Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 8, 1961 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
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Saturday, April 8, 1961
Page 4
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ALTON EVBNWO TBJMRAHJ TODAY, ACTO.T, Mil Editorial Chance for New Councihtien Mtyor P. V. thy and" members of the preiem City Council sit acting for the best interests of the community in offering the two ntw coimrilmtn-elect in opportunity for brief ing on the business of the city. Cauncilmm Jerome Spfinjtm»n wrote the mtyor suggesting the electees be offered *ll information available to prepare them for their responsibilities, and Mayor Dty responded he already had taken steps to Me they got the data. A highly controversial budget ordinance is ahead of the new Council. The bare budtct tuggeited by City Manager Graham Watt can be expected to account for » quarter-cent tax rate raise. Salary boosts included in a second section of the recommended budget could account for at least another three cents in rise. If the new Council wants to xvoid a tax raise, it will have to dig for items or parts of items in the manager's basic budget and face the issue of raises to city employes. In his general budget report, Manager Watt pointed out that the matter of salary is "of such great importance that it is the subject of an extensive report which is submitted separately but as a part of this budget." Some criticism of City Manager Graham Vatt had been voiced on this score of separating tiie salary raise report from the rest of the budget—especially as the action operated to determine the overall potential rate. In his favor, we should say at least that be regarded the question of salary rakes as of so much importance that he called attention of the Council to it by filing a separate report,' at the same time showing the Council what was possible without the raises. The separation emphasizes the responsibility of the Council in deciding on this ques- tion. Manager Watt did, in effect, assume tht responsibility of recommending the salary raises, remarking that "tn summary, the wages report recommends that moderate wage increases be granted to approximately two- thirds of the city's employes since the studies and surreys indicate that the city has this obligation to its employes under the 'prevailing wage' policy." Discovery of methods to reduce this bud- iret or hold it in line could well require that the couhcilmen know- in considerable detail the city government's operations. Without Reader'* Forum Why Course In Floral Design 1 was much surprised to rend in the Telegraph recently that Rep. Paul Simon opposes teaching flower arrangement in a college curriculum, and I was fur-; ther dismayed to see him clas-j sity it with "How to Play Chess.' 1 j I In the first place, there is a! i great deal of difference between the two subjects. Second. the i i utilitarian and spiritual values of the two are widely separated, if; any comparison at all is possi- Side Glances ByCALBRAITH ' Probably Rep. Simon's view is, due to lack of information about • ' \\ hat it involves in academic and aesthetic value, as well as from an economic aspect. Flower arrangement is a cul- j tural art. It can be described as I in interior decoration; as a com-{ mercial art, as one of the chief! elements of the florist's business; | as a factor in home economics this knowledge the best they could do is throw i^ the budget back to the city manager with orders to exercise his own judgment in slashing it. » 4 * * * Lost. Or Never Present? Southern Illinois University's Alton campus got its first contact with the Ivy League « «•» art; ^ a decorative art. as Thursday night—and at the level for which competition in that league is most noted—intellect. The institution is to be complimented on ? involving home decoratron, table i "I hope this VHCUUtn sweeper doesn't make you nei'VOUS. its ability to attract the Harvard University i settings, etc; all of which have 1 Bobby HkCS to hear it run!" debate team here on its cross-country tour. > me bearing on useful and econ-; " In passing, we cannot help but comment I 01 ™ ^ j" additi ° n l ° U «ir: Reader's Forum • , _ . i i • i 'aesthetic value. Indeed, the that the Crimson apparently took its .^^ wou]d ^ ^nelliM to the! "sick" look at the world in general and this I trades o( interior decorators and! country in particular. SIU, we thought, deferred enough when it agreed to defend the proposition that the United States had lost its sense of purpose. The visitors ducked the question—cleverly of course—by denying the country- ever had a purpose, though it explained it in a democratic way by insisting that everybody was left to his own ideas. 25 and 50 Yean Ago President Kennedy has given'Communist countries are given ithe Communist governments of i given second-class mailing priv- commercial florists. Flower arrangement involves a detailed study of design. I have studied flower arrange-;me would permission to sendijggg an yw nere in the United ment at Pennsylvania State Uni-i their propaganda through the .m •• • .*_ t »,<! it! o mr.,-1.. u« „.„.,,;.,„.. »u,,» states. Ana mere is no limit to versity. The University o f Illi- u. a. mails. He promises that second-class, unsealed material |"° w much second-class mail will pass uninspected and un-i tnev are allowed. (A conservative molested. In the spirit of fait c°unt estimated over 17Vi tons of To Curb Crime Attorney General Robert Kennedy has well proposed a program of federal law changes to curb national crime. His proposals would hit at several roots from which gangsterism gets its strength. He would have Congress provide a penalty of five years imprisonment and $10,000 fine for interstate travel to advance illegal activities. This would add teeth to FBI efforts like that against the Apalachin Conference. It also would make possible "nabs" of wealthy gangsters and racketeers who commuted between plush hideaways and their big city "business" conferences. Much needed, too, is Kennedy's suggested ban against intimidating or injuring persons cooperating in a federal investigation. Oftentimes witnesses are "gotten to" long before any inquiry reaches the stage of a judicial or Congressional probe. His stiff firearms regulations request has an obvious aim. Attorney General William P. Rogers previously has asked for laws to deal with the flow of gambling information across state lines, and to broaden federal power in other area?. Congress should see that these laws get on the books in their strongest possible form to bolster the hand of our federal enforcement bodies. Patience \»~. Patience One may wonder what is the objective of the present "new" Geneva nuclear test ban talks. There might be some thought of making progress with the Russians on an agreement Aprt8 t _ _ Charles W, "Pwry, Sdwardivint' attorney, was appointed by Qwf. Menry Homer as a member of Hie flUnols tn conunlsshMi. He was president of the ffitnoli Taxpayers' and Madison County Taxpayers' associations and chairman of the Madison Comity Bmerfemy Relief committee. An exhibit of art worit ot Mtsa Bertha Kits- beth Murry and Miss Catherine Haberer was scheduled at the YWCA. MM Haberet would exhibit 25 pieces, 20 of which would be bttttts; Miss Murry would exhibit 36 canvases, mostly In oil. Gus Haller, supervisor from Wood River Township, began his fourth term as chairman of the Madison County Board, the third time he had been so named without opposition. Deaths Included those of Mrs. Kathryn Nixon, only two days after that of her sister, Miss Mary Mulligan, and Albert Pearl Tilton. The annual convention of the 22nd District, Illinois Federation of Women's Clubs, was scheduled at the Upper Alton Baptist Church. Among officers of the district was Mrs, Charles P. Smith, treasurer. / John L. Link, one of the members of the Tex Rlckard gold prospecting expedition to Alaska in 1897, died at his residence in Carlinville. He was in business In Carllnville following his return from the gold fields. Thirty electrical and home modernization dealers of Alton were having a showing of equipment in a collective exhibit at the Arena on Wnll street. Three polling places were listed for school election. They were Precinct No. 1, Horace Mann School—For all of Upper Alton and all contiguous territory north, east, and south of the city limits: Precinct No. 2, Roosevet School —All territory known as Middletown and territory contiguous thereto north of the city limits; Precinct No. 3, McKinley School — Territory known as North Alton and all other contiguous territory north and west of the city limits. Judges would be Miss Helen Slocum, Herbert teaches flower in its department of flori- i culture and in its home econom- . [ics curriculum. The University of P'ay. then, the Reds should grant, suc " anti-American material , California had the first accredit- j <** free world a similar priv-' passed through the San Francis;ed course in floral arrangement, j ledge. j« port alone in one week.) itaujjht by Gregory Conway onei But the Reds are not interested. Is this the terrific reward we ,of the leading florist artists in,in "fair play" or anything con-,are granting the Soviet bloc for "rTf " B " T""M DWIM' "T"' urn"" 1 ,the world. nected with it. This should be;refusing to pay their part ot the! ^ hlt0et nan, R. J. McPhillips, Mrs. William i The University of Osaka in Ja-ireason enough to frown on the:United Nations debt; refusing toj R° ss . Joseph Monks, E. H. Beall i pan is another institution in ad- j President's pronouncement con- stop shipment of arms to the j Mrs. Mary Holland, and George Idition to hundreds of schools oficerning the Communist's use of gangsters of Laos; and refusing! — i floral design in that country. i° ur mails. ,to cease her rape of all of Asia? The National Council of State As if this were not enough, the Maybe we should start demand- Garden Clubs, with headquarters!American people are actually!ing free postage, too. That should April 8,1911 3\nH t wtw etwij' fWi tn •ravtnfi HI wt tntanntxed pturtJWi tt MtKMtt IMitnAt W t Jut Mit of Vpftt fittin w flit pOTJw*! of iNWOni Mfnttl dlnwNM. tin efwtlun to fet MM M Mltton Htifntl ffltMton, A MNtillf htd wtft tnftf fti Upptf Alton to pruwtftt tht MM (A an* nl9dni flM MiMiint 0f DIfttut w to Altwi which wraild «*«• tin problems of pwvKHnt • school. Tht fmtttht wti tiw ifMlMMt M» pecfally By mothers of cMrarwtt rot 86 sWwii coQld tw tsMit woMtM A QUHifitlttM iwnfMw to obtain • Blip of the distrKrt MM wu m» ready to ftpert. It was Known, Own waa • strong wntimmt against annexation, tat pi* pommi* were hopeful that a dlttrtfit art* eotfld be otttHned which would win aowptttot. Plans for organization of * Itiftj, private drainage district In the Mitchell ana wnteh would supplement partial protection from flooding to be afforded by the Salt ffld* Sanitary District were outlined at a meeting of landowners in the office of Sheppard ft Morgan, surveyors, at EdwatxUville. Largest tract to the proposed district was the Mitchell Estate of 2,000 acres, long under management of Mike Link. F. M. Sills of Chicago, trustee of tht estate, was present. Others present Included Frank R. Troeckler.'C. W. Smith, George and M. S. Link, and some non-resident landowners. It was believed that a series of private drainage works would reclaim hundreds of acres for assured annual cultivation. Oscar Pence, the driver, escaped unhurt, but a team of Anton Reck was instantly killed when struck at the 16th and Alby street crossing by the Alton Limited. Pence jumped to safety a split second before the horses and front end of the wagon were struck. Members of the fish and game committees of the Illinois Senate and House completed • downstream inspection trip on arriving here on the state Steamer Illinois. They Interviewed a number of local commercial fishermen during the afternoon. Senator Edmond Beall of Alton was with the group. Flames from a burning oil still at Wood River could be observed during a 2-hour period of early evening. Almost 300,000 gallons of oil were consumed. regarding test bans. In view ot' previous performances around the conference table on this subject, however, i serious thought by the West in this direction would seem doubtful. In earlier talks the West has made all the j these have served to raise the concessions, Russia none. This, then, we could i standards of horticulture all !the United States and in ' have assumed, would be the pattern again— except that the West announced in advance it was wiping the slate clear of previous concessions and starting from scratch. Now we are making no concessions. We are not again showing in St. Louis, has for one of its j paying to have this propaganda. not be too much to ask of the principal projects the conducting shipped to them. Under U. S. President. of flower show schools in which'Code, Sec. 266 Title 39, these. JOHN BOLAND the teaching of flower arrange-1 • • • • ment and flower show practice, goes hand in hand with the' ^t—i^tftn-tt A **nvP teaching of horticulture, and j . i Alfl /LIU Victor Riesel Says Labor History Repeating Itself NEW YORK—One score and | carpenter's leader back in thejlonism. This, they are saying, seven years ago John L. Lewis i thirties, pointed out rushed forth on a convention j that the miner's chief was floor and punched the carpen- j championing the less skilled they are not getting from their AFL partners, with whom they merged in a marriage of inconvenience in 1955. Couple all this now with the Dr. Harry F. Mantz deserves! you'll have to be 90 or a 100J ters un '°n chief right in the > workers In the mass industries, hearty round of applause forjyears old before you start to en-i" ose - The pummeled face split,[The skilled craftsmen, such as is letter in the Forum March joy them, and that's a little late, [as did labor, and the CIO was; carpenters and electricians and i third point in the telegram 1. And I am aaxious to hear; even for a "golden ager." jborn. Today history may be re- j plumbers, were not eager toj wn ich calls for a stepped-up plan » iruwr, arnu^ .* u> ue "* **'*'" *° hte N °' '* ^ e ^ m - * "" told too. this plan can't 'pealing itself - except thatj share their crafts with millions) to "organize-the unorganized." »=H «» »i, c» T^Jl A^T«,.L,rn' What &re *** gomg to do about ** l °° bad if only two of our! some of the men who followed'in the big steel and auto plants, i Historv rPDPfl tc itRP !f Th oso Sh i novv Maturing an "Si 1116 4 ' 000 ' 00() <> eople wh ° « -"-doctor, are fighting it. So where|Lewta into the massive sit-down The line, are similarly drawn SJTjohr^Lewis' vvorSs'th?in! 'vtiiv.ii 10 n\7 T i^diui u>b c.-k /«nvpi'*>H hv urviail swnrirv? Tn,"* *.u_ .• _* _—- _* !..**.;>*.*<. — *~i~ uj«_ i,.-i-. « n *a n .. T7.*,~*. n * *u_«. « ~*i.i - . - An example of flower arrangement is to cited which covered by sociail security? The are B n«,,:,. « t ihibu o{ Japanese art products.j— "' ~~— - '• ••"• are the voices of some of ouristrikes are telegraphing their;today. Except that something dustrial marching slogans which a weak streak before | One of the features of this ex-\^..^^* 2^ f?,™' £?' other . P™™nent doctors and) punches. jnew has been added - the big i opened up the auto and steel ihibit is the arrangement of the world. We arc merely sitting there testing what !ticultural material in the Jap-j we have termed, and Russia now agrees is pa- » kmanner ' No one , ra " ^l I that those arrangements do not nence> i add to the beauty and interest! Having shown our willingness to compro- jof the display or to that of the ["'we will work that out later. The druggists? " of the 4,000,000' not have a lot of , l am ln .. . 'JJ J ° If it's their business or profession they are worried about, they'll worry much more if the At 7:30 p.m.. on the evening 'rocket and missile bases novv! areas of tne j and of Thursday, March 30, Western i beginning to hire tens of thous-' Union punched out some mess-' ands of workers. "golden age" iForand ml passej . ages for the kids of John Lewis' The feud now between the a at previous sessions, we now are demon- i museum itself. The people who strating to the world how insistent we can be made those arrangements did notjj on a plan well conceived—and showing to the rcbt of the world how stubborn Russia can be. The Allen-Scott Report Encouraging Cancer Results make them without having learn- : " whipping than have to accept so-: talk about benefit If we lose this fight, it will ** j yesteryear — Walter Reuther Reuther-Cerey group and the 18 t profession LUCY E. HAGAN Wood River What's vital here is that the telegrams calling for action were sent only to the old CIO unions. B, Carey. The tele-!building and construction un-j Reuther and Carey did not grams were sent to presidents [ <ons, led by Neil Haggerty, is move inside the AFL-CIO. They of the old CIO unions. They j over which union's men will ex-[did not consult George Meany, were signed by Reuther and|pand old steel and auto plantsjtheir national president. They Carey as just two names. There j and which union's men will in-idid not call, this time, tor a were no formal descriptions — ! stall and handle the big sky- j drive by the entire labor move- no indication that these men;scraping rockets. i ment. They decided not to wait ed the principles of design as i"P aid U P" ones that we can applied to horticultural material !**• What the y donlt te " you is or without the expenditure of a;in flower arrangement. great amount of time, money.; Rep. Simon no doubt has heard , energy, and talent. Many of the old saying that "If I had Americanize Canada? | were the CIO>S last leaders. Or 1 History repeats itself. The and see what would happen at them have traveled widely and;two pennies, I would use one to i lhal thev are presidents of two wire says that Reuther and the meeting on April 12th 'studied in other countries. Why'feed my body and one to feed We should stop trying to Amer-i powerful unions. Or that they Carey want action on a "crit- one day earlier — of the nation- should not a greater number m y SOU J." Another is that "Man icanize Canada. She wishes to be j head labor's Industrial UnWlcal legislative situation." This'al eight-man AFL-CIO Execu- WASHINGTON — The National;Lipsett, of the Endicronology Cancer Institute is reporting en-:Branch of the Cancer Institute, couraging results with two drugs! Representative Fogarty's corn- in treating choriocarcinoma — mittee has also been informed that an extremely malignant form of more than 135.000 drugs and anticancer that afflicts women. cancer materials have been tested These promising anti-cancer:since the Institute started its drugs are Methotrexate and Vin-. chemotherapy program, culeukoblastine. Of this large total, only 160J Approximately ono-liaU of cases drugs ha\e been deemed suffi-j treated with these drugs* apparent- ciently promising to be used in ly have been cured. clinical tests on humans. That's the highlight of a special ffc-hool Aid ilearn the art nearer their own:does not live by bread alone."i independent of any country. Let communities? 'the spiritual aspects of life given her be. Let's stop trying to force out signing it, replied Douglas, j myse if have taught flower ar-i meaning through a love and ap-jour culture upon the Canadians. "That would be both legislatively rangement privately, for the Na-ipreciation of beauty is just as Perhaps the fact that Canada has! The u Unr6 . )0rtpri ,. nti i and politically sound. If the mea- tional Council, and in adult edu-i m ^, rtu «, „« OQ fi™ »„* dn.nitwn piilrni-Ps Vrpnnh anH Pmriish unrepuneo unui ; tionaJ Council, and in adult edu- important as eating and sleep-'two cultures. French and English, sure becomes law without youri ca ti 0 n classes. The courses of- ing, for if man's soul is not will save her from being taken Dept., now the largest and most!means that the old CIO blocjtive Committee in Washington. .._, .. ^ .„. .. Reuther and Carey are members of this committee. They didn't blow a bugle. But solvent of the AFL-CIO divisions. signature, the way would be open. f ere( j. through the latter were dis- > nourished. ~and~he is "not given over by us. now, put Reuther's and Carey's anger on paper for the first time wants more pressure on Congress, more unemployment demonstrations, more political rallies, more of the old activist un. for a constitutional test without [continued for the very reason some purpose in : 10 i«Ji K* V CJI w.^.» M.T u.^. rt , .*,:,! t _j , i life apart from We will bo greatly benefited by ; out » ld * °< P^ate correspond-! any presidential strings tied to It letted in your article, and I won- ito il. he will have no need for having a different foikway to the| ence ' The messa ges were a call. one way or the other. ifler whether pressure was not; e jthor. north. Americanization has sup-! l ° a meetin s on April 13th at, We rem ember, 0 God, the Joy "Under those circumstances, l|brought to bear on the groundsi MRS. HARRY N. ROSINOS -pressed the cultural values of im-l 10 a ' m - in the Vanderbilt Roomi 0 f Easter and the new confidence " ' hierarchy or opponents of federal money." Accredited Judge of Flower migrants who came to our shores. | of the Hotel R°s«>velt here. we have jn (The students them- Arrangement and Horticulture -Variety is UV spice of life to any j "Urge your participation .. ." ; because of the contimied |ove resurrection of aid for private schools could take j selves paid the larger cost of the ; Approved instructor. National nation, even though orthodoxy ! said Reuther and Carey, "at! Christ. Help us to walk with Him exception to your position. You | courses from their own funds, i council of State Garden Clubs may seem necessary at times. report the Cancer Institute, one Jf Conai . ess voles fedel . a , of the eight research centers of for priva(e s( . hocls the world-famed National Insti- Kellnedv is ^ mg advised to al .l tutes of Health. Bathesda, Md.. , wv tne legislation to toconie lmv ! l ° pass have stated your views, and if ! They are also taxpayers. 'ongretui enacts such a measure' Some of the students in my> it will be up to the courts' courses were florists or prospuc-j its legality. By not live florists. Others were women with life certificate. is making to the House Appro- vvitnout hjs aignature . pnations Subcommittee, headed by Representative John Fogarty iD, lhl * counscl has been R.I.). This committee is in charge signing the bill, you leave the door open for a clear-cut constitutional given test." who desired to learn how to ar-, range flowers properly in order j to utilize the flowers sent from him by two leading school-aid The President cordially tlwnked! funel ' als to hos P ilals Ior champions - Senators Paul Dou- [ u^g^ but gave Clark ' hint of what i ure uf the P atients in the hos - pitals. The president of the women's auxiliary of a hospital in an adjoining county considers 111 1 flower arrangement as a funda- later of the NIH budget. , ... Verv pointed!v the report does ; S as <D.. 111., and jobt-pn i-mrK he ^^ ol Ws advjoe . , . " iD.. Pa.i, author of a bill for ,, , , not claim a cancer cure. . . „.. However, several days , . AI_ .. i •• loans to private schools, ineyrec- • . J I, does note that complete re-. e J ^ ^ when Senator dark d turn to good health for periods of ^^ to discuss the whooLaid «»ue.| nic|llu| ^^ 0 , Ulc 8ervice(J ren . five years following chemother- " the President asked him what he L, ... , i n ,nH,-«H« «f vi>iimr<»>i- , The Pt-»i«iHpni iiwitFMi itiiiitrt'm lueicQ oy nunuieub oi voiuiueci apy for a malignant tumor has in* J "' a j" J"." jist-^s ihV, UHXIBht Hb ° Ut D ° UglaS WMrigni1 - i wo, ke.s at the hospital and hours not been previously observed, to the \M,,U HOUM «, U.MU.SS uif, lure stl . utegy . ^ lvgulur|y bdledule(1 fol . sudl 'I "I \vould say it's all right," re-,activity there. jlilu-d Clark. "That would be agree in other cases flo\\ei arranger* ;nblf to me. 1 would have no ob-iwho havt paid to It-arn the in- Forum Writers, Note Writers 1 names must lie published with letter* to the Reader* Koruni. Letter* murt be coiiotee (not over 150 word*). All are HUbjeut to condensation. We hope Canada preserves its own cultures over its TV and ra- Important meeting key leaders 'n newness of life. Teach us of industrial unions to discuss | a 8 a ' n that every Sunday is a lit- and make decisions regarding tle Easter, each Lord's Day a neither did they move secretly. They could hardly expect a series of telegrams to remain secret long. They decided to repeat history by organizing a special bloc, a special committee to organize the unorganized. This means a drive for millions of workers not now unionized. This cannot be without mass strikes — and a sit-down or two. Nor and dirty TV films. PAUL A. HOCK Largest and finest palace in Kngland is Hampton Court, near London. Island Punto critical legislative situation, and o project plan for stepped up -•oordinated organization program to organize the unorgan. zed ... Please confirm." Thus does history repeal iu ielf. For those who weren't a- •ound when John L. slugged the risen Lord. So may our every hour be filled with the assurance of Thy grace; through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen. —Robert W. Burns, Atlanta, Ga., minister, Peachtree Chris- mi 1961 by the Division of Christian Education, National Council of the Churches of Christ In the U. S. A.) icism of the old AFL. They may do more than walk new picket lines. They may walk right ou on the old AFL. Now just where did I put m> notes of one score and sever years ago? There's going to be a real fight again. (O 1961, The Hall Syndicate, Inc.) 1 Urge* iilnd that a loan bill ,,» 8 ht U- , MS s«l. But that's as far Institute goes i n eventful research development. \V lt h characteristic scientific re ''JJJJjV.'^'JJ;" .uu"^ 1Ilk ""ij i'^tion to your not giving my ltricacies of artistic arrangement. 'proposal for loans to private i volunteer their services to teach the making of dish gardens, cor- __ Again the President gave no^Bes, luble decorations, and hint of what he may do. i flower arrangement to veterans \ltonEvenin«Telp}irH|ill' Free-Loader* i' 11 nHt ' ollal hospitul*. Many serve . .., . . .. . in the occupational therapy di- LiPonWaahingtondiwy *'cial; usiol)!) o[ 7 llt .,. al and ^ enta] |«hu Msnt all it « so glamorous!) h ^ a||d o ,, Uls , jtution! , cracked up to be. , .. , , t . , i Is U not piauticul (or these work- not acrepiea in town. ! Krt ''' -loadlll B "'"V *» 'U 8 ' 1 amij urs to know liow to perform their delivery is available N>umlaiit, but it has its liinita-iservices in the best possible Btraint the report also stales: "Thirty ol S3 treated patients.should do?" |-chools." with this type of tumor are now; "Let the bill become law with i tree of disease. Many of the patients have had no indication of *' fcd)lor recurrence up Ui five years since their treatment was completed. | Pubiuh^d^DaHv oy Ajton In all of these cases the tumor had spread ouside ol the uterus into other parts of the body, most frequently to the lungs "Treatment in all cases ix>nsis-! tmered as second cla»« mattet ted of intensive course o/ a folic- acid antagonist. Called Alt-mot re- xate. In 14 women, treatment aUo included brief courses of a recently-developed plant derivative call ed Vincaieuitoblasiiue." The two drug: produced sido effects. But they were overcome. 4SmtUebiM S Fruit drink* a Seated group 7 N«W Oiiiaea • VjlletUta .Port h«adquart«n • Expanfer of the Bntitb . • Hebrew ••Mti* MecUUtfraaaM lOAdoletoeai ~— I tir « U MouBtaia & fillip nymph* •" Integrity 18 Funeral mf* l * MasculiM UHwy U 0»di»Af 1 3iii:K jE.iuKir;ir! — •LillUI I UULU-MM EJULi LJMtJIZJ LMnr_1fcJ c-jur IUH ILI UCJIJKICJI i uuiMhi [jtMiin ni 11:1 CKlkJ HI II1C-J i UIUULKKI&J ULlLJUd MFos 17 Sanctified ana 19 Oriental ema 20 Winter vehicle 23 Priority (wt"- 1 23 Steadier »G«ouio meadow 84 Armed HM| S& Sorrowful 17 Lodger UAMMMH MIRROR OF YOUR MIND "—«"«« that female rats were vastly more active than male rats. Six male and eight female rats were placed in cages with treadmills and permitted to run, or not run, as they pleased. Distances traveled were measured with a metering device. At the end o| U months the males rats average 360 mile*, compared to 2,818 miles for toe females. ^iiDst npuon price 'M cents u. carrier bv mail $10 a seal in You can take tin- emphatic word jr that of b the DOM office ai Alton III. \ct ot Con«i«4i, MarcB 3. 187V "It was possible to develop methods lor assuring the complete recovery of the patients from such e and at tune* ha/ar- side effects." Tills notable progress in the Struggle against cancer is work ot three distinguished — Drs Roy Heru, chief I" THE MEMBfcB Of> PREifi lit* Pre»t U exclusively entitled to the uee for Duplication ot all new* dltovichet credited la tni« paper and to the local newt pub Hkhed herein. MfcUPfcB. fHfc AUDI! BURtAU Qf ORCULAI1CJN \ovei tifcing R«ie» Co* ln/orraation OB explication at ih« lelCMraoti bu=me»« office HI haki Biuadutis Alton III. Notional the! Jon [i Detroit Ati»me u S^n &M4ue> O«ll«t. JMAMaa fUkwarm niuiiiK-r and lo show others how 85 Reach for lo do it? Die beauty ol one's Itome is || victim - able and popular Sena j possibly the most uupoilanl of »2 Sweet pot*!*' tor Clair Engle iD.. Oilif.i. ia^ as lt alfecls more people, In a remarkably frank and re an d nothing adds to lhat bettuly nioi-e than do cut flowers and 40 La growing plants. Landscape architects and physical and mental therapists would agree It serves' its purpose in their special fields. Advertising agencies who supply photographs of interiors always! have some greenery or (lowers in their pic-lures, both for color and interest, but the arrange of that horticultural ma < tonal i* not always feccoidjny to applied principles of design such as we teach in college courses letter to constituent!) hi) 'le recounts some of the trials und tribulations of being a VIP in Washington and virtually required not only to go partying every night, but several or more times a night. 1C lt»l. The Hall Inc.) ASCUNCION ratified Hie Montevideo Treaty hut expect* to maintain temporarily restrictions on certain imports from other agreement Very much so. Til a individual who has a realistic understanding of himself usually tries to be himself, and thus avoids many of the Should yuu demand ruspevl from » stept'WId? U wlf-knuwtaNtge vital Answer: Respe<-t should be ex- "~ Wnaiai nealinT pected but not demanded. Even real parents are not treated re specifully at all times, and most of them find it advisable to overlook occasional lapses. A sten* parent tends to be more sensitive, ^!M||^mjftla^Jg^: and ODOfttoU that beset ttw but if he can control his feelings WKmUS3m^^Si3Slm tic- Persons with IWe when evidmice of disrespect ap- 4,^ i^Bato, *„,» ^^^ tedw often try to be somattdDc paai-s, he stands a better chance tt<ff males? different, and Uftwittinfly find of winning the child's spontan- themselves rppop/img and bf> eous regard. When children are Aa»»e*: Female aaimals seam haviag fat ways that am at CKHS- • ved to show respect they usu- to be imbued with more festlaas pur^aiei with thai* inwr aeeda. ally find ways pi coaveyipi; the activity. Hecent experiments MV Uuc% wujwii i§ wotod ia thin opposite idea. ported by Science Digest found struggle to by-fast OJM'S true sag. (i» INU. iua§ f'aaujrai ayaci-. iae.)

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