Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on September 5, 1972 · Page 10
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 10

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 5, 1972
Page 10
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Page 10 article text (OCR)

Guests arrive for wedding; parties honor bride-elect Plans have been completed for the wedding of Miss Carol Locke, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edmond D. Locke of 3511 Ohio and Michael J. Hanifl, son of Mr. 'and Mrs. John Hanifl of Florissant, Mo. The couple will be married in a 7:30 p.m. ceremony on SEE P.N. HIRSCH FOR HOW TO IOOK POR SCHOOL PIASA CORNERS ALTON PLAZA WILSHIRE VILLAGE CHATEAU DES FLEURS SHOPPING CENTERS— AND DOWNTOWN WOOD RIVER Friday, Sept. 8 at the First Christian Church in Alton. Out-of-town guests arriving for the ceremony include: Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Schlipman of Quincy; Mr. and Mrs. Hay Saer of Byrmeville, Mo.; John Weber of Detroit, Mich.; Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hanifl of Cape Cod, Mass.; Mr. and Mrs. Rovert Fox of Napcr- ville, 111.; Mr. and Mrs. Gil Mueller of Harrington Hills, 111.; Erich Mueller of Maywood, 111.; Mrs. Lowell Johnson of Estherville, Iowa; and Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Reuland of Mankalo, Minn. The bride-elect was honored at a shower given by Mis. Michael Bresnahan, Miss Kathy Hanifl and Mrs. J. M. Hanifl in Florissant, Mo. A luncheon shower was given on Aug. 20 by Miss Nancy Livengood assisted by Miss Susan Saunders at Hie home of Miss Livengood. Gifts of a miscellaneous nature were presented to the bride-elect at a shower given on Aug. 20 by Miss Elizabeth Jianakoplos, Miss Sara Marsh and Miss R'ena Lafakis in the President's room of the Westerner Club. H is our policy to completely serve the needs and requirements of customers. Our unique 'and functional Gallery of Homes operation is the marvel of the industry. House hunters have the privilege of selecting from our hundreds of local offerings enhanced by color photography, before departing on an inspection trip. Our professional staff advises and gives specialized assistance. Our 2 local offices cover the Greater Alton area very completely. The convenient locations, living-room comfort and relaxed atmosphere are conducive to the prudent selection of a just-right home. Ours is truly a serv- • ice that extends from the very first contact to a happy conclusion — Home ownership. VISIT OUR LOVELY GALLERY 69 S. 9th St., Rosewood Heights 'Not ready', says editor Alton Evening Telegraph Tuesday,'Septeifibef 5,1972 'Ml Writer flunks audition for TV news job Home of .... Flavor-Plus Foods TOM-BOY SEE HOW YOU SAVE! TOP QUAIJTY, TOO! CHECK OUR Ni;i>\f;SfMV ADI Don Going-Out Set! Looking for a beautiful baby gift? Make this set now. So quick to crochet, you can finish this set in time to welcome baby. Use 3-ply baby yarn in a 2-color combination. Pattern 926: infants to 6- month size included. Seventy-Five Cents for each pattern — add 25 cents for each pattern for Air Mail and Special Handling. Send to Laura Wheeler, Alton Evening Telegraph, 66, Needlecraft Dept., Box 161, Old Chelsea Station, New York, N.Y. 10011. Print Pattern Number, Name, Address, Zip. All New for 1973i Fashion-inspired Needlecraft Catalog — more knit, crochet styles, crafts. By JAY SHARBUTT AP Television Writer NEW YORK (AP) — The people who run television refer to their reporters as "talent." This is a good idea. Any reporter who survives an audition deserves the title. At newspapers, job applicants show up with their best published works and a keen eye. In television, they show up with old news film clips and polished teeth; then they audition on-camera." We auditioned on-camera a few months ago on the advice of a friend in television. He thought it would be instructive to see what journalists go through when forsaking pen for microphone. The tragedy occurred in Los Angeles at a station—which shall be nameless—owned by a major network, which also shall be nameless. For that matter, so will those who set up the audition, D-Day arrived after a restless night spent smiling In a mirror and gargling consonants. An acolyte presented us to the station's news director, who inspected the prospective talent, read his four-minute script and dispatched him without further adieu to makeup. The makeup man inspected the face, whistled softly In dismay and whipped out the powder puffs. Also a toothbrush, with which he straightened the eyebrows on the face. Then the prospective talent, an epic in pancake, was led to the studio. He was fitted with a neck microphone and told to perch in a chair normally occupied at 6 p.m. each weekday by a man paid * * * * $125,000 a year to anchor the evening's news. The script was recopied in large type on a large scroll and put on a Teleprompter, a device located directly beneath the muzzle of the camera. It gives the illusion the speaker has H all in his head. "Tape is rolling," said the floor director. So were the talent's eyes. When they stopped, he cleared his throat, looked right at the camera and said: "Good nern. Sharp fronton broke out today in the fro- thingslosh district of beamish in northern gnud for the second day consecutive in a row." Then the floor director's eyes rolled. "Tr«ke two," he said. Then he said take three, take four, takp five and so on. We were just starting to * * TV LOG KTVI (ABC) 2, KMOX (CBS) 4, KSI) (NBC, I, KETC I, KPLR 11, KDNLM for "pennies a day" Now you can install a S i n g e r Comtortmaker Cooling Unit for Whole house Air Conditioning at the lowest price ever. Install now and enjoy your refreshingly cool home all summer. SINGER Get the facts! Call. . . 463-0222 HARRIS AND ST. CIN Heating & Air Conditioning 7th and SPRING—ALTON TUESDAY EVENING 6:00-2 Petticoat Junction 4 5 News 9 Ja German 11 Andy Grffith 30 Father Knows Best 30 I Dream of Jeannie 6:30-2 To Tell the Truth 4 SPECIAL: Children's Hour 5 SPECIAL: Howdy Doocly & Friends 9 Typing 11 Dragnet 30 Beverly Hillbillies 6:55-11 News 7:00-2 SPECIAL: Summer Olympics 11 Movie (BW) 9 All About Welfare 30 High Chaparral 7:30-4 Hawaii Five-0 5 NSC News Special 9 Net Festival 8:00—30 Movie (BW) 8:30—4 Cannon 5 SPECIAL: First Tuesday 9 Commonwealth 11 SPECIAL: Community Magazine J:00-9 Why You Smoke 11 SPECIAL: Billy Graham Crusade 9:30—4 Golddiggers 5 BUI Cosby 9 Insight 9:55-11 News 10:00-2 4 5 News 9 Yapa and You 11 Wilburn Brothers 30 Riflemat: )I):30-2 4 Movie 5 Johnny Carson 9 Course of Our Times 11 The Virginian 30 Movie (BW) 11:00-9 Two-Way TV 11:05—9 Choral Group 12:00-5 News 11 Saml 12:15-5 Black Experience 12:30-2 Movie (BW) 4 Movie 12:45—5 Weathtr 1:00-11 News/Religion 2:15— News/Religion 2:30—4 Movie 4:10—4 News 4:20-4 Movie 5:30—4 Religion (JNI)KH NKW OWM-.HSIIII' Magic Mirror WASHII\(;TOI\ P M'l'I'KM VI.IOM HAIIt FASHIONS Kwmrrlt Dnmm Draff ) Jimiir Kntiittlr Hail GRAND OI'KMIW WED. THRU SATURDAY SEPT. 6-9 WELCOME COMKINAMHIKKT 01 IK STAFF AM) 00 JMtlXKS 200 IN WIGS & ACCESSORIES GIVEN AWAY FREE STOP BY & REGISTER Jau TUESDAY MOVIES 7:00—11 - "The Spy Killer" (1969) Robert Horton, Jill St. John 8:00-30 - "Rogue Cop" (1954) (BW) Robert Taylor, Janet Leigh 10:30-2 - ""The Smugglers" (1968) Carol Lynley, Gayle Hunnicutt 4— "The Sandpiper" (1965) Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton 30 - "Ride the High Iron" (1957) (BW) Don Taylor, Raymond Burr 12:30-2 - "Day of the Outlaw" (1959) (BW) Burl Ives, Robert Ryan 4 - "The Strange Love of Martha Ivors" (1946) (BW) Barbara Stanyck, Van Heflln 2:30-4 - "The Last Outpost" (1951) Ronald Reagan, Rhonda Fleming 4:20-4 - "The Veils of Bagdad" (1953) Victor Mature, James Arness WEDNESDAY MOVIES 9:OOr-2 —""Tammy and the Millionaire" (1967) Debbie Watson 1:00-11 - "Woman in White" (1948) (BW) Eleanor Parker 3:00-2 - "A Man Could Get Killed" (1966) James Garner, Sandra Dee 7:30-9 — "The Overcoat" (1959) (BW) Roland Bykov 8:00—30 — "Come Fill the Cup" (1951) (BW) Raymond Massey, Jam sCeagney 10:30-2 - "Blindfold" ' (1966) (BW) Rock Hudson, Claudia Cardinale 4—"Murder Ahoy" (1964) Richard Todd 12:30-4 - "Wabash Avenue" (1950) Betty Grable 12:35-2 - -'Canon City" (194&) (BW) Scott Brady 2:10-4 _ "Steel Town" (1952) Howard Duff 3:55—4 — "Rock Island Trail" (1950) (BW) Forrest Tucker Wednesday September 6 Planning a garage sale? Announce it with a Telegraph Want Ad! Japanese will spend $6 million to develop palm oil plantation 5:45—4 Religion/News 6:00—4 Summer Semester 6:30—2 Thought tor Today 4 P.S. 4 6:35—2 Farm Report 6:45—2 Lone Ranger 7:9»-4 CBS News 5 Today 7:15-2 Fury '7:30— 30 Little Rascals 7:45—2 Cartoons 8:W-4 Capt. Kangaroo 11 News 30 Mr. Patches/Bullwinkle 8:15—2 Romper Room 11 Cartoons 8:30—11 New Zoo Revue 30 ^peedracer 1:00—2 Movie 4 Joker's Wild 5 Dinah Shore 11 Jack LaLanne 30 Flying Nun 9:30—4 Pi-ice Is Right 5 Concentration 11 Not for Women Only 30 Financial Reports 10:00—4 Gambit 5 Sale of the Century 11 Galloping Gourmet 10:30—4 Love, of Llle 5 Hollywood Squares 11 Bewitched 10:50-2 Lucille Rivera 11:00—2 Password 4 Where the Heart Is 5 Jeopardy 11 Suspense Theatre 11:25—4 CBS News 11:30—2 Split Second 4 Search for Tomorrow 5 Who, What or Where Game 11:55—5 News Noon~2 All My Children 4 Green Acres 11 Cartoons 12:30-2 Let's Make a Deal 4 As the World Turns 11 Three on a Match 1:W— 2 NewlywwS Game 4 Love Is A Many Splenclored Thing 5 Days of Our Livet 11 Movie (BW) 1:30-2 Dating Game Guiding Light The Doctors General Hospital Secret Storm Another World One Life To Live Edge of Night 5 Return to Peyton Place 3:00-2 Movie 4 Family Affair 5 Merv Griffin 11 Somerset 30 Mr. Patches .3:30-4 Mike Douglas 9 Off the Record 11 Flintstones 30 Speedracer 4:00—9 Mister Rogers 11 Flipper 30 Lost in Space 4:30—5 Truth or Consequences 9 Electric Company 11 G:liigan's Island 5:00-2 4 5 News 9 Sesame Street 4 5 2:00-2 4 5 2:30-2 4 get the hang of it when the studio was ordered cleared for the 6 o'clock r.ews team. The friend who arranged the audition came down from the control booth. "We'll talk," he said. In television, that phrase means you are a noodnik and it would be wise to blow town for a while. But we didn't know this at the time. After a silence of several weeks, we called the friend and inquired: "Well, how'd they like it?" "The New York office doesn't think you're ready for broadcast journalism yet." he said after a long, long pause. "What are they doing with my audition tape? 1 ' There was another long pause. "They're saving it," he sighed, "in case someone needs a four-minute telethon for lockjaw relief." * * 11 Leave It to Beaver 30 Star Trek 5:30—2 Hogan's Heroes 4 5 News 11 I Love Lucy 5:55-11 News WEDNESDAY KVKN1NG 6:00—2 Petticoat Junction 4 5 News 9 Let's Lip-Read 11 Andy GrHffith 30 I Dream of Jeannie 6:20—5 Dugout 8:30-2 To 'Tell the Truth 4 Stand up and chew 5 Baseball: St. Louis Cardinals vs. Philadelphia Phillies 9 Playing the Guitar 11 Dragnet 30 Beverly Hillbillies 6:45—9 Our Land 6:55-11 News 7:00—2 SPECIAL: Summer Olympic 4 SPECIAL: Mr. Justice Douglas 9 \Vhy You Smoke 11 World Series of Hockey 30 High Chaparral 7:30—9 Movie (BW) 8.00—4 Medical Center 30 Movie (BW) 9:00—4 Mannix 5 Night Gallery 9 How Do Your Children Grow? 9:30—9 Self Defense f 0r Wo men 11 Billy Graham Crusade 10:00—2 4 5 News 9 Campus Showcase 10:30—2 4 Movie (BW) 5 Johnny Carson 9 Guten Tag 11 The Virginian 30 Movie 10:45—9 Viewer's Viewpoint 11:00—9 Viewer's Viewpoint 11:05—9 Choral Group 12:00—5 News 11 The Saint 12:15-5 Film 12::]0—4 Movie 12:35-2 Movie (BW) 12:45-2 Weaker 1:00—11 News/Religion 2:10—2 News/Religion 4 Movie 3:45—4 News 3:55-4 Movie (BW) 5:35—4 Religion The Telegraph;caanol always publish last minute changes made by the tele vision stations. CAMEO .22 WAbHINGION • UIAI 40'Wt. ALTON'S FINEST! By DON KENDALL AP Farm Writer WASHINGTON (AP) Palm oil, extracted from a tropical plant, is expected to grow as a major con met it ir of U.S. soybean oil, according to Agriculture Department analysts. Already large, the world palm oil production is being expanded by Japanese investors, who are financing a new plantation and ola-it in the South Pacific, the Foreign Agricultural Service said Monday. The Japanese, who have been seeking foreign agricultural investment opportunities in recent jvai-s, plan to spend nearly $S million lor development cf :•>. 5,000-acre palm plantation in Papua, New Guinea, the 1'AS said. Production of palm oil could exceed 20,000 tons a y; a r by 1977, officials estimated. That wiJl mean further competition for currently troubled U.S. soybean oil, which has been limping badly because of OUT supply and low prices Extremely large demand for whole soybeans and meal, however, has kept prices to farmers at the highest level in nearly a quarter of i century. But the palm-oil si'u'Uion is a persistent worn for yovern- ment- and industry soybean officials. It is growing in popularity as an ingredient for the U.S. shoutnii.g market and other uses Only five years ago, pa!m oil imports were 100 million pounds. This year, says the department, they may exceed 350 million, up 5Q per cent from 1971. The Japanese deve 1 •pment in Papua, with production increases in some Africa i i oun- tries, is expected to remain a problem for soybean oi' k>r some time, according to department officials. WASHINGTON (AP) - Illinois farmers produced ili^ most for export whon the United States sold ;i record $8 billion to overseas markets last fiscal year the Agriculture Department announced tuday. BEL+AIR HWV 66 till OPEN 7 P.M. START DUSK —LAST NITE"FRENZY" (R) . PLUS "PLAY MISTY FOR ME" (R) 3rd BELL INN CAFETERIA & LOUNGE 99e SPECIAL DAILY Private Parties ntiixnn (',otini\-'t Fine*!! K>STI*BUtO UOAO AITON, IIUNOI1 FEATUKINO: if I' HIED CHICKEN * STEAKS it GENUINE ITAIJAN FOODS it SEA FOODS For Carry-Out Orders Ph. 462-4620 OI'EN DAILY AT 6 P.M. SUNDAY 12 NOON (Closed Mondays) WANTED 8 HOMES THAT NEED PAINTING !J ALTON, ILL. — Eight home owners In this general ntva will be given the opportunity of having the new Saw-Kerf Super Steel Siding by Lnite'l States Steel applied to thnir homes with optional decorative work at a very low oost. This amazing new proiliK-t has captured the interest of home owners throughout the United States who are fed up with constant painting and other maintenance ciwts. It can last for 30 years and provides full insulation summer and winter, as well as fire protection. Our new product can be used over every type of home, including frame, concrete blo»-k, stucco, etc. It comes in 7 colors and is now going to be introduced to the Alton market. Your home can be a show place in your vicinity and we will make it worth your while if we can use your home. For appointment please write (including name, address and phone number) to .1 a t If Johnson, 11 West Third St., Alton, III., 62003, or .'nil 462-8775. Our representative will cull on you without obligation. »T ni, MMM FREE PARKING! HOW Nightly at ALFRED HITCHCOCK'S FRENZY PLUS FAYE DUN AWAY "PUZZLE OF A DOWNFALL CHILD" Nlgntly ut7:00 B*A«C/STARIIQHT JSOO COUISI «Vt.. AITON 4CMW OPtN 7 PM— STARTS DUSK) SNDS TONIGHT |PG) Shown Twko Tonight! CLINT EASTWOOD IS 'JOEKIDD"plutJndMII; "THEORIATNORTHFIUO MINNESOTA RAID" Starts TOMORROW! [0 MEN, MONEY and MURDERI WOMEN Read Telegraph Want Ads Daily! THE"" GRADUATE GRAND —FRIDAY "SUMMER OF 42" & "KLUTE" OPEN 6:30-$hown 6:45 I 9:05 TONITE — ENDS THURS. Clint vvuuil (!•(;> "JOE KIDD" -:i> »: Comfortably COOL WILDEY STARTS WED. • "POOR WHITE TRASH" PLUS 'MAN CALLED HORSE" i COMPLETE CHOICE OF SNACKS • Quick ,.-"" short- . —----_-„ •;' order icrvico. • Car or w i n c' o -v service. • Economical family eating. TRY US! 3 LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU Godfrey Road 4&6-3950 Milton Road 462-7855 7th & Central 462-9112 CAPRI OIU il LUUIS Kb OPEN 7 P.M. STAil DUSK —LAST NITi "LAST PICTURE SHOW" PIUS "LOVE MACHINE" ( STARTS WED. 2 RACING HITS "DAREDEVIL" (PC) "FIREBAUJUNGIE '(PG) FILM RATING GUIDE For Parents and Their Children GENERAL AUDIENCES All Ages Ajimuad PARENTAL GUIDANCE SUGGESTED Some Material May Not 8a Suitable for Pre Teenaeri RESTRICTED Under 17 requuei accompanying Pa»snt of Adult Gua/dian NO ONE UNDER 17 ADMITTED (Age limit m»y vary in certain areajj l j nnifil u> « public scintv by Al ION EVt-MNO ILLI.UKAPU

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