Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on December 5, 1963 · Page 8
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 8

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 5, 1963
Page 8
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8 CHE REGISTER-NEWS — MT. VERNON, ILLINOIS THURSDAY, DECEMBER 5, 1963 To Wed Engaged MISS EVA ROBERTSON Mrs. Nellie Robertson of this city and Clyde Robertson of Los Angeles are announcing the engagement of their daughter, Eva, of this city, to Robert Gentry, son of Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Gentry of Belle Rive. The wedding date has been set for February 1. MISS JACKIE ANN HUGHES Mr. and Mrs. Ralph C. Hughes are announcing the engagement of tneir daughter, Jackie Ann, to Harold Dean Hayes, son of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Hayes, all of Bonnie. Wedding plans are incomplete. We The Women INDIRECT TESTIMONY By RUTH MILLETT, Newspaper Enterprise Assn. You are falling down on your job as the parent of a teenager if you accept the following answers to your questions: "Who is going to chaperone the party?" "Oh, I don't know, mother, but don't worry about it. Somebody will be chaperoning It." "What, are you going to do that you need the car for tonight?" "Oh nothing much, just ride around, I guess. We'll find something to do." "What time will the party be over?" "I don't know, so why don't you just go to bed and not worry about me. I'll get home all right." "Your history teacher called me and said if you didn't get to work you were not going to pass her course. Haven't you been studying?" "Sure I have. Don't pay any attention to that old grouch. She just doesn't like me, that's nil." "If Helen wants you to spend the night at her house, then why can't she have her mother call me so I know it is all right?" "Oh, Mother. Don't he so old- fashioned. How do you expect me to have any friends when you're so strict about everything?" "What kind of place is that you've got a date to go to tonight?" "It's okay. All the kids go there." Those are the kinds of answers that too many parents of teen-agers are willing to accept to the questions they rightfully ask and to which they should demand straight instead of evasive answers. Christmas isn't Christmas without stockings full of i> < V STOCKINGS If In Doubt Give Her A HOLLYWOOD Gift Certificate / • Free Gift- Wrapping WP. This is trie season when every Santa knows that boxes full of beautiful Phoenix stockings will please every lady on his list. Seamless and full fashioned In her favorite styles and colors, (set styles and prices here) Seamless Sheer—$1.35; 3 Pr. $4.00 Seamless Run-R-Lees—$1.65; 3 Pr. $4.90 Supp-Hose—$4.95 Pr. l10llMIH«!Hi STVLt SHOP Open Friday and Monday Nights Until 8 P.M. Jefferson County Homemakers Announce December Schedule The Jefferson County Homemakers Extension members are busy making gifts and getting ready for the holidays. Many units have had special craft days at which time they marie beautiful Christmas gifts and decorations. Any young, middle age or elderly homemaker is welcome to come to the meetings in December and see what Homemakers Extension consists of and then .ioin the hundreds who are already members. Below is listed the dates and places of the unit meetings for December. December 3, Field, 10:30 a.m., Mrs. Viola Minor. December 4, Happy Homemakers, 12:30 p.m., Mrs. Ruth Starman. December 4, Hill Top, 1:00 p.m., Mrs. Julia Woodworth. December 5, Belle Rive, 6:30 p.m., Belie Rive Grade School. December 5, Dix Evening, 6:30 p.m., Mrs. Alice Stuber. December (i, Bovri, 6:30 p.m., Robbins Cafe. Salem. III. December 10, R o m e Dav, 12:00 noon, Mrs. Maude Mullinax. December 10, Young Homemakers 12:00 noon L. & N Cafe. December 10, Waltonville, 12:30 p.m., Methodist Church. December 10, Camp Ground, 7:30 p.m., Mrs. Ann Harrell. December 10, Old Union, 7:30 p.m., Mrs. Edith Eater. December 12, Block, 11:00 a.m., Mrs. Bertie Arnold. December 12, Lincoln, 11:30 a.m., Opal's Cafe. December 12, Van Dorn, 6:30 p.m., Opal's Cafe. December 12, Opdyke, 6:30 p.m., Mrs. Lula Hopkins. December 12, VVoodlawn, 6:30 p.m., Faith Lutheran church basement. December It. Shields. 6:30 p.m.. Well's Chapel basement. December 16, Mt. Vernon, 6:30 p.m., Mrs. Hermenia Faulkner. December 16, Country Heights. 7:30 p.m., Mrs. La- Vreno Creel. December 16. Inn, 7:00 p.m., Mrs. Mai'ie Williams. December 17. Summersville, 1:00 p.m., L & N Cafe. December 17, Dodds Day, 11:30 a.m.. Opal's Cafe. December IS, Shiloh. 12:00 noon. Faith Lutheran church basement. UNUSUAL RANK CHECK One of the most unusu;> checks on display at a bank money museum in New York City is drawn completely in Braille and signed by Helen Keller BECOMING EXTINCT The kakapo (called I be owl )an-oi) is a flightless bird inhabitant of New Zealand which is in danger of becoming extinct, according to the Ency­ clopaedia Hritannica. S "ljilD,PERlift(« fine watches since 1791 two world-renowned ^|f|^P^ ways to say: MERRY CHRISTMAS A Girard Perregaux is always the perfect blending of design beauty and watchmaking skill. For example: this tiny watch with four full-cut diamonds and Starlight faceted crystal, $225; the man's slim-thin Gyromatic (self-winding), water- and shock-resistant, $150. Both in 14K gold. ffi'cej include Federal lax JACKSON'S OFFER YOU: • Guaranteed Satisfaction • Free Gift Wrapping • Greater Selection • Credit Terms • Greater Service • Everyday Low Pricei M. E. JACKSON SOUTH SIDE SQUARE Southern Illinois' Leading Jeweler for Over 43 Years. For Ladies' Only . . . - By SALLY - I Wonder how many others find themselves thinking of a person known years ago . . . One long since lost from view along the avenue of time . . . Just lately, I find myself thinking of Miss Sarah Pence . . . She was the teacher who, when I was a third grade pupil, tried to explain long division to me ... To say that I didn't comprehend would bo putting it mildly ... (I didn't do too bad with addition ... I could count on my fingers faster than some kids could put the numbers down with pencil and paper- but this long division business had me at a total standstill.) So it was that I spent several evenings after school listening closely while she explained the way to determine how many dozen apples I had when I had a barrel holding three hundred and twenty four of them . . . After about ten days, I understood how to arrive at the right figure . . . Then, having moved me that small step up the ladder of mathematics, she decided to lead me into the light of how fractions were handled . . . Although she never once lost her patience, this chore took a lot longer than the session with long division . . . Fact of the matter was, I wanted to give her an argument when she tried to explain that one third is more than one fourth . . . How could this possibly be when, in simple addition, it was just the other way around . . . But, as in the previous lesson, she finally managed to convince me. It has been such a long time since I've thought of Miss Pence . . . Perhaps I would never have thought of her again --except for this: Just last Sunday I came across an article explaining a new method with which today's pupils are taught the fundamentals of arithmetic . . Or, perhaps I should say the article explained the method to some readers . . . Frankly, X didn't understand a word of it. So it was that I found myself remembering those long ago sessions with my marvelous teacher . . . And, I wished I could have another session with her . . . Perhaps, with her explaining it to me, I could see where this new method actually makes it easier to come to a conclusion when juggling a bunch of figures . . . But, it only served to make me come to another conclusion—which is: I'm glad I'm not a beginning mathematician ... I pity the kids who are ... To me, it seems that this new method of doing long division is making an already long and confusing job a lot longer and more confusing than it was in my struggling young days. * » • MRS. RAYMOND VAN HORN has come to my rescue with the recipe for chow mein , noodle candy which I requested i in Tuesday's column—and here it is: Place two packages of butterscotch chips and one package chocolate chips in the top of a double boiler and melt over hot water . . .now stir in Iwo level cups chow mein noodles . . one-half cup chopped nuts . . . and blend well . . . Drop the mixture onto waxed paper and chill . . . (This candy does not need to be cooked at all.) I certainly appreciate receiving this recipe ... To be honest, I'd never heard of it . . . However, I'm told that this candy "sold like hot cakes" when a group of local church women recently conducted a money making project. So, now that I know about it, I'm going to give it a try . . . But, there's just one thing more I'd like to know about it . . . Just WHO is clever enough to dream up these concoctions, anyhow . . . (Whoever she is, I want her to know that I admire her ability.) * * • Anonymous: Making a fool of yourself isn't any fun when you know you're doing it. DESIGNED UNIFORM Joseph W. Biggs, of Cleveland, Ohio, designed the first U. S. Mail carrier's uniform and also was credited with conceiving and carrying into effect free delivery of mali, July 1, 1863. Elks Conduct Memorial Services An impressive memorial service for deceased members was conducted last Sunday afternoon at the Elks Lodge. Those participating were, seated, John Curtis, Exalted Ruler, at left, and Foster Sears of Macomb, III., speaker for the occasion. Others are, standing from left, Jim Carter, Knox Reicl, Charles Fredericks, Jack Crouch, Lnccy Payne, Bob McClinton, and Jim Reid. (Mary Jane Studio) Engagement Announced SOCIETY Dist. Gov. Sunders Ylstis Kotiiiiiins District Governor James W. Sanders, prominent attorney at Marion, \iisted the Mt. Vernon Rotary Club at its weekly luncheon meeting. Tuesdav, at. the L. and N. Cafe. Me held a special meeting with all club officers and committee chairmen preceding the luncheon and conferred with the group on the club's problems and accomplishments. He also addresses the assembly and commended the club on its cordiality and its general activities. John Jacobsen also presented a talk with interesting Rotary information and Fred Mosimann reported that B. Floyd Smith of Fairfield, a former Mt. Vernon club member, will be District Governor for 19t>3- 64. Ira De/.ourche of Wayne City and Earl E. Shaffer of West Frankfort were guests. "Make-up" trips included a visit to Hcrrin by Jack Allen and Salem and Wayne Krehbiel also visited Salem. It was announced that the annual Ladies Ni<dit and the Christmas party will be held December ]7. MISS JUDY ANN HAMILTON Mrs. Joseph R. Hamilton is announcing the engagement of her daughter, Judy Ann, to John Wesley Shelton, Jr, son of Mr. and Mrs. John W. Shelton, all of this city. The bride's father was the late Joseph Hamilton. Wedding plans are incomplete. (Mary Jane Studio) EAT IMPORTS The meat imported into the United States is valued at only 3 per cent of the beef and pork produced on American farms. DEAR ABBY . . Odd Switch! Abigail Van Burer DEAR ARBY: After being married for quite a few years my husband and I got a divorce. I have been happily remarried for a year. I see my ex-husband periodically as he comes to visit the child we had. A few weeks ago he I old me that he had gotten remarried. I've never met the woman, but he said she didn't have much style, and would I mind giving her some tips on how to dress and fix her hair and make up, etc. I don't feel any animosily toward her, but I cannot imagine a man bringing his second wife to his first wife to bo "made over." How would you handle this? PUZZLED DEAR Pl'ZZI-KD: I'd he tempted to thank him for the compliment, but decline tlio assign- nient. DEAR ABBY: I have wanted a pet monkey ever since I can remember. People who have had them say they make good pets. Are they hard to train? Do they require much care? I am an adult. MAD FOR MONKEYS IN IOWA FREE 10* DRINKS With Daily Specials At REABANS FRIDAY— B«r-B-Q Basket SATURDAY- Veal Basket SUNDAY- Fith Basket .... MONDAY— 55c Hamburger Basket 45e TUESDAY- cn. Cheeseburger Basket 50c ~ WEDNESDAY- Vegetable Soup and ... 45c Double-Burger 55c THERE'S A SPECIAL EVERY DAY It Makes A Meal At A Low, Low Price. HAMBURGERS HOME MADE CHILI $1oo 7 _„ Serving 30c FOR Pr. 50c Qt. 90c VEGETABLE SOUP Serving 25c Pt. 40c Qt. 70c Salem Road At- Oakland PHONE 244-2229 AND YOUR ORDER WILL BE READY FOR YOU. Watch For Grand Opening Under New Ownership. DEAR MAD: Monkeys nmko wonderful pets. (I hud a pair, David and Bathslicba.) They are impossible to train (VI you mean "houselireak"), and require, no more care, than a dog or cat. You will need either a heated cage or a warm, dry place Inside winters are. nothing to monkey with. * » * i W.S.C.S. .Meeting i The Woman's Society of Chris! lian .Service met in Fellowship I Hall at First Methodist church on Tuesday with Airs. T. B. Sowers, president, presiding. Mrs. Don Crocker led group singing and Mrs. Robert Kraiise gave the "Call To Worship." "assisted by Mrs. ,loe Bochiardi, Mrs. Richard Dykes, Mrs. .lames Dixon, Mrs. I.e Ren Garrison, Mrs. James McDowell, nnd Mrs. Gordon Springmeir. The group presented a program "If Wo Had Been In Bethlehem" in a selling depicting Bethlehem. Mrs. Krnuse closed the devotions with a hymn and a prayer. Mrs. Sowers conducted the business meeting during which Mrs. Aubrey Watson read the recommendations for the executive committee. Circle loaders, Mrs. R. W. Al- breeht, Mrs. Ernest Floro, Mrs. Wilburn Hank, Mrs. Lena Heggy, and Mrs. Fred Lipps gave their reports. I .ovoly refreshments were served by members of the Wesleyan Service Guild at a table beautifully appointed in keeping with the holiday season. The commit lee included Mrs. Noble Thomas, chairman; Mrs. Art Laird, Mrs. Winston Browning, Mrs. Jim Yates, Mrs. Emil Hoffman, and Miss Edna Garrison. the.Lvisipk- ?.i -wmwmmmw ww DEAR ABBY: Recently T accepted an engagement ring from a young man I have known only three months. I am sure I have made the right choice. My former boy friend is out of the city and will be gone for some time. He is on an assignment, serving his church. I went with him for two years and, during that time, he gave me several gifts and some pictures of himself. Should I take the gifts and pictures to his parents? I don't want them around. CHANGE OF HEART DEAR CHANCiE: No. Ma.ylie his parents don't want them around, either. Wall until your former boy friend returns, and ask him if he wants tlieui returned. CONFIDENTIAL TO JIM I-.: Hard work Is usually an accumulation of things you didn't do. » • » What's on your mind? For a personal reply, send n self-addressed, stamped envelope to Abby, Box 3365, Beverly Hills, Calif. • • • Hate to write letters? Send one dollar to ABBY, Box 3365, Beverly Hills, Calif., for Abby's new booklet, " How To Write Letters For All Occasions." Duplicate Bridge Club A Howell movement was played when the Duplicate Bridge Club met. Monday evening at the Elks Club. Winners were: Marie Musick and Mrs. Harry Thompson, first; H. Scheppol, Carlyle and Les Dustin, second; Mrs. R. Blowers, Centrulia and Bob Rawlings, third; Mrs. C. C. Connolly and Clyde Shelley, Salem, fourth; and Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Krohn, fifth. Geo. II. Hill directed. Master point game will be played next Monday evening. All bridge players are welcome. A meeting was held prior to the game and was presided over by the president, Wm. Morris. A nominating committee was appointed and election of ol'fi-! cers will be held at the regular' game Monday, December l(i. The ladies bridge game will be played Friday, at noon, at the Elks Club. Letters Carriers, Auxiliary Dinner Members of Branch 850 Letter Carriers and the auxiliary will have the annual Christmas dinner Saturday evening, December 7, at 7:00 o'clock at the L. and N. Cafe. Ann Clark Circle With Minimi .Johnson The Ann Clark Circle ot Park Avenue Baptist church met Tuesday al the homo of Mrs. Marian Johnson with 11 members present. Shirley Kellcy, chairman, presided and Mrs. Nina Rich read the calendar of prayer. The opening prayer was given by Mrs. Norma Cannon. Mrs. Gini Fills gave the following community missions report: A Thanksgiving basket was taken to a needy family; tour meals were taken to a sbut-iu, clothes were taken to the Rescue Mission, clothes were taken to two needy families, three cards sent to the sick, and eight hospital calls were made. Mrs. Irene Johnston and Mrs. Marian Johnson were appointed to fix relish dishes for the R. A. banquet on December 6 at the church. Mrs. Marian Johnson conducted the program which will also be presented December 11 for the Week of Prayer observance. The hostess had a lovely Christmas lice decorated for the occasion and the annual gilt exchange was enjoyed. The hostess also received several nice gifts. Mrs. Johnson served refreshments, assisled by Irene Johnston and Linda Jones. The next meeting will be held January 7 at the home of Bonnie Smith. A.l'.W. Meets At Wallnnville The A .U .W. of the Walton villi' Universalis! church met. recently, al the parsonage with nine members al lending. Mrs. Helen Gilbert and Mrs. Eva Lewis were gnosis. Mrs. Lucille Laird, president, presided and presented a Thanksgiving devotional. Mrs. I lelen ('.illicit, and Mrs. I fat lie Fail child presented s'ides of Star Island with nar- raiiou by Mrs. Marjorie Williams. Star Island, located off the New England coast, is owned and operated by the Unitarian, Universalis!, church. It is ten miles from the mainland and can only be reached by boat. As shown in the slides, it, is quite scenic. The hostess, Mrs. Virginia Norris. served delicious refreshments. Democrat Women Postpone Dinner Out. of respect for the late President John K. Kennedy, the Jefferson County Democrat Women will not meet, in December. The exact dale of the January meeting will be announced later. Couple Wed 25 Years Mr. and Mrs. Henry C. Prie* of 215 north Seventh street celebrated their Silver Wedding anniversary on November 27. They were married at the Methodist, church in Onton, Ky. The occasion was celebrated with a family reunion. Mrs. Prices is a teacher at the Mt. Vernon Township High School and Mr. Price is a teacher in Ihe Wayne Cily High School. They are the parents of four children: Lreul, a freshman at Ihe local high school, Dwayne and Uena lielh, students at. Sill, and Joel McClendon, a student at Ihe University of Illinois. Faith Lutheran Ladles' Aid The Faith Lutheran Ladies' Aid will meet at. 7::«) o'clock Friday evening at the church. There will be a fifty cent gift exchange. New officers for the comlnR year will be elected and all members are asked to attend. Mrs. Myrtle Stool/el and Mrs. Mary Goss will serve as hostesses. In Arabic mythology "jinnl" is the general term for supernatural beings below the level of angels and devils. Its not too bad If bad fortune follows you all of your days, but never catches up with MOUNT VERNON COMMUNITY COLLEGE presents COMMUNITY COLLEGE ORCHESTRA (Guests: SIU Faculty String Quartet) MrVTHS Auditorium—8:15 P.M. Monday, December 9, 1963 MA! t Enjoy Peace Of V V--.

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