Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 18, 1927 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 18, 1927
Page 1
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I VOLUME XXX. No. 12-^. The Wockly R ^glMter, Tho lola Dally I CITY'S CLUBS OFFERPRIZES To Encourage Children to Help Make lola the City Beautiful; Fi rat Prisic Is $5. Established 1X67. oKlster. KsUbllshed 1S97. lOLA. KAN.. FRIDAY EVENING. MARCH Hesser Is rflamedBy Templars Kxdi(iili))i I'.niuniaiid- TliP CivU' Iiii'jirovi'iiH'iit (.'oiiiniil- li.'f (if tin- K(|loiutc(l Cluh.s of lola; • liillpwitii; a (-.UKloiii cstaliilslicil for si'venil. y<'aij<, aiinounrc tlii' liil- j lowing prizfi to \w awardt-U tlio i t :liil<Ji''n (if lolfi: I l-'or WMW licSt^ flower IUMI or i; hox i\>.m\ For the liost. Zinnia IHMI „ li.'iO ' For, the l )PHt : Ijtnl of inixfil i •flowers :>(! Till! cljnunittfo (•oii>ists of Mrs. A. A. .Moshe'r, cliairni.ili. and Mfs- dami'S .1. A. Ik-rr. LoKUii lluiisak- vr. Phil Kay. L. 11. WLsliard, \V. K. Lyons'; J.-.M. Fife'and L. L. N'ortli- rup, iCIiildron wisliiiiK to cuter ' iTic .cout^.st for any of tiic jubovi' nottd iirize.s send iuj their ^ names before May 1 to tlie iluiir- i man of tliis i;ohiinitt(>e. hut there I ' is no otjiei^ requirement. Tlie com- \ miltee.will make insiti-ction.'; dur-; ing the months of .lu le. .Inly iinii ' •"August. All children kylio wish to try for the p''''-'''* hut liavt>. no i flower .seeds may nlilain a sup.piy ' by calJing on .Mrsi .Moslier. MTiJ j : Xorth Jefferson. • i , '"The Zinnia is llie city flower of j Jola and wo wish everyl)o<ly would' I>|ant them. • isaifl .Mrs. .Moslier in! handing in the foregoing aiuKiunec- Im'oul. "Also itlie eommiitee wishes to make a. special appeal to everybody owning or occnjiying a htimu In lolalo help make lola lieaiiti- ! by keeping tlie weids down. I.y keeping the lawns mowed, and by jigettihg rid of the dandelions. Dun i 'make paths across corni'i .s of yonr oWn or your neighbors"; lawns or' ,l<?ts, don't make a .iiiiiji yard of your I'lts. keep your aljevs clean and .vour trash <-.leaneil up aad burneil. That is the message tin; , Federated Clubs would like to g<Jf across to everybody in town. I .oi I IIS all do our best to! make lola ! more beautiful than ever before. Kaj; it with floweiV:/" sT •m- riii S'li. .'>!), Kii'ujh plar, fleeted and ed the fnUineiinj off'uerk last uiiiht: Jaij Hvssir, einmuntidi r: (i. li. S(i{dii: 'liitl, ;ieiiei<ilissi»n>; J iKirk, eupluin' i/eiie A. A. Musher, sei leuideii: Vie Kiilc, \ior leardeii; limj Sh er, trensiiri r, and (ilrii Freeman, recurder. C. Unbhu " • d is the oM/f/o]/ nder. CONTEMPT IS CHARGED BY iUDGETODAY insmll- n. •al: iiir j]ir,i- A. II!/ and O^r] Peterson . 1 Others^ Arc Naraij'd In Trust Deal in Wyandotte County. Kan ^as (Al'i C.i Kaii.'Ja;; b.ilik .SiiMiiions. of City. Kan.. Mar I ..I, Peterson, commissioner; Topeki. secret h IS HI iiii'r s irv of the Sli.-iwnee .Misiracl, CoAipany. aiid'W; I; Tille am^ today wi cou!;t by Uyaiidolt: I lean of tb'' Coll I rust Coiiipany. Tl* re riiiMi lor conli liidgf Cliai les .\. .\li|iler <-oiiiiiy di-trici coli'nectioii Willi the alVaii.-; and ordered to idosed .American Conip:!':iy here. The Ibreeweie ; Man b.-'.-. I .should III FARMBUREAU'S DRIVE TO WAIT ]Vb1\lcm6ership Campaign' Until Board Holds ' April Meeting. 1 Frank Itbcjia, district Farm IIIH i reau liader for soiitbeast Kaifs;is. i and-Hoy Cwin. coiinly agent-, ijmr-! ' I'd Allen <'ouiily yesterday to stud> Farm Hureau progress. It \va .s^ de- ided tliat no jietioii -will be taken ; on a niembeishiiS drive uiitil after ' the .-Vpril meeting of the board of directors of the Allen. Cotiiiiy Farm Bureau. ' ' ; (Iwin said today tjiat in previmis i years inemberKhip drives were ! staged in .laniiary. Iiut'the bureau ; failed to lollow the usual iiistoni. ; and that considerable work will I lie reqiiin-d to bring the ineiiiber-| ship- up to the mark of previous' years. . | to show cause wb t be sentenced loj- ijlii leged "i-enioval of assets baiil<. "wliLch was plai-ed iiji ! handSi <)f |a receiver Decembi Tln^ coiilempt allidavil wa by niak>> i Williamson, receiv.i Williani'scui, in his alhdavi; 2.rii'(i| shares of stoi-k of the nee V'oinpany were ahiong tfi< sets of the .Amerieaiii •.'ompany lie took it over. In .Inntitir atlidavit stall's. Sliniiions blm a letter declaring the Sh slock was issued for ITIu sbaii the .\nier)<-.-in company; tli .\iiii'iican <-oiini.iny had i;iil i- out its |iart of the deal and fon- the Shawnee iiiinpany cai!<e||iii)» tlie I'.riim shares of The alliijavit fiirllii |- state, Pefersoii. I lien piesidi'nt o }^li:iw iibian the lit of Sli.t'wnei' eompaiiy anil Siii^nioiis mortgaged all assets of the nee.. I 'onipany to the Coin loaipany in an elTort to lali|( sloik held by. tin- receiver bis bands. The deal, the allidavit de( was in slriet violation of the itijiin|ction resf.r.-iiiiitig aiiyoin interfering with (he assets i Ameijicati Cottipaliy. "Said I mortgage." the states. "Was executed tor ilii p<lS(^ of fnterferiiig^w itb and ol Planting Intentions Better Than in 1926 Two REEDSm TALKING IN Liep. CASE Senator in (jjpefling Plea Lists Thousands of Dollars Sapiro Is Alleged to Have Tnkcn. : liilroll. .Mich., March is'. (AP) The tliou.'i-aiids of dollars .-\aron S.-ij- piro was alleged to have obtaine I from tin- co-opmalive a.'-'socliitioiiK j be oi'cani/cd wtire^ listed for th^ ijiiry loday by Senator ,Iames j\- j lieed in the million dollar liliel siili I against Henry Ford. I' The -eiialor who i ; defenilin^ ibe a II t o in 11 b i 1 e maliufacdireip against .s.-i|iini. wiio clajnis his rep- iilatioii was iiijiired by-, stories printed in Foiiirs publicaiiou. Ibe iJearborn Independent,' was hurry- .iiig to complete bis oiieniiig plea, lie showed irritation at frequent interruiitions, on the purl of the plaintifi's attorney.AVm. llejiryjGal- ii gber, and insisted he was cuning the <oi tiers; at every op)iortunily. "ISearing In mind Sapiro's frequent declaration of no desire for iarge ienuin<\ratioii in organizing .these co-operative associ:^ ions aiiioiig tlie farmers." said the sciia- lor. "I want to tell yotf of some of the i-ollections be m-jole." The largest aiiiotinl obtained ac-i lording to .Mr. ({eeil was *lj::.iiiio IKKII liie Tii-.Sl.-iie Tobai-r-o .\sso-' ciatioii. and the jiiext J:ilgest ligure I was a total of $4SiMiq fioni the ; Miirley •I'libiiceo .Vssocialion. The seiiiitor said Sapiro obtained $6,<|illi: i from the potato growersj of Colo-' ' rado. f:m.iii'0 frohi the Dai'rk tobac-' 8, 1927. Successor to Theilola Daily Register. The Ida Daily Record, and I<il ;i I.:iily Index. :iGHT PAGES' Racial Feeling Is High Following Assault by Three Negroes of Two White Girls—Titan Says Klan to Stand for Law and Order. CofTeyville, Kan.. March IS:. (AP)—While nf^iceris for and thd hen! Por- civilian.s contimit'd Ihi-ir unavjjiliiijr .search torla three negro men, who a.s.saultiyl two liijjh .school Vij'Is hist nijfht. racial feelin'jf wa.s 1)(^IIK fanned into a fliime. tions of. the conversation.s in tne .small groups of whites that knot the streets;are of ropiis, .;ims anti other a(?enoics of .speedy death. I . .Motor cars carr.v.ijjig arnied meii<> ^—. — z !_, have lii;id.e XiequeiU trips thmugb the principal negro seltlemeiii. iu the northeast part of the city, al-' though no reprisals have been re' porleil. Only an occasional negii is seen oniihe downtown street-. .Mayor .loyce Instructed chief of I'olice Ctithers to spare no means or exjiense in the effort to bring tlie felons to justjce. \V. I). .McCrahb. sheriff of .Moiitgonii-ry county, and all.hi.s deputies have been working on the case since •.'! o'clock this luorning, an hour after the <,-rime Was reported, •'ir the three are found an effort- will be made to spirit tlietn out <if the county to avoid mob violence. | The odicers are conlideiit lliey Willi be iilili- fo cilpe with the siliialioii The two victims of lie CHANGESMAY BEI ASKED IN LEGISLAIURE 4 •vcsolution f 0 p| Smaller Membership May Be Adopted Befo Tonight by Senators were popular members si'I'.ool td'ulis and weic in all the upper str.ita Th'ey were chums at sclj separable <-6mp;iniii!is. Fi-ars that the Kit might take a h:ind in a iai demonstration were ot line of no I TMpek;i. K,-iii.. -.M.-ircl assail I' i ' ''••"'K';- may be pro| i>i ganizatioii of the Hlllire befoi'e llle 11):;7 ihicli, unless another piisiii<inetiii'nr is made iiiidnlght. lonigbt. Itefore tlie legisia • oiiK'. the seti:iii variou:! guests sni-iiity. and in- is. ( U'l loseii in tile lyyi.'ias li'gis- ^e.'^sion ends unexpected will be at \<\\i\ Klati in'Tcr-rai;- •allayed to- iiiblaii ' ipeka ! ipl of; lit! n , le ppear till y I al-: the • the fi.' tiled said I jShaw- I as-1 i^NUee res- in It the irrii-d there- was tocli. that the Washjngton. Mar.f l.*"". •'Planliuk .March firi more ai'rrage than harvested per cent corn. ing worthless the "^ibaii of the Sliawtiee .Abstract Confp owned, by the .\iiieriiair TitI Trust Company. lAPl- ntentions of fa riders on it wore lor l.<; 'per rent of spring""] wliear last vear and IS'! the department of Fire Routs Family Five'Miles East of agrlcnlt-ure announced today. I County Commissioners. Hold Short Meeting Tlie board of toiinty ' ei;'s met this.mnrtiiiiK t the monililv- payroll this afternoon gress. on road (imjiiission- ) make on! aiid dev-oted Fire roiiled' Mr. : nd .Mrs. .N'orniaii from the I ay Mell five mile's ea.'J! . o: lola. Thursday nioriiiiig. The firfj caused by a di'fectiv flue atij iiinf ajid kitclieii we •.- damag llie c.\ilei|,t of *ir ,ii. Smoke Was detecled'hytlnj .Nor- niaii childt w iio a'.vakeiieil| their I CO growers of Kentucky jand $11.-' •,.*i(i<i from the .Maine potato co-oper-1 alive. In Oregrin be received $5,511'!: and Iroin Caroline jPeaniii groweisj •$.'i.'|'lii. the defen.-ie attorni/y.said. i ..|llorl)ey *t;;illagber . read to the coiirt a ruling made in siiiireiiie court on what should he Till.,; loiiched upon in an ojieiiing state- iiieiii. .Iiidge Fred M. Itaymond said he hail bad that decision in niiiid ill ills fri'i|iient warnings to botli attorneys .-mil he believed the guilt was equally ilivided in failure to comply with bis reijuests. I Sapiro s WIMJ; among the California prune ai)i| apricot giowi-rs the Coliiiado and Idaho p.slalu gioweis. tobacco planters in Ken- tiick.v and peanut giowiTs in (.'aro- linii were tiiken up by the defense '. ,tliej "In spite of till- fact that. Sapiro Wrote ' repiirteil himself as not being anxious fiji- nioiiey." said tlie senator, "he drew a sal.ary ot a: ye;ir frimi the California Prune and .\p- ricot dowers .A.ssocialion after organizing Ibeiil. The he.'Hl of th' Held departnient got Si^.iiim and a stenographer whii|hail I n drawing ^'li."' ;i moiitli ;was put on rtie salary at .*iiiuiiii.: .Sapir" and Iiis ;,ile.s dr('W ;».lniii for or- gani/iiig the assiiii.ition and dr;iw- ii)g up the articles i»f incorporation. ; "Sapiro went into Idaho and. suggested to .Moitiiner Stone, an attor- aros. "•'V 'here, that the local potato as- Icbiirt { social ions be organized info a stati ; orgaiii'/aiiiin. Stmie and Sapiro to f III.. '-^^pli' 'be fees. The two. .-iltho'ugh the, gruwcrs of that state ohjeeied davit ' |^ai''i'o's connection, liiially per pi,,.. I lecteii the orgaiiizatimi \ c<in- ma V-' ^^''^ made . jwith Weil and Zii<"kerman. a .S;in Francisco com-! lol.i i.s mission hous.' to j handle ' the pota = .>1L' a inoie than'.should have bei'ii |iaid. • : "In KiMitiicky w'hen the members of the hurley ;iss-(ician"on actually were starving for lack of tfione.V, asked iieriiiissionI to sell their tobacco on-the opeii market instead ! of- b:indliiig it tlijougb a comjiany i Siipiro insisted oil holding tliem to i their contmet.s."' ! i It .ipiieareil .at'inoon recess that j year organiza- day by City .Attorney iCIement A Reed, great titan of tb tion. "If the klan takes p.-iiji on the side of law juiil Keed declared. , "Then demonstrations by tin Dr. A. A. Krugg, a ci;in. who atteinled lli short l.y bi'i'iri- noun, their ondilioii improved and said they were siilTering from nervous shock and bod.v bruises and both will' recover. Within two hours after tin- deed w:is reported a cordon of armed men had been thrown aroiiui . i jiidici: ary is switching r-rews. expected a resolution that a anieinl the state con will be! subniilted 'o the voter^ election. The senate siriicted tlie coniiiiitli something'' out of the liitioti asking the voter] salar.v a session for e; Swei'iiing changes methods of legislation posed in the-senate, fl the membor.ship of the senate were' suggested, higher salarlt's. Davi.'burg, said "he .would iiieniiiership of boti ill the I iiiieed a! least' oin(-lial it order,'- .Mr. will b'e- no fjlaii." nal pliysi- tuo girls pronounced city an^ tbiee freight yards were on the I !• g:;ilaljiie remain in tbel th' the I due alert for suspicious characteis. Bloodhounds-Are on tiiiiiall\|. Senator Finley. nl ( lieved that this plan ' ti'»l. He .suggested tl iniprac- .•r . CP •II :•••«". 11.- .-iiirsr^i-.-ii-'i nui. |the fiPf- Way to LOlteyVlllei' limited to r .u ilnys an.litiie ! niiiiibef of! bills resiri ted to'the number. :-Clianiite, Kans.. .Mar. K lAP) JEloodhounds an lo lie ii>,'d in tr:iililig the threi- negroes who as- rjaiilteil twd Cofeyville girls last iiigllt. (ieorge ("it.v. Kans. wa.s noon on his w with bis irack o|" ore COOLIES IN CLASH WITH ENGLISHMEN . L . j British Marines, Unarmed, Have Goods Seized \ By "Avenging Society" Membership | Yesterday. . I Peking, .March IS;. l.M'i C.nolies ! hehinging to the ".Avenging .Socie- t.t";claslied with Pritish ii«irines ' at Chungking yesterd .-i.'i and sei/i-d nav'al .stores being• conveyed from; a Hritisli gunboat to the' .Itriiishj canteen ashore. j (Chungking is in Ihe inljind [trov- * ince, of S/.ecbw :iit. tm the Vaimi^'' i rivrr, some iiisi,ati<e west of the recent trouble zon.'!s in Cbipa.i j 'ihe marines.who were 1111:1 riii"il,! were accompanied by liri'isb Con-' suit Pratt. Tliej giive diase when j the coolies seized fljie s!oi''S. and ' th'i latter dropped; tlieni. Wlo-n thej inarine.s. picked iipirhe goods again.' howevi'r, a ini'ih ot' Chines-- attack-i ed tbeni: with sfi<-ks and stones; and the liritish wifre forced i., • abandon tho siipidiij-s. The Uritisb silffere>| no :-e|-ion.; \ in.iiiries. (i'oiistil I^r.iit t" the Chini'Se a'l'huiili Paulen Is To Get His New Motor Topeka, Kan., .Mar. 18. (AP). — Rrnresetihitire Ildirtiin ii (if Anderson rniiiitu, Denioerati i)inde a fnlilr (illtnijil ludaij to stril:( lioiti (III appro- piidtioii hill (in ill ni of lor lior. l'(tiil( ii's IK ir ni.olor eiir. Repiih- lirnii 'nnnilx rr. insisted that till ijori rimr needs (1)1 •rnilnn/olnh for irar- iliii'j (ihonl K(ni.~!(i:<. POSSES HUNT TWO MEN IN Inman and Shenii^ood Suspected of Having Part in Robbery! ' Of Two lola i . Sloreis. Kliiier liiniiiH. nini Ahin .Shentooil, \^lut nsniped from oi'l'fei'.rs late yesterday In Okjii- himu^ were iriiinty oiiic4rs 01 heinfc c«ii-. iiprtetl with I.ei'i'tpr and sfiircs. hen- Hsperted by hp rolihery of.(be M^Trhjint jewelry iwii months affw. proti-siod I BUDGET HIKE FORSCHOOLS TO GOVERNOR ! jfrNlcAIeslir, OJila., Mar. 18. (A;P) — \.\ renew -i -d search was .started early - tiida.v b.v an officers' posse j and 'guards from the penitentiary;, for ! Elmer Inman .nd Alvin Sherwood. ! prisoners, who escaped custotly of r. I an Oklahoma county officer ye^ter- i day afternoon by- leaping from a-. i Rock Island rtiilroad train foui*' from herje '-' I'.biodhoiinds prison Thiirsd ! Fall of Nanking Is Kxpectcd in Sbanghai f'.li;iiO;hai. .Mardi }S. (.\|-| 'I'lo- fall of .N'ankiiig is daily eNpeeted. ! Terrorism is itii-rea>itig lure. The hailuri' of the Shanlunr foree- to ors return I niak.' .1 siront (^efrnse of .Nankinc co^nlnitlie oil j indicales tliejr iMfihls are merely introduce 1,,-force a harder Iilir;:aiii foi- their proposal to withdrawal from lie' VaiiKLse Val- stitiitifui bi'li,.y. TIH' i;iner;il labor union lo- at the l!i-.S I ,|;iy issued a comiiiiini'iu • i-:rllini; today in-j., j^eneral strike to beuin foniofr-iw at noon and ciuitiniie iimil tlie.Va- tionalists (Cantone-ei occupy Shanghai. . I " " . , ' not reach t be All In.stitutions in State land siorwood (Jiven Incrca.sed Funds ]{y Present Session Of Legislature Of Kansas., To|n ka. Kans.. .Mar 'e. t.aken ' from. I the ' ly al(ernoon couldiT scene j where Iriman - vere jrist vieweH by j I a farmer'r, family as heavy rainS.; lot the nighty jiefore; bad swollen., !stre;im.'; out oli liaiiks. Within an' ' hour of their ittlier downiioii i hieii who had j liiiijl'and the • jtire e.xpedition i The two pi i: , .brought to ili< I here. They arje • of ring of -stor<' to '"inak house reso- . for a $r.00 eh nieniber. in present were pro- (•fIu'i;iions in. hotise and alojig wiih of 'Creens- ike. to see houses re- '7 and the Sheriff Believes Man Has :|essioti con i j^pf^ Nowata County, haniite. he- I Oklahoma. IV'. (API FiiKil ap|i(roval of the seven and iiiree f|iiarlers 'million (foliar slate sehool budget w,is given loday by llie legislature. It. needs only (iovernor Paiilen's signature be- fohi becoming a law. iiiiilding appropriations total approximately 1 1-:'. million dollar.";. ^•'^ll i 'f^'^y'w-^'^'"him'|^uff ^eVi -t;^her 'i^ in charge of wj P. Lindsay, a dep-' in Dklaiioiua. ; sas. Kacb \v;i.^; I years on coiivii ; of an l)kIabomj:i leap to liberty,; an• drenched: po.<tse-\, tarted oil the man ' Ific'cnc'y of the en- w;ts lost. " otier .s were being state -penitentiary .11 leged members rolifiers operating Kansas and Arkan- to ] serve seven lion <<r the robbery cliiitbing .store. SMOCK IS BACK, BUT DOYLE ISN'T Uas at giv n new buildings. The building proi:r;:ni iiichid's the .following new St nil lures: I'tiii li. wanl building. I'niyers- ii.v of Kansa-- sehool of niedicine at Koserlaie $:.'iHt.(iiiii. .Nurses home. IJosedale .f lu'i.iMin. ' lijological scieiK-e biiildiim, liii- vervjity of Kansas. ?2imjiiMi. ; (,'i>iiil)!eiiiig aiidiloriiim. university luu.iiiiu. Heating plant for Kansas State Agricultural college. $?.l.".,tiiiO. Training, school, Kansas State III V sheriff. Me bad permitted tiiem to go to the r<!'ar of tbr> car j ^nd hioth leaped froijii a window, appar- eceiving-injiiryi as pea reil from sight could be .rbaqked Inman .stepped into the lirnelichi in l'.r2l. when he riiar- ried I,;ivf>iiia Codding, daughter of the ivurilen of tlie Lansing. Kaiisas, pen'tenliaTy,^while a prisoner there. enil.v •.'.iihoiit the.v bad di!+;i| before the tr;iih to tbf spot. THE WEATHER If.'aion of Kansas here, this af'er- ,iy to Coffeyville lioiihds. SPRING RECITAL TO BE TONIGHT .liinior Club or snow folder .Sat- nnd in p(irliir|is tonight: strong^.northerly I( IMTV - Innil Siitiir- strontr Mom entls Musical at Presbyterian | Church. stofk •Ay nd : lola s. n. |f;irm, early was the li to iv.irents. Witli the assistance of neighbors a hmket brigade was to lookiilR over pro-1 organized and Ihe fire extiniuisli- work ill tJie .'oaiiiy. : ed. THOMPSON ADMITS GUIL':^ IN PRISON ESCAPE TODAY .N'ew t)f.1i'aiis. 1,1 , .Mar. is. (.\Pi Charles ' M. Thomson, tornier a*, Kistapt s'lllieriplelidelll of .the .shoe factory at Leavctiwortli prison., told .1 newspaper reporter In the presence of deputy sheriff* here late today that be bad- aided ,lohti P. Carndl to CSC.IJK' fi'om the i«iii- leijliary after the latter had offered blm JliS.oiiii t 1 do so. Thomson said b • had not re- reived any of the money oifered by CarrolL . ."-The former shoe factor.v official .was held here for a tttne incom-, niu'nioano after fedi'ral agents bad- Captured hirh after- ii chase which led them through several t;tates. ! PliVioiislv. they said. Ihe- had been jlose on the HM11 of 'I'ln Ml nil -Hid C ^Hrroll III Keiiiiii ky whet they .llratlged Jl| llleelinc In .New (II <';i-,n "Canidii I'fleiedl iiie .*i;s.(iiii it I would getl him mil of 111 son.' Thom .'-oii ."-.lid I w .is ass -ii.iii'l Sliperinlenil. lit nt the shoe f; etory ,-it Leaveauotiji. getting .*.'l.inii> a year 1 iievei reeeived a peii^iv of the money, hill 1 think < .an IJoed -wonld be ijiiable to complete his opening plea' until late afternoon at the best! and perhaps n«it until .Moiid.iy. If.held over until next week, the ple.-t, in all probability would prevciit, Henry Foril Ironi taking the stand Monday as intended. , ;' The seiiaior fi.iid he was making every effort to 'get through for he was anxious to'get to Wa.shington for a meeting of the senate Invcsti- g.It ion committee tiiijiorrow. First Music Award To Abilene, Kan., (Jirl cloudy: Wichita partly roads good .«'.\<epl Pitt honi'st. .Ifhiiik he :ntend«d >|iviiii; me the money at llie-lirst iiinity. Till- ofter- of the .$ went tij my bead. I bad a job al!d I am sorry I was strong enough to witlisian temiitation." ] .liiiii lion City, Kaiis.. .Mar. ' IS. I API .MISS Piiyllis Karrar of Abilene has reioiveil the first award m.ide by the -Music talent newest activity ol' tin . . , .•ration of Women'.s Clubs, .Mrs. {lola SymphoUy PlaVS Concert at Colonv :fund. the | Kansas Ked- One of the imhortant clubs of the Juuii'ir .Moments .Musi-! ,.jpnc.v sincf (%il <':u.b which is spimsorcd bv j,|,.|,p">, .Mrs. Lloyd .V. Brown. Thi.s club has been in existence only a short time but thij training of its .members has been so thorough and so profepsionaP that the students aii- pear in public in a way that is giving them much prominence .-is tu'- iire musicians of this vicinity. .Musi<'.-il apprei'iation is the real study of l|be club and several recitals a are given by the students, who take Ies>ioiis under .various lola teachers. The work of directing the. club g-'iw!i so exacting that it is almost impossible for mie per.-;on to take charge and .Mr.s. Ilrowii has'd .Miss Margaret Itoberis fo aid her in the meetings. .Mi.-s Roberts is a cultured musician and has been given excellent training. This «:luh expects to Join ib'- slate feiierailon next year." The spring recital of the .liiulor .Moments .Miisic.-|| cinh will b" given lonigbt in the First Presbyip. iaii church beginning at o'clock and it will be worth while for the music lovers of lola to at tend jll-l to see what ejVellint work .voting folks are doijig and how ib'V cimdiici a ii c'li'al will, be no ,"idmission. , ; VUK K.OS.tS -Kain tonight iuiii ,Siitiirday; iirdiiy: roliler- Saturday nest and nnrlh winds liecoiniiig Satiirdny. \ vmi wi.x Asit Itilin or snon tonight day: eolder .Saturdiiy: northerly «lnd>' .Satnrdky. Temperatiire—Highes yesterday 1;:!, at :! i>. m.: lowest last night '.'.S at fi a. III.; normal fo - today •!•!: excess yesterday 1: excess sinc< .lanuary 1st, ;;ri!i degree;^; this dat.e last year-highest t;.S: Idwest an. Precjpitaiion for the "I Iniurs iidina at 7 a. ni. today .U'l; total for this year to date. :.M:t; defi- ,laniiarv Isi. 'J.'I'.i Sheriff Smock's ijrlii to Okia lioma lifter Karl Doyle, charged with possession of .ilolen properly in coum-f'tion wi'th ;the robliery of the .Merchant and I.effler jewelry stores, was futile. .Sheriff Smi»-k Ti-turneii |:ist night without bis man. lie expressed the opinion ithat. Do.vie has left .Vow.Tl.i (oiilit.^-. des;riie the fact that lie is out,ou bond on a similar eharce'in ."{.'nwaia (ouiiiy. Kxti|adition .papers issued by Governor Paub-ii and taken to Oklahoma by Siiioi k were jionored b.v fJovernor Mi iir.v S. .loiiiiston of Oklabonia, hut Smoiik aii.d .\'owat.-i county offii-ir.s failed to him. tjini.-in. servinji: a term for a | T !\000 . Teacher.s colli-ge of Kmporia, Jl.'i'i,- | jewelry rohber.vj. w.-is actiifg asjtlle '"ft".: . • (Warden's dwiiifreur. Ifo elopsetl fo .Music ball for Kansas State | Uohb^ville, Okjla:, with tiie, KirL!iers college, Pittsburg, JLHO,-' The >oiing wifr? filed suit fo'r] divorce, two year?! after tt^ef^.Btiar-- riage. She is ;now . living -' with building hers college for Kan.s.xs , M.i.vs, ILiO.- locale Coolidge in Tax Slash Prediction • flelative humidity al nor yesterday, L 'T per cent. ^T'a.'m. tii- day, SL' per cent: bari|.me>er reduced to scii level, 2^.'.tt inche.s.i Sun rises B ;2 .S n. ni.2 sets !'• m. • ; KoadK and M'eather Klsenihere. All clear, exi-ept Hutclhinson, cloudy, all rfhiirg, fair. I Uashinglon; .Miiri is. (AI') - Keports 'on t:iv \ rollerthins presented to President Conl- idice have eon\inred hini thai unless a linsiness recession ofcnrs in Ihe! . present year, congress at its next session nill l»e justified in| entling the inronie and other retei^ie rates. (IIKI. .-^ejerii-e Sl.lle Te.-li : tinii, .sj.'ilary ;ii d niainlen.ince w ere iincbai gi'd with a few exieptions. I .Xppropriaijioiis for the session are esiimatejrl at Pt^i million dol-' lars. appro.ximately two niil'ior ' dollars nioi^ than in 192.'>. Part of the difl'ereiice is expected to he ; re .-ilize.j fr«im tho new ' cigarette ! stamp tax. ' Following are table.>? showing the .-imoiiiits' apioopriafed for the five sr;ite institutions of higher leriniiiig for the years ir)2.S and I ;•".•>. re.spr-ctivelv: I'liitersit.i 01' Kansas. Salaries and wai:es, JTSn.OO 'i; i f .•.Ml .lHMI. ! Maiiiteriaiiee. .«L'r;."..000: J2 :!."..onfi. ! Ilepairs permanent improvements., fi;7..%iirt. ?(^7.."ii)ii. IlKl.llflli. Conipleting item.s I of minor ' honia City store that Inman am friemls in Tiils.-^. i Ftdlowing thi'lr'arrest in.thejact ••moving f."i.iioit from an Okla- it was dkscoTcred Sherwood appar- entl.v were iilaiihin.g^ to give npltha robbery game> lor they had pur- cii;ised several tracts of land adjacent to the city. -The incumbrances on thi.s propert.v <.;otild have b^en for S.'i.t 'III. LAST YEAR GOOD '1 building, JloO.hOO: iiditorliim. :flonjiof): contingency JL .'JOH.noO; 132," Such Is Rejport of High Commissioner Made I . Publiq Today. j COAL MEETING IN DEADLOCK Miners and Operitors of District HaVen't Ajfreed. i j Cottage Crove Has New4-H Club Today livter- 's :S(i Kansas City. .Mar. I.*^! wage conference belw ; eoal mine ' repre.sentativ . iiuiie operators from K -oiiri, Oklahoma and Iiiainei| rleadlncked I eonfenVnie, which begai; • being carried on ( ' eight :froni the union , trom the fiperalors. The Icoal miner? as iresent, wage scale, iini year contra'ci. ;to end continued. -Tlie .•scab •o $.S a diiy. cannot \'. Iloherts ' iinder the liew coiitr.-ict; according to the operators, because of increased' co -Jt of prodiictlion. Con- Munatifin of the preserit contract until a new • contract j is agr^-eil upon has been suggest.ed by the miners but Ihe operatorf* have not ,")eceded. Ifoy f;w-iti. count The .1 Abble Clarke. Hogan, fundi cliairm.iti. announced todav. j ^ i Mississippi Governor • ppor- 01)11 gooll not the An appreci/itive aiidiener. lieard i-^. r.\n r> '""' f^.vmphoiiy orchestra iin- Dies of Bone Cancer der the direction of .i — 1 [at Colony high school last night, .laekson. Miss.. Mar. !.< t A P)—i In addition toan exceptionally well toivrriior Henry L. Whiffieid of'balanced group of selections by .Mississippi died at -1:41 ofclock to-!'he orchestra, several solo selec- day from cancer of the bone. Legality of Cook Parole Is j To Be Tested in Court Sb^n \ Itions were rendered. Clara Hrown I sang a soprano solo. "Indiai'i Ixive Song." Harold Kelley and Everett i Land sang "The Volga Boatman." jand Mrs. I.,lo.v'I Brown rendered a violin .'olo, accompanied by the orchestra. j Senjite'lo Investigate Public Service Croup (.\i een les and the insas, .Mis i AHkansas. re- i day. The yesterday, tuy J<; men, and eight, that the er a three Mii-il first, be Ifroin $7.r.u I ^,',11 retained ficganizi-d a 111 ili tage fJrove di.s-iric^ There ; art' nine ch;irler of thfdtib. Willi.-im Piicketf is leader. fViuliiie Hinlsong was elecietl ' president Jiitd leorgiaiia Davis, sec retar.v. The girls'an- taking up clothitu; vjork. while the boys are studying \i\v. r.'iising ; Idank. i Chancellor J .-.oiri: .$.".i '0. total::. i;i2.s, ' ?.I.I-S ::lii'iii. Hie^iiiiunn total, li;.1^1,000. i I'niv. 01" Kiinsas .SeliimI of Medicine. I iialiries. |s <i,niiri: ilso .fiftO. ; .Maijifenance, ?li','i^O: .MO.OOO. Iteilair-:- and. iinprovement.s, ti'..'>|iii: .?2 ..'>oo. ^ I .Vnrses boitie. j .'.ii .iiOO: $,",o.Ofin. I I'liit "l;" ward biiildiii;;. JlnO.iiOd: 511111 mill. . ' Tot'iils. ifi2K. .JL'T.'..'.IIII: vri:,, members ' » Piehiiiiini I', <.'.-l."..iMiii Kansas state .Vgrl. ( ii|| Salaries .tiid . wagci, .}•;!!• iii )i>; .f^Iii.Uiio. *.\l.iin'i'ti;inr e i"i<'; :5:;eo.iiiiii Repairs aid 1111(1; .5.".."..iiliO, iContiiiu'd ' farm agent, b in the t:ot- lasi nii-'ht. Washington, jijlarcb IS. (AP)— \ Describing ;:s a ("banner year" ifor •^"""•j Haiti and crediljitig tbf> country's unequalled ecoiibmic and rinancial prosperity largely to the re-election of President Borno and a bumper coffee cijop fluring a period of high, prices. Mie liftb annual jre- port of f.irigadjei- Oneral JohniH.. Russell.' siiieric^n high com'rais- KiOner to Haitr.j xvas .made pu.blic today b.v the st.-rte department. ;. He aiivised th;jt conditions m jthe little republic, ffoiii which Senator King, democrat, .•in investigation f'liided bv Presidi isfaciory and prijigressing. His Hid iep ;iirs, $.'!(ll»,- jmpi-'ivi-mentH, P.ige .\. .%•„. 2.) 'tl iriticism was ary. but .-ifter "inellieiiriiey were iiKiie nolo past,^,hi> explain sfjTin would hi "no one would f<i to court Topi ka. jKatis.. Mlii I'<.-l.\Pi .-VJter cli.irges of lrr|-i;iilaritie ; h .id been ni;ide l /y Sonator Van lie Mark' of <"i 'ner,id :d lio- -enat" :idii|ited this :iltet -nij .>ii :i f oiriiion (-ailing for an Jtivesticati 'iii of tie- affairs of the pitidi.: servi /e eoin mission. Th" r<soluiioji «hieh is subject to the irriiise's ae ti(^n. ca !l!^ 'for the appointment of a .commission of-'fiv nienUiers. 'wo to b(' named by tiie .s<-)iate .-ii-.d tllree by the,house, to make lb" investigation and make a report to the attorney general. UNDER QUARANTINE NOW ICtalK who plani ^ed visit, ha .s been lex- ^nt iinrno. are' sat- jolnly e|e,} at the Jn|dlci- clat^ing the; conf'tB' 1(1 • jnoonppetbticy lions." than 1ft the (I that the'sysliem- rjeorganized so [that;, ar fo take hi.'ticiase Pari , .Mar <Ii IS: I APi r Kornier Ciiveiiinr Ileiiiv .1 .\lli-u. of Kan:.a.: a i .'ieiiiher of the l.iciilty ol' the ••|lo:iiiiig iiniver -ii'.' ici the steaiii- • r Ityiiil.'i'n. t.od .iy ile(-"l ,-iiei| reports, th;it the Pviidani has ber-n ((iiaran-: liiicfl .-if |{otle:-dam b"c;ins(f of bii- botile plaKlie were groundless. There ha.d been no ca.-e of serious illness among the studenf.i; oil Ihe entire trip, the IIieintierH of inovi'd at Venic' from a mild bubonic r-sp tor.s cleared the c riiisefi_-fh rough The students, visiting in Prami at -Rotterdam ne^l thnuglit cies. I Nutrition Specialist Handling lola - . ^ , J •, Washinrton. 1 Mai*. I'S. <APi -! While^ Attorney General Legality if thje five-year parole jand other officials of the d : grab ted ipr Ft-ederick .-V. Cook. ' ment of justice so far have refused Arctic explorer and oil promoter, ! to comment ,oh *y Federal Judge .Tames C. Wil- order, e.xtended Bon at Fort Worth, Te.\as. is ex-, the Pi2r> federal pected to be tested in the Vuited is regarded as " • "• "of appeals, tricf Attorney 'States cifciiif eoiirt the prohat yesterday, probation certain tha< Zweifel at % rgeni' part- onary under ^ct. it Dis- Fnrt Wortli will be insiructed'to press for action un the appeal he already has announced •will be fijed. This immediately Would throw the question into the higher federal court and i>ossibly start' legal proceedings that wotild be continu- IContinued on Pago .<!, .\o, 1,) .11 ST .V I'OI N TEKI TO .\I»VERTISERS Meeting Five Die AVhen Train Hits he s.iid. ' Two of jhe ('rew were re- Italy, • stitferiiig to be of a but the dpc- .ship, which later he- .Mediterranejin. who have tipen e. will re-eihbairk week. • • i The lola Daily Register pays 9.">''-of the postage paid by all newspapers entered ,in the lola Postoffice. i . Conie Foote,-food an< nbtrition.s ; sinecialist from K. S. C is in • Allen county condiictin j a, food and nutrition lieaders class. Work opened thi.t morning at Memorial ' hall. Fourteen Club Ijeaders and \ an even larger nnmbeij of assist-, ants attended the opening meeting, .death The work will continiie through I tomorrow, but tomorro|-'s ineetiog will be limited to rliilj leaders. Ottawa. Kans.. .Mar. 1^. tAP)—.'22, .Mr.s. Bessie ,Jarret. aged 21. and .A, railroad ; crossing! accident at her 11 months old son. of .lackspn- Weilsville last night lat lt»: l.i p. n^..: villo. Te.xas, and William Hayes, claimed all five occupants with the I 22, of Wellsville. died almost in- this morning lof Dale Greg-' stanfly when ,the train. Santa Fe ory, aged four, soniof-Mr.s. Paul- .N'o. 20. The Chief eastbonnd, struclc ine Petrel of 'VVellsyille, in a bos-j a small coupe just after iC had been pitai here. The bo.v'is mother, agedlturd^d around at the railroad sta- tion ami was crd iAyes vvas drivin ssiiigi the tracitsl The occupai^ts |jof the car had ju?t watched a f^'st mail train thund ;r' through, goiitg west and were oblivious of the ap^ proach of the which was runniikg a schedule, eastboqnd train, little bebUid

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