Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on September 5, 1972 · Page 5
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 5

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 5, 1972
Page 5
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Is the only choice which set of crooks? Alton Evening Telegraph Tuesday, September 5,1972 A-5 SHOP THE STORES WHERE YOU RATE MORE WASHINGTON - it would be in the spirit of Jucleo- Christian charity to give everyone the benefit of doubt and say that a secret $25,000' gift to the Nixon re-election fund had nothing to do with the hasty grant of a new Minnesota bank charter to the donor, Dwaync Andreas. But the evidences of big favors foi big money keep Piling up in (his Administration to the point that only a fool would give anyone the benc-H of doubt. I call your attention again to that remarkable, almost incredible, revelation on "Meet Ik' Tress two weeks ago by Clark MacGregor, the former Minnesota Congressman who now heads M r. Nixon's re-election campaign. MacGre.iror said the lawyer for a gem-rous Democratic donor had awakened him at half-past midnight to plead By Carl T. Rowan with him not to reveal his client's name. Keeping "faith" with people like this d o n o r was MacGrcgor's justification for not revealing those who gave $10 million to the Nixon campaign through some sleazy maneuvering just in time to evade the new campaign reporting law. Was it Andreas's lawyer who telephoned MacGregor? Surely Andreas had enough reasons to fear embarrassment. Here was the friend and No. 1 supporter of Sen. Hubert II. Humphrey, playing financial footsie wiih the enemy. Andreas is smart enough to know his com- petitors for that bank charter would surely smell a rat if they learned he had handed over $25,000 in cash to the Administration which would decide on the charter. If it wasn't Andreas's lawyer who telephoned M a c G r e g o r with that desperate plea for secrecy, then it means someone else among the givers of that secret $10 million has as much or more to hide than Andreas. And that deepens the pall of contemptible shame that lies about this fund, part of which former Commerce Secretary Maurice S t a n s funneled through Mexico so as to disguise it and hide the name of the donors. If the Andreas case stood alone, one could be accused of crass politicking for suggesting there is a genuine scandal here. But there are even worse cases of this Administration's ladling out huge favors for campaign contributions. . The ITT affair, involving a donation of $200,000 to the cost of the Republican convention (if held in San Diego) at the. same time the Justice Department was dropping court action to block ITT mergers, has faded from the headlines But the stench lingers on. Then there was the matter of dairy price supports about which I wrote weeks ago. Through various channels, the dairy people pumped at least $329,000 into the fund to reeled Mr. Nixon in 1971 after a White House meeting. Suddenly the 1 lien-Secretary of Agriculture Clifford Harclin did a 186-degrec flipflop and decreed a hike in price supports worth at least $400 million a year to the dairy industry. It would take more space McGovern playing both sides of street NEW YORK - Standing in the vast cocktail lounge lobby of the ancient Hotel Hi It more Monday, half listening to the chirping of birds captive in their gilded cages, one of America's shrewdest alboil: rough-hewn, old-line political leader s watched the McGovern entourage move across the floor once trod on royally by Tammany Hall sachems. His persona! distaste for the candidate was obvious. But he said: ' ; If Nixon lakes this thing for granted, as Dewey did, he's crazy. McGovern is nothing to fool with, lie clo-w his homework. He knows every angle. He's a beaver. And one of the most skilled politicians I've ever met. Ant! I've met them all." Then came the prediction the Democrats would carry pivotal New York state by 57,001) to 100.000 votes. Could be. While all eyes were watching McGovern hold out his hand to the bulls and bears of Wall Street — his staffers were playing the other side of the street. They still aren't counting on the regular party organization chiefs. They have planned their big blast-off here, for example, at a New York Liberal parly (almost exclusively labor) banquet on the niglit of Oct. 4. The full learn will be Ihe-e — McGovern, Sargc Shrivel 1 . Mayor John V. Lindsay — and Ted Kennedy. It was this miniscular party which the late Jack Kennedy feared. When he believed it would not accept Lyndon Johnson as his running male, he was heard to say, "The Liberal party won't put mo on their line." They did. And they won the slate for him. Actually running party for party, Democrats against Republicans, .lack Kcnnely lost to Dick Nixon — and it was the Liberal parly's 406,000 voles which threw him the stale. That's what McGovern seeks now. He wants his Liberal \,,te to top the 507.000 rolled up for Franklin Koosevcll, Jr., for governor against Nelson Rockefeller in liKili. A n d further uptown, McGovern people met with representative's of t h e Congressional Black Caucus, Bv Victor Riesel turned over $100,000 for registration, pledged another $150,000, told them Godspeed and get the young ones on the voting rolls. They paid Tammy Hall leader Frank Rosetli, a Plasterers Union vice president the courtesy of offering him the opportunity to turn over this money, but he told them to go direct to the Caucus. An.l up in the Bronx they heard that young Pat Cunningham, friend of the Kennedys- who succeeded the late Charley Buckley — who once mat chad any Boston hurrahing — as Bronx County leader reported he had registered 80,000 new voters, soon would resell 110,000 and that 80 per c-nt of -them were for the Democrats. Sophisticated labor chiefs reported their New York Labor Committee for the Election of McGovern Shriver was the 45th sla-.' labor organization affilh'cd with the national group in Washington. than this column ever could get to go through all the other instances (for example, the bribe offer of a SijruiflO to $10,000 campaign contribution to Alty Gen. Uichard (;. Kleindienst which he didn't recognize as a bribe offer until ton learned the 1'Tl was eavesdropping on I he office of the indifled man who ofl'en-d the bribe) of big money buying the big coverup in this Administration. But it ou:rhl to be manifestly dear to the pub'ic by now that this .sanctimonious "law and order" er,)\vd is about as lawless, in its white shirt way, as any group in the land. Imagine the No. I fund- rai:-.'..T for the President of the United Slates with a secret slush fund of at least S:!50.0fiO in his personal safe. Al least $114,000 from that fund winds up in the Miami bank account of a man arrested with, and believed to be (he lead"r of. a loam of bnr.'Ia;'; l)i;. r ";ir< Democratic pail v head'inar'ors. Imagine Slans claiming no knowl-d'"' of how fi'H.OIK) from his slush fund is spent. no knowledge of the criminal activities it financed'.' II is more than any saiw American can swa'low. Yet, Stans ofi'ors the country only evasive 1 ;'!!•: in which he tries to discredit a damning report by the General Accounting Office. The While House offers disdainful silence as if to say, got the election wrapiicd up, you don't have to answer for any sins." AiTJcriciins are left only to hope;thai Kleindienst is going to 6rdev a vigorous in- vesli^atio,-. which opens the way to indictment and possible imprisonment of high officials in thai Committee to lieelikt the 'President. To su;.'gil'st thai this is likely is really to insult the intelligence of (he people. On the other hand, there is little public outci'y. It is as though the people have become inured to corruption, considering it the new American way of life, as Stf Range Plan It'll probably include a sound heitllli insurance program. .Ml'A lias the kind of health [iiiiie.v you need. .See your local MI'"A agent today. L WELL AGENT Ph. 259-2302 149 Reno, East Alton, III. SHIELD OF SHELTER it long has been in some Asian lands. Or perhaps we have a situation where, political partisanship overrides any concern for ^overnmenla! ethics.' II is as though millions of Americans were saying: "I never asked for honesty. All I asked was that my brand of crooks be in control for a while " j & A Springman CHAIN LINK FENCING ' Godfrey, III. PD. 489-3431' SHOP YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD IT PAYS TO GET THE TOM-BOY HABIT! UIKCK OUtl ivi;»\i;.sw/iv Sell things fast and easy with low cost Telegraph Want Ads! (AIWCUTI.SF.MKNT) Eat! 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