The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on March 17, 1927 · Page 8
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 17, 1927
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

Coolie Coats ]for Warm Ctimes .SATORY OYSTEKS. 4 sapsaKes : ' _ 1% cupfuls milk teaspoonful salt i 24 'Ojrfiters I X'^ tablespooiifuls '. flour %. teaspoonful peirjpcr j , ^Sjriit tbe sausages 'from V MII I to • ead<'Bnd flatien .tliem; oui so ili>-y ' ], 1*111 not curl;- jTlieti tut iliein in •cobes and sauto until tin- sausaRfs i ' /ue done. Tlieii add iliu fluurj sail ! .flLOd .pepper, logrilicr wiili tlicimiik : Wbllci JitlrrlnR _cont!taiUl}. Tlicu ' JMld'tiie oysters and li<-al ttioi -oiiKii- 1 \y- ttDtll the pdROH or tlic oyjlers i . 'Mgln to rnrl. - Pour at oiu-i- over I •pobes or toaHtpd bread.—N. K; 'VAWTV FAIK COIOAMT tIfMTARl* I'IK. •2 cupB milk. Vi <;uji-suKar. '-j cuii Cotoenui. Rouiheni-.Si.vli-. V, I-KKS, % teaspoon vdiiilla. i <-a =jiMi(iii • Bait. Beat fRg'*. add Kugar. roi-oa- aiit, milk, mako in a sirigl)' cruKt .at 460 degrees F.. for t-ii minut<fs. .reduce tenipcnuuro to digrv' K.,*fot thirty uiliiiitts. rkstry:- il Clip pastry flour. icaf^poon •Milt,c-up lanl or :iny Kood fat. Ice-water, to make stiff dougli .-Uoll .out oil lightly floured hoard. Handlie as little as po.s.sihle.— .N. V. OR£i\XKI> (KNU^N TOl'S. 3 bunches young onioii.s ^ •2 cnpfnls white isauce ^ ] ''.Cat the onion tops into ^^juall :Pi««es. Cb6k jin boiling water.'.salted, about 'ton niiiinies until :t«nder. Add ^to the wliiit' .same and serve on t<iast.—W. .\. SPINACH LOAF. . ' 3 cups spinach (canned or fresh | cooked) . 2 tablespoons merited fat 2 t^lespoons flour % cup milk ' 1 loaf brend ami a little liuMer 1 hard cooked egg Chop the spiiiaeir fine ami add to the hot nielteil f;it. Cook three ,minutes, add flour and .seiisoiiing. .Stir and then aild the milk and cook five minutes, lleshove the criist from .'iniall loni" of Iner .d. bollow tht center and fill wiili ilie spinach mixture., liutier tin- outside of the loaf and plate iji.oven (pretty hot) to brow-ii. C.arnish with sliced hard boiled eg?.—\V. A. guests .at j Cllln.spie OSAGE VALLEY .March; 16.—Walker Gillham and family and Charley Gillham and! family were Sunday visitors at J. j I'. Cillhamis. j .Mrs. hynii RoUb and grand-' daughter and Charley Rohb and, wife took dinner at.Karl .N'ewman'.s j Sunday; Roy Cillliams aml.Mrs. : .Ice (iillhaijii were altcrnooii visit- i ors. . I j ICdward jSisson's were dinner j Melbort SIsson'.-.. <;e,,. and family and l,i>ij'r j {(iilla.s'pie wen- afternoon visiior.s. ' \Vi> are sure having real .llan-li : ;-,veritln'r now. I.nts of oai*- ar >-i i lie:i!g sowed, some garden.s iii.nle ' and potatoes pla'nieil •' .loe <;iniiani t,!ires!ie(l (or i i .N'ewmaa and l.yiin Kiniisill .\lon-' j day. ! Ida Cillliam vi.-'iled -Mrs. Frank ' I Urown Tuesday afternoon. j i-'i'ieinan (iillham and wili- .nid I ' haby ami Walker Ciillli'am and I im-! MIy visited at ./im CiUiiams .W'ln-; ida.v. ; • i ' t;ei!fge.'C.illa.spie has lieen liav-[ ing a very .painful hand the last week or so. \ He cut hli, thumb while butchering which caused Infection of tht!'bone. It is ; some better now. Retah Sissun and Denzei Wayne called on .Mrs. ,). ~S. Gilltum Monday afternwn. Dick Siss6n"s called on Bdward Si.'-'son's Suilday ei^ening. Retia Cillliam visited at the home of Laura Sis ion fro a Saturr day until .Sunday evening .Mr. and Mrs: IJewey Spillnian jnoved on .Mrs. L\mand; Best 's laini vacated by Luther (iillh^m and .Mr. and ..Mrs. - Carl i Uuffey nioved on the Vandeveer farm va- 1 ai>(l by .\lr. Hutton. Till- new briflge which is being put in east of Hayard wil certainly be of a greiil benefit to the road which has been needed for a long while. Joe Gillham's called at Edward Sisspn's Tuesday evening. •There are just five more weeks of the Osage Valley school. • Berley Mefford an^ wife and John Russell are visiting relatives in Missouri. Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Brown called at the Frank Brown home Sunday ;afteruqon. [ Mrs.' Glen .llbrrlson | 'and ^Irs. .Morrison of lola, vis^itbd at (Jit- Frank Brown home Ti|eSday tjvoii- iifg. Gienn Morrison's! are nuiving to Oklahoma, leaving "Thursday. Chester Gillham la the owner of a FortI car. .Mr. and .Mrs. Fred Itudisiil visit- cil at the hcime of L^nii Rudisill Sitnday. [ cAsri [20 M adisQn CASH The ladles o.n (he beaches- these days have takeJn up a new fad—; Chinese Coolie coats.' Here ar6 Mrs. Thomas A. Belknap «left > and Miss Virginia W^ood of Chicago, pictured :at Miami Beach^ Fla. ' I Neosho Fall's to conduct the I'lin- jeral of Mr.^. Reynolds. ' Mr.s. Will Varner of Countv Line making, gardens or sowiing ^rought three hun.Ired and | tliiriy- " ' " si.\ eggs to .Mrs. .Leavm to liave bi: now at least quitt: haying i lilt ni. Those sick writing are: Re.ssie and .Icsse bie. Leslie Perkins. Uclmar SISTER MAR\ BREX K FART—Shreddeil fresh . Vineapple, cream, baked • Froaeii toast, maple sirup, milk, ^coffee. , I.UNOHEON — Spinach ; .niid -i«UShroomB on toast, brrjwnbread. •ielly, cocoa'nut t.ipiora cro.nm, atollk, tea. • , DINNER, — Roar.t <hi, ken, jnashtid potatoes, gravy, creamed •^rled corn, .spictjd figs, a?;paragus •alad, chocolate ice cream, crisp Jint cookiea ,i gfaham rolls, milk, Coffee,, Spiced figs, can be tnado this . "tJpie of year whcnlhc slock oC ^preserves and. butters-^tho fruit .-of last season's iBbois —is getting low. Vou will liko its suggestion «f tartness with hot or cold meiits «hd particularly with mild lla- jVored meats such as veal and • tdilcken.; Spiced Figs Two pound.s figs. -1 orange. 1 ; llemon, 3 cups granulated sugar, i nVi -Uups vinegar, 1 ounce stick ! «innamota, % ounce whole cloves.; Wash fig's through several wa- | ters. Cover with cold water and | "Jet stand over night. Make a-sirup • of sugar and Add spices <tied m « sttiall cheesecloth bag. "Wash orange and lemon well a'nd «ut both in thip slices. Remove GENEVA (Mrs. Delia Leavitt.) .Slarcli Ifi.—Everybody is either '".Measles are the thing to iJve :'••'''^»«<^<I J/'/o ,^l'|^kons^ to a number ; re ^^F^' Y\ '''"^'^ t t lis '"^ Delia Leaviit s. a- Ind j ,S.VI,AI». Wdlls'i. k. Iladel Sherwood. J'aulino and Everett Oliver. .Miss Folreuct! Miller visited w Oella Leavitt whibr shut- in w I measles lint was able to return her selioid work in .Moraii on St; day. i)ella Leavitt sliippeil a eoop twenty young cliiekens lasl ,wi-i They weighed fiftj-four pbiini s. till" jirieo received jur pound wis thirty-four t-euls, ntakiiig iL ;(iiek (if eigliteeit dtdlars jiiiil ililriy-six jceiilH. :j I • .Margaret C '^ffey liJis been inii j sleit. af Iwr lioHH' the past wei hut we ar>- gliid to report her son belter. Rev. T. K. Hosu'orlli was t-allin in Gcnt-va Tuesday. -Mrs. Saralr Leavitt stoiipeild <ienev;i for aj call on her way 1 •N'eosho Kails io atjleiid tb" fijner;; of .Mrs. Ui-ynolds. j The^tev. M.r. Hosworlh came t < IIKWSANTIII'MI .M Si.x small oranges bjg apples 1 nice bunch lettur-e :\Iayoiinaise dressing Cui through the oran :.;e skins , of the way ilown in very fine "• striiis, very careful not to lireak . japart. Iteinove iiul |i and cut ''iti "'• i'long jiieyes. also ejil .-ipple in long ; slender pi''<-<s. I'laee each orange ' fkiu in a lied of leitiiei- l .-ave.-: and fill with nraiigi- i>ul|» and serve will/ nKi.vciiin.:!,.- lil •t |^•.^inK. -W. L. .£eeds and add the boiling po: ^Simmer for twj .'apices. Put and seal. - o sirup. Br ng to nt and adt figs^ jo hours. RJ^move into sferilizetl jars _ jLots of New Things At Hughes' Old Stand , I * " Spf-'cials on B:in:ina.s, Oranges, Apples and f'ruils of all Kinds. . New car Seed Potatoes Priced Righll Hi^h Groceries and ; Meats. Hughes Grocery •North Side Square -Your timt} i.s-worth something" to you— why waste it slioppin.G: ground for your table supplies when our truck will .hi'ing themto your door?; If you Ciirc' to save time and money .just phone Three Phones m-H)2-m. IN THE MARKET Fresh Sahmin and Sable, lb. .. .......25c Halibut per lb. — 32c Sliced Catfish, per lb. .. .. ...1 35c Sausage, per lb. .. r L5c Brijiket Boil, per lb 10c Shoulder Beef Roast, per lb. .. ......11c IN THE GROCERY , Rainbow €orn Flakes', 2 pkgs 15c BiiikMihce Meat, 2 lbs. .35 G i Mixed Nuts, 2 Ib^ . i 35e FRESH PEAS, . RHl^fJARB, CUCUMBERS. TOM.V- TOES, STRAWBERRIES. MANGOES A. When you ai'e hungry, there".s no subsiitule for a jujcy jiieee of iin-at. When .vou buy lo'-re you kniiw they always lasle right. Special for Friday and Saturday .Swift l'i-»>iiiinm liaton. 1, to G |)(»uii(I aveniire. jiall" or full *;lal , lb.— 40c Beef, I'ork^ Veal. Chick- en.s. Full line of ("hccs-^ Smoked and Lunch .Meals Basket Store Market T. .-V. Joyce. Prop. Phone 20;{ If you are particular about the .quality of ebtablcs you serve and at | the same Uin« wish to buy as economically us possible. you'U'ilo well to patronpe our store. I Our waichword is ''geMglillity," our specialty •IS "Dependable &^rchandise"'for less money. --15c .-25c -29c ..25c --69c -_45c --30c 10-ounce cans Fluffy MarsiuRaUoKS ___ Marshmallows bv the ,pouiid _ No. 2 can Loganberries (heavy sycjip) No; 214 Peaches ind Pears (feeavy syrup) ..i. No. 10! can Yello^ Cling Peaches L No. lOcan Applet _-_ 1-lb. can Hersheyjs Cocoa .-_ 1 P. & G. Soap, 6 fairs 25c, 13 b^rs 50c, ' | 27 bars for . ... - J _ _ j *-!• No. 2 cans Corn and Pea-s. (good) 1 Carton Very B^t Matches 1 3-lb. Bo.\ Krispy Crackers ; 2 lbs. large Prunes Ilaisifis, per pouni SEIf-SERyiGE MARKET Phone 193 We willcelebratc our first Saturday, March l^th and 19th. a real pleasure to^us-in Qur.bus^ many good friends. We Iw^e tb patronage; and gain many mortf another -yjear we -iiepe -to .please touch with. ^ Our mptto willibe as it has be Merchandise We Can Bu.y at thjc and a small margin-of prqfitr for Note Thp Foliowiiig: annivdi-sary Friday and The past year, has been ness.^d we have made continue to merit yoar like you. Starting op all -w:hom we come in ifcn in the past—the Best lowest Posiiiblc Price ourselves. SwifCs 1 to (i-lb. P^remium Bac<in Armour Bacon I^^uggets, lb. _ Sunlight Picnic £}iiO)ilders, no The Very Best Bbfjiy R|;ef Steal Baby Beef fipasL<9Xtra fine, lb- Corn Fed Steer G^iipk j^oast. 1 Pure Ofpen Kettle Leaf Lard, 1() Libby'Rieal Sauerkraut, 4 lbs. : Pickwick Peantit B^tter, it has ^ Our Beef is All 1-lb. bo.\ Bqneless |Cj9<iflsh. Fine Large Family Lake Fish-* i. half or W I MJ I C. lb. 38c - 1 --26c ahank. lb. ^-,-_22c , lb . 30c ISc an^ 20c and good. lb. _.:.-15c lbs. SI.75; 5 lbs. -90c 17 lbs. _.$1H)0 no equal, lb. -_2ac Killed. value, each -_29c for ^^-D O C fiat 35c: Hdme e.vlra We have Swiss, Brick, Ameri Blue Hill, Kraft^s Sharp. Little Pabstett, Limberger and Key S^nd Follow the cro\yj] and you wi ice Market to dp yfffir shqppin earne;! dojjars, Yfliirs truly, | i Mr. and Mrs. W 00 I _ FRUITS AND VEGETABLES F0R FRIDAY AND SATURDAY Bananas, iOranges. Apples, Grapefruit, Strawberries, Head Lettuce, Leaf Lettuce, Cauliflower^ Spinach. CeleryJ Carrots, Pepp^r^s, Green Oiiionsi Radishes. Fresh Tomktoe?, New! Potatoes, Sweet: Potatoes and Cabbage. Ali.of finest quality. Farmfcri. We Want Your Eggs. Our Custjomers Must Be Satisfied. . • I SELF SERVICE GROCERY Buy Where the iCffkd Buys! -^.•tnd y «H wiir^nd yourself taking advantage of the •: ;t\in!':>= others enjoy who trade with us. We appreciate your i)ali(rna!,'e and will do our utmost to bring lit • . C|ieap^r Pricb to lola! $2.25 $1.95 l ;\|ianNion; (.Vlli-n r «MiUj*» Clioiee) l^-lb. bag - I 'eiTlf Ns i I N .lb. bag Crackers, 3-ib. box Loose-Wiles Krispy 4.5c Sugar, C. & H. PuijeCane, 100 lbs. . .$6.90 Rice, 3 lbs. Fancy Head 25c Raisins, 5 lbs. recleaned Thompson Seedless for .50c Macaroni or Spaghetti, 4 Pkgs. American Beauty for . 25c Oysters; Punch brand, small 15c, large 30c Salmon, fancy pink, tall can 18c, 3 for 48c Corn or Was, good quality No. 2 size . .10c Pineapple, 4 No. 2V2 cans^ sliced or crushed for. 95c Green B^ans, good .Quality, 2 for . >.. .25e Soap, P. & G. or Crystal White, 13 bars 50c SEED POTATOES—Ohios and Cobblers, Genuine Red River No. 1. Be careful of your seed whether or not you buy of Vis. Sweet Potat(fcs, 8 pounds .2.5c Red Onions,!) imunds '.. .25c New Cabbage, per pound .4c OrangeS; small size, Sunkist, dozen l. . 20c Grape Fruit, large ones, 3 for ........25c Apples, fancy box Winesaps, 3 lbs. ... .25c Carrots, 2 bunches 15c Head Lettuc^, solid heads, 3 for . .25c Large Lemons, per dozen 25c Bananas, 3 lbs. for -.25c2j|: Nutrena Chick Mash, Chamberlain's Starter Feed, Bulk Oats, Oyster Shell. i - . ! Q D the Square at the East Side Yes-^Every Day a New Customer If You Were Not in T Ml Tomorrow Here You cian Bwyrthe^Quality of Groceries'mid Meats —you have been loo'k'ing for with service to your door • if you Hke; LIT- Spray it in the bed bugs or roa|ches, TROMIT& wardrobe. It destroys moths , ( s, per can —-J--_ 15c and 65c A. water .softenbr. 2 pkgs. for QUICK NAPTEU SO^iCHIPS— 2 Large Bo.xes Witha can of Sunbrite Cleaner for -.. 19c GORTON'S REAiDY OX) iRBY COD FISHCAKES— Two cans for J , ! •-•Tic FANCY MACKEREIr- Two large,fish.jfor -.-j _- 25c B.&M.»FI^PLA-KES Per can \\——^- --_15c WRIGHT'S SILJV;ER .CREAM POLISH— il on your lickel'auto trim, porcelain or bath tubs, per'jar .--2.'>c DEL MONTE PEACHES ?> Large Cans iji'heavy .syrup -_..S5c FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES Garden Seed, Seed Potatoes and Ojiion Plants and Sets. BEEF. PORK, VEAL, DAM 6 AND CHICKEIS'S Bring YourtBggs—iThey're^'erth More Here. PHO.NES 292-291 , YES WE DELIVER A. W.^ 4iidersoin WE UAVE.PARK!lNG.ROOMji:ORXOUR.CAR. U. ^.Sm I JSPBCTBD' Q ;an and Pimento Cheese, Swiss, . Camembert, wich jCheese. • . II come to the Self Servant! -save -the -hard L. Harper MEATS FOR mis WE0[ END Choice Beef. Pork, Fancy Baby Beef, Spring I>amb and Young Hens. GOOD EATS FOR FRIDA^ AND SATURDAY ! liacon Squares, lb. Pork Shoulder Roast.s lb. Pork, Loin or Ham Roasts] Beef Roasts, lb. 1. IJeef Rib Boils, lb Beef Steaks, lb Babv Beef Roasts, lb. Babv Beef Boils, lb. _u---- Babv Beef Steaks, lb. lb - Jn Our Lunch and C'Qoked'Meat Dept. Boiled Ham Baked Hafti Minced Ham Dried :Beef Bologna W'einers Coneys .Veal Loiif --Itc --20c I- 30c 17c 12c :JOc -20c :--15c 25c and 35c Liver Loaf Cooked .Corned Beef Pig Souse Bex Luncheon Meat Meat Sandwfich -Spread Cheese Sandwich Spr. Cheeseof all kihds. Everything in Meats tB| MEAT THAT YOU CAN EAT ^ U. S. GOrtr Jl^SBECaEDl MEATS o° lew I 1 Of I m % u is Hitch Yojua: To These gains. I We carry only •quality .merchandise, and^^t prices that^i vou.can afford tojpay. TRAlitE HEpE AND SAVE LARD—^guaranteed IGO'' pure, and at a p^ice, you should buy. 18c lb. 10 lbs .$1.50 BEACHES-f-Large cans, packed in heavy syioip,; :2 cans for ' .CRACKBHS—3 lb. box Crispy Crackers—they* are fresh—-3 lbs. for. .42c SOAP—CiystahWhite, non6 better, 8 bars.. ..^$c' (Aiid Qnei Bar Crerac 'Oil,Free) MiVIFCttES-^ boxes incarton, "Diamond brand, 6 boxes for J 22c Gf^lNATipN^ SAIijG! 11 pounds Pure Gaqe Sugar Sugar for .. • • Plentj' of other pri^^es just as what you save here on. ?RE3Hw|rtEATS AND and 1 box Powdered ......$li05 good. Come in and ^ee G^CERIES PhQne497 W 6. Washington Service, QiiaHty. Satisfaction'

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