Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on January 9, 1950 · Page 12
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 12

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, January 9, 1950
Page 12
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Page 12 article text (OCR)

ALTON EVENING TELEORAPM MONDAY, JANUARY I, 11)0 '» CH96BAOLFUL! 1 OF YOUR •tw CAMDV?? AN0* MklHflB .UNMSft HIS MCMT UNCLES WiU. Mi »T1U HA* OH, HEAVENS/)' OON'T BB. SILLY., NTAUWOST DID ME PALU jfnu N • VOU DON OQCXVN IN AN AUTO ACCIOBNT/ HEU #!.£'rV l ?M HE CAN'T 1 SPEAK.^'cOME TO TO VOUR r===3TWE PHOMf CHE JUST ALMOST *" "OQOWNEO HIMSELF / CMCT HIS* %tv*v I»MIT Tonight's Radio Program UllllllllUIIIIIIUIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIl BE HELPFUL TO OTHERS The I'eMgrepn radio eenedus> it made up from programs provide* weekly by UM stations It cannot M responsible tor change* mad* to programs ilnca malim* bv station* ON THE OlALl KM, AM) RXOB «Wl WEW 71»; KFVO, KM! KMOX, IIMl WIL. KM. RWK. IMWi WOKS <»> M«f afONeMf R M. KSD New. Jumpln J CXOK TM' LI'L SOUIRr OUOHTA KNOW BETTEC'N rWEAR THAT PERBV IN WINTER/ (THIS WUBBEK PLUNGER ^7 WAS ONE OF MY V ' fHEY/ TM 1 D6RBV AIN'T DOIN' NOTHlM' BUT BULL'S-eve/ WATCH TH' HAT FLV/ F IT NW*9NT THAT I HAP 5CKUR.E5 AflAIMST . — _. BANCSIN* WKME5 0N f4 NWM IN A'"-.. THE HEAD, DANCED J I MEN- ALLOWED, IF ID WEAK THIS / V COJNTEV AIN'T ' - - ANV CINCH.' OUR BOARDING HOUSE - WITH MAJOR HOOPLE OUT OUR WAY By WILLIAMS •:15 •:3U S:4a 6:00 6:1B •:30 •:*5 7:00 7:15 7:30 7:45 8:00 8:15 8:30 8:45 0:00 „_„„-Challenge- ol Vukon KFUO—News. WIL—Jack Bennett. KWK—Blng Crosby. P M KSU I'une I'MM KFUO—Art In St. touli, H ••• KSI.I tvcw> KXOK—Sky King. KFUO (FMi—Young People. KWK—Tom Mix P M K8D--MUHC WIL—Sports extra P M. KSD-News Sport* KXOK—Hollywood Showtime. KTUO IFMi-Concen. WIL—News KWK—News Lee Cavanaugtt P M KSD News of the World KXOK—News WIL—Bob Crosby KWK (in NpwMjme P M. KSD—Sinatra. Klrsten KXOh I.nn» Hanger KMOX—Club IB WIL—Mystery House. P M KSD—Song Shoo KMOX •• Newi KWK—Music for Tomorrow. P M KSD-R H Houi KXOK—Share 'he Wealth. KFUO .(FMi—Newi. KMOX inner *u">rtum. WIL—Hobby Lobby. P'.'M KFUO (FMl—Sporta. P M KSD H Barlow > Oreav KXOK—News. KFUO iFMI—Family Worsnip KMOX-Arthur Godfrey WIL—News. J. Bennett Show. KWK—Peter Saiero P. M. KXOK—Trio. KFUO i FMi-Ad v In Research. P. M. KSD—D. Voorhees Orch, KXOK—Kate Smitti Call* KFUO (FMI—Concert Halt KMOX—Lux Radio Theater. KWK—Gabriel He*Uei P. M. KWK—Quiz Club. P M KSD—Band "1 America. KFUO iFMI— News KWK—Crime Fighters. P. M. KFUO iFMI—Melody Pattern. P. M. KSD—Martin-Lewis. KXvJK Arin>n ..aetl, KMOX— My Friend Trma WIU-Harlem Rhythm KWK— Frank Edwards. 9:1S P M. KXOK— Gueit 8UT. WIL— Star* of Songland. KWK-I Love a Myttary 9:30 P. M. KSD— Dava Garrowur, KXOK— Song ana Dance Parade. KFUO iFM)— Newi KMOX— Bob Hawk SHOW WIL— News. Hollywood. KWK— Crime Does Not Pay, •:« P M KFUO FM> -Open Hlbla. 10.00 P M KSD New* KXOK-Bporti. KFUO (FM'-Mudlc of Martaf*. KMOX- Newt , WIL— South American' Way KWK -Sports and Newt 10:15 P M KSD— H V Kaltanborn. KXOK— Nawi KMOX— On the Century. WIL— Xavier Cuiat KWK— Wally Wllkena. 10:90 P M. KSD— Dren Renaaraal KXOK UeautilU' MUlUc KFUO <FM> Newt KMOX— Crime Report WIL-N*ws Trio KWK— Shopper'* Special. 10:48 H :V1 » fr'i H. FM /toide With f.'« WIL— Naval Reserve. KWK— Trio, Newi. v 11:00 c ivi K.SIJ New* Spora KXCK-New. KFUO iFMi concan ravontaa. KMOX -Headline! Muilcal Neui WIL — Dawn Patrol KWK— Balsano. 11:15 P M KS1) urcne.tra KXOK-UN Today WIL— News Orcbestra KWK— Art Warner. 11:30 f M KS1J Newt Muale. KMOX -All Nlfnt Frollct U:4» P M KXOK— Newa. ia-OU P M KSD— Newa. ENJOY AN OLP SWEATER. : >OURS 7 YOU VE CbOT ,LLIM' ME IN ON THIS APPER. THAT* A W£T VERV CL06C TO COV6R5 fJlrtKTMACe HE MAD/ IF us PCE- THOSE GLACIERS A SADDLE »T/ ROLLER SKATE/ OR PSYCHOPATHIC Of! WHY MOTHERS OPT GRAH I'VE , Beti. TWICE, / I'LL MR..WILSON..^ TAKE pur we ( CARE OP in STUDENTS WONT STOP SNOWBALLING/ _, _ . 1M PREPARE: 10 ^ STUDfNTS/ Kl PERISH. ^ A\ ZEROED UVC DONE IT MOW / RUT MOee COPS ARE D TO IbUT OtUISIWO PMB«. CARS AMD V P»«$ER$-BS HAVI NO REASON TO ftUSPICT THAT THK TWINS TUi ELM DAIRY HOMOGENIZED MILK New Hearing Device " Ha§ No Receiver Button In Ear CHICAGO, III.-Deafened people are hailing a new device that gives them clear hearing without a receiver button in the ear. They now enjoy songs, sermons, friendly companionship and business success with no self-conscious feeling that people are looking at a button hanging on their ear. Tiny Phan- tomold fits so deep within the ear that It is hardly seen. Sound is relayed to it by an inconspicuous tube from a button concealed in the clothing. The makers of Bel- tone, Dept. 40, 1450 W. 19th St., Chicago 8, 111., are so proud of their achievement, they will gladly send you their free brochure (In plain wrapper) and explain how you can test this amazing device In your own home without risking a penny. Write Beltone today. (Adv.) 8:00 •:15 •:» 8:*S ;:00 7:15 7:30 rUERDAI A M KSD- - Newi KXOK— Town It Country Marketi tU'UO -Can WKW -Newt Muiica' Clock K<-«'X t.»rm I'alkf viarkata. KWK— Charlie Ackerson. A M K8U Hymm KMOX Sunnsr SHIIII* Weath't A M KSD- Melodies KFUO — Farm and Home Journal A M KKU Weutnei Nawa KXOK— Land UM. WEW -Granapappy Jonaa. KFUO— Newi A M. KSD -Alex Dreier KXOK— Newa MkU T and C. KFUO— Meditation KMOX-.Npwt WIL— Breakfast Club i\WK K.nx Crn»b> A M KSD— Time and Tempo* KKuU H.vmnt Ui me Hnme , KWK- -Newi WOKZ— Newi. Saddle Rhythm A M KXOK— Newt KXOK-Newi K" '• Miisn-ai Rrvellle KMOX-Weather, Road Info. Ozark Varieties. WIL— New:,. M J B Show. KWK— New* Ed Wtlion WOKZ— Al Rlehl Show. A M KSD— N«w» KXOK— Harmony lima WE*— Sacreo Heart froaram. KFUO— Chapel Window KWh t.a Wilton Show A M KSD- Time and fetnpaa KXOK Nawa WEW— Newi K' • < A, \i sauiir in Morning KMOX-World News. KWK— News, Ed Wilson. A ivi KXi'K tlM-dHt»bi Club. W V^ A" Vnur 9(>n';ra KMOX— Clock Watcher. A M KSO Newn WBV 8:00 8:18 1:311 8:45 A. M. KSD— Clevelandalrea. Kt'iu> l.'uiuolf variettet KMOX- World Nawt WOKZ- Weitarn Roundup. »:00 A M KSD Welcome rravelan. KXOK— True Story H CrorM* WEW— Newt. Social Be? 1 *. KPno Rxruniinu ir Scienc*. KMOX— QuU Wli. Sunshine Serenadara. KWK-Bandttand Ravua 0:1» A M WEW Varieties KFUO Human Si<1» .,t in* New* KMOX Arthui Ciodlrev Show WOKZ— Chapel oi thr Air tf:ail A M KSD Murriaui mi l'w« WEW -Ask Fr Lord KFUO— Beside Still Watera. WIL, -Newt R Mannina WOKZ— Juii for Vou 0:45 A M KSD— Dorothy Din KXOK— Victor Llndlahr. Mai-Kelt How Important Is This Man's "YES"? He't tho man whose "yet" helped to put an ambitious boy through medical echool. Another occasion, hit friendly "yei" started a /nan in buiineia and today that man's business it a growing, paying propoaition. And then there wai the time hii "yei" enabled a worried family to get from under a itack of unpaid billi and hit friendly advice put (hat family's budget on a sound, secure basis. This man whose "yei" has brought peace of mind to thousand* of people by helping them get a fresh start is tho manager of the ftunisf Finance Co. office in this city. • His Job U to mslMi personal loans, and to keep tho tranwctioni on a business-like basis. His years of experience with ryaMnsV have taught him to respect tho honesty of local paoplt friend*, nlativos, or amployer are not brought into too pkttaTO. Dent borrow unnacosMsrily. But if a loajt—<«r • BM«th or • year, or longer--!* the seiwibla thing for you (••*) you'ro tho ju4*>) tho Vli MAN wiU appreciate tho chanco to aay "yae," You can telephone him ... or drop In to sM Mm al tho ' Finance Company office. He lay* "yes" to 4 out of 5. to f*r rif FINANCE CO. 8 «> •» ItntO— theme* of M» 10:00 A. M. K8D-W. Love and KXOK Modern Romancea WEW -770 fiecord Chit Kf-i 1 " r,in: f nt tnr Matter* . WOKZ—Platter Parade Newa. 10:13 A. M. KSD—Next. Garroway. A A KSU InrH Berrh Show. KXOK—Quick as a Flaih. KFUO—Students Devotion. KMOX Grunn Slam WIL—News. Myti WOKZ—Girl About Town. 10:45 A. M. KSD—David Harum. WEW-Stein and Oreinar KMOX—ROM mary KKI'O-Srrenat.r WOKZ—Song Feit. U:oo A >vi KNU ,N<<wt wcither. KXOK—Ladiei Be Seated. WEW-Shoppers Bulletin KFtO—Open Bible KMOX-News Wendy Warren. WIL—U J B Show WOK& Newt MustC 11:13'A. M. KSD—Frankie Lalne. KHO News. KMOX- Aun< jei,f,»> f Storiea. KWh Kne Stnltl. WOKZ—Four Knights 11JO A ivi KSU Must uevid She**. KXOK—Forest Park Lunch. WEW—Just For Women. KFUO MUBICBI Memoir* KMOX-Romance ,i Helen Trent WIL—Newi M J B BMW WOKZ Musical Entree* U:45 A M KXOK- -Scrambled Qutt. WEW -Market* • KFUO—Melody i*ne. KMOX—Our Gal Sunday KWK-Recall H and Win 12:00 Noon KSU New*' KXOK—Howdy Neighbor*. KFUo--Mlnute Maaterworka KM '»X Wot id News WOKZ Vew- ""arm <no Merket 12:15 P. M. KSD—Jack Holt's Notebook WEW - Grandpippy Jonaa KKl'ii rieB.iM wun Chrtat KMOX—Matinee WOKZ—Foy Willing. 13:30 P M. KSD—New*. ,• \ v,,,..-,i, u, MI lone KWK—News. WOKZ—Bargain Counter. U:4b i- ivi KSl) What* N«« tn the Store* KFUO -on .he Farm Front KMOX-Big Sister KWK Di Crane WOKZ—Salon Serenade. 1:00 i . KSU D.M/DI. ,, Nnthlna. WEW-Min About Town. KFUO—Music Appreciation. KMOX--S*conn Mn Burton. WIL—Tello Test KWK—Ladles Fair WOKZ—News. Record Mop 1:15 P M. KXOK—The Menjoua. WEW-Science for You KMOX—Perry Mason 140 P M KSD-iodayi Children. KXOK -8rlu> snd«Oroom WEW-Markeu KMOX i n\:. ir Nora Oratte. WIL—News Melody Lane. KWK-Queen (or a Pay 1.46 H M KSU i.ignt •') tn* World. WEW- Timely Topics KMOX BrlBhiei Oav WOKZ—Record Shop. 3:00 P M KSD I .lli- an Be Beau•..iv. KXOK—Club Time. Wtw -snopper t Bulletin. KFUO—Mission Hour. K.HIIA ' uaviu Harum KWK-Hollywood Good Newa. WOKZ—News. Varieties. 3:15 I' M KSU Roao a< i.Ka KXOK—Pick a Date. KFUO— Musical Relaxation KMOX Hilltop House KWK-HollyVvood U 8 A. WOKZ—Blue Barren. 1:90 i- . KFO iv.-mpi young's Fern- KXOK—Hannibal Cobb. WEW SI u Series t* " "I :vrv. • KMOX—House Party WIL—News. Show Time KWK—Ed Wilson WOKZ-Naval Air Snow. 1:49 f '•• KSD Kifjm K' Hauolnetl WEW-Sacred Heart Program KFUO—Journeyi Into Storyland WOKZ-Whirligig |:00 ' :r"<nu«r Wile. KXOK—Carter Family. WEW -News Maiter't Muale KKUO bread 01 Ulle KMUX—Undas Flnt Love UWK Newt td Wilsun Show- S:1S I' M KSU Stella uallaa. KXOK—Bint Slnga. KMUX—Guiding Llgnt 3:30 (' M KSU -Lorenzo Jones. KXOK Song anrt Danre Parade KFDO World Affairs Council KMOX-Edltor'i Daughter. WILrrNewt Tommv Oortey WOKZ—Top Tunes. S:45 I .vi KCH >y,,ijn>' Windri Hrown Mat, UM wif« wj», "Slop the operation." . . . She's wing the money to buy new Kuttell VenetiHn Bllnda. VendM MMHff.0.. 011 MILTON KOAD UJ 3.W4 - BM. !•»« for free eatinwtea. Tht -Original VtmtlMi tUnd Mm tf Alton Wkere Q«ili»y Fint KrtlO—Bnokihelf. KMOX—Heart! in Harmony. WIL—Harry Jamet. «:» p \t KSU When • Girl MarrMB. WEW—News. Novelalrrei, K' IK) SnliB Shop KMOX—News. Curt Ray. WIL—Jack Bennett Show. KWK- -New* Gd Wilson Show. WOKZ—This In the Story. 4:15 P M KSD Portia Faces Ura, WEW—Gnndpappy Jonaa. KFUO—Children's Album. • WOKZ—News and BporU. 4;30 P M KRD—Jum Plain mill KFUO—Open Bible. KMOX—Housewives Pro Laafut KWK—News Bruce HarwaraV WOKZ—Sunset Serenada. 4:45 P M KSD—Front Page famlL KXOK—News. KFUO—Sports. Newi. \ No-Gun Man Stayed Healthy in Old Day* DENVER—OP)—The way to keep out of trouble in an oldtime Colorado mining camp was to leave, your gun at home, Frank Stewart says. ' Stewart avoided "lead poison- Ing" so nimbly that next year he will celebrate his 92nd birthday. Stewart lived in Tincup, a Gunnl- son county gold camp, at the time it was noted for the high mortality rate of its law enforcement officers. "There was rough young boyi from all over the country, but they weren't really gunmen," the pioneer mining man said. "If they knew you had a gun, though, they often shot just to get In the first one. If you didn't carry a gun, .nobody started, shooting." NOW IS THE TIME I - Ves. Now Is the Time le te»rn . to Dance— •{ for I rates are In effect I At Alton School of Danoo 2-5812 No Otfcfr Rub Acts Faster In to rattm couglu-Mbb ifuaterole nut only brings fast relief' >ut ita great pain-relieving medication breaka up congestion in upper bron- !hial tubes. M us terole offers ALL the tenefita of a mustard plaster without he bother of making one. Juat rub t on chest, throat and back. MUSTEROLE GUARANTEED WATCH REPAIRING SCHOENBORN RCA VICTOR'S Large 10-inch Screen Priced at only . $199.95 KiD-TV PROGRAM CHANNEL B pu Monday, Jaq. 9 4:15 Judy Splinters. (NBC) 4:30 Howdy Doody. (NBC) 5:00 Cactui Jim. (NBC) 5:30 "Mr. Malic" 5:43 1. N. 8. Telenewi. •:00 Kukla, Fran and Ollla. PuppH Show. (NBCl 8:30 Showroom. Roberta Quinlan Marred. iNBCi • 6:45 Newi Caravan (NBCl 7:00 Tele-Theater. iNBCl 7 30 Howard Barlow's Orchestra. f:00 Light. Out. INBCl B:JO riiv Goldhergx; Holly Sari •tarred. iCBSi »:00 Quit Kldi. INBCl ••SO "UM David Intertalni 10:00 Studio One (CBBI 11:00 to 11:05 Film Musical. TUESDAY, JAN, 10 3:30 Tail Pattern. Tranacrlbad aluala and Newi Tape. 143 Juit Make It Muilo. HUH Savarln. COMPLETB HCA VICTOR Caah or BILL'S radio shop 10 Enal Fergiuon Ave. WOOD HIVCH, OleJ 4-I14I

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