Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 17, 1927 · Page 10
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 10

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 17, 1927
Page 10
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i Discussed by an Expert The tSnRineer Who Installed Our Cily Plant Write of . ! i ! The Cha^Kes Necessary to Brinj; [ • ' •. ; i' It Up to Date. ' ' (Editorial Note: 'in vicu jif IK - very KoniMiil intend in tin-i|ui.s- t|on of lola'/i water supply lirouRlii out by rlu- icpoii <>f Hip .Siitic H(i:i'nl . Keatth as recently piibUhln-il in lln-se coluninH. HK- UOKISKM- II.-IK a'shtMl tr.iR. E. McDonnell, ibe engineiTiwlio iiiMaHVil inir city sysK-in. t<M""- fHblute a «erieH of arU<rIeH on various pliase .H of wntfr.purlfltatlon as it 118 in lolfl. ;ili<> (i.itli or lln' H <'rii-s ami in ipure Wal»'if." liiteH to the condilloi ititled, "The Cost of 5t is a fact thai fhe" iiveniK*' Itizenfi will do moni^i complaining ^bout the water bill ihaiV bills for o'st any other comm In: lower rates, and in view of the fact tliat the litizfMs have been g'itling llic benefit of tlies<» low rates they .shonbl cheerfuUy and (intribiile the nee- iovrce Of this criti.isnf Is'pJoli .Udy ; g^';;^'^ seated and a|,s^s from ^the j plantain a manner that would give good'inire filtered and softened water to the citizens of lola. jjriinifive method of 1 rater was as free as all we bad to do was] ihd go to the river or well, and we ive never gotten over the fact *t we still think that water living when the air and take a pail If ;i bond issue is tlKingUt inadvisable a small increase in rates Would in. a very short lime raine ithe necessary funds, lola is one jbould be free. As a^n'^'ter of; of the few "towns in • the rnitfd water Is free, and the only ! s ,ates that did not raise the rates |barge made for w-ater is the cost transportation and delivering if tp\>-our homes. i( It wolild be interesting for some M the o jjectors » thejr water bills If they woul^d compare their yearly wate • bill with theif yearly bill for tbeir daily newspaper, lie. ielephoiiie, milk, coal, electric light and gas; In one city where this ; •"JirLr '};::"""Vt';r fiiiruion J .a._dotfe^the,water bill p,ovedjo;^;:;;^i„J:'--^"|:^^ be "the / cheaper of a :il commodities, and ; yet pecetssary commodit.v. anc iwe- could not do without! Ihour period. If i one wili Ithelr water bill >ith 4heSr picture iBhow bills and 'cigar'bills which We considered luxuries, they will he other he most one that for.a 34 compare during the war time. .Many cities doubled their rates, yet lola has continued to give good service and has operated both water and lighting plant, with the present nites. extending- the distribution sy.stem and transmission lines, but the present rates do not admit of such large expenditures as are now re- and witli a report and esliiuale of rosl (>J these improvements indudinS • the interest on the investment and ope-ating cost would sliow that the cos to the fitizeiis of lola-wlio desire pure water would still he lesH tlian the cost of your cigar bill or your picture show bill or any (if VAUCLAIlii CATCHES BIG ONES. kind the water bill extremely small. I {ij^^; other necessary com modi tiei< At .2Qc per thousand gallons the average domestic water rate an lola citizeii would be paying fori bis water at the rate of .'ic per ton. What, other commodity can be delivered into the home avail- ot living. Wikrks. f(i( I tiger sliaik baggeil lelt. .\ir the llsh were Clearwater. Florida. Lime Is Needed Fort Alfalfa Yield Here The results of two years yields on the Moran Kxperiment field of K. S. A.C. show that on this type of soil, liming is tbu es.seutial soil j tri-ainifiit ior niuintuiningi u.stand : ol ulfiili'a. The plots receiviug lime I nil' only have less grass but have lyielileil I ton' per acn; more hay jtljan the untreated plot. An an;!:ii:il application of IfiO |i lunds of i :!ctd phosphate per acre in addition to the linic has given an in- I crea.-e of an ;tdditi<wial toil of hay. , .Manure helps lo obtain ui stand iJind iiuTi'ases .vields of bay. but •will not a<t as a stibstitule jfoi- lime when this is lacking in the soil. Sarah Shaner, which was held at^ Yates Center last Tuesday aftejr-i noon. I I . • ; i Tom llasspth was in Yates Cen-i tcr Monday [ morning. Kdward Bisenbarfs sale .was well attended last Thursday. Fred Steflen" arrived home from I'rogresso. N. M.. a week ago Sat-' uruay. • ^ - i .lohu Kisenbart Sr.. lias been on ' the sick list. . Alr.>. Keni Schaede and Kilna. I'.rai:e ialleil at lleo. .Ma.•i^otl^s Monilay afternoon. ' .^llss .\njia Sieiz of Yates Center spent all day Sunday ,it. Kerd Schaedii's. I .Mavbe vou can lignk outfiom the above pictured who s the in..s prAlicient li>li catcher ill the Vandain family. T.rihi| right is Saii.'.i. i .M. Vanclain, of l'hilad.flphia. president of the Haldwin l.oco:iieiro \\4rks. Mis daVs catch looks! like small fry compared^ >vith the iiiii.- —For prompt 'results Classified Columns.' use CHERRY CREEK .Mar. h ir,.-:-Mr. and .Mrs. Kdward Kisenbart and Ma.\ine vi.-iited wit^i -Mrs. Kiseiibari's jiareiits. .Mr. and .Mrs. Matt Steiner. Sunday alter- nooij. Ferd Schaede was in Yates Center Saturday afternoon. There is several -cases of measles and chicken pox in this v:' ciiiity. I Thomas Lynch called at Oeo. I .Massdth's Tuesday evening, i .\niia Schoriiick helpeil .Mrs. Kd- Ward Kisenbart with , her work several days last week, the' number in thisjneighhor- r I h(iod attended the of Mrs. Pauline spent Sunday] bv his idaiighter. .Mrs. U. FT lla:ilii!oi!. si.own : M •aught near tbe engine builder's wiiit-r IK .int.- at Liiiiiber! is belli- ai'ternoon [sick. .Miss I/i!liaii with .Mrs. Anna Lassnuin. ; ins; i are for her. -Mr. and .Mrs. .Vrlluirj Kalsli and ; Kdward Thomas and .•\l:iiiui! Hernice .<iAnt ."Sunday at Will Cer- 'Parker have iln- measlis. "^''"*- j ; .Mr ami .Mrs. Arthur Kaishaiid Verna Churchill and lUivera Croi- I Herniie called at Kliiier •l"li.iiiias'> .sant an- .iiit of liigli school enter- ..Sunday eveniijg. taiuing the measles. j j .Mr. and Mrn. Collison siunt Siiii- .Mr. and .Mrs. lieliry N/inlt spent day at Frank Sievcr's. ^ iSiinday aliern<ion .at .Mr.' llrink- [ .' ~|—- able every instant day or night and I Kassm tinder pressure at ."ic per. ton'^l .Mr. This Sc per ton covers the of i Krie an Bettling the mud. with chlorination ! lin call iNorth Maple Grove Mar<|li S.—.Mr. and .Mrs. CoIIisoiii spent Friday evening at Paul] : n's. land Airs. Emery Noble: <if; d .Mr. and .Mrs. .lolin Frank-j ed at T. .S. Franklin's Sun- to kill the bacteria, and other j da.v. imetbods of prurification. also the transporting; (\f the water from the Keosbo river to the homes iu lola. an average length of delivery of' ions approximately V.-j. miles. From ; inornii this it can he seen that the cost I skiihle of tran.'iiiortatfon is in itself ex- | .Maiile tremely iow in cost, and the water; over C.irl' Cation called i on Arthur Ralsh 'Sunday nioriiii)g. .Wlia might jliave ! been a ser- iV'cident hi'PPeheil .Saturday g wlieii .liilin. Croisaiil's car |l on the pavi'incnt north of (:rov4- clinnh and turned the ditch. Forliinately Is practically free, for the present : neitheif he nor the tliree children charge really, covers f transportation. Adding filtration and water softening U> ; .N the cost of .Oc a ton would add'an->-.Ma le cost oi; that were with him were hurl, nor the cost of the car ilamaged. '' ' .Mr., and .Mrs. Faye'.Midieals am irgai'et called at I';iui /.assnian'sj other '/2 cent so it <-an he'safel.v : Suiida.v afteinoon. assumed that .'I'-jc per ton would Quite a large crowd attendedj deliver pure filtered arid soft wa-, thi- Coop's sale. Tin- ladles <lii ter into every home in.ilula. Ptiri' real well with Ilu'li-dinner, •water regardless of what it costs .Mrs. Kliner called onl is wiell worth while, and when' Kvelyn Thomas |ai the ChaniiK people complain of high tax rates hospital, and the difficulty of providiug:' .Mr. Lii-benknight was a Kaiisa* i funds for pure water they should I Cit.v. visitor last week. I I keep'in mind that the present high' I.itile Uernice Farmer was tak i tax rates haveinot been caused hy|eii to Payue'.s hospital Sunday am) an excessive water bill. lola has-;.Monday was taken on lo the Clia (to the citi-! nute hospital where an operationi never niade a charge zens for hydrant'rental] for hydrants or fir^ p man s. The C. A. F. H. club I met .Thursday with .Mrs. .lohn Fianklin. 'Vhe Hiisy Hee club njeets Thursday with Airs. Cns .Miieller. . .\lr. and -Mrs. Paul iJassman and ' l.'auline called at .iVitjIiur Haish's .* <• 1 • REAI, KST.VTK TKAN.SFERS <• i •> Issued Haily from Office of lola Abstract: Co. '• :-5- i •> Friday evening. i. . .Mr. and .Mrs. Ciiy Witiir and fam- ' I ily. .Mr. and .Mrs. Vcriiie Wing j I spent Wednesday ev.nln'g at Fred | i Sailer's. I 1 , \ Kdward and Annabell Thomas i spent Siind.iy aftirnocin with the; 1 Uaniels i-hlldrcn. \ • ! : .Mr. and .Mrs. 11. A. Jfaish spent i .Monday wil.h Arlliiir Ilalsh's. j .Mr-. John Thomas. [.-Mrs. Klnier ;.*M 1'.n. Thomas and .Mrs. M.trti'crt Mnss ' calleij on l-:velyi) Tlioipas atiCha-l mile .siind.iy jifii'rnooii. .mie will i —Telejihone your Classified Ad.'^ lie .-llili' to cdiue lioiiie .Tliursitay. 'o IS. (March 10. Vrl') Frank .Mis.sjnu.r and wife .\n- ue'iii". to I. F. anil Nelli.^ S\vi-li. i. a unit off i::i-t sid.' of W >•! SWi, :;i -L 'I -L 'l. • said trail I M ;I..• :;^d•.". . feet north and so'.iili. 1S'.'."| feit r;i-t .'Mid We>!. ;inl ' '11 taiiiitiK IO.M ; ai r'-.-. in.'re or !• ^ JMTINKES j L'lllli p. in. Daily ! ELITE .Saturday 1 to 11 MGIITS 7:00-9:00 p. m. The ikw .Advcnlturcs of an Incurable Flirt IREJ^E RICH -m- : .Mr. .lolin Franklin tailed at Paul l.assin ev-ninp. .Mrs. Ill nry Cerkeu and fiimily tin's -Sunday •as been real Silkeii Shackles Tlit" .-t.ii-y (if* a wtiinan wlio couldn't make her oye.s lieliavc. Hen .Alexander in "Scolty of the Scouts"—Sennet( Comedy. "Are Brunettes Safe" .Matinees KIc and 2(»c; N'i.ifhts jlOe and 2.'ic Saturday—Ranker in "Flashing Fanys" ('ominy .Monday;—"Thb Scarlet Letter" now playiriR the , ' Newman in Kan .'Sits City , If chargo essure was made,in Ida that privitely owned plants have tio paj- for hydrant rentaU the p|eoide of Ui\a. would be paying over! $li>.00d per year for hydrant rental, or since the lola plant was constructed in IHOO the city would liave paid out to private; company for hydrant rental was to be perforined on her leg. Verna Churcliill was absent':froiA' high-school Tuesday becanst- -ol sickness. ' The F. B. club meets with Mrs .lohn Franklin Thursday afternoon The Uusy Bee club met witi Mrs. Paulyl-assinan Thursday aft ernoon. A.good crowd attended. .Mr.i and .Mrs. C<dlisoir called <ir alone $260,000 or far more than Ceo. ,M( Intyre's Sunday afterntion was included in the original bond ' .Mrs. Cuy Wing and fam Issue and all future additions and | ily spent Saturday evening at Kl e;xtehsion,s. It can be truthfully said therefore, that lola's water plant has not cost the people a dollar, and it is almost entirely free from bonded debt The in- mer Thomas's. Sunday visitor.s 'at Mr..Collismi" were .Mr. and .Airs. Frank Sievcr and family. Mr. and .Mrs. Frei' .Moore and children and I .Mr, ami vestment in the municipally own--!-^Irs- Ben Collison and children. lola March HI.—.Mr. and Mrs. .Toliii ^ANY BANK ANYWHERE WILL PAY YOU SIM IF VEND- O- CORN" D OES NOT RIDlYOU OF J- CORNS I Ho matter wb»t %i,va, irbMliw TMcalir or. eoofinoD. no buittor bow many ott kind of e6ni« rtn [•r ramodt** you bav* KrML no mattar yo^r aga or occapatlon. •*«Kb-0-CORNV wtU clear your foot of ^cama and caUooaoa ilf U DOBSN'T, tben caali our Kuatmntaa; icartiacata at ANT BANK IN TH» UNrnp STATSI. "SNO-O-CORN*; bai bean trsttil and •adanwd by tb* foUoiilDg drtictlMa. but St thar ara not naar yitifand your nalcb., iwrfceod dnurfUt doaaik^t .bav* It. writ* KKO-O-CORN; LASORATORIC8. t Oartald Bird., Cblcaso.: aad w «-«m 'a*« ibM jnon racalT* a Jar.^ iCOOK-S DRU(! STORE • Endic'ott-Johnson , World's Largest Shoe;.Makers Men's Oxfords! iS^.as'P $5.98 Today's Offer- Stomach distress .1 Must Go or Money Back S.\V,*s COOK'S 111 — And still Iher« lieopU* right in this couijtry who won't aci I'er. hut continue to gas on stomach, held food. stoma<h pains, biliousness and lieadai cause -jnst because- are stubboin ptirt of tni' ept this of- suffer from ing or sour foul breath.' [lies; just be' tha't's all. i there is no other reason. Hare's .Mentha I'epkiii is com- poiindeil to stop dyspeptic trouble in a few minutes: to :iid digesUon. omach to a few weeks. and njsTore the old s norm.ij condition in a If yjin want quick iind real re- Store and druggist:^ everywhere. cd water plants at sound ekpenfliture. This is equal-• Franklin and .f. .\.. spent lief gel a bottle todav ly true of the lighting plant which; eveijing at Klmer Thomas's. peiised hv Cook's Oiu Ifl giving to the lola citizens wafer; .Mr. and .Mr.s. I'aul Lassman ani " " at ths lowest rate of.any town in j the state of .Kansas, and service" -that can'tiot be exoelled in aiiy municipaHty. lola j~ should treat these utilities fairly .'that have earned thonsands of dollars for their city and the public-have been given the benefit of these earnings in reduced rates which are lower I than other towns ihroughout the fltate. Had the ratfH been a little lilghfr and a silrpluii reserve fuiid jflpcu ^ulnted. it would not now be neceHHuri' to vole bonds for a new dam, a larger plj>e line, filtration •plant or walerfHofteMing .The dlvl- ilprids .thal'prlvilte planln have declared have gone lo the citizens Hyou really wanlfoteasekm- Pet'em^cfirlies- hug and squeeze 'emj lOVt fM AND , o LtAVI £M |g ELLE Y .Matinee lOc and 20c; Nights lOc and :?0c TOXI G|H T—LAST TIMES jBlLDAGRAYr wibK PtRCY MARMONT V+ARNER; BAXTER. 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Towels.! 36x20. ^r^i YoHe Stpplns, Teddies and (Jowns *1.25 Fast iJ'olor.Silk and Co<j«n Crepes Ffixcroi't, 81.XSHI Shi>ets. ke:iniles> 2 Yards IMC liajon, all rolorj^ .•» Yards 2.'»r heavy yard-widel hilinjr 'Wi23 Sfiede (.'loves, per pair %\,'^) silk (Jloves. irniy only, per pair 4*4: Yards Fancy School (Jirls *l^"j« .Mercerized Table Linen. .-?1.00 %\M $I.ltO *1.<H) !61.(H> #ijn6 #IJ0O IPIJIO iplJM) $1JI10 #UM» #lJlK» $I.IN» #1.W» >;l.(N> Silk Kajoa ^S1.(K) I*r yard ..^KOtl llif^'ards part linen Crash To|vellii)r ii !l.(|U MILLINERY -I Dozen Smart New Hals just in. Crochet. Hair lirajds .ind new Tailored St .vie. 50 new one.s— $1.69 '''' S8.75 THE STORE OF BETTER VALUES Slr'ni;/ (hniualic CiUhi ilfiiiifi the linnni'i;-'. Fipni ^Iniji iilaii (if ili< Also Comed.v and action. Kiaufi/ul vomrn. lilancr for irliicli xlir is ivorUl lie snisafiuiiol linxidirnij niamc iKniic. I-.vman Howe Hodj^e I'odjie FKn )AY I "^om 'JEM AND VBWE'im'' I 1 I I -tt CVELYNI BREN SATURDAY—Mai .Moore and Edith Roberts in; .\dapled from the fann lis .Saturday .Kveninfc To-t sfory, ~The ?( rimes of the Armchair Cli b." by Arthur Somers Koche. The- most , fiiseinallnir mystery plrtar^ prodnced la jears with deep mysjer.v. irei|ueiit shm-ks sind real c »mdey. I AY AMI TIESDAY [ 'WlilEN YOUR I.IGHTS QO OUT OR YOUH PLU.MeiN'G GOES BAD I i Elecmii and •PlunbiijgCo. TIIK KAIHO »TOHE Leads the World in Motor Car Value ' —tmr^'^' Aiinoiinc&s...... We have moved our bti.sine .ss nd lid ing' etjuipment. stock of part.s for NaHh Car.-^, building formerlv occupied bv tlie North Jeffer.'^dn. Here we hale bet4or einlipmciit for servi .sevenij times as much .storatre .snlice and can bettor in every wav. The Same Phoiic 720 Nash Motor Sales Go. the repair etc.. to the City CArage, 214 •ing cars, serve you Herman Tholen, 21 I North Jefferson IVlKr. 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Guaranteed to give .satisfaction, or.a.j new pair free. Sizes H to 12. 'I M The Store That Sells For Less. Eaist Side S(|uare j , lolaj Kansas I-" j

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