Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on October 7, 1959 · Page 13
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 13

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 7, 1959
Page 13
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Page 13 article text (OCR)

Junior EdHfors Quiz on SWEETIE PIE By Nadine Seltzer OUT OUR WAY BY J. R. WILLIAMS OUR BO.APOIMO . . . MAJOR HOOPL1 flO^: How did tlio lurb.nn originate? ANSWER: In v«!iy Iiot (O';niri'-s, people nrrd to protect their heads from thp MI:I':; rnvs <i"H !hus ovoid sunstroke. The word turban C'?mer. fro'.i n P;-i iid-i word, "dulimnd," meeining a scarf wound aroimrl thf l-n.-'d. At fir^t thf Mu'vn v/r's '•> -.t that—a sc^rf thrown loosely around the he,>d 1o v/'-H off th? sign's rays. But gradually, in Oriental countrirs nn:i in t ! -,n middle east, this protective device became more rini'ot nie, c ir:l nvn V/OIP certain types of turbans depending on (hrMr r;;U(. Tli- 1 nrjtst'.. of Indi.i would wear a white muslin 5c.~.rf ro;;!v.( ;i s"!-.)' 1 wii.lp r in. Wealthy nalivo princes would indicate tlv-ir r,t,->!i in in 'i'c -,vii!i brillian! iy-colored pieces of silk heavily decorated wif'n jcwe's. Bafoto the pooplc of Tin 1 ."?/ wore modern hats, the sultan's turban a ror<u.,iu:. aif.iir decor.iied wifh three heron's feathers and many pronou', sionrs. Toc'^sy, it i r > l.nijoly tlic M-nd,,s of India who continue to wear turbans. FOR YOU TO DO: What oilier typos of headgear can you think of which indicate the wearer's occut:;:ticr'.? The policeman's cap, the nurse's ,ths cjiodu,:iing students' mortarboard—how many Others can you liit? (Ten dolLiro oo.;s tnd.iy to Shoil.N Srar(oss, of Muncie, Indiana, for her interestinq qu-sHon. If you'd lil^e your ouestion answered, send it on * post; -,rd lo V joint Mr-ore Hi«'jins, AP Newsfeatures, in care of this no v .pnnrr. !f c!upr-.oH> questions fire received, Mrs. Higgins reserves the riql'f »o solipct thi> winner.) CARNIVAL Dick Turner "Trouble is he keeps every auto parts dealer in town purring, Too!" SIDE GLANCES By Gaibraith T.M. R.g. U.S. P»t. Qfl (ti 19SS by NFASonci, Inc. 'Your aptitude test shows a good Heal of originality, Miss Harper. Especially when it conies to spelling!" "Guess what? Butch and Monahan are fighting a duel over me!" TIZZY By Kate Osann 1959 by NEA SwyVa, hta. TJ«L R«. U.S. P»». Ofl. "The boys decided to flip a coin to see who'd take me out, but neither one had any money!" Book Browsing Answer to Previous Puzzle ACROSS 1 Haggard novel 4 Writer Gale 8 Vipers 12 Joey 13 Mythological love god 14 Stead 15 Biblical high priest 16 Beat severely 18 Wishes 2(1 Unfastens 21 Girl's name 22 Engrave 24 Douglas' best seller 26 Fruit drinks 27 Gear 30 Fancy 32 Creed 34 Author of "Way of All Flesh" 35 Whine 36Keepstilll 37 Ascend 39 Contends 40 Hunt 41 Victor Hugo's i' Miserables" 42 Young pig 45 Loving 49 Disputed 51 Rowing tool 52 Mariner's term 53 Narrate 54 Dress rick 55 Girl's nickname 56 Author Gardner 57 Broadway sign DOWN 1 Hurried 2 Patriot 3 Mother of John the Baptist 4 Striped animal 5 Heraldic band 6 Spread rumor 7 Balaam's steed 8 Hebrew letter 9 Father 10 Hammer head 11 Lather 17 Siren 19 Perfect 23 Tight 24 Chest bones 25 Tooth (comb, form) 26 Eagle's nest 27 Manuscript changes 28 Arrow poison 29 Solidifies 31 Cylindrical 33 Cat-like animal 38 Ice performer 40 Cloys 41 Dipper 42 Wound covering 43 Excavation 44 Individuals 46 Mix (British) 47 Fur 48 Therefore 50 Female saint (ab.) BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Quick Trip BY EDGAR MARTIN Nc* S«r<ic», Inc. T.M. R»» U.S. P4I. 0« ; I fM.LE P ~"O'J V WHY, 5UPP tvUt''? •- V VFM-- AI, >:- TH/I-; , :-: i i ,'ivv=, OVEP I, AMVTHiM.'"-. TO'T, r* O.":v;r~"> ,' / [j; ^-.y .=.p_ vpn pO \ A PAL.' <Ht !>,;.•, AS I ''^'.: AM, r- T '. ,' A 1 ri ,-r -:.MKF ^M;'-, \ M'^ '/oi i IT •-• • > / ", -.• •.••,-• BANK ; ,i V'vi III C..Vf'iO5 A'JP 1 c-OOP WITH p. ••cik-3. \ Pnpi< Aii -\ >,. \ ";H>.^-S--';H'.;• P'JE / I PRDII^-M; c>v;-R ! v,\r: n-t •>•*.? $& I pt: «.'.!^F' '.'-.'F/ MT \ A 'Tf O'M'/A! (''.if- ,v. VA.M' ... '^' • • A ' K. y ... _ ( ( 6ENMV MOZART AT BUGS BUNNY Benched WHERE'S 0U6S? I WANT HIM TO SUBSTITUTE FOR SCMNOOSLE1 PRISCILLA'S POP The Dog's Life BY AL VERMEER YOUR 10-T I ALWAYS <SET'-N •STUCK WITH TM'i ) DIRTY WORKr 7 can sure take the fun) -, out of ^ — ' di'nnev.' ) o—'— ALLEY OOP Reminiscing BY V. T. HAMLIN OH, I'M SURE HE HAS.. ...I HOPE \ HE KNOWS A SOOP HE'S TAKEN \ STEEP IS HARP SOOP CARE COME BY HERE OFMYOL' JL, IN MOO .*\^ DIN MY yOT^»^Ml*\U J M BET THEY HAVENT PROBABLY NOT.../ YEH...HIM AN KING GUI WILL I MYOL' PAL STILL BE OUT \ FOOZY-. THROWING HIS S VvOTTA WEIGHT AROUND V GUY.' CHANGED MUCH LIKE VOL) SAIP, \ SINCE WE'VE 7 ALLEY.JT'LLBE | BEEN GOME NICE TO' SEE 3LD FRIENDS AGAIN MORTY MEEKLE I KNEW WE'D &E THE I TOLD YOU WE HAD LOADS OF TIME TO A\AKE THE PARTY, YOU'RE ALWAYS IN-3UCH A A\AKING A\E RU5H 6O/ - r\ m J^^^^ BY DICK CAVALLI FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Sign Language BY MERRILL BLOSSER HE'S SUPPOSED TO BE LEAVE S/TMAT CAROF HIS DISTEACTS HIM FROM ALL HIS HOME - OUTlES/ I 6UESS I'LL HAVE TO RQW THIS'DISEASE" EIGHFAr T5 SOURCE/ THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNE ^ HOW DID IT6O WITH WK.f POdTOE? t I THIUK I MAY HAV&60TTEU THKOU6H TO HIM/ I CERTAWLY WANT TO THAW< YOU R?RT THE-' IMPOKMATIOW YOU 6AVEMEOW WDEKM JAZZ--BQT I'LL STICK TO SUCH OLD KX3IE5 AS WOLF6AU6 AWADEU5 S" All Over I MEAMWUILE, AT «HTEKVILLE I HE IS-IT WAS YEKYSUDDt'fl. MV FATHE??,/ f C«. THOMAS WILL-- BY WILSON SCRUGGS •miKfyt ~- ^^-- --- r .;.;:•.,,••• r../I 1 ".,•>-•.:> j&C,.^??» ; ;-s; ? : ^ ;i(SfK |i^l-»-.','^;»^ -^•••/•••••.^••••^ ! t-?^ j' V CAPTAIN EASY Recovered in Time BY LESLIE TURNER WO.., SHE'S EUROUTB HOWE. BUT SH£ W5ITEI? SIWC& ALIBI! YESTERDAY SAVE HER AW WE'LL CHECK »T LATER I THERE I5WT \ TH6KJ HOW DIP A " "..'AS IT .WAV ENASLB >,\ 'J VAK5 OUR A SETTER \ GET THIS EGJUATIONf W& MUST SECURITY RISK. FWP OUT BEFORE THEY GET EVEN IW EWGLAKJD | WORE VITAL IWFOKMATION The THAN SHE 151 CAN'T A I^SA TI.U5.0R.

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