The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on March 17, 1927 · Page 9
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 9

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 17, 1927
Page 9
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Page 9 article text (OCR)

nuur a827., Pfize Winner tiROW>' BREAD SANOITJCHES. Use Boston brown,bread cut as thin, asiMssiblc and buttered thickly. ; Sprinkle, Willi English walnuts obopped liot too fine and a very littlo salt/ Put together in pairs, press iighfJy. and cut in triangles or in hair circ-Ics if the bread lias beon made in a round mould.—'M. B. V tABB.\GK .\yv' PINEAPPLK SALAD. Shred a small hard head ot cab- Jiage fine and mix with an equal i '(juantity of canned pineapple cut | intb dice. Add half a eupful tif I chopped fcnglish walnuts or al-; ni6nds arid moisten with mayon-; or French" dressing. SeTto : onrieltuce leaves.—-M. B. TKA.TI.HK SASDMKHKS . ^..j Cut;wf!iite or .graham bread ihi.;i( and Jipreail witii, a filling inati^. of one .cull of tiioi)ped conki'd '. prunes and' one-lialt cup of iliup- ped liut meats mixtrd uirli une' cake III cream cli»esel Hoil au' , lie Willi; rilibon,— , .SA .\|MVmijis ! .Slit.•. bread or roirnd roll- ;<!>•> thin, and toast tn a liKlit biuwn Spread wil!i HOfti 'iied bullcr. llicn ' ^over half wiili Jiniwu sugar and a cJu.xtinR oi cinnaMiKiK- t'ovt-r l^-illi the other villi's (if l< ;iiid pict In a hot oviii lor u ftu.- mr,. •jn ••llt ^i until !li<- MiKitr IVKIU'* • !•} inelr. Serv.- Ii<it -M II. f Ti >A sAi,Ai» v\NDninii;s. ? .Mix one iiiiiriil ot lilii.i u:'ii on<>-liaIf euplul o! i]!' '-'I ' ••I'T.v; and moisten with oni '-quarter i up- fill of inayoniial .se. I>la<,f b-ttm- leaf <in buttered slivi-vof brvaii and i .<iliread with tuna and celery mixt'tae.—M. 15. SAIilD. man}' larei- rii»- to li<\ It -nKih: are |jiie.>t in halves the fiuil without TKOFK Select half as baiuina.s a.s there served. .Cut them wise, and remove bruising tbe skins. Diee the bananas and mix them wUh liall' their quantity each' of diced celery, piloted white or! red ,chew^e!-. cannt'd or fresh, and grapefruit cut ' in squall sectioiis. .Moi.sten with iruit mayonnaise^ and heap fruit in the banana boalk Serve on; lertiue garnished with bits of iiimento.— M. B. HOUSEHOLD , OEPARTMEN Address all letters and inquiries to Aunt .Vancy. of the! Household Departmeat, in care of the lola Daily Register, lola. FINANCIAL I'LA.NS FOIC I LIBS Several plans whereby the. different \^omens clubs can make nionev to finance their pet >cheraes anri iiobliies have beeii; tried and fouml good. bad. and indifferent. I^iileiy tiiere lias been brought to I Hmall sack ppe (•rintain a about one aiiil a^ half iniJhes square by two inchns long, madp from gay colored elolJt. for each tile fauiiiy. i Tin- inviiation.s iiiviti I" put Us inany penijit's my notice a plan soineW-bat differ-! sack as il»v nr.' years eiit and when put on by the two j briiiL- tiieniito the birti orjiai'.izalion.s that tried it. proved > at .~uch and such a placi to be a delightful, and worlh-while j iioiiAed liuie. etc. It c success. If thi re are only a few inemberH in your club it inislit not iiayio jmejmber of each one in their old and day social at the ap- |iii be in a littb- poem or in prose i^s you wish abouti that. Th.-n let th.' lailit-s h :lv< use thi.s pain, bnt where tht-re are . .sfvj-ral niemb<'rs it jiays biqf. First of all Ret some little slips! of j.aper ami have tiie invitatson.s iiii.'ited on liii-ni. Tin- printir doe.s not c'uarKi.- a lirge surii tor this. TiT !i liu.N cheap i-nvelopes to put jth'-m in., and .x.-nd oii<' iiivjtaiion lo 1 a.h I'aniily you wi^li loiiivite. ' Il.-sid-s the invitation the envel- ed in aiivanie a short p r-fi) slinieiics fre«- for Have, at ih- doiir 111 ^irepar- ogram iUid tiveryone. coiiiuiittee atiil hav.- roin;d bii.x: li_i:iri' c;>k>' to well ome iie.iri at liai; Cfivti-ei'i Ifi with candles i;--.:i; t;..y; GLENDALE i'.\Irs. V. ^v: Heath.) March 16.—The Banner club met '.hui-sday afternoon, .March 10, .Ith" Mrs; Blanche Murrow. On ccount of this business meeting no _;AroRram ' was given. The new President., Mrs. Olenia i Brook appointed d committee to plan the 5;ear books: also one for entertain. ihents. Sewing was donCj for the .hostess., aftci" which fruit wa.'l .served. .\lrs. Hazle Davis will have ,an all-day meeting March 24. Miss .Merle Copper of Ft.. Stott • spent • Saturday evening with her inofher. Mr.=. .Vora Tucker. Mr. anil Mrs. Van Pelt and Elizabeth wei-e afternoon callers, at Fred Thomas's: Other vL-jUors were .Mr. and .Mr.=. Kd Dudley of Mildred .and, a sister of Mr. Thomas, who is here Irom,Coohado vi.-;- iting. ! . Mr. aiid .Mrs. .1. .1. Adams of loia took dinner at V. AV.j Heath's Sunday. , I Vivian and Vincent Heath visited with Kenneth and , Wilma Uo.^s Sunday afternoon. Mr. and .Mrs. Bert ("oopt-r called at the Tuck'-r home Sunday morning. Mrs. Coop,er. .Mr*. Tink- »?r aiyl -Mary drove to near I.a- - Harpe and spent the day wrth .Mr. and .Mrs". Fred Pierce and Betiy Jean. : .Mrs. Jtary Hawkins ami .lunior pt Clinton. .Mo., spent the we-'k end jwith her .fatJier. Kd Hosley. .lohn 'V'an Pelt was hauling s!:,,.U,-,l of the w<-« K;. The larni'is atr who are !n:'':i.n£: in ious 'til ^. • • i:; weat!it.-r la.'^-n. 4- rfi —Phone vour Want Ads la Gall Phones t36 -1.17 We Give You ...Japan. .\1-! /aus. ;h" giri:sia-/ is paid only ^ - - 3 - ---J- ^-^ ' • ----- lir.-: ' !i::. rest in rowing circles cen-^ tllosc .in\'-•..,i)d :. tht- vars l'iiiv.-r>itv ft! Cd :\jir ;l 1'.'. the will ri-;ir»-seiit th in;> r. oUogiate regatta K 'M -psie nest Junif. ] ty race b'-tw^-t-n • jfornia ami Tni- j v» rsi:y o! \Va>hi!J:gton al Oakland winner of which • far in tlie' at Pou'gh- t 1119 Eapl Street Sdrvice, Quality and Pr^ce 25-1!). .silk r. & il. CR 1 Ih. Lijnon'.-;.K|est,('o •J lbs. Inc Coffoe! a '^Oi :j HIS . :nc f'ofTee - —.. 1 .gallon .Ai)plebutit':-r I }?allon Blackbervie.-^ 1 jraHon GonK'berries i gallon Peeleifi Peacho 1 fi-alhn Rod Pitted CI Xo. 2 S\v.;-e{ Corn .. _ Xo. 2 Fine Sifted Pea Xo. 2'.. Van Canii)'.< 1 2 tans Xo. 2' - Van d .2 can.-: \";in Camp Chil 1 can -"-o":'.. < .'.vslers 1 can lO-fi'/C. Oy.stVfi-s 4 ."^iHi .Maici Raisin 2 lbs. Hiilk .^ancrkraii 4 hu-iic I.ak.- Fish : . 2 Big Fat Salmon Plenty of Tresh Fri Chickens for .Sunflay ways the e Sugar; lltee (1 one iernq< ; - —i-i- iinim.v mp i'umpkin its and ,\egetables, inner. Our Fresh 25c J .._25c Cjtpons and Afcats are al- jPromption ihadn 't ^wws passed bkr H E COULD remimber wh^n the whole office had called hfan 'Ithe coming man." . . . What a difference now I He was barely getting along! his pep, his energy, all his old-time fight y ere gone. His prospects shattered! 'V ^t bad happened? , Con itipation is the cause of much ttnhappiness and iH-health. It wrecks^, strength. It raps vitality. It sickenJB tbe tnind body! Yet. it can'be wJieved-r -ycM prevented! K^ogg'i ALLTBRAN i: guaranteed .to bring safe relief— i .ompt pre; vention! , Why doctors recomnicnd ALL-BRAN ] "bulk" in ALL-BRAN; absorbs nioiitture and carries it throtighout the jintiestrnes—at ithe same 'time it gently distrnds th^m. ptirifying, re' BArving wattes anjd poisons. ' part-bran why doc cause it is product the quantity of bulk' is usually too small to be effective. That is itors repommcnd AL^-BRAN —be- 7o bran. No n^ed lo risk' labil-formitigdrugs/ Kfllots's • ALL- BSAN ts toJd wnb tbis deSaste guanotee: Ett it tecori- iag to dlttttioas. II it does mat rttirre coanipMtioa s*lelr. Wt will teitmd tb» Kuebu* prict. mm low different is ALli-BRAN from Ini^s and pills—whose dose must le constantly increased to remain :ffectivel ALL-BRAN is delicious ith r^lk or cream—9nd add fruits ir honey. Let it soak » few mio- £ 'lents to bring out its full crisp avor.^ Mix it with other cereals. 1 n soups. Try the recipes-on every *]>ackage- Don't risk part-bran substitutes* i nsist on genuine! Kellogg's —'• the itiginal ALL-BRAN. iSoId by all |, I nrbcers. Served at hotels, cafeterias. hOn; diners. Maqe by Kellogg in iatUc Creek. ^ ' is to receiv.- th»- littl i-.icli OIK- ((inns into iliii T'li- pl.iii IS e .spe'ial re ;-eption eaiih one d a t}epr< on sa roll large sf.'it a !<jui( t. This ! •ks as :n. a Indies'. Aid to upe, and Isvite all the members andj friends ot the church. j This plan seems | to take well where it has been tried and lolks seem to enjoy iu 1 Then did you ever! try the Jitney dinners? Have everything that you serve priced at ifivc cents and let each one choose what he shall ^ have on his plate for five cents a j helping. This pro^|es very suc- iice.^sful in sonie plajces and folks look forward to it. jThe following menu can be arraijged for very nicel.v" at five cents |a helping: , Two slice.s of bread or a large I bun. a hot hamberg :oi: cliickea or i any kind <if meat, y-ou care to uSe. ! liaked T)eani-. devijedjeggs. noodles. ; nia.shed potatoes with brown gravy. ^ niacaroni with cheese, cabbage and bean salad, ice cream, jelly roll. ' coffee, pie and some! kind of fresh ; fruit in season. Furnish free with ' whatever choice they make, jelly, pickles and butter, crieam and sug- , ar. This is an easy way to serve and insures each customer to get : jus: what he wants j on his plates. Arrange to try it some time; you will nor bf disappointed, I am .sure. .\f.NT XANCY. —Telephone your Classified Ada V n'ice for to 18. ' ; 1 Greene's CasH Grocery IleK'V a ii^l that every hnu.seWife .should ^cad in detaiL It affords the rtiore dcsiral)(c groceries at prices ijreatly (o your advantage. Don't overlook an item. SPECIAL Yacht Ciulj Brand Yellow Cling Peaches. .Sliced I'eaches. Bartlett I'ears, Roval .Anne Cherries and Apricots.- No. 2'-2 can.s. .J for - ' -- SBc this is high grade fruit in heavy .syrup. : 2 IIJ-S. Powdered Sugar 2.5c 1 lb. Shredded Cocoanut l 30c .3 lb. Bo.\ Crackers' :J9c ti bo.ves .Matches ^ 10c 2 lbs. Oleo .-- 37c Largie Pkg. Post Toastie.'j __15c 2 l|kg.-i. Post Bran - 2.5c .5 lbs. I{;tisins .50c .5 llf. l»kg. Blue Ribbon Dried pleaches ifor ..L-._ _. ..Sl.OO Fancy Dried Peans. per lb. ^^_2.5c No 2 can Corn. Peas, Tomatoes, Green Belns or Red Beans ^^___10c Pint can Ripe Olives, only 2.5c 2 bars Creme Oil or Palmolive Soap 15c 4shi. sack Red Ball Flour S1.90 l><-jlb. sack Fanchbn Flour _$2.15 .5-lb. sack Buckwheat 35c 5-1 p. sack Yellow Corn Meal -_-____25c SPECIAL FOR FRIDAY ! 5-lb. bo.\ .Marshmallows LSI.00 1 lb Phone 117 AND SATUI^DAY .Good Bulk Coffee _i...$1.00 We Deliver S3.0p Orders Time Is NNw* 1 - • ''*\ ''T' »j - - • . . I ! . I i . I You are,at liberty to go io whatejer part of the store j^ou wish, you wait on no onej never slighted, never called upon to spend your time waiting for busy clerks. Time .saved at Piggiy Wiggly saves you money, (oo. FRIDAY AND SATURDAY 1 Potatoes White Idahi .s tinnlitj Head Lettuce Head Bananas (•oldf-n .1 lbs. J- 37c Oianges 7c Cekry Hand I 'ickPd ! !ielert *d L'tr ififtn i 33c Well i i Itlearlied L'er itjilk . - | 14c Choose Your Own Turn—Move As You Please 26c SW Potatoes Bij'^Mc EXTRA SPECIAL Our' Home Brand No. 2 can ........ 9c 6 cans. o2i Wax Beans Bla> iiej No. i < an ' Kach 1 I2y2c Corn Standard Qua littl. 2 3 ran".; . 29c Pineaspte I.Jl»ln"» Fani^T IVr can 29c Peaches t-»r»l Krand I arte. >Hrcl««! 2'.2 ran . Figgly Wigjfly Cuts, ] Shopping Time ; In Half s PAGE NOT I' I- i 112 South Washington Hurry! We must complefe;our closing out sale in a few days, f We are selling at cost and below cost. Here arc just a " few samples of our close oijt priced: 1 Pound Peaberrj- (loffee 1 (found Hills Bros.jCoffee 3 cans Catalina Peaches 3 cans Shasta Peeled Apricots . 1 can Del ."VIonte R. A. Cherries 1 can Del .Monte Pears 1 can Log Cabin Syrup - t can Corn or Peas _ _ _ 3 bars Ivory .Soap . 1 No. 10 can Fleetric Pcache? (i bo.ves Cru.sader -Matche.(5 bo.xes H<-''*''<^hl'"lit .>!alchi- ' Our Fixture.^ Are For Sale Cheap. Reg. Close Out Price, Price --3.5c 30c ^ _-5Sc 53c ' U -7 .5C. 55c i --90c 72c; _-.35c , 2.5c --tac 35c --30c 25c 1 --15C . 9c .-.•JOc 20c : --7.5c ; 63c • . -30c 22c ' ..,3.5c . 28c.. - M CUrk: "Let'.< rh>pt c trip, in thr Ford." Caskitr: :"]V>'d *•<] Clerk: -Whij not? ica>j from California in a ltd tak' a tu-o-hundrcd mile r maki if." Thoar ])cachi.-i came all the j:an.'' . -^Proijrea^iicc,^ Grocer. F.F.O.G. Melba Cling i*eaqhesl can; .35c Armour Brand Sliced Y. C. Peaches, can 25c Delmonte Apricots, can ..... 25c Femdell Peeled Apricots, can 40c Monsoon Loganberries can . .30c Delmonte Spinach, can lac Folger's Golden Gate Coffee, 1-lb, can.... .^,53c Pickwick Coffee, 1-Ib. can . J46c Georgia Peaches, No. 10 can -52c Lighthouse Washing P)wder, 7 boxes for. _ .25c| N. B.C. Crackers, 3-lb. box. ...........p.. .39c Cracked Hominy, 7 lbs. ., .25c Navy Beansi 7 lbs, for ....... .45c Fancy Head Lettuce, head ,10c Spanish Onibiis, per lb .10c^ Fancy Carrots, bunch lOc^ Tii^ Basket Store Vote the Loii prices offered oi| foods and hotue* hold supplif^t^^ Come in Todtn Her*he.v -H Aone Better ran ._ 15c Macoroni .Vjupriran 21c PU&B ft 1 LI»>%.N ..r eansrss., 23c 19c Salmon 113 East .Madison Ilap(i5 Vale Fine Meat Tail (.an 16c Where Time Savesi Dollars TH£ UUJTED STORIES COMFAI^IY PFCaV WIGGLY Heiffs 7h ^9e Who Heip Them ^^f^^^ PUtfLABO Optn KtttU RendtrtJ Ben Hiir or Crystal Ytmr thUee •/ thttt high grade laundry Matpi BA XS 34 C • SEWED iach Brooms Salter Krauit Af^o Corn Catfidy Bars CrispyCracikers 'li, _ Sofia BRAND Tuxedo Toliaeco 4Sc KaTABl.ll9i«KD ftBt can

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