPIIAUETKrAL-order with the IJaxley.s here. Sundfiy, and j., . ensuing vear was as I'lil-'o"" referoiue Motiday and Tues<lay ^l^&lpc^ ^^y^ll^-fs^:^^ Shnli.. Prcident: I ./M„^^,r';;U^^.J "t Baxley overhaul the Fprdson. ' Mr.s. C. R. Pei k, vi((-p:i sideiu ; I iJauy Register style ofTypc. rr ..\SSIF !En RATtCS ' n .TlIv rate per Ilrie for tonaecutlve t :!-rrtloii9: _ ,, Charge Six days "(^ Three days '. 3q One day 12ri Minimum i-barge. SSc .Minimum ca .sh. 30e. . Coimt fivff Mord.q to PHONB TOl'R Cl.ASalinBD AT) TO. 18 T„n,„i„.il F.rrors In advcrtlgements Templed I .^,.,,rtpd 1mmedUael.v. Tli: talk on i Kin not tie rcsponsltilf? for Insertion. , yearly jjdvertislng. Til" ailvortl.-<e alioAiId- be Regi.ster bnbre than Mr. and Mrs./Lloy<l| Hillbranti .came up friim ^nmb^ldl .Siinduy! .Mr.s. Ertie Hiik-. secreiary; Mr , , I. : t 1.' i.u t 1 !• iCornell. ireasuritr: .'Vlrs. Orace 1 and made a short visit'>vith Lbivd s i ' . ! llFli«r« rnserv* tho rfKlit Hill- Oit account of my he'.ilih liarii (iiiitting fiirming and wjll offer enth*e herd of exira high grade Jerseyjcaitle JTiid farming tools al lit Auction alfjny farm 3 miles west ail miles east and 2 inlles north of Pli|iia, d 2 iiiiles north on - my I'ub- of lola, anil 4 HAiRCH29 ^eglnijlng at 10 o'clock ai 111.. liie iollowingdescribed properly: 23 IIKAU OF illtai (||{,\I *E aERHEV IIArriiK- one s ylar-ol.l Fairy, giylug 2 gallons bredp-veai-oliriheifers. will I. i:ivliig I March 1:3 Styear-dld. I ? gallons inlili; bred 0( 1 year -Old, Tulip, giving milk. Just Jresh; 1 .S-year Id. I.ll- ;ly, will bij fresh by sale d. : 1 ti- year -^old. Jessie, giving 3 .tllons mlllc. bred Dec. Id; 1 3 -y 1 did. aoldie. givijig 4 gal.ons mii just fresh; l 2-year-old. past, ..ollie, J, gfyilig 2 gallons milk, bred .\'ov. |—.aaj 1-3.-year-old. Josie, giviii; .i\t. 'Yg^lohs milk, fresh in 3ii da iiig 2 galhin.'t a day: I Itildde, di'_j' now. fresh fi -vear-old. In .liilv be fi lb: S^ifedr-old, Dimple; giving 3M; Idna Jnilk, fresh in 30 days; yeir-old. Pearl, giving mnk , in 30 days; ylossle, wMl be frei^li 4 gallons when freslij VIblei, Jiijit fresh, giiiiig 4 a'.cla#; l' 3-year-old^ li fresh1 {lay~df sale; 1' soon; 2 ye.iirling htdfercalves; ye ^irold .liisley bull, call be Rilloiis I isfi'ivd; 1 fat bull calf. IMK;S kight shoal:, weight! Cacll .i . . : •J MAlJKS One gray mil :imorilb hioulb, weight 1 .40i^; j;ray iiiiui' stiuiofli mouth. Wei L40 (t. ' II AKNES.S t)ne. set double hi iiess; some oUI harness. (•4- 1 I.MI'LKMENTS. E 'ft.-One h 1 f-jgy pole; 1 pair sha|ves; 1 mow sjiuadyne. ."i-fooi, goo<l slia|>e; 1 ing. fi-shovel cull^vatbr; 1 ijiso h 3 KaUof! '4-year-al(l. soim. G-year-old. gallons uff, will be 3-year-oId, row; I corn sle.r; 1 \valking Ildtjr; 1 12-root harrow; 1 corn plautt r 1 .S-li>de wheat drill; 1 straw rac|» wagon, iron wheel and bo:.; !. .i. j <lo:<en good milk cans;'some sni ill Puppet, jiist freshi giving 3 galhm . : ols, and many other things a -'da/; i 3-year-bld, Question, giv- ; :,:i;irous to mention. :TEB .irS l'.4SH—See your local bniiker if credit is desired. paren"-. .Mr. an(| .Mrs; M'rC. l.ialil. . .Mr. and .'Vlrs. S. T. Baxloy spent j ^j^, a while al the W. .\. Dawson home " '' Siii'd.iy ev!fn!ug. .Mr. ijinvsoii, as is g('ncrally known, received a paralytic shock a week ,or :two IIKO and. has made but little If any hejoi- j;;;;,;,x wiiy toward recovery since heitig sirickeii down, and the amount of ndurishnieiii he is now taking caii- ni'l long I 'listai'i \lgoroiis aclion _ of hiv syst(ni. ^ |. , Mr:;. Earl Hicks ami her sister.! rtu- le-einiloii of a Pn- Mrs Dwigl.l Miller, went Into town ;, 1 ,„,i n.. 1,1 j.a,. d pii Tliursilay of lad, week, lo .-ee .<•,,„..,j,,,,j„„ ,,„. i Peck, si'trtlary lA lilr: aiiiri>: Mrs. itipa! H.iyes, secretary of thank- olfering; .^Iis. i;. froo-. La:!n'> treasurer. Ddegai' - to ^tlie branch mc"iing .v<-re .Mis. .Slnil..-. a'ld Mrs. II. O. Hiiye«. The n-xi fHilini; will be in" i'le 111. i.l .\ir-'.. Hayes, .117 .\'''i;la Ch.-i T !ie : ccM lary b'"- I iug absent. I he infinites of this ; meeting wire given hy .Mi II. I). i .llayes. re.i"ct anv rlaKsIffcd .advertising copy, Ads ordered .ic-.r six .tjme.i' ped before expiration will lie, charged i-T only tho uuml>er of tim I TPiuared. mill udjuslment mi : r-.iie <?nrnpd. .^.AyTpMO'nvE Automobile A ^enciM A I'SED CAR— Is as dependtMjIe as the (iealer who selljj it BUSINESS SERVICE Moving, Tracking, Storage 85 I CORR TRANSFER CO.—Packing, storage, long distance hauling. Rpasonahle rates. Phone 140. rrofesslonal Set^rlces 28 isUROERY — Medlclnel. X-ray. Dr. i F.I Lenski. Phones:! office. 886; residence. 112fiW. j ' • EMPLOYMENT Help Wanted—Female 32 nents un- ure heir prop- 10 regular The pul)- :o .edit or OIRL OR WO.M.A.S—To help with housework on farm. Phone 992-12. A. L. Townsend. ' \ COWS—25 head milk! cows, extra good ones from 3 to! 7 years old; | Jerseys,. will he fresh in sight j ot'.ten days; 7 red Durhams, will j freshen in about a' week; one OUfTusey cow, just" fresh, giving 3Vi' gallons milk per day; one red liiirhuni, just fresh, .giving S gallons- milk per day: «»ne red. Durham, just I'resh. giving 4 gallons j milk per day; one lliiernsey, will' be fresh in few day^.: one .-ihori- liorn and .ler.sey, 4 years old. will rr<%'dien in few days, will give .'. gallon:! milk pt;r day when Irerli; B bead Sliorlhorn^ will lie frcli lii.i>boiit le!i days, from '•} lo U y«fars <dd; one .lersey, 2 years obi. can be registered, will be fri-sb in few days. Will Mt -'jl on time or will trade for other calMi-' or bogs. .L C. Uufch»'iv ' Poultry and. Supplies 49 ilABY CHICKS—Reds. lie; AVbile I Leghorn. 10c. .March 24. 2S and 31. Custom !i:ftcliiiig, T>r per egg. .Mrs.' Trilby, lola It. :!. BABY CHICKS—You can buy Slate Accredited Chiiks now lor .?12.oo per 100; 200. $33.."i0; :mt} $3.';..">0; 400. $4G.OO; .->00, $i'>li.2."i: 700, $77.00; . 9?)0, $94..-i0; 1000, $102..'>0. AVbite Leghorns. Ic "per chick less. Poultry fee<Is and supplies. Custom hatching. 4c per egg. Our highest per cent on Custom Hatching last week was i-'J.n'. of all eggs set. Sturdy Chick Hatcher jr. 220 W' Street. lola. Kansas. ROOMS—For liglit - housekeeping. 222 South B:ickeye street. Phcine 143SW. ; RE A L ESTATE FOR RENT Apartnieiits and Flats 174 KintNISHED- Entire upstairs.: 3 rooms,'2 closets, iiantry, "sleeping fiorch. front porch, privatij gn-. trance, inodern. cb)se ii). IHlo. .'>54. 4 RtJOM APART.M>:.\'T Ideal for ^ .niiiimer. iiewl.v fjiiished and nl(rely \ furnished, modern, breakfast nook, .lose !... Call UlOU'. V FnJms and Lund for Kent 76 40 At;RK FARM Improved. Jackson R(-:Ul.v Co., over P.rown';! Drug Store. •• • -' Ifiti ACICKS Tno.miles ^a'st of Savoiibilr^. lor rent. Stiiwirt & Eiink, -l^-^ Houses for Rent 77 !•• I • ItM S 11 E D HOUSE Five; .rooms, strictly modern, nicely furnished; garage. 710 .N'. Washington or phone K/H. EGGS— Pure bred white Wyan- dottcs for hatching, .$3.0o per loo: also geese egg.s. 10c each. Mrs. V. R. Estep. Phone 9S0-31. W A .XTED—Housekeep help combined, age 2 credeiitials iiecessar\ Roberts. fJrWIcy, Ka er and office i to 3."i. Qcod . Dr. -M. B. IS. Help Wanted— .Vale :» and Ht6p-» PORTER WANTED -At once at [pa the ad iide at the — Dodge i 'lli is ! ib •g- liiii r e. 1 ht Ifir- |ig- ng ilid- ir- '.'dis. Ray Sirawderiiian, who lia.-; bei 11 oiiile sick, Mr. .ind \lr:i. E. :H. Crook wi-iil ii]i lo Cailyle Sunday lo visit at Hie mime of .Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Wlimb'r and more especiallv lu'j 'ee .M IS. Cl.idy- (Wiilgleri Crook, >vho leaves today for I..0S .Angeles. C:ilit.. wild lias been tluire for some time, i'lid Is now in the employ of the ill r.iel stall •;. and so I'.u a^ llic law i.^ 1 oii> 1 ! 11c ! there i- l|iil!|ln!; in jricvilll hi' If iim re t ;. . 'id ;iiis iiniiiln r •.: ilim-. Salos'and Service. The nest place to buy good, d'peiidatile lised cars. .\f prchcnt we haile' h complete line of both open arid (dofied model :, pri ed to sell.i Ellis .Motor Co.. 211 North Washlngnin. Ill HSO .\-|:S;-;K.\'—.Sales a^id Service. Bud White .Motor Soulb W.'iShiligloii. - Phoi>( Co.. 219 no. Aiifiiiuoblles for .Sal* Av a |i:iri. t-.]' oliiy I aiii; lijiii Deiin'arl^ has ^ii nieiit to reduce .State grants to Cue n'ltional < . oil Ki.m Ciiri-Maii d' .-Led the lioviiii- Ity I'l per I elil .lie the iii\al t.iliiily. CHOI) rSED CARS-1926 ( Willi extras; 1924 '.dan: Ford tourings: Uii ing-.: at bargUin prices. \M .•••:ip|;!y Co.. Iluick Dealers. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS II Hudson Maxwell ck tour- brr Auto Kelley Hotel. Call ii» person. Solicitors, t'anrassers. Agents .T'i DEALERS WA.NTED-lA real, business opportunity. Wij are looking for live, wide awake then or women to handle the Citlj- Trade the Genuine Heherling | Household Products, in the^Clly of lola. Writ.? today for ;fiill (!•. C.-. Heherling (,'on J12^ Blofyuingtoii. III. Situations Wanled-lFemnle' IHRL- Experienced, wiiiits work: housework Mcnv .j preferri>d. particulars, paii.v. Dept. T'leidione EGGS—3. C. R. 1. Red-;; for hatching. $4 hundred; tested 90'. fertile at tv.o hatcheries. J. R. Briiinard. Carlyle. Phone 9S.-.-22. liOCSE -.Vine r(;oms on' North .Main. LaHarpe. a graveled' street. Inriiiire .Mrs. H. Pee"r.^LaHarpe. HOUSES—Several small houses.- one big house. \*. C. Archer. Old Cour' Ho'ise BIdg. THREE ROO.M HCUSE-rElectrio ligbt-s. city water, located ;8ti 508 . Sonrh Chestnut. See M. A Sehlick. Siiburbnn for Rent 80 SUBURBA.V-13 a( re.*, ,ci,ty water, gas. fniit; good sijil..^ VanHyning, Kelley Xbeater. : " - ' . REAL ESTATE FOR SALE EGGS—R. C. White Wyandottes and White Peking dilcks. for hatching. .Mrs. W.^E. Owens, Hum- HIGHEST MARKET—Prices paid for cream, eggs and poultry. Our truck and chicken coops are at your service to pick up poultry. Barker Produce Co; Pho. 6.58.' BiisiiieKS Property for Sale MS. FILtlN.; ST .vriO.N— International iriicl;, :', :lols. ."1 loom^house. 3 garages, (itlier buildings, all in the iriain part of Uronsoii. Kans., on pave.-i road. K. Patton. " Farms and Land for Sale . 83 QUALITY ELECTRIC HATCHERY,! Gas City, Kan.s. Custom hat(-hing. | .3c per egg, or Sc peij chick. Baby ! "77;: chicks, heavy breed,j|12 per 100; I light hret'ds. $10..'iO per loO. lt;o ACJH lol; you a b;: Real Est :.s!—Cood lund. close in wel) liriproveil. Sure can get rgiriii on this. ,\rbucklje Ilonses for Sale Wanted— LiTPsttick '.\i;H .."1 room inodern, closh in. for sale^at a bargain. Will give j-.a.-oiiabl. lermA. Stewarjt * Fiii.k. WANTED -TO BUY—All^lndg cat -!"<)I'SE li mom modern, tie and hog-s. J. C. Butcher. i <'I'>J"' in. near Jefferson MmctiAmm f John I — in.: near Re-Mher. garagi; school. I Articles ior Sale" 61 raid teal W<»\l.\.N'i—Wants praidlcal nursing or housework;. Phonil- 1201 after p. m. I WORK WANTko -By |experlenctd hot<d and restaurant woman. Address "X," care Rpgi.sjer. CHUNK WOOD— For sale. $2..-.0 In timber or $3.2."i dellvcired. A! J. Swinford. Phone i>18. To Kxnlinngt^ Heal Estate 88 WANT S.C1ALLER PROf'ERTY-^- i-'or ei ;bl rooin modern boiise^' lo- (ated only two Idock.s from the siiiiare. iola I.;!nd Co. POOL TABLE-^Brnnswick, balls and cues, good condition, priced cheap. In(inire Consolidated Cement Corporation. .Mildred. Kans. 1; ROOM rfOCSE ^In .^(.ulh pari of lola fur a. four room housei ib north part. What have you'i Box 3B7. lola; Kansas. :ONE. tlOO cUCyi. J. HltEY, Auctioneer, FIR.ST .VAtH».> AI, BA^k, of loin, (4.' . I launch Serred Uy I. CXlnb. ' 1 ] BY BIX)SSER AOA ^e ju^r BEcyf use ) rj -^Mow -eor yoOBROUE A PLATE-< VNAAT 'LLVOOe • 6EE.yoU COOLDA)?" J yV^OM SfV ^sA SMS woyor CARE— TMATrS ^OAje OF 7H' PLA .tei SW£ JOST Boi^Roweo^R SOUR lAfi^

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