The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on March 17, 1927 · Page 7
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 17, 1927
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

.sHxrrioN TWO l^'hal |Hns (MIIIC liffore. Il iT«-lt' K«IS(jlil. is stjiihfil t-H dejit I wliilf »,wiliiliiiiiK ;)( (J<<';iii TOAD, N. J. Jt is' bili.v.d tliat ttn ilfatli We;. poll was a in«li;iit. kti Jrieiital kiiil'i-. and i thai i1 was imrchased on tlit- houictwaik. ••< Isoni's bathing' (oiii|iani'>ns Ua I been Rog()r iNt-viUc. a Imsi- ne s partner: \{rH'. Helen Haiiia- !i .v . nd CarmelEla X'aMoii. ^qastasia f-ohsoni. ei 'if -ntiir- maste »-fjtl sister of the de;ui takes I 'Oinniand. anil it is dished that one. Croy .Iim Is a tanrier of iiirioiis |>ons. Sears ;<dniits hnyins. knives but not the pichaci. .^r astasia liti^as-s Titus l{ivK^<. architect, to work on the case. IVIton. Folsoni's nejihew.-ar-' rivVrt"iiud is puzzled by tile <;jr- i<<> s ;Fiench dolls in his imcle'.s ro.( II .H. 'rgydon an liu pstja S«i. \v«- tw an It 's !;tc-l racjil th St<}u in( wiie is d-i'SlI '••ir Seats -A ] Ml ilaii ill- s- the >.a. iiru( H earlV ValiJ rootii A ther hatiji) inaqt (ler At., lish Sears', sends for Kltftn- ^tone, famous deiee'ive.. lie him £(iisom had been hlavk- ng hfm and he had lied at inciuest but was iiinocejii. tiieels others of the i ;iri le. Ilqding Ned Harroii ami his Madeline; who puzzles him. 4t< bin Sears, son of ^Croyd .in. irprised when Stone nien- the dolls Kolsom hail owned. y\Mn Ou With the Slory. a Idli-tihle. rHAI'TKR XLIII. [le amused them all witli his I)tiori of the dolls that iiajl b<fhmfee<l to Carrelt Kolsonj. .not so NuriirisiiiK." sai<l with a iwinkl'- iii his .<yi-. irn i-ollectfir will ihnns.- ilie MLrajuiest lines: • I inlji-i i aiitiipi'- Weaiiiilis, another <olle(!s It sur. ih< At ilolls aren't least. the \'i frous d like lo Hee tho-e dulls u il ••.AiiK<-l ailorts tli< II. Ill- T -ol.'oMi. lot are They Meier sav.' iiles - if one e|;ikfast over. he iin|)ori- •aliv more IjeaU; •i' fond (»t drili" ailrj It IX'illH l 'i.> to e.\pe(t to ;|n. ritone went si -i- <'arni (li :.i. lo the an..lion 111 iil<'ilial< more e\- lil»- Sale.-i- I 1 <f onfal) wi(ir t.lie brought ab'Mit a Vf imiuiry into the nishli betore (iarrrtt Kolsnni. it was pretty well estab/ thai as the ahetipn drew li> nijilil. Ilial tile al'- aiiis soiiie',v!i;ir hastily •J;::'U- odds'ainl eMils (i! ti'fir u.ii 'S bundles and sold I'liem rap- taking, ill most bid made. a tiliise that X^-.'.l ereti into idly firs T| can nut lii.s. though done without •tion of the jiroiirietors. unprei-edented, for thus ilitt 'rs Were tleaved anil tfte made ready for next day'^ en !«r-;fals prise.s. - • Th Few of tii'o salespeople (O'.iM re- y--l nior' .-i meinher definitely the < u^itoni-rr; i.-.lse inii -Ui •who bad bought bundles, but li, • .ihle on.- lii^er- Millli- at last one elerk came I'oi war.l with u story of a man who iiad puri.hased the very last MI"I remember,'" he said, "iieiause the thaii only liidjive dollars, lial I let him take it. partly to get rid of the last lot and jiartly beiaSisi-. tlie biners liail ihililied out > i I diilirt thit:k there'd lie alioMier b :d.-* - ••\Vhat did he look ask'id. • "ije had a I white • niiislatli'. That 's all 1 r.niemlier. e-ipeii:illv. Hi- Aa« jusi an orilina) y -lcioiiiuii felloi' . noi ri'li; liuT not puor e:ih er. I»oii:j ri-ineiniier hi-* (loihes ..i nil, hut 1 roiildn 't help that Willte liitislarlle aiMl I lllollKhl lo- wax old. tint bin t'die (li<!ii f HOiind very old - more tnlddle -jmed^ Ilki'. I dldii'l |»ee his hair: li- Kent" IIIH liiil on fi>^ paid i a -h fijir iiH bundle and t'loli It aloiiK ^Wtl) liliii « Itldn'i rteeni inibarras -ied or fluH. li-reil, luMi .«6rt of (|iilid lll;e and lUfllfferenl.'; "A .•olle<-»orV' , "No. I lion t think so. r.ul ymi | cnn'tilell :ilways. .\ real i ollei tor I is foxy and pretends lie i-u 't a i ol leelor at .ill. So you ean'l te||.'' ".No. I siippose not.- And -this bundle, this last sale, had a 'piiliai] in it?" , "Yes. sir. .\n old one, wiiji a worn -oiii. velvet sr ;jliiiard. just jik.- the i «ie the poIi<'e lijive." "What else was in if.''" | | "Trash mostly. .Nothing, of -thp same era. Chinese ink-holder 'and a .I.apaiiese iiicense-huriier. •ii'it not -valitable or in giioil coii- d'tion. He paid all the lot was worth." .! • "And ypu ras't'think of any other distfnguishilic trait he had?' ".Net one. He was just like one of a hundred 'guyi who eotne in here every day. Iji was only that lOLA. KAN. THUltSDAV EVENING. MARCH 17 ill her bathing toatumtj than man. Ill fact. Stone though.'t. that Hiored heavily in favo* an criininal. For. wiijh or less eltiborate suit j Mr.-. , ftfly ; iiinie boardwalk toward thb Hotel .Ma- jilxacu. thinking deeply. Vet hi.< al)sorptioii ill thought did Dot pre- v<-iit ills enjoyment o'f his sur- loiiuding.s. Though he eared little for sillf-batliing. the sights and Sounds of the crowds of nierry-'lUi 'wadays. ample opp< I makers pleased lii.s seuse.s: as a offereil for the conee whole rather than in any detail.' k'life. wnile a man. w TTlie rolling rhairs with their hu-' I>Ie one or two-jiieee •man freight and their varied types ! small ehanie to hii!i> ! of pushers Interesteili and amused th" sort, hini. and. though he! looked at ^ Reach-'ng Inothiiii; ilosely. he saw it all a.s a huKe moving pirture.- Yet all the time his reason was I working on the lase in hand. He had not the slightest doubt that the man with the white mustache was tin agent for some one else. Mild tliat the mustache was a I ilisguise. I ilut why was the man not a pi in- jcipal'.' he asked himself. Why not 'the murderer himself.' I If .-<i. it nuisl have been one of i the nieii already nii.\ed up with the affair. Of course, ^it might hive been an entire stranger, but S|.ne's experience led was unlikely. For usually a niur 1927. for a! Valdon On th arrayed in a m| appropriate for (To lie (ontiij There Is siimetl|iiii:. kn<iw>. that Carniellta of a the point uoni- iiiore 1 they wore rttinity Was ilme.tit.of a ith his siiii- suit; had anythiii.i? of the .Majusara. lie found li:iH not tohl. iinil lie is mined to itet it from] her. eck. exipiis- irninf; i os- tlle bea< h. .Stoiip; Taldon deter. Couldn't Eat Fruit Stomaclt So Bad badi.v constipated and iiything."—W. stomach gas minutes. .Act- and lower • - "i was troiilded' wiilj gas [ iifter .atiiig. Could not eat fruit iaiid many other thing.s. Adierika |has done.nie good—can now eat a H. Fletcher, him to think that this . , Adierika relieves . I nnd .sourness in TK.N derer is -sooner or later shown to BOTH upper be aciiuainteil with his victim, if: bowel, it removes ol<t-waste mar- only by the casual testimony or. >0" "ever though* wa.i in your evidence of bvstanilers or onlook-' -^'"•riHa ers. I lf--and there was always the possiljility if (larrett Folsom had , been: innrdered by some one that j j his s;irviving if-ieiids and relatives : knew nothing of. that fact must i [aUo be proved. But the immediate; PRAIRIE j HALL I.Mrs. Franki .Myeis .i .Maich 1.'..- t^uite; a criiwi; was out !o .-^tinilay si-ii,,,,] .suud.iy IIJOIM- iiig and in the:' afieriiooiL cnui- again and lieard a 'fine ..^ormon by the new pasioi'. IJeV. .Mr. .\lo>.-- lander. I'reachiiig; iie.\r Suioi.i.v morning at l'::i'). u'iiii .'^ :ii-an- y! . up earl .v. . Only five wei-Ks jnere of si iioo! ' .So inany have moved away and several out oii aceoiiui; ol iiiea>ies • that tile school !-;• quite small. Myers and; .=o:i. I.uren. Were Sunday afternoon i .iilers ;it' the Frank .Myers" home :i:iil attended church at tiie liall. Ku~se:I Bo.v 'er of Ic>ia 'Aas out in tiiis neigiihoriioo.! .\|.>::(i:t.v .ir;d took dinner at W: W. Smart's. W. W. Smart and W. lirifiilts lieljit'd Jo::n I!o >-ke:-. :! kUiir corn .Moiidav. Hardin l .inehai k ca!!-ii on iiis father, who was quite ill .\Iiiii.::ay evening. Karl. ;AViklundi ' is over t!ie measles liiiw and Itiie < :iil.iren say -oiai; ~:n .irr .i 'l.ii have liiem.' II. :ii lell th- spent• Frank. i.H!;- : r la- 'a-v ;t :'i \irs-: .Monil.iv rime! Aii'i.t o: :i.. Ik I • . .Mr; H.iyi'-r. and son Pavld. and (••!i:irli.- \'vii:ih;.' took corn to l ..;t- Har[>e 'for Mr. Stanley Mmday inorniug. .Mr. Stanley and daiig}i- r-iKjrr a niie •Miii: V. :t!i .Miss : 'I'liiirsiiai after- PAGES 7 Td IQ |r. I.!i<y. took afternoon. two- more load In TulM-wlth ra* Pip*. I AttachmMrt, 7fef PAZO OINTMENT TTKuarrmt '-cdtocare 'anycaseof Itchmc. Blind- BlMdinKOC Prt>»( trudinir Pil« or n-.oney refunded.' ia Cleaner, Betti^r Seeds from Barteldles Sealed PacKa^e sore of tfte qnality of the seeds you boy p^. year. Buy Bartaldes Seeds from the sealed, a^pouring packiage. | Your dealer will measurejoOl as many or as few 'as you want. Yoti are asst^red of getting pure, hardy, clean seeds. No mixing^ D* contamination, n6 waste. No more buying f rom tfr^ bins. Barteldes seM^ come to you as good as the? stomach and , bowe • leansing and see -hi ter you feel.—palace ih. • lll.l!!. on. •>! liii. oil! .\ eit i .i r |.iiv ;.t.-.. . :.• .-.ji :.;.;.:ii. \Vi;,i .o:ild il- ':..<•' w"iei" wa- an.. iu:in instances, iiie : niui-taijh'-.' Sm h .1 • . nil 111 -vVas •,lio'.i;:h ol I business in baiiil for Stone was to jirove that Croydon Sears had nothing to do with the crime, and this necessilaleii the iiivestTi;atioii of all toward whom the fInner of suspicion pointed. KoTiin's report that the man in the green bathing suit had iieeii foiind must iie looked into later. .\I present. Stone's thoughts centered on line liKMif. that ,,of Carmelita Valdon. ".lust the one for llie part." the detective pondered. "The right tyiie for a murderess, and proved already to have had motive and opportunity, and if the whit.- mus- tachtid chap was iier emissary she had a way to get the weapon." How she (ould i;irry ihe ;knife in'o the ocean iinohservcd. '.Stone did not stop to think. For he knew- whoever killed Folsom H-AI) Uie knife into ilie water.; be ea^ier for a wotnan to conceal such a thing tai'lie j carried i and-" clearly, it would Here's Speedy Relief From the ! n'la.vs to in wa-; ' amoiii; 1 iie i. tlif" - ((cean Tov.n. \\.iy : .\\'A ;h. 1: re i- • lirii'iii'i- ua.- int. !!' w:i> nia-l-- \:s;li.; lie !>ll!-ll'l: ••' .-sii I':;.'• Ill: If l!:s .L ".llSe the ij'.-.ri il.l-•• .•^|e•i•Ii,I lull ot ' V .1 iK 'Ird'i ous i' lint ii..»!..><.irily Hot ar . lill Is. li (.1 la li! Si-.IIl.iil l.!i: ; it!:.. llUl~'.i' 1). I!ul .i- d:iut-i, I lii>' 1 .1 :-.-l ,|.. » ... I re,, , A> Itc.l.lir .s. \l [I Jfiiriiil caller. : !• iii.Miiui; til . - - lllll'l lull o( 111 I ^1. • l.-il- i.liiv 'lem:ii •I I > ••ir. .1 Ih Mdlhers, Do This^\VI cn tl ;e cliilHrcn couk'h,' r ih Mu*- tcroli on their lliiii -'its aiiiJ ch'sts. No tclliiijr liiiw iJK .il ilies '.mtitoni'; may develop iiiti) crou'i. (If v Ai (I tliens when you're Kltid ymi have 1 jar of Mur.tcf <ilcut liaiid loL 'ivepruiimt rclitf. As lir <t aid. Mu~tcr>>le is-cxa-Uent. • i Kfvp a .i .ir rr if!y for instant usj.'. , It tlic remedy for adults, too. Relieves wire t lip lat, brmiclutii, tonsillitis, croiip, sJil'f ^kck.i aslhiiia. iiiiuralsia. 1. and i.i-ii- tller.- II {lOll l.ll-.. !.d III' the •n .il .SlMlO- III! II. lie im I t'ook's Druk Store Says Emerald Oil Must Give Conir plete Satisfaction or Money Cheerifully Refunded. Ce! ;i iw'o-diiiice bottle of at regular interviils and the swell- Miiiiii''- Kill, riiid Oil I tiill strength I : inp reduces. . . Iiil.iy I'.veiy Well slocked drug i .\lid as for Soft Corns a few- has this; with tin- distinct • applications each night at bed inders'audiiii; that yoiir motley time jmd they just seem to shriv.d jwill Iw clieeifiiUy returned if if,right up and scille'off. idoes not reduce the inflammation. .No matter how discouraged you iMirene ...s. and pain iiiucli quicker have been Avitli pads, shields, or lliaii any remedy you ever tij^ed. other aiiplications. if you liav.- not •^'our liiinioiis may be so swollen :tried Kmerald Oil then you h;iv.' •and iiifla 'iiteil i!i:ii you Ihink you . something to learn, .-iin'i i^o jinother sie) IIKIV |..e| .-IS il they i^o :tnoth> |..e| .-IS il 1 IL'!.' into ilie rb" all .a.!- Willi Ihe •^'oiir slides are I 'littlnK ,ll. Villi feel sick pain and torture .mil pr.iy lor i|iiick reli-t. What 's lo lie done'.' 'I'wo or three .\IiHiiie', Kjiieriilil iiiiiiiiie4 Ilie pain appeal •• A f-w applii tilions . of Oil and III riffeeii and HoreiiesH il(i(- iiiore a|>|>llcatioiis It's' a wonderful formula - this 'combination of essential oils with caiiiiihor and other anti>,eptiis so marvelous that tliniisands of bottles are sold iinniially for redining varicose or swollen ve|n«. Cook's Drug' Store and every i;ooi| driigulsi tlimraiiteett Voone's Kmeriild Oil to end your fool trou- lileM oV iiioni-y bnck. headache, cn:i:'i -t ma|i.-.m.-luii :l )a .;o. 0:1, picuri?.;, rheu- pains and ijiches of back or"joii;!v, s|ijraii;~. Sfire piuscles, ch:!blains,'fri)sted I'-.ct and colds of the cliL-st (it n-.ay prevent pncumui ia). To Mothers: Musterole !• mad^ in milder form babie 't and ibiall child Aik for Children's Mi afco for whifp mustache that ' made Slick ill .my memoijy at all." "He's the man." Tleniing him gt(;,Qg I Better than a mastardplatter Sloh Ehiptibiis ! nhvsicians rwoimize the 1 I fried dilTorenl kinds of reiBPdies. Skilled physicians recognize the tpearance of pimples, boils and ptber skin eruptions as being an iu- aicatioD of an abnormal comlitlon of the system. This is why so many thousands have beeQ enabled to 'free themselves of these unsightly blemishes and painful annoyances bf taking a cours.c of S.S.S. You owe It to yourself to try S.S.S. . It helps Nature build up red core uscles. It improves the .pricesses y which the blood Is noulrished.- It Is time-tried and reliable { . "I suffered from Irapurej blood- was weak/ and I badi lost ^0 mu^ welfht. I didn't look natural. I had pimples and was also bothered with % breakliig^ut that Itrhed terribly. 1 «180 M bolls oua #(ier &iioi|ter. I fried dilTorenf kindi of reiApdies. but nothing did me any pood uilil a friend advised me to take which I did. Thi.s was som* a.eo. .Vow I feel well, apd I a alon? nnc. S.S:S. st |s.s s.. timo in get- tin? alons fine. S.S:S. stopp'd the itching and it cured me of b< ils. I advi?e all Weak and run-dowb people to give S.S.S. a trial. It' • up< the skin and makes you and (ills you \\nu ener,?}'" W. Barker. 133 7 Walnut Siree] cinnati.'ohio. ;S,S..'= is made from the roots of niodii-|inal herbs and and is prepared In a sclcutifli m a nioderti labriratory. S S ' is sold at all gondi store; ill iw.i .sizes, mcliirgi ^r aivi ia UOtti Ci:ouumlCidi cle.irs ptrohg Irs. J. , Cln- frp'h plants ; wa>; driis Yoivll like to'let 'em look you over if your.clothes have that "just right" appearance g-iven by our cleaning: and i^ressing .service. Clotliing", either for men or women, looks no bettei- than its pi-essin^. Phone 105 give' vour s a UKAI. w much bet- Prug Store. CLU-GRIP Checlc before it starts. Rub on—inhale vaporj X/iCKS ~ ( MUlum Jam Yftarhf Grow you. Eat! they were packed. Barteldes seeds are also sold in big; weight packages—now only 5«f. 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