Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on February 22, 1962 · Page 2
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 2

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 22, 1962
Page 2
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'«J^*M9 land- :<">«•" -»«r«KK»ti^ u?' j .pnniMr _ KT.»-;:, ;"i»ir>r'i'l' ssm.fit.riiu -j,^;,,^ vwujii^i'-j "(,. .,. VI- |'C- At* j'-r-- • ,K}'»--J'.l'»v'»t'' .«>•}»-« C| '.)-> ' ••KV"yj<" •>• .1"' •«y»t. *1|»- v**K&*' ,tJ *"4' v »«5l .« r6'«- '•"*'^M*"' r»»-»-i ,»M(|-t-^. ;tf-* ! .'-'.MT^T**>»•-** ."TA^^VM^-^v .ttMV' •-*•*" 4-i' r -t*-'l^i--?7'. '•.Jr.*-.' .*r-i..w^-i^r' --*.-?• t-*"frT Ifj ;t'y» ' f.*v-4iS--: **;t't' *"\ i» • *^-^^t. . t;.*^ 'i|j*r« *ij>»l(!. v r»f *i fifM-X^y^ THE FO»<y >TrE^ 'SOLUTION* ;'t »V>;. ' M S'.^l** 'rt^**^ >*>** 'HI** A NEWBORN'S HERITAGE "'-"*•" ''" a ' '^'Jd iwi :» J98J wjH » fj.«j» t " 3s v- iyyn dw!njf ihls >-<?ai-. Tiujt LOCALS Mi*, »nd J-'orrost Claxton loft last Tuesday to sjHHvd six in Oman-I Beach, Fla. — •— Mr. and Mi's. J<*n f>w» C#?*brat^d Iv-f Kith' Mi -thday ott P"<?b; 15, by havirtfc Df -ttna R^jwrfs as aft WW nigM g(j«»st. Mi*, and Mr». R«y iwM Srrfth w« tvysttg gams. -_»._. Batf was hMd Tuesday evwitTiu at th<?* Wgh seh<y-} j?ym which wa« ajiftrwor-J'd by tho anw»al rtaff. f >*W>)? tb<- ^wniTijj, Dayn* math, a member <yf th# Wgh schf /it «Wift»r <-Tfl«* wa* wii^Wea Swe*t- f«>m by Mr. and Mr*. Terry — Know fefl frt thftt- aftflf A#Wig the wdrfc-frnd (rtrirm, a-^ir'ffifiii to th« ffcfiort givart fry Mrs. ItiageTl Swttrtj!, offi>a( weather (fyii&Vit. 'fht're «M w» school WdrtiiW at t1» Commoni'y ftfhooi and grade school du<* w tJv» snow and drtft- <»d roads. —•— Ray llitf was a i>atient at tJw f)^w«?!n Hospital last week, for treatment of a heart condition. He returned to MB home Thursday afterrioon and is (getting along weft. — Mr. and 1*8. Alfred Hanson St. are the parents of a daughter born Feb. 15 at the Oelwefav hospital. —*— Mr. and Mr». Harry Oidsapple and Mrs. Emma Weber, Red Wmfe Mim*. aW* NelWe Gw«t af St. Pmrf carftfe Tuesday for a few days vl*K h» the S. E. Camj>feeH home. (>n Wednesday they all went to Hartford, Wise, to attend the fun- era J of their brother Thomas Rudolph on Thur«. and also visited their nephew, Ed Rudofpb at Watertewfty Wise. Thtf fetarrted Ki Payette Friday and tife Wirm- witrt LSAMSR wAirr ADS Upper Iowa University Present* The Don Shirley Trio February 28 - 8 :15 P. M. ette High School Gym • iMiWMarMnirMliiW -I,' V, '^^ ^^«^ At th« 1?ATO 'USAbiH. 4. •' Chattin/ With : Stonev ,>>»n '.tf"p,. •«trv>-' •.nafi* 1 •«•»*»»*• '.*r *-5tii !«»dt»«<! •^•w »i*vi ?«w*MiUf-. .M'v'n«t>^ 1 ' ''ifTtinc •>> r«ftur?i«!l •> }\" tnfvfwy'ig "Sv> f «*w. cv»mj>»>tUHY* -nu -rpf*;!^' iJ\-.4 »>'t>. '^w prxSw^lw) :* §i'aiv«d J ,' xinsyrtifjJin-i and Jie invr or iiupp)y at>d demand pryt'ails; :n 'Jic /»i«f*kt*t plue?. "PtxtA'x nly»M ifM- only •'wMittfon" -.»»• jiawfi'! tKed , ;)i * 0 th» ft^al g,M»rnment, $295 billion, su^fwss bv ,w >' this ajntnry. hw 23 cenU today r .}«. tw JlJj^t m ? V***** *« W ..mo*, at hand,. IT iMation e ^H ^TS S ^ ^ ^ •*«• Ki-A-n: maujj i - £!l?C *?Jfc .t. : ie; n»mi. t. U.' -BR i -i «!«*•.. .tlilt' ! rf . -IBE. . --jiBi* ar. • ••*;."•; •yen'. :ns rsr.^;: .-switsrtrnc " i x VI. Ul: --^M sin^ ate Korean War. ihe do)W •** •„ ,J.^ ''ente at the «nd '>r this c««ury 7!T , " wlwa, **» and «u«, an t^d oWigatiws .( r i^-*Li>*. 11 .,,\.... i , .... esota i *<»'.atn <es k»fl for their Mitws Saturday morning. —•— Mr and Mrs. David WaJfeltahJe are the parents of a boy born Saturday, Feb. 17 at the West Ottfort hospital. The WulfekuWe now haw fiw boys. —«— Mrs. Gene Singpr Has- been a patient at the West Union hospital since Thursday receiving medical care for a cold and fiu. —•— Grace Mission' Circle will meet Thursday afternoon. March 1. with Mrs. Russell Wenthe and Mrs. Eugene WHbur as hostesses Roll call will be verses from foe teok of Titus. The lesson topic, "You and God, How do you talk to God" w9V be discussed. —#— Mr. and Mrs. Park Cowles were callers Saturday afternoon at the home of her sister, Mrs. Liftlan Trout at Hawkeye. Mr. and Mrs. Bob Euekhart of Waveriy were eaSers Friday of Ms sister, Mrs. CHnt Ostrander. Creek Bottom Comments •,«•• -n'ir !;;n " n: : -n,l»"r..if . •*,[•; • -mi'.' t Of .,»i.i-r f . : • i'riiar • -.-Ha - , i I t't! .lac*. • ! :w !" r «at» ailti'-a-of : .IVi: -m "mi-a: !• 1-UlIJi »uiL Uie~ i :u -3ut'' -!UUUi v 1 L' VOUCKW' Vft: V -van* .BJWCUIU'. t- v/i: <TamiKf i' *,,•»-.' t--^l'*' t- •"••', :.' :•»•' in!,- y *.••" ••• V .J.M: i .-iv.nv».-|)if!:o \>- •• i-iiuur. . • i .3—mn; .nf >» v .i ; 1»' -r - T « rv*!v :•:.•'• •.: . M 1 itttltM' :UU!>H-.. "htm- :wiit- ::p!Kii.*iw sr ;w v»- •••'•••••'. -.-uW -:« I« •-vtBH3B««-i : •' ' : ' 'i.Jtari -n! .•ai,rc»'*t" ' •"-•'•*' -T -5t «r 'jiff :i- :ttw •.•T-r*;". •• -. '•' •••• •.!• ""i»»w- \*^li-.iT "• -r»src-i- C -.lw :vr?.-- r '>•• :iffrr:i. .<••••'•••'• ' r *i- 'ii--rri ;wv. J;un ;l'l >il'lt! MtBVl ;i!ttr I>- \Tf•.:«.! •<*. Hi -naiti. .vuiKTit rn.i.'i,- ,5i:< Nw. -.vy -.in'ialK iiiy :i< :i»s ti." •fUiKKHf. J- ;vi.r vutilCISl'.' Ul -.hie five per twsft'. 'J :-H >a a>v rMi, ane _-,yui .-au«- f * lift ,v«i ktinn' **y«rt gtvss -vn at :ht- viatii CHSIT' Do jyta iffituv wtiHt ame -lie ;.-j-n* tur doses" wd do JWI know .vnitt -v>ur swi >f tauijiiter daes tvem lite time -Jtitw -.'liuses anttl :.iw.' time Me ir ^he ar"-'ty« luimi'" IT yw'v> ^if". that ftne. If itu. may -*x» >ui»ai"n ,.VJU pay a visit •i> ttte WHIT A> see how it JB .M >e,-atfd AKk the cwuiBeimr how your yuuiijt-tw ;->ehaiyjs She'll be honest with y.«i. Find out what time the ramr cJoses and then cheek the uiw the yaungster arris's itivme. We fwi '^t^t jHjuth cenu-r is a -iiecessarv .vgantzatiun. But we aiso fwrt titat misuse of the faeilitws. iiteresp(«t, and trouble- making outside the center will jpojiardtae 'ju» chance of keeping a esunB»»l(}r. and the cent-w itoseir. You, as parents, are responsible for your youngsters actions. And we recommend that it would be much easier and more pleasant ro correct those actions now than to .'.vjikil ••••JI III* fwwiri ftnwilE t >: •(;•«•, tutai-t !t in •nr .-l-r'' r ".''rttnii HH>- ! >»---n ntt( :-arr .«3iT -mitit;. Mit iURr p 't"C %"'(li ixlrv 'tT' ^hJit'tpc .'i'.iTT'.^T ,V*tr in -m. '*\;il.'' t x-' .^rv 'tfc"-. 'i.tr-. "5-'^t ; r>'-" i ;v--'- ir- IT-.- nit',*"- ;n ' i '-;r;cM** i ?)r >*'H'"'^ „ !i< nc iT'" :\<>:>' - * i.v--: xjit ,|i-'i«*' hr b --.N".' t r .llinl iiKf*:)UK i '•• i. -n. ui ,-tr.»».' a 'JiCh- ".v-i-r iir.*!. '^\ii. i. IIIU-- -•! • !™*-ii"'i(i;ti(- .• .iti'ip -5 5*c ;*"*Tt!*~ •'. n-n*j "hi-J •v*Kt»- :i»"*"- I?, H ">if—. ."••*;-'.-/m "* .ij*-itntji :' ,°hi>v •m'"-'" *t wer- -Ctri: i.nt .-«K ,»r: :!«« hi* v'' ' i"».Hi.*-.-jr , '.>..' <*. '^-*-vi"*n. iir! i" -Vi«; ;:••• ':.<i;.-.ic inirir -nr-. ;t'--. : -i-L'-.: •_•'.>?- "nr**,*. .w.i(an- :.'?!.•«• i- t»-»r» r.*, :.»!! :he "'" iv '•'i'.' !w. ti» dir". ;n an ;.tf -.-inrtRp rtmnn- V- piwa- .-tneaKer and I.* I .I;.'I' V *' ^*.-.,.:f. :i; ,vir apinion. ":»'• K .ttwsflm ; K aRRressive. .-• :> u. <nj» 'he mmrh. We : ,!•.'-:! :;tne for ivrrain •-11 'iinviti iwirtuyms to knock • - P.v R -»M(.>»»n v' T ''.i'- •>('- -V'- *:-'.;' i-"t* 1 - ' ST - ". ff .-'J -i ^ •.•a;-n-/^ •wj.'j.r • HE ***.w*:l-~>-' '••» f -lr-"l )** ' 11 -in-.* W fn! X<--" T 'v ; '' -tP •*-.iHa** ^r-'.' f-.',--*f *•.'M -- : Ki • >.»--( ''W-t; -pet "'i'* 'V -rt •• t-; :-• .-t'>! -v.L-r W-W-n •!«=• ••pal 'ar-T. diJr*r.tn»" '-" «'*Ht ' ' ,: 'x'—it -'.-".'iii-n v ••-: •-!••' !i •••'•' igi''^' •'•"- • % .-rin(i >*5jr 'I'-A-ri m-.lhor, -- , **.-'il r ^r-* , .rr"' •• f^ii'.'• t '.' \.-'' r if '!".(- R (V^ .J|-({ R ',-r t -'-ir-;»- ! ;ii-** i c- ' • • .-•;' ••' t :< ;.*:- < .f :\t- i\>' I'l' I'iJ T t *'t. • p- :-;<* ..•.I,--- ' "iCr 'A .r.'-i -^h:; '(!'• f .,r, a-.'W '-I'll !!,-- ,->,•«- ••• tS <:lr'«lii.r, t'i 'MUI- » ".i-.v 'v.k tii; >wt rf r-'-m-i ;>yr f .S>i!*i ;>/;! :t.(' \ -.nlit.r;il '.*.*-" it .-- .f .ill y-r.vJr. ihw U.-.ow !-»-t? ."•' 'Ii.-iri "v;X'--'t .ir-'i' .i.r.'; f^-.ing • .Mai. i'-;i>'*.'";:niv diii-'itu ar, .-u*rf,f,n In >iir '»v'i an,i- way tr.«nv iuvs .v" -.'link '!*.<> ••f.irm diifrr.ma" vl! :wv<»r l«- :-n.ivi*d unt;l -,t is 'urai'it and '.ir.pi'r-rt r. 'In' •-:".»•! fir« if iiirvtvai of the f;:!i-:«. if !>uiv'.'uicrat;c -aicialisin and mentation doesn't :;itt^ over b<-f<ire then. What we ;ie;*d ;s; ^nnij prnduct- iv i.and. ncit just lite fo\ -{ymnasi- iims and rabbit pasture, but who is UOHJR to pay tiie mnt'.' Employed m N«w Meodco UAYNARD - Robert DetSmro- ,. T i:n, wlw was graduated this rr'im the law school at the ti.i'- I'-iive "-aty of Iowa, Iowa c a. and lie: family are now locat- , ,1 <t Albuco,iirqu-» N. Mex., where . i<: employed by the Atomic En, -jjv Cj--mmission. Mrs. DeTimmer- rr*,at> A-aR the former Janet Snod- •jra--« 'ianijhter of Mrs. Lee Can- rV*^ To meet on Friday The Jama ladies aid will meet pv.day. Feb. 2.'{ at the home of \i • '.,irl Kuhens. Roll call re- :;s»>rU') '« by interesting magazine .. tirie. Mrs. .fay Popenhagen will r :nfi devi»ions and Mrs. Joe Davis •.•.!; be m rharge of the program. Watch For The MASK ^^J3g;fiiS:iS:i:. ! :S::^ Do You Recall 20 - 30 - 40 Years .A^o •-..(• Iit«<- t ".anruatv. ...—-j, cunrr ••'t :tr .:r.v zv ntrnoao < 'te «>!!.•!* OTOC .ZC ."SK0HS-. -r,n- r- •ro: te .^tat* leet* i.,; 'i- :txu"i 13« .&«£££. .. v.-:!v."i:=.\- t .K ' r :av-r.t- teennt* » -e ^>.=-r :M to xiy V. «....«»> -.-.I-!: c .':U:M iatc* , •:•; .TL- :::-:n:ii .:i ,-V •'-dT.iir a} l-aite Mills ;.v ,TI:I.:*I:-;'.I it-.- Tanoittai - :.' for .••-••no -f— n ai; itate Suoenn* L'-I:I"M: 0 -"lici;- jiiitt'JKtun. >.i;ui..:v -a r.. :nai'-:«i the end >• i' - .'. -:IT ' -M -r:««i \J bitsiness ••• : ..--I.-: K - I. -iattinan. 'I'IV,-, 'jitversity will be i ..;*. i-'».v-.:i«t»er men jf .Wjrtii* •r.v. ';«.-,>. • timmaTvnv. Feb. 13 at Iir ii .trtt' ^I'v.ua fir «5S canferance. "lif r .i.t>- .lerifcTtnusnt «if public .svw.i :»is Aid .iiat :l will be Tto.'s*-.>ti>t' ;o lengttten present .K'.V CI: -t*vf. M arder to close school •.v'i.'v -ira fall. -uvinjttun twys first in county tuu*»ct«al ttiamamenl. Arlington uYin :iiw Fawtte J 0 US 13, and wnt .m :o beat Alpha fur the •.•aunty title. Mar-'.iii«c- at^nc^ aisaed to: Lioyd Villium L#w*s. Fnedeni^iurg, and "liii-i Hfiefi Unger«r. Fredericks* '«u *3, C.TW i<. Huiltiaus, Calmar. and -Luna il. Kuennra, Waukon; Cai -Aice "kVaiti-r Rabe. Purtage Wis. and ruiina Kuehne. Westgate: .!oJin ilaymtmd Thompson, Fayette, and Vwrut.j Irejie W«gner, Rand* alia 30 Years A«o— A jMist office department order has been issiutd for the discontinuance of Rural Route no. 3 Fayette, Iowa, effective at the close of business March 31, 1932. The young men's agricultural short, course, the first of its kind make a feeble attempt at an excuse in a court room. Parents are welcome and invited to visit the youth center any Saturday night or Sunday afternoon. It happened ZOO YEARS ago IN IOWA, our famous civil war governor, Samuel J. Klrkwood, for whom many streets and public building* are now named, was Inaugurated for a second term- Throughout the stats, the event was toasted with foaming atetns of beer. For then, as now, beer was the traditional beverage of moderation . . . light, sparkling refreshment that adds a touch ol old-fashlonsd Iowa hospitality, lowans have always enjoyed the good fellowship that goes with every glass. .TODAY, In Its centennial year, tha United States Brewers Assoclattow still works con* stantly to assure maintenance of high standards of quality and propriety whi/ever beer and ale: are served, .: '.«? >:-.:i n "av.tt- .'.-luiuy at -r-cceo -c jitraainfi? d »• .tnti ccccnxix t> :ti:cs-f win 'wrs ~tr n s• a. vc- -mitci wtrrh while. D*>£ti -t .'drs. '—ttte jcLtir-Mi V«€CH«SIIT . a? iuu tnadt her -item- -rtnh it*r Uitierttf-. .\trs. £. -i. 3iilin55 for SCCTIK time. Aumrti TJI^I -i-HKus ijiri'.*! bask •isbail team, caached by Harold L>Tich. IT. L C. 11131. won second place JI the Buchanan cmtmy :»mr- Tiument. "F:rst :n Faith' - us the -jerr-ori nest Sunday at the Hiil T :p-C !tur ch-House which tishers in Fayena's Bicenumial specials fur the Nat :«nal ^nniversatr of Gtiiir^e Wnsh- .ngton's birthday. jtai-iaifes license issued to:Archie Gary, Fayette and Nellie Hough. Randaiia. Kenneth McGovern of Waukon Junction and Marie Finzei of Dubuque: Gtjorge Tope of West. Union and Edna Woodson of' West Union: Art Holtzman of Ar- iington and Mabie Kade of May nard. —•—• 40 Yean Ago — At a meeting of scoutmasters, whicn was held last night in the college chapel, the plans were made for the third annual Boy- Scout exposition which is to be hrjci on the campus of Upper Iowa university at Fayette. "His Majesty's Pinafore" is the narrii^ 'of the comic opera which viU be presented by the University chorus thirty -five voices on r,e*?t Friday evening in the college gymnasium. perry Byam, said ta be the ., r.ungest soldier enlisted in the Civil War died recently in a has* •pttai at Tacoma. At the time of death he was 69 years of age. He enlisted in the Iowa Infantry at the age of 9. The Presbyterian church at West Union was destroyed by fire Saturday. F. S. Kendridk has rented the .,v.ss Puted store building which was' "•',1-Tr .eriy occupied by the Brynes aiiUinery. and some time in March will open up a cash and carry ii:*ocery store. Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Coleman mourn the loss of their little daughter Zeila Mae. FAYETTE THEATRE Thurs. - Fri. - Sat- Fefc. 22-23-24 SHIRLEY EATON BOB MOMKHOUSE In A WEEKEND WITH LULU Sun. - Moo. - Tues. Feb. 25 - 26 - 27 SPENCER TRACY FRANK SINATRA -»n : TOE DEVIL AT • O'CLOCK Witti a HI tlotltd dryer, your ctolhoi como out awsst ind wi,fW' toff, no irtalUr wtut the weather. Oat cloth«i dt >m d&n't:tilKe ywr ctett* titsy dry tttem with gentle currents of warm elr;And. j«» c)ol.H« drjere wfy ww-lourth «s muth to operete ai doctrlo.clolhn d ^Mwl^ witet fwttef w have plenty ol hot water to wi^H l«Ot«r l^f t ^ wrritit wi, l> wfthdiy ttlll a hard work day |ty |Mw !lmi A • 1 •;.•-•«!S•^•• i

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