Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa on June 2, 1948 · Page 8
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Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa · Page 8

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 2, 1948
Page 8
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PAOB KIQRT. THE POSTVILLE HERALD. POSTVILLE. IOWA Condition Sense Tips Save Haymow Accidents Allamakee Count}' farmers can make their barn work more efficient and same themselves possible falls and lost time by applying a few common sense haymow tips. The work, easily done some rainy day this spring before the barn is filled with hay, may be repaid in an avoided broken leg. Haymow stairways and loft openings should be equipped with hand rails, according to Norval Wardle, rural safety extensionist at Iowa State College. - Extend the hay chute frames to the top of the hay in a full mow. Make new hay chute frames to the top of the hay in a full mow. Make new hay chutes if necessary- Don't use ladder and stair wells as hay chutes. Hay on ladders and stairsteps makes falling easy. County Extension Director, Fred O'Riley, advises that all hayloft ladders be built safely. Make them long enough to reach beyond the hay in a full mow. Fasten rungs to ladders securely, and see that rungs will be away from the wall far enough to provide good footing. VOTE FOR Theodore H. Rumph, Jr. Republican Candidate - - for - SHERIFF Allamakee County, Iowa Veteran of World War II Son of former Sheriff Theodore Rumph, Sr., who served as Sheriff of Allamakee County for two terms from 1917 to 1921, and as Deputy Sheriff under A. D. Larson for two terms, from 1913 to 1917, and, as you older voters know and as much as I have heard from voters, that he made a good officer and had a good clean record. I will try and do the same as my Father did —try and serve the people in general in a fail- like way to the best of my knowledge and ability. Be Sure and Go to the Polls and Vote! Your Support will be Greatly Appreciated at the Primary Election, Monday, June 7,1948 NOTICE! THE HANSEN & MATSON CO. have, moved to their NEW BUILDING located across the railroad tracks from the Exhibit Building on the Big-Four Fair Grounds. PRICES ON EGGS: 41c - 38c - 29c Hansen & Matson Co. Temporary quarters back of Phillips 66 Station Telephone No. 251 GOODYEAR BATTE R Y SPECIAL FULLY GUARANTEED 20 MONTHS — FOR — $ 8.95 Exchange FALB'S I See It by C. W. D. IN TUNE WITH JUNE ——, ——-» Legislators the past week found something new on which to" vent their displeasure and the State Department's "Voice of America" radio broadcast series caught the brunt of the lawmaker's fury. The author of the series of broadcasts, which had been beamed to South American countries, apparently let his creative imagination carry away his better judgment and made -a good story regardless of the facts. The state department, with the excuse of insufficient time and a personnel shortage, let the broadcasts go thru unmolested. The broadcasts carried derogatory material about several of our states. Prize sample was: "New England was founded by hypocrisy and Texas by Sin." Texas legislators in rebuttal are taking the "bull" by the horns and throwing it back at the state department with a considerable louder bellow than was first heard. • . « • . An old-fashioned American was a fellow who thought nothing should cost more than five times what it was worth.—Cuba (Mich.) News and Review. • • « • . Henry A. Wallace appeared before the senate judiciary committee last Saturday morning and denounced the Mundt-Nixon anti- Communism bill. Wallace called the bUl the worst ever sponsored by a United States congress and told legislators he was fighting the bill as a believer in "old-fashioned] Americanism." Another witness before the committee, Norman Thomas. Socialist candidate for president, also spoke against the bill but failed to take the same road from there on with Wallace. Thomas said in regard to Wallace. "Don't let me give the impression that Henry Wallace is a Communist. I suspect that the Communists have secret sessions in which they rather deplore some of Mr. Wallace's gregariousness. He is not a Communist. He happens to be very useful to them now." This explanation is a thought that has been in the minds of a number of people for quite some time. Wallace may not be a Red himself, but he is living in a red tinted, or tainted, world and some of his pencil pushers who are throwing together his material for speeches can undoubtedly say "Uncle Joe" before a cat can blink an eye. • • * • • Monday, June 7, is another day in democracy's stride toward a "government by the people and for the people." Voters will go to the polls and select state, district and county officers to represent their party at the General election in November. In' Prague, Czechoslovakia the Communists claimed an overwhelming victory in parliamentary elections Sunday amid spreading stories of strife, intimidation and fraud in the Red controlled balloting. An anti-communist trend which attempted to assert itself, was broken by the Reds and final figures were adjusted to show a complete Communist victory. • With this immediate picture before us, there should be no doubt as to the intention of anyone on voting next Monday. Our right to freedom is based on our action at The Iown law provides, "When any person over 18 years of age is convicted of a felony, except treason or murder, the court imposing a sentence of confinement in the penitentiary or men's or women's reformatory, shall not fix the limit or duration of the same, but the term of such imprisonment shall not exceed the maximum term provided by law for the crime of which the prisoner is convicted" thus leaving the courts imposing WEDNESDAY, JUNE 2, JJ^ the sentence no discretion a s y length of confinement. , The board conducts hearingi! each case and grants patois'j cases when such action is d w proper. It does not act in ™ where a prisoner is sentence jl life term. A life term can onljl commuted to a term of years bjjj governor. Not until mutation has been such made can board act in the case. the polls and when we relinquish this right, either by faiure to assume our responsibility or by ignorance of the political situation before us, we step ever closer to the path of losing our individual liberties. Street men are painting parking lines on the paving in the business district now and will continue their work thruout this week and next. Mayor M. C. Deering has asked that all cars be removed from the streets each night after midnight during this week-and-a-half interval. Plans are also being made for strict enforcement of parking rules and motorists will be asked to stay within their parking lanes or be subject to penalties. Parking here, as in other towns and cities, is becoming a problem on certain days and a partial answer to this situation is to have cars parked in the proper manner giving the maximum space allowed. There will be more information of this parking procedure later. Elgin Postville Guttenberg "I'm looking for fame and fortune now. I cot plenty of health and strength from drinking lota of WATEBS' PASTEUBIZED MILK." For Pure Pasteurised Milk, Cream, Chocolate Drink and Cottage Cheese Call 38-F -62. Track Team Nosed Out By Decorah Left To Write By Bob Klauer. Opinions expressed In this column are those of the writer and do not necessarily conform to the editorial policy of this newspaper. Postville's track team copped eight first places in fifteen events but fell to Decorah 58 to 56, closing out their first season in twenty odd years. Decorah kept their letter- winners out of most events in the dual meet, but, nevertheless this was a fine showing for the Postville lads. Places that went to Postville were: 100-yard dash Jim Malone (1) 11:0. Two mile relay Wayne NcNally, Hilery Heins, Jim Waters, LeRoy Duwe (1) 9:30.0. 220-yard dash Arvid Anderson (2) Bob Douglass (3). Mile run Don Heins (1) 5:12.0. 440-yard dash Jack Meyer (1) 57.3. , 880-yard run Bernie Martins (1) 2:26.0. Discus Dean Gunderson (2) LeRoy Duwe (3). High jump Dean Gunderson (1) Bernice Martins (2) 5 feet, 5Vi inches. Football throw Tennis Mork (1) 255 points. Broad jump Jim Malone (2) Shot put John Hoth (1) Tennis Mork (2) 35 feet. With most of the boys that turned in good performances returning for another year, the Pirates should enjoy a more successful season in another try at the sport. Letters were awarded to all boys who won an individual first in any meet or who were members of relay teams that won a first in a meet in which at least three teams competed. Boys who qualified for letters were Bob Douglass, Jim Malone, Bernie Martins, Dean Gunderson, Don Heins, John Hoth, Tennis Mork, Jack Schultz and Jack Meyer. SURVIVED Four Sioux City residents had a narrow escape in Spirit Lake recently when a high wind capsized their boat. Melvin Brown, one of the occupants, dove under and released the outboard motor, so the boat did not sink completely. They were all rescued after 40 minutes in the water. Drive Slower—Live Langer ! COMING SOON . . . A Car of— SMALL'S 17% DEHYDRATED ALFALFA MEAL at a very attractive price. Special allowance for delivery from car,! Postville Feed Mill Telephone No. 244 Postville, low A Free Primary Election On June 7th the voters of Iowa will go to the polls and select those who will be the candidates of the respective political parties in the November election. There has been an inclination on the part of the public to take a greater interest in politics this year than ever before, and all indications point to a record vote. During the primary campaign the Republican State Central Conmit- tee has adopted an attitude of strict neutrality. We too, have tried to remain in keeping with that policy and have taken no sides in any of the primary contests on the Republican ticket. We are of the firm belief that the voters of the various parties should have the | right to choose their candidates without any influence on the part of the party organizations. It is to be regretted, however, that at times certain pressure groups have sought to exert their influence in the Primary by seeking to deny the voters of a party their right of free expression. It is the purpose of the primary law that the candidates to represent a party shall be nominated by the voters of that party and not by those of any other. Republicans should not have the right to name the Democratic nominees nor should the Democrats have the right to have any part in the selection of Republican candidates. Certain groups, representing special interests, have sometimes urged Democrats to change their party affiliation in order to enable them to vote in the Republican Primary for certain candidates sponsored by such pressure groups. Republicans were urged to vote in the Democratic primary for same reasons. Such tactics do not speak for good government. Any candidate, no matter what his party may be. who is nominated and subsequently elected through such methods, cannot administer the duties of his office in a fair and impartial manner. He owes allegiance first to the pressure group which was responsible for his nomination and election. They own him body and soul. Pressure groups and special interest groups usually boast that they have no party. They should not have a voice in the selection of party candidates unless they are bona fide members of that party. Perhaps an amendment to the Primary law is in order. Primary elections, we are sure most people will agree, should be a free expression of the voters of their party. An Intimate Personalized Bank Service Based on a Policy of Cooperation —Not Competition. Know Your State Government Perhaps one of the most impor tant boards of the state government of Iowa is the board of Parole. This is the board which is charged with investigating and studying the cases of all persons convicted of a felony, except those sentenced to life terms, and determining the length of time served in prison or reformatory under the indeterminate prison statute. DDT Barn Spraying SEE US FOR A COMPLETE SERVICE. BOOK YOUR DATES NOW ! FREE ESTIMATE GIVEN MEYER'S FOUR-COUNTY HATCHERY Telephone No. 234 Postville, Iowa GEORGE KOHLMANN President A. C. WEBSTER Vice President LEO O. BEUCHER Cashier CARLTON SCHROEDER Assistant Cashier MELINDA CASTEN Assistant Cashier VIOLA DUWE Teller MARIE MEYER Teller Under the direction of officials with years of service in this field, assuring a knowledge of requirements and valuable assistance. Citizens State Bank| POSTVILLE, IOWA Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. "LIVING ROOM" TONE in a fast-moving car! It's true! The new Motorola delivers console-quality tone m your car-no matter how fast or how far you d«»«' Brings in all of your favorite stations clear and sharp, too. « s so good you really have to hear it to appreciate «• Fits and matches the car you're driving ¥ ' " — ' COME IN FOR A DEM< Koeveniq Hardware POSTVILLE, IOWA

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