Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on February 15, 1962 · Page 3
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 3

Fayette, Iowa
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Thursday, February 15, 1962
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Legal Notice REGULAR MEETING JANUARY 2, 194? Meeting called to order by Mayor Jack Beck. Councilmen present Robert Addy, Roger Bowen, Earle Gallaher, Thomas Hennig.- ; and Claude Smith Jr. . : Minutes read and. stand approved. Mayor Beck appointed Robert Addy as Mayor, Pro-tern. Mayor Beck also appointed the following committees. Sidewalks Chairman-- Gall aher- Bowen, Smith Water, Lights Improvements Addy, Chairman- Hennig- Bowen Streets Gallaher, Chairman-- Addy- Smith Sewer and Sanitation Hennig, Chairman- Gallaher- Addy Finance Smith, Chairman- Addy- Bowen Motion by Addy and seconded by Bowen that the Garbage truck be housed by Earle Standard Service for three months at 5.00 per month rental. Roll call Hennig aye, Smith aye, Bowen aye and Gallaher aye. Nay none carried. Motion by Hennig and seconded by Gallaher that the Class B Beer permit George Hinkel be approved. Roll call Hennig aye, Smith aye, Addy aye, Bowen aye, Gallaher aye, Nay . none, Carried. Motion by Gallaher, seconded by Bowen that we appoint Katherine Gross town treasurer, $48.00 per year. All voting aye, Nay none, carried. Motion by Smith, seconded by Gallaher we rehire Melvin Holtzman as street commissioner for salary of $330.00 per month; and David McGee for the sanitation department for salary of $320.00 per month, Roll call Hennig aye, Smith aye, Addy aye, Bowen aye, Gallaher aye, nay none, carried. Motion made by Bowen that we employ A. E. Wood as Town clerk salary $180.00 per month, seconded by Hennig. All voting aye, nay none, carried. Motion by Smith, seconded by Hennig that Dr. Scott Linge be appointed town Health Officer, all voting aye. nay none, carried. The council discussed the appointment of town attorney. It was moved by Addy that we appoint Hofmeyer and Anthony to represent council and town of Fayette in advisory capacity for fee of 4250.00 per year, seconded by Gallaher. Roll call Hennig aye, Smith aye, Addy aye, Bowen aye, and Gallaher aye. nay none, carried. Motion by Smith, seconded by Bowen that we purchase the full coverage bond on all employees of the'town from the Fayette Insurance Agency, all voting aye, nay none, carried. Bills examined as follows. General Interstate Power Co. service $ 23.69 Jack Beck, court services - 29.00 Fayette Agency, insurance 17.65 Virgil Borchert, councilman Harry Brown, councilman Ed Gooder, councilman Iowa Emp. Sec. Comm. social security tax 16.20 Iowa P. E. Ret. System retirement tax 18.90 Fayette CO. Mutual Telephone Co., rent & tolls.. 8.11 A. E. Wood, sal- - ary 156.08 Total $ 285.83 Street Knights Hardware shovels, rakes, etc $ 19.98 Earle's Standard Service gas, oil, etc 22.81 Cities Service gas, oil, etc 24.23 Swomley's DX gas, oil, etc »-*" Internal Revenue Service withholding tax 47.0t Iowa Emp. Sec. Comm. social security tax 32.7% I. P. E. R. S. retirement tax 38.15 Alfred Ash, salary 100.00 Melvin Holtzman, salary 278.34 4.00 4.00 4.00 Public Safely Zbornik Body Shop Parts $ 21.40 Zabriskies Garage, Labor, parts 47.90 Earle's Standard Service gas, oil, etc 16.29 Swomley's DX gas. oil, etc. 55.81 Eidred Dumcrmuth • fireman 63.00 Dale Maxson fireman - 58.00 Otto Finger fireman 27.00 Howard Johnson fireman 43.00 Ronald Ash fireman 49.00 Harold Swales fireman 42.00 Max Shaffer fireman 28.00 Kenneth Wilke fireman 43.ur Walter Nading fireman 45.UO Gene Singer fireman G3.0U Harold Mullins fireman 48.00 Lloyd Holtzman fireman 54.00 Frank Wood fireman 58.00 Howard Hubbell fireman 54.00 C. J. Orr fireman 57.00 Internal Revenue Service withholding tax 198.00 Iowa Emp. Sec. Comm. social security tax 06.90 I. P. E. R. S. retirement tax 77.00 Alfred Ash salary 180.12 Lloyd Holtzman salary 256.12 Gallaher aye. nay none, carried. Moved by Addy, seconded by Hennig that the meeting be adjourned, all voting aye, carried. A. E. WOOD CLERK Special Meeting January 15, 1962 Meeing called to order by Mayor Jack Beck 9:00 o'clock A. M. Councilmen present, Hennig, Smith, Addy, Bowen, and Gallaher. Mr. Odetl Solcm, resident engineer a.Kl Mr. Melvin Johnson ass't engineer of the Iowa Highway Commission meet with the council to discuss resolution ccnscnting to approving plans for the improve mcnt of extension of Primary •vul rolociitrd IA. No. 150 within the town of Fayette, Iowa. Motion made by Addy that tlie council approve the resolution of fr'-a'.i Relocated la. No 150, seconded by Smith, roll call, Hennig aye, Brown aye, Smith aye, Addy aye, and Gallaher aye,, nay none, all voting aye, motion carried. The council discuss the report on the street finance of 19ul which was prepared by the clerk for Iowa State Highway Commission. Motion made by Gallaher that the council approve the report as its official 1961 street finance report, seconded by Bowen. roll call Hennig, aye Bowen aye. Smith aye. Addy aye, Gallaher, nay none carried. Motion by Hennig and seconded by Bowen that we adjourn, all voting aye, carried. A. K. WOOD CLERK Total $1,651.54 Utilities Interstate Power Co. service $ 176.85 Treasurer of State of Iowa, sales tax 34.98 Total $ 211.83 Sewer Rental Interstate Power Co. service $ 171.88 Sanfax Corporation supplies 364.82 David McGee, salary 298.50 Total $ 835.20 Trust and Agency Iowa Emp. Sec. Comm. social security tax $ 157.34 I. P. E. R. S. retirement tax 179.01 Total $ 336.35 Sanitation Knight's Hardware mdse $ 17.33 Zabriskies Garage labor-parts 13.45 Earl's Standard Service gas, oil, etc 19.45 Cities Service gas, oil, etc 17.77 Swomiey's DX, gas, oil, etc 6.05 Arwells Inc., service - — 10.00 Chicago Pump Co. repair parts 65.49 Internal Revenue Service withholding tax 13.80 Iowa Emp. Sec. Comm. social security tax 31.80 I. P. E. R. S. retirement tax 37.10 Total $ 232.24 Municipal Enterprise Imogene Sheeley ass't librarian $ 30.56 Interstate Power Co. service 9-50 Dennis Heth, labor 8.00 DX Sunray Oil Co. fuel oil 31.20 Internal Revenue Service withholding tax 9.90 Iowa Emp. Sec. Comm. social security tax — 9.74 I. P. E. R. S., retirement tax 7.89 Beryl Thompson, librarian 66.73 Total $ 173.52 Grand Total $4,321.80 Motion by Addy that bills be allowed as examined, seconded Bowen, roll call Hennig aye, Smith aye, Addy aye, Bowen aye and About 600 honor Halls At open house in Maynard The Martha circle of the woman's Society of Christian Service will meet Feb. 21 with Mrs. J. W. Frye. The Esther circle will have a Father-Son banquet in the church social room at 7 p. m. Feb. 21. Bring your son or borrow one. The Thursday Reading Circle will meet Feb. 22 with Mrs. Harriet Smith. The theme is: a picture is a poem without words. The program, Iowa Art and Iowa Artists, will be presented by Ruth Holmes. Roll call will be, name your favorite artist. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Wilbur and sons of Boxholm were weekend visitors in the parental Eugene Wilbur home. Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Wilbur and Dennis, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Wilbur and sons were Sunday dinner guests in the Keith Borland home in Oelwein, celebrating the second birthday of Robin Wilbur and the wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Keith Borland. Center Township Homemakers club will meet with Mrs. Vern Arthur, Feb. 15 at 1:30 P. M. The lesson will be on freezer management. Responsible living— Our role in government, by Mrs. Delmar Sorge. Healthful living-related to the farm-Mrs. Arnold Lauer. Sunday dinner guests in the W. A. Schroeder home were: Mr. and Mrs. Nyle Vandersee and family of Center Point, Mr. and Mrs. Duane Schroeder of Arlington, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Vandersee and family of Oelwein. Other visitors during the week were: Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Vandersee, Shirley and Dennis of Sumner; Mr. and Mrs. LaVerne Vandersee and Ruth, Mrs. Mildred Miner, Shirley and Gerald, Mrs. Amelia Voelker of Fayette, and Mrs. Gordon Lauer of Hawkeye. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Vandersee and family returned to their home in Oelwein after spending the week with Mrs. Vandersee's parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Schroeder. Jane and Billie Oakes spent the week-end with their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Waskow, at Fredericksburg. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Edmonds and Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Frye were Sunday supper guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ben Turner. Dr. and Mrs, Fay Warner and Craig of Washington, Iowa were week-end guests in the Pete Hoepfner home. • 1*11 Mr. and Mrs. George Granneman and family of Oelwein were MAYNARD An estimated COO persons attended the rpi-n house at the Community hall Sunday afternoon, Feb. 11. ti> honn- ;uul pay tribute tn Ors. C'. C. and H. A. Hall in appreciation of their 41 years of service to tin- nsidciils of Maynard and niirniiiiulim; area. The program opened u-jth .scrip ture reading by tin- Hrv. Carl It. Carlsen, pastor of the uiik'd I'rcs byterian church, followed by p/ay er by the Rev. Herbert Shaffer of the Emmanuel Mi Ihmlisi church and a short talk by tin- Rev. Hen man J. Brandt of the St. Paul's Lutheran church. A Utter from Mrs. Gladys Clark Ferry. Iiulep cndence, a former long-time Maynard resident, was read by Mrs. Earl Foss and there was a \ocal selection by the double i ixcd quartet from the West Ciutral school accompanied by Ann Cilm- er. The welcome was extern' d by M'lyor Earl Foss a|i<l by A. K. Bergman, president of the 1 i. ster club which sponsored the f.cnl. A number of th. % j;i'i ;:(s, as called upon by John Tlii> i l-. ¥ . as master of-cermonies, the.i responded with words of greeting, congratulation and appreciation. Th> y included D.\ John F. Fos.-, Hu lington, the first baby delivered by Dr. ('. C. a week after his a ••,(.:•! in May nard: Dr. Henry \\nfe, Elgin, president of the Fa;, ette county medical association; I) 1 . .John An rens, Oelwein; Si.>t»r Mary Igtiat rus from the Mercy hi-spitul. Oel wein; on behalf of the sisters present unJ b.. minionl Kapp meyer, Hamilton, III., who was a member of the Doctors' family for many years while still a student in the Maynard school. Dr. Kappmcyer also presented to the Community hall an oil portrait of Drs. Hall and Hall, which he had had done by a French artist, as it was being unveiled by Kalhy Kappmeyer and Mark Hoth, grandchildren of the Halls. On behalf of the citizens Sunday dinner guests in the Pete Hoepfner home. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Thyer, Phillip and Debra wore Sunday afternoon visitors in the home of his mother, Mrs. Minnie Thyer, at Volga, and with Mrs. Thyer's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Schroeder, at Strawberry Point. Officers elected in the Thursday Reading Circle for 1962-63 were: Mrs. Frank Thyer, president; Mrs. Martin Boedeker vice president; Mrs. W. A. Schroeder, secretary and Mrs. Harriet Smith, treasurer. nf M-'yn-ird, Mayor Foss presented tin 1 ft <"p'e with a bronze plaque. To all these' Dr. 0. C. responded by fii:,i t'irning the pla(|i'c over to the C I'lni'mity hall: by pivin" ••in overall pii't'i-e of lliri: 1 work ii\ the (.'(immunity: by paying tribute to bis wife and partner, Dr. R. A. and closing with an original poem, "We". The program closed with a thank you by their daughter, Mrs. Victor Hoth, Waverly, for this courtesy shown her- parents. Refreshments were served by members of the Booster club and their wives. Other visiting doctors included Milner Murphy, Sumner; Scott Lingo. Kayctte; W. E. Walsh. Hawkeye; John Loccke. Independence; A. E. Purley. Waterloo; H. E. Grant, Volga; W. J. Wolfe and David Freed, West Uiiion; E. S. Kennedy, L. E. Kctner, W. B. Henderson, L. W. Ward, R. S. Jaggard, all of Ochvein. Other visiting sisters were Mary Rose, Mary Emmanuel, Mary DelJus and Mary Loyola, all of Cedar Riipitls, Mary Ellen. Mary deck-tie and Mary Bernmiette Marie, of Oelwein. Other towns represented included Trousdale, So. Dak.. Fort Bragg, No. Caro., Heilbronn Germany. New Hampton, Waverly. (\-ilar Falls, Lansing, Waukon, Stanley, Westgate. Haiulalia, Limiont, Arlington, Strawberry Point aiul Aurora, Farmington, N. Me.\. Deer season is Lucrative for hunters Iowa hunters experienced the bc.st deer harvest since deer hunt ing was first allowed in 195:!, Stnlo Conservation biologist said today. The total for 1901 was 5,362. Bow hunters took 366; licensed gun hunters 4,02,'*, and unlicensed farmers Q7.'i. The previous record harvest was in 1900 when 4,269 deer were killed by hunters. Archers had a hunter success ratio of 17 per cent, while the permit gun hunters had a success ratio of HO per cent which rates Iowa very high compared to other midwestcrn agricultural states. There were 10,191 special permits issued in 1961 of which 2,191 went to bow hunters for their 47 day season, and 8,000 to gun hunters for December 16, 17, and 18. Individual high counties were: Clayton, 248; Winneskiek, 230; Jackson, 220; Pottawattamie, 215 Allamakcc, 209; Monona, 139; Fayette, 117; Guthrie,' 101; Lyon, 100; and Lucas, 100; Woodbury 139. New examination for •Sterir.?* and typist Today, the ninth U. S. Civil Ser^ •' e rcg'on .-irmounced a new examination for stenographer and Typist. Thousands of interesting .1 :l)s will be filled from the list of c'igibles established from this ex; 'ninntion. Stalling salaries range trorn $201 to $:):17 per month. ' .-omnium opportunities are excellent. Fringe benefits include liberal vacation, eight paid holidays, ami m;;:iy other benefits. A person may he considered f.i. positions throughout Iowa, Minne.sita. Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota and South Dakota by taking this one examination. Eligible competitors may t-ansfer their eligibility anyplace in the United Stales where they would like to work, without further lesling. No experience is required to qualify for these positions. Further information and applications may he obtained at most post offices or by contacting the Director, Ninth U. S. Civil Service Region. Federal Bldg., 1520 Market St., St. Louis Missouri. Suggestions were given for'study of ecumenical council and program activity. Program for the afternoon was a buzz session covering a digression on charity. During lunch, served by the Ossian ladies, slides were shown of the Winneshiek county home, which pointed out the things that can be done to help make the home more comfortable and make life happier for the residents. Attend anniversary Observance Sunday Those attending the Silver wedding anniversary, Sunday, for Mr. and Mrs. George Buhmann. of Randalia were: Charles Gordon, Ray Buhmann, Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Nading and Tracy, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Briggs and family, the Rev. and Mrs. Norman Betke and girls, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Streeter and Douglas, Jimmy Buhmann, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Nading, Ba-b and Gary and William Ponsar all of Fayette. Other towns represented were Oelwein, Waverly, Maynard, Hazleton, Arlington, Cedar Rapids, Eldridge, West Union, St. Augustine, 111., Sumner, Randalia. 'THE MASK" Cub Scouts complete Project at meeting MAYNARD All members of ('lib Scout Den 2, Pack 74, met with den mother, Mrs. John Bircl- now. Monday afternoon. Feb. 5, ID complete the "Knights of Yore" project. They enjoyed the after- sehoo) t -eats by Mrs. Birdnow and opened and closed the meeting in the usual fo-.'iu. The boys will now t.ike turns in leading the group in repenting the pledge lo the United States flag, the cub scout p-omi.se and the living circle. Mrs. Arnold Paul, Den Mother for Cub Scouts of Din II, Pack 74 entertained all its members at her home the same afternoon. The meeting opened with the Cub Scout song mid time was spent on their new woodwork projects. Kirby Samuclson told a story to earn his wolf badge. John Fink was named scribe for the month and Ray Paul, denner. Announcement was made at both groups of the Pack meeling to ht- at the- Comrmmily hall at 7:30 p. m. Monday, Feb. 12. A. C. C. W. meets The Ossian Deanery Archdiocesan Council of Calholic Women met al DeSales high school in Ossi.m on Jan. 2(i. There were 74 women and four priests present. Msgr Peters spoke on vocations and also slressed more action as Catholic citizens. Mrs. Vincent Henry, Archdiocesan president, was present and spoke on promoting the A. C. C W. program in the parish through the use of the new parish com- ittecs portfolio. Hosts at dinner MAYNARD — Drs. C. C. and B. A. Hall were hosts to 18 guests at a family dinner in their home Sunday noon, Feb. 11, to assist Dr. and Mrs. Belmont Kappmeyer, Hamilton, 111., in observing their 25th wedding anniversary. Both the wedding cake and the ice cream were made by the Hall's son-in-law, Victor Hoth, Waverly. Assisting the hosts were Mrs. Albert Kappmeyer, Mrs. Elmer Klink and Mrs. Hoth. ' FAYETTE THEATRE Thurs. - Fri. - Sat. Feb. 15 - 16 - 17 SUSAN STRASBERG RONALD LEWIS In SCREAM OF FEAR Sun. - Mon. - Tues. Feb. 18 - 19 - 20 TROY DONAHUE CUAUDETTE COLBERT <n PARR1SH Natural Gas Cooking Demonstration February 20 - 7:30 P. M, American Legion Hall - Fayette, Iowa Total $ 595.49 COMPLETE PROCESSING FOR YOUR ! FREBZ8R JMAYNARD LOCKER Phono 66 Maynard, Iowa THANKS - - - I Wish To Thank The Many Customers Who Have Patronized Me During The Part 33 Years. Your Business Has Greatly Been Appreciated, And Also The Friendship* Made During That Period. I Have Retired From Active Business On The ^Recommendation Of My Doctor. The.Citie* Service TankvTruck Will Now Be Op- eriited In Fayette By HerbBrown, And I Urge You To Continue Patronizing Him ; Jittt 'A* You Did Me. Once Again - MANY TMANK& FREE Door Prizes, Recipes and Refreshments MONEY - SAVING MENU SUGGESTIONS PREPARED ON ECONQMICAL GAS RANGES — WHILE YOU WATCH! We'll Be Looking For You - Bring A Friend / February 20 - 7:30 P. M. - Legion Building PEOPLES NATURAL GAS Office Between Fayette Leader & Theatre — Clifford Hayes, Mgr. — Phone 266

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