The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa on May 28, 1892 · Page 3
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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 3

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 28, 1892
Page 3
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HONEST CLOTHING-. THAT MEANS ITS I Ifet Postrille Weekly Review. - c *" 00 Gray -» tth * u - T - K - —Fresh Lake Fish 9c, at Hart's. PMMMBB EVERY SATURDAY W. N.BUROICK. BY I — Gray sends away Laundry Work. —Poultry bought and sold at Hart's. THJRMS: $ 1 .bO A YEAR IN ADVANCE. LOCAL REVIEW. —Best Sorghum on!y 40c per gal., at Warfiold's. J. W. Ward's old stand. THAT'S WHAT WE HAHDLE! THAT'B WHAT WE SELL! —No Stale Meat at Hart's. —The rains haro ceased but the weather is still several degrees below normal in temperature. —Beef Steak 8 and 9c, at Hart's. —Gold and Silver Shirts at Gray's. —Salt Fish of all kinds, at Hart's. —Sugar Cured Hams from 9 to ISc, | at Hart's. For Sale. My residence on I'uj north side. MRS. II. IS. HAZLKTOK. - When tho addition is completed rre shall soma goed shows again. to Turner hall hope to have —Ed. family. —One Hart's. Swenson still tarries with his Mis* Anna Zaston, Instructor on the piano and organ, I Postville, Iowa. 100 gallon kottle for sale, at —Six Loaves of Bread for 2»c, at the ltakerv. tf — You can always find a fresh supply I of the Choicest Meats of nil kinds, at Van Vclzer & Gilson's. —Veal calves wanted at Hart's Market. Meat Miss Nellie H. Abbott, Teacher of Vocal and Instrumental Music, Fostville, Iowa. —The M. E. Sunday School will give a Strawberry Festival June 10th. —As Fostville will not celebrate the 4th of July this year some neighboring town should make an early atari in that direction and thus secure a fall delegation frem here. All our people who can will this year celebrate with some neighboring town. —It is said that there are 1,000 applications for every surplus ticket to tho Minneapolis convention, and tickets are held at from $50 to (75. It is evident that we shall survey the convention from the outsido--possibly from a distance of 176 miles. —J. H. Wsrfield. successor of J. W. Ward at Co. comes into our columns with a batch of locals to-day, to which we call attention. The public, are requested to call and make his acquaintance and examine his stock, which is now complete. Rainfall*. Postmaster F. II. Bobbins favors us with the following compilation from ! the records be has kept of rainfalls sin»e anil including the year 1877 from the boginning of each year to Juno 1st, with the exception of 189!, which is up to the 22d inM. only when this statement was luade: 1877 8.66 1878 6.99 1879 10.99 1880 15.28 1881 9.6* 1882 10.97 1881 11.65 1884 9.73 18** 7.4* 188G 11. Go 1887 0.64 1888 17..W 1S89 9.38 1890 10.32 18U1 9.01 1892 15.11 We have at this date. May 11,15.21 and 8 davs vet left to meet or overcome that of 1888 which was 17.52 for the 5 months. —Waukon Democrat. - Osage has prohibited bicycles on tho sidewalks. —Gray is showing an elegant line of Spring Clothing. —A full lino of Meats, at Hart's. Salt and Smoked —Call at Skelton & Taugeman's for a Genuine Stub Proof Rubber Boot. | Every pair warranted. —A good circus would be a drawing card in Fostville this suason. But it has been a long time since we have had one. -The Harts are planting 180 of corn this vear. —Such fruits as we have in th's country promise bountifully. —Paul Brorby, G. W. Cook and W. H. Caiithcrs aru entitled to credit and thanks for cash en subscription this week. We handle the wire buckle Suspenders * Every pair warranted. You can't help being struck with the superior merits of our goods. You CAN BANK ON THEM. We are at all times prepared to show you an immense line of Men's, Boys' and Children's Clothing, Hats, Caps, Gent's Furnishing Goods, Trunks, Valises, &c, &c. FL GRAY, THE TJ. T. K. CLOTHIER. Headquarters For Dress Goods! the Mr. Webster has reshingled new postofflce building. —New Dress Goods and Embroiderv —The Monona Leader has not shown up hero at this writing. It is quite a chore to gel out the first number of a paper. at Skelton A Tangeman's. Dr •A new bsby boy came to slay Becker this morning. with —Good Tea, 20c per lb., at War- ] field's. J. W. Ward's old stand. -Bw on deck to-morrow morning at 7.14 if you are going to Clear Lake. —We nolieed Charley Goettel, of Cas- lalis, on our streets on Wedaesday. —Lansing has a lady paper hanger who is "up to her eyes" in business. —Tho best stock of Shawls kept in the town at Skelton & Tangeman's. •-Wood is wanted at Beedy's Photo Gallery in exchange for photographs. - Kerossno Oil, 150 test, 10c gallon, at Warfield's. J. W. Ward's old staud. - Waller Chriss lias beeu in attendance upon the undertaker's convention at Sioux City this week, leaving here on Tuesday. —Do not miss tlioso Bargains in tho Ladies' Job Lot of Skoes at Skelton & Taugeman's. They are being oflered at half price. Horse-Shooing. No hit and miss; bnt a good job every | clattar and prices very reasonable. THUS. SnoitTttEED. —Tin's has been the great garden making and com planting week and as a result it has been the-dtillest week of the season for basinuss. —Mr. Suhuttc has been having 150 evergreens set out on his property on the east side A fine house will go up there during the season. -Fresh Fish of all kinds received every week, at Van Velzer oV Gilson's. -Good Chewing Tooacoo 20c per lb., at Warfield's. J. fV. Ward's old stand. - Wo understand that Mr. J. Moulthrop has purchased tho lots on the corner west of A. M. Thompson's and will build a houso thereon. —louring the high wind last Thursday. Mr. Malloy, of Ossian, was blown from the platform of the passenger train running at full speed, near Ft. Atkinson and miraculously escaped instant doalh. He was insensible when picked up but suffered no serious injury. Liat of Letter* remaining uncalled for in the postoffice atPostyilla, IOWH, May 21. 1892. parties calling for any of them will please say "Advertised:" J. F. Ellie, Minna Muller, Mrs. Wm. Kods. JAS. PERKT, P. M. j ESTABLISHED 1883. FOSTVILLE CLOTHING HOUSE, OARL BOLTER, Prop. —The weather and crop report for last week was not very eneomaglng. The WQSlarn section of the state was very unfortunate, the precipitation in some sections exceeding four inches. In all that section of the state scarcely any field work was possible. More snow fell last Friday morning in that area than here. - The McGregor News gives an account of the case of Egbctt vs Egbert, of Monona, recently decided by the supreme court: "In the Egbert case the widow, at tlie death of her husband, was unable on account of illness to be removed from the homestead, a house in Monona, and died a few months after the death of tho husband, in the occupancy of the homestead. It was claimed that such oecupaney and death, the widow's shaio in valuable land nut having been set apart to her during hi-r life time, was an election to take the homestead and that the widow's heirs were shut off from claiming or inheriting her dower interest or'di'tribulive share and that it would descend to tho heirs of the husband and not to the hoirs of the widow. The case was fought with great zeal on both sides. Judge Hoyt denied the claim made by the husband's hoirs and the supreme court has just affirmed his decision."' —Tho following are the officers of the district press association for the ensuing year: President, A. K. Bailey, Decorah Republican. Vice-President, T. C. Medary. Waukon Democrat. Secretary and treasurer, T. J. Wilcox, Nortkwood Anchor. — Is not our friend Bobbins off on bis rainfall for • 1888? By his figures given elsewhere he makes the rainfall ol that spring far heavier than it has been this spring, which certainly cannot be correct unless Waukon was far more favored than Postville. We have iiad no comparison to the raiufall of this season for eight or ten years. —For a. tiue fit and style in Ladies' and Misses' Fine Shoes, call on SKXLTON & TAXUEMAX. —Two 3 lb. cans of Pie Peaches fur | 15c, at Warfield's. J. W. Ward's old stand. —Will Kluss' new wheel has a 'pneumatic" instead of a "cushion" tire, as wo stated last week. Bu*. she's the best in town just the same. --Apple fragrance, this year. blossoms fill tho They arc very air with plentiful Dentistry, at the Park House, by Dr. C. L. Topliff, Tuesday and Wednesday, May 31 and June 1. - Tildon street has been opened through Mr. Harman's addition on the west side. — Frank Orr was up from Monona on Tuesday. The new bank has not yet commenced business but will as soon as the books, checks, etc., are receive 1. - A Clean Skop and No Stale Meat, at Van Velaor 4 Gilson's Central Meat Market. —Louisiana Dimenson, Cypress Shingles and Arkansas Yellow Pino Finishing, for sale at SANDERS A KAPI.KU'S. —Ton Bars of Good Washing Soap for 2»c, at WartieldV J. W. Ward's | old stand. —Tne Union Creamery Co. paid 64 cents not at all its factories for milk during April. —Yesterday was Ascension day and was duly observed at the German Lutheran church. •We see that G. E. Eaton is building a now furniture store 40x60, two stories high, at Monona. Eo,. will put on frills when he gets into his new erapo- Henriettas, Bedfords, Serges, Chevrons, Challies, Silk Foulards, Silks for Dresses and Trimmings. —Organs at wholesale prices warranted, at WarOeld's. J. Ward's old stand. —Skelton & Tangeman are carrying double the Stock in Ladies' aud Misses' Shoes than ever before. New dark Prints, only Comas Cloth, in new styles, Black India Linen plaid. Silk Drapery Fringe, Brocade satin ribbon, 3 in. wide, - Satin Ribbon, 1 in. wide, Outing Flannel, only Check and Plaid Shirtings, Damask Towels, 13x28, all linen, only Gent's Colored Border Handkerchiefs, only Windsor Ties, only - 3c per yd —The postofllca still remains in its old quarters. The new outfit is slow in making Its appearance. —The Fostville State Bank and Wm. ! Kluss, the barnesa man, uufurl now | awnings to the breete. -Street Commissioner Colo hag tin- ally been allowed by the weather olerk to commence street work. 7c <( << 8c u <( 10c a CI 10c <c (4 2c «i (( 5c « (( 5c it 8c each 6c 3c RESPECTFULLY, l^^fcMI4M#^ * SANDERS, -Mrs. S. B. Finney and Boss, of Fayette, canto up last Saturday and visited several days hereabouts, making glad the hearts of their many old friends. and 1 W. —Secure your seats for the Tennes scans. The capacity of the house is not laige and it is not certain that all cau bo accommodates! if the weather is pleasant. -All the counties in the distriot were represented iu the editorial convention except Howard and Chickasaw. —It seems our local scribe got somewhat tangled up in "suspenders" last | ween. He got out alive however. -The teachers and a good many other* will lake advantage ef the exciir- sieu to Clear Lake to-morrow. We hope they may have a good day and a good t'rac. - We shall soon open a large invoico of the finest retail stationery oyer shown in Postville, direct from the manufacturers in Massachusetts. It is bilb good and cheap. —Postmaster Perry informs es that ha has hoard from the now postofflce boxes and that they are expected auy day now. He will probably occupy bis now quarters next. week. — We eall attention of Tom Medary to the petition he had offered up to Jerry Rusk at the Mason City meeting, to have the rain slopped. Bro. Sloane must have been an effective'petilionsr at the last shower that lias fallen since the meeting was on the night of the presentation of the resolution. Ask Tom about it. —Why is It that our hoodlum buys will not allow a thermometer to be hung on the KIVIKAV office corner without breaking it? Two havo been broken this spring. The thermometer is pnt there for the benefit of the public more than for our own, and it would seem that it oiigkt to be let alone, bnt it is not. The perpetrators certainly can tako no pride in such work. -A talK with W. H. Carilhors on Monday brought out the fact that he was not discouraged at the crop outlook. Ha says small grain and grass aro very promising, and there is still ample time for corn. Most of this crop will be in this week—in fact the bulk of it was iu by the middle of the week. While wc havo all been inclined to find fault, as compared to other parts of the state wc have really bcon favored. Wo have had no high water and wo believe not a single county bridge lias boon carried awav. While we liaya had damage by washing of hillsides, damage to fences, etc., wc have suffered no great looses as compared vrith other sections, and wo ought to bo thankful thai it is no norm with us than it is. — The concert by the tslentcd Smaln Sisters, of Independence, at the M. E. church, Monday evening, was one of tho roost recherche entertainments ever given in the city. Tho program irns far superior to any that has been placed before an Osage audience for many years, and consisted of instrumental trios, vocal solos, trios, violin duets, <;tc. The sisters were greeted by a full house, and their charming selections were listened to willi warm approval. They aro proficient in their several parts, accomplished, and the grade of their concerts wis such as to commend them and wiu tlis commendation of all who were so fortunate as to bear them. Wc aro warrantod in saving if these young ladies ever como this way again they will be greeted hy one of the largest and most intellectual audiences that ever greeted a band of sisters.-Osage, Mitchell county, Recorder. —Decoration day will pas* by witli no public recognition. On account of the protracted -bad weather tho people do not fed as patriotic as they otherwise would. The farmers and all laboring men have had to utilize every moment of time, even when it rained moderately, to get in their ci\>p* and do other necessary work. The grares of the soldier dead will be decorated though ns usual, by their comrades. PRICES LOWER THAN EVER. An! old Quaker once'fsaid'that he weald doiwhat he' could while he was in the .world for he would never pass this way again. f He died long ago, and up to thi» date he has not returned. We are selling four different styles of FINE CA3SI- MERE AND WORSTED SACK SUITS-NEW SPRING- STYLES-worth all the way from $13.50 to $15.00 for $10.00.£fThis is an offer which resemble* the old Quaker-It won't pass this way again. It will hold good justllong enough for you to take advantage of it.* If you do it you will be in pocket from $3.50 to $5.00; if you don't, you will lose just about that amount of money. Is a word to the wise sufficient? When it comes to Fine Hats we are to the front. In Style, Durability andi" Cheapness they are unsurpassed. Among them you will find the "Luckey," the "Buckskin" and Ithe "Indicator" Soft and Stiff Hats, for which we are the exclusive agents.• We warrant each and every hat. _Our Stock is Sby far theSLargesCin the County, is bought strictly for cash, direct tfrom the very best manufrcturers, and we are prepared to furnish you the very best of goods for the very least money. Be sure and before making any purchase?. CARL HOIiTER. -We are obliged to G S. Tutlle for a copy of a late Spirit Lake Beacon, which is a reminder tsat George if still Base ball in Postvillo baa gone into •K* 8 »»d that we »»r «peot that plok- innocuous desuetude. ETCH the avail » r «' ° r base in due time. boy is notalittle pitcher any more. _ w . undeMUm , , t the meeting last -Editor Griffith, of the Elkader Reg- Monday evening the preliminary steps —The Fisk Tonnessceans and famous Jubilee Singers will give ono of their charming concerts in the Congregational church, Thursday evening, June 2ml. The fascination of these jubilee concerts never abates, and the people of a country village liko Postville aro rarely offered tho opportunity to aliens! so fine an entertainment. Don't fail to improvo the opportunity. Admission, 85c; children, lie; reserved ieats, 50c. Reserved seats may be secured at the postoflice. Sotice. Having lately pm chased the stock of General Merchandise of J. W. Ward & Co. I take pleasure in announcing to the people of Postville and vicinity that I have also bought new and seasonable goods in almost every depart- mcnt, aud now have a large and complete stock, which laa been bought at such prices as will enable as to sell you goods cheaper than ever before. For thirty days I will sell Clothing, Tobacco, Yeast, etc., at wholesale prices. You are requested to eall in and see our goods and get our prices. J. H. WABFIBI.P. GOOD FAB.M FOB. SALE. My farm of 20f acres for sale. Situate J iu Madison township, Winneshcik Co., Iowa, three aud a half milos wost of Decorah, in sections 11 and ti. Well improved and timber tnimgh for farm use. In good state of cultivation. Well watered and good buiidiugs. School within six rods of house. j,ong time will be given on pail payment Inquire on farm for particulars. Address, WM. MCISTOSH, (Box. 238) Decorah. Iowa. Take Notice, That the Postvillu Steam Boiler Mills wtil grind Feml, Corn Meal and Graham Monday and Saturday of each week hereafter. Having added a line of wood-working machinery we are prepared to do Planing, Matching, and all kinds of sawing, on short notice. Bring iu your logs and have them sawed. Respectfully, E. D. STILUS. I YQU BUI 7 liter, made the round trip with us to Waterloo anc* Mason City last week. —The roatt grader did tome good work yesterday scraping down the] hubs and filling the nu in the street* were taken for the organization of a chapter of the Eastern Star with a membership of twenty-six. Our domooratio friend, U. W. Fear son, ef Hardin, made us a pleasant call yesterday. He promises to allow ns te lose another bat on election this year. This is not out losing year. —Three weeks more closes the school year. The graduating elass this year is the largest it has ever been, we believe, the numbey being niue, six -Croquet, lawn tennis and ^aoiu young )«<»<» thro* yonng men h«re been resurrected from win- _ w . Bnrfor ^ Uu ^ ^p tj Ur^usxter., but „ ry • bawb.ll to in , rom tN offlw „,'„,,,„ #| Un ,£ g % f —Mr. Hagensick. ofElkader, and Jas. McEwon are the administrators,of the estate of Calvin Dresser, deceased: —Now tbat the com is nearly all plaated we look for a grand revival ef badness. All of us can stand » revival. --C. W. WlllUms, the gmt hor*^ man of Independence, is building* a, S eat hotel there to be oslled "The edney." misdemeano.s and malfeasance In office and au election <bss been called for June 30tb to fill the vacancy. —Ed. Jacobsofl, residing in the vicinity of Clermont, returned from Independence last Saturday accompanied - On oer trip last week we called on j Dr. Brown, at Rookford, remaining | by 1 Ills (athe'r. who itsj been an inmate •bout three hoers. The Dr, i» happy of |Ai *»ylum there; bnt U prououpeed I end well MUffied with bJs bu*fe«s».* fr ' 0 , o r * —Our peregrinations last week were in that portion of Iowa wbere prohibition is nearer enforced than ia any part of the state we bare ever before visited. Waterloo is- the home of Gov. Boies and we were told ihcie was not an open saloon In the city, and we saw no indications of any. And yet the mayor of the city in speaking of the fact in hia address of welcome, said "seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened onto you," wbioh seemed to indicate that there might be something there besides Cedar river water. Rockford, up on tho Shell Reek, is an intensely "dry" town and Mason City is not overflowing with anything but rain water, thoagh we wore told tbat np to fyle nobody bad suffered for want of something to. mix with tb« water. Aud yet tf prc-htbitfoh had been enforced all ever the Hate. ss rrejl^aa)» has in the three towns nawed ft i?qiild be a great deal more popular U>ao it is,' j Evjn an outward appearance .61 enforcement takes some of the curse off those who have clamored for tbe law and went wild in opposition to tbe Gatoh bill, wbioh only meant license in-localities where prohibition WM ' not »nd could not be enforced. Blacksmith and Wagon Shop. I have secured tho service* of one of the best blacksmiths and horse ihoers in this part of the state, and am prepared to do all kinds of blacksmitbiog and wagon work on short notico sad in the best meaner. New wagons, bugles, road carts, etc. on hand and made to order. Call and examine work and pricoe. 2ns3 U. C. HOHN. Dr. Will Cole's Dental Kooms Will hereafter be open every week day, as I have aisociated with me Dr. M. A. Humphrey, a graduato of the dental schoel at Iowa city, and a goed operator. I shall continue to visit Postville on Tuesday and Wednesday of each week, as heretofore. WILL C'OLB, D. D. S. FOB SALE! Buggies of All Descriptions. Guarantee. After two week's trial if the Rice Coil Spring proves not to bo the easiest rider on < arth, will exchange and give any spting desired—with the Handy Top," the most convenient buggy. W. S. WEBSTER. —The Smalc Sisters played to another crowded bouse at Capital City Opera House last evening. This company is certainly one of the best that has visited here this season. They gave a very interesting and refined program, and are especially good, alt being musicians of marked ability. -Des Moines Leader, March 8. 1890. They are cheaper than ever and we sell them under a written guarantee. W.J. HANKS. Skelton & Tangeman's Advertisement. FOE spsnra. TRADE. —On Monday evening, June 6th, tbe Sniale Sisters are coming under {be auspices of the Y. P. S. C. E., of the Congregational church. See credent tials elsewhere. Admistaoo, 86-cents; reserved se»t«, fi cents; children, 10 cents. —A load of good timothy bay wanted at the RSVIEVT office. —On the, other pot;* yon will find some more locals. is near. Have you bought your Shoes for Spring and Summer wear? We have all tbe new kinds in stook. We know we otvn please you. Step in and look them ov«r. badies' Walking Shoes, ladies' Solid Oomfort..Slippere, Old Ladies' Easy Shoes, Men's Plow Shoes, Men's Bine Shoeo, '" ' \ Men's Oordovan Shoes, Men's Southern Ties* Yours to Please, SKELTON TABS"

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