Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 18, 1927 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 18, 1927
Page 6
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it Hti.s Gone Before. Garrett Pplsom is ^tabbed to 'defttli while swimming at Oi-ean Town. N. J. It; is Relieved lihai. the death weapon was a pichaq., aa Oriental knife, ahd Ihi^t it was purchased on the {>0Brdwall<. FolBom's baihinl eompauious had been Roger; Neville, a ttmi- tiess parinor; Mrs. Helen Barua- hy and Carmelita V'aldon. AJaastaaia Folsom. etvcn'tric ^nd masterftil sister ot the dead man. takes. command, and it in established I that one Croy(lon Sears is a; fancier of curions weapons. Sears admits buying two knives but not.the pichaq. Anastasia engages Titus Riggs, aa architect, to work on the case. Dan Pelton, Folsom's nephew; arrives and is puzzled bv the Curious Fren<;li dolls in ^is uiicle'^ rooms. T . Croydon. Sears sends for Flem- iPR Stone, famous detective. Uv. tolls him Folsom had l>een Iila<k- mailiiig him and he had lied at thi; inquest but was innocont. Stone mecls others of t,he <-ircl.t;. including .N'nd Barron and , his wifr. .Mart<^llne. who puzzles him. ' Stone comes upon Canrinlita Valdon, whose sukpicious actions have involved her. and determines to"-question her. ' 5bu ila On Vfltb ,tiie Story. CIl.VPTICR XLIV. •'Not going in Hhili njorninKV" Slohe spid. atter Pelion. who with li'.r. had made; introductions. "Not until later." Carmelita Valdon told him. "About noop, I think, today." ' "Then you've time for a chair ride with me. bo take pity on my loneliness and come' for a ride. The ihaijs fa.^cinajc me and 1 liate to go ;«lonc"." ] • It was n6t the hiihit of Carijic- lIlH Vuldon to,turn down aiiylhiiig ie the Hh .'ipe of iittcntioii from any proBcntuble nian. Anil FleinliiKl h'loiiit wixH 'U'cidcdly prcsentiilile. Ht) (^arnii-lita cmilvil on lilin iinil di-cl.-ircd-iilic'il lovc'to no. - "Sfc you when I come htuk. I;»n." she Muld Kiilly iii I'elitm. who waii'lied llic piilr deuiiVt. nncerlillli iWhelher lie wanted Sto(i« to hiter- vl«'»v licr or not. "He good to her." he calleil out, I'H a Wiirnins to the. detective, .w-ho answered with'a smlli' and •» nod, and then glanceil at Curinelita. ' "I'. fjin^'y everybody in good to .von." he' said in his gentle voice, .so full of HuUtle flattery and yet Iniper.'sonal. too. • I ' •Yes." she said slowly, "everybody but Fate." . "And Fate is cninl'.'" jThey were..«lowly rolling: along t^e boardwalk. • tlie sun not yet high'enough to" be ; uiiplea.sautly warm, the .sea breeze coming i^ ciisp aiid cool and the stolid, half- asleep negro pushiuK tuem aitterly , oblivious, if indeed he conid liear i theiu' lonver.sation. , '"Ves, JVlr. Stone," and Carmelita turned a grave countenance to- liis own. "Fate is nearly always crnei to a woman." "Oh. what a sweeping assertion: And what an untn e one! Surely you don't mean that—.vbu. with the aorld at your fee —with all the gift's nature tan bestow—" ".N'evcr mind that sort of talk. .\nd it i.^ we who have—as you say-nature's gift.^.i lodks. charm, power, all the feminine arts, who IPLAPAU^Y HEPISTER. FRIDAY EyENJNG. MAnCH 18.1927 ' {MILDRED • The m^nyl friends here of Mrs. Walter'dishing were sorry to'hear that she underwent a very ii^rious oseration in the Fort Scott hospi­ tal'Tuesday. "XVord came from ^he hospital this evening tliat she has rallied i aqd is doing nicely. She will be bettor'iremombered here as ;X »83 Fannie Rlggs.; . Mrs. Tice of ConVmerce, Oltla.. is visitiing friends her^ and selling iber household goods which were stoij'ed here._ ; A large number qf {cases ot measles are In and around .Milllveil. but all are guttini; along nicely. Only tv.enty-one children were in th" i'rir..a:y room this week, but several of thi^ children will be able to return in, p. Ur..' days. The LjiLie.' .V;f. wlJl meet this week with X. \ .M. J. Keeton .utd there will »e an election of officers. Ji)lin I'.-.'rUy'y, .'^loclc of goods Which iie !e(eiitly traded lo a gen- tle:;>iin n-;'r L'n;^in!own. were inovc(! to lironson' Tu'esda.v. Tlir Kcv. .MI. Si:ickney, went to Cresline .'^aiiitilay lo fill .his ap- poin'nii'Ut Sunday, i Our new pastor. U preacheii his first i.ermon . Sunday eVpnin;|. He has a plea.<:ng personality and i.; an inieresting speake-. We hope this will he a great year fi-r the.Mildred cbargi-. Kincaid gave a reception for .Mr. l^me ."ftonday night and several .Mildred folks attended. Miss lOmma I)/ong spent the week, enil at Blud aunt and nn V. ;dr. I,ane. her "But yon are glud he I "Obi" Carmelita gave gasp, "Yon moan—' In. tile matter ofj a: lUt|e:your innocence FoWVoni's death. .Now the iiiiestlon j That HOiiieoiie elke conlil h &lfe Of those lellers need ni;Ver . be done It—at i'our bldd^iig. • Aviio v.^!*: ''K 'litsl't up, never be: even men- tlone^. If we call find out .who <IId iiildll S'olHom, TliufK all IIIH Mister want)*; that's all th|- police want: thiit 'i. all I want to;learn the ideii- 'llty (If the mnrdtTei'. .So one UUK iiiiy^ JiiHtltlable Voiiieni with yonr lel 'efH or their Import if .vou are not iciinnected with the crime.". "What are yon leading iiji to'.'" she asked gKively. , '•JUKI this. Vou know—probably from H<inie ;evjden<:e yon ran across while getting your own letters-^ vou know something yon have not vet told. 1 want you to till it to me.-; (To He Conllnued) ALLEN! CETfTER Mar.'n.i- .Mr.'^. Stoitiii and mother, and son tJeorge called one .'illt- eniooa. Ia?il week on Mr. and Mrs. Drake. ]• .Mr. am! .Mr.-. A. 1;). Morrisin Called Sunday evening joi: .Mr. and i .Mrs. Smoot. }' j Mr. anil Mr.-. nra'Kelattendf'l a] surpr'(*e. party on M^. C;anier, Sniie::y. .1 j .Mr. and .Mrs. Williyin-; ealbd-; SatiinUiv ','vpniliK <n'.M •. and .Mrs.! X. I. Cn.Wel! and Willalrtl. | Mrs. N. ;;: Crowe!! spi lit Mointay - ufrernoon will: K .5 ilover nf i Those -.Vlio sjvm Sliiidi'V at tlie ! Smoot !:oir,(; weri .Mv. liml .Mrs. .1. \ It. .McHeth ami family. .Mrs. Har- | vesthart and so:i. all <:r Clirtautci: ' .Mr. and Tilrs. Ciis Smiti am! clill-' dren ni near C;;:!yle. |li! the afl- F. Schccr ; MliSIC TO YOrR EARS We grl music Ai (he masters and .iyzz in jreiieroits (jnaii'. The diitice hoa' miil the radio bag MHijili the other half. lint when fhisisdiff nil pals on ns—and w cannot stand the g:>!Y, A ((iiiet hummTsig motor is our lavorile phonngraph. '•••[ -Iv. Trt-leiini. Wc frive Ihd woi-ld I P.SB chin music and mofe I'Oal fo.sullsl the man with the wlil (• miisiache At once Stone iiaw lie had dra»V blank. . , ' i'lirpoHeiy he lii|d spriitig th^s queidlon suddenly, fei Mug' sun could tell liy her reaction wheth she knew of the hiaii or not. Clrnrly she did not. For her u . coiniirehi'nding look am! her snr- blcc weri- K» indiibilab prfsed sincen forced was that • Ihe (ietecllve believe liei-. "The man with the while intis- tachc? I've not the sliglite.-^t iilija. Hilt lie most certainly was no agent ot mine! And i tell you. Mr. .Mound, visiting le.. , A large number of the <-hililren arc ill with measles. All are get- tins along n'icel.v. [ A numbr of friends enjoyed a i-Overed dish supper with .Mr. and .Mrs. Kstell Dixon Thursda.v. evening. After supper the guests were entertained with bridge. .\l! report a delightful evening. The "Sew and So":club met with .MiR. Carrons thic week and nil report a pleasant afternoon. Mrs. R. R ..Nevitt, Jr.. spent the week end with .Mrs. l^ester llen- derson at narnett. .Mrn. Walter Huriiett wi-ni lo Kun.ias City Sunday to visit Iiei'iiall namt- Inst Tiiisday n sons, heland and Blllie. - j Mildred dereateil lliinibolili.Tues- Denn llattle Mopre Mitchell ol : day!?. the PIttHbiirg Stale Teachers col-j "The Path Across the ITill." a le^e will lecture in the hlith Hchoo! ; com.'d.v drama in tliree acjs. will p wear nc plc- The The girls this Bpring arc t serpentine coatis like the o tiired above, fashion has it material is of snakeskin, trimmod' with leather and gold embraidery. The hat is trimmed with snake«kin. too. andi the shoes ^Utch. I'lil. erniiOii .Mr. an;! .Mis. U| and cliildn n <;i!le-.l. : ': _ lirady Lat:;am ealkd: Saturday afiernoim on S'v. Snii.ot- : wnblrrcan'ld- s;indayr-mek^:n:Thars why We iiivil. you to drive in and try j^sh jra^ and on Mr. and Mn^. K. K. .faiiivan. • f "Oldi'n Glow oil.; Their pei'teot pei -foiTnancp will do, more iil Little Faytte . sr.ioit who has j one milutte to convince you than We can tell you in ti week, beon takiiir-treatments for the pa<tj They ".sing" results in the hum of your smooth irunning seven weeks, -sn-.n'mi-.i! inii'ri.>v--i „,^,jf„. . -v. ing. I Clianii-y ami '.Vallitr i-.-iIleil .Monday r.rii''riii>'>.u Smnoi. Mr. and Mrs. Ciji. .tiiilsnson air! j (•^.•:rilii'- called Sriii.iiy .-if.-i riionti "li j .Mi. and Mrs. .M'-rrii.nii. : ::!i:i Mrs. <'Smiiii and s.-ti.! Or Any Lcsh Pump Oppo-site Ice Plant i.j c.-iriyie spent the .i:,.v Wcin-s- ! ELMER P. SLACK, Manager ili.- pa'. ::tal • Snu'ot lioiii-. | .. , ~ !',ii:t:ss 1)11 .\!r motor. Lcl us .serve you. Lesh Service Stktion Stone, I bad no hand^iii; (larrutt Folsom's death. Kither direetlii i indirectl.v." , "But as soon'as lie was de: yo'.i ha.^leneil to set your Jettefs "I did indeed! And a hard tinhr 1 had of it! I Subsidized servant <: 1 begged keys fhmi friends; I til^d every way I cotild think of—and^ finally, got them. Xow they afe ofteiiest get cruel blows from Fate, that are none the liess terrible be- cau.^e unknown .to Uhe world at large." Without appearing to do so, Stt>i>" scrutinized lier keenly. Kitli- €r this woman was all Miss Folsom iiail ;iai!iicd her, and she was delibenilel.v setting out to fasrl- . natc hini, nr Pidton was right and she w .is troubled, but not by rea- 8oit of a guilty conscience regard- inn Folsom's mtirdcr. "I think. .Mrs. Valdon." lie s.ii.d Rcnlly. "it Would he better If, we talked idalnly. Votl know. 1 dare- Hay,"that 1 am down here to Inves- tli;ale til- death of Oarniil Ki >l- Honr •'1 iieri! are reasons wliy, I ifhiitild ask you' »ome quest Ions aiiil 1 have rhosen ,lhi» way to do it, tblilkiiiK It wiMild be Ihe least nn- noyfn;: to you." • Ciitmeliia thanked him with one of Ivr best sinllei. . "You arc good," dhe sold, with a rinj; or iiiu-erily In her tone. "I .»'i iiH talk plainly iheiii In Die first pluee. I did not kill Mr. KoUsiiiti." 'Mat yoir niV' giiul he Is dcatl," Klolie Bald qiilelly. I.' ••She gave him a startled rilance. "t hale to put it so baldly," >d »e said, as if thinking this-ovnr. "but., Well, I am not really: sorryi. Or. to come iwarcr the trtith. I'm: glad only for one reason. Otherwise I wisli the man were still alive." "You're glad he's dead because thall, gave >'"" opportunity to retrieve .vour l.^tter.s which he held." Von must have bleu told that." she said, looking sitaight at him. and -nobody could; have told you but Dan Pelton. Yes. I did get my ll'ttjersOiack. and 1 never could have .doije that so long-as Garrett Fol,. som was alive." "•.\iid so you are suspected, in some • <iuarters. of having kiJIed him in oi-der to accomplish that, em!."' "Some quarters, meaning bis sister. 1 supjiose. Does an.vone else suspect i^me. Mr. Stone'/" -. "That I don't kno*. .But it Would - -nai be,out ot the tjuestiOn for Misa • Folsom to sprM'd. such a siispi-l • cion." "1 know it. wouldn't; She hates me. " ] w-ondcr why?" —Partly because you two are .so diametrically opposed in character .and tyjve and partly because she ; really think.i .von killed her brother." ' •".M.v. dear .Mr.-Stone"!'I couldn't .kill an.vhody; I really louldn't. ,^Mis;f Folsom iniglit: she's the killer : sort. Bi!< I'm not -" | . "Thill's no argninent. .Mrs. Val.^:don. To kill a man one doenn't have to perlorm the uctiiul deed , oneself." f • - KleniliiB Stori-f had dropped his i-hnriiilng' "laniifr, and now he upolic wliJi iliolaieely, low. Imid vptef that botl often slrMk. tor-; will can't Hen ther Joivard (ft iave tO: prove it. But thi get the letters!" smile of triumph went ,jiii toward convincing Stone • tier iiinocence regarding thj; nut ler thail any asseverations coutd have doiie. To his mind it w:i clear that she was Sot her letters and Iioes Carmelita Vuldon, whom r';wite lielletes innocent, hold llie key Ut the Folsom niysleryl Ihin't mh'i the remaiuing chapters. DISTRICT 79 i i (;lad<s Roberts.) ! .Mr. and Mrs. -4 W. Roberts and , ., ,. - 1 iCIadys .spent Saturday afterngon burned up. aiul^^f the iiolice ac<;ii«e:jjj (ijjjj ^mg me or murder oecause of it f;li(}y i yyj. and Mrs. O. C. Cunningham sjient Saturday night and Sunday with Mr. O. C. Cunningham's father who is sick. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Smart and : baby spent Sunday with Mr. and .Mrs. D. S. Wng. j uiiiKi u was jir. and Mrs. John Cation, spi^nt so anxious yi .Sunday evening with .Mr. and Mrs. so reiieved it ,\, \\\ Ubberts and'family, having got them that the tliouiihij .Miss Hazel Cnnninghain spent <}f a more serious accusation ha|dj Sunday with home folks, .Mr. and !'o vet sunk very deeply into hffr.Mrs. o. C. Cunningham. , mild. And this, of eoiirsi*. for tlie Mr. and -Mrs. Roy Roberts and reason' that she had no Kuiltiy .Mr. and Mrs. A. \Y, Robetrs spent knowledg<>- of the crime itsvlf. , j Siinday afternoon with Mr. and "Ihe letters wen- so very iiti- .\irs. Dan Cornbs. portant then'/" he ask. d, lasiiallk.J .Misses Loul^ie Cunningham and d tlladys Roberts spent Sunday with II Misses V.ida Moody. K\:i Jordiui, and .Mr. Wayne .Moody. ': • f; - -TeUphouc your Classified Ada Manh andl- id ".Ic. DiMar. long•ported annual le Bos- DeMar classii' ontesl- grades. aiidliorliim Thursday flight. March jb - presented by the jnplorsjor Mll-j I't . ^he Is one ot the best lee-• dred • high school Moiiday. liirerit In Kaiisas. There will In l:.'l, at .S ii| the liinh *chiif in.-j chtirgeit. Iloriiiin. Admission. li»c : .Mr. Mild Mrs. Lewis Wilson speiii [ - -: - ' Thursday and Friday at Pittsbnr;;.! The vetelairClarence II. Mrs.' It. R. .Nevitt. Sr.. gave a I the "i;ran<t Old -Man" Of th family dinner Sunday in honor of j distance running game, is r Dr. .NVviit's birlhda.v. i [in mitive training for tlie .Mil-, and .Mrs. Finis Small! of i I'a'riots' Day .Marathon of t llovard spent the week end at the;'"" Athletic .-Vs.sociation. parental KImer llite home. ; was winniiig the famous Preston Patterson and familV|When many prjeseut-day . visited his mother in lola Sunday'ants were In the grammar afternoon. * Mrs. i .Tobn BaHey and Mrs. R. R. -Nevitt.; Jr., .went to Carnetf Tues day afternoon to attend a bridg Innehebn given i)y .Mrs. .lohn Stro iler. The freshman class had charge of high s;-hoql chapel. Thursday Piano soJos wer>' pfayed by Velma firninbaugh. .Rose HosJey and .Mil dred Dunlap. They ? ave a s!iort dialogue also. Mi.-<s Elliott and t le C. A. A girls took two'liikes after school last week. The seniors s<>rved at the b;isivet- i The Best Youx Last Tribute Our Memorials iiit^M ^t every requirement of ^ood tu.^te in desij^n and Avill api)cal to the mo.^t fastidious Iniyer. MONUMENTAL WORKS 301 South Washington, Phone 67G to l.S. "Importaiit to mo heiause their disclosure ot sntii-' tail my pa^^ lite wbieli 1 wisli k<;|it <ret. Kacti whicli, wo'iilil tie i-mall tlie general jiul •tie-lull \(lil-!i »v<i"' of ilidiiKh ilii- purlaiiee-to give Carrill Knlsifnij a hold in-er II I' tital In- never lit lii- iforRel, .\iiw II'^y ;\y>\ d4 Iriiy .jd, laud niy iioijl l|i al | M'J"I'." ! Slie wasjsll<iil a IIIMIIHIII !ind then turned to lilin, Willi a. realty i • I'lvely mntle. a«<d said. •Mv , loiildn'l he til iieaie ii | had kllliid ' him. roiild it ii ".No, Mi:.J V'aidi'ii." :'\\«\H' laijl, C.Ulii): her a keen binl..."! liiiiik 1 )1 ronlil not. I'm not prepared ^o siiv ^1 riin tell a liy look-,. ins lat (Hie. l.ul I will ,s:iv thai jl j - Wh'-u you've Ivitd everything tliink I eau tell Jiy lilliilllK to i >uy. iynii ran I Andhnv liidRiiH-nl. mv experlfn Stops Heart Paiiis Ma'ny people think they Iiave heart trouble when the pairi is caused by gas pressing 'on the heart andhings., Wilson's Stomach Remedy; counteracts the a<-id which crea'tra the gas and gives almost instant relief. STOMACH REMEDY For sale by BroM -n's Drug Store. Conk's Drug Store. Fry's Drug Stoi'e. Here's Real Relief From! The Torturing Pains of Neuritis Men ;iMd Wointn p:vorywhere .Seldom VnW in (Jot (liiirk Relief From Pain and Sufferinj; . Tlence aiid.lmy Imfllncl all shout to lii- ' I! : itisia on the utmost A cold may be stopped iii 3 hours, the fever checked, the bbwe^ opened, the entire system tonei The wav is HILL'S—a wav so efff eient that.we paid $1 .00(5,000 for ilt. Don't rely on lesser help, and douft delay. Get the quick, complete results that HH-L'S is bringing; mi lions. • Bm>*8 Ciucira-BraBide-Qinun Be sure you cat HIOJS. {a tlie ml bok with ^trtnttt. M ilnisctiek—«>c. | liiiih of and iiotlilni; iieems III etiii relieve, those plerclm;, a'.;o- nlziiiK liaillM, just so to some good druggist and get a bo|tle of Alb-n- rliil .Special Kormula .No. 1!. Be 'siire you get .\'>. 2 which comes In (.•ip.-iile f >rm. , Take these little ilarl; green capsules as 1 ireeted and tiotice .how in alioiii :.'l lioiirs they jhave <-on- sideVa'iIy rediiced. if not entirely baiiisii'-d tho^jc jiersisti'ng nerve rackin-; ;i :iin8:that have caused you many sleepless nlRlits. While this particular formula wiiH compo 'iinded for Ihe piirpone of coiiqitcring i^ainful, (Jouty coii- dltioiiH and what Is known .-is Rheiitnatold ArlhriilK -n knotty, painful swellliiK of the Joint;!- it has jirovrn wondcrfnlly su '-ce;,s- rtil.iii most forms of Neuritis and Selatic Nerve Pains. You- needn't be afraid of Its containing dope of any kind-it doesn 't. -Such things are only ' makcshffLs and-ean at the best give only partial relief. Be sure you've got Neuritis and. then get Allenrhu Special FormuI:| .No.i 2. Cook's Drug Store sellH lots of it. ChUdren Need Vitdmins To Assured Strong Bones and Teeth scorrs EMULSION Is The IdeahFood' Tonic—It Aboufida In Cod^ liver Oil Vitamins •ceil * BowM, Btaom^M. N,)., ' 1^ A shabby house is more of a liability than an as.set. Your shabby, weather worn home soon becomes a liability to you and a scare crow to your neighborhood. RevivjB its'jvalue-^iti; vitality—its back bone—retain its youth and grace by; over-coating with color clad stutJco, • See CHUR CHILL THE STUCCO MAN K«^IPi'4^ftt^ or Pjwhe 31, Klcln'H Luinbtj- Yard. In guying Minteral Rations You Mjost Trust tli^ Manufacturer In buyinn mineral rations you crtn'! know what i.s inside th; ha«;. Von musl »r«.-;( Ih^ maker, Only time \nll (ell whether Ihc makers claim.s arc true or toil. But you r<ii\ trusi Ihi- .1. ii. Wafkins (,'o. F'\»r sixty ycar .'i we have had (he lejiufation of servinjj (he Ameriean f;trmer consrim(.iously. i.We have more (hun JB miMion users of our i)rj>dHr(s in America, and wc1f).\KE NOT sell vo:i any but the pui-est of n iiicials: ^ You would find it out if we did and you j.T.ikl v .Tfck our 10 niiUiofi doilar in .stit ution. The sood will of our iu!-(omers is our most val- ua?)lc assc(. We cannol run (be risk of puUm.ij out anything which would in.iiirc our reputatifm.- Ton can order WATKfNS' Sl'PRKME MiM-;!?- .MJS wi(h (he rer(ain(y of bi-s( resiiU -H at (he li^west prices: * : . ; KM!) Jfacks V.M per .sack; .I-!) .Sa^ks $:',.U) per «ick; than .1 .sacks $;{.r,0 per hundi-ed. WHAT OTHERS SAY OF WATKINS' MINERALS FORM Watkini' Supreme Hog .Calcium C.irbonatp Special Steam Bone Sodium Chloride ( Ferric ' Oxide Manganese Sulphntcj Potassium Iodide LAE Mineral Riition . I '-K •.rilril.". Limestone) .40.79 Meal 35.00 It) 20.00 3.00 1.00 .03 V/atl<|ns' Supreme Calcium Carbonate Special Steam Bone Sodiunfi Chloride (sa|l Potassium Iodide Cattle Mineral Ratilon !'.T ,...:ltiii,— [(Limestone) .•»4.97 Meal • 35.00 t) 20.00 •.. JOZ Watkins' Supreme^ Ratibn Catcium Carbonate Special Steam Bonej Sodium Chloride Ferric Oxide Potassium Iodide f .r. . III.:--— (Limestone) .59.97 Meal 17.00 2o :oo ;.; 3100 .03 DISTRIBUTOR Poultry Minei-al USPI):il BRANDS WATKINS' THE BEST "I have fed (h)r(y-pne o(her brands of minerals In (he paki four years, but musl .sjiy, (o my knpwled},'e the Watkins bea(s (hem all. I am well pleased with (he .Minerals. Hogs need minerals, I( keeps (hem in betlcr cnndidon and shortens feeding period, which is a great saving in time and feed." 7 'Ed Willert, |lockfoi-d, Iowa." " FOUR REASdNS WHY WATKINS' MINERALS ARE BEST dairy co\|. 2nd., I:t is the only pakitabje and agreeable tasting mineral we know of. Alliof our cattle relish it and need no introduction to it through feed or oth| i "3rd. If has Improved the health and vitality of our hertl. resulting in betjter appetite, bigger milk flow, more economicail production. "Kh. jPrice was low in comparison to results obtained. j . "Again commending vou on this real service to the farmer." "D. S. Carlson, Twin Lake Firms, ^ "St. Paul, Minn. Get Started on Watkins* Supreme Minerals Now LAFA LANE 0AS CITY, KANSAS

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