Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 17, 1927 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 17, 1927
Page 4
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tin. <*• Tear ibc MontlM . UtmiM •Jn ATBS. atid Bamii-tt.. > ^ . lis t>n * f...i70 C«n » Ouutait Men county ^ ^...^....itt .iO ..............;....-.|2.|0 . rh« Kansas Pally^Lmue, Hidit Bureau of Circulit|oil.^i • Prw* Congress ot tne W«>|14. IgSwa, Dally Press Acsecliltloh. IMB^ER ASSOCIATED-PMSS. ai^Besfeter caMes the A686clat« -Jf report Ijy special teased wire. ie,;A«lpcIated Press is exclusively e^. wa to the' use-Xor republication of •at n«ws dlspatct»te credited to It or *«t dttrenrise ci^dited'in-tills pap«r, . And '«bo tne local news published herein.- AU'rigMts. or republication of special ^Ispatcbeii herejn are also reserv'e<1. .Bible Thought for Today. Only fear the L«rd, and serre Him in truth with all your heart. —I Sam. 12:24. A>- O.MO.N I.XKBKIATK. El Dorado Timt's: Once upon a time,'ilie editor of this raK of free- jlom worked for seven yeaV.s for W. jAV While, li'was llie some lenRtli of time ihal .lacob worked for Leali (when lie tliouKht he was to Ret Rnchel), and tills deponent «1- ''f^W ehe1l ^lii)litii.(lil ydmln lit rati in. lat- WMbiiigtdn bag ban \WK^.x\ i» talw wttbolit ikMh (H L liia MMioi D Noofo, U «uriM I D t(i binff liinif tbun biokMl. In iHa oil t«nRl( M«zlc< prdposfsd iirMtratloa' am publlo Mntiittent'la Antarjea ao* cejiiod with a bans. •< tTbatj -luti VVemm CdolldKe and Mir. KelloKii out on a limb. Arbltratien «iiien-, tlallir woiild kill their btuff.| 80! tbty couldn't arbitrate. iBut 4hey ceaHeff to Muff.—Wichita BalKle- Having read, all the correiipoad- <ince whlch^ has piissed between (tie ObTefnteeflt of the i United States, and the Oavernment of Mexico on'the. oil tangleT -rWbicb the' Bagle Evidently han not—the Reg- ter fails to se^ any evidence of bluff on the part of the ; United States. The correspondence began With CbaHes Evans ftu|(het, then Secreiary ,ot State, as apokesmaii fior the United States, and Judge Hughes certainly was' not a bluffer. Jlr. Hughes took the ground, very simply and very politely, that the United States could not permit Mexico to confiscate property lielori^ing to American citizens thi 'Ottgh th^ operation of retroactive law .9. And that positiobi has lieen nibintalned. very simply j and very politely with no suggestion of biiiff .tili^ Seci-e!ary of Stale Kel­ logg.-ISo far as *a have seen jalso' MCxii !(i has never I propflnfrd arfil- tratioii and is not likely to do HO. Prom :the :point of view of Meitico Iberi- I H nothing to ways fell Ihiil li< time than .l:u-aU modest wjiy, lie tile scales. Ih Iriltiirn for initiation Jnto the mysterii iluily newspniicr. regularly anil es right upon .some fundame:iial habi Rot inore for his did. S.till. in his tried to balance i , the liie question at is.-^ue is gaverutnent of! that arbitrate since whether country lias'a right to enact such legislation as it deems to itrt interest. Nations are not given to arbitrating rfiie^ilons which Involve their national ;sa>'erel6nly. H of piihlishing a paying the help aping with one's life and reason liflact. this respondent endeavored tjo set Mr. White of the basic and B of life." He tried grow This writer by upright ejiample, hy means of perauasion, suggestion , and a mild I form of, to wean the Pmporia sage away from ihe vice of engorging onions in great ciiian- Jities. There were times when he '. .felt he had inade some He even^fondly hlipedltlial he had appealeid ito^Ir. \^ite*.s Better .»fa- ture. and that the Big 'Boss would not look 'upon the onion when it crinkleth in: the salad or curlelli up in.the soiip or stinketh in every blamed oilier viand of human food in which it is forcibly stuck. But he has li <?en away from the direct contart with Mr. White for more than, a dozen years. Absence, ih this case'; makes the heart fonder — for .onions. Jearns, to his pain and sorrow, that Mr. Wh te is now. placing him- Beir around mdi-e, onioiis per diem than - ever before; that he has • reached the 'point where he cannot take them or leave them alone. He must have ithem in e\-erything . f^om breakfast food to'ice cream. It is with i-egret and ruddy ; blushes that we confess the failure 'of our-crusade. as directed'and: in- I tended. And ujwn this sheet drop the salt tears.of our shame as W(> append the rollow'ine froiii 'th( JCansas City Journal «f reeen date:. William Allen While seems to like onions in everyililni?. Is this j un acquired taste that the Kansus ' editor'fell upon In the Riiril, or is -ft'It II n Kmporia habit which never befoi-e be<ame apparent? However be, got the likiug. 11 is plain that Bill i« .'tiijong for onions. In feciies whleh the Emporia fJazette editor liiis contributed to a woman's tlub cookbook, he urges onions foj- hash, for salaji. and probably Mould put them in pie and tttaylie in ice cream. Always rather rn<iical, William Allen seems to have reached the climax of reck-' less cutting loose and smashing Ih ngs ini his cookbook suggestions, i ' ^Ir. Whitea urges T-bone beefsteaks three inches thick and weighing three pounds to the- cut. "This is a man's dish." he adds, just a little bupernuously. it would tnv, FAIK.S IMIKK BARKKL. The ilola Ileglster doesn't understand |*hy the legislatnre appro- priate.s| nkoney for fairs at Topeka, lIutchiiiHon and Wichita, and inot lor th^ jTair at lola and in other eountiiisiof the state. jjThe iltegister speaks top late. The time to filich objections is: before the appropriatlbtis are voted. This column has been fighting that pork' barrel shaken down for six or eight years. ' It has started its fight at the opening of jlegislallve sessions. But it has had absolutely no second frnffi any other source. — Fort J^cott Tribune. All right. Let's start earl'ier next time. Let's start BOW , by asking |t!he Topeka and Wichita and Hutchinson papers to tell.-the world why the: fairs In their towns shoiild have money out oij the State Treasury wlili«» thfi fairs Iri olfief tow;ns have to hu.stle for themselves. FRdM|;0LONY I\ TIIK HAF.S y¥.\\9>. Probably no noiuraltst In Am-! erica is belter known to the |>ub- lic than Ernest Tiftmpson .Seton. who has been riinile the recipient of this year's .lolin morlal medal by Mtisenm of .Natural addition lo being BurrouBhs me- the American History. In the author and ; the jriresent president, of the Standard Oil Conipany ^ t>l Indiana libgan life i as a newsboy oii the streets of Syrat:use, X. t. At one time in.the .course of his career he was office manager of the refiner?| at Neoilesha, Kans. It is a cinch that he never watched thb clock in his life, .so as to make sure that he didn't work a minute more time than he was paid for. appear. Hafdiy anybody would attenipt to'fe^d one to an iiifant, and young girl \ jstenographfirs would turn pale .iindier the face- paint at sight of such a serving. , The liash recommended by Editor White is also pretty stout. He advises putting two poached eggs on top of it, there being of course plenty of kick underneath. An Eastern hian scarcely would dare eat a concoction of that kind. However, most Kansdns probably would smack, their lips over a • Hecoad helping and sleep soundly after- -^ard. ' .• Osborne Parmer: A couple of farmers were in town a few days ago relating a - pretty good ; story. A certain seed house which broadcasts! over the radio sold one of tlieise farmers a half bushe) of .flr^t class seed corn at, of course, d (jancy price. His neighbor took [4^ few ounces of the same f corn, jna|le<| it back to the samej seed house telling thenr he was iinde- ciri6<|- Whether be iiMKf ^Ian| It or iljoti; would they'pleaHC te*l out an<t advise. Soon ih6. reply ca^ie back that It was a very poor teat out, and, jthould not be iised for heed at oil., Aa . the old snylnu goea, tberi; ikro "(ricks In oil trndtis m onn"— An ^ditorial In the Los Angeles Times kligcussing the editor of ttie Cazettc. who is lecturing in Southern California, Emporia is called "a little Kansas town, where the train boots and suys good-bye." The Times u|iparently has confused Emporia with Ottawa. , where spuie cif the fast Iralhs are required to slow down to CG miles, explains the -Emporia Oazette. iAUerj t.'ounty's contribution to tile ro^d:f|ind through the lax on ganollite diiiriug.February was $.1,•104.78. j Which means that we spent sometbing like JS.'i.OOO for ga.soline durlUgj that month. As February fs. not a particularly pleasant niOiith for motorINg the probability is that on tli about $50,000 a Maybe paint our taousesrsny oftener! e averaire we spend month for gasoline. that Is the reason we can't llltiatrator of many hooks on animal life. .Mr. Seton has ileiiyered Ihousands of lectures iliroughiiut the f'nited States and Canada. Born in KnKlaiid in lSi;o. h<> accompanied his iiaj-ents to America in childhood and spent his youth on the Western pliiins and in the hack woods of Canada. Ili-re it w:ls that he began the study uf aninuil life. After studying'in Toronto and at the Royal Academy in Ixindon he became official lo the OoTPrhhient of Maiiitolia. Six years of art study- in I'aris fitted him to become an animal painter and llluslrator of high rank. LAHARPEAND ITS CITIZENS .Ills'! Kdna Ksles .Sfiends TTeek-Cnd ! In Lirllairite. .Vrt and Xiv. (i. < W. rhewrilUMr .Move Hack HdMe. .\eI.s;on WalliU and JAVeith. millinery leader] porter. ! Allen (eater (IrrH .Weet «i. Josephine Cliri) Ke- Sendtor Fdss ha.s returned to! Washihgton after a trip through the Middle •W'est with the report that the veto of tb* Mc.\ary-Hau- gen bill has strehgtheiied the President rather than Iweakened him and that as things stand now nobody can beat Coolidse next year but Coolldg;e. Which shows that Senator is a good sizer-up of a perfectly .obvious situation. (.Mrs. Opal .Mitchell.) LAIIARPK, Kans, .Mar. in.-^.Mi.'^s Kdii:t KHteH (if Wellington, Kansas speiii the week-end wlih'.Miss Na- iliue Barker. Mr. and .Mrs. 0. W. Cliewniilg liave moved home to spend the summer. They spent the winter ill lola: where .Mr. Chewning Is employed at Fryer's grocery. Mr. and Mrs. Dowey Pec-k oiid .Mrs. Lou Roiish and daughter visited Sunday with .Mr. aiid .Mrs. lieorge .Malcom. -^The «ifflce of the City Clerk will be oj/fh frmii S o'clock ii. in., until lf» o'clock p. ni., beginning .March 16. 1927. All those who did' not vote at the last general election or have moved will be required to register in order to vote at the City Election on April, 5. 1027. Books will close .March 26, 1927, 10 o'clock p. m.—Willmlne Chambers. City Clerk. Mrs. C. A. Spease. who has been iierje for the past month helping carp for .Mr. Unger, left Friday for her home in Kansas City. W. T. |Ball also of Kansas City and brother of Mrs. I'nger who came here to'attend the funeral of Mr. Inger, accompanied Mrs. Spease to Ilia home. K, W. Lord of Kansas City came Saturday evening and visited over Sunday with his parents. .Mr. and I .Mrs. W. R. Lord. I .Mr. and .Vlr .s. John Oarvey and ; sons Dale and Jackie drove to Le- The Alleh Center Cirik day Thursday with .Mr?. Piecing quilt!blocks aid carpet rags wa.s the woijk of the day. At nooh the hos, la bountiful illnner. .At jihe meeting Was called (he vice-president. Roll answered * wit|i "Curreiit Roll call nHxt|time will a favorite author aiid .Mrs. J. E. o from sdme. Mrs. FleenPr the dtlb. .TlH were elected for the ens Mrs. Reily. president; "Mi lecame mbii^bers of followiii i-s. Ticp-prPsldPnt : .Mrs. Ro^dejl. secretary and tre.-ts irpr". The nP|tt meeting,will belall day with .Mi;s. Kaliu March 24. .Members attending: [Mrs. (;. T. CrowPll, .Mrs. Drake, Mrs. Kellly; Mr.s. Sinlth.: Mr.s. Flei ner, Mrs. IIunter.l.Mr .s. Kalm. Mrs .N'kmeyer. Mrs. Harold Remsberg ind IO<lwin. Mrs. Chester rtemsberg. Mrs. Roedel. Visitors attending: Mrs. Johnson, Mi's. Xelsbn, .Mrs. Amuk and daughter .Mary and .Mr .s. Itunsmore. all of Chanute.—Club ftei^ortt-r. met all- Johnson, sewing eHs .served o'clock order by Icall was Events." to give utitation Sitii h and romnilliee I 'ANMDreti ^tnllilliiir of n Brldre tlrer .Hartlrt (rwk This Year by t'omintsslonfr"*. L»i-iil liapi>ejnlAK». COLO.W. .Mar. isj—Lei' HeUick returned .Monday from a short visit with relatives and; friends at Ottawa. ' j Mr. and Sirs. Russell Hand are here from Indiana. \ where they have been living the [past year and are again making, tjiejr home on their farm south of itown. Clarence Barrett, who has 'been managing the Farmers' I'nion store for the past twii years, has returned to his farm; east of town in tlie.Liztown neiglLborliixiil. .Mrs. John Basn'-(t and liaby .son are here from Kan.^us Cii.v this week, visiting Ui-r parcni.-. .Mr. and, i .Mr.s. M. .M. Brown, i " (ieorge. Wiley. wli<i lias been having serious troiibie with his | eyes, underwent a lousillec'omy i operation in Kan-^^as ('Iiy last week j hoping to .derive licn -rlil for ilie j afflicted organs. i : . I ;*he monthly mt'eiinj: of ilii- ,-Vm- erican Le.etion Aii.xiliary was held at the home of .Mrs. IKarl Itolierts wjtlL.a fair aiteniiancij of members presAit and a Jimtiiahle session 'held under the'direction 01" liie president, .Mrs. S. .\. JJoberls:. -A discussion on various business matters was I'olloweil 'by an informative talk (,fi the .pi-esei:i : imiiii- Kratioii regulations, iiiade by .Mrs. Allen .Mcllowell. .Mrs. II. W.: liell. a new iiieinlier. w ;is jiresem. The hostess >:erved a nice ! Iij;lit liiiicb before the Indies ileiniiieil. The next meeting will he i.-u ilie home of:.Mrs. Llo.vd .\ickelsj. The cominiltee from .Martin (.'reek neighborhood, which receni- ly Interviewed the coijiity coiiiiiiis- sioners. was assured ; tliai their much n<'eiled bridge \voulil lie con- Ktriu -tfil this year. Tin- coniinis-; sloners would havi' li ;|d eoiisimci- ed an overl'Iou- hridcej riEfil away, but this would not Ii^ ;nccp !able to those interested .•i:i(j who iind.-r- stand the siiiiaiion l ()"st, so lliey will wail uiili!-later \i\i"n a i-eijii- lar bridge of siiitabl erected. avail.'ible but will li* taxes' are paid in. .Miss Luell ;i Ilrisi-oll i visited over Sunday with I'rieiids iji lola. 1 f. 1 V Arfcb-Prijserving SH€»ES Coii'ectly Styled III Patent Leather 0 $4. at I Soft Kid 05 Economy Shoe Store size will be .At present fitnds are not latter .lime officers ulbg year: Hunter. Horville I 'nit Ladles' Fdrm Bureau : The itorville unit of the farm bureau ladles met Tuesday afternoon. .March l."», with .\ifs, Patterson. "Recreation Work' was given by .Mrs. -Clara Howland and was enjoyed by all. The/ next meeting will be the afternoon of April! e, at the Fethernglll home j sister, lieona Ferguson, ilhd the work will be "Food and . .Mr. and .Mrs. Ceorge .Vlalcom .S'lltrljlon." Those preseiil Were: ! were in lola Saturday and called Mrs. ICIara Howland, .Mrs. Lewis |on Silas Malcom- who ha.>< been Roy Sunday land spent the day at the home ofi .Mr Oarvey's parents. .Miss Hazel Ferguson acrcompapled them and visited her parent.s and March 16.—See the "Arizona Cowboy" at Elfemore rFriday 1 evening, given by the Leaniia R.'N. A. .Mr. and Mrs. Clifford* Humboldt. Mr. and Mrs, man of Chdnute spent S their parents, Mr. and Mr4 O. .M. liolman. E. B. Reed ot Chanute! Ho man of Ci^rii Hol- linday with Reed of Harveyville are with the latter's son. . A| and family. Several of the childrei^ birthday party at the Vada and Wayne MoodV; S Hoiistnii will be hosi lo Ilie aii- niiai oiitdiior track ainlj lielil 1 liaiii- irionship.'s of the SoulliWesleni Coii-^ ference on Mav I.".-11. '; . Siys "Alleiirhu" Most Helpful Rheamatic Medicine in tile World fluudred.s of, Bottles Beimr .Sold lleciares ('oofs l)riigl5i(ore Who Ctltiritniee^ It and !<: il)l.<ipensiiit: II to .Many Sufferers Here. njd A. D. ivisiting K. Reed enjoyed a hofne of in day.; .Mr. and .Mrs! Joe To\Vnilsot» of fh .Mr. Howltind and children, Lewis and i .MarnareL.Mrs. Denning, .Mrs. Austin, .\|rs. Vern Austin and children Ruth andCharlle.,.Miss Anna Feth- ernelll. .MUs .Nellie: Austin. Mrs. Pattetson and Crandnui Ick and found him feling some [jetter, • The; members of the Lallarpe •Farm Bureau dub met .March lt> with .Sirs. F. K. Wood to plan their I'allerson. : nilllinery work. The following nii'mbers were iircsent: Mesdames —Telephone your Cla .s8ified Ads Jack Bishop, Jesse, Clyde to 18. i Lniili, Frank Spradiey. J. A. Reeve. Humboldt spent Sunday Iw and .Mrs. R. C. Oreer. .Mrs. O. M. Holmun anil Mrs. .M.'E. Reed spent Tuesday iij Hiim- iHildt, Mr*. A. C. Alford and sot. Hoyt (ipetit Sunday ,wlth .Mr. an I .Mrs. Ilehry Alford. , A Hurprisp *a8 given .Mr. and .Mrs. '.Velsoii Arjnetl Tiie.tday lug. —It does not mailer whether you are disabled with ciir.-^ed rheumatism or have only occasional twinges, Allenrhii \vill ease the agony, do away with the gnawing pains and often reduce ilie swollen joints. i.AIIenrhu i.s no laggard: it start.s right in at once searching oty, the pbisonous deposits iu two days starts to drive the crtuceutrated impurities that ofleu cause rheumatism, out of Ilie bo(iy tIiroii»;li the natural channels. •• •"The blessed relief tlii.^ marvelous preparariim <iuickly' gives has made for it thousands nf friends." says Cook's llriig ^^tor(( who, h :iS been appointed agent in; your <-iry. Before Ba J UST how to eaien fcrifiK for yourself it,one es OUR OWN 50 STORE BUYIKG POWER £]nable,s Us l|o Give You at NEWEST SPRING Leather Ffafiirinir dli-tlie \ew. Styles flic large Voittbful Models In all I HOODiM-KlPPI.E BRIM.'- CltpA.SEI) (jJtOWN nim the Snug Fitting )ler>t to eadsize>>. -POKES— TlIRnANS ROLL IJRLMS \F\V HM .tnt .S: MtlXKKV. .SAML (HM IIIB. COOf^EBKRRT, BKItajT KKB. .>AVV, Bl.At h. CHILDREPI'S HATS ].aiK«'-"*t antl Be: 1 A.s.sortnu-nt $2.98 lis East fadison £0. equals 35 tons aire Frost Cx>il of ice a year of tlie Dost Mapy a man has iipcome -bird as a result of his eiulea feather his nesjt. iThe I most incorrigible of stjandpaiters is the man, who sists tiiat because a law was beled 'jrefortn" jlt the time it was enacted It shall remain unchanged on the I statute books although ex-t. perience and cljangeil cgnditions have ilemonstrated undeiiiable im- pcjrfections. eren- ai jail-v i-ors to jCome.s now from Port Au Prince, Hiiiti, f cable rt'pai-ttiig that' d ^le- gjttei Ifrom the "Antl-Amerlcai Society' of that country, bav^ started tp ^aiito Dohilngo tltjf U w'elcoipe" Senator King,, of Utah upon b,fs expected lOrrlval. there Jti^i do, toii fiifttp()St> aii Am eriican jfeels. to be welcomed. by a «e ^Btldh froM ati "Ahli" Afiterl can society.?. - The critics of the Adniinlstratlor| who Ihsllit jhat in the cane at Nic aragtialit (i pursuing a polbiy 'ot imperl(illii°nt)| nitist liave been bit- tei^ly flisap(i<>ln ((>d IFHeh Prttkident Coolldj^c flatly rejected the j pro PQiol of th^ N'lcaraguan Rovej-D ment rthat tbi» rnlted 8tatl4 aa Niiilie a protectorate over that cotin try for u period of a hundred 'yeiir's What flj xlorioiiN opporltiDlty t la would IflfiNi! inve been for ti real Impbr UST how to ease much untieeeitary nut- fcrifiK for yourself it important thines In tl to Itnow, riicht now, motlier-to-be I Learn tlM tmtlii fellow the; Ample mrthod of an, eminent pjiyiielan who dedicated hia life'aj worlc to this creat romplishmttit for liencfitl '"I wa« iri taW 25 minutes with last child. Init sufTcred anonies with three pie-i vionj chHdren." writes' j an enthusiastic mother • who used- "Mother's Friend." Sight now. from this' I day on. and rieht up to the day of rhtl^-l birth "Mother's Friend" shodid t >e used. Write Bradfield Rocolator Co.. Dept. B.\ 7. Atlanta. (Ja.. for frre Bo <ikM-t (sent in plain eiivelopel l<?lIirjK' many thinrs every expectant, mother should Iinow. "Mother's Friend" is »o !d n*. a'l ;ri»>.l druK ,>tori's. Beirin now ami yi'i will rratlze the wi:idara uf doinn ;50 ad 'tlic wcek :i mil by t mm Mer^aiit Father of 12 Children Thrfaletted With LtKS of' Iticonie pue lo Failing Health. Sared by Tanlac. 'Tahlyisadeetl togoodhealth/'says C. E. Hadley, a merchant andfather of 12 children, 1'2H K. Sed^ck St rect, Wichita, Kaudi. "Four ago intense p'uins and aches throiigh mv arms, legs and back nearly |>ut me out of busjnesis. . "Nervousiiess spreai4 thriniigh ifiy system like an electric sliock.;^ couldn t eat witliotit ga.s forirving in my stomaeli and caasing hours of pi.iii. 1 slepi! lit- (dlly. \Th «i I began tukini^ Tanlac. Tins ti 'ondertui toniir relit-v.a hie untl bclpcdmcto the IicaKli' I notr enjoy. Injnystore I ^tand on my Nt all il.ty without (Irinfc. 1 never liavo ailx^-i or pains ill my'Iiinl)». The beit way i.» get ^rid of trouble i.s to take Teniae." . 'Tlijit amazing tonic iifadcft^im rootH, l ^rLsand lierbii. helps drive out ratntc 01 f<ain, build up weak bodic .H. Take it. Over 40. millioii lioltiex! ftoM. At your drdgiii,^'.^. Fir.^t Loitfe a-ually abom wviHletful results. comer than ice -yeiv in and year oiit^ ODERN meat ni .rciiaiits, ,;M:occrs, . drui,7.^i.sts, florist' clclicatcs.scn shops, iiottc (Avncrs ncL -tl lio loiii^c r li prohlcin. With the insr.j aire, their retrit'ciator -.scayi Cf)K!—colder rhaii our—without Jailv a'tte Jess than iee. Come in an.I Jisciiss proMeiiis with us. p^roprietors of .IIHI resratiranc, ivea refrii^eiatioit illaticjn, of Frii^id- •leeoMies cold and ice—year in, year ilioii ati.f at a cost otir rel I i|',ci'.iting i' L. S. Bustara Co. SALt^ and SKRViCE 2(18 N. Wn.ihJhRlon

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