Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 17, 1927 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 17, 1927
Page 5
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!. MARCH 17.1927. REAL ESTATE FOR RENT Apaitments and Flats I yUR'NISHED—Entire upstairs, n rooms,.2 closets, pantry, sleepfns porch, Iront porch, private cn- trance. modern, close in. Pho. 5 .">4. Farms and Land for Bent 76 STOCK GOES UP TODAY Industrials and Rails Arc Leaders in Upward Trend. JifiUilo to M'll fit $S.7.'>ffi pj-iii-liciil vciil t<i|i $12.0(1. > Slioi'i). 2.000; killhm CIJIH.SI' <-a<iy: lnp laml).s lll.Cu: iiro (Niiiwai'il III $ll.2 ."i: clippers 1 I^iciiily fi'il I.ouisiuiia wulliers KuiiNi^i (Hy (iruiu. rily. .Mar. 17. (.A|l*>^ vS'lu'al: receipts fiS car.s: unci; I 1(1 2o lower: .No. 2 <Iark 2.".; 11 .15. '.lUg- hard e lip-.<iilc I C .S'liialls • uli-rs luti! [etfect. ,\.':: iipwa'ril ( LiU! liigU poj)u- •'hlue .\cw York. .Mar. 17. (.VI')--Ma- .ior siMM'iiljitive in niarke' \v ;ls; asain ion tl altlioimli o'cla.-iional .seili ccl in motion by l)ear li a teinporariJy iin.seUling in ino.-<t reci,-nt si»ssion. tl; inoveiiieiil ua.s leii l»y liriceil industrials an<i laiiy referred to as t thips" l)y pror'os.iional ij-ader.s. .Tlie |)r')i)<)>:€'d recapitalization of !iie .N'alional I.,ea<lcoiiipa!iy to permit tile distrilnitioii oi' a .-^tock divulend revived intercsj i;i Uiat ; :;ii(l other liigh priced seii itritics .of 'companies vvitli large .undivided'. surplnses. i .Natiouttl Lejid soared nearly 10 'points IJO a iijcoril lir.uli for all tini<| at lac";.. following the ' ]ni!i!icatioii oV ihn annual report' showiijK earued;,on tlie cini-' ino'i) stock last year, as 'agatiisi I .«1M7 the year before. I". S.. .Steel coinmon. O^iieral Motor.s aiid Pii : Pont all reached new liiRli Kround.; i)Ut American Telophomi sold oft'i . ahariily from its .earlier' liigli on; official denial of stock divi<!encl; rumors. Several 'stt>"Ic>. were freely qridated for ilidividiial n'.isons Despite tlic .-i<- and olh i »|!.;:<(Uf/i.:(\; Xo. ji.::o(?/i. [(i'i; i .Vo. 2 hard :,$l.:;ii-ii7(i:{7',...: .\o. ;5 d $1.2!t«il.3i '•--Ma-I ,<,l.:iO(fil .:»G>::,: .\o. 2 re today 's 1 .No :?, $1.2S<(t Corn. unchanKed to Ic .S"o. ^2 while 72f(-7:ic; .No. :! ^ver: lie: 7;ic: .\o. 2 yellow 7-»'5i 7.">'jc: .No. 3. 71C<i74c; .No. 2 mi.ved 71l}x7^ .No. .•{. G7ii.(?/71c. I Oats linchanKeil:. .No. 2 \yhitc i ;7 '::'f/4;tc: .No. :!. 4li'ii ISc. { .Miio iiiaize ilMViil.n. Kafir .«1 .07T /1.13. Hye !n;(f (!»7Vic. Harli'v 72if(74c. Kansas Citv Close: Wheat: old. *1.2!t''s:'.Mav new. $1.:^ .Inly *l.2:'.--H. I Corn: .May 71"»<-: .luly .'jei/l. .S»?ie. Strayed, lio|ifc FoaAd 10 POX TEKRIER— brown and white, wearing harness, tag Xo. 19. Pho. 779W. IX>ST--By lady ^van^elist. small black satin bag. jcontaining; small stun of money—all she had. Find- C ti'case leave at Register office. AUCTIONS AnetloBs lOA May ; •'sc: PL'HLIC .VL'CTIO:;;—I will sell at public anetion at Bi.shpp'.^<**irtes I'i^vilioii. Saturday. March 19. at 1 11. in . 7 head good farm horses. 'pood cows, some young calves, chickens. 30 licad! bt hogs, plows, listers, wheat drills, corn planters, cultivators, hhrness, all kinds of pood hou.schold furniture, including a good piaino. C. S. Bishop. Auctioneer. ,\ AUTOMOTIVE _ _^uti)itiol)Iles for Snip 11 FORD CARS—I've just got in twenty new used Fonls: 1926 Ford <ioupe: 2 1926 Ford tourings: 102" Ford roadster; »^i»26 Ford roadster; 1926 Ford truck; 1 S-cylinder Oldsmobile sedan; 1923 Ford coupe, balloon wheels and tires with lots of e.vtras: 1925 Ford roadster: 1925 Ford coupe: 3 1925 Ford tourings: 1921 Overland touring: 192.'! Chevrolet touring: 1923 Dort touring. Will sell on time or will trade for livestock. J. C. lJutcher. Money to Loon—Moruraffeti 40 tAKM LOAiNS— tjuick Service and reasonable! rates. A. D. Hawthorne. 213 S. Waahinitbnt. FARM AND CITY LOAKS —Base rate on farms. 5%. city 6%. Long or short time. R. M. Cunningbam. MO.VBY TO LOAN—Private and eastern money to loan] on farms and city property, tpvi rate. Terms and payment toj'autt tjor- rower. Stewart & Punk. ; Bnslness and OCBce Eanipni«nt 64 TYPEWRITERS FOR SALE,—Rent or. trade. Adding machines, any make. Public stenographer, notary and multigrapb work done. Room 10-11, over Globe Clothiers. Farm Equipment DISC HARROW—8 -ft; .John Deei-e; used Wallis Cub tractor. Phone Steele, S65. INSTRUCTIO Ante Accessories, Tires, Parts IS! FORD IIOAOSTHR liOUY model, l-sed parts of all kinds. lolu Aiitn Wrecking Co. Phone 7.S2. TIRES—Buy your tires in lola. We |)eaf the mail order prices. 29.x4.40 ' Standard make. $7.95: :!Ox4.75. < ?^11 .95; :i0x3'.i. $7.95. Tipple .Motor Co.. 206 ^oiith St. Phone 6S2. ^ Local Instniftlon Classes 1922 I .vKxv CLASSES—In "lir^gg shorthand, bookkeeping, ly pewritiug. ing. aiidit- bc organ- Clilcau'ii (iralji. Chicago. .Mar. 17. (.il'i- i)Vheai: .May $l.:!6g toi •11.:!! to i«: .Sept. $1.25)!^. Corn: .May 76'-.. to '"jic;, .tntonioblles jfor Sale BUSINESS SERVICE II .111 Is to •Til': Seiii. S4 >4 (o -Tjic. Oats: .May 45V «c; July -jS ^c: Sept. 4l =«c. i Rye: .May $1.02%; July ^1.01; ijSept. !.C'S,e. tlilciiuu I.hcstojuk. . I Cliitago. .Mar. I". (Ignited Oopartineiu of AKriciiltnrei ^O.OOii; imeven: top $11.50: ose: July ;!y so CHRSVLER -SS" COUPE—1925 Overland sedan; 1922 : Overland .sedan; 1925 .Ma.xijsell cohch; for sale or trade. Ro.skiArbuckle's Oar- Chrysler D«|alers. Phone 56. Despite these and other draw-ijl^, ,„ o,,,, „uund averages $li ba.ks oprnuor.s for the rise were ; ,;,.7-,: :,l„-,„ ^r.O pound b] coniidently conducted m scores ol j .j,.... in:i):>r„n.:M: 260 ut :too other if^sues. hut buying was coii- cciilialed largely on - those wllli )ar:;e current eariiiii>;s and e.\cel- • li:iil prospecls... Iliilli^ di'jplayeil a. firm' imilertoiie Willi Lackawanna. I'lttsriiir;:h-and W<!'l \ irKinla. Soiiili?rii l';n ific and .Missouri l'acin<- pri'fu rejl lui the forefront iif till ai'viiiiccj JiauMis tify i.iwslwk. Kansas City. .Mar. IT. (I'. S. Diipl. ;of A:;rictllliirc). . MORS, 6.500; slow liiievi'ii; d<'sirahle ISi) pounds down hteaily to loc lov/i-r: 2oo to 2:'.ii pounds HI to.15e lower: 2in pounds Hiu\ up 15 to 2,'ic lower tlnin Wed- iirsilay's average; slock pips stroii;; i$U.7.".<f( 12.50: top $11.90 i)u 140 to 160 pounds: part. lo:iil i:{0 pound averages np to $12 .00; . desirable 170 to 19') pound.s $11.40ft 11.70: HO lo Itiii pounds '$11.75fj 11.90: 20" to 2:!o tmunds $ll.i5(fr ll.:i5: few 24" lo 2SI.I pounds SlO.fiSfi 11.00; 'i pa.vkin.s sows $9.65^:10.10. Cattle. 2,0"(t: icalves 500; fed Kfeers slow, steady; other killing d.-.sscs scnrci', un<:haugecl; stock- cr,« and feeders slow, with llie week's .neinrai decline of 2 .'>c: ;rood light weiglit, steers $10.25: lieavies c <insi ,-k'ralily Jiigher; hulk fed steer.v lOLA HIDE, PUR & WOOL ! COMPANY ^ Gel onr prices on POULTRY A>D EGGS 1 . We will come after, ponltry. j B. A. JONES 111 So, Ohio Phone 1507 \ "i • I I • i GRENNAN'S MARKET We pay the folloirin; prices: Fancy KKg.s ' '>ll. I KU 'KS — l!ic No. i K(tgs ^^--l«c >o. :i Eggs ^ —.l,-.c Hens ITc to I'llc! Springs . . lOc lo r.tcl Voting and (Hd locks ^"--.llcj Green If ides . _ . _ a (!r ! llorsp llid«^s _ . I; W<« nill c<ime H|'tor yOor poullry. J. F. Grennan Produce Co. E'MKt lionroe and^Elm Phone 376! IolaJ^^t|iu lates Hogs bulk .50(f( iitch- Ibs.-! *;l".s5rr/ u.i": biihling $10.65(^/10.75 for :!25 to :i5i» pouild weight; lacking sows $10.l0f» 10.40; uigK iu[>|jtly $11.25rt( 11.75; heavy wllgllt lipgs $l".75r„ 11.1(1; medium: $10 50^ U.<i5; light • $lMO(?»ll; light ijighi ^IKi; ll.S"; packing «>WH .'^1"'</10.5"; slaughter i plgK Mliii 11:75. faille 7.0""; lii'sl yearlings everal loails $U.25r<i.U.75; DEPENDABLE ijSED CARS— 1920 Chevrolet coachl; 1925 Chevrolet coach; Essdx coach; Dodge roadster, worth khe money; 1922 F. B. Chevrolet loadstcr, rebuilt and rcfinishcd: |l923 Star roadster; 1923 Chevrolet roadster, rebuilt and refinished. B. T. Barber Oar- }>ge, 211 AV^st street. Phone 515; $12; 11 out lied steers $!i .5ort» U; weighty s cers Hcaree; stockerjj and feeders Ifirni •j7.75';/!l; yealers: \\ard. Sheeii .''•<I0"; early, sales amhs $14.25/5(15; c-hoico lalk^nii $;»..'.0 /fni on Sight shipper kind $13 diwn- [velghl! held above $1,5.35; 1 aiiibs .$14firM.50; few veight $13.50fil4; good veight, clipped lamb.s held 13; .sheep steady; fat ewes ; ^ few lio>id 59.5^; feeding lihearing laniljs iiiclianged; n-'At i;!..-,0. wiolcd hfindy eavy c.xtfrenio nic^dluni bovc $,S(fi and bulk Pleasant Valley Hi .Maiy-h 15.— 1 - .Mr., and] a fine -Mrs. baljy <"«gs Seyf- ing. ieo. Hcoby -Mareli )oy. .Mrs. Cottrell Isold 25 dozen o -Mrs. llatlie Ellis and .Mrs. fers solil her 20 dozen for set -Mrs. K. Iftiird who has J)c^u on i [ihe sick list for some tiiiie isj now \i around the house. .Mrs. Hrook iiurchased •. a new l^ure Hatch incubator lasfJatur-| day. There is now three of that \ same make doing service on that mile. Harold Colvin created a !an.\iety iu the home a few i; aso when his father went t)j .Sinith's for choir practice lidn't lei the little fellow go i LSliorlly after, the family n him."a little search and hej found UP: stairs in bed weariiig off jiiis disappointment. .Mr. .and .Mrs.; Harney Itlaviiis drove to Buffalo a week FORD COACH— 1925 model, four .':cMv tires, new piiiit. upholstering like now. In first class mechanical vonditioo, a real buy for <275. Boycr Motor Co.i 212 South Jefferson. Phone 2J!. GOOD USED CAR«-^192S Hudson coach with cxtrajs; 1924 .Miutwell sedan; Foiil tourings; Buick tour- ItigH at bargain prices. Marr Auto Supply Co., Bulcl|;DQaler.a. OAKLf \ND - DeiilerB — PO.NTIACl '21 Ford roadster j "2d Ford coupe, good; "18 Ford cjiiupc. cheap; '22 Hudson sedan, ROO(J< shape; '21 Stitdebaker 4 -pa^s.' coiipe, tine shape; '26 Chevrolet coach, fine shape; '22 n<Migel coupe, good; 'i3 Dodge coupe. Sfome other very | iheai) iars. Casli. terms or trade. Hobart-Steele -Mcjlor Co. Bnildlnir and Contract Ing 19 hanking, expert account ing and telegraphy, will ized at Button's Busiiiess College, Evans Bldgi, next \v«ieki: Special nrfces and terms to all who enroll now USED I.MPLEMENT BARGAINS— 10-tnch John Deerei. gang plow: 12-ineh J. 1. Case gang plow; 16- iiich Emerson sulky; Clover Leaf spreader; Case corn planter: 14-'16 John Deere Disc Harrow. Shannon's, lola. Foel. Feed, FertilJzeni LIVE S Dogs, Cats. Other TOCR Ither I^,et8 47 NICE PRAIRIE HAY—Baled, 35c bale at bam. Lewis Powell, mile north and one east Iron Works. , 40 ACRE FARM—Improved. Jack- .son Realty Co., over Brown's Drug Store. ; / 160 ACRES—45 In pasture, garden and lots, balance in cultivation; posscsslpiL at once. A. D. Hawthorne. 160 ACRES—Two miles east <.f Savonburg. for, rent. Stewart & Funk. _ Uooses for Rent 77 FURNISHED HOUSE—Five rooms, strictly modern, nicely furnished; garjge. 710 N.; Washington or phone ICS. HOUSES—Several small -^housej:. one big house. V. C. .Vrcher. Old Court Hduse Bldg. NICE 5 ROO.M—House. 2 rich lots plowed, 3 car garage. ln(|uire corner: Broadway and Tennessee. THREE ROOM HOUSE-Electric lights, city water. located at SOS South Chestnut. See M. A. Schlick. 6 ROO.M HOUSE—Only $S.OO per month. The Allen County Investment Co.; Kelley Hotel Bldg.. lola. Kansas. Suburban for Kent SO SUBURBAN—13 acres, city water, gas. fruit, good soTl. Vanllyning. Kellhy Theater. |320 ACRES—To trade for income Jn lola. Have some money, to pay difference. D. EJ Watson." Bron- REAL ESTATE FOR SALE Farms and Land for Sale S3 WELL ROTTED MANURE—Fori flowers, gardens and lawns. J. C. Butcher. IMPROVED 100 ACRES—One mile of Pleasanton, Kans.: price aud terms right.'.\rbucklf Real Estate. Hoosefl for Sale 84 Good Things to Eat BUILDING. CO.NTRACTl.NG — And Repairing. See iis before you i-e- ipair or build. We do all kinds of .Work. Can save you money. H. Pavne. 715 .N. Cotton wcrod. ENGLISH SETTER — Registered English setter pups for sale. Call 14S7J. Horses^ Cattl& Teblcles 48 Dressmaking and .Vllllnery 21 CHILDREN'S SEWING — Wa.nted. 369Sonth Elm street. Pho. 1252W. MoTing, Trncklhg, Storage 86 OORR TRANSFER CO.—Packing, storage, long distance hauling. Reasonable rates. Phone 140. CUCUMBER PICKLES—In brine: 50 cents a gallon. Pho. 948F21. NICE F.\T FRlES-l'ii lbs. to 2 lbs. each. Trowbridge. 318 West Driiuer. Phone 1231. ' Professional Serrlcea SURGERY —Medicine, X-ray. F. Lenski, Phones: office, residence. 1126W. Dr. EMPLOYMENT Help Wanfed-Female 3:i OIUL OR WOMANr-To help with housework on farm. Phone:992-42. A. L. Townsend. COWS—25 head milk cows, extra good ones ifrom 3 to 7jyears old; 5 Jerseys, will be fresfh, in sfeht of ten days; 7 red Durhams, yill freshen in about u week: buej <;uernsey cow. just fitesh, giving :!':; gallons milk per diy; one red Durham, just fresh, gi^ug 5 gallons milk per ilay; one red Durham, just ifresh, giving 4 gallons milk per <lay; one Guernsey,: will he fresh in few days; one Shorthorn aud .iersey, I yea •« old. will freshen in! few days, '^ill give 5 galltuis milk por <lay when fresh; Ji head Shorthorns, will be fresh in about tien d;iy.s, from 3 to 5 veiirs old; pne Jersey. : years old. <aii he registered, will lie fresh in lew days. • Will sell tn time or will trade for other . cattle or liogs. .1. C. Butcher; Household Goods 69 COTT.KGE—5 room modern, close in. for sale at a bargain. Will give reasonable; terms. Stewart & Funk. HOUSE—6 room modern, garage, close in. near Jefferson school. John Reuther. WA.NTED—Housekeeper and help combined, age 25 to ;:5; credentials necessary. Dr. Roborts, GrirHe.v. Kans. office Good M. B.i-EGGS—Puro Help Wanted—.Male 33 I i;t2.-; FORD TO|URLNG—Original liaint like new, original, balloon tires, show no wear; motor just nicely .broken in; top and upholstery like nifw. This car is priced, at an exceptionally . low figure, and can ,lie purchased'with small down payment, balance c.isv terms. .McCarthi' .Motor Co.. 212 South Washington. Phone .SIW!. .MARRIED .MAN—Wanted over 25 for responsible position: good pay with chance for advancement; reference required.'-. Write "C. C." care Register. lola. Kans. I 'oDltry and Sopplies red Wliite li Wi E. .M<\'ey. 49 $::.oO per 100. llarpe. fi74. br( Rock, l >a- PORTER WANTED -At once Kelley Hotel. Call in jierson. EfJG.S—Biiff Orpiiigtoii hatching eggs, prize winning striin, 15 for*| 75c. II" for $4 .0": also some fine 'ayiir.; Orpington ; pulh ts. S. B. Agee. Gas. | Kans. • IECCS FOIti HATCHI.Nd—S. C. R. SINGLE .MAN—To work .steady employment. G. on W. farm. > Heck-1 at I I. Ueds. $2.50 per hunijred. Mrs. J It. W. Armstrong. Phone 1007. Moran. Half mile ca|jt ..Moran, opposite Highway! Frui.t Farm. FURNITURE—Oil stoves aud cook stoves; caVload high grade used furniture just Jirrived from Kansas City. Save one-half, easy payments, free delivery . Curtis Bar-' gain Store. Lallarpe. GILXY HOOSIER—Cabinet, new. will sell cheap. Inquire 312 AVest Campbell. . \ PIA.NO —Victrola, jrugs. Chairs; floor lamp, refrigerator, library table, beds, dresseii, reznor, and numerous other articles. James Lane. 21S S.Cottonw'ood. Pho. 597. |»RUGS—Ten cluseouti patteriis Ax- minlstcr 9x12 rugsj your choice. $2.S.50. Henningor's, Furn. Store. RUGS—Houseclcaning time means putting down Congoleum Rugs. Priced to sell. Bryson's Furniture Store. Seeds, Plants, Flowcrs' 03 FIELD SEEDS—Of all kinds, gel yours <?arly. See its for .prices. •Mlrn County Implement Co. CLASSIFIED .PAGE Kjyg REAL ESTATE FOJR SALB To Exchange—Real Estate 88 WA.NT S.MALLER PROPERTY— For eight room modern hou^, lo^ cated only two blocks froin the- squaie. lola Land Co. . . \ 6 ROO.M HOUSE—In south part of Ibla for a four room , houke In nor:.i part. What have you?; Box 367. lola, Kansas. son. Kans. LEGALS Legal \olfces First Published in The lola T»ally Register March :!. 192' MJTUK OK APP<»i>l.nR .1fT j- .VdniinNtnitor. IStale. of Kansas. Allen Ctfunty, ss. In (he matter of the Estate of Elizaiieth Spechi. late- of Allen County. Kansas. ; NOTKJK OF APPOINT.MENT. .Notice is hereby given. TImt on [the ;!rd day of March. -V. D.|l927,- the uud(|rsigue<l was by the' Probate Coiijrt of Allen County, ^Kansas, duly} appointed and iiualified as Administrator of the Estate of Elizabeth Specht, lato of Allen County, ileceased. • All parti«?s interested jin said estate will take notice apd govern themselves ac- Icordlngly. • C.\KL SPECHT. |(3)' ."J-IO-K. • Administrator. itFirst Published in Thelola Daily Register March 3. 1927.)' NOTICE 0KF1> VL SETTLE.HEXT. State' of Kansas., Allen County, ss. In the Probate Court in :uid for •aid County. In the matter of the -:state of Charles W.'Hegwood. de- eased. . F Creditors and all other persons ntcrcsted in the aforesaid Estate ire Jierehy notified that I shall ap- )Iy to the I'rol^ife Court in an^ for ; a:d County, .'iittin.c; at the Court House in lohi. County of -Kllen. Slate of Kansas, on the 2nd ifoy of .\pril. A. D. 1927. .for a fUlL and inal settlemei?t of said Estate, and. \nv an order finding and' arfjudg- r.g wjio arc the heirs, devisees and egalees of said deceased. OLIVE HEfSWOpD, .•\dministralor of the ICstate of Charles W. Hegwood, deceased. 3) :M0-17-24. DISPLAY ROOMS ANDIBOARD Rooms for Hoaselijecping 69 ROO.MS—For light 222 South Buckeye 14.38W. : jiousekeeping. street. Phoae er, mile west, mile south I'hina. j KCGS—S. C. U. I. Ueds.( • ing. .<4 hundred; teste tile at Iwo hatcher BUD \VHITE MOTOR CO. HUDSO.N-ESSEX little ighls Irl and long, issed was DEALEItS — ago LET JONES DOIT! Jones Electric Works PHONE 192 FOR INSURANCE City and Farm Phone .131 or 820 Rav Investment C(». .Mrs. Philip S. Bay comer. HARDWARES IMPtBMENTS f//jce/S37* plai-c riiito the Mcliza Sirceter first of this 'week. When Irl Smith moved Mrs. Ellis farm it added threlc new pupils to our school. .Mr^ and Mrs. H. H. Shocktjy daughter. 3Irs. Taylor of Io!:;j out to the farm, and also oil a few old neigHbors lats Sunday and brought their daughter- in-law up lo their home week's vi.sit. .^he had one place to spend ji few days [going, to her hoifie in Salina lier liushniid, T.i P. Ravius i liloyert iu a wholesale hous Ijthe I'iggly Wiggly Co. . i The P. W. club mef with 1 Alta .\dams Thursday Tlwtre were idght members eiii. .Mvasles, iiirubatbrs and ing < aused a good many ;Ubsc»i. The afternoon was i in social I 'lijoyment'and luuc served. The next ineetiug » ill lola with .Mrs. Shockey oi da.v. March tT,. The . I'. W. club sent .Mrs. fruit J^iinday.j Uillif t^iotlcr is enjoying cation froiu the <iil field at.pifesent. Me is at ihe told home placi his brother Frank and fariiil lliirrie Slrecier moved, wi family lo .Nebraska. They their car Wednesday. .Mr.. Ilelman and family ir a more ierot;e liere' im)i for .Mi>. atleifuoon. pres-j mov- |u be spent was ill lie Fri- Baird h hir. <eft in UriCK. 2 1920 ItOADSTEKS. CHEVROLET. 1924 ROADSTER. DpDGE. 1926 ROABSTER.' DODGE. 1923 COUPE. D0IK;K. 192.-. SEDA.V. ESSEX. 1926 ColvCli. FORD. 1925 ROAIDSTER. I • FORD. 1926 COUPE. , i FORD, 2 1921 TpURI.NGS. FORI). 2 192:; COUPES. HLDSO.N. 1921 SPEEDStEIL HUDSb.N, 1926 SEDA.N. . HIP.MOBILE. 1920 TOURLNG. I OVERLAND. 2 1924 TOURI.NGS. STUDEBAKEB.':Victoria 4-pas.s. Coupe." brand new. Trade dr Give Very Liberal Terms. WA.NTED—.Middle iigcil married man for -farm work llie year urouiid. l-iarl .Montort. two miles north and one west lola. Phone 997-2.";. WANTED—Agents to represent a legal reserve life int-titulion whose 20 pay. ordinary life and term insurance pay for total disnbility. old age benefits, broken hones, operations. • and maternity benefits. IMK rates; Splendid agency contracts and life emplovnieiit. Write J. A. Green, Wick Hotel. rar.^ons. Kans. Hrainard. jCarlylei Phbne 9S.-.-22. KfJGS—R. IC. White AVyandottes anil AVhiti! Peking lucks, tor IraK hliig. Mrs. W. E. Oijkens. Hum- h'ddt phone .•!;!.';-2. for hatch- I' 90', fer- Itjs. j. R. REAL ESTATE FOR RENT Apartments and Flats. ze. Solicitors CanTU'^sers. Agents So aid I dirl ; heavy, l/eauty,; DEALERS WANTED—A real busi-] iics.s opportunity. We are looking: for iivc. wide awake men or worn-1 en to handle the City Trade the i Genuine Heberling Household! KC.GS If you want |)ro'.luction, vitality .^et your 4ggs tnun Ciirl Abbott. Yafes Center. $4 .ti0 fo • 100 egg.s. They hav(i purchased their eggs for at least ten years lireet from "llillvi'.'w'.s" best traijn'ested cx- iiositiou S.| C. White iJeghorn. A few c'hoiie!cockerels. l4io. 1069-11. Vates Center. Kans. | HIGHEST MARKET—Ifricea paid for cream; eggs j and poultry. Our truck [and cblckenl coops are at your service to pick up poultry. Barkei* Produce Cb. Pho. 658. APART.ME.NT—Three room furnished, ground floor, modern conveniences, price reasonable. 601 North street. Phone 683W. I 4i ROO.M APARTME.NT—Ideal for j ;-iimmer. newly finished and nicely i furnished, modern, breakfast nook. I close in. Call lllOW. i tLASSlFIEl6 DISPLAY* j ! CHEVROLET ONE FORI) 1926 COUl ONE CHEVilOLET 1«)2j COliPE. ONE-DODGE 1921 TOURING. ONE FOkD 1922 SED. ONE FORD 192.'} COUf ONE FORD 192.5 TOUI: ,N: -i E. • - i ING. ONE FORD 1921 TOUI ING. ^ ONE NEARLY NEW IJiTERNATIONAL TRUCK. TWO NEW FORDSONS, S50.00 OFF. .inlli'^rizefl 118 West Jackson (he • I' Products, in the Citv of loUi Write today for full particular.^, j QUALITY ELECTRIC H[\TGHERY. t!. C. Heberling Company.' " ' 412. Uloomlnston. 111. Dept. Situations Wanted-Female S (i WO.MA.N—Wnnts or honsewbrl\. '! p. m. practical nursing Phone 12ul after Gas City, Kans. Custoih hatching. ;!c per epg; or ."ic per cnick. Baby | chicks, heavy breed, $12 per 100; light hreeils. $10..".b peit 100. Wanted-LIresfc 50 WORK WANTED—By experienced hotel and restaurant woman. Address- ".V." care Register. - WANTED TO BUY—All tie and hogs. J. C. kin^s cat- butcher. FINANCIAL Business Opportunities SS nvfERCflATmiSE Articles for ng][5 sa^r fcHUNK WOOD—For siile, $2.50 in timber or $:!.2."> delivcjred. A. J. Swinford. \ Phone 518 BABY CHICKS You can buv State Accredited Chicks; now for $12.00 per 100; 200. ?2.r.-i0;' 300, $;!,->.50: 400, $46.00:;.m ?.".6.25: 700. $W .O0: 900,'$94.riO;- 1000. $102.50.. White Leghorns. Ic per chick less. Poultry! feeds and supplies. Custom hiitching. 4c per egg. Our highest per cent ou Custom Hatching last week was 89.6'r of all eggs set. rolel I>ciiler.s. I'hone 60 A Used Car Is as Dealer W. Dhp. We have on hand at present we have" ever had that must be niloved cars that are now coming in. J9« I>0D(;K COI'PE , same a 192IJ OOIMJK SKD.AN. same a 19S6 D01)(;K SPORT KO .ilJStCK I9 »,i DOOGK TOrRJ\(". winder 1J«6 OAh*L .\>n L.VND .\r SK 192C F.SSKX CO Am. xliglitl^ law FORD ROAi>^iT^:l{, a 182.% KORII KOAO.STKR. a Two 1928 FORI* COIPKS, Two iKn FOHO TOI RlXtJS, 3 (Jood ServIceHhlc Iscd Ford Ten other good cheap Ford must move. We trade or sell on easy ten is. ^Dodgc Brothers Cars—G ahain Brothers Trucks EXCEPTIONAL USED CAR VALUES endable as ihe \io Sells It! : he best assortiiient of used cars to make room for our new netv. new. •:K , .slightly used, top, a real ralae. |UA>'. al n Itiir^riiiu prk-e. used. I value, buy. as new. worth the money. Tnicks, (heap. . . real reil SI me kouring.s and roadsters that wo MOTOR COMPANY congi^ We extend hearty lions to .Mr. and Mrs. Lindstby of Cjilifornia on the event of the new h^hy boy. _ Mrs. Linilsley w^s fore her marriage. Miss Ver; ler. of this vicinity. We are glad to report Ilrown somewhat iuiproyolil health and Mrs. Cbas. Strob ilight- ly improved also.

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