Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 7, 1961 · Page 16
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 16

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, April 7, 1961
Page 16
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Page 16 article text (OCR)

ALTON EVBN1NO TKJXJRAPH 40AM Attttl By Lov FlM —HOW XDUUK 1O TANK Wfi 70 BIG BEN BOLT ••••••wwm^ By MB Galton Mfufpftf SAXON By K*n Bald and Jerry BronftoW j ALLEY OOP By V. T. ftamllfi ...ONLY _ Aanqcwr BCYANY MORE/ DIDN'T EvtN ~ OUT THE STORY OF MARTHA WAVNE By Wilson Srrusrgs ! RIVETS By George Slxta PK M«« CM4S&, I'M HILAKV AKD6W. \ TPU. ME, tS TWS PLACE STIU. IT WK UMTtt. A MV OR «>A6o, arrive 'iWBffE TO,} TO THAT POC8WN CAR PlAOr ON 1 MAIN snt«T. IT'S coda's WCTH- CAPTAIN EASY By Leslie Turner REMEMBER Ttf ROHA5KA > VOU OLD GOAT? I'VE miTEO A LONfl TIME FOR TH1SI NOW (SET THOSE HANDS UP E*s*..r PLUMB FORSOTTOVMRN *>U _ BIU.IT1WI HOOKNOSE,. TIB HI* HAUP» SEE SOITVE BSHIND HUA,TI6NTl DON'T MAKE &OT A CAR i ONE FAISB MOVE. ID AS *OON HURRY...IBT* GET aoiwfii PICK UP THE 00U6H I LEFT HERE- THEN VOTRE COWIW* WITH MB TO THE 60ROER1 THE FAMILY By Mr. and Mrs. George Smith H* HA YOU COOLP THROW MUP &M.U^ ' AT ME ALL PAY AH HtT Y<OO COOLPNT »Pt OP THE v-r OUR BOARDING HOUSE ^ r ith MAJOR HOOPLE j OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams HAf?-RUMPH/3UDSe FOR TMAT ':.._ HOOPLA Voice is rr KAr4G /n AS PHOMY/l MV ABIUTY TO ALTER rr5TEXTURE TO SUIT TlAEr ROLE T AM PL AV- TH' gOVS 5 AY VOU'(?e 5-flLL AS TON16UE -TIED INS RECALLS A TRIUMPH ACTOR 5' STRIKE IM ALLVOOVE fiOTlSA XIOSE - VOU HAVE NO U/VASIMATION.' WHATS ! ^AA - VI i AA AAH — SVIELL THAT FRESH, S.WELL--THEM 5PRIV16 RA'NiS 5L)<tE MAKE* IP IT CAM MAKE LD SC**0 IWMJ AMP SMOKE SMBLL THAM RAIM-PREMCHEP PuST ? AMP. OH, THAT P*ESH, O8EASV SMELL. ...TH'PRESH 5MOKE...WHX , VOU AiM'T LIVIIO'.' THEM MV NOS6 AIKJ'T WHAT IT S-iOOLPBE: DONALD DUCK By Walt Disney SHOUT RIBS By Frank O'Neal AUW/S HE REALLY LOVES HEDY- r TOWW.OF W WHENEVER AUTHE GIRLS 1MB SEES HER NTHE N6ISH- A HIS HEARf 80RHOOD, /*.$ SB MB SHBH TOfia^/ FASTER,EH WATS #/<3«7? •AND HIS TAIL <SOGS BACK'N'FORTH'BOUT AMIUE AMINUn , APRIL T.1M1 Aprons THE BERRYS By Carl Grubert PHOOEY.'I (O WHAT A DPJA6/ ITS WONDERFUL TO GET BACK TO MY NICE COZY HOME AFTER THE TURMOIL OF THE CITY.' ""- 1 ABRACADABRA.' ALACAZAM.' I OPEN THE DOOR TO THE ENCHANTED LAND/ | NP\\ rrcipe for smart servMnR: whip up thes* gay aprons ! to give every day n party touch. j Bands of printed fabric add | colorful contrast to easiest cm* broidery grand for bazaars-* each less than a yard. Parter.t '"00: transfer of motifs; direc- j tions. Send 35 rents (roln«) for (hi* i pattern—add 10 cent* for each pattern for flr«tt-rlawt mulling. Send to Laura Wheeler, rare of Alton Telegraph, flfi. Needlecruft Depl., P.O. Box l«l. Old fhelsei* Station, New VorU II. N. Y« ; Print plainly Pattern Number, : Name, and Adilrcs<*. i JUST OFF THK PRESS! Send nov\ for our exciting, ne\V 19G1 Necdlecraft Catalog. Over 125 designs to crochet, knit, sew 'embroider, quilt, weave—fash- i ions, home furnishings, toys, 'gifts, bazaar hits. Plus free< instructions for six smart veil jcaps. Hurry, send 25 cents now! ] But lon-OnM agio! PRINTED PATTERN HENRY By Carl Anderson FRECKLES AND HIS FRDENDS By Merrill Blosser ! MUMPM/ ONE MEASLY PAGE • Junior Editors Quiz on- FUEL WOULD DO WeLLTb PATTERN AFTER. COOK/ Y1KES/ 1 MBAM, True Life Adventures SALTY SNACKS our AT (PEA, PMALAROPMi SPOT A WHL<iOM» «<iHr_.TH» P A BUJB WHALe. WHENHB THAT TO TH« TW5 QI7BSTTON; WTiot mafees coal burn? • * • ANSWER: Onl !• em of our major MWRM* of imtunl entrgy. It was formed many age* ago in this wty: Great trees and giant ferns, which died and fell to the ground, were covered over and over again by other trees and ferns. Then water, and sand covered them all. Pressure from the water and sand turned the spongy mass of decaying vegetation into a material called peat, which also ts used as a fuel. Then as more and more layers of material accumulated, and as tha pressure became greater, the peat was changed to coal. Coal Is used in the making of many products but one of its widest commercial uses is as a fuel. • • • FOR YOU TO 00: See ff you can find out Wh« to miter Uodt ef coal there are and where they are mined. • • • <Olend» Uak of South Plttsburg, Tenn., wiotllOfor tfde «•» w» Mall your queaUon on a postcard to VtoUt Moon Hligintt AP Newsfeatures, in eare of this newspaper. If dupUoai* Quaav flow an r«c*lv«4 Mrs. Hitfutf wliJ a«lect tevtOMi^ «>7 Out comes the sun, and off comes the shoulder-shrug to reveal a braazy, sun- veal a breezy, sun-bared neckline. Make this smart set in cheeks or plaid 'n 1 plain cotton. Printed Pattern -1893: Children's Sizes 2, •), 6, 8. Size 6 dress takes 2% yards 35-inch; bolero Hikes •''* yard. Send 35 rents In ••dins for thi* pattern—adtl in i-cnts tor each pattern for firsi olas* mailing. Send to Anne Adams, care of Alton Telegraph, 177, Pattern Dept.. 343 W. 17th 8t.. New York II, N. V. Print plainly Name, Addreith, Size, Style Number. Announcing the biggest fashion show of spring-summer, 1961 —pages, pages, pages of patterns in our new Color Catalog -just out! Hurry, send 35 cents now 1 Read Telegraph Want Ads Daily Woman's intuition IB merely a matter of reading between the lyings. ©NEA® LONDON — Th» "farthing bun- dies" of small toys distributed here regularly for 60 yean cost two farthings, or a halfpenny, now that the smaller coin is no longer in use. MELBOURNE. Australi« - A mother and her three children were rescued after hanging for « half-hour to a half-unhooked (er- ris wheel SO feet above the ground here.

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