Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on December 5, 1963 · Page 18
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 18

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 5, 1963
Page 18
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THE REGISTER-NEWS — MT. VERNON, ILLINOIS THURSDAY, DECEMBER 5, 1963 The NIGHT, The WOMAN By Stephen Ransom ©jpjrWit © INI, 1K3 by Stephen Rmwrae Distributed by Newtpiper EnterprUe Assn. xxvm Chief Kresh spoke not ft word all the while he retraced the way to Zephyr Isle. Caught between deference and responsibility the chief was reluctant to act against a member of a family as prominent as the Cardens, but he had placed himself under the command of a stronger man who would press through regardless. Having passed the buck, he must cling to Barcello's lead. Several times he tried to say something sympathetic to Blake, but words would not come out. The closer he came to the end of the trip, the more he was relieved. An open sports car—Blake recognized it as Dr. Bliss's— was parked at the Wingate home behind the ambulance— the same ambulance that had come for Val's body this morning. The chief was also disconcerted; he braked to a hard stop. Blake swung out with a hurried "Thanks!" In the Wingates' living room Blake found a stillness. Tessa, Todd and Ruth were there. Wearing a lacy robe over her nightgown, Tessa was sitting and staring, blank-eyed with shock. Todd was standing near her, stiff-faced, looking at a loss. Ruth had been crying; her reddened eyes turned to Blake in pitiable sorrow. "Win," Blake said. Todd nodded. "Only ... half an hour ago." Tessa sat enshrouded in emotional and mental grayness while Ruth explained brokenly to Blake. "Dad seemed evening ... just talking. Then later . .. while Mother was in the shower ... suddenly he sat straight up, looking .. looking horrified . . . and then he just toppled over." Ruth put her handkerchief to her eyes. "It's strange . . . how you notice little things at a time like that. It was just three minutes past 11." A man came out of the bedroom: Dr. Bliss. His close-cut hair was pure white, his face young. He was carrying his medicine case in one hand, a small white envelope in the other. He gave the envelope to Ruth. "Get your mother into bed. Ruthie. Make her take two of these tablets. She'll sleep." They watched him buzzing off along the drive in his lively little car. Todd stood looking out over the dark bay. Blake sensed that something in Todd had changed, that a long-held tension was slowly easing; but he was unprepared for the words Todd spoke, so quietly that he might have been speaking to himself. "All for nothing... nothing." And Todd added: "Now it can be told. Now ... it can be told." • • • Todd walked into the grounds, and Blake followed. He turned to a bench on the opposite side of the pier. Blake sat beside him. "You're right, kid. I've been lying to you. There's no need for it... for most of it... any more. I couldn't tell you the truth before, but I owe it to better tonight. He'd been rest ing... we'd been keeping him in bed. We stayed with him all so much!you now.' He leaned forward, elbows on his knees, hands clasped together. "AU that... all I told you , . was a cover-up. I had to i explain myself somehow . . . and still cover up what was really going on. "One thing I told the truth I about — when you asked me about George Gibbon, I'd never laid eyes on him. But I've jknown all along what he was up to. I got that from Val. To begin with, there's something about Gibbon that Barccllo (doesn't seem to know, evidently because he hasn't dug back far enough. Gibbon was working for Win as his accountant at the time Win was building Plantation Manor." Blake was startled, not so much by the bare fact as by its implications. "Val first met Gibbon at that Itime, when she and Ruth and Tessa came to Plantation Manor to look around. Gibbon kept Ithe firm's books all through it. It was the best job he had ever had ... or has had since . . . and he lived in fear of losing it I don't know what Gibbon suspected at the time, if anything. There must have been a (certain amount of juggling going on, and he couldn't have helped noticing. He was too timid to say much, and if he raised any questions Win must have satisfied him." Todd gave Blake a long look. "You're (probably ahead of me on this. The fact was, all those new investors of Win's, except three fairly light ones were dummies." "It was Val's money." "The big point is this," Todd said. "Win did secretly use Val's money. But later he put it back—all of it. Meanwhile he'd even gone on crediting her with income from it—income that hadn't been earned, but paid out of principal." "You might say she didn't lose a cent." "Not one red cent." "But it's not as simple as all that." (To Be Continued) OPDYKE Holiday visitors in the Gail Pickett home were Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Pickett and family, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Pickett and family of Pontiac, Michigan, Mrs. Ester Shaw of Akin, IU„ Mr. and Mrs. Trelly Prowell and daughter of Ewing, 111., Mr. Denis Odom of Steger, III., !Mr. Ambrose Pickett of Oaklawn, 111., and Mr. Robert Ewing of Benton, 111. Last weekend Tom Hope, Da­ vid Don Marlow, Nick Wit hong and John Ditzer all .stationed at Leonard Wood were visitors at the Irvin Poole home. Mr. and Mrs. Don Holloway and family spent Thanksgiving Day with her sister, Air. and Mrs. Chester Johnson of Cisne, 111. Mrs. Beulah Campbell returned Thursday from a visit with her son and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Campbell. Mr. and Mrs. B. Waddell and daughter, Gaylenc and his par- Join Security's \Christmas Club Today And ... PAVE THE WAY FOR A MERRY CHRISTMAS 1964 FREE GIFT TO ALL MEMBERS Security Has A Wonderful Gift For Everyone Who Joins Their 1964 Christmas Savings Club. FREE OZARK FLIGHT BAG Start saving now for next Ichrisrmas with easy payments — as little as 25c Security Bank 119 N. 9th St. Mr. Vernon, III. ents, Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Waddell of Kell spent Thanksgiving Day with the lntter's daughter Mrs. Ruth Whitbcy of Fairfield. 111. Mrs. Norma Holloway was in Springfield Tuesday attending Home Extension State meeting. Mr. and Mrs. Ernie Clark of DeKalb spent the weekend at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Clark. Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Cook and Conrad had Thanksgiving dinner at Mrs. Fayc Lerch's home in Mt. Vernon. Mr. and Mrs. Don Lerch and family of Herrin spent this weekend with Mr. Lerch's mother. Mrs. Jane Leeck was n business visitor in St. Louis Saturday. Mrs. Velda Boswell and Jean spent Thanksgiving Day with Mr. and Mrs. John Hollern and son of Centralia, 111. Guests in the Clara Bruce home over the holidays were Mr. and Mrs. R. Oliver of Indianapolis, Ind., Mr. and Mrs. A. Shuttlebar of Centralia, Mr. Emit Shook of Rochellc. 111.. Mr. Homer Hook of Belvidere, 111., Wesley Bruce and Miss Wanda Tonyan of Ringwood, 111., Sgt and Mrs. T. H. Darnell and children of Fort Campbell. Ken., Mrs. Frank Truscatt and daughters of Clarksville, Tcnn., Mr. and Mrs. Orville Shreve and children of Cisne, Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Bruce and children of Opdyke, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Sledge of Keenes, Mr. Doug Wood of Bluford and Miss Cheryl Bruce of Wayne City. Mrs. Alene Theburg and children of Fairfield spent Thanksgiving Day with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Gowler. Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Poole and his parents were called to Rockford, HI. last Friday due to the death of the latter's brother. Mr. and Mrs. George Garrison, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Garrison, Mr. and Mrs. Presley Cummings and son, Rundy, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Fleckenstein and Mrs. Bernice George were Thanksgiving dinner guests in the Ze- clalis home. Last Sunday visitors in the Hottensen home were Mr. and Mrs. D. Hottensen and daufih- ters. Mrs. Kay Stinson and Mrs. E. Schorle, all of Mt. Vernon. Mrs. Bernice George, Mrs. Bill Fleckenstein and Mrs. Vera Zedalis and Mrs. Jr. Zedalis were shoppers in Evansville, Ind., Friday. Mrs. Ora Bumpus, Mr. and Mrs. Drayton Allison and daughter, Lynn and Mr. and Mrs. Donald Schweninger were Thanksgiving dinner guests with Mr. and Mrs. George Schweninger. Holiday company coming to call 2 GRADE "A" Farm Fresh c HEAD CHEESE ™ 49* GROUND BEEF 2 11 89 MORRELL PRIDE READY TO EAT HAM PORTIONS! 39;'29 GODCHAUX PURE GANE Del Monie , Sliced or Halves J 0i2 * Can Peaches RED GOLD TOMATO JUICE $ SWIFT'NING PURE Shortening 4Coz. cans SWIFT'S—24-OZ. CAN WITH Chili wi ™ Beans CAN 39c KELLY—REG. 59c TWIN PACK Potato Chips ONLY 49c BRACY FARM FRESH PRODUCE HOLLYWOOD BRAND CANDY BARS GOLDEN RIPE BANANAS10 HOME PACK PACKAGE OF 4 IARS LETTUCE 2 Heads U.S. NO. 1 RED POTATOES 20 79 RED GRAPES 2^29* CALIF. NAVEL 113 SIZE ORANGES Doz. 55 PINK OR WHITE GRAPEFRUIT 3 *' 29 PAPER SHELL PECANS Personal Ivory ..4 for 19c Medium Ivory .3 (or 33a Large Ivory Cam erf Bath „ CAMAYT Reg. Zest Bath ZEST. Reg. Lara Reg. — Ivory Flakes Reg. _.l for 33c -J lor 29c •JL ,or i lc -t lor 40c ^ for 30c -J for 37c ...t for S9c Ivory Snow. Gt tic; Reg. 34Vic Droit Gt lie; _Reg. MMe Ivory Liquid, If. Mcf Reg. 3So Joy Liquid. Gt 6ta ..King Ma Thrill Gt 89c; ..Xing 89c Oxydol, Kg. 1.29; Gt 81c; Reg. 34Kc Tide. Kg. 139; Gt 81c; Reg. 34Mc Cheer, Kg. 1.39/ Gt tic; Reg. 34tte Salvo. Jumbo U9; .Gt tic Premium Out -Queen 1.01 Dash. Jumbo 243; ..Gt 79c Splc & Span H'hold ttcy -Bog. *9c Comet Gt. 8 lor 45c; ley. IBVt Mr. Clean. Kg. 99a at. 49c; Reg. 39c leg. 47e SUN BURST COTTAGE CHEESE I-LB. CTN. IJIb.Ctn . ... 29c

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