The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa on June 11, 1892 · Page 3
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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 3

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 11, 1892
Page 3
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HONEST CLOTHINGh THAT MEANS ITS ! flu PostYllle Weekly Review. PffWRtll EVERY SATURDAY W.N.BURDICK. BY '• tl.bQ A YE ARM ADVANCE. LOCAL REVIEW. —Beef Steak 8 aad 9c, it Hart's. -Skit Fish of all kinds, at Hart's. —Qo to the —Strawberry Festival - At the M. E. Church to-nif bt. —No Stale Meat at Hart's. Wanted. Veal Calves at the Central —Veal calves wanted at Hari'f Market. Market. Meat Cow Tor Sale. A good milch cow for sale at •onable price. a ree- MABT MCUAHILU. THAT'S WHAT Wil HASDLE! THAT'S WHAT WE BELLI —New Goods, at Luhman at Sanders'. —Poultry bought and sold at Hart's. —One 100 gallon kettle for sale, at Hart's. Tor Bale. My residence on the north side. MRS. H. B. HAZLSTOK. —Fresh Lake Fish 9c, at Hart's. —Six Loaves o! Bread for 21c, at the | Bakery, tf —Buy your Shoes, at Luhman A | Sanders'. —Call at Skelton & Taugemaa's for a Genuine Stub Proof Rubber Boot. Every pair warranted. If lea Anna Kaston, instiuolor on the piano and organ, Postville, Iowa. —You'll wish you had a club, an ax. or some rocks, ivhen you forge', the "combi" !o your new postoffice box. roa a ALE i Buggies of All Descriptions. Guarantee: After two week's trial if the Rice Coil Spring jfroves not to bo the easiest rider on earth, will exchange and give any spiing desired—with the "Handy Top," the most convenient buggy. W. S. WKBSTBB. Dr. 'Will Cole's Dental Booms Will horeafter be open every week day, as I have atsociated with me Dr. M A. Humphrey, a graduate of the dental schoel at Iowa city, and a good operator. I shall continue to visilPost- vtlle on Tuesday and Wednesday of each week, as heretofore. WILL C'OI.B, D. D. S. HIB HSAD OUT OFE1T. —Sugar Cured Hams from 10 to 13o, at Hart's. —A full Hoe of Meats, at Hart's. Salt and Smoked —Look at the Curtain Goods, at Luhman & Sanders'. —Miss Katie Hergan was up from Clermont over Sunday. —Miss Ollie Orr returned home last evening from Cedar Falls. Kiss Nellie H. Abbott, Teacher of Vocal and Instrumental | Music, Postville, Iowa. —Do not miss thoso Bargains in tho Ladies' Job 1-ot of Shoes at Skelton A Tangemaa's. They are being oflered at half price. Horse-Shoeine;. Mo bit and miss, bat a good job every | olattsr and prices very reasonable. Titos. SiionTttBtD. --Choice butchering stock wanted at the Central Meat Market. 12tf We handle the -wire buckle Suspenders Every pair warranted. You can't help being struck with the superior merits of our goods. You CAN BANK ON THEM. We are at all times prepared to show you an immense line of Men's, Boys' and Children's Clothing, Hats, Caps, Gent's Furnishing Goods, Trunks, Valises, &c, &c. ^ m GRAY) THE TJ. T. K. CLOTHIER. —New Dress Goods and Embroidery at Skelton * Tangemau's. -The Turner society's grand opening bait drew out a fall house. —Do not buy a Dress Pattern before looking at Lukman dc Sanders'. - Choi • variety of Smoked Meats of all kinds, at Central Meat Market. —Louisiana Dinienson, Cypress Shingles and Arkansas Yellow Pino Finishing, for sale at SAXDEUS A KAFLEU'I. —The C. M. & St. P. railway excursion train to Clear Lake, June 26th, will leave Postville in the morning at 7:14. The colebrated evangelist. Kev. Sam Jones, will preach to the assembled multitude in the parillioo. both afternoon and evening. Fare for the round trip, Including ticket of admia- te tho Park, $2.15. —The Masonic Grand Lodge of Iowa is in session at Dubuque this weok. —The best stock of Shawls kept in the town at Skelton A Tangeman'e. —Yes, we've get it. It came last week and it is new open for inspection and for sale cheap. We are alluding te our splendid new stock of fine stationery. —W. S. Webster took the Tuosday night train for Minneapolis to help the boys shout for the next president of the great and only United States of America. —Goo. Schuler is again back is old stand, the Central Moat Market his —Decarah is just now without a mayor, the recent mayor, H. M. Lnng- land, having resigned. The eoutcil I has ordered an election to be held the 110th of June. —Just ree'd a fresh stock of all kinds of Pickled Meats, at Central Market. —Luhman & Sanders are Headquarters for Dress Goods. - Luhman A Sanders hara a large line of Summer Dress Goods and Trimmings. —For a fine fit and style in Ladies' and Misses' Fint, Shoes, call on SKHI.TOH & TAHOEMAX. —"Dot lectle German band" has reorganized and is in posssssion of a full set of new instruments and is now prepared to furnish munis (?) for any and all occasions. Cow Owners Attention. All cows found running at large | along my premises will bo shut up aud I costs taxed to ownor. J. WlXKOWITSCH. — Copying and enlarging pictures, one of th« specialties at the Bcedy Photo Gallery. —Postmaster Perry aioved the post- office into its new quarters yesterday, and Postvillo now has one of the finest and bast arranged pestoffices in this section of the state. Blacksmith and Wagon Shop. I have secured the services of one of the besVblacksmlths and horse shoers in this part of the state, and am prepared to do all kinds of blackamlthing and wagon work on short notice aad in the best meaner. New wagons, buggies, road carts, etc. on hand and mad* to order. Call and examine work and prlcos. 2n3 H. C. HONK. —Those who want a day of real enjoyment should plan to take in the excursion June 5Mb. The train will leave Postville in the rooming and run to McGregor, where the excursionists will take the steamor Joiephine and enjoy a trip of 15 or 30 miles on the river, and return to the cars in limo to reach home in the erecing. Picnic din' ner on the boat. Have voir baskets reaay. Tickets far round trip f 1.00. Under the auspices of the Y. P. S. C. K. Godfrey Staadt Dealt a Terrible Slow by An Unknown Fiend. A Bad Kunaway —Ohas. Arnold Barely Escaping Inst ant Dea,th. They Qot Tired and Laid Town. Last Friday evening Godfrey Staadt returaed home from band practice at about 1 o'clock, entered his drag store, an upper room of which he uses as a sleeping roam, and laid his instrument oa the show case, as is his custom, and then returned to close the door, 1 but just as he got to the door some one ou the outside who had either followed him or been laying in wait dealt him a terrible blow in the foiehead with some weapon he had in his possession, cutting a terrible gash in his forehead about four inches in length over the right eye and extending down thrcngh the eyebrow, opening thp scalp clear to the skull and readering him insensible for an hour or two. When he came to he dragged himself into a chair which sal near the water pail, and dipping his handkerchief into the water attempt ed to wash the wound, but as sooa as the water touched it ho falated and remained ia that condition until discovered by his father about 7 o'clock the next morning. Dr. Mabry was immediately summoned, and the woand fixed up. Godfrey is getting along very well, being able to be at the store most of the time since Wednesday. Who the person was that struck him or his object Is a mystery yet to be solved. Some attribute it. to intended burglary, and that tho fellow was scare! away by the barking af tko dog who was shut in a back room, as nothing in the store or on Mr. Staadl'a person was touched. Mr. Staadt's father inclines to the opinion that it was some eae who had a grisvanco against his son through some business matters and that he took this method of revenge. Godfrey is always a quiet, peaceable youi.g man and so far as we knew had not an onemy in the world. Whoovor it was or whatever his object it was a most despicable act, and it is only too bad that be eo'.ild not hare been captured and justice meted out to him. Bsrr ^BXjxascsiD ies3. SHRIi HOLOF6R Propristor. At Both. Ends. That's where you burn the candle, when you pay more than $10 for a $10 Suit. There isn't any law to prevent you from paying more, but if you do you do it on a theory that your money isn't worth as much td you as it is to somebody else. You'll have a handsome balance in your pocket to spend for other things if you come to us and pay that price; go elsewhere and you'll be parting with tho balance-that burns the can-' die at the other end. All savings don't necessarily go into a safe. The safest kind of a saving is to buy. where you can get the best goods for the least money, and this is the plaoe. Take Wotioe, That the Poitville Steam Holler Mills will grind Feed, Corn Meal and Grn- hnni Monday and Saturday of each week hereafter. Having added a line of wood-working machinery wo arc prepared to do Planing. Matehing, and all kinds of sawing, on short notice. Bring in your logs and have them sawed. Respectfully, E. D. STILUS. —We have turned out a lot of price I lists for Luhman & Sandors doable | store this week. - Mr. Fields, of Dueorah, is Ihe now "manipulator of the movable alphabet" nt tho Graphic offiee. —Skoltoa & Tangeman are carrying double the iiock in Ladies' aud Misses' Shoes than ever before. Headquarters For Dress Goods! Henriettas, BedforcU Serges, Chev- rona, Ohallies, Silk Foulards, Silks for Dresses and Trimmings. • -Low Hall's Georgia Minstrel* gave good show to a fair sixed audience at Turner Hall last Might. '—A steamboat excursion under the auspices of the Epworth League will come off some time in August. New dark Prints, only Comas Cloth, in new styles, Black India Linen plaid, 8c Silk Drapery Fringe, - 10c Brocade satin ribbon, 3 in. wide, Satin Ribbon, 1 in. wide, Outing Flannel, only Check and Plaid Shirtings, Damask Towels, 18x28, all linen, only Gent's Colored Border Handkerchiefs, only Windsor Ties, only 3c per yd 7c « 10c <( 4< 2c « 5c « « 5c u —Mrs. REVIEW returns thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Borton for a liberal supply of delicious wedding cake. - Miss Jessie VanVelzer left last Sat-1 urday to make a protracted visit with | her sister at St. James, Minn. —Mis* Anna Easton returned on Monday ovening from a several weeks visit with her parents at Garner. -Jake Jecobsou is wild and wooly, and all on aecount of a little boy that aame to his home on Wednnsday night. -Tho first ball game of the season in Postville, came off last Sunday, under tho auspices of about a million kids." —Miss Carrie Jaoobia returned from Miuuesota on the Saturday evening train, whither she has beon teaahing school. 8c each —School oloses next weak and then the kids can "play hoss" and praolica up in cigarette smoking till "the mild September." —Tuosday came pretty nearly beiag one continuous round of thunder showers. What would wa do if wa wen to have a day go by without rafnP —Wa have had about all the job work wa cared to wrestle with this weak, but jssat the same wa have quite a supply of "Additional Local." —The regular annual meeting of the stockholders af the Citlxons State Bank will bo held in the bank building on Wednesday of next week, June IS. -The Sinale Sisters are said to have given a very line concert at tba Congregational church last Monday evening, but the attendance was yary light. -Carl Meyer's oldest girl received.a fractured limb as a result of jumping off Ike back porch of his house, which is some four or five feet from the grouad. Dr. Shepherd is alteuding her. --Loren Hollows accompanied Mr. and Mle. Taylor to St. Paul last Monday. Wo understaad he will go ou the road again, having secured a position with a St. Paul cigar house. —Eugene Read and F. H. Robbins aie entitled to credit aud thanks for dropping tho required eash into our "slot" to liquidate their subscriptions for another year. —This office has just turned out the cards for the seventh graduating exercises of the Postville pYblic school, which occur at tho M. E. elutrch, Friday, Juno 17th, at eight o'clock, p. m. —Next Sunday will be Children's Day at both the Methodist and Congregational churches, and choieely prepared literary programs by the children will occupy the time of the regular morning services. —John VanVelxer wishes to annonuce to the public that he is again located in bis old market an the south side, where he will always keep on hand a fresh supply of the choicest meats of all kinds tho market affords. Try him. —George Hughes fainted away in front of A. Stockman's shoe shop on Wednosday, falling off the sidewalk into the mud. It was soma timo before be was broaght to. Grip is supposed to have been the cause. Taken all in all this has baen a great week in Postville for exeitament. —J. M. and E t- H. Prior went to Moaona Saturday, whoro they put up a very nic> grtnit* monument for Geo. Ferguson, over tho graves of his wife and child. Thar alio did several jobs of lettering upon grauile monuments in the yard at that place. They are the only firm ia this part of the state that does this elans of work and persons in need of anything of this kind will do well to remember that it pays to dofcl with men who understand thoir bu»i- GOOD FARM fOB SALE. My farm of 20* auros for sale. Situ ated iu Madisou township, Winneshoik Co., Iowa, three and a half miles wost of Docorah, in sections 11 and 14. Well improved and timber t-uough for farm use. In good stato of cultivation Well watered and good buildings School within six rods of house. Long time will bo giron on part payment Inquire on farm for particulars. Addross, WM. MCIMTOSII, (Box. 2S8) Decorah, Iowa 6c 3c it it —The Christian Endeavor Societies of Allamakee and surrounding counties propose holding a rally oa Tuesday, June 21st, at tho Congragattonal church in Postville. An interesting program has beon prepared for morning, afternoon and eveuing. Program will bo published next week. COM. - Last Sunday whila wa were bask log iu the sun with tho thormometor 80 degree* abeve aero, and it was so infernal hot wa coulda't dun our "nighty" when we retired, the paople up around Deadwood, S. D., ware enjoying a snow storm which layed over their loll to tha depth b( several inches —Dave Jacoblagot out cf bis com , field Irst Saturday long enough taoome | to town, and a* usual called at tbl* ' office. Dava is looking well and happy though wa don't believe be f**!s —Tony Marshall will occupy a part of tho'room In the front part of the building reoently occupied by Poesch * He/nolds at a store room for fanning good as ha used to whan he was living mills. in "old Postville" and pitching horseshoes at a peg in the ground on tba -As will ba seen by Marshal Tuller'* | tB ady side of the Rnvjaw office. nolle* this weak jou will either have to shut up or inutile your dog no less you want bim tilled lull of little round holes. Last Saturday Charles Arnold, with Ins wife, two children, a sack of potatoes, two hoos and a cultivator, all in in Prior's road wagon, started for a field in the west part of town, where they intended planting tho potatoos. Ed. Clough's horses woro running at argc and one of then) made a savage rush at Arnold's horse, which n;; frightened swerved to one side to avoid his enemy, thereby throwing Mr. Arnold out upon his head and shoulders. Mrs. Arnold aud the children in their fright, commenend to scream and this added so much to the general disturbance that their horse tried to escape. He ran across the block and lown to the railroad crossing at the Milwaukee depot whore he ngain turned and deposited Mrs. A. and the children safely en Mother Earth In front of Mr. Thill's place he collided with a bitching post, wrecking the wagon and liberating himself. II* was overtskun amidst the long grass near the Congregational church and was found to ba uninjured, Hut not so with Mr. Arnold, fi'ben fuur.d by friends he was in au unconscious condition, remaining so for several hours. It was feared that he was killed, but Dr. Mabry at I succeeded in restoring life and he is now able to be out. It was a very nar row escape and should y t a letwon to all who allow their stock lo run at large In violation of the law. The unusual am'ount of rain that has fallen the past few -weeks has left our counters more heavily loaded than we want them, so to make goods go we will inaugurate a Great Bargain Sal© I OF MEN'S, BOYS' & CHILDREN'S SUITS. * , Children's Suits, two pieces, 1.25, 1.50, 2.00 and up Knee Pants, - - 25atol.50 Boy's Suits, ... 225 an d U p> " Pants, - - 75oto3.00 Men's Suits at any price from the cheapest to the best. Full line of Summer Underwear. Full line of Neok- wear of all descriptions. Our line of Negligee Shirts for summer wear comprises the latest and best novelties in the market, {•^LATEST STYLES-Straw Htts, Stiff and Soft Hats, all at the Very Lowest Living Prices. All goods warranted as represented or money refunded. Call and see- DIED. GLINES—At hor home in Garden City Minn., Sunday, Juno 5. of consumption, Chloe Glines, daughter of Mr and Mrs. F. Glines, aged 17 years. "She felt asleep when tha morning skies Win lit with the glorious bloom that lies On the araraanth hills of paradise. A light fell out of the solemn sky, A glitter of wings, and thus knew 1, When the beautiful aogcl of Death passed by. A letter lies b'fore me to-day which says that Chloe Glines, a former Postville girl, and a consistent member of the Postville M. E. church and Epworlh League, is dead. Wa repeat the word over again, UKAD, for it seems impossible for us to realize tho thought with one who so short a time ago was a picture of health. Seventeen brief years he has beeu the sunlight of hor home, and now just on tho threshold of womanhood, with life's work aud possibilities all before her she has been called away. Through her brief slokness she was ever cheerfu!, and at tho last called tha dear ones to her, bade l hem good bye. and wanted them to promise to meet her in heaven. Last Saturday a luaru belonging to ane of tho aiik haulers of the Farmers Creamery get tired out with hauling their load & laid down in the middle of Lawler street and tried to dio, but luck ily for tbo owner at least, tbey tildn' make It out. We don't blame the hor- i*o any, for it seems to us that death would be preferable to traveling oyer he terrible roads of the past many months to auy horse that had "horse sense." .. a^t^8a^3^a^^a5^3l?a?^ya^^a^^a^^ LUHMAN & SANDERS. - The following are the mnbori of tba graduating ol »M of 'Mi Malik Oatbout, Margarat Spoony, Alio* MTafwr, Poli* Lolthold, J«onio I giving an account of tho organlaatfoa Btooiiat, aW. Burling, Lwnarel Hon* I and alma of one of the moat loAueaHal dortoB, .rWfc'ltackor, Chatter Hurting.' tfotaan'a t-wodatlna* l»'»he w«»t. —A now story by Constance Fenimore WooUon, entitled "In iltiana Street," will bo among tho attractions contained Iu Harper'a Basarfor Juno 11th. Thoro will also bo la tho taw number an article on "Cleveland'" Sorosis," written by HeUn W»tt«r»ou,;1 Proceedings of Council Meeting of June 3, 1893. The following bills were allowed: Waters & N'oolay, hardware, 3 59 John Cole, labor on streets, 16 70 F. W. Tullnr, supplies tor jail, etc. • • 2 30 Eugene K<tad, oak lumber, 20 28 J. 0. Hart, labor' on grader, 3 00 W. N. Burdlck, printing road tax receipt*, - 1 AO P. J. Beuoher, drayaga, Ole, labor on streets, * 97 W Petitions asking an otdinanea passed ordoriog sidewalks to be balll on south' and ntnh (Ida of Post street and south •ida ef Military street and Williams street, were on motion referred to ordl nanee committee with instructions to draw an ordinance in accordance with said petition. ' The ordinance committee presented ordinanoe No, 102, being an ordinance to build sidewalks on north aod south side of Post street and south tldo of Military and Williams street. Ordinance No. 103 was passed aad on motion ordered published m Postville Oraphlo. On motion ordinance committee waa jejetrucled lo draw an ordinanoe requiring alll place* called eeloon* to pay a moutbly licenie of' f 10 par* -.month in advance. MABBIED. NORTON- BOWTON-At the resi dence of the bride's parents, on Mon day. June Glh, at 12 o'clock, M., Mr Charles E. Norton, of Monona, and Miss Florence Boyntou, of Postville Rev. N. L. Burton officiating. The waddle^ was witnessed by small company of friends, who pre senled the happy pair with a number of useful articles as expressions of their, interest iu their future welfare. At the conclusion of the ceremony the guests were invited to sit down to the wedding dinner, whleb in its richness and abundance was fully up to tha tra ditioual domands of suoh au occasion nd received ample justice from the guests. Mr. Noi 'lon 1* engaged in the jewelry business tn Monona, where they will make their home. Flossie has many friends in Postylll who will regret to ass her place In oa social Ufa left vacant. But our most earnest wishes for her happiness and prosperity follow her, and wa congratulate onr neighboring town upon such an accession to their social life. *.* in ion IN m on f They are cheaper thaii ever and we Sell them under a written guarantee. W. J. HANKS. Skelton & f'angeman'a Advertisement. EOH SPRUTG TRADE. NOTE.—Sinos the above was In Irpo wo received the following comments of tha attalr from the editor who is away up in St. P*ul> Thus ha* another ol our estimable young ladle* pasted out from under tha ban •( single'blessedness and the parental roof and erobarked on tha untried matrimenfaf felt'. -. Jrtay many frhrad* here will reffjfti lotose her from 1 (he social circle* of Posfvills, but will be glad that she goes no further from the. old borne. Th.e .groom i* one of the enterprising young, fewness Wptf oj Monona, where the happy e'o^l« ) ,will reside, and where the KBVIEW wt*bfj. them worldly prosperity aod alt the measure of happiness that ihe .new relation ought to bring therq, May a kind Providence deal benignly with them, leading them by the aula of still water* i and through green pasture* wherein joy, peaoa aod contentment abide.. Jt 4athu* $«t.w« with them. God «pe«d on the jmitoey of life. is near. Have you bought your Shoes for Spring and Summer wear? We have all the new kinds in stock. We know we oan please you. Step in and look tllem over. Ladies' Walking Shoe% , Ladies' Solid OomfortlSlippers, Old Ladies'Easy Shoes, Men's Plow Shoes, MenjB^iue Shoes, Men's C^d$y„an_ Shots, Men's .Southern' Ties. Tours' to 'i Please,' TANGEMA|f<'

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