Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 18, 1927 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 18, 1927
Page 3
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) ••1 I MiH. Giiy ; (iHiiKlilor, i • MisH rioiciiip ;t }HiHt, of- IJronBoil. ; oillcil fill V"- -^''''uJ JoliiiHon ill fins rf.iiiih .Icffcrhoii HW-mioj >('HHT- iliiv. Mii;. .loliiiHoii iki (Mitivn-lcHciiiK fr'-iiiairiill wliilcr in'iR'HH. i ' ni >atitli'> ^<Mir- l .iiMn. i ' or ciiiirKi! you will wiinl oiio Of DJIIMI' ii'-iiiilifitl ri 'hilorci'il. foiiun'tf ri<.w <T iii -iiM nil yinir lawn «irj in li'iiiit of your iiln'c ot )<U !|iiii (*KH liliix .•••iiiiuriT. Sc<! W. A. Woodniff in <I ' o((|('i- one now sn it will lie roiidy wiicii you wmii it.'Tricplioiiu 821. i • Mr. .iiiil .Mrsi famlty TrOut niotor- ; < I IroMi I'ittsliuiT. L-alliMl hero by tii<'illness :in (i death of tlieirKranil- inother. .Mrs. .lanu-s ] Williams, . soiiilR 'a-sr of LaHarp;.'. \VHI . IViiii-.'> w>i(s -^A (t 'ood t'Ipnr ' bf'slcr Meyer, a |hell-lio |i nt a f'oilntry Cliih in Kansas City, Mo., .-ipi-nl the woi.'k here with his fa­^ F. Meyer. r>r. C. , .S. Uiniiicth. SiirBpnn. (iriir'- I'lione IVilr lies, plinne fiL-iJ. i;. .r. llerijliey of Hiawatha. Kan- sH-;. v.lic spent .-several <lay.s here Willi his i -oiisln. .Mrs. Xcllie Ham- ii'ie! and family, has returned home. .'^Iieeial for Sallifd,-^-: I'eio-Crisji. 20e 11). Howards r 'aiidy Shop. Mr.-. C. Tt. .Slepliens of :?ii,S North .lefiei.soii avenue. ;i in Kalisas City - irir a wrek-ond visit and to attend (It sojiie hnsinpss_ nui. IVnn .'» M'Tits A finod Clpar T-'O.! "le Ho rarti Cnndy Shop, who has been cobtln- (>d to hlH home for the puHt; tnintli on iiceonnt irf lIlncnH, wim •nhle, to bn down to the store ycHterda) fur the fii -Ht time. I Wm. I»eiiD--5 reiilti—A Utloi Cl^iir .Mr. and .MrH. W. A. Khnmo left todoy^or-Little Hock, Arlt.. to liult their daiiKhter, .MIH. (;iyde Cra ile. >ollW. —Clover's Taxi will plve day and iilK<it train Hcr^icc. Thonc 89:. , .1 Mrs. Irtne I'nIbortKon. of Oki uil- Koe. Okla.. IB visitlnK in the h of Mr.s. W. B. KeBter. She THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER. FRIDAY.EVENING, a to Chan'iite on the noon train a short VIHII with friends. —Try it once-'yon will lisn{ other. Van Hdozer's Bread. inic \tent for BO •lohn iHart was a bnsincss visjitor in Joplin, -Mo., yesterday. —Free Lecture on Christian feei- eni-p, Sunday afternoon, March 20, al.2:30. hy John Randal Dnnn, C. S. B.. of T?oston, Mass., in Kdky Theater. The piiblU: is cordially invited. Little Arlinc McBee of 21.^ .N'jith Chestnut stireet. has almost'recov­ ered from a siece of the measles, which has kept her out of sejiool fpr the past two weeks. Ilcnry. Sullivan. the wo(ider the the '.ato swimmer: of Ivowcll, .Mass., is ooly pemm wfeiX'hss swum En |rli «&r1CatiiJlnii.^i» Oolden "cha^n^s;. '•' ..' ''-: I'. Bell. :i reporter for the Mrs; Edna Wood, who has leen ReRisler. is ill at his IIOUH-, 22 spendinsJhe past two weeks ivith -S'.inili Kentni.Iiy street.• I |her dflii(;hter,-Mrs. .1. F. Swor per, ^ J list like AnKel Food Cake. Van Ho6zer'8 Bread, 2 for 15c. her dflii(;hter.-Mis. .1. F. jr., at 41.'> Komh Walnut street turned to her home in darnet? day. re- to- Mrs, i.v. ii.,(hses of G12 North ; U'ln. IVnn -5 cP «t .s —A «ood t 'knr W .iliiiil .street is ill Willi llie flu. | j Mary Aline Balkan of S15 Sijiuth Kffie iltiurowH of t; 12 .North IClm state.siieei Is ill with the measles. ^:r |eet ih iinMl '^e- to alieuil scliool , lin aiihie.; or ili;ie>. She attends; _o. L. Cox, M. D., 8pecliill >t. junior hiiih. | . j By^e, Ear, NoHi and Tbrottt. ' Ni .lhe Klk^. 1 Archie Brown of 002 South State .Ml i;il;s are planninp on : street is confined to hi.s home ^jiith iiKikiii;; tiip to I'itlsbiirtc for Moii-:;the measles. ' <l :iv nrghf::. initiation of .No. 412 register at Fry's DruK —Dr. A. B. Twadell, Oeteopkth. Sioie. I-;iks Tiaii.-jiortation Comm. j N^w Globe Bldg. Phone. 191. 'l,(ireiizo .Vi.ijiuUle of Colony iii ro- ]n,ri;-(\ VIJ y ill at the liome of his Kiandniother, .Mrs. L. T. Wolfe. .Mrs. .1. .V. CreMory and -Mrs. .7., M. tileRory spent yesterday after-" noon wiih relatives in I.aHarpe. I * * * ii V * * •* . ft » • • * Mrs. Minnie Allen, prindpalj the Garfield School, who has finite ill at her home", 215 Xij Buckeye street, is able to be in the school room apaln. Hen of en rt^ bhck —Montgomery, Chiropractor, tola Laundry Bldg. ' Phone 138. Yuur Sjiriuf? I'ojit . » laii lie refVesh^-'d by. • Dry Cleaniiij;. * 'I'lonipt Service: * j * .VIileMin (leaiiers * 1 ***«*i>::^***<^«*<:*« Vermin VaiiCa.nip. nianiial train- in;; iiislrinlor at the lola .lunior lli^h .Si ;lio'i>l. is busy niakini; a boat i .iuriii.;; oiid lioiirs whiib will bo rnn hy ae oiitlioard motor. He expects t.'i Iiav'e his boat ready to launch I 'V tlie first of April. • I Mrs.; Kdna Howley and baby j south, of the city spent yester (With their uncle and aunt, Mr.* jMrk Harvey Parker, of 317 : Fourth street. XoUee.. liave established a feinporjary (>ffice iit my residence, 3rt4 \. =. - !.;iilles, we can save yon money on your Spri .iiK ' lljit. We liav lyiii. no Spri .iiK lliit. We have no Halar> -.V'lii ;;et the .sav- i|iu r.iiv ,\|[!lliiie:y; . yiKir ! ill i at Kdwards I D'Uiilliy .Mice I 'ucerfy. cbnisbtcr . I't Mr. and'.Mrs. I,, .A.^rweedy, of US' SniiKi Fir.-^t .Tireet .'^is neover- i.-n: fer.TOn. 'Whore 1 can examine e T Death of Mrs. li E. 1\'nilaiim. ' i Mrs. Elizabeth E. Villlams. aged 82 years, wife ot tl\e late Janies wnilams,' passed aWay last night at <>:20 o'clock [at her home three Iniles southeast of I.AHarpb. The funpral services I will be hel^ at the Golden Valley c|iu,rch sout! ea.m of LaHarpe Sunday afternoon at 2:.'.(i' o'clock, conducted by tho Bev.. Mr.l HuHcher of .Humboldt, pastori of thB Evangelical olrar^hi and the, llev. CrlKsln. Burial wllp I take' place in (iolden Valley Cdmctery. - -Spwljil -Sunday Dlnniir noon lilid ctfiiinir, •'>0c% "Sr. Kelltj Hotel. Herele .lonoH of .>1,7 .Sot Ih Oak Ktreet. Who has bcenj Hi vtlthi the mfaslcB, is gctfihp alpnn ijice^y. W'nu Venn —.1 c^iU— A GIMIII Clirar Irving and lira Duval 1 of HHO East Lincoln street arc 111 >(vith the measles. • ' •• Venita tiilbert of 92.": -Vorlli Walnut street, who ha.s been tjuile ill with the measles,' was sufficiently reeovcred to return to hei; school work today. She is a student at junior high. • . I _ ' i;' -• ~S|M>«-l5iI Sunday Dinner ill Tort- land lliilel, {mv. , .Marioii Roberts of ."dT Soittli Firsi street, who has been ill with the chicken i pox, is reported toj be iir,- provin;; -nicely. ^ \ ARCH 18, 1927. *aNTERESTS" BEHIND dOLD RUSk and children and Mr. Wolfe and Harold were Sunday and Mrs. Bay Clenn .npent h Mrs, iiaw- ;. Wolfe and* .Monjilay evening s Wolfe. .Mrs. Tayla'ii. Itickalril and Mar- dinner guests of .Mr. Wolfe. Mrs. Barnett and Sunday afternoon wi kins of Chainike. Mr. and .M s. Cha children spei t .with 'Mr. aiidj .Mr.s. (•! PAGE THREE and Mrs. Lee The .?wis>i Inilus.t/ics Fair, the ori;;iri of which da It's hack to the .Middle A .^es. will he held at Basel this ye.'u-. April 2 to 12. p;iret, were l ^iinday of .Mr. and .VTrs. Clifford .Slat.-r of Humboldt. ; .Miss. Camr'jell ciilied at Co-.van and Td.fclie lio |iie .s .^itiiirilay afternoon. ilniier gl|e.«ls th. F liU-COLDS Check at first ^neezc RUb on—inhale Vai§ .\ yoitu;.' wMov.- with- a fortune 1 'VA ;>ften fortunatu ,if she remains j a widow. . 1 DRYCOODS-WOMENS WEAR-I^ILLINERV •OLA KANSAS I >orlhrnp Bldg.. formerly occupied by JIamrs Richardson lOLA'S POPULAR ST^RE BOYS'WASH These twq IltUe "int|erest.s" were active Wcepah, .N'ev.j They are'the S-riionlhs-oId twin childreii of Mrs. Frank Hortort. whose son.' Frank. Jr.. 1!>. Was one of the discoverer^- ' " ' ' The twins. Bobbie and Dick, furnished the inolivi.'. ROCKY POINT (.Mrs. Anna .^tout) < 1".—.Mr. ami Mrs. Charley PRAIRIE CENTER (.N'eva Wolfe) Mar. m. -All the farn^er.s and .Merle visited i sowing oats or getting ready. -Mr. j.son of I dinner , Frank guests of .\lr. .ijnd .Mrs. Sievers. Afternoeii <-allrrs Will. IVnn-fi renis— A i.m*t\ Cigar I — ; .^'iinday until cJitirdi tiinv at t)ie( .Mr. •.•nd .Mrs. Floyd Collisoii and Earl Sifers of Wichita aniji Harry •'• '''• i'-^'^^ home. ! j.son of Yaies Center werk Sunday Sifers of Kansas Citv arif here - Leonharrit visiting their father, S.M.' Sifer;i.''••'»*•< "'"'•••'l " «r and brother, Sam Sifers ot the j -^<i'':' :">•' -Mii?- .Canatsey I wen- Mr. and Mrs. A. Cj! (^oUisoii Sifers Candy Co. ' i Ifarm which ijhey va-! and .Mr.. .in<! .\Ir.s. C.eo. XVilkerson. —••Honiecooked "lchiclv .n dinners' Herbert Camp i.s Taking orders served at I^'wman's Cafe Thiir.sdavs • f'"' ;""""<>'' ''i"" "f f'""'' r.iid feed, and Sundays. - I also lor a car of salt to be ordered ftir the Crange. • W. H. .Nortbrup of I'arsons was' '•"'•i' '•"">• <'"'' ^^'"^ '' .Mrs. .\nn;i Stout last Tiiiirsday. The ne.xt a business visitor in lola yester- 1 „, , , . -t • day. He visited his sister. iMrs. H.! T"*>'. ^'••"•K';;' luiltin.;,. O. Taylor on South WnMhini-ini. i "Ml "i' avenue, while here. •Mr. and .Mrs. Ralph itanel" spent .'laturday night and .Siii day with Mr.-. .M K. B;'.rnett and (IJeiin. Mrs. Haiich and Mrs. U'ilkerson visited Thursday with .Mrj*. Vernon Ostrander. -Mrs. Taylor .•ind Marsirel visited Wednesday afternoon t;\is' Wolfe and .Veva. .Mr.s. Hiinis .Sijiikey amlj Were Siiiid;ij-, 100 WASH SUITS for IJoy.s from 2 to 6 years old. Nicely made. Belted Models in colors Blue, Tan and Kha)ii. of lay iind Ndrth I Washington I ""''•^'"'^ Beatri<t "''— ' ; Mr. am! nb returned | daughter The report today from the bed- '"""^' S'""':'.^' :;!"i-i' M'endinK .sev-1 of side of .IiidKo ('. L. Whilaker. whoj'''"' ''='>'^ ^^l"' •"-.'' i"'^"'"' Hul'^i'' .Starkey. had a light stroke of paralv..^is last vniitcomi) and wife : . Mr. and Saturday, is decidedly favorable. I Mr. lohn.sim has br^en improving j Mrs. Ilawkiiis of Chann e visit..! He his movered the use of the'"'' P'ai e by reroolinfe part of the | Sini'ia.y evenini! willi .Mis. .M. muscles of his ihrnut sufficiently; >>!>ildine ne^^' ^'"l "t!'- B .itiieit. • '- - ' Mrs.! Carrett day af son. (;. o: A^'nii .ii-; \isiiin'; bis brotll Sta-ke .l- and v\ if. Ctorpi- Sloiit accoinpfiiiied j .Mr. and .Mrs. Ciis Wijilfe Olive Ilaikejt and Riley J^w. .\e|k-.i. ami .Mrs. Ch:| Ft. Scott Saturday wb.ere lliey' meetins lie nas recoveieii me use oi me i - • • miiscles of his thi'wt sufflcientlv,>>uilding ii.w gat.M and oth- to be able to swnlUiw liquid f-ioil f' improvemenl.s. and tliere Is good reason to hope (Madwyn Canij) retiirnel home that he will be contpli'ielv Situ-day aft .-r spendlni; sev.ial within ti reasonable fline. ' ; weeks with his si.sfer. Mrs. C,er- — jini.le Wright, at .Moiinlain Ciove, 'ieo. L. Williams, circiil.ition manager of the Beci.sler. alwavs -^I''- thoughtful of his family qf carrier -' boys, has furnished them with "» •''' marbles, a pastilpe th(?y tlioroughly afteiided th.; last teachers enjoy every evehiiiK while they'"' "'^' s"'hortl year, wait for their pap 'ers. Wm. Penn—."» cents—A Good Cigar Mr. and .Mrs. Vic IJregg and c'llldreii of uepr Mi >ran spent Sunday at the .loh'n^on home. — The Bev. Air. Lee called at the , .'\frs. S. IB. Bamey ami grand- •'• ''• Bos.s home Tiie.>-day. , daughter, i.N'etlie .McKeo. left today | I'arining has hegiui in oarne.=;t. • for "Madison, Kan;, to visit over ,'""-its sowing f? about completed. | the -week end with Mrsi Hamey's i ""d a good many are planting py-' daughter, Mrs. Howard Britton! Silas .Malcom is the home.' of Abe Horse Shoo Bend. reported ill Townsend I latoes and sowing grass seeil. i I'r.iyer meelin:* at the Vern Cloyd l)oi:'- iWednesday evening was well attended .-infi a g:nnd meelin^ «as conducted by i.f.' Boss. ef-. i-es; fit glasses, and make repajirs. rhone ,sn2 for appointment. _Ir!i B. Frantz, Optometrist. The diphtheria card has lipcn lifted off the home of Mr. and Mrs. .1. W. Lockwood. 404 .North Foijrth street. Their friends will be glad to know that tUcy 1 are all 4 'ell again. Will, reiin—"i reiitsi- A (tond I'icar ui)iidly from Ih". iheasles. .Mrs. Lawrence Iferry went ioffevville. Kan., today to be b. r-father, .Mr. F. .M. Shaiibell, , is to.iinilerco an operatloii at ISoiil;irwestei|n bosjdtal in liuoiniiig. I . ' Th.' _l )'.lv-iiaT<|]; i:; lb.' old"-: iiii'l !n . I. filirhic''' iVlriKerator fr yi/•iii>iii<.'. K.J.'. ICI' iliic and .* 'n. • . St tor liiinb- Pick the Winner —(Ihristian Science lecture. Sun-' day alfternoon. Match 2ii, 2 :;!ii. ,Kelley Tlieater. by .lohn Itnndal l>iinn.| C, S. B.. Boston, Ma.';.s. IMiblic is; invited. • -: Word received from Airs. Flor- ; encp ('ass Rives the inti-rostinK news.that she bad a fin.- trip to (.'hanlon. Ohio, near Clevelaml. where she is enjoying a pleasant • vi.sit with a sorority sister. .Mrs. j Ca .^K plans to leave there toiiioriow toy ilamaica, .\. Y., to visit her son. Phillip Cass. ' i —For prompt i results Classified Columijs. ' use the to wlitb ^bo be lie This season baseball will have a .Marcii o^ieiiing for the first time ih many years, 'ijhe Pacific- Coast League, always the first to pry off the liii. will beijin Its si-hediile on March 2;t. .Nollci'. •I ii:ive establKslieil a teuiporiiry office at niy resiilejice, 3fi| N. ,iL<f- fer'On. wh»*re 1 can examine eyes fit cla.'««e.>.. and make repairs. Phone R"2 for appniiitment. iraln. Frantz, Optometrist. .Mrs. Lloyd Hawley left tor ay for Borgej, Tex., called there by the Illness of her husband. Wm. Pcnn—'» cents -.V Good (^lenr —Tcienhone your Ciasslfled Ads to 18. [ S. W. Fickle of firtit Majli- Kon aveijue. who in ill of the f u. is gettiilg along a.s well as coi Id be expected, but isislill very ill • F. 1. B. LEATELL, S. D. • ,• SpecI&I attention giten Dis• eases of Colon and Rectnm. • : Electro-Therapy; and • Physiotherapy. ! • Office IdlrState BahkBldg. • Phones—147 and 705. X number of f;rand Circuit stables are represenl.'il in tlie . ii.; ry for the laie ,lun.' irotiinc iiK -eiiiig to be held over the ball-mile irrrk at Akron, O. Endicolt-Johnspn World's Lnnirst Shoe Makers Men's Qxfords BIL^S • •» President .Borii.^ of Haiti' ha* -l /.irro .I. .Senat.>r William H. King : I fioiii '.fiiioring Haiti, . iM ;nidiiig hiiu ''irjulesirable," but .'-'.-;ialor Kiiig doylares he'll visit tile country a'ny \viliiyl King, a critic OI the vegimc of; Horno, declared an.ied forces cauldii'tJkccp him ioiit, and said i hat if Inlttd Slates iij.icjiiis w.-r«; , w i|lulr.iWji Jfrmu HaiH^ itoniio wuuUlii'i: rijhiaiii in Wm. IVnn— o rents— .i tood CIg »r t' • ' I ' j' Mr. and Mrs. Geo. J.I MarrdroVej to Kansas City this afternodii to: attend tho national basketball toiir- nanierit.- Frcm there they will .;0j to! Bqoneville. Mo.. i6 visit Mis.' -Mirr's son. Bernard Scales, a c»- dfit at Kemper Military .jVcademy. They will also visit in St. Louji's before returning home. ' —Roval Vacuum Sweepers a the hest-^ternis. K, C, Electric and Pluml)5ug Co. PafO'Beniy. an expert mechanic and factory, representative of; tli^ Oakland and Pontiac coHipany, rived ih -lola last night'-an iJnie >f his regular trips. -TJje sending m it of a factory meclianic Is a courto: y extended to this o*ners|Of the Oa^:-'d or Poitttac eH^ a«M thaj- a; asked to feet free to consult!-&f|r. O'ReUly regardins tbelr car. SEN EKER ' S Big Dress TONLGHT 7 to 9 o'clock 200 iNew Spring Dresses;, on Sale Tonight. Ijlo Otliey Merchandise Will Be Sold. DON'T Miss TBIS WINDER SALE! It wil P R I C E S be the talk of the town. NEKER'S Chevrolet stinds unchal' lenged as the world's largest producer of geJirshift trucks. leadership has beien won entirely on the basis of low first cio^t, low operating cost, . slowciejpreciatiian—all the result of inodetin truck-type construction!and quality mateifials throughout. Withj its powerful 'valve^in- head motor—now equipped with AC oU filter and AC air cleanen with a [husky 6'inch channel steel Irame, super* rugged riear axlel sturdy single* plate disc'clutch requiring no lubricaition, :^nd modern 3-speed transmission recently improvjed—th'e Chevrolet truck ispraisedbyuisers every' where as the greatest com* merdal car value of all time. Only die economies of tre­ mendous volume iproduc-" tion, pliils the great resources and engmeering ' facilities of General! Motors, makes pos* siblie such super quality at Chevrolet's low prices. I, Come in and see the truck that has won worldwide lead* ership. LieJtm why it has given such supreme satisfaction to so many users of every type— big fleetj operators and individual owners. Inspect the quality features found in no ofhrtlo\y-pricedtruck—mark • the quality construction throughput. If you do |thieit ,your next truck will be a plkevrolet—for here is value soj outstanding that you will be| amazed that such a splendiid truck could be produced to sell at such an amazing low price. Jbr Economical Transportatioti [^CHEVROLET '--^at these Low Prices! 1-Ton Truck $^Or\ StakeBody OOU 1-Ton Truck $n''t Panel Body ( 1-Ton Truck $^ -f r\ CabandChassb OiU 1-Ton Truck $A{\C Chassis 4"-^ '^"•^ «395 An price* ^ s. b. FCnt. Mich. la addition to these tow prices Chevrolet's delivered pricesin- dude die lowest handlbig and financing charges available SHELLY I llfi WEST JACKSON COMPANY TELEPHONE 60

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