The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on March 18, 1927 · Page 5
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 18, 1927
Page 5
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School Less<[)n The OIK HAV's Sill Mnis SIfiX. Iiiter^ationnl Snndiuy IjfMson i'«r \Maroh 'Si I Clo-IslJiiiiN H«it«^—Joliii Ilk'orindifans >:>:l-W 3 1 School -Thp 14:1-3; I Jubii <-By William T.KUis.I U sefnis as il" every liew-.-ipaper t-iiitor aiid public .-^puakt-r in tlii> land is aioraliziug alxiui; tlif sig- i;ificaneo(of the ret -eut e^)i(l<'mic OLITO clmnge jstiideiit siiiiidi's in lliie I 'nilcd Slates. One Of the first que.-f.iiins put to mi* re<|/ntly by a \"e\v Vurk . _£Jilor wlioni 1. was visiting wa;! Ilii.s, "spokeii a troubled tune, •"lit! you think llie enipiiasis upon tile •tiiateiia'j. side of lif>' \<Iiii-li is. beinji lautfbl by our selioois has anytliing to do witli • these .sui:ii !es?" | coulil only answer, in Words of S 'Tijitiire. "without I'lOd. waiiout liujn' in ilie world. The preHv*nt j^eneraiiiin of l ^tii- denls in many .schools.! a nil col- ieg.-s. are being taught that lift' i.s jiurely a i)h'y.sical eXiJeriiHue: that it lalie.s its rise from tlij- lowest orders of e^isti-nce. and that man j is only an animal on, a .some- thought in hU poem, "HCJWIII Oive Them Back." "We are quite sure : ; That He will give th^m back— , -bright, beautiful, anfl p\ne. WeLknow He will but;keeji GUI' own and His until ^ye fall • aslce]). ' We know He does not -meat To break the strands reaching between The Jlcre anil There. He (Joes not mean—though ileavei be fair— ^ ' ; the spirits., ejitering there, that they forget The eyes upraised and wet. The lips too still for prayeh Tht ninte despair. THE TOLA DAILY REGISTER, FRIDAY HVENTNG MARCH 18.1927. "He will not take The spirits which He ga\je. and make The glorified ^o new' That tliey are post to mo ai^'d 1 do believt •] They will receive t's—yon and me—and be'.so glad To meet us tliat when would grow sad I I just begin l|o think aboijt I I gladness i .A'nd the day i When they .shall tell Us alt, the wav i liiiost 1 thai about ".Self4 ..\p.ression • ii: pictured j Heaventi inihways sliow. inanity's hJirlii ^st olijeiiive. If what iii.i;lier pJaiie tliauHlie amo-j iha. " • • • as liuni tlier.- lie any i-oiiscioiis e.xisteiii-e al'tt'r DM - puc-i-iit. niii- rtln- argument, it li.'i.s.liot. l)Ceii prciivijd. Tiie • iioisii-st group of modern seien- il.-ts conleni) that man die.-^ as the llog (ijes. .As tlle l{il)li' points out. till- li)f,'"'a; aijd inevitalile roiulu- sioii ot sinli a philosophy i.s, "Kat, ilrink".anil l <i; nieJ ry: tor .tomorrow \y'- die." ; tVhiit il lirave l.ooks>. I-ik)-. So tin- def);. oiiloug cleft, in '(lie lartli'!; surface wliicii we call a >;rave resembles;only a Iiilge minus sign io the riiydern iiiiaterialist. It stands for tlie siibtrai tioii of everything. When tile breath goes, all goes, f The' "way to wip.: cnit all woes.<all responsibilities, all jier- idexiljes.. is ;Io die. Hence the >opueiof .suicide. i: . .Vot; so ti» tlie fliristian. One great joutstdijding and M 'aOii al dif- fereiu-e between tlie fliristian view ol lilt; aiid the old super :!ede (l i.^ Ilit- . That they have learned to do — ".\Iy lost, ni.v own, and 1 Shall have so iniii h to see tijgetlier \ iby and by, ; X do believe that just the sweet tace, Uiil gior.fieii. i.s waitiii} placDi Where we shall nieet, if .Am • oiinl< by. "I only il wiMlliy ill thai do believe lhatj tlod will' . sweet surprise To lear^sttiiiieil. saddened ei .And that His Heaven will bi .Most glad, niost tided lliroug joy for: yoti and me, .As We have suffered most. I !iy and FIVE NORTH XOGAN (.Mrs. Fred Dice) -:£^^t\NewW(mderful , i Face Powder Here's the i;oo»:eslep as'done. In Missouri. Isn't, Jl the .silliest parade you ever »UT»? Uut whe brought a CUilliiolbe liVIo.) ufan $65U0, yoil begia to believe the story aJ«jut tlit golaeu eggs. colhe streets. you learn that these 4000 goosey-ganders k'he ee(.-s«; are sbown as they paraded the Chilli- MONTEVAlLE (Norma Isaai Majch 14.—Mr. Hea hman' and family visited at Mr, pean'a Sunday evening. -Miss Lititon visited | Bessie r.ois Kogers Sunday. ^ I William Rogers vi.sited at Frank I |.Iollffs Saiurday. ^ , ! The Rosebrook childrjen have the | I measles. The ladies .Farm Bureau Harley lleati, .Mrs. S D.VIILI.^S (iejitii.^ Snicide was mole' common i in the paganized seition.s utLout; i t /hrisiendoni. Life ,was by tJie heathen, regarded a.s a bnrilfii to i . "(!od ne.ver made Spirit for spirit, answering ; for shade. .': j .And placed lliem side by si '.So one, thoUgii i^elis which it.: mystified — conception of-^'"i meant to break es. 1 Willi shade le— sepj- Tiie quivering threads beUv-een. When we shall wake. I am quite sure, we .--liall gla.l lie got 'rid of when it became t.xi iI'<»;, a little while we w heavv. • On the oth<-r hand, the] sad." Christian looked upon the open' -Vn -Imliition-Biilldliitf-H( grave, not as. a dark •minus sign. | Over • lonniless bier.f ha.s| bu! as a' dazzling door io life eter- ; reacl I'aul's great passage nal. He bore Ibis w-orld's adversi-.; ininiortaliiy,'written to the t;e^ ifereiieiy, because he jwas' as-! ibian Christians, which is surt-il ofcVfinplete' compeJ!sation!|ond Pjirtion of Ihi.s lesson, a better iVorld.. , the midst of it the great- In oiii»-r. words. .Jesus introduced', thrust the word "ambition." !1U mion which .: he ii,ses it:—"Wherefore, we ar • ambitious that, whether at hone or abroad, we may ite well-pl^asing nail) Him.!' ^ Jhat is lo say. the hope of heav- j works out practically into ciiar- lieavcn as a factor in eariJi's prob- • tlir^e occasions I>-nts'. He. de.'ionstrated tlie reality )i resurrection. His teacliing was that life in"lndes, two [.worlds. Heaven is the conipletnelll i>( eai'th. We itie. iior to. bi- obliterati-d. hut to again. The riseii Christ oiiiiiu.-rvd iifal7i; and liie fi -ar oi ileath. and iiuide - rfiyres.-nr tlil- t'r>-ai iilii:-, iiisteail ot a Iragic niin- •js. -There are no "suicide _ .1 Sloifaii for. Soul^. .' amongst believers. They Let lis i-oiitess That tiie :('hurili j adequate motive for life. lifts tlifim above the power Til iere so pe. been uiKin |C6rin- tl^e see- in to pojtle )ne of en : ac ran th er. Thorie who look forw-Ard to endless life wit 11 Chri.- •i'r own.deaf ones do not ile today not iiie! tin- present 1 risis, ;is siie should rave done, with a jubilant- affirmalion. Our >initt<-ii times iieeii nio-t of all th>- "'iiil d" III. jovful |iro (-!aniaiioii of .i Saviour who gives hojlie" for the the h.r.-iiller. it is in lii- chfi.-ji, ol the tlljit ha- tiiriH -il so !o' mai-e.-ialinn. si-!i and <'b spaij'. 1,^ .."4 liviiij^. bncn. day's .icissiiiides. Christ. V liereve.i- tiny In- their lol -thai is their grea bition. Consciously, ami wi for', as athb 'tes .-iriviiig fi coal of inimortalii.v. Ihe.v. ar* li|tjou~ o plea~>- iheir Ijird , "l!e|o i -d. now ar«' we jtli of Hod. :ilid J doll) not y wlia.i we -i -bali be; Imt I silic id alik all s gla\'-. I file of till- |.-r- oiir or- wojk tile that. wfi< II He -hall ,'ip| shall be lik«- Iliiii: for >ee lljlll af ill- is. .And • tiiat ii .-itli Ihi-- Imp.- ill j li'til hilii.-ijl;. i-i '-ii as ilf si:\y.\ S'K>TK\(K SI: ^Ve lea iwe be brave wli< chief". -vil of ilife.--' .No nian can siders pain th.- The Heroine of tlie Striii? m m m ' Circiinistaiices do not , i one; they.simply develop w in one. .Anon. Dear I*u.ssy CoiLSin: Jack took a spkding fork this iiioniing and du;; up the. ganlen, where my niilstress and .Millie are guiiig tu plant the dahlias. Me tW-o brought a tiasket of dahlia roots from the cellar My mistress «'i[>ariite<l the clumps and pulled off the single toes. "l.a,st yi-ar. wlien mother toljl me- to separate the rhinips of dahlias, she .v-uiU tiiat i-m« toe would make a whole clump in Ibe fall. -l. could liardly believe it. .said .^lillU'. 1 jdanted one or two clumiis and never told ber anything afioot it. I have harmonizing with until yuu explained it tu hie," saiii Millie. "1 Just planted IU> seed bit and miss. 1 am afraid tUat I uiLbSed a great deaL" "Yes," said my mlstres^. "one can gpt wonderful color effects by planting so that there Is a deflnate i-olor'^chpiue in tlieir garden." "We will probably have a ageota dalilia next to a red one," said Jack. : "Do duhliaa hare seedsr aske«l Alllye. "Yes," said my mistress, "but tJiey were in! .LaHarpre Saturday, one another ! .Mrs. Charley Hill, l.« were staoppins in lola Saturday| i Mrs. Blanche Isaiac spent Mon-! day at Clarence Isaac's. I ney Miul r.inilly spent Moiidoy eVe^ I iiiiig at the C. O. Kinney home. „ „ - , j Mr. and -Mrs. Ray Kinney and Mar. 1..—Farmers are hus,y sow- fj,j„jj^. ^.^^^ Sunday dinner giiesta ing oats and planting potatoes. j „r jj'. and Mr.s. C. O. Kiriney. Those who have had the measles recently are: Vcrn and Orville Hunter. Paul and Florence en. Lnelia Barnard. Clar.a Vincent and Velnia Culbertson, Floyd Stotler. Virginia and Christina Dice. Freddie Dice is sick with them now. !• —If the face powder you now .Mrs. Clement spent Mondav aft-I does not stay on long-enopgtt ernoon with .Mrs. I'ribbernow. js'"' you-^does^jgot keep ttat Mr. and .Mrs. C. O. Kinnev. Mr.' "s'y ^hine away indefinitely—does and Mrs; Ray Kinnev and famii.v,! make your skm colorful Hke- and.Mr. land Mr.s. Rov Callmvay: ^ il'^^V new ^woadertul and son called on Mr. and Mrs. :'P?^'»'J'^^'jf5,^';°<"^f Face Pow- Harotd Sears and son Sundav. : -^'^";0-R^O'„ Harold Sears moved on life Jew- ''^y,'."* °il'°^..^'ELLO:GLO. ThereV itt farm last week. - ""'"""^ ^'^^ it.-Cook s Drug Store.;Henry Biirke moved on the Dan | Hunter farm in Woodson .i /ounty | j the first of March and Le.slie ,Wom-j •ack moved on the farm vacated by' Henrj^ BurEe. . Wm. Pribbernow spent Sunday in Wichita. Mi', and Mr.i. Ben HIlis and family and -Mr. and .Mrs. Chas. Stroll. Jr., spent Sunday aft«>fiioon at the I Clement home. Mr. and .Mi-o. Burrell Howell and ! Norma Isaac did not go to school, daughters spent Sunday at 1). I Friday. Howell's and spent the l-vening and! Risers visited at John Strbh's. """.Rogers's Sunday. • ' | Mr. and were Mr. Hill and family Ing in lola Sundayi Glen Hutton has [the measles. .met i On -April 19fh of leach with .Mr.s. Earnest Bak|r Friday, i anniversary of the death of Lord ! spent Tuesday :i:ith .Mrs. Strack. nthy and llussei and I^iuiine Doz- '.hiary column of The London Times Sonday innet. Dor-; Byron, there appears In the obit' , -Mrs. Leslie! Womack visit-1 .snent Sunday at the Robert Collins home., .Mr. and .Mri-. W. L. .Moon called jat Fred Dice's Sunday afternoon, year, the i Mr.s. BurreH Howell and Loretta ~ Henry until a notice of his demise tnai e.Moi.- b and Cyril! him and bis work. I.oreita morning. remained I Mr. and .Mrs. Roy Callaway and son and .Mr. and .Mrs. Frank Kin-.i 67 FOR TOUR CONVENIENCE WE DELIVER FREE "JAr Ra>3uxH. Star* ^^^^ //<! What does the cook-book say about making divinity fudge? Pour the hot syrup over the egg-whites a liUle at a time. Then as you beat, you prevent the sugar from crystallizing. Hills Bros, observe this principle of control in roasting coffee. Only a few pounds at a time are roasted. A deleaable, uniform flavor is the result: babiia Clump. Flow er and Toe or Bulb. noticed that dahlias did not do half as well, asitbe clniuiHithat 1 .si-imniti'il and pl.inicd loe. This cliimii that 1 tied the string oti was'one fee, last spring when I Iilanted it." j "Ix't! us counti the toes in that clump, i' said Jack. Tbey did and itere wore nine toi>s. .Millie, "isn't that and [spair. Iiacts" liaK-e, an Ahich if the lease whatever am- h ef. the {MINS. he (i- and I'oi' of lailli J i--JiirriTt .ioii II M'II .', VoilMl siiaii!,\'. ciiiiie to \\ lioiii .li'-^u i.-.llitv" faljs ^tilo .Soiiii- ilay rlie III.- Cl:iiri II will aWak.ii I I ,h\f 1 i-alit V thai, i vi-n- in I'aiiized SUlMlay. .•Jchool Jiving Christ iiiidaiigir of being 1 row<l' it out by tiioili-rii psvu-liology and iiiiiiialiire libi-ralisrii.- Dh Sliail"! .\1.iltliews. hinis.lf !no roli- s'TVaiiv.-. warnt'd lli.." ofticial'leaii- er^ 'iW till .Siuiilay school niov<- jiiiiit.-'a! tliejr recent convention ill ("iiicago. that tiny are "con- ceiling Cod behind a smoke-sireeii 1'!' psychology:" Technique of education is ob-i.ciirin,:; the piirp ise of: •".-dii^ atioii. - it is the warm, glow- I iiig. svinpathetic. friendly uhrist. \ with His :mesi<age of life, tliat our, b.-fiiddli-d generation snpriinely J .And trifles liee.^s. - . ' . • . ; .•\ slogan for .souls was spoken i by til- Saviojir in tiie dearly-be- loveil woriis.-"Let not your heart l>o troubled." He has the cure for thy comfort.- -Itobert Leightojii. i -are and wrinkles Iliat none of earth's expen.-five "beauty shonies" know. Tnipiiii Him gives a glow !(> t!ie hf ;Lrt. iand a radiani-e to the l:(ce. which may nowhere ielse be am- •ions :i|ii|/i-ar know . we shall pnrl- lure." **G rxK-iiMis,'" said •ftc.nderfni." A great many j years UK <I <-ertaiii j siHvies, of dahlias were 4l .sed in I>Iaix* of the potato." said uiy j inislres.-i. : I "I diin't s-po why janyone would j want tu: cook a ilah|i:i| bullij arid eat ' it when they i-oulil'^ gi>l niii'li iie-re- j Nilisf.Mcilon in gro'wins it for it^ j beautiful li'os.<oii(s.'' siiiil .Milii.-. "I j knou tbiit I uoul'i i;iiicli rather look at Ibe blosS'<ii|.i than to eat th.-'tiies." 'I'bis made ihi'iit all liiiigh. ".Millie, wbiit irf this one li<-<l willi I a jdnk tape for'r " asked,my mis- I Iress. "Oh. I laU-led tlint one bociiiis<> It j Is the iH-autiful pink cuctus'dtihlla." < Milil Millie j "Voii .should have ^abebil ilii>ni all. I HO that we wontiJ know Just hou to ! plant Iliem niiil wlilit colors woiiNl litintionize wlUi one another." saiil Jiiy misires.s. "i ne\er thought ulmul flower.-- , are like the tulips and the other | I bulbs. They grow a lid blos.s»iii more j i|uickly from the bulbs and then. lo<i. - J'uu know just what i-olor flower j are going to have. .Vew vari--; ! ('ties are obtained from the .set^ ! jThe sef<i is planted and grows inio j •a liftle bulb. In two or lliree years | it is big enough to blo.ssoui." ' i "Are these single dahlias that we I 1 are pl.-mling iiilled bulbs?" usked-. : -Millie.. ••].'• I 1 "Ves. t'hey arelmllis but tbej are j more i-ommouly railed toes," sale: 1 my iiiistn-ss. . f i It is going to be great fun to watch ' ti.e ibibllas cinue up out of the • , •.•roiinil. Soiiii' of them are tJprouieil ^ iK.w. V that they! will be up soon. , Tliey i^re >o glad }o get dowu iiil" Ibe uTiiirid. ; I The niagi-nln dublin l<dd me thai the folkM nii'd not worry as Ibe liuilii jll^ut ibey Imd planliHl on each side of il were Hbile. .My iiiistress will be glad of tbli^ be au.M- she is HO iHirtlcular not In have Ibe colors In ber garden claati, riie' vblie ibililins will make a bi-autiful setting for the magenta oiie. I Good night ! CHUM. ( oli-i (Cut.>rlKliU Jj:>. >>y Kate Klenor Wlldar) Explore lange. lat is Is It Really Xice to Love'JEm,'Leave'/>'m? Think naught a trifle, thou'igh it siiiall apjiear; ; Small: sands the mountain, nientsmake the year.: life. — Kdward Young In a word, tiiis is thy iwisLlom: mind thy duty and referi to The effei-iiial fervent piray ;a righteous man availetli nii James Tiili;. ise ;<>und. In His call to faitlii and in liis offer to cotnfor;. Jpsils ' links up belief in Himself with; an. e.\- pt-ctation of His Iieave-ilyj hoiue. Ills friends are a.ssured o 'f a future lift., and .t larger life, in a prepared place. . When Homex.Brenk I'p. .Any traveller wjho gets off the -route of the railways is struck by rile niiiiilier and size of the cemeteries. i\in\ vastly- more numerous than the living are the dead! In ail lands, out that ail roads Ijad to the gnav» Kverv. home that bet-ii (li--rui>te(f. b liiinianily's old< s-tlcli jaili inipeiuliiij laiis.!)! il pal! Kif I y,i: lOI I/ive took up the Iiarp of I.ifiJ. and smote on all the c^iordsl wirli , might: Smote the chord of Self, |that, tre.mbiing. jcissed in music out of sight. , —.Alfred Tenny-ior -The iiri'seui generation is wii ing. aiid. ind'-ed. ofter leager. to be leii: bu; it is averse to being driven, and it-wants to tinderstqiict the I graunils ,ind sanctions' of an|thori- ' Eliot. is it r.-aily j"g''t. pet, love TIKICS the pri latest conieily dl-iinia." '. and licave 'ein. 'i at Theatre tonight, | deals ' with lit'- best jitdicy to l^fiVf and forget'.'" ileiii I'aiamouni's "l.ove 'ein tlje Kelley ill light, eutertaiuing manner. We m»-ef two siste|s. each the anli- Cliesis of llie other; -one has a sweetheart whoiu she really loves.- the other Just "rfools and forgets." ; Kvelyn Hrent|. I .,a<sTence Cray ; .aiid Louise Brook.s enact feature : roles in Frank X""'** new pro- ; diiciion. Townsenil .Martin pre- ; pared the sireen play. i where Him r of ch.— i sees' these signs ; lative decisions.—Charles W. las ever been has .- death. This is grief. It was If separation Iliat sadiuss to',hang ny of iiiiiniaie 1 the Master was |up. His n-al fam- keii -lu-j ause lb- over the coil - fri<-n'Js with w lalking- Tills pn^ ily. ;wi-re h'-arUin •^J 'was b-avlirg Ih-iii: . 'Fheir .IcMi:.- • sinikc the (;reai Word of Coniforl.; "In m\ Father's house lire iiiaiiy libliling-phiccH" • not mansions, paljaccs of pilde, as lonnolei. but, ni> •ly be iralVslateil, break lip." For .Maiiufai-Hiring industrial ilevel- o;i:nenf js in its infancy In H(i!ivia, »lii \"i is altno>it solelyia pnidin er ijf n>i!i-rals. .\ disadvahlage jis th<- alnicet (oinpleie absence; of ffiel in 111' country: I he old VI rsion the symd ni.i.v fre "liotlii's that ll"Ye a lime. Ilie.clrcle the.^iloup of dlvidecj by.ilealfh: Father's iiolise. tl^ union- that would Iliat I wniild never lartli's /reiki e.s and blunders • was'one.of the un oretold blessings t!i»t:tjie risen iCh-is! had in stor< lor has His friend^, i beautifully [cotlld be broken: olies \t -oulV] be lilll soon, ill the •re. would bu -Tc- never end: and be imjlaired by lMeas'.>.^ Ky(>; Tickles Ilalatf - When olie'H aiqielile U i III of HorlH auij umhliig | appeals the iii.iln ii'ijcci H to f'Irsi offer soiiu nonrishlng diihity llmi will ileum the ey.' iinil I '.i 'kle the i .ilaN- .Valiiral fnil" .IUIICN.: rIghtl.V' jweei- cMeil and' bl. tided wUh eiiJil v di- K'.'sl.'d g-laiiiie. ditilitlly serve^. are The opiy real test for any baking powder is in the oven; For best results use BAKING POWDER ikneksHs and blindness- eniicing lempiiiia when everylhing fills.- Siin';ie-:!ell with Us .", f.'avors lenion. .r»raiige, cl 1 aiiplierrjV HI r.iwjlierry —and nv;ikes it easy to iprepare |/lje ellie I friiitj erry,i pint. I Inuist and satisfying i- inofsels. mil tears. This I They please hearty appetite " ' well as: the iraitiiy ones. Ord ones. your griH-er and gain'a new Ceorge Klingle j lepti'^n of these^jliilnty, deli ampllUea the | health-giving Xpods. Ik. - I ? as •r. of con- ious you will Your search for the coffee of your desires endb the instant you taste Hills Bros. Every ^teaming cup is, rich in aroma and flavor. Never insipid—never harsh. Always all iriffht/ The pride of the coffee-loving WestI When you which Hilk Guaranteed Pure over 25 i ounces for 25* More than • ponnd and ii half for* qnarter • ! - • • j'i MiUUms of pounds med by oiMT Coverntnent consider the precision with Bros. Coffee is roasted, you can; tinderstai d why it is the Recognized Standard wh:rever it is sold. This rare blend of coffee is roasted a few pounds at a time (never in bulk), in an even temperature. That'; Controlled Roasting, Hills Bros.' patented process. Satisfy your longing for matchless coffee Fresh from the original vacuum park. Easily opened •u.ith a kef. by asking for Hills Bros! The Arab 6n the vacuum tin is your identification. Send the coupon for our valuable booklet, j"The Art of Entertaining." It's free. HILLS BROS COFFEE ^^^^^^^^

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