Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 8, 1961 · Page 10
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 10

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 8, 1961
Page 10
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PAOBfBf ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH Pirate Staff Getting Lumps in Late Games •tr •» Jist When they should be get- Mwtangh swallow his chaw. Tuesday, Vera Law was rapped for eight runs by Detroit, and the ring « sharp edge, pitchers of the (next day the Tigers went to work world champion Pittsburgh Pi-jon Vinegar Bend Mizell for 11 rates Mi* being bombed. .runs. Only Bob Friend has been corn Then, after a day oft, the Phil- slstentiy In command, and Man-i a d P |phin Phillies took up the at- after Danny Murtaugh already has tec |< scoring six runs of! south tapped the big right-hander as his opening day pitcher at San Fran-j cisoo Tuesday. B8t the way the other front- liners on the staff have been belted of late is enough to make Football Cardinals Sign Leo Sngar Harvey Haddix in the sixth handing the Bucs their third straight defeat. 7-4, at Wichita. Elsewhe*. a trio of sore-armed pitchers Indicated last year's miseries are in the past. Camtlo Pascual gave up Just five hits for eight shutout innings as the Minnesota Twins beat Detroit 1-0 at Lakeland. Fla. Gary Bell was ing his spring shutout String at 24 innings. Den Hoik also homered for the Bucs In his first game since suffering an ankle Injury n week ago. Pascual, bothered much of last .son by a bum shoulder, turned back several Tiger threats, three times retiring slugger Rocky Colavito with a runner on third. The Twins scored in the eighth against rookie Jim Donohue when Zorro Versalles beat out a bunt, went to third on Lennie Green's double and came in on Harmon Killebrew's fly ball. Rookie Bill Pleis retired Detroit on three pitches in the ninth. Except for the homers by the ST. LOUIS (Special) — Leo; but made u eas j] y through seven Sugar, veteran defensive end. .; nn j nRS as the Cleveland Indians has signed his eighth contract | slugged the Los Angeles Dodgers with the Football Cardinals, lg-3 at La S Vegas. And Ike Delock Managing Director Walter!of the Boston Red Sox allowed ifive hits and one run in seven se-! innings for a 4-1 decision over lection In 1951 and the Cardin-j Chicago's Cubs at Houston. touched for a pair of home runs.!brothers Sherry—pitchor Larry Wolfrer announced today. Leo was an All-America als 10th draft choice for the '52 season. However. Uncle Sam ex- Cincinnati made it three In a row over Milwaukee. 3-2 in 13 in- ercised his claim to Sugar's j nings at Charlotte. N.C.. and the services and the Cards had to 'St. Louis Cardinals defeated the wait two years while he was In'New the Army. York Yankees 8-6 at St. and catcher Norm— Bell had the Dodgers in hand. The Indians collected 17 hits. 11 of them good for eight runs off Johnny Podres. but were blanked in the middle three frames by Larry Sherry. Delock struck out three and walked none while Carroll Hardy unloaded a two-run homer against Cub starter Glen Hobble and Billy Harrell added a solo shot. Howie Nunn. who went to the mound in the llth for the Reds, broke up a tie game with a lead off homer in the 13th against Mil SPORTS ON TELEVISION Saturday, April 8 Bowling PJK. 4:00— t Championship Bowling 4:00—6 Bowling Stan »:45—2 Make That Spare Golf 4:00—( Masters Golf Tourney: Top golfers compete at Augusta. Ga. Boxing •:00—S Fight of the Week: Jorge Fernandez vs Denny Mo.ver. 10 rounds. Wrestling 9:00—11 Wrestling Baseball 10.-SO—11 Cardinal Spring Training (film). Sunday, April 9 PJM. Golf »:00—( Masters Golf Tourney: final rounds. If tie, playoff will be held Monday and telecast at 4 p.m. on Ch. 4. 4:00—5 Celebrity Gotf: Actor Ray Milland TR Sam Snead. Compiled by TV Digest i Louis in the only other games ! scheduled. A two-run homer by Bob Malk-1 , vau |t ee rookie Tony Cloninger. mus was the big blow for thej^my, j ften retired Hank Aaron. Phils against HaddLv Robin Rob-j Fran j{ Boiling and Joe Adcock erts started for the Phils andjaftej. g^ Mathews opened with a gave up a two-run homer in the^ubie j n the Braves' 13th. first inning by ^ck Stuart.jaid-| The Cards ^^ M scored five runs in the sixth against loser Danny McDevitt and Jim jCoates on singles by HaJ Smith, jAlex Grammas and Julian Jaivier: a hit batter, two walks, an 'interference call and a wild pitch. Vise Makes Tools SATURDAY, APRIL 8,1961 gg^M^a^HHHMMMOMiMMMMMMMMB* and then w!f» oH tt* fWiMfc OB> erwiw tM elM>ffl MM <Brt| cause tJw DiUVuV JW V> C* gummy Y MR. fix Wfffndl wf Newspaper IMffpfhe Awn. Often left off of llste of basic tools tat any home, but one that all the others more useful, Is a It vise. you've been bracing work with your foot, knee or hand, it you've been butting work against a wall, hanging on with a pair at pliers, then you need a vise. Without one the sharpest tools, the best craftsmanship and the most careful measuring and marking will leave sloppy joints, ragged cuts and a generally poor appearance in your work. There are two general types -the metal vise and the wood vise. The metal or bench vise Is mounted on the surface of the work bench on a base on which it turns and locks in place. Special pipe jaws are available for the metal vise so that round objects can be held without slipping. Metal Vise Is Versatile TJje typical woodworking vise fits into the work bench itself, hanging below it so that the top of the jaws are flush with the wrfeoe of the bench. Wood faces are fastened to the timer sides of the front and rear jaws so that work is not marred. A wood vise can be improvised by buying only the special screw and making jaws of hardwood. While extensive woodworking calls for a good wood vise, a metal vise will take care of a wider variety of Jobs and by placing a couple of pieces of wood between your work and the metal Jmvs it can be used as a wood vise. The scrap wood, smooth pieces, will prevent the metal Jaws from marring the work. Some metal vises can be turned in a variety of positions to make them even more versatile. Fasten With Bolts No matter which you install, make certain it Is installed securely. When mounting a vise on the bench use bolts that you can run through the bench top and tighten. A vise can close down on an object with hundreds of > pounds of pressure. There is no need t<> tighten any more than necessary. To do so will only crush the work. Don't attempt to tighten it further METAL VISE BOLTS TO BENCH or cover the Jaws with scrip <ap> per of aluminum. When painting a metal vise — important for malnt«»n«"»palBt all bat the work wrfacei ant! moving parts. Oil cnuvlng by extending the handle with a pipe. If you don't ruin the work, you might wreck the vise. Work Close to Jaws Work as close to the Jaws as Build It Yourself TreDis Supports Vines But It Is Also Decorative Part of Landscaping Plan possible. This means that you should leave only a small part of the work which you are sawing, planing or chiseling sticking out of the vise. Too much will vibrate, could make you lose control of the tool. But don't get work so close that you mar the vise jaws. If the work is such that could be marred easily use large pieces of wood to spread the pressure, Prin Net Team ELSAH — Principia Callege s tennis team overwhelmed Concordia of St. Louis here Fri- iday afternoon, 7-0. Prin upped i its record to 2-0 with the win. : Today the Prin netters are at; MacMurray College of Jacksonville. ' Singles results: Bohn <Pt def. Wyneken <C>. 6-0. 6-0. T. Shays (P> def. Kraft <C>. 6-0. 6-0. ; P. Shays <P» del. Eikmann À, 6-0. 6-2. : Hansen (P) def. Mennen: À. 6-0, 6-1. ; Biehn (P) def. Behnken (C)J 6-0. 6-2. ; Doubles results. ! Bohn and T. Shays (P) def. j Wyneken and Kraft (C), 6-3.' 6-2. i P. Shays and Hansen (P> def.' Eikmann and Mennen (C), 6-2, 6-4. I PAROCHIAL BASEBALL 1M1 Schedule April t Patricks vs. St. Matthew Marys vs, St. Peter & Paul April 1C Peter A Paul vs. St. Patricks Matthew vs. St. Marys April M St. Peter & Paul vs'. St. Patricks Marys vs. St. Matthews April 23 Matthew vs. St. Peter & Paul | Patricks vn. St. Mary's ! May 7 Mans vs. S.t, Patricks Peter St Paul vs. St. Matthews May 1* Matthew vs. St. Patricks '• Peter & Paul vs. St. Marys i May 28 St. Peter * Paul vs. St. Matthew Patricks vs. St. Marys June 4 Marys vs. St. Peter & Paul Matthew vs. St. Patricks ! June II Matthew vs. St. Marys Patricks vs. St. peter Sc PauJ St. St. St. St. St. St. St. St. St. St St. St. St. St. TRELLIS DESIGNS than six feet wide. Use aluminum nails and fas- jten latticework to the heavier frame with brass screws. Since points at which slats cross col- I lect moisture it might be .wise I to paint all parts before as- i jsembling. This will assure rot-; proof joints. Use good exterior j ! grade house paint. INTERIOR REMODELING Colling Tllp — Formica — Wall Paneling — Floor Tile — Kitchen Cabinets. Home — Office — Store COLSTON'S—HO 5-2682 MOSQUITOES GARDENING? We have the finest collection of gardeners' needs we've ever stocked! UTTER BROS. COTTAGE HILLS ARAB u-Do-rr Temm cowrmot, 73% Chlontant •>»• kOU «•• Mete. bo* »Ider bn»» Hr» «nU. roach**, vatv l»i», many vtbn hmucboU t law* Insect*. Harinlm t* otonta. Eliminates Bagworms Too! SUPPLY Gerson St. at the BeJtline Phone HO 5-7701 REMODELINO? Famous "White" 30-GALLON GLASS-LINED GAS WATER HEATER I for twin «l manufactured, natural, mixtd, or FAMOUS NO-CLOft SINOII POUT FILM OF FLAM! COMPARE * OUR LOW PRICES... * OUR EASY TERMS. NO MONEY DOWN! AS LOW AS $5.00 MONTH CAMP ELECTRIC & HEATING 1126 MILTON ROAD DIAL HO 2-9287 BfcWLLNG River Ripples and Outdoors with Harold Brand i ACME LANES Industrial Blf MR. FTX morning glories and roses. Fol- Wrltten for low the advice of your nursery' Newspaper Enterprise Assn. man. Ask him if growth will be- I A irellis Is a framework for j come woody and heavy. ! supporting vines. But more than i The trellis should also be i that, it is a decorative object j strong enough to withstand that is as much a part of your j heavy winds. It might be wise i landscaping scheme as trees and ! to frame the trellis with a ma- shrubs. It can provide privacy, iterial heavier than that which shade or even serve as a wind-, forms the lattices. break of sorts. > Use 2x3's or 2.\4's, particular- _UR HOME FOR BETTER LIVING Trellises are available ready- if the treljis is not anchored! 200 (616) made, but the stock sizes and I against the house or other! I Warren 218, Glbsoh'222, Cherry; patterns may not suit your; building but is free standing.) J212, Grover 215. Pqwner. 209,i tasles Y ou also may find Uiaf. u P ri 8 hts should be set in con-j .Compis 213. Fielder 210^ j^' ate more fl ^ you icrete after first having their j 7 P.M. Thursday Merchants ien ds dipped in a wood preser-j 200 bowlers: J. Johnson 203,| care to haxe ttlem - ' ; vative. Anchoring A trellis alongside a door-way j Mr. and Mrs. I. M. 8te*l< es'ln Murles Bail Shop monthly "I Wood River who were wintering contest. Mrs. Sam Cahlwi, operator of a there and would provide fishing*' 81 service. [<j(j bait shop at Graf ton. reported thai . ™; en «>! G' 1 *™' his wife and Leo ««£.. 519 Ridge St., stopped famil > vlslted thp *»"*"* at ^ v,ith three Good Fishing Reports • Darr and Berb Hartman. The!_.... Fishing is picking up and some!dub has 135 members and is P^O"™ jj"- B Moore 211, Tim-; y ou can make your own just, large species are being taken in Ceasing. Tanner pointed out. \™*™?% Thursday Merchant,,: 88 plaln ° r f ^ y ' big Or * maU ! „ „ _._. -..„, waters near Alton. Last Saturday. *- Most Eager ! *'Vb^lST^JSnSTl? « s >' ou . Hke - ° T « 1 ™'* f 1 " 5 ° r ! mig ht be anchored to the house! James Ma.vkopet of Madison took^ for weeks and weeks. Wade< Pratt 20 4. 201. :lattlcs Is available so that yourj flt QM sj(Je aild tQ & 4x4 pQst at j a six-pound, three-ounce bass in:««1F* of Wo °d River planned; Thursday Ladies 'i°b is one primarily or assem- -.^ Qther Md crogs . braced One j Staunton Lake on a yellow sonic and prepared for a fishing trip to! High games: Stratum 173, bling and finishing. Or you can: providing i plug. E. R. Lane of Wood River Florida. He hadheard many faba-i^der 11, 4^) Sg^iW..^ Hxl , lxl , ^, OT Ix2 ,u m . | Jj^f %* privacy as J3TI All the coolness and comfort of took a one-pound, two-ounce crap-'«>us stu »e S about the wonderful i l™\g~ ^{ Qn 160 Wa'ggon-' ber tor >' our trellis ' import for plants - would 1 »n aluminum Flexalum Awning pie in local waters lasl Satur- flshl "i? there - He "3° an lnvlte ;er, H., IG7. 163 '472). Czerny! Use one or any combination ;have posts at both encls get in , plus a special translucent win- dav. Both men entered their catch- to " sit Mr - » n d Mrs - L M - Steelci 161, Cambron 193, 177 (509), of sizes for variety and strength. !.,..„„..„.,, : dow in the roof. It throws an j ' : ws 176 (468) McAdamsi The SDace between si ate can be « •'•• . * *> ' extra concentration of light on ! , M. Lyons 180, ltie ^f 06 between slate L an be If trellises are free standing' d dinine table or wherever ! 161. Housel 161. as small as a space equal to the and you , ntend to extend th ; • d ° or ' ^'"f,™"VJlS!! J^I ; , i.i , .» i . .1 i ' i nticUcu. r icAaiuin oAyjtJKi*i'«i LHU .^.«, .^, themselves. :for any length make them in i be used with any of the new soft, ; BOWL INN Or you can^ provide spaces six: sep arate panels, each no larger | low gloss colors selected by Ray- \ mon( j L 0eW y Associates, or with the seventeen standard FIexalum colors. Remember, you get a writ* ten guarantee, bonded by Continental Casualty Co., that th« , ; FIexalum finish will not chip, i dens that are as fancy and In- - — Lutheran Ladle* tricati- as a leaded window In High namp: Corfiatls 179. a Tudor muusion. Remember "UU bowler 6 ' 14 " ^S^h h ' lhal the ch ' ef |JUI ' |J(Jse of a trel •JV, A. BrandV L'uC, W. Werners lu is to hold up vines and l - limb '-'•-'5, Reinhardt 210. ing plants. So the fancy design BOWL HAVEN ' s a 8 real deal of unnecessary Xlte Huwkii -work sinci- it will never show High game: Hill 152, Tur-!during the warm months. Dur- There's no end to the ways you can beautify and modernize your home! Visit our complete hardware store for helpful suggestions and supplies for spring redecorating. • Lumber • Paint • • Insulation • MilEwork Hardware • Roofing bv there Wednesday with t,,,-^ a"d. Fla, u here they tried the.r "• , . , J .. . luck at fishing only two davs. One bass taken in nearby waters that dav ., ^ most ^.^ -^ ^ totaled 10 4 pounds. Last Saturday at(pmpt to fish was made Then! ' or eight inches or greater. •*"• i Designs can be horizontal or igg vertical, checkerboard or diag- Kotella w. Malson u».,,ii « a< ii B<i **** . 507>. v. Downer 173, A. Men-;onal or even cross diagonals.' three men stopped there and had Ge ,. gen Rnd the Steels went on '/ie 171. Fletcher 182. E. Hast-: Tnere are trellis In formal gar- 1 more man 100 crappie betwer'i ., . insT.McReynolds 182. A. mem ' Mr*. Holland ] , sea t ,. jp 33 mjles ou , imo the Gulf of Mexico. Longm>c.ker <<l "Would you taelieve it, the cap- Batchtown rerwrts; tliat fishing has tain anchored Uie boat so that been very good in nearby waters only the fishermen on the oppo- recentiy. Anglers are taking all site side to us were able to score." kinds of fish. Some have taken Gei-gen .said. "On our side of strings of from 40 up to 100 crap- the boat, the pickings were mighty pie, bluegUl and bass, all of fan ,slinv Steele landed a large group- size. Some of the lucky anglers in- er. The only bite I had, I miss- g ,, etta 139, 159 , 4el)i C hi«ni ! i n g those few months that noth- clude Dun Sn.\der, Bay Brown, ed." .137, 160 (432), Cox 156. Veltjes:, * ,. th d , and Couglln Klai* from Meppen, The grass always looks gruen-il56. . Landrc 181, 1163 (483), WK eunv " on "' tne aesii » n III. rlll . MUD The Carrollton and Lldred, Sportsmen', Club will begin their eumn <> until June Prizes are $J each for larges^ Th( , bass, crappie and bluegill with |2 ler as second prize for each fish. Con- lthp <i must VIP a fluh mpmhpi 1 s must oe a CIUD memoei fishing here at home. This writei | (518). Koehne 182 <464), Hunt ln Delween - has , am ,mpanied Gei-gen a lew; 151. Mowrey 152, 164 (465), La-; Consider PlonU Pinta 185, 163 (491). Your choice of materials also HteKS? Mel^TaXTo"!- •», «*»*"** °" what ^ »»t.nd to show him how to do bette, jZ^^'&'SS^. -nave climbing the tre.U, ^^ 8bwto L||ke jjuh n.son 1-J3; B. Kogel 205, R. There's a big difference between Qzark Fishermen newslet .;Lo,,g 208, Gregory 202, t ^ last week wus Schwaet^ L-jM. Lee Steiger 234 of ^ Bealjon ,„ datp m* KaMal 218. Neuhammer 202. , , ' Mllinaiai Ml, A. \V. Sjnilth ^4fa, and OJ , therj Welch -'13 D Well '''U C " ' SUMP PUMPS Reg. 38.95 Cast Iron Mi.h.p. G-K Motor COMMUNITY BETHALTO Reg. 44.85 Brass «39»» "PLUMBING & HEATING P'HONE " DU 622223 500 GALLON TANKS LEASED OR SOLD Free Service When Using Skelgas PHONE HO 2-2765 JIM JONES, Inc. 011 Hilton Rd—Alton • Tools for Every Job — Plenty of Free Parking SPRINCMAN LUMBER CO. 1101 E. Broadway Dial HO 5-5526 crack or peel. | FIexalum Skylights are available with all five FIexalum styles for windows, doors, carports, porches or patios. • EASY TERMS • Up to S Years to Pay RUSSELL Blind ft Awnini Go, 911 Milton— HO 5-5588 Jack Martin HO 2-9070 MH HOME IMPROVEMENTS ., Bu ,, -,_., , I _—..-. _..__.._ -••••*-- —- -— -"- | J.X. TTCll.II •. A i.J. 1.*. *T CJI litiO \. and the fish must be taken in WhJUj River A total of 137 Wng ., Voniiahnu-n 207. J. meco 20h. Greene County, reported Freeman, s - ue ^ including «„«. 10 pound- Tanner, chairman. iers and 21 in the eight and nine Prize fish will be weighed by j pound catagory were taken. Large Mayor Ciller. Contest committee : crappie and tmut also are being members include Howard Wlui*i taken in huge numbers. i ANOTHER BOAT AUCTION MONDAY AT 6:30 P.M. CofltignnMnt •«!•» Oil Ofcirry Beitt i Melon, lie. •Vina Voyr U*»d Boats, Motors and M«rin» iqwipment To Sell M37 Uft Broadway Thurwlay «;43 liuven«tti< gam«: V. Luly 181, J. Morton U1 (4»1), B. Bailey l»a <4»3), V. rompli 176, 178 1493), B. (ia4el 197 UM), Q. Mill* 188, .\. Maker Itffl, C. Cburchlli lt»4, 164 (479), S. Price I7», 164, K. ZumwaJt no, «i. Huast>«rry 174, L. Ounbar 160, JCvuuoff 100. SEE Our SclecltaM of BRIGHT NEW SPRING COLOR* Moore PAJNT PRICES ARE REDUCED DURINQ OUR PRE-SEASON SALf "WHOLE HOUSE" CENTRAL AIR CONDITIONING ALTON BOTTLED GAS CO. IOAO PHONE HO 4-34.1 i'/^:i':"i^;:.- : . .-;; <;.; YOU CAN DO IT NOW WITH ^^ A y $ ^ t No Down Paynwnt t Urns »• 13,500.00 en Sian«rw« Only t Up N 9 YMTI to Rtpay • Lowest tatofr—Qulcktit Strvfet HOME Tit "TIIH ANO TltiHIATUM" G«Mf HO I.HI1

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