The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa on June 4, 1892 · Page 3
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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 3

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 4, 1892
Page 3
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HONEST CLOTHING. THAT ME AITS TJS ! fti Poatvllle Weekly Review. PffUm* EYKfiY SATURDAY W. N.BURDICK. BY TB»MS: $l.t>0 A YEAR INADVANCE. LOCAL REVIEW. THAT'S WHAT WE HANDLE! THAT'S WHAT WE SELL! -No Stale Meat at Hart'*. — Council rattling to-night. —Beef Steak 8 and 9c, at Hart's. —Call on Gray, at the U. T. K. —Fresh Lake Fish 9c, at Hart's. —Mr. and Mrs H. B. Taylor arrived horn* last Monday afternoon after nearly four niontlu absence, moit of the time in Beatriae, Neb., whote Frank and HI reside. They itopped between —Gray seads away Laundry Work. —Poultry bought and sold at Hart's. I two and thrci weekH on Iheir way! nl t| )l;re WO uld have been iiad even the Memorial Day. Notwithstanding there was ho advance arrangoraent for memorial axcrcisos there was qtiila a demonstration after *11, though not half ni much -•Good Chewing Tobacco 20c per lb., at Warfield'i. J. tV. Ward's old stand —Wood is wanted at Beedy'* Photo | Gallery in exchange for photographs. Tor Sale. My residence on the north sido. MM. H. B. HAZLKTOH. —Gold and Silver Shirts at Gray's. —Salt Fish of all kinds, at Hart's. Xiaa Anna Bast on, Instructor on the plana and organ, PostTille, Iowa. New Goods, at Lttkman A Sanders'. 100 gallon kettle for sale, at -One Hart's. —Buy your Sanders'. Shoos, at Luhman & —Sugar Cured Hams from 10 to 13c, at Hart's. —Six Loaves of Bread for 21c, Hakerv. —Veal calves wanted at Hart's Market. at the tf Meat —Josie Gorham has been visiting in Monona. --Gray is showing an elegant line of Spring Clothing. —A full line of Meats, at Hart's. Salt and Smoked We handle the wire buckle Suspenders- Every pair warranted. You can't help being struck with the superior merits of our goods. You CAN BANK ON THEM. We are at all times prepared to show you an immense line of Men's, Boys' and Children's Clothing, Hats, Caps, Gent's Furnishing Goods, Trunks, Valises, &c, &c. THE TJ. T. K. CLOTHIER. —Mr. and Mrs. Snuday in BriU. Talcott apont last —Look at the Curtain Goods, at Luhman A Snndcrs'. —New Dress Goods.and Embroidery at Skelton A Tangeman's. —Do not buy a Dress Pattern before looking at Luhman & Sanders'. -Dr. J. Shephurd, of Lawler, is visiting relatives and friends here. -Good Tea, 30c per lb., at field's. J. W. Ward's old stand. War- —Board of supervisors will meet regular Jnno session next Monday. —Best Sorghum only 40c por gal., at Wartiold's. J. W. Ward's old stand —The b«st stock of Shawls kept in the town at Skelton A Tangeman's. - -Kerosene Oil, atWarfield's. J. 150 test, lOo gallon W. Ward's old stand —Luhman -<& .Sanders are Headquarters for Dress Goods —Two 3 lb. csns of Pie Peach's for 1.1c, at Wnrlield'a. J. W. Ward's oh stand. —For a tine fit and style in Ladies ami Miasm' Fine Shoes, call on SKII.TON £ TAMOEMAK. Hies Nellie H. Abbott, Teacher of Vocal and Instrumental Music, Postville, Iowa. —Call at Skelton & Taugetuan's for Genuine Stub Proof Rubber Boot, Every pair warranted. —Do not miss thosn Bargains in the Ladies' Job Lot of Shoes at Skelton & Tangemaa's. They are being offered at half price. Horse-Shoeing. No hit and miss, but a good job every olatter and prices vory reasonable. THOS. SnonTCEED. home yisiting Will and family at Ames, | They are in good health and report a very pleasait time. - Jas. Ewlng and Hobt. AlcClennick enplured twenty-two rattlesnakes, of the large yellow varioty, last Sunday, about a mile and a half from Myon, on the north brauch of Yellew river. Seme of them were four feet long. They explain that it was not a vory \od dav for snakes eitbor, as the weather was sot warm enough. —Hereafter the slate weather and crop bulletin will be sent out on Tuesdays instead of Saturdays, to meet the demands of the weekly papers, fully eighty per cent, of them being published oa Thursday, Friday and Saturday. This will enable tbo weekly papers to give this report bofore it is a woek old, and will bo much fresher news than It has been heretofore -Van Velzer & Gilson have dissolved partnership in the Central meat market, Mr, VanVelzer returning to his old stand at the south side. —The Grand Opera House at Doco- rak gels out fine printed programs chock full of advertising. Decorah is looking up wonderfully of lstc. —Carl Holler comos out in a brand new ad to-day offering some great wet weather bargains. Read it "At Both Ends," and then go and see bim. —Louisiana Dimenson, Cypress Shingles and Arkansas Yellow Pine Finishing, for sale at SANDERS & KAPLBU'S. Oelweiu, down the road in Fayotte county, has the second paper again the Herald. Oelwein is a larger town J than Postville and yet a soeond paper there is a good deal liko a fifth wheel to a wagon. It Is mora ornamental than nsoful and cannot be permanent. Unliko most other business enterprises a field cannot be made for a local paper. All it can do is to occapy the field already prepared. Bev. Sam Jones at Clear Lake, Bunday, June 90, 1898. Rev. Sam Jones will be at Clear Lake, Sunday, Juno JG, and will preach in the pavilion at Clear Lako Park, both in the morning and afternoon. The Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway will on that day run several exoursion trains to tbo lako and will mako a very low round trip raU. In a later issue we will give the time of 1 lie trains, fare, etc. —It would bo difficult to Imagine a more dark, dismal, cold, rainy, disagreeable day than last Tuesday. And the worst of it is no have so many similar days. —The UniversalistB of Caslalia will give a tociable at tho town hall, on Wodnesday. Juue 16th. Supper from 5 to 8, 25c. A dance in thoovuuing for young folks, 25o for gonts. •-•udge Hoyt's court reporter, Mr. Harris, has resigned. Deputy Clerk Fisher circulated a petition last week, which was generally signed, asking for the appointment of Mr. Crosby, Judge Hatch s repotter, thus giving him the courts. potter, thus giving him work of both courts.—Journal. — Luhman A Sauders liavo a large line of Summer Dress Goods and Trimmings. - Rov. C. F. Sehell rcjoiesk in the advent of a daughter at his homo in Castalia. Headquarters For Dress Goods! —Just an even doxen Poslvilluing took in tho Clear Lako uxcursiou last Saturday. —Charley McQuillen and Willie Sheehy havo returned from Dubuque when thoy have beon attending school. A friend of the boys, Mr. Jefferyi, of that city, re'.urncd with thorn for a short visit. —Mr. and Mrs. II. B. Taylor will visit St. Paul and llieir daughter. Mrs. E. E. Burdick, during convention week or lougiT, going next Monday. They haye not been at home loag enough to make formal calls nil around. -A. W. MuDaueld, as superintendent of the cemntery, has mado an order, that whl'e at first glance io»ms arbitrary is nevertheless correct. It is that all grass and litter cleared from the lots must bo removed from the grounds instead of loaving it in the alleys or on unoccupied lots. It does look bad to •oo tho alleys filled with dead grass old tin cans, ete. We second tho motion of Mr. McDanald although we havo been one of the guilty parlies. GOOD FARM JTOB SALS. My farm of 20* aercs for sale. Situ- atad in Madison township, Wintieshcik Co., Iowa, three ami a half miles west of Docorah, in sections 11 and 14. Woll improved and timber motigh for farm use. In good state of cultivation Woll watored and good buildings School within six rods of house. Long time will 1)0 givan on part pajniont Inquire on farm for particulars. Address, Wsi. MCINTOSII, (Box. 2S8) Docorah, Iowa, people of town known just what would be done and where it would be. It was given out in tho churches oa Sunday and Sunday evening that the people were requested to meet at the Methodist church and march to the cemetery and decorate tho soldier's graves, but it was not generally understood that there would be any exercises either at the church or at tho cemctory, but it was quite geuerally believed that what exercises there were would be at the cemetery, and heneo fully half of the people went there instead of to the ehuroh. The grounds were quito full of people all the afternoon, until the procession finally came at about 3:30. Thoy wore greatly disappointed when they found that they had missed a vory interesting program of oxercises at the church, consisting of music, a recitation by Mrs. Luhman and an address by Rev. Burton, all of which are said to have boon fine. We wero of the num dor who waited at the eemelery and issed the program. The town never was more prefusely ecoraied with flags than en Monday. The hand got together and furnished good music for the occasion, tho day was warm and fair and taken all in all ould havo been a very creditable allair if our people had understood that there were to bo exorcises at the hurch. It is to be hoped that next ear there will be a better understand ng and a piograin published in advance. as it is evident our peoplo desire a full recognition of the day set part in remembrance of the soldiers hose valor saved the country from ismomharmentand ruin and preserved it as a lastiig heritage for the genera- lions yet to be. Hon. L. S. Collin says: "It may be some comfort to the farmers of uorthwestorn Iowa to know that the heaviest cop of corn I over raised on my farm was planted on the Oth and 0th of June."-Rural Life. In tin's section of the state Ike bulk of the corn was planted last week and June 1st saw few lields not planted. ale of course, and necessitates th right kind of a season to insure a fall crop; but we hare little .doubt but there ill be a fair corn crop in this part o tho state this year. When the weather finally does get warm it is prsity sure lo get vory warm and shovo corn vory rapidly. Wo have had but one corn failure for many yeats and that was occasioned by unprecedented early frost in tho fall. Fairly good weathe for the noxt four months will fill tho eorn cribs, but good weather must come soon and remain permanently. the mean time let us koep a "stiff upper lip." We are far better off than many other sections of the country. —Organs at whulesale prices warrantod, at Wartield'a. J. Ward's old stand. aud W. — Now that "leafy June" is here we hopu te have better weather. At least it should be warmer. —Skoltoa & Tangeraan are carrying double the Stock In Ladies' aud Misses' Shoes than ever before. —Frank Larrabee, E*q., sends us a table showing tho rainfall at McGregor •for the past sixteen years by months, He doos not give any figures for 1892. 1881 shows tho greatest rainfall of the period and 18'JO the second greatest, -D. W. Baldwin, Frank Ervin and as. Mather aro entitled to credit and thanks for cash on subscription. The list this spring is not large but Is as good as could bo expected while it rains sovon days in a week. Also W. Houderson. Henriettas, Bedford^ Serges, Chevrons, Challies, Silk Foulards, Silks for Dresses and Trimmings. New dark Prints, only Comas Cloth, in new styles, Black India Linen plaid, Silk Drapery Fringe, Brocade satin ribbon, 3 in. wide, Satin Ribbon, 1 in. wide, Outing Flannel, only Check and Plaid Shirtings, Damask Towels, 13x28, all linen, only Gent's Colored Border Handkerchiefs, only Windsor Ties, only 3c per yd 7c " << 8c " << 10c " <( 10c " « Sc " «< 5c " << 5c (< —Last Saturday was another dark, rn'uy, dismal day, of which we have had too many this spring. —Aug. Motor left last Wednesday on a land exploring expedition up around Speueer and Mason City. - Ed. Stone, Hie tinner, has bought the house west of J. T. Riley's, got his family together ••gain aud is u once more.—West Union Gaxette Bro. Medary, of the Graphic, has a hard time to get a printer that will lick. When he decides to do his own work with the help of au apprentice boy, he will have solved tho problem. If wo had not done this for years we hould nut bo here now. lappy —The Waukoa papers of the democratic persuasion are pulling hair Brethren should dwell together in unity. . —An umbrella fienJ was around last Saturday, just as If we had not enough afllietlon already caused by the weather. —Tho New Albin poitoflloo was burglarized one night this week and a quantity of stamps and other articles taken. to —Ray Sohuler has the fattest wheel In town, it Is said. LATER.—It is the same kind asWm Kluss'. 8c each • All who beard it concede that Rev. Lookwood's memorial sermon last Sunday morning was a vary able and eloquent effoit. —E. E. Swenson will oooupy the seo ond floor •( the new pastofRoe build Ing. The rooms have been replastered and put in fine shape. —Thero were few flowers for decora lion day this year exoept apple bios, soros. Snowballs were fully as scarce as tho winter variety. 5c 8c -Rev. W. V. HarUough, formerly on tho Castalia circuit of the U. B ohuroli, raiule us $ pleasant oall on Wednesday. He is now stationed in Butler oounty. -Contrary to our expectations the B, C. R. it N. accodod to the request of the Poitrillo petitioners and is now running tho morning freight up Postvillo evory morning, the time being 6:00 o'cloek. This will prove a great convenience not only to Postvillo but to the traveling public, and the company is to be commended for its prompt res ponsu lo the petition. Now we havo the same train servieo that any othe station on the Decorah division has W. C. McNeil has the credit of seeming this additional train service, or least he has the eredit of moving in th< mattor. It ESTABlilSHED 1663. f3.HRLi HOIAVSR . Proprietor. At Both Ends. That's -where you burn the candle, when you pay more than $10 for a $10 Suit. There isn't any law to prevent you from paying more, hut if you do you do it on a theory that your money isn't worth as much to you as it is to somebody else. You'll have a handsome balance in your pocket to spend for other things if you come to us and pay that price; go elsewhere and you'll be parting with the balance-that burns the candle at the other end. All savings don't necessarily go into a safe. The safest kind of a saving is to buy where you can get the best goods for the least money, and this is the plaoe. The unusual arriount of rain that has fallen tha past few weeks has left our counters more heavily loaded than we w^nt them, so to make goods go we will inaugurate a Great Bargain Sale ! OF MEN'S, BOYS' & CHILDREN'S SUITS. Children's Suits, two pieces, 1.25, 1.50, 2.00 and up Knee Pants, - - 25otol.50 Boy's Suits, ... 2.25 and up " Pants, - - 75cto3.O0 Men's Suits at any price from the cheapest to the b*Bt. Full line of Summer Underwear. Full line of Neok- wear of all descriptions. Our line of Negligee Shirts for summer wear comprises the latest and best novelties in the market. Take notice, That the ronvilla Steam Roller Mills | wiil grind Peed, Corn Meal and Graham Monday and Saturday nf oach! wouk hereafter. Having added a line of wood-working machinery we are prepared to do Planing, Matching, and all kinds of sawing, on short notice. Bring in your logs and have thorn sawed. Raspactfiillv, E. D. BTILB*. ^LATEST STYLES.—Straw Hats, Stiff and Soft Hats, all at the Very Lowest Living Prices. All goods warranted as represented or money refunded. Call and see- CARL HOLTEH. WHY 10n YOU BUY —The Mississippi river "hereabouts" about sixteen feet above low water mark, whloh Isn't sx'reinely high, but affords a better stage for boating than last year at* this time, when they had put whoels under the steamboats pon which te run over the sand bars. —As will be seen by tho correotod time table both Burlington passenger trains are later than formerly. Going south at* o'olock, north at 5:20. It would have teen a great accommodation to the traveling publlo if the north bound train oould have connected with the Milwaakoe train east. -We havo doolded to go to St. Paul on Saturday and spend a part of next week iu tho twin cities, although we don't expect to get a glimpse of the luslde of convention hall. There may be a ohance to see and hear something on the outside. At all event* we can have a visit with Mr. and Mrs. "Bert." Notice. Having lately puichascd the stock' of General Merchandise of J. W. Ward A Co. I take pleasure in announcing lo the people of Postvillo and vicinity that I have also bought now and seasonable goods in almost evory department, and now have a large and complete stock, which has beon bought at such prices as will enable HS to sell you goods choapor thnu ever before. For thirty days I will sell Clothing, Tobacco, Tea, etc., at wholesale prices. Yon are requested to call in and see our goods and got our prices. J. H. WARFIKI.D. Bailroad and Biver Excursion. Under the Auspices of the Y. P. S. B.—Saturday, June 28, 1892. RESPECTFULLY, tUHMAM & SANtJERS —Messrs. Ed. Otis and Charley Jordan and Misses Carrie Buek and Josephine Seitss, all of McGregor, were tha guest* of Mr. and Mr*. Aug. Molcr of this city over Sunday. —If you arc going te Minneapolis to attend the big convention, ami did not go to-day you will bare to go on Monday gr Tuesday to aocnra half fare. Monday trill b« the big rush and it will bo hard to gel standing room In th* ttatot.' —The flrs '4 uusuher of the Monona Leader was issued on Thursday of last wenk. It ia a neat seven column fullo and welt tilled with local matter and advertisements. We hope oar friend. Col. Otis, will do well with his venture. Monona Is getting to the (rout rapidly and one paper ought to do well there Hydrophobia. About throe week* ago a rabid dog oame to the (arm of B. VatiVelzer, north of Postville, and bit a now and a hog, after whloh the dog was killed. Last Sunday the hog died aud on Monday the oow died, with unmUtakable signs of hydrophobia. It Is time ^o lock after tie dog* vary oavefully, • 'i -J, li. Greenwood called at our oflliso on Monday, In our absence, and exhibited a picture of hU father, who life* In Canada, and is hale and hearty, at lb* unprooedented age ol 118 years. He climbed up three flight! ol »talr» to get hit- picture taken and bus never "worn" a oano or a orutohV and has I never been »lok. Such a case border* onto the tulraouloui. : Arrangements have been made for an exoursion similar to that given lust year by tho Epworth League. The train will bo started from Mason Citv as before and the steamer Josephine is chartered for tho river excursion. The route of the latter Is not yet fixed but will eover twenty-five or thirty miles eithor up or down the riyer, which will be settlod later. The price of tickets will be tho same n* last year, 91.00 for tho round trip. 140 tickets will be on sale la Postville, aud this is th* outside limit of tiokets allowed for tbla station. Farther particulars later. --All were royally entertained at tha Sttialtt Sisters' consort on Thursday night at the Presbyterian church. Not often are vivacity, sweetness of tone, humor, seriousness, correctnoss of expression, thorough mastery, and rial irilnosi so happily blended as by ttiuso porfoi mars. And not often is a program so ontertaining to bath eld and^oung. Austin, Minn., Democrat, Sept. 30,1890. At the Cong, ehui'oh, next Monday j ovening, June 6'h. Blacksmith and Wagon Shop, f have secured the services of one of I tho best blacksmiths and horse ahoers I in this part of the state, and am prepared to do' all kina's of blacksmithlng and wagon work on short notice aid in tho best Toaauer. New wagons, buggies, road carts, etc. on hand and I made to order. Call and examine work | and prices. 2ns3 II. C. HOHK. Dr. Will Cole's Cental Rooms Will hereafter be open every woek day, as I havo atsociated with me Dr. M. A. Humphrey, a graduato of tho dental sohoel at Iowa city, and a good operator. I shall continue to visit Post v tiles on Tuesday and Wednesday nf each week, a* heretofore. Wll,L COLB. P. D. S. They are cheaper than ever and we sell them under a written guarantee. W.J. HANKS. —The Smaln Sisters will give a con- nert at the Cong, church noxt Monday eroning, Juno 6th. They come highly recommended (see nolice) both as singors and elocutionists, Miss Delia receiving the state medal on elocution. General admission, 2(o; ohlldroii, lOe; reserved seats, 860, on Hale at the pos'- office. Skelton & Tangeman's Advertisement. JOB SALE! Buggies of AU Descriptions. Guarautee: After two week's trial if the Rice Coil Spring prove* not to bo the easiest rider ou < arth, w'fll exchange and give any spi ing desired—with the 'Handy Top," tho most convenient buggy. W. S. WKDITBI*'. Strawberry Festival. A Strawberry and Cream festival will be giveu at the M. E. ohuroli on Friday evening of next weok, for the uoncflt ot the St-nday School. Refreshments 25 souts. All are Invited. FOE SPRING TRADE. —The weather and crop bulletin for last week'says: "The daily average temperature of the past sovenday* was about 6 degrees below normal; but tha rainfall was very light, and there has been more than the usual amount of sunshine. This, ha* given the farmers 'their tirst full week ef rine^reatlior for field work, and it has beon faithfully improved The inspiring oliok 01 the corn planter hss been heard from daylight till dusk, making a fitting prelude to the harvest home and thanksgiving chorus which has never failed to be heard in Iowa —Cloudy weather just-as good fer every year since the prairie turf was „.„ „ U i». .1 iu H..J . r.n.» TI,« lir.t broken by the plow.har* ol civil- ttM l* 010 ' * l Uw ***** tftlUl J- lik * had man. harder it rain* the hotter we ean con Uornpiantlng i* fully half completed vlnoe yon of the faot throughout the - state at large, but it I* probable that the total acreage will this year fall considerably below tho aver" age. even with the meet favorable conditions In tha future, Oats and wheat are doing well on upland fields, but on the flooued bottom* and nndrained field*, the yield will be very light. Fruit bat been (lightly injured by cold winds and frost, but the prospects are generally good,. Meadow* and u«*< three were never' better time pi lb* year." w —We've got >m again and you'll find (hem on the other page. "Additional Local*" we mean. »''"'w ' —The pact week has been the rao*t continuously dUegreoable 1 week yet. Ko work »lnoo Menday. —P^atq*^raade1 hj:.,tttf.yr»)to- «,*' ; |b« beedy Photo G*ll«ry', is near. Have you bought your Shoes for Spring and Sum'mer wear? We have all the new kln'dfa in stoolc. We know we oan please you. Step in and look them over. r s Ladies'Walking Shoes, Ladies' Solid OomfortCSlippers, Old Ladies' Ea&y Shoes, Men's Plow Shoes, Men's Fine Shoes, ,. , Men's Cordovan Shoes,' Men's Southern Ties. Yours to Please/ t SKELTON lit

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