Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on February 8, 1962 · Page 5
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 5

Fayette, Iowa
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Thursday, February 8, 1962
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Fayette School News First Grade — Mrs. Scheldt! What does a snowflake look like? In science, we learned that although millions of snowflakes fall, no two are ever alike, and yet all are six-sided or six-pointed. We have just finished our winter unit. Cold weather, ice, and snow are characteristic of wintc-r in the northern part of our country. Winter in the South is quite different from winter in the North. Jean Anne Streeter celebrated her birthday by treating her class mates to cookies. We welcome Kevin Vandersee to our class. He moved from Cedar Rapids. Many have been absent from our room because of the chicken pox and colds. Hope we all can be to school soon. Each of us found out as much as we could about the ground hog. Now we are waiting for Feb. 2 and wondering if Mr. Ground Hog will see his shadow. We're hoping that he doesn't. —•— Mrs. Meyer Ricky Hofmeyer's reading group has started a new reader. All three reading groups have been reading together occasionally from Ginn and Co. series in hopes that those of us who have developed good phonic ability can help those of us who are having trouble with phonics. When we work out of "Little White House" Mrs. Meyer- helps figure out all the words that can be sounded by ourselves. Wednesday Wayne Stepp chose Marilyn Scheidel, Jan Miller and Carol Lau to help him clean our supply and toy cupboard. We are enjoying our new class mate. Her name is Gayle Cul bertson and she came to our room from Pairbank. We have rearranged our tables this week. Everyone sits in a different section of the room and shares his table with a new neighbor. Danny Keig, John Singer, and Carol Anthony are passing out and gathering books, papers and other supplies this week. Music class has been especially lively. Mr. Powis is teaching us a little dance. Some of the boys can nearly swing the girls right off their feet. We have finished our unit about Eskimos and are now doing a unit about Animals of the Jungle. Friday we made murals of the Jungle. Everyone was responsible for making 24 inches of the mural so the finished picture was about 40 feet long. We have a "Who is it" corner. Each morning a. story is placed on the wall about someone in the class. During the day we all read to see of it is about us because We wish you could visit our music classes! We are learning to square dance, and we think that is grent fun. Third Grade — This week we learned a new- word. Some of us even had a little t--oub'e pronouncing. "Car bohydrates." We have been finding out how carbohydrates, proteins. fats, minerals, and vitamins help our bodies grow and keep us heal thy. Friday during Art class we wove red and white strips of paper to gether and placed it behind cut out sihouettes of Washington and Lincoln. We are subtracting and borrow ing using three place numbers in arithmetic. Most of us still need a lot of study before we know our combinations as well as we should. Ixist week we took our tests of Iowa Basic Skills. We are now a waiting the results of these tests so that we will have a (x'tter idea of which subjects we need to irn prove in. Fourth Grade — Learning the rnullipication table of G and practicing long division has been our work in Arithmetic. Each day we have arithmetic drills on the multipication and addition facts. We have the results on a chart to make a "graph picture" of how much we've improved each day. In science we have been dis cussing current and static elect ricity, and also doing experiments with magnets. Ed Bradley brought his "Magnetic Stik" set. In learning more about maps each of us were given a road map on which we found different cities, highways, and distances between towns. Jerry l^ehs brought a map of New York City, our topic of discussion in Social Studies. Un usual maps were brought by Char lene Smith who brought a tablecloth map of Alaska, Diane Yearous brought a handkerchief map of Oregon State, Becky McGee a puzzle map of the States. Many people have l>een bringing interesting books on nature, sci ence, cities, and countries. We have enjoyed these very much. Jimmy Alderson showed us his invisible man and Scott Linge showed us some shells from Florida. We saw a film this week on "Cleaniness and Health". We were impressed when we learned that 100,000 grems could be. found on a pinhead. Thanks to Layton Olson for the treats he gave us on his birthday which he celebrated January 24. We finished our study of the Middle Atlantic Slates this week in Social Studies. Kveryow in Group One Spelling got an A in spelling dictation test this week. Both groups in Arithmetic are on the final frls Tor a chapter. We found out this week th-it everyone in the room needs review in mul- tipli'.-taion and division. We found. too. that many mistakes were be ing made in addition of long col urnns of figures. We will be doing some intensive review in these processes real soon. and Barb Alber both 5 points. High rebounder was Barb Alber with 14 rebounds. The junior varsity lost 19 10. Sharon Pattison had 8 points, Sharon Farley 3 points, Barbara Keifi and Pat Holtzman both 2 points. and Dottis Van Bogart 1 point High rebounders were Sharon Pal tison and Donna Kuhens each with 7 rebounds. Sixth Grade Mrs. Buttertleld It seems good to be back to regular class work again. Many of us were happy with our grades for sr.ncster tests. We are also happy we are through with the Iowa Basic Skills tests. Our answer sheets will be sent for checking. We will know how well we did on these tests within the next six weeks. We completed our- study of Pci ence with a "Science Fair". There were exhibits of shells, plants, flowers, seeds, liarlc. leaves, butterflies, constellations, slides, magnets, and motoi-s. Mr. McCorrnick iicli-d as judge and chose a seed collection made by Mary Schmidt as the best entry Second prize was awarded to Eileen Bon jour for- her collection of seeds and third Prize to Diane Pattison for her flower- collection. Our- health book, Teamwork for Health, is very interesting. We have learned that all parts of our body work together- like players on a team to keep our' body healthy. In our Notebook we have recorded our height and weight, the com municable diseases we have had, and the diseases we are immuniz ed from. Several of us were proud to know we were taller than our teacher. In language we are studying pronouns. They are very easy. We can write the first, second, and third personal pronouns in the singular and plural form. In social studies we are reading about inventors and machines. This period in history is called the Industrial Revolution. Six pupils wrote a perfect paper for spelling dictation Wednesday. We had 20 pupils who wrote all words correctly for their final test on Friday. Thanks to all the parents for coming in for Parent-Teacher Conference. Parents of every pupil in our room attended. We welcome Mr. John Jones to our room. He will be doing his practice teaching with us for the next nine weeks. This 'n That — By Marge Ah. this world should he so lucky as to have the great sur gical team as shown in Biology. I'm speaking of that duet of Henry and Webb. What other "class surgeons" could dissect a worm with out touching it?'?? Such absolute talent, yes. yes, yes'". T-N-T If you see a majority of the Senior girls walking around with WAC uniforms on. don't think any thing of it.****!!! After finding out that the average in the WACS is 70 guys to every gal. they all sign ed up for life. T-N-T I do think that Ken Butters and Bill Chase are beyond help. They were seen feeding worms to some chloroformed fish the other clay in Biology TSK!!! TSK'" T-N-T Speaking of loose marbles. Snmt Timmerman was seen picking up an eraser off the floor and calling it someones brains. Go quietly when they come to Ret you. Scoot' T-N-T We know a secret, but we would n't tell that the Senior trip is sit for May G. 7, and 8th. T-N-T Mr. Jackson: Why are frogs the most delicate animal in the world'.' Biology student: I don't know. Mr. Jackson: Because croak when yovi touch them. T-N-T Mi'. I'uwis expressed his of tin' ability of the chori':; i)i)ili l clea-lv tin- other clay. We will sing "Old McDonald" for our first sel ection of the sp-ing conre'l. How Uttei-lv n Rilial" '. T-N-T H"--"'s i'.ic lat'.st fa:!:: If you're tired of fining to the m-vies in th" sanit- c''' rnonot'~" r "'s "..irn-v y this: (\t P'-I:.-:-! "' r-.—I'.v-.s of the cariR together. Then buy your tic kets and march into the theater in formation, all sitting in one row. When div. 1 gotr, thi'sty or wants to purchase something, all march out If one leaves, all lenve. Sounds like a winner, but if the manager- marches you right out of the theater, don't blame it on any thing you've seen in this column. !' SDRAC KHT TROPPUS T-N-T Boy Scouts to observe 52nd anniversary The K.GG5 Cub Scouts. Boy Sctv.as. and Explorers of the Wapsipiniccn Area Council, will observe the , r >2nd anniversary of the founding of the Hoy Scouts of America during the week of Feb. 7-IX according to 1. A. Sheets, council commissioner. Two major activities t<> IK- in eluded in the anniversary week will be a series of District Boy Scout field meets located through out the eight county council on Saturday afternoon, Feb. 10. and an Kngle recognition ceremony for the .'i. r i recipients of this award in Hto'l at Irving school auditorium in Waverly at 3 p. in. on Sunday. Feb. 11. The Boy Scout field meets will consist of eight Scout skill contests that will bring all the Troops anil Is in the district together for an afternoon of competition. Patr«> winners will qualify to participate in the council wide field meet ( i tV h. Id d'l'-iru; the W.-ipsie Scout- oiuma in Waterloo on Saturday, May 5. The Montega district Boy Scout fi-lri meet will be held at 1:30 p. m. in -the city park in Oelwein on Saturday. Feb. 10, according to Jay Partridge, Independence, camping and activities chairman. The Annual Eagle Scout recognition ceremony is also open to the public to honor the Eagle Scouts of 1%1. Speakers at this event will be Dr. Harold Bernhard. State College of Iowa, Cedar Falls; Pro- feuor G. R. Bjorgan of Wartburg College, Waverly; Dr. William Per r in, physician, Sumner; and Mr. John D. Donnell, president of the Wapsipicicon Area Council and vice president of the Rath Packing company, Waterloo. Parents, Scouts, and friends are invited to attend this recognition program beginning at 3 p. m., according to L. V. Miller, council advancement chairman. Cedar Falls. Last year 374 U. S. firms (each ) spent over a million bucks on advertising; some 97 per cent of which went into television. NOTICE OF ANNUAL MEETING The Annual Meeting of the FARMERS MUTUAL INSURANCE ASS'N., Arlington, Iowa, will be held in the FARM BUREAU BUILDING, in Fayette, Iowa at 1 P. M., Tuesday, February 13, 1962, for the purpose of Election of Directors and other matters that may properly come before the meeting. Louis Kane, Pres., Westgate, Iowa Dow Clute, Sec'v-, Arlington, Iowa if the person it is written about Fifth Grade can read it he can take it home. On Groundhog's Day we read an Interesting book about the old Fable and hoped winter would soon end. Georgie Everett and Marian Dennis and Dale Olson have been gone several days with the flu. Second Grade — Mrs. Knight February has finally come, and we have many special holidays to look forward to. This month we will be studying about our two famous presidents, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. We certainly want to know all we can about them. We will find out how they helped our country. Number class has been fun lately! We made clocks from paper plates and are learning to tell time so we will never have to be late again. It is going to be exciting getting ready for Valentines Day. We are all going to make our own special mail box out of cereal boxes, so we will be sure to get plenty of valentines. Next week some of the people from the college are going to come to teach us games in our class. Mrs. Downing* We had spelling tests today. We have ten people who received A's. In language we are having book talks. The book talks were very interesting. For arithmetic we have been learning fractions. In health we are studying the basic seven food groups. Some- people made posters about sugar and starch foods. We have been writing reports on Abraham Lincoln. We have been reading about the southern States. Some people are making reports about the southern States. Mrs. Everett's We are happy to welcome Mrs. Frisch to our room. She is a practice teacher from Upper Iowa and will be with us for nine weeks. Everyone has found that there is much to learn and do in our reading program for this semester. We have learned to use Power Builders and Rate Builders in the SRA Laboratory. We also have bur workbook and two stories each week in More Days and Deeds and Roads to Everywhere. Book Reviews and Current Events are also part of our reading work. Seventh Grade — P«g Maxson In science we have started studying the systems of the body. We have begun with the degestive system this week. David Gourley brought us a skeleton, Cindy Alderson brought us a plastic skeleton from which we can remove the organs, and Peter Vermazen brought a visible man. All these skeletons help to make our Science class more interesting. Six people have been absent from school all week with the flu. We hope they will be able to come back Monday. In Social Studies we have just finished studying the "Silver River" countries < Argentina, Uruguay, and Paraguay ). Thursday we studied all three countries and Friday we are having a quickie test over them. Wednesday evening Peg Maxson had a birthday party and invited all the girls in the class. The varsity and junior varsity journeyed to Lansing, Tuesday, January 23. The varsity won by a margin of 11 points; the final score was 50 - 39. Mary Manson had 20 points. Sue Crafton 14 points, Marge Webb THANKS - - - A Heartfelt Thanks To The Many, Many Customer And Friend* We Have Had The Privilege Of Serving During The Past 25 Years That We Have jBeen In Business In Fayette. All Of Our Associations Have Been Pleasant And Gratifying, And We Shall Miss Them Very Much. After 25 Years, However, We Have Decided To Retire. We Have Closed Out Our Entire Stock Of Fumi- ture. Again We Say THANKS For Your Patronage, And May Our Friendship 'Continue For Many Years To Come. M*. & Ml*. 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