Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 18, 1927 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 18, 1927
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR DAILY REGISTER CHAS. F. SCOTT Qntered At tbe lola Poatoffiee, aa Second Class, Matter. " Velephone ...18 L ^ Exchange ConnectiiiK \ All Dapartments) . SUBSCRIPTION .RATES. I>y Carrier in lola. Gas City, LaHarpe and Bassett. One We «k 16 OenU One Month ..70 Cents One Year - ...;..»7.80 BY MAIL Outilde Allen County One Year J5 .00 Blx Moi .ihs J2.60 ".'hret Months 11.60 In Allen .County One Ycir «.pQ glx Months .V ; i--S'f5 Thr ^K Months: T..ti.iS One Month ...-.l- BOc Member of— National Editorial Association. Kansas Press lAssoclation. The Kansas Dally League. Audit Bureau of Circulation, - PrcES Congresi of the World; . Inland: Dally Press Assoclatlbn. MEfMBER ASSOCIATED PRE6S. 'I'll* Iii-«lst «T (;«rrl'!ii the Associated PrirHi r<:i.<m Ijy l'•a.^»•^l wire. Till- A .iho'-iHU -d FriwH Is exoIuHlvt-ly eii- tltl<!d. to Hi «r use for republicutlon of •ll .iifws illsiiatubes credited to It or nut otl ).!iul!>.' crf'dlted .In this paper, and alHO I lie local-newS'tniblishud herein. All rlKht.s or Tepulillcatlon ol special dlsp;it<'ti <-H herein ofeUIso re-terved, ~7 ^; 0 T ri BlblcTliouyht fur Today. 1 wiir abide . in thy tabernacle fortivcr: I will trust in th« covert • . of i;hy wings.—Psa. Cl:4. BE.«:TIFY, lOLA. aiinoiincL-ment' which ap- colunin of this pa- Th pears- in anoth«ri per that llie (:ity Federation of •\Vonien '-3 Club vjill repeat its offer ef prizeH lo the; <;liil<lren for the , ,' beautiful flower beds and ' bflxes, and the appeal ; which ac- x'ompanies that anqbuncenient, oufiht II) have general- attention ' and niu-st attract gen«-ral approval. Kverybody who visit.s California cojnes back raving about-thu beaO: tiful flowers they have there, and how wonderfully attractive all the n-siiienie'streets of all .tli« towns I are b.-cause in every yard, there I are-flowirs. Auil it isj all true, i Hut it is just as jiossibh? for ev- I .'ry yard in lola to have flowers! all fiuiiiuier^long as It Is for the yaid -s ill any lown in Califoruiu tu have flowers. We can't have flow- 4 r!f all winter, us lliey can In Home parlM 111 California, hut 'we lan have llieiii in the spriiig anil xuiii- iiier and lall Jtisl llie Huiiie iiH .thcy tun III Callforiila. | •And it iToeMii'l roKl any' more, elllier 111 niiiiiey o^r: liibur,: Ihiin It iJDi 'H in California. Klowers ilon't Ki'ow- in Califiiriilii iinle-Ms they are plalili d or set out. They ilon't fti'iiw 111 California unlesg the soil' . IH fertill /.ed .anil caretiilly cuUivat- I d. They idon't grow In Californii ; unless tliey are constantly watered. ' Why should we complain, then, ,lf We have to. plant or set out flow- j ers, and iiave to fertilize .and cul-j ' livalej the soil,-and have to water llie plants'now .aiid then? A (Idoil many thousand tourists i doiilitless will pass through lola I within the next six months. . If '•• flowers could he seen in ' every i yard, if a half -barrel or-a big or- 1 namputal bowl itiUed with growihg ! flowers could be seen' in front lof every iilace of business all round «lhe Kiiuare and down- the side streits, . don't you know that it wijiijd advertise- Tola from one end of the country to the other as "the jirettiest place we saw on our whole trip"? ; The Civic Iniprovemeiit Committee of ihe City Federation, with i .Mrli. .Mosher 'as its chairman, has '. gone diligently to-work to endeavor ; to beautify lola. This committee inppeals to all homcw owners, not only to keep the •weeds daw^n, to get rid of the dandelions, to. keep alleys as well, as front yards clear lof rubbi .sh, but tii} plant .flowers, ifiowers. flowersi • Shall we not all lljack uj) Ihe committee to the very best.of oiir ability and opportunity i and see if we caniiot in fact make ' lola, if not the prettiest, at Jeast /one of Ihe prettiest towns In Kan[ sas. - Flowers and well kept ItiWHs will do it! ,. ; GOI.\G AT IT WKONG. The. wave of anti-crolution' bills which washed up against' eleven State legislatures this wini er seems to have receded without j c- complishing anything. Even in Arkansas and Missouri the effort set up the'Bi{iIe as a .scienti text book came naught. It -not likely that any more efforts will be made anywhere to restr the teaching of evolution. As matter of faict the .best thing tliat could happen to orthodox religion would be t'O have the youth taught exactly the truth about evolution. On account of the great" outtjry against it that has been made sOme' foolish religious leaders, those who do not know whap-eyO- lution really is have gained; idea that it is a body of scietiti facts which completely --disprojve the truth of revealed rellgi( thereby attaching to it an irajio ahce to which It is by no nieaba entitled, the clifldren' taught exactly what evolution that it is merely a working jhypot esis which some scientists all) have set up as. affording plausible explanation of the origtu of life on the planta and the yari]e-i ty and variation of living forn and it will no longer remain bugaboo if has many quarters. been.made in toddy year. It IX TIIK UAY'.S .VKW.S. Many Canadians of i liddle who remember when ^riyalty he!ld)| sway at Uideau House liiay be su'r» prised to learn that tl e PriiiceHs Louise, of Aij yll, enters, npon her eighilc was near tlie dose of the '70s tlibf her" Royal Highness, then the young and beautiful . .Marctiioneits of Loroe, came over to Canada with her husband, who had be4n 'appointed Viceroy of the Dominion.. Four years previously the wedding of the I'rincess and Lord The nation's master jninds are working ovei-tinie to produce questions not even a patent ' medicine alhianac could answer. f -AVe could ask a few ourself: 1. What famous city traffic policemen? has polite known minister ion for a iwis a gold Wliat well iha.s taken up a collec fund to b'uy Sinclair I,e watch? :;. liow many drives ban a golf- ier dull in succession wiihout cussr jinp? , Hiiw many motori'sts in a gft off ihi; road after being by till' filling station man they can't miss iff How jiiKir is a mail i t'LAI.M.S .VLLOWKI). I Arthur .lohnson Cro., same By the Board of Countv Commis- ^- Keniington. same _ sioners at the .March. 1.927 meeting. Lee Xoftzer. Salary 1225.00 a Ford? li. Who i-ats tilt! lelu'ic going tii visit 7. Why is a radio .Morri^ iH. Abts. Juror--J. A. -A-dams, same James O. Allen, same J. E. Anderson, same .A. A. -\lrmstrong"". same -W. 7.. Bartels. same John Vi. Beck, same J. W. Brothers, same W. L. damp, same J. M. Clark. %same John Cox, same _ Walter i Crook, same T.. H. Cuinmings, same Walter i Davis, same R. R. Drake, same Chester; Klliott. -same Clem Fisk, siime Melvin | Froiik, same Ira .M. Fuller, .same Frank Ilalberl. same H. 1). lteiiderson,.same ! Fi-ed fless. .same , I (), A. Hllibranl. .-iame . M. V. (jreen,: same 1 F. L. Hughes, same who can't I R. I. jiimes.| same j Jl H. Kirsey, same —— '! . tl'to Kraniiich. same f''^^''=^» sylvan I Miller, .-anie y .oo :;.30 6.00 6.20 10.40 3.00 !».0l) 7.65. ^.00 18r20 10.00 8.00 26.00 10.00 34.82 10.00 L .38,30 > 85.71-' 16.20; 7.00 5.00 •i:T,» 4.00 5.00 7.75 his girl? I)u-g? I -'I at I a M.-n are better than women the question-answer game, says |('tii<-ago pioresiJor. 'Hut just ask .-•oiiie fatiier what to do. when the iliahy swallows a button.; PRAIRIE VIEW f Hie r II- n n •H l)f Lorne. son and heir of the Duke Argyll, had taken place in (Jeorge's Chapel. Windsor, bride being given away by h mother. Queen Victoria. The Due esH of Argyll, as she became iipi the' death of her fatlier«in-law v liiOO, spent several delightful yen In Canada and she has always e^i- tertalned the IIHIMI ard-clloiiale ri gard for "Our Lady of Hie SIIOWH) Mar. 1.-..—The Imsy th-'se days farm'er.s are very sowing oats and witli the measles, hail iheiii. but of HiVJiii are to have Wherever the American iloll.'|r KoeK," (iecliired Dr. Alva Taylor iit Lawrence last Sunday night, "He ITnileil Slates goes there to prolejt It." Well, why shouldn't it?^^Wh|t woulti^'the good doctor have? he have. all: American. clollarH stt|y at home, lemliig to the more cnte prising citizens of other natioijs the development of world rc.sourif- es ;iud the carrying forward world trade? Or -woiild' he ha'\e our government the only one in the world to make treaties allov- ing. its citizens to|vngage|in bus- ness in;, other lands and then ni t follow them up lo see that they were fairly treated? These .-Vnieri- can citizens who seem to think the way to promote good relations bej- tween their country and other land's i.s' for their country in evorv case to yield all the rights to which immemorial international law en titles it, inflict on us a great weariness. ' There was a physical examination of'candidates for W'esl I'oint a few days ago at Ft.i Leavenworth, and^out of sixty boys wlui apiilied only ten or twelve passed. Was the "young and risinjg generation" always as bad as this, or are -W<' just beginning to .flnil out how many defects there're in the average hiiiiian? ' i Yes Sir, It's Her B^by spent Leiitia Liltl.- DaiH turns the joke on his •ancient venerablo I'ncle Sam.; ' A Hritish member of parliatiicnt ' nam('d Saklatvala. shul out of the I'-iilKd Slates, was told this country didn't aiiprore his political opinions. Now oiir dignified Senator King of Utah goes to Haiti : and (hey tell liim he can't come in because they, don't like his opln- ijotis. ft annoys I'nde Sam. biit if : he shut out men.because we don't lik- Ihi' way they think, we can't I relns'e tAen little Haiti the right to do the .'^aiiie.—Arlhur Brisbane. Of;course he !.< too polite to say , anything about it,' But the chatices • are -that I'nc.le Sam is not so much \ annoyed about tlie action of Haiti 1 as he imight be, seeing that the i chief purpose of, Senator King's [proposed'visit was to stir up trou- j-ble which U. S. would have to 'settle. In attacking President Coolid^<? the c ther day ' (Senator Edward Demccrat, of New Jersey, took od- casion to characterize the fausines ; conditions throughout the country as a "Well proj|iagandized prospt-r ily inith,'" declaring "there is nt prosperity in America excupt it pots. And yet the Treasury re- poiTts income taxes coming in with a heavier flood than ever before away beyond either precedent oi expectation.' Here in Kansas thf U. S. Revenue Collector reports the number of taxable returns at 5 per cent greater than a year ago; and the receijits of taxes durinji: the first fifteen days of March I'i million' dollars greater than the'' Were for the corresponding perio 1 last year. There may he prospiji ily only in spots, but (he spots a|i pnrently am thick and ge((in|; thicker. The comment upon SInclalij Lewis that must have come nion nearly getting under, his skin thati anything else tljat has been said apropos of his new book, was that of a Kansas Ci(y' preach plained (he hook by saying (hat r who ex Lewis all liis lift has suffered from an inferiority cohiplex and that his railing at everytiiing that peopli generally respect : and revere i: merely his way of endeavoring t(^ reslore his own' self-respect. Walter Johnson, is laid up; with la broken ankle, the result of a| hot Jllne drive from Joe Judge's bdt in la recent practice game which Jie was not quite quick enough to side ;step. Of course it is bad, but it i.s not as if he didn't have ci-edit at the grocery store to carry ibim jtllrough sir-weekg of Idleness^ - 1 '; - \ She doesn't make as much fuss about it as her dislingui.shed husband did about his trips, but in point of fact Mrs. Theodore Roosevelt is nearly as much of a travels ler OS T. R. wa-<5. She has spent great deal of her^ time /eiace her, husband's death in traveling about over the world,'having only recently returned -from a tour of Brazil. Argentina and Paraguay.— ENTERPRISE (Loreiia liulflerfleld.l Miinh 1.1.—.Mrs. A. A. Ling and Keiiinih and .Miss Lpreiia Butterfield spilil Tuesday atleriiooii with their sister and aunt, .Mrs. It. K. lIliyeH. Ainlii 'oHe .Smith liii'4 Ixen ill the past week. MIsH Kachil llulterfielil the day Sunday with .Miss Doyle ol near llumboldl. .Mist .Marjorle ami Lenore liarii- liarl playiil with .Mllilnd I'reslon j .Sunday afternoon. ! • Jiiliii Cloud was a hiisliicss caller at Ihe lluttirfield liome Tiie.iday afternoon. - j I'rof. (ieorge Wajt<i of (Mianuli. wa-<< ii business caller in . tlii i iiiighhorhood Tuesday :morning. .Mr. and .\lrs. .Nichols of lola vi.s- ited with Mr. and Mrn. Free Preston and ..Mildred Sunday, evening. .Mrs. Dauglierty and Violet spent I Friday evening with Mr. and -Mrs. i; Butterfield and family. :t • .Mr. and Mrs. O. A. Sleeley ofii pleasant Valley ,neighborhood have nioved on the Swiggott farm. Mr. and -Mrs. Free Preston spent Sunday morning with ;Mr. and Mrs. .Marion Preston and aunt, Sarah Preston. The C. E..C. met with Mr.s. Hoi- man on Wednesda,y. March !t. Work j for the, day was quilting and fancy | work. ; ! Thosie present foR the day was j .Mrs. Butterfield. Mrs. Fisk...Mrs. Hayes. .Airs. Peck! Mrs. Ruth Preston, Mrs. Sieka, Mrs. Oodsey and the hostes.cL .Mrs. Heiman. Mrs. MSV Preston, I.rf>e and Frances May were afternoon callers. Li<slie Butterfield was d visitor and Leonard Heiman was a dlniier guest. Roll call was answered by a talk on "St. Patrick's Day." The next i meeting will be with Mrs. Opal | —^NKA; and tondon: Times The chef doesn't have to ring the dinner bell lor these residents ol the London zoolofaal gardens. A young penguin is shown taking the nour- ••-hment that mother so kindly provides | Hayes of lola. Mar|Ch 23.—Mrs. Butterfield. reporter. Rain water rains hard. is soft civen when it DEER CREEK (Ojial Taggarti -Mar. 17.Till! ball game wliicli was played between Carlylc and Deer Creek schools, last Friday was rather one-siiled. Deer Crc<''K wi'U by a siore of 77 to 4. The teacher aii<l pupils of Ho" r Creek are planning; on the ciini- munity night whiili is lo 1)» held at (ho Carlylc school Tiiesilay nighl. .March 22.; .-Ml (he '.si hmil-- of Carlylo township are requested to be there and tliC public is <or- dially invited. .V program is hi- ing prepared and is in • liarge of tlie CJirl.s' 4-H club. There has been a- request thai "Deacon Diihbs " he given again at Carlyli! and it will be reiieati d some time in the near lutuie, the d;il<' to lie S'.-r l ;i;<'r. • .Mr. and Mis. I'red Cook and children were .Sliiiilay afternoon ^•;i!Iers at til" .Mva Shalhvick home (; ravel is being reniovejl , tli<; 'gvjivel pit on the from ijidwirk airing fyni for tlie imrpn.-'i lownsi'ip roads. r.\ll the farmers are busy t^ipwiti;^ | |{|;ind. oais. .Mr. and .Mr--. Kay Card nlj IXilijt Wire nvei' night I tie Liiymiii'e TuiSday |.AIr.-i. .-\lva Shailwick' .wa.-; a a( Ihe Cas City! hah hery W il.iv for some elmkeiis. of vi.siijors al iiigiit. I caller •liiii"-;- •--oiiie getting ready to| si >lr. Toniiiii'^on's folks iire getting a!i)ii:^. very well tliosi* who. havi' iiiill ~r .-uliie of llnlii yet! . .Mrs. Fred I.assinanii spent last T'li-si'.ay alteriioiiii Willi .Mrs. K'rank t;il)S(:II. Th'-re will be a box und pie so- li.'il at I'rairie View school house ii-i Wednesday night. .March 23. i'lvorybiiil.v i.s invited. Cirls please briii.i; pies. .Mr. Leverenz of Cha- iiiiif will furnish the music. He will bring his .saxophone class from Chaivf'. .Mr. and .Mrs. Loiinie Baker and .Mrs. liaki.r railed on .Mr. and .Mrs. .Sniiiit and I.^ittie Heamaii in Si -ot- lanil di.strict last Thursday evening:.' .Mr. and .Mrs. K. .\. Connett sjient last Tliiirsda.y ariernouii With .Mr. ai;dr .Mrs.- Claude Coiiiielt and Darle. They lajled to see Darle. who has l)"in quite .'^ick with a ii .ld. .Mr. and .Mrs. Clarenie Orth aiiil .Ml. and .Mis. Albert Lassmaiiii took iliiiiii.:- Siiiiilay witii Mr. and .Mrs. I'.;'f| Cirl and Kvidyn. .Mr. and Mrs. Ciorgf Carl and family called III the ,iri ('l'lll)UII. .Mr. and .Mrs. Henry Savings. Mr. and .Mrs. .-Mbii i - Friinkt and clill- ilren. .Mr. iind .Mrs. Paul Liissmaii ai'd P.iuliiie. -Mr. and .Mr.<. JolilTnle l.a.-smaiiii and family, Mt. and .Mrs. I'Mil Chrrkiii. lyiitis and Alma, riilli'd on .Mrs. John La.ssniaiiii and 1 tJramlnia .Si liurfieldt Siinday afternoon. I * .Mrs. filani-lie Uaker spent .Mon- I'ay ifieriiiiiiii at the par:ental Beair.:\!! hii'jie. I .Mr arid .Mrs. Cecil Spurrier and j i Kvchii. .Mr. and .Airs. Harold Snod- | 'gia.-s. .Mr. and .Mrs. Mellie Baker' and Vaniily. Mr. and Mrs. Clint Kvller afiil Craiiilma KelW-r spent Siiniia.v with .Mrs. Clem Raker and I .Mr. a !ii<! .Mrs. Lontiie Baker. .Air. and .Airs. .Fred Lassman of Fairview distrirt called in the afternoon. .Mr. ami- .Airs. .Albert Hiitts and jK.ith. Mr. and Mrs. AVill Blythe. ;.Nellie and Karl spent Sunday with : .Mr. and Mr.-, Hurley Biitt.s and ihildreii. ^ Ilarley jBut!:; has purchased a iii -w tractor. , ' ; Air. -indi Mrs. <"l:irk Wilber spent '.Sunday at; rank ilibson'f;. I Mr. audi.Mrs. Fred I.assniiann. lit. fie Irwin iiiiii Doris speiit the day ! Sunday with .Mr. anil AIrk AVilliam Jail There C-irvir's will hi Thiirsil ilaiit-i; night. at 7{av Mbr so FAST CoRLV ! •/OufRE POLUMQ: l-K5RSE.'ouT •SADDLE. poor IM Irt' -oTlFlRuP / MAMO OM TfA HORtO BEST OANiGr coAiBoy EvJE-R t .Mrs. Pearl Collins spent the day ^^^^ j|„n,.|last 'nuir.sdiiy at .Airs. John Tom- \\^^\y.^ ! liiisiiii-'s helping care for the sick I folks. i j Mr. and Mrs. Hurley Butts. Mr. j and .Airs. Frank Oihson 'called on' ; Air. and -Alr«. Snider Sunday eve. iiiiig. Mr. .Snider is quite pwirly. Airs. Pert Baker was there. She JNtays nights with them. Virgil and Fa.»e Tomlinson spent Siindjiy with Air; and .Airs. John Tiiiiiljnso!! and family. Alfred and | jAlleri Blythe c-illed In the after-1 icoiii ; .1 MrJ and Airs. Harold Shodgra.'Js | and -Mrs. Baker took a drive out to j .Moraii and Ceii'va AloiidUy after-i noon.; i DEVVITT Cico. W! .Moore, same .- : .K. A. .Alyers, saiiie John Oliver, same V: I. Palmer, same A. T. Richeson. same Cr. B. Shockuy, same ^ H. L. Spencer, same •Roy Sylvester, same Frank Thompson, same — Lincoln AVest. .same Chas-- Wilkerson, same Ceo. Sevmour, Cieriial Work -I .Alary K. Round, same —-Ruth .AIcHeiiry. sanK; F. .A. AVilsoii. same Dorothy Al. t^feeman, Salary Ida G. Smitll. same -.A. Stewart, same Estlier Kratz, same .Alary Webster, same Marvelle Clark, .same-Harlan Taylor, s-ame W. S. Lytic. Salary and Expense . H. D. Smoik,' same i;ladys F. .Alarinont. .same-Dr. C. I?. Steiiliens. Vaiiie-- L. F. Wilson, same Zella Al. Freeman, same Kit J. Diiiifee.'same —:. KennetJi Foust. same -- jlj. 15. Smith, same Leanor Keith, same W. 1). Clark, .same - - .fohn R. Percy, name Florence II. Round, same . . J. IJ. Roberts. 'Salary ami Mileage . . i i K. L. Harnhart, -iame I Win. A. Hess, same L. Daggitt. Salary ami Hoaril Vide M. Feiherni:ill. Cnn'il. Kxaminatioiis Bessie H. Algvi-. .'ami- .lake Kerr. Work ;it < "o. Farm .. Alary Reliishnrg. .Servii-'-s. .Mr.x'. F. Ste))lienM, same Kva^lrt .Stori'. .Siipplie-* lola Dally R-glsti i. .saiii'- . AlienCiiiinly Journal, sasii"- Shannon Hdw. Co... The lliimholdt rnioii, saiin' C. J. WariH-r. >iaiiie - . - While Kagle Oil Co.. .same Archie .Wood. same. K. C. Plumbing Co.. same. . L. H. AVishard. same - lola Milling Co.. same Tire'Repair .Shop, same — Standard Oil Co.. same -.Crane <t- ComiJ-an.v. same . R. H. Coti'.e'ntz Klec. Co., same : lola Fruit Co., same (J'nr • farm i Andrice Oil Co.. same i;"lair Smith, same Daltou .Adding Alai liiiie Co-x Service Contract •Fred Cook. Sto<;k - Lucy Jury, Coiidi-mneil .Animal Harry K. Shivel.v. Services. _ Brown &. Son's Taxi, Taxi Service _ vVilliams T.v'pewriler Co.. Office Furniture Z. S. Demaree Printing Co.. - Fixtures . ' City of lola. Cas ^ O. L. Carlingliouse. Coroiu-r Fe(-s C. L. Whitaker, .Acting Coroner Fees \ irt Steel iAIotiir • Co..:- Stonige on Slu-riffs car .: Burroughs .Adding .Alac.hiiie Co., .Maintenance Servii-'-- Topeka Diijly Capital. .Advertising'^ Bonds . Tola Laundry Co.. Laundry _ .Allen Co. Farm Bureau, Feb. Appropriation A. H. Davis Klec. Co., Repairs -. -Airs. J. T. Han. Damages.- J. H. Armel K- <;. A.- Amos Estate, same j Hiimbolilt Nafl. Bank, saiiu' .M. A. Scliliek Realty Co.. In- suraiue - .fohn F. Hi'ss. saliu; J. K. Powell & Co.. same -J. .N.A'ic-ki-rs, same Ceneral Ins.. Co., same A. S. King, salary .Assigm-fl Soulliweslfr-n liell 'I'll- Co., TelephoM! Service . Harry W. I^-wis. Deioratiim Ciiurlliiiiise on Armislii-e I»av - . , L ..: . . .-F. E. Williams. J. P.,' Stale vs. Floyd Carl Al. J. Con. siinie - ..- 4.00; 5..-.()! 4.20 I :;.iiii ' iMio : coo ^ !l.Oil ! .'i.Oii I 3.U0 ; •1.20 I 4.110 ' 7 .O0 \ 7.10 i 7.(10 \ :;.!»o j !I .UO .: 3.50 : S.M) \ 11.110 ' S.IH'. • 4.00 i Claire Smith, same C IT. Harris, same Ransom Bros^ same J. Knepp. same C. J.'Civergard, same Chals. Osger. same — Beii.Pennington, same AVilley Grocery, same Fryer Bros.. same , City of lola. Pauper Oas— 7.0i) i A^AL Smith, Pauper Rent— 11.00" I Jiary V. Ross, .qauie f-70 J. (). Thomprsou, same H-MO Kenneth H. Fount, same 4.00 Chas. R. Braden. same — '.•.00 Y.. H. Baftlett. Pauper Coal 6.00 ' Dr. O. C. Payne. Pauper y .oo i i'ractice . 15.00 ;i.70 i C. Al. Ralston. Pauper Burial 35.00 tl.Oii i Al. ('. Skinner. Hauling paii- S.ilU 1 per coal .14.50 3 .IM1.! state Sanatorium for T. P... Pauper c.nre '.- 120-88 Mrs. W.'T. Wood, jiauper . .-are . 42.00 K. -A. Ail ('. .A. Fry. Kstimate No. 4, F. A. 127 D.. -. 1,33S.!)7. ft. -A. & ('. -A. Frv. Coiistnu- lion Work . - -' .-- 0:!3.7!* R. A. & C. A. Fry. --^aiiie ' . 527 .7(1 D. C. Ili.iiscr. Salary „ KKS.OO Lee .N<it;-/:g 'r. Pay Koll - 44t;.72 Whit.' Eagle Oil Co.. Supplies 8.74 Clark Luiiif'er C^... same -- . 1.60 .Siianniin llilw. (Vi.. same - .Sid W. W. Peck Oil Co.. same . . !».y7 .Ariliic Wood, same i-I 5.29 C. C. .Mi.C ;iriy A:-^ Son. sain.^ 60.00 .Alcliityre .V- Co.. same "- !U!t.3l .Northrup ('!>.. sani?'----, i:!;i.27 Wisliilrd Hdw: Co.. same . 1.7.'? Clias. Mii-iiael. s.ime fiS.20 , I 'l^iul Klein, same . . 34.7.'? li 'O.oO ; Arcliie Woml. sahie 13.52. •Il.t;(; I W. W. I'nk Oil Co.. same - in.Ita Oll.iio i J. H. Osliorii Lbr. Co.. same •"..40 .SU .OO i Inia I'latiiii^' Mill, same l.Sl 7-5.00 i Fry's Drug Store, same .-J 1.70 511.110 I Calhii.- Alap i >i. 'Supply Co., 75.00 ' saiii" _ .52 .".11.00 j Huuibulill .Aiili) Siipiily Co., 511.01): same . ... 14.20 SD .oO : Siuuilioil-llilw. Co.. same Sl.Oi 111.011 c. c. Mi-Carty it- Son. same 2.75 I Brisriiam-llairisiin Hdw. Co., -I4.i;t; ! same ----J 4.06 170..".7 •• Limes Bros., same — .- 1.31 12ii.!i.S i Standard Oil Co.. same IC.SS Iii3.:i5 J. I). .Adams .t- Co.. same,-. 6.'>7.i»4 32 '.'.!i7 W.-W. Peck Oil Co.. same - ll.CS l.!t;.S.S City Oil Co.. same 33.55> lits.r .i). I .Archie Wood, same — 13.()5 .Airs. H. fl. Finch. Interest . on Warrant . -. 22.50 Uiiad Alat/rial I.alioraiory, .'^ervive.'--: ._- 7.25 .A. L. Cook. l-;.srim'ate-. .\o. f F. A. .':f ;7A 4.012.02. T. I.. Tliogmarlin \- S-.n. I'ls- timilc .Vo. 6 S^.usliwest.-ni Btiil^i- f: Cu vi-it Co., i'>iiiii»ii- .\'o. ;: I .i-i- .Notitzgcr. IMy Rill .; I ,.-e .Nofrzgi r. saiiic l ,l-l- .Nof'l zgi-r. sallll- ^: R .-ilpn Kiismliigi-i'.. laliiir : rill- Whili- Co.. Il.'i.airs : ~ Austin-W.'>.t.rii R.iail .M. Ii. I.'..(10 Co .- saiMi , " 1 .50 Marr.Auto .>oi>iMy (-n.. safn..' 2I,.';:» , Tire Rip lir Sliop, saiu'': .\. II. Ilavi; Klnr, Co. -^.iiii.' .A. Li'i' Slii lily, sailii- Ole -riliir^ l !i'i>s. Haiiii- AlcCaiiiiv Aforor Co., same W>-st S!i-i'-l Ali-li. Shop, same I .fi- .NoiJzgrr. friMglit. I .ce .Vif'i'lzger. Pa.v Roll . . Kansas Ctilities Co-' Lights on Ni o-!io Rivi-r Briifgc at .; ' Humboldt 4.00^ .Noftzger. Expense - ^26.,Sifp' Tile Biintiiig llilvv. Co.. I'or- - lalile .Air Compres.-'or . Tiiii-giiiariin AL- Son. Hiini- Iiil.l'-Klsiiiorc Road Estimate .No. 1 .:- 2.5,Sfi.71 Clias. Eusmiiiger. Motor Ve-. hii-le Fuel Tax Refiind--- Alarsiial! TIazzard. same - -. C. B. Caiint, sani-? -i Warri-i! Holtz, same E.. L. I!arnli.-irt. saiiiq . C. F. Barfh. same .'Wm. C.willitn. same .-^ 13 .17 j 'as. Sliigle.v. saiiii- ir..lio ' Lelligh ['ortlaiiil Ci -inent ! Co.. same ...... '27 .1 '.0 i Eelherngill & Eiifii-ld. sanO' . i O. F. Krokstroni. same 52.50 ' Wni. Bedeiibciiiler. !-;anie i J. F. Funk, same .j . 6.44 i F. .Al. Preston. same;^._—. 151.30 il- -A. Smith, same, ..-2 1 Frank Bliss, same . ; . 53.;i5 -Allen County Farm, jsanie . I Ciias. AVray. same Li'slio Leliman. same - _ P.-E. Ben .siin. sim.' ._- -1 . Lloyd Baxle.v, saniv-v ! Wm. Kru'ger. .saiiM' 15.10 ' W. .A. Hopkins, saiiie : Will Ensininger. same - . .- Kosi-oe Tile,, s.-inie (It-rken Cro's.. same ; Ralph .AtcCiiIley.'same ',:;:!.:!:•. Rah.-li Ensminger, .same ! .V. I. Crowell, s-ame 3.50-Daniel Crimni. same i;o.oo Edith .Shannon, .same Elmer IJibbens, same ' 133.50; li'l .:i5 171.12 l.MMll • >7.r>:;, ;M;.(;O .S.s.lO : !M;,S5 - 2 :i,s .i I 35,IM( li'..25 <',i )7 .:!;i :ii.oo 111 .12 2,75 27.25 1 .75 1.04 I 2.S5 ; .57.55 2.",.117 25:23 / •IS. 55 7 .3 ,s: 7S.12 , 3.45 10.00 , .S0:00 ; 7.,sot!."l 1.<;3!».64 747..50 2!tS,00 4.53.lis 2.50 ~ V.2.00 4.02 .<;5 4.77 " 2 .110 2 .00 - !l.00 16.52 6 .00 166.44 i7;».5o 3.25 5.00 ' 5.4!) 4.'.)0 : 30 .011 iw. C. Johnson, same -.. 20.00 ; W. A. .Aloss. same ; E. \. Boyi r. same 13.50 C. l-":. Barrow-, same . 2 .S .S0 • S. T. 15 .-1 xley. same 27 .00 1. 1. .A. AVilliams. same --. _ 62 .40 I Harry ii. C. C. Spencer, same -13.20 ')..R. Wilts.ll. same i:i.25 Waller Wilson, same E. H. Biirtcli. sam.f 67.2!) i .A. A. same . . _ : l-;vjiis iMynait. sano- ;(;. W. Alumhaiigli. sami- 20.;,'ir B>-!ii. liudlnm. samo i_ \ <'. ir. - strong. <-:ame .. .. .1.30 Consolidated f-'ement , Co., 2..55 ! s.ime . .: .5.pC 2.:!5 C. Iieinline. same . l.iio ;A. E. .Niclioias. same 3.00 !J. B. Xel.son. same .. 2.00 30.:!0 .Ciias. Sauer. same - 2.00 4.25 A'eroon Howerlon. same — 2.20 .75 I. Al. Baptist, same .-i -6.06 .75 II. W. Ali-Carty. .same '1.00 .75 : F. H. Childs. same 2.00 .75 J. B. Kirk Cas & Smelting, : 1 Co.. same 2.3.50 12.50 ' Hi-nry Kanipinc. same .!>0 i lola Laundry Co.. same 12.00 6i'.<i0 • p; J. Soutiiard. same - 1.00 21.ilo^ Hiiniboldt I'.riik.Co.. same-- 8.4'?"*. s.iio'l^e Nfiltzger. Piiy Roll 523.00' 35.!)1 il.ei' Noftzger.-same .344.20 4.25 i Lee .Noftzg'er, same ' 167.00 2 ..S0 I • " 5.!tiii Total ^ .$36,311.8.1 15 .00 : State of Kansas, County of Allen, 111.00 : ss. : 7.50 I I. \y. r>. Clark. County Clerk, in 33.t;3janil for said Count.v. do hereby ll.On ] certify the above and, foregoing 70.41 I to be a true and correct statement Is .O.OIof all claims J-allowed in the 10 .00 i amounts and ffir the purposes as! ; 8.00 I above specified:-by the Board of . 7.00 County Commissioners , at the !).li March. i:(27. mocting. 5S.00 AVitness mv Hand and seal this 12 00 ISth dav of March. 1927. . 4.00 (SE^VL; . AV. D. CLARK, 16 .00 I County Clerk, Mar. 17.- Mr. and .Mrs. Bert I .Siroii and laniily of Vates Center i ' HI re. Siimlay dinner guests at! jCliarliy Siroh's. Afternoon laller.s j ui-re: .Airs. D. P.. Howell." .Mrs. Iraj Howell. Mrs. Itiunll Howell, and j Air. and Airs. Ralph Ellis'and fam-! ily. i .Mr. and Mrs. Cress. .Mien and (Harlan -pent Sunday afternoon :ut; J., .1. AVilleoberg, (on. sam.' : till- parental Baker home in L:i-! C. L. Whitaker. J. B., State jllarpe. • j vs. Henry Kaiiivo and C. I .Mr. and Mrs. John Dooley. Alarie J S. Lyman _ ;ind Kenneth of lola took supper i F. O. Smith, Con. same'- Friday ev.-uiiig at AValter; Baker's. - Bert Jon.-s. witness. samc._ ; .Mr. and Airs. Charles Stroh spent ; L. ic. Foster, same i Sunday at the parental Clement ! Olen Foster; same -- _ . .home. i Cene Brim, sanu; ... j .Airs. West and Roberta spent I Airs Lizzie A'iairo; Blind Thiir-'ilay afternoon with .Airs. Leo I Care . 1 Fredrick. . ' {Taylor & Laughlin. I'aiip'-r .Air. and Alr3. Burrell Howell and j -Aldse. family spent Sumlay evening at j A. L. Maloney. same r'charlev .Stroh'.s. I j-Mont .McKinne.v, same — ! Mrs. Fi-edrick c-alleil on Mrs. Will i ''• Reynolds, same : .Moon and .Airs. AVill-AVorks Mon-j •'-ast Side .Alarket. same ;i;,r. i C. L. Miller, same 7.10 200 .5 .00 3.60 3.10 l.Ol) 2 .!|0 2^40 4.64 3.25 4 .00 1.00 1.50 1.30 .60 1.20 t :.30 2.50 .5.00 2.20 2.60 1.10 .78 11.18 7j;(> 1.20 1.60 1.32 4.10 .40 .50 .40 . 1.00 1.00 l.flO 1.00 .60 1.10 1.20 l.fiO l.!»0 .60 2.46 3;H 2.20 2.00 J A. Cress and AValter Baker at- tendcl a sale northeast of La­ Harpe Thursday. Mr.s. Hawley and .Alr.s. Hansen spent Friday afternoon at Wm. Krueger's. .Airs. Fredrick. Airs. Moore and .Air.'and Mrs. Lloyd.Hawkins spent Sunday at Leo Fredrick's. There are several cases of measles in this vicinity at this time. Airs. Walter Baker and Dorothy .Mae. and Grandma Rowland spent Thursday with Mrs. J. AV. Baker iu LaHarpe. •Jit C dm. F. S. Doty, same Schulta Oro. Co., same Vi. AV. AVilliams. same Bonton's Grocery, same Dell Adams, .same, E. E. Wright, .ranie A. AV.'Ander.sou. same Ransom Bros., same C. Sinclair & Co.. same^_ C. E. Marsh, .same Kent Green, same -— ' W. P. Archer, same L. E. Foster, same' Bart Thayer, same AV. H. Siiniuierman, same_-. A. H. CUnkenbeard, game— Jl

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