Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on October 7, 1959 · Page 6
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 6

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 7, 1959
Page 6
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President's Health Good Despite Pace In Europe . . . By .1KRRY BENNETT NEA Staff Correspondent \VAPHi\GTO.V — <NFA> — President Eisenhower's ripht - day res! cure fo shake a na.e.eing <'old if just that and nolhine more The Chief Executive's conora! health is cood. niTordin.c to lop White House officials nho wore queried after Mr. Eisenhower announced his plans for a vacation in warm, dry La Quinta. Calif. One high ranking official says: "The President is no more run v hen any ailment, however slight, rinwn than any of us who have strikes the President. They recall been with him recently. Traveling .his history of heart attack, ileitis on a tight schedule, eatinp at ir-; operation and slight stroke, regular hours and sleeping at ir- j Hut those closely associated with regular hours as we've been doing ; the ['resident were neither wor- for the last month is enough to af-1 ried nor surprised when the trip feet anybody." ,and the cold wore disclosed. They Some persons in Washington an-j attribute (he cold simply to a tem- fomaHcally h e come concerned ' porary run down condition caused by more than a month of extra- strenuous activity. This included barnstorming Europe, then tackling piles of legislative work at the close of congress, planning Khrushchev's visit and holding delicate conferences with the Soviet boss. News Secretary James Hagerty notes that he and several other White House aides have suffered from colds due to the whirlwind of activity. And he says that several British Labor Racketeers Given the Laugh Treatment ^^^^ __ • . _ f Jt_ _ ,.»« . welcoming Khrushchev members of the Khrushchev entourage were coughing and sneezing when they boarded the plane to return to Moscow. One administration official explains that the President, is in fine health and describes his spirit as excellent. He says: "The President realizes that all the pressure that he has been under lately is simply part of the job. He's not griping or complaining about anything." White House aides say that Mr. Eisenhower is till observing rigid health habits. He is restricted to a low fat diet which can't exceed 3,000 calories a day. He takes a two-hour rest at lunch and spends this lime either reading or napping. Aides say that he hasn't had time lately to do any painting. His work day usually begins inlking to the press at 7:45 a.m. and ends between 5:30 and fi:30 p.m. The only medicine he takes regularly is an anti-coagulant drug to prevent blood clots. He takes one dose a day, six days a week. This medicine, was prescribed following his 1955 'heart attack. Maj. Gen Howard McSnyder, the President's personal physician, gives him brief visual check-ups once or twice daily. His blood pressure is taken at periodic intervals during the week. He receives a complete physical examination at Walter Reed Army Hospital twice a year. The last one was just before he went to Europe. 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He explains that his doctor's pills haven't done much good. A sore throat, which hung on for awhile, has disappeared. During his stay at the La Qijhi- ta Home of George E. Allen, former Democratic National Committee secretary, the President is getting in a round of golf each morning and just taking it easy in the afternoon. If he has his way, no functions will be planned in his honor while he is there. Also he doesn't want to see any visitors. He has his fingers crossed that the climate will remain warm and dry. Recent temperatures in La Quinta have averaged about 90 degrees during the day and below 60 at night. One official feels that Mr. Eisenhower would deserve his California vacation even if he didn't have the cold. He says: "The California trip is the first vacation he has had this year. He did go to Gettysburg for a short time after returning from Europe, but that was just to catch up on his sleep." By TOM A. CULLEN NEA Staff Correspondent LONDON — (NEA) — While Americans crack down on corrupt union officials through law, the British are giving their labor racketeers the laugh treatment. Currently, Britons are laughing their heads off at a film comedy, "I'm All Right, Jack," which is the deadliest satire to date on trade union us*f and abuses. The slow-down, the wildcat strike, union feather-bedding, the shop steward who thinks he's Napoleon — all are lambasted in this newest film farce, which has some of the leftist unions hopping mad. In addition, the film aims a haymaker at nudist camps, commercial television. Ministry of Labor officials and the makers of detergents. The comedy is the work of John and Roy Boulting, Britain's top producer-director team who are best known in America for their mystery film, "Seven Days Before Noon." But now the Boultings, 45-year- old identical twins, have turned their talents to satire and are milking some of Britain's most sacred cows for laughs. Times Herald, Carroll, la Wednesday, Oct. 7, 1959 In recent film successes the have kidded the striped pants of the British Foreign Office and th brass hats off the Royal Army They even have invaded the law courts with their bewigged judge in search of fun. But in tackling organized labor the Boultings have taken on thei biggest target to date. In his grubby office in Soho, cornered producer-director John Boulting and asked him to explain the title of his latest comedy. "I'm All Right, Jack," he re lated is British Army slang which translates roughly as, "I'm, get ting mine, Jack — to ... with you." This, according to the director is the spirit of the age. "Everyone is out to feather his own nest, and to ... with the next guy," Boulting says. "And the worst offenders are to be .found in big business and the big trade unions." A nervous, sandy-haired man, with thick glasses and a bow tie, John paced his office as he talked. OFF THE MAP RICHMOND, R. I. (AP) - Although there are five post offices in the township of Richmond, you can't find the dot for Richmond on the map because there is no village or town by that name. The post offices are in the villages of Alton, Wood River Junction, Shannock, Kenyon and Wyoming. But perhaps this town of 1772 inhabitants is more famous for streets, ponds and locations. Among the more colorful names are Smallpox Lane, Quarrelsome Corners, Skunk Hill Road, Moonshine Swamp, Coward's Hole, and Frying Pan Pond. TARGETS FOB LAUGHS: Shop stewards In new British film. He spoke of the social revolu-l tion which began in 1939 and reached its peak when the British Labor Party was swept to power in J945. "Before 1939," he said, "thu elite was composed largely of the gentry. Today the elite is as much working class as it is old school tie. "The union boss is as much a member of 'The Establishment' as the Archbishop of Canterbury the editor of The Times, or the Governor of the Bank of England. "Of ail the sacred cows in Welfare State Britain there is none more sacred today than organized labor. That is why my brother and I decided to make this film." Had the unions tried to interfere with the film? • "The Trade Union Congress asked to see the script," he admitted wryly. "Naturally, I turned them down. I wrote and told them that since the subject was so dear to their hearts, I would not dream of putting them in the awkward position of having to sanction or censor the script." The unions did, however, pull a quickie strike on the movie set. In checking through their union :iles, the Association of Cine Technicians suddenly discovered that neither of the Boulting brothers had paid dues since 1953. On his technicality, a strike was called on an hour's notice. HILAND MODERN WAY TO BUY POTATO CHIPS The Fi%-flfth... and the Finest! It was shortly after the turn of the century that the first Cadillac car—"the automobile built to the highest standards it is possible to enforce on the production of a motor car"—made its appearance. Every year since—save.^or a period when Cadillac devoted its energies to the national defense—a new /interpretation of this unique goal has been presented to the world's motorists. The superlative motor car illustrated above is the fifty-fifth in this unprecedented succession of distinguished automotive creations. And it is, far and away, the finest and the noblest Cadillac of them all! j Never before has Cadillac artistry created such elegance of form and line. It has a commanding prea- ence that is uniquely Cadillac. Produced so Never before has Cadillac craftsmanship provided such interior luxury. And the complement of con. vemences has never been more satisfying No matter how many of the fifty.five Cadillacs you may have owned and enjoyed over the years We suggest you see and drive it very soon And we hope you will come expecting great things VISIT YOUR LOCAL AUTHORIZED CADILLAC DEALER HANNASCH MOTOR COMPANY WEST 6th STREET • Phone 9950

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