The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa on June 11, 1892 · Page 2
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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 2

Postville, Iowa
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Saturday, June 11, 1892
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•ft Thi PwtTille Weekly Rcyjcw. W. X. BXTBDIOX, Xditor. tnltred at th* postofflet at Potlvill* at Mwnd-ttoM maCttr. BEPUflLtOAJf COtf*TY OONVBH- TION. Thar* will bo held * delegate convention of the republicans eF Allamakee eounty, at tho Coutt House, in Waukon, on Saturday, June 24, 1892. at 1 o'clock, p. in., for the purposo of Meeting ton (10) delegates to represent Allatnakeo couaty In the state convention to bo held at Dei Moinei, Wednesday, June !ftl, 1802. Alio to elect the same number of delegatos to attand the congressional convention yet to be called. And for tbo election of a county ceutral commilleo for tbo ensuing y*.ir, nnd tho transaction of such other business »• may properly corao before the conrentioa. The ratio of representation will be til follows: One Tola for each township and one additional yoto for overy 26 votes or major fraction tharcof east for Hiram C. Wheeler foi governor at the general election held on Nor. I, 1891. The representation to which tho ysrl out township? in tho county entitled is as follows: Center 7 Linton.. fill bt Fairvlow Franklin French Creek. Hanover Iowa Jefferson Lafayette Lansing Total.... Chairmen of ....a 1 Ludlow 6 ti Makeo 13 2 Paint Oreek 7 5 Post 10 3 Taylor J ,6 Union City 2 .8 Union Prairie...3 8 Waterloo 4 88 township committees ip C( will please attend to call of caucuses and get out as full delegations as possible. C. M. RKEMAW, dim, Co. Con. Com. EDITORIAL COB.B.BSPONDBNOE. It was a relief, after four days of almost contiauous rain and gloom to change base for a time and look upon other scenes, and the relief was doubly gratifying wken, in the nftornoon of last Saturday, as we roached Austin, the sun broke through a rift in tho clouds and gave us another pleasant half day similar to the aftornoon of memorial day. Tho most surprising thing to me was tho fast that uftor wo left Calmar the evldouces of recent rains began to ceas*, and from Crsico to St. Paul there were no indications of an exoess of rain. All the small streams were normal, the ditches nlong the railroad contained no water, tho roads war* smooth and dry and the streets of all tho towns we passed through for 160 miles were dusty. The Holds bore no evidences of washos or overflow. I did not suppose there was a section of the northwest that had been so highly favored as that portion between Calmar and St. Paul seemed to be. But th* people through this section claim that tho rain lias been quite gonoral there as well as with us. I know that the soil has much to do with it, and that much of the eountry over this route Is sandy, but 1 did not suppose It was possible to mako the difference that Is dlseoveiablo. la fact I am sure that none of the section namod has had any such rainfall as nortlisa^t- ern Iowa. All crops look wsll, even in our section, except corn. Of course this crop does not show itself above ground anywher* yet. When we reached Farmlagton and received the evening papers mid saw that Blain* had resigned from the cabinet ther* was a mingled feeling of regret and exultation on the train. Those of as who believed that Blaine would not be a aandidate nnd that Harrison was entitled to a ronomlnation felt the chill of deatli (politically) creeping over us, whilo the original Blaine boomor was in his glory. Saturday night wai a wild Blain* night in Minneapolis, and it is needless to say that the night was spelled with a "K" prefixed, and that it was "plumed." I did not go to Minneapolis nor yet remain down town in St. Paul, but went dlreoliy to the pleasant home of Bert and Ella, out on the inter urban line, a couple of mile* from the heart cf the city. To 'peak truly I had not muoli heart for the news of the evening and wasted time to gather myself togethei, so to speak. Are we therefore so muoh opposed to Blaine P Not by any meaas. There has never been a time la the past twenty year* but we would rather see Blain* presideut than any living man, and the same it true to-day. Our only misgiving Is aa to hi* election ' If it shsill be made dear at the convention that Blaine ean get the votes in November we shall be just a* solid for him as wo aver were, although thus far from the outside, It does not seem hardly fair to President Harrison As I write, Sunday afternoon, with no knowledge of the situation except what 1 gather from the morning papers, I am not in a position to prophesy, iuffieo it to say that to • Harrison man it look« uneomfortahly Blainish at this time. After I villi Minneapolis, whioh will be this afternoon probably, will add a posUoript to this letter. • • • • Well, I have boon to tbo "seat of w»r" nnd mingled with tho seething, irurrahlng erowd, and yet I know no store Uiea before a* to what the outcome of it all will bo. The Blaine MlbeienU are making thi* most noise and th* loudest demonstrations but just •t presont all U at w*. Tho California contingent paraded tho atr**U with two band* and waving plumes, a* usual for Blain*. Unit** torn* now surprise ii sprung the obanoes for a dark horse -alW juit aa'good'ar those for Httrrlsoo ot Brain*.'' But ar the Kaviiwisnota d»lly. and in all probability It will all hi* ovarb«rfor* th* paper is issued,! #111 larboar further oommant" until tomorrow, whan I will try and glv» a }!»!• mora <M »lt* to <9rro »t|gn if it ii attainable. ' ^|M'0r»t'fpnrf«((<»> djyhaa pa»*.l4 i« .mi tbqrj lanoibiag saw an tnf would give them a majority if they would materialize whan the vote is taken. 1 am forced to believe that there is so strong a feeling against the renomlaation of Harrison that the advisability of renominating him seems to be questionable. In fact it now Would c'oubllcss be belter if a third man were uomlaatod, and this Is not an impossibility. I have seen a large number of Iowa men at the convention, Waukon contributing a goodly numbor, and all the surrounding towns being represented, only a few of whom eouid get tickets of admission to tho convention, and none of thoji for more than one session, as was the case with "yours truly." But we have "seen the elephant" from th* oatelde and heard his roar, and It was a good siied roar whunover Blaise's name was mentioned. The eity was "too full for ulteranco" on Tuesday, apparently more so than Chicago was in 1884, the only convention that I over before had the "honerP" to attend (as an outaido delegate.) When the nomination is Anally made pandemonium will break loose, especially should Blaine secure it. I shall probably not be here to seo and hoar it, and la truth I don't much care to be. I have soon so many marching elubs and heard so many bauds and so many cries of "Blaine, Blaine, Jamos G. Blaine," that a tired feeling is coming over me and I Jong for a "quiet life." I have got so I don't care much who is nominated so it isu't Me! If it was necessary for me to "write a letter" declining to run I would be "ripe" for it tonight. • » • » • Tn« LATSST. — Tho convention is not permanently organized yet and there Is no probability of a ballot being reached before Saturday or Monday. The nomination is just as problematical as it was a woek ngo. I can givo no intelligent guess, even, on the result, but judge that tbo "dark horse" is liable to draw the pole, as the horse men would say We shall all know more about it next weak, in the mean timo, hurrah for the nominee! CONOUKOATIONALHT: "The minister who makes himself a specialist as a tompcranco reformer, or an anti-Bom »nist, or a champion of the laboring class*.*, or a crusader against tobacco, or a defender of tho Sabbath, practi cally ceases to be a minister of the gospel of Christ. He may be all these and so subordinate them to his message, which proclaims the redemption of men and of society through Christ, as not to narrow bis calling. He can not be anyone of theao exclusively and in truth remain a christian minister." This is just the kind of oriticlsm we have ofton felt like making but have forborne because w» should expsct it would be charged that it was none of our business, as we were on th* outside. But with so high authority as text we feel at liberty to say, at least fer the world's people, that it would be far batter if tho minister would leave specialties for specialists nnd only preach th* gospel to "a waiting congregation." As the main object is to reach the outside world it would soem that the way to do that is not to offend and drive it away by continually dwelling on some particular vice to which the world may bo addicted and that particular people especially. By doing this persistently as to all the ape clal vices the time comes when the congregation will consist solely of church members, and not very many of them. Wo are all "sinners," perhaps one not greater than another, hence more of th* outside would be attracted to church if our special vi«es mad* l*is prominent. were A FAMOUS PHBA8B. Wfcere Mruviln tiol HI* Kxyreealou of a ( » • meat of the People. Ider.tli » '.hough U and ideattcoj forms nii'.i I <• original in many minds, asserts (.' AH: .OH Dudley Warner in Harper's *lt- (fii< ino. Tho oration of oat day whl.'li l.;u> taken its place among the few eh' isles of eloquence is Lincoln's b),on hpoecli at Gettysburg. The phrase movt often quoted it 1st "That iroviirnment for the people, of the pocph and by the people shall not perlfili froi3 the earth." Porter 's Rhetorical ltonjer was published in 1831; in 182U it was in its fifty-second edition. From this edition I quote the following sehtoncc for an "oxorciso," entitled "Now Social Order In America/' and crodltod to ono Douglas: "The European oroigrant might believe himself aa transported to a new world, governed by new laws and finds hlmuoli at once raised In the seule ol being—tho pauper Is main turned by his own labor, the hired laborer works on his own account, and tho tenant Is changed into a proprietor, while the depressed vassal of the old continent become* co-legislator and co- ruler In u government where aril power is from tho .people and in tho people and for tho people." The idea la not new, though this premature Douglas may hove been the first to put it Into this form. When Porter published thoBo soleotlons of prose ana poetry, Lincoln was Vi years of age, and be ginning to road law. It 1* possible . that he may have read this very piece in a school book whioh was widely circulated, and that this phrase may have •tuck In his memory, Itdoea not matter. The phraae in his mouth I* aa pure as a gold coin just dropped from the mint: it was his geniua that sot it in an immortal oration; 7.-- •;-«"i .i--'i -is; '• ViTi'sWi 'rVini.-a CH AtfLEY'S PRECIOUS HAIH. a »a4ta*t's sUoly. A certain doctor has to bear the banter of his medical friends on account of a natural mistake that h* matte recently. A patient called to bo treated for a severe oold. He described hi* trouble* at length, and the doctor advised him to go home and soak hi* feet in hot water. ••That will do ao good," was the reply of the patient. ••How la that?" asked tho doetor, a little put out. "My legs ore cork," said h* with a aaaile. • • • , • Worth o Mimea. Charlie—So yon ara to b* narrled* Qu»~Yes, and to tht »lo**t.:fM:«|p|'. in* World. Charlie, •h*'*, 1 wor*-*..' Alula* tl«nrt!i'** Vlccnptlfnt of n Tru-!iilj; .1t-dil hy M XIMICI Young Mtm. He U:id the air of a man of the world Hix dres* WUM be Mining un I not t<> <hoivv. Jit-.seemed to 1M mi tmlividnu' who dined well, \vH«i would toll ffjod 'itorips iit the club. Stretched out In the barbnr's chair ir: tbo hair dri'.ss::!*'* room mi S -h-nr street, suys lt:»t'ia Herald, iinteui of settlinar down with indilf -ivnt "elf-siitlsfln 1 air that usually emne over a man In that soeinei' troiihlii.1. lie looked about from chili, to clwilr, yet lie w:is not lupjiy. Tin- barber shaved htin. nud was BO impressed that lie even forjol to talk him t > death. Tlien the iii'm sat bolt u ;v rip-ht in the ebilr and took nu envelope from his poelcet. It was seontud. the barber could tell It <va~ > nlten in n lady's haul. too. The atrangc man opened it, took out a note, read it over and ovar utfatn then from its folds withdrew a loeU of liuir. It was polden and the viutinis who were wailing for their turn in the chair saw him kiss the sunny look and put il ba dc in the envelope. 'Hair cut'/" asked the barber, as he rubbed tho tufts of hair whieh surrounded n bald spot on the strange man's head. "No no; not for the world," lie replied. "I cannot spare any." "Man In next chair has lutir like yours, only a little bit more of it," snj»- Siested Hie burbe,*. •'Hy .love, he has." said the troubled man. and he darted out of his scat and almost jumped to the oeeupaut of the next elinir, '(ioin^f to have a hair out?" asked the st,ra:i;,"o man. "N'o," was the rather curt reply. •Well, will you have a hair cut at my expense?" said the man, without hesitation, "I must send my best ffirl a loulc of hair, and I can't spare mine. Come, how much is it worth?" and tho eyes of the colored boy who brushes coats bulged out beyond his forehead. "Sell it for a small bottle," rcpllod the man with a good growth upon his head, and the stranger answered, "I'll go you." The barber began his work, and a lock of the man's hair was handed over to the sti anger, who put it in a little silver locket that bore a monogram. Then, when the work was finished tho two walked out together. The stranger was smiling contentedly, the club man grinned, tho barbur laughed, and tho customers gazed on in astonishment. "Wasn't Charley a dear, good follow to keep his promise and send me n lock of his hair?" said the pretty girl thfct night as she took tho daintiest sort of a locket from a little box. And all was still but for the beating of her faithful heart. A SHREWD FOOL. Perhapi Sandjr Wu Not so Simple mm Mm Wua gupjiosod to 11*. An old gentleman, a resident of New York city, and who In his early manhood visited Sir Walter Scott at Abbotsford, tells the following story ap- propoB of the Wizard of the North: We took a walk one evening just as the sun was setting, and the panting of a man near by attracted our attention. I turned in the direction of the sound and saw a ragged young man, with u face unmistakably idiotic and the shred of a woman's bonnoton his head in lieu of a hat. "Ah!" said Sir Walter gleefully, and he winked to me to note what followed; "here is my ain gude friend Sandy Mclntyro, the wise man. An whither are yo gnnglu', Sandy?" "I'm oot huntin' for goold aud siller, Sir Walter," said tho Idiot, with a horrible grimace. "Wool, weol, monl" exclaimed Sir Walter. "What do you want wl' goold and siller?" "I want to bo rioh, unco rich," ; piled the follow. "Well, I'll loll you whal Sandy." "Tell on. Sir Walter." "I'll gl' yo a thousand goold pounds if you'll let me kill you." "Na, na, Sir Walter," said the fool like a flash. "l'U compromise wl' ye. "Compromise?" "Yes; I'll let you half till joe for half tho money." WHltlng un Thfmiuflvna. The county farm is raising two calves that are being brought up to help themselves, and,as a consequence, require less care. They are kept In the barn, near a well, from which water is tulten by means of u common cistern pump. The calves have learned to operate the pump, and whenever they want u drink thoy pump it. Ono pumps while tho other puts his mouth under the spout aud drinks, and they turn about. Some times ono wants a drink alone. Ho then tuhes hold of tho plunger with his mouth, rulses It up rj\ high as he oau and puts his noso under the spout and gets his drink as it settles back. So says uu Ohio paper. riclurvs In Sulphur, In demonstrating that sulphur melt ed at about 115 degrees can be cooled In paper, a chemist recently happened to use a lithographed card, of which the edges were turned up, Upon taking away the card ho discovered that tho lithographed characters were clearly and distinctly impressed upon tho cooled surface of the aulphur, and .remained after hard friction and wash ing. By ropeated experiments he was able to get very fine results.—The Grout Livfde. Ko Orouudt for CumpUlut Hostetter MoOinnU — The safety matches I bought hare are no good. Clerk—What's the matter with thomt "They don't bum. You can't light an* of them to sav* your life.'' "Well, you can 't get any hotter ty matches than thooa, Tons Sifting*. Ch W M»-oii,(hj, (I* nnmm^ can youf— Keels la Chin*. The ordinary meals In the Celestial empire consist of eight eonrsea, the Moat being pork and goat in the south and beef and mutton in the north. The viands are washed dqwn by soup tsdeen in gulps. For about a dime a good "square meal" may be obtained, nnd, if poultry be needed, a fowl ean bo bought for about the same. "Swell" dinnera in a restaurant of note may be obtained for a little more than two dollar*, and often include the fins of eharksand the bodies of starfish. A ceremonial banquet for* party of eight ooot* twenty dollars, and frequently oomprisea hard-boiled egg* preserved for twenty-five year*, after whioh lapse of time they are considered exquisite. TM INf laalao «Mk» E»d> . '•Now that wa have become engaged, dearest," she murmured coyly, "I U>oH*Tb|i it beat to. order aeveral new gown*, fo^that after, wa tra marri«d wo atttll be prepared. •^i&Xmwtm ; *Qt h.»Y« dona better," topped.tb;« yafng >:wMti'- "And nowi .dairlfctr, aftfr thW la ovojr there 1* but WAYS OF WOMEN. M« stung more to do," , "What U replied the fair WwisffirV ••• tjyhat," he ranliad, wbitn a'hard, ••twoklp hi* ftee, "U to dlaehavM Uncle Sam boasts two negro women lawyers. Salvation army women have been forbidden to wear oar-rlngs. The woman with the prettiest face Is hot always tho most beautiful. Two ounces of attar of roses represent tho refined product of a ton of rosebuds. Parents toll others a great deal about themselves by tho names they givo their children. He: "Mattle, If I only dared to kiss you!" She: "Harry, whatever you arc, don't be a coward!" The man who leaves a woman best pleased with herself is the ono she will soonest wish to see. Only those who have small feet ought to wear light shoes, ns thoy tend to make the foot look very much larger than they really ore. There are many true ladles, and they differ somewhat from soolcty generally. So docs a true gentleman, on the same principle of refinement and nobility of character. In the city of Iluonos Ayrcs it is said there are sixteen men for every woman, and that any decently good-looking woman that goes there can have her pick out of B0 eager suitors. To remove thirst tho ndvlec Is given to paint the tongues of fever patients with glycerine; it will remove tho sensation of thirst and discomfort felt whan the organ is dry and foul. A needle has been Invented out of Which tho thread will never slip while sewing. The thread is fastened In tho eye, and yet docs not make a bunch' nor catch as it Is drawn through the cloth. Young husband: "What? You are 25 years old to-dny? Why, you told me a year ago, just before the wedding, that you were only 20." Young wife, wearily: "I have aged rapidly since 1 married." Love may be blind, but his sense of tasc is very accurate, that Is why tho homely girl who can cook gets the husband, while the pretty girl who doesn't know the difference between a mutton chop and a jack rabbit gets lclt. In Constantinople tho Turkish women are eager to wear the costume of tho West, while American women sojourning there arc just as eager to wear tho Turkisli costume. Each thinks the costume of the othor "just too lovely for anything." Among the weavers employed in a Biddeford, Ma., cotton mill Is a woman Who stands 0 feet 3 inches In her stocking feet, and is large and strong in proportion. She is more than a match for any man about the mill, cither in boxing or wrestling. Instead of paporlng rooms, fashion, In London, has pronounced for the use of Bilk, ohlntz, or cretonnes, for the walls; perhaps the beauty of mauy cretonnes, both as to design aud color, is a strong temptation to use them instead of paper, while silk and chintz arc extremely artistic in appearance. Amy: "Young Mr. Dolly has proposed to me." Mabel: Of course you accepted him?" Amy: "Well, no. I expeotcd to do so; but in his proposal he used an Irreconcilable figure of speech, and I thought I could not risk my life's happiness with him. He said, 'Amy, will you walk with me down the stream of life?' If he had even said 'wade down tho stream of life,' I could have accepted him; but the idea of walking in the water!" MISCELLANEOUS MATTERS. A dinner table rule is, "Puss to tho left." It is now the fashion to sorvc tho smallest oysters as an overture to dinner—the smallest obtainable. A Russian can plead infancy for a long time, as ho docs not come of ago until ho is twenty-six years old. The girls of the Woman's college, Baltimore, havo decided to don the cap and gown. They are to be worn on all college days and all collega occasions. Women dentists have proved so popular in Sweden that u scholarship has been founded for tho purpose of rendering to women without means assistance In the study of dentistry. A Deer Isle Me., man has a curiosity In the shape of an egg which had on one end a cap-liko excrescence,which, b ing lifted, showed a full-sized cranberry bean between tho cap of the shell and tho inner lining racmbruno of the egg. Ton years ago a I'ittsburgmnn, whilo in Dakota, received intelligence of tho doath of his wife and paid all the funeral expenses. Lately ho was surprised at receiving word that sho was nlivo and hud bogun suit against him for desertion. It is statod that thoro arc more priests, monks and nuus in Jerusalem, in proportion to tho population, than in any other city In tho world. They belong to every nation of Kuropo and many of Asia nud are of every creed, form of worship and dross. Bernard Doinocq, who died recently in Bayonno, treasured a coin that was given him at tho timo of the siege of that eity in 1SH. He w»< thon thlr- toon years old, nnd tho monoy was given him by the duko of Wellington for holding the hitter's horse for a few minutes. A woman who died in tho almshouse at Biddoford, Me,, recently, aged neatly too yours, had passed through soma queer exporlonuos. Sho camo to this country In 1810, nnd for thirty yoars ahu was un Inmato of tho almshouse, In that timo she had been laid out ns dead three limes, but on onoh occasion aho camo to life in timo to put a stop to tho funeral arrantfomonts. Only a tew days before hur doath an under taker was called to prepare hor remains for burial-, but whan lie arrived she was sitting up in bed. at was Said ac- a?" Couldn't Comprehend. Lord Lyttbn was seated one day » linnet* next to a lady whoso name was Biroh, and who, tradition Bays beautiful If not over-intelligent, the to his excellenoy: "Are you luainted with any of the Clrche Replied his excellency: "Oh, yes, I knew some of them most intimately while at Baton; Indeed, more intlmato- :y than I cared to." "Sir," replied the •ndy, "you forgot that tho Birches are relatives of mine," "And yet thoy e»t no," *aid tho viceroy; "hut, and he united bis wonted smile, "I hove nover folt more inclined to kiss the rod than I do,now." Mrs. Birch, sad to say, did not see the point, and, so the gossips have it, told her husband that hi* ex- nellency had insulted her. ADDITIONAL LOOAL. —Ossian will celebrate and she want* the Postvilla Cornet Band. They ar* a«*ur*d of good music if th*y g*t th*m. —The object of the strawberry festival at the M. E. church to-night 1* to raise money to go toward a 960 addition to the S. S. library. —The following is the Iowa weather and crop report up to Tuesday, Juno 7. 'The daily average temperature of the past ten days was about u degrees below the normal, and there was much less than an average amount of sunshine. The rainfall was excessive in all parts et th* slate except the north central and northwest*™ districts. Following are some of the htavler measur*mo*ts r*port*di Linn, i.64; Jon**, fi.GO; Iowa, 5.16; Washington, 4.86; Cedar, 4.62; Johnson, 3.8»; Delaware, 3.84; Davis, 3.02; Keokuk, S.OIj Dubuque, S.Sk; Wayne, S.00;. Van Buret], 2.88; Montgomery, 2.89; Clayton, 2.7S; Museatino, 1.41; Clinton, 1.45. In districts wherein the rainfall was light, corn planting is practically completed, with a considerably decreased acreage as csmpnred with last year. But in th* largor part of the state littlo progress has b**n mad* since the 27th ult. In tho state at large it is estimated that about sixty per oent of the usual acreage of corn has boon planted, and under th* most favorable conditions in tho future the acr*ag« will not exceed eighty por cent of an average. Thero are many reports of seed rotting, but it is probable that nol more than the usual amount of replanting will b<> necessary from that cause. The weather is now more promising, and small grain crops are doing fairly well. Farm work is about four weeks lute, and the hay harvest is likely to com* o* whan th* teams and hands aro needed in the corn fields." New Albin Fostoffice Burglary. We clip the following account of th* postofliae burglary at the above named place from th* New Albin department of the Lansing Mirror. Sinee this account, however, th* fdlowss captured at Houston proysd to bo "the individuals thoy required" nnd wer* taken to Dubuque, where they are now being tried bofcre United States Commissioner Hobbs: "Burglars invaded our qutat liltl* burg last Tuesday night. They eraok- ed the safo in the postofilce securing a booty of about seventy-five dollars in and ninety- sevon dollars and lif- cush teen cents in postage stamps and completely destroying tho sat*. Kutrance was secured by prying open the rear door with tools obtained from L. Fritz' wagon shop, tho tools boing found the next morning scattered around town. G. A. Erickson's sioro was also visited nnd the roar door brokon open, the same «s at the postof&ce. But as they had made some noiso in getting their way clear they wero seared away by Charlos Bjorklund, who had his sleeping room ovor the store, by firing a few shoU from his rovolvor out through th* window for th* purpose of culling & crowd that was at a w*k* just across tho street, but as no «ne had taken any notico, Chas. was left to fight his own battle and reportod as soon as ho could his experience. Effort has been made to capture the rascals and at this writing uo trace of them oan be obtained. Tho supposed burglars wore soon around town from iibout 10 o'clock up to train lime in tho afternoon whun they bought tickets for Bono, and they wsro again scon by some one marching back for New Albin in tho evening. While hero in the afternoon they visited the several etoros buying n few cigars, *tc. On* was of modium height, round faco and dark mustacho, wore a brownish suit nnd stiff hat; th* other was a short, chubby, smooth faced man with soma of his fingurs cut oil as w* learn from some who saw them. But ho ae»i')y always kept his hands in his pockets so nobody could seo tlimn. Both were quid, talking but very little. LATEII—A dispatch from Houston staler that two fellows wore arrestud thero answering tho description of the safe blowers and having ia their possession a set of tools, and they are now waiting to be identified." ©AMI! Are you going: to buy a New Carpet this spring? Now i» yonr opportunity to see a choice selection of ALL WOOL INGRAISTB, BODY BRUSSELS, TAPESTRY BRUSSELS, "UNION & COTTON CHAN. Prices Low if you buy. It will cost you nothing to see them. Also remember that I carry the Largest Line of Lace Curtains, and Window Shades and Fixtures in the city. Yours Respectfully, RAILROAD TIME-TAHXK8 "WALTER CHRISS. m POSME mm w. S. F. GMTON. A complete and full stock of Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Sash, Doors, Blinds, Mouldings and Building Paper, yellow pine Flooring and Ceiling oak, ash and maple Flooring. All parties intending to do any building the coming season will consult their own interest by obtaining figures from me. Particular attention to filling bills- Best of grades only handled. J. SHEPHERD M.D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, 0. a. riiKmox i Offlot at r»»lileno» on Gioen ttreet, home Bait ol Hoy A McScll'i Hm-ilna: o, F.J. BECKER, M. D., no n^so^^-'mxa 1'HYSICIAX AND BL'UGKOX. Office and resilience over Chrisa' N«w Furniture Emporium, Poitville' Iowa. DR. MABKY, I'lilTSIOIAX * SUHGEO.X. Oflioo nud residence over WIIITH & Nicuhiy's Hardware Sure. C'nlls will receive prompt, attention day und night. DR. J. S.GREEN, PUrslCIAN ft BUltUKOX, Office and Residence Southwest par I et town. All calls promptly ultouded j DANIEL A. JERALD, ^[erclxaunt Tailor, Poatvillo, Iowa. All woi'kfivnrrantcd io givo satisfaction. A full in sample*. line of tho latest BIVIPR Wm. SHEPHERD, ATTORNEY AT LAW, Irnrtmnco Ae »nt and Cnllectnr, Authorized to pmcMce in nil tho courts of the auto. Olllcn OTOI l.Uu'i utoro, briok block. POSTVILLE IOWA. STATIONERY. Don't forget, when you want plain or tancy Stationery, that the Review ofiice is the place to get it cheap. J-A.HAVIRLAND, "Xr&t&xlXLSJxy Surgeon, rusTViM.i:, IOWA. Office fim door Knst of tho Comma niiil House, (ireiMi St., I'ostville. Iowa. A tins set of survival instruments. All necessary medicines kept on hand Thirteen years saccctisful practice Culls promptly aninored ALL READY. thin —This atUntion ol owners of dogs ia oalted to th* pro'flsloos oi vha ell? ordl* nanoa requiring til du«s to ba hint jwutrljr muiiM (torn the 1st of Jmia to tht first day of Ootobcr. A Ana of not )«Mtbaa|i» or mora than fW for MchoffaDsa i» M>« b *qie4 ',y, The war- thai haft bat n foitrufttaA fa anfojeavjta ^taMftav Muaija y«w ]aaaj |a$,. B. 0. R. & N. Excursions. Dvinocratio National Conronlion, at Chicago, 111.. Jun« 21, 1892. For this ocoasion, the Burlington, Csdar Rnpids and Northern Railway will muko a rate ot Quo Vara for th* round trip, from stations south and cast of including Maynarcl, Vinton and Kalona, tickets will bo on sals Jnna 17, 39, 21, 23 and 23, good to return until and Including. Juue 17, 1891. From stations north and east of Iheso points tickets on sale June 17 to 31 inclusive, good to return until and including July 0, 1892. For ticket?, time ot trains nnd any other information, call on or address any agent of this compaay or J. E. HANNKQAN. (Ion. Tkt. and Fan. Agt.. Cedar Rnpids, Iowa. 0. X. & St. P. Excursions. For the Upper Mississippi Turnfest to be held at Dubuque, excursion tickets will be sold tit a rate of one and one third fare fur tbo round trip. Soil July 15 -19, good returning until July 30. Far tho National Convention Prohibition Party, which meets at Cincinnati, Q.', June 29th to July 1st, lieketa. will be sold at a rate of one lowest, limited first-class fare. Sell June 27th aud 28th, good returning until July 6ta. For the 2nd Aunual Convention Baptist Young PsoplVa Union of America, whioh meets at Detroit, llieh., July H-17, tlokels will bo sold at a rat* of one lowest, limited firit -olass fare. Sell July 12 and IS, good returning until July 19th. For tho National Enoitmpniuut and the National Competitive Drill to bo held at Omaha, Juue 13th to 20th, will sell ticket* June 11th a «d 12th, making return coupon* good until June 22d, at faro one way for the round trip. Stations within 200 miles of Omaha, will, in addition to above, s *ll June 19th to 19tb, inoluslv*, making return coupons good until June 21st at far* and a third for tl .Q round trip. To the Domooralio National Convention, at Chicago, b«fc 'ionlug June Jiu, ticket* will be sold for ono tar* for the round trip from stations within 260 miles of Chicago, on June 17th, StOlb, 21st, 22nd and 28td, making return ooupoas good until June 517th, All other station* outside of 250 mile limit will a*H June 17th to 2Ut Inoluitve, making raturo coupon* good until July i'REU. N. BEEDY. -:-FHOTOQ-RAPHER.-: And Dealer in Picture Frames. PostVille - Iowa flic Old Reliable Meat Market, JOHN B. HAKT, Proprietor. Opposite^- PostvMe - Stato - Bank. None hit! tho best meats pwruhDseil. Kvorylhiug in first-clast shapi Oth. From April 25th tickets will b* sold rla Dotwlt, Or.nd Haran * MMwaukaa MWv,,JWW Jaw? M«wa«kaa H% MMp p. m, For rat*, t*. M> Wa.n**aJoraAr«ashaft.. , , : - M. I. IttCOVTi Agt. Imuu treatment to all. the lort'es!. That explains the condition of concern to a dot. Our storo is full of seasonable goods, and we are full of energy aud honest intentions. Wo thorofore feel warranted in anuounclng ourselves all ready for business, and rospojtful'.y invite the Attention of tho public for a few moments whilo we ondoavor to show that this announcojrmt is of vital importance to you all. We are expending our best efforts to conduct a successful business, and aro sharp enough to see we aan do so only by gratifying: the wants of our patrons. That is wlmt wo aro hore for, and that is just what we propose to do. If you want to be edified, gratified and almost stupefied by big bargains aad kind treat mailt, corao right along, and wo will llllyon so full of contentment and brotherly lovo that you will want to give every man you meet a quarter. o LI it AIM is To sell only first-class goods. To sell them as low as we possibly can. To sell O»1T such goods as wo can recommend. To pleaso all who favor us with their patronage. To represent our goods only as we believe them to be. To treat everybody honestly and fairly as we would ourselves be treutu.t. - That sounds good. Has the right kind of a ri»£, doos 11! bo P' 0 ** 6 '} to T iHit )' , " . , it, i anil samples of all kit Prices ('our nlw«\ L. STROEBEL & SON, — j'Hoi'ituvraiifi OP — Postvillc Boat and Shoe Store. (AT AltJISI'liONCI A IIOI.TUU'S Ol.l) li 1'AMll.) Have a full line of Hoots, Shoes, Slipp-'is, Uutil/ciM and tfvurjil.'iiij; l:epl in a No. I general shoe store. Custom work und repairing nontly nnd promptly douo. Kvory oair warranted. Wo kopp no shoddy. not? and now please bear in mind we praetice just oxuetly wbat we preauh. You need not take our word for it, bnt come in at any time and seo for yourselves. And now a word in regard to our steok. Wo, of eourso, think il is nice. We. know wo have mado au ' honest effort to *eotirn;th* very OPSI nrllolcs in our lino to be found in the market, and know no one can buy closer than we have. The goods aro here In our store, we hare .marked the goods as low a* w* possibly oan. the result must depend upon our acions, and wo do not worry over the issue. We only n«k the people to examino our goods, )»»> n our prions," and follow their own •onvlc- MOD*. Thanking o;ir old friend* for tbo cor. dial support we have r**eived at their; bands in tho past, and proraUing our best .effort* to merit a share ef your future patronage, we remain Very truly your*, WM, KLUS9, POSTVILLR. IOWA. Manufacturer and dealer in all kind* of harness, nnd nil jilhar good* belong. Ing to the trad*, A full nnd aomplete •took «lt»aya OR band. W» have some Wlalar Good* y«t and nr» ap ^ous to her* them „ji Mid, thertfore will sell the bal.w*. & atrloily «ort prioej; " Granite Cemetery Work, Iron Foncoa, Curbing &e. Those inlitudiiig to purchntso Monti- menial work for future delivery will find it to their advantage t i examine M. V. Kidder's(ivanito Work in (Vna'tc- ries, a* lie is doing lirsl-elsise work at as low as can procured in the cotintrv. if ho hap not called upon you drop him a card at llecorah and he will ou with Designs •ids of (iranlte, at the lowest possible prices. M. V.KIDDER, 34md Decorah, Iowa. JAPANESE A Guaranteed Cure for Pllet of whatever kind or degree—Eiternal, Internal, Ullnd or Uleeding, - - Chronic, Kocenl or. Hereditary. Thle ItchfuK, Reineay f i.oo a box, 6 on roculpi of price. hat positively never been knowu lo tall, botes for Ss.oo: «ent l>r mail prepaid —A written Guarantee poal- lively given lo each purchaser of 6 boiea, when purcnaaed at one lime, to refund Iho 13.00 paid if not cured, Guarantee liaued by K. N. DOUGLASS, DRUGGIST, Sole Agent, Poalvllle, Iowa, R. N. DOUGLASS, P«e», J. F. SMITH, V. P, JAS, MeCWBN, CASWIKR. CITIZENS STATE BANK, roSTVIIXB, IOWA. PAID UP CAPITAL, $25,000. l)o * General Banking BnilncM, Buy and Foraign und Domestic Exchange. 'AooouaV» of Farmera, Mar- ;bM*i;»nd;»U>e»* woaltart and oare. folly pr^vfelfd, . , ^wlBvtMttmitfttttda io« out wt UV^i^tavojia, ?A % On and alter Sunday, Vox. train* on th* C. M. & St. P. Uavs Postville a* follows. OOIMO EAST. Pass*ng«rs. No. J He. * (nJtjht) Freights. No. 10 Chicago Stock.. Me. 6 Way N«. 12 Milwaukee Btook aoiMo WKST. PaKsengers. No. 1 night No. 8 Freight*. No. 7 Way Freight No. 9 Time Freight CM p. m No. li Time Frelj.'iit... .6:« p. m All Freight trains mentioned, exttpt No. \ carry pasneti{>«r< when prevldtrl with proper transportation. Ho. 9 lislwoon N. McGregor and Mason City. M. K. TAI.COTT, Agont. B. C.R.&N.E. E. 22, IWi, Rj- Will . * -H p. m . .8:29 a. BJ. ..11:06 a. • . 4:'«p. n. .6:36 p. *a. 12.10 a. *u. .10:26 a. m. 11:06 a. to LEAVING AND ARRIVING TIME OF TRAINS. OECOKAH DIVISION. TUiie 'J'ablo in effect May 29, 18»2 Passenger going North... 6:20. P M South, 6:00. '• Freight. " North, ..2:45, P. V " .South, 6:00, A.M. J. K. PEKKT A'eat. Postville Dray Line P. J. BEUCHER. Prop. Having purcliased the origina. Postville Uray Line 1 am prepared to il«> n 11 kinds of" drnying pronipliy, twi*fii![y nnd sntisfactorily. (iood teams, good drnys and caroful drivers i Iways at the service of the {tiiblic. st f*ir prices. All kinj'S of light or heavy hnuli»g. in town or country promptly done. CHURCH DIRECTORY. CONGREGATIONAL..-I!.T Ji. I,. Ilurtou, pat- toi. Preact.iug erory Kunaay utjio .to A. M. anil 7 :.'W P M. Sabbath: Kcbool lifter It, ruing sorTico. Y. p. oroi-y Sunduy ovuning at 0:15. till! Wednesday eveniuga. imrutdtiitely R. C. £. uioets 2'i-aycr Mc et- UKTHODIKT.—Itov. B. J. Lookwood, Pla '.or. I'l-eut-litns Rerviooa every Sunday at 10:3SA Mii U il7::i0 P. M. SalibatU Ktboul luiniodt- aftur luorullit' nervice. Tbo Epwortb I.fiiBiie every Sunday evenins at u -.00 u'olook. rrayer meetlus every Woduesday evoulua at 7 :00 o'cloek. You nve otrneHtly iuTtted. POSTVILLE LODGES- NOBLE LuDGE No 61. A . o. u. jr. 'l'ltc i.ovnl Aticiuul Older of United Workmen meets the Second and Fourth Saturduy evenings in e:\uli mouth, in the Masonic Hnli over the Brick Drug tore. J. \V. SiiEKHV, M. W. WM. KUI-IMIKUI", Kocordur. BROTHERLY.ILOVE LODGE, J\'o. 201, A. f. & A. M. Kegulnr meetings on Tuesday «v*n- ing on or before the full of tho'moon. All brothren in good standing are cordially invited to Httctul. E. D. STILBS, W. M. WM. MOTT, Se«'y. TON EOBTAL PAKLORS NRAK THE POMTOrriCK. All M'oik done in Hie highest style o Im art. Satisfaiitlcii guarnutced." J. 'J'. I 'Ai.-Ki-.n, Trr-p. $1,000.00 REWARD Otfered for any Machine that wtlt do a* areat range ot work and to II mm easllr and a* well aa c*n be dew* •* MM DAVIS Yerticil Foed Sewing Machine, TUs siller ba* been before tb* pnblle (or th* ten year*. IV HAi MO* BS*M OUUHKP, vraeiag that «** Pavl* TeitiMl la^^*^^ *tw %J*^ •WT ON WkWTH. IMTIS SSWIMCi XA0HIMIB C<\ ^^sW r ^Nk ^^^^f ^»fc»^*7

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