The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on March 17, 1927 · Page 6
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 17, 1927
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

WALTER IN 4 WHEEL CHA HIT AND MISS THE JOTJk DAILY REGISTER. THURSDAY EvfemNG, MkltCH 17jl927. Team Which Plays lola in Opening Game of State Tourney Did Not Win in i: Tourney. ; Winficlil. Kaiis., AJar. 17. The •\Vinlielrl liiRli .sihool bHskilball ti'ani. wliidi opposes lolu liiRh in lln- oponiiis SHiue of Uio Kuiisus Hialc loiiriicy Friday al Hays, has bad an in ami (iiit season. • At tiim'.< l 'oai:h :Uill .Martin's men lulve jilayeil .'likp ihauijiions; at other times they havi? larked stuniina and co'ie.-^iiili. ' ' IWlnlTeld loyf sixs 'ahies in the Ai'kaiisas Valley leaBiie this st;a- Kf -n.- -Most of the sertr^s wi 're ilose. . The ,!diie. and wiiilejiive. lost two flames to Kl Dorado.j two to .\e\v- ton, one to Wiehltjj^ and one to Arkansas ("ity . J'he ilalter iwo d-- n-ats wer-e'by very «|<ise .snores and came aliont tiirouK'i tallies; ill llie tii'iiil lew niiniites of, play.. 'i'lte lo<al live \\\hi the h'Sl de- fi -ILslve leain in tllt leaKUi- 111 s year and Jicdd oppiJiients to an average of HllKhtly jinore than I'o jwihl:! per Kanle. 'I 'heir best exploit of the sea .«(rti was when tlu 'V liiifieil. Wellinnlon bark with only ,<! points' while KinKnian in one Kiinie inailf only S (•(innters. HI!/.- zar'd. wUli[ jiiinp .H center and then retires tola il'densive position, am! ("oi'hi-an. jday I lie miard positions, t 'aptain W'liitsoii plays the floor.on offence with .MillspaiiKli., Hicks. Sidwell. and Sdiniidt alliiiiatin'- as forwards. i Winfi'dd lost to Arkansas City. ] I to IS. in the tourney liiials lierc: bill was seletled a .s one ol four teams over the «tate' to enter the stale foiiriM'V. Twice "the locals i JiaVe woir .stale honors, lUlc" ill I Jill!! and aKaIn iii 19l'fl! Harrv iSindair^ Win Fight Triar Verdict 'WasliiiifitTm. .Mar. IT. (AIM ('(Hiyictcd by a jniy lif .contempt of the isenate. Harry, K| Sinclair fiinnd Eiiilty last nisln oii <ach of fon>' coiinls charirinK refii-sitl to an- .'•wcr <!Uestlons in the senate Teapot Oouic o;l iiivestisatjoii. tfiday was determined to fiKht his -way to the diipreine crmrt in an effort lo • keep out of jail.; I'nless he ^j;ran(s a moti6n for a ni'W iri.-il. •Ii 'istice Milx has no option bin <o impose a jail .sentence.; ^Tlirce House Soldier Bonu^ Bills Are Killed EIGHTTEAMS STILL ARE IN Three Kansas Conference Basketball Teams Yet in ' Running; Hillyard Team Plavs Phillips. • I Eight Colleges Arc 'Complaint Is Issued Dropped: by Committee; iFor Hagen's Caddy Walter .Ndinson. \\a .<hii:f;:<in iiiK at liie fjtnatiir's Taniiia.i Kla.. reinrn lo thi' capital, bcin*;i ni;ei'i baby da 'iiKhter and K. .V. Kyiuiii. club. \ lliltcliniK acc. broke his .inkle praclic- t ra iinilij; canii>. Ilerr' hi at llie I'nion Slalioii Kansas City. .Mar. i.M'i'- With eislit teams remainini; in i play, the National A. .\. W chani- ' pionsliip .basketball. toiirnaine;ir will be oiutiHiied here tonight. Ti niphfs Banie?.' will s-e Kini>or'a * Teachers opjiose Waslibnrn . Cnllefre: IlillyTtrd^ of Ht. .Insepii. \|., . I VS. I'lilllips Univeisity: Wji liii.i : rntverslly vs. St. .lost ph l !i:ip -;.r and the Ke-.\asli-A, Kt-no-lia vs. .Mon.-ns. Lafayetie. Ind. Yesterday's resnl!.-: ^ I'billips I'.. Knid. Okla.. L'<;; Kv- ansyille t'l.llcKe. Kvaiisv ill-. Iml. •>*, r .Ylonons. l,a''ay<ile. Ind. :i'.. liila .folleye. I hal .bVr. Ari/.. ::i. SI. .lo^eph IJfoosier-. tJ: .N'nirb ••rii Illinois Tiaclwr.- ii;.. • Kni?>oria .Slate • Tiaclie pi'ria. .Maryvill.' .Slat , ers. Maryville. Mo.. Wichita I'liiver.'iiy. t'aiii.ii ' l .cKinii team. C.-inion. III. T.i- l\e-.\';i,x|i-.\. Kcn<'>!l:i. 17; ; A. ('.. 1.1. Millyalds. .-^1 . .Joseph. :;'.; i:i • yi-ar, .\Ijroii. <)., Washburn (.'oIleK-. Topeka. (•ilninei Ccmncil Iviiiubls i.f f.d bus, I'liic-igo. 17. IS FOR LUkVE, WHO PITCHES FOR CINCINNATI AND ISA REPRE|SENTA ]nVE OF CU9A IM OASE^ALL IN THE UNITED STATES Negro Soldier, Now m Hospital, Under Arrest He. Kail) .lipiiclion Cily, Kans..' ... lAI'i il'iiv:il.' (I liii'lletoii .--i .Mii'r .-i; [•'ori Itiley who ironi tl ;i- ;;u,n .1 bonsi- .s'unil;i ,lir •I 'i :iM- I'.iinu I'rlvalf Ceorj;) \b\:>- Kii .inl. into 's-. wa.-i reiaplnre the lily hospital w K. (' by .In do; M. ; in .•; Ml ;ci,i 'ar 'lail tone for rr'-atment Of ;eciivic| 'a li.ilf.lionr |)rrvio(is Mini.- with .SKI. Cbarl.s e^ty. iiilored. iiiiliiary l)olii-|( 17. n-Kro scap-ed i |y nlKhl llaKc- niicon- I last eri- he ivoiinds in a llard- inalh Shamrock Springs Are Covering Irel^ders is npon his by his wife. .<e(relary of lln- WaHhinnlon ball Sunday (Jolf Is Up to The S. C. C.ovcrnor CoUimbia. S. C. .Maich 17. (.M'ii — Wheilnr liie aniricin bine law i >r Sonfli Ci-rolina. foi Inildint; anion oiliei' liiiliK^ liie playing; ••( ;;.)lf. i, to rcni.iin iiiiact or ))e MI|H. rs (jell b.v a more liberal siatiiii' today sijiiarelv up III (iic..-ii: >r Cicliavd Till' stall i -x<,-cii!iv; . wlm icctiil, ly leviviil riKi<i eiijone,!ii(;ii o; il I Topeka, Kans., liar. 17. (Art — i Three hoii .se soldier- bonus bills J were killed by ihe senate and two (iilfrrs substituted. The lalier e.v- tend the ajjplication <leadline lo .li^ne :!", V.<-2!i and reitfiil Ihe ri«lil <.)|l' appeal to rlislrii-t coitrt. Some -I,.'!!!!! niore inen'who have been airreiiiied by llie ^var department to Kansas will by eligible lo re'ceivi'- bonuses if llie "^measure |s enacteil.' " .) . 1 Sheriff and Two Men ; Held |or ('ar Burning Koperton, Ca.. Mat^ 17, (Al 'li^Sheriff W. 1.. M'liichpen of Treiiiien .-county, .loe j,ee and llenn- .Mj- l.endop, the lalier » farmi-r, were i tirresifd anain loday on warrants charKiiiK ih'hn with burning ihe lieriffs aiitohiobile the diiy afler the floKKing of .M. M. Maiiderii of till- Koperton .News. PRAIRIE yNION . (Mrs. O. D. I ^trickleri !Mar. l .'i. -.Miss l|-enc ("ox is al hnrtH' from liich sthool this we<di entertainiiig the measles. Master Harry l\inley, of the'or­ phans Ijome at Atchison! came last Saturday to makeihis home with Mr. and .Mrs. .V. T.: Slrickler. -Mr. and .Mrs. (!.'AV. MKIiiire and family visite«! Sunday with her brolhei:. Flovd Uoss ahd family. Mr. .-md .Mrs. .\. T. Stricklev, and .N'oia spent Sundav at IClmer Strickler's.' ; . .Mr. Schauhs. cow tester, was in tliiti vi<inity Sunday and .Monday .Mrs. l.eroy Tipple :ind .children visited hoiiie folks Tue.sday. W • are .i;lad to learn .Mr. aniH Mrs. Uiiss Hand have arrived fnini Indiana and are asiain -one of- our 'neishbnrs. as they are locatiiit: en -Ills farm just south of f'oloiiy. i\Ir. Krtmsberc threshed!kafir for .|/f;.i "W. .MeCnire, N. T. and Ora Strickler Tuesday. , .M'-s .C. W." MiCnire and llerlii-e 'and .Mrs. .\*. T; Strlikler and .Vola calK'd on .Mrs.' Van Hester Satiu- <lay afternoon. .AIIIKMIKII only • L'7 ye:irs old now, Waile Ho .vl. tlie Yankee jiiii !i IT. hai bad iHMrlv a dn /en yt ;ii-^ experience ill pi ofessioiial b.iv, ball. llo >l vvas a .Mimii'of 1 .'i w in n ly wiiM tr.Hi >l('nei| bv Hi.- .\'ew- . Yo|k (llaiilH. • I • lid lime law; ha.'' giv<hi°ilo iiidlra'- lion of bis attilisde Hulaid Ihe n>'W •blui- l.'iw liil! lliiil rec.-lv'ed linal ac' r,ion al lie hand.- ol tiie le;;i?.|aluie la -l in >hl .viiii the overw heliiiing iMicpiim. iiv i !ie ,• iiai.; ii; h ss than ::ii;!iii''s of lionsij amendment. .\iild Iteekie, a name ]iopiilarl.v MVi !. d 111 V;. '.nliii: means Old .•^11 oUy I's ii.,e ilite- from ih-," time w-iieii l ';(1iiibarKi; was the |i: ' e Iji Si iitbind. Jess Doyle Is Civen Sentence to Lansing I'arsons. Kan.-. .Mar. 17. I.M'i .less Ltoyle, ('ofiivville. Kali .1^. was Selllellced lo IWO CI ill-^Ci II t i M- lerms in the s^aie p.- niltiujary to da.v by .liiilKe W l> .MKiii^nii in di.-!rii.l court ijere. 'ihe firsi sentence was frmp five in tin yiars on a cha!ge of li 'iv^lary Tiie M - ond was fioni one lo five ye;ir> mi «i charite iif larceny iii coniiei i i .i :i wiih 111" liurnlary. I.asi week ,a .iury fnuitd iioy!.- !;iiilt.v of iiiirulary and I.uiiuv ;:i coniieciiiiii w th ;'ie liiirs- ar;. .if .he rfeifiiT .Il wi 'liy sii.i.' hi re lastt Octidier. Dnidiii. Mar. .17. lAl'i - 1 V ill.' LTieii today, I'atri' ii. •jKroni Cm-ii' to Hi I'liiii liiililii lo (he Kmerali "I '.'.i I Utile sririv-s of ••!'•!> ,i''. si 'i'.'i in i-rywhere. -Ml llie -dai^liil is takiiii; i!.'> \!l iiii'.'liij-s aclivllie-; I .'. e b .'i Ve; .-:op |)ed i- : iVi II II.I r to reliMioU I. . - ;.'.d . ell lir ;iiiiii;. ;riii is U>r SI. and vales sliam- lfa*it a III il hidl- jn the il the serv- ] Chicago. Ma^ 171 (AP) — Eipht Imidwestern colleKes were dropped .from the aecredited Hsl of .Vorlh- I Central .Association of ChllfKes and iSeconilary stdiools toilaj- by .the 'committee im higher education. Those failing to mwasurei up to the . siiecification.s tt -,erp: i'; Lombard'CollAse. Galesbiirj;. III.: Ripon College. Ripon. Wis.; Tarkio (ollese, Tarkio. Mo.: Friends I'nr- versity.' Wichita. Kan.: Pefianee. 'Collepe. Defiance. Ohio;! .'lIcPhBr- son College, .McPherson. Kan.; I'p- I iu:r Iowa I'niversity, Fayette. Iowa ;anil Hardin College, -Mcxicoj Mo. ; Five lola Church Teams To Basketball Tourney Five lola ilnirch teams leave itomorrow morning for I'artjons ! where they will enter the annual jstate tonrnanient for Sunday .•Hchonl .teams. The'teams repn .'senl four I of the city cliiirches. j The Presbyteriaiis who won the I local league pennant by defeating ; the: .Methodises are going, as are ;alsi) Ihe .Milhodisls. The Christ- jaiiii; "are sending a' strong team dow'n and they will travel in cars .'as>will both the I'lvsbies and the .M. f-'. These three teanis aiid -llK- .Jfaplisis will enter the Liuiiior. lii- ;/vision-of the tournament which ii^. ^ for boys'from Hi lo IS yiiars of a »,'e The oilier team which t'oes from the fiaiafst church will enter in Ihe .Midget group. Tli^- Haplistv; will jirobahly travel on llie Iraiii. Radio Commission j Is Ready for Workj Washington. .Mar. 17. (AI'l .Surrounded by trouble on all sides, with no provision made .'or the .salary and work, of its ; members, ilie radio commission, youngest of , I'ncle Sam's Washington buVe.ius. ! is preparing to swing into action. , Siiinetliiiig luiist he dime to curb Ihe more than 7<Mi stations now • broadcasting, it is agreed by ihe : members. Apidication blanks, lo be filled out by nil radio operalors • "siiiil hearings, are two stejis alreaily decided uuon. StL Pelej-sbnrg. Fla.. Mar. 17. tAPl-.Iames .Mai Oonald. made f:>- inoii.s by Waller Hagon last summer (as the-firs: caddy to be taken abroiiil b.v an .\nierican golfer, is so'ight by the police beret on charges that he made off with some $l,.',("i. worth of lii.s former nias- tej-'sl wearin.g -^r'i'arel .'iid otherwise; abused his |iosjtii>n. > The to ei en; fiv< hous I'll ti pose das- clas.-- 1 Cetlty Bill Revived B^ House Membershiri Toheka. Kans.. Mar. 17. f.AP»-| I'letty bill for iiermitting cities courage new industries l)y ex pi in.? them frotn taxation (ot ear.s'Was revived toda.v in the '. .-\n ainendnicnt was in.sert •^xtilfid privileges of the pro law to cities o; the secom. as well a's cities of the rirsf Sunday Mancli 20th IGDoff All Ag ' 12 I*iii)py Rhces Plenty of Wild Westoi Entries Wi'it(? o Slake n Jack Rabbits Phone Victor Coumng Club Mildred, Katisas ^ew and Smart • : j _ . Styles in Boy's Suits SPRING WASH FROCKS Vu>>\ colors in! styles $1.59 mm COATS DRESS, SPORT, TAILORED STYLES NEW SPRING HATS Especially Featured for Friday and Saturday at at $2.98- UP \ $18.00 values i $25.00 values 335.0( 1 Inii'y Mir fiill :ir4 anil iihiiii. line silk liiiliiRs. rlijiniiPi-ns iioirelNlM 'cns iiinellv Wo(ilon>i. iilaiiN sjiliiis fans rii-i'. grei-n. Iiliik " ' * Vole. Wo i-arr.v a spprlal line of coats esiii'c'ially sailed tor sloiiN. tail slender women and short sloals. 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