Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 17, 1927 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 17, 1927
Page 2
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PACE isoenT 9iffi«REE!i( LI^LK SHAMROCK V luF JKI:;LAND: that . There's .a dear Jittle plant - groWsjin our Isle .. Twos .St. Pi^ifick himself, , that sfet It; . Anil the i^uu'.on, hix labor pleaflujre did ^ .sijiilc, , iAhd with deW from his vye'oUnn , wet It . " Jt thriT «B thro iKh thp IwK. thruiiKh rak<f. throuKh th« sure with the li • nilrelahd.-l : And He, vaUed Iflbamrbck of Irtlund— = The HWect 1 iear 1 The Bweel ThiH dear lltl^ In out^ land Fresh and fair Erin. AVhofle snilleH eyes c^n command. Ill each cllmat It the dear llttio ^cMurray. Aliss Milliefent Voor- bees. Miss Pearl Johnson. M|ss Elhlyn U'avltt. .Miss Bernice JIc- Nlel. Miss .iMlia Irwin. Miss Thel- hia Maddux. Miss Kuth Faiist. Mis .H Merhl McDonald, and] the patronesses Mr,s. K. O. Christian and Mrs. Florence K. Ueldlng. I ' . , * • • SiirjiHse Rlrlhdu}- Party .Mrs. UusSt'H .McMenry of South (.•h>>.>-tnut' sir<'<'t was Kiv(>n a Hur- prlse Tui-sdJiy nl/jht i>y a niinibcr hirth- THE lOiikfDlAILY BEGISTER. 'mimSpAY iBVENINCfi til»' jJhi^mrocH, illo shamrock, little. Kre^-nj little shamrQck uf Irifhind. plant still prows :nil I as the daUKhiers of (L -anl hewitcii. whose of frIcnilM. In honor of her day. \ The <'V<-iilnK was Client 'nformal- tlie i ly anil ri-frcxlinieuls served. • • • —Pii.hllf Hwfliil l»y Jiinlof MD- ineiils .Miioh^iilM hih, l.lhrnry | Uiill. Frfday. ilii- Ss 'M. ' Mertliiir (II* llendersoM (lifele ! .\;o. 117 JLadfes oi' Ihe (S. \. Rj I Tlie rf'kuhir nii-ciinK oriHHnd.'r- a son Cirri" So. 147. Ladies ill the , . . (Jnind Ainiy of lh<" Republic I was - that tht-y may ap-r,,,/,,! ye^j-rday aficrnoon in liead- XHamondCaiiircly Notes <Fem irwiij.) March 15.—The "rtppfe's, Banta's and Parish's were threshing laat* Thursday. ' .Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Daniels moved Tecentlyto Ida where Virgil has work at the foundry. T«hey are living at 419 South First street. Harold Roush also has .employment at the foundry. John I..antz and his.hired man are putting In a large;acre;age of oats• on the Mundell place. Hert' Deal has put jyip a new brooder house'. . .Mr- and .Mrs. Cris Jensen spent Sunilay at the Stanley Marrijs home reeently. | A family has movfld on the .Mandell place and tht' trian Is working for John Kantz, We Iiav«? not learned'the nanie of the family yet. Don Kennedy went to Colony ; Saturday week to the Farmers fn- i iiiu meeting and basket dinner. .Mr. HuIlo(;k .^poke in the afteritoon !ind I! nice program was given with band nniHir. T^ey - liail a good lueetiiiK and reports tire thai .Mr. liiillDck Is a fine sm-akcr. .Mrs. Heal has 225 little chicks. .Mr. and .Mrs. (tiiiininsfliain and i^three children fromf Mildred^ ha .T» ^oTed to (he otd ' >Bil>ens : .itfm.' They moved Satiirday. . , ^ Misses Minnie and: Mabel Johes hnd Thelma Kennedy vlslteij Diamond school Wednesday w^k. Lloyd Roush spent the week end with his sister, Mrs. Danitls of lola recently. ! Mr. parish has heen hauling logs (o the Spurgeon saw mill. Wayne Fergus aiid Charley Philr lips spent Silnday in Wichita. , .Mr.i and • Mrs. Tippie went to Helnl^in's Thursday to gei seed oats. 1 ' Mrs. Edd Powt^II Is now at home and we are glad to report getting along fiije. .ilugh Fergus spent Sunday ev- ei|lng at the irwin home. ! jOur new minister, the Rev. Mr; .MJsbach preached Sunday after- He is a young man and R ncjon. staying at f&e IrwiA !ho|in»''snd go-' inft to sclxfal. He staijted to! Dia- mood scltool Tuesday. Mr, Biinta ha£ been away.Vlsk- Ing his son. Orval. and wife of.Ot­ tawa and his sister. Mrs. Alice Jgnes. of Kansas City He Went .Monday and returned home Friday.; Harold Smith and his sister. Misa Clara Bell Smith who luve been visiting at the Banta tome a few weeks, have now gone to Wichita county. Mrs. Ethel Patrick id still working at the home of ^er brother, Owen Beal. .Mr. Hoai was called to Ottawa Saturday week by the leath of his father, • ' .Mrsj Scolt called on Mrs. Roiish one FVIday afternoon recently." .Miss Sarah Doollttlii of . lola I .spent. Saturday night ^nd Sunday week at tht- Don Kenn 'dy home. liig to school at Baldwin. Let i iail give hini our .*upi>(irt by; ;.Minnie .May Roush v sited Alice cojnilng out lo hear him each Sun-! Harris one i afternoon r cently.. da!v and he helpful to hint in every . lames .\|IIlon Irwin has Ijfen wdiy we con. • fjuite sick, first with a severe fprm Mr. and .^!rR. Don Keiineily spent,! of tonslllf i.>f. then a c implication Siinday afternoon a week ago at iin the form of an abfiess Tje^ow ,th|> Kdd Cavanaugh home. ; jam, (.'iirroli Cooi»er of LaJIarpe isicn back of the ear. lie was tak- lio lola tivice foi^ treatment. The pear iti: And shine through the bog, through iiu-irters jiu Mi 'inorial Mali. Mfs. .-\ij;!iri Kemp, president^ con- throush I'lt-; ,i„',.„.\i '.hV ritual servic icteii the ritual service. ; .Mrs. Ciiice A. Decker, an abHen- .the brake. ' mireland. Just like theirj own dear little j^.^ f,„. ..(Jy ^ral monlhs: on account shamrock of Ireland; o,- ninessj resuiiud hiir place in Th6 sweet little shamrock, the nieoting vesterdav. dear little shahirock. | !!'•:• •> • The sw'eet little. - jfreen little shamrock of IiVIand.' , VlUnav .Heeling of flif !H. K. 0. kliih This dear little jilani that springs from our KOI I, .An all-day meeting i >f ihejM. K. O. Club was held yesti>rday in the •When its'tli'ree Tittle leaves are e.x-si I'ome of i"*'- IMil 'cltRon. of tended. 1 ' (ii:! Southj Walnut .streiti. Denoted from oije slalk we loRPtber should ioil. And ourselves by nnrselves be be* friendeiV And still throMKh the lio);. throu );h the brak>-, tbroimli Itbe mireland. ' j From one T O OI siRiiild braiich, like the shainnick of Uelaud-r- The sweet little Hbaiiirock, , llie dear little' ^liamroik. The sweet little sreeii little " , .shaniroi .k of Iri -laiid. • -.Andrew Clien-y.. was spent: The day and plans n qiiiliin were iiiadi' for a fnudj sale : lo .be in till" lieur future. ^Iie prejiidi -nl. .Mrs. .1. if. KetTi riiian. presided over the jiiisiiie .«s. The fullowiUK were; pres >'iit; • - Mr.s. A.iK. Hoyer. Mrs. Frank Marks. .Mi;o. .Maei-ie Siiiitli. Mi's. MurrlHOu. .Mrs. J. .M. Ki 'tier- luan, .Mrs; Clarence Smith. Mar- Kuerita Sniitli and Terressa Rob- erlson. ' , ; <•<'•> hFarewell Parly lor i.flr. and .flr>i. .SouHiiird .Mr. iiiiilMrs. I'. .1. Siiiilliaid, wbii expect to remove ii> a farm near Kvi<' ill about tell days, wi -re ijiven Saturday night in friends were lire.selll : , :• .Mr.t. (da «'oppock. Mr. and .Mrs. Civile (;^)r<loit, Cerald Cordon. I..:iii- reuci' (lonloM. .Mr. ami .Mr^;. C. A. Aiidersiln. .Mr. ':irul Mrn. Kdwin .Meador. .Mr. and Mrs. H. F.| Cordon. (Mr; and .Mrs. fjlen Clond. Ilowaril' CloiKl and Mr. and Mr:>. .lobn rteldebrant. <'<•<' ' I »r. SoMerliT ftiies I Jhnfiel Talli . The R.v. J. II. Kowerby .iif Ihe First Haplisi Cliiiicb, was the spi aker yesterday morniiK In ^eliapel ali thi- junior college. [ Ili:i !tVubj<-<t. ••kvoliifion." made a i iiiii |)re 'sHioti op the sltideiits. Program m ll.aliim «p«'r5« ! / The program i{ir the Fmimnii chapter of ibe^ l)ifl|.bi;.i. :*.«<'iel!j; , Tuesday afte.nqooiln ,1,.. ^'f IlUi bor e '11 es, Mrs. Geo. C: lialr.aiii.-. j... was <m'""^" """" ' ^• Jtallan'opera and ijie teMs covered wore: "BeginninK "f ibe Opera," Mrs. M. Blanche Wooil; "ICaiHy •Kalian Opera." Mr<. V. li. J. Adams; "Opera:!.; of Kossini." .Mis- Mary Renisber^; "Verdi's .Musi /ial 'Career," Mrs. (i.'.l. 'rrombiild; "Alda," Mrs. C. B. f'tick; "Caval- leria Rusticauu.V \Irs. J.loyd.Car; ter; "Piiccini." .Mr .H_ (i <i>. c.' Dal- .garno, jr.; ".Madame Butterfly," Mrs. O. T. Peler.son. .Mrs. Dalgaruo played Brunswick records of Ital, Ian ope^a selections _ to illiistrate the progran^. Tte next meeting will be .Manb 29 wiih .Mrs. O. T. l 'etei>iOM. ['•<•><'<' i Hostes!! to Bridge Clult Mrs., R. B. Northrup. .'MS Fast fitreet. was hostess jto the members of her bridge club yesterday afternoon. One-o'clock 1 luncKeoii was served and Mrs. E. Harrison - lilayed high score.: at bridge. ".Mrs. L. L> Northrup was a guest. Members present wert^: Mrs. R. W. Harry. Mrs. E. Lynn, .Mrs. J. -D .Alittelbath. .Airs. E. H.' Hunter. Mrs. Lavjerne .\orlh- ' rup, and Mrs. E. E. IIarri.4on. • • Phllomathinn (liiss .Veets The members of the Pljilomath- lan class of tl\e First Presliyterian '. chiirch jnet Ttesd^vi night with ^^J•^; Florence Longshore,! patron- es.^. 522 North Wasliington avenue. . , Miss •J 'helniaMaddu.x led the devoUonals afid Miss Pearl Jolvn- sqn reviewed chapter from th> text book. "Lanid of .Saddje Rags.'; . Refreshments Were serVed. S^embers at the meeting were: Miss Garnett Case. Miss ! Beatrice de.'it —For .prompt results uai Classified; Columns. | the EJndicoU-Johnsonj World's Largest .Shoe .Mdkers Misses-Oxfords Black and Tan $2.69, Uli-ES Tfaefit body fBMti flu gtrma - - tiie wsakcnad •odplei MBtwayioIcMp voor body fit— OiUifl bam'* Plant 1 ufykt. for mora tttan.tnifty ywn thbwo ^iidefful oM.naK tdy bai bean anaking couatlaM 'fbUct fit and kaaping thain wall. Thoiuiinda of Ui t «r« ,firom thanldul u «M 1. Aik your drmggisl for - • Planr Juice NatureSi Oridnal Time-Tested ' IONIC Aim CLEANSER 1^ 5fl€ StSfc S?U5p Oiit.slandinu valiu's for To- nioiTow and Satunlav' • $3.95 Dii<linctive, ono-of-a-kujitl lints' in,th« vory lu^ aijd iii)ii.><^al inodes for Spring.; All very finely made in 1 wely and flatte|r- ing .shades of sill|. straiw aiiti the popular felt. OtherHats, gc^od values up to $12.50 Hope Bleached Mu.'iliri, 9 i yards for $1.00 .19c value QualitJ abscess ;yleld^ to treatment and did' not -rogal h» .lai^eliig, a tbongb anffeiiiig ^s ^gMet. James Milton is nd# relieyed to: pome extent Mrs. Bagita ^wBs |the let der of prayer meetly g. Sunday we yk. She; chose for the Scripture Matthew 6J No prayer m ietingl was'b^Id Sunday eveniiig. \ Many of tii4 farmers are sowing, oats this week. Best wLsbe«to the new bride and groom, Mr. and Mrs. Hoiiian. of LaHarpe. Mi^s. Holman wjas formerly .Mrs. Mary Cojopf/. w In this community ' and known h«re.. ! The marriage took o'clock 1^0 lived well place Sunday nfternoon at 2 in I^ Harpe. i I Mr and . MITB . W. S. Irwin and four chlldren| of Geneva visited Sunday at the James Irwin hbtne. .Mr. and .MrftJ Holeman: anl three children of IlaHarpe. Mrs Vlck- j.erK and Mr. ojnd .Mrs. Banttj: called In the afternoon. Mr.f,. Thonujs was get tint eggs for setting fttbm near Saturday. " Mrs. Jenni4 Hasting is along fine ani! home ifrom tli lean soon be l| hosp^ital. 48- inch Oilcloth. :J yards for $1.00 3dc value Beautiful Motiolr. 3ateen, 36 iiicheis widej 3 1-3 yards for 'iric- iiiid "•')»• value Iniporlcdi Handkerchief:^ G for ... !_.- - - \Vtmil»»^-il':iit l.ineii Roller! ('r.'i.sli H yunU in holt, pi-r hnll _| | \ .•{;)i' Haiidkei'i liief I.ineii, Mew Rprinj!: Palleriiy. :l yard:- I'or ...:.!:. 59c $1.00 $1.00 Featured foj- Dollar Day ApiT.ii.^. .Mti ,liii $L95 (<) .'J.'i.Or). value Stniu'k.<. rri'loiiiie trim ami Di' (III niiif Dollar Day jlinntralow. (irntrliani t:it ... . Featured^ U\r Dollar Day Hiiil---. and Itin $L00 Ifia l.itlle Boy.s (.juderrlla Wa.^li Litlle Tol.---. Dre^.ses. .si/es fmid li lo '1 vein'.s only, each v.;. - 98e Value Children's Gingham Dresses $1.00 $1.00 .1 11 .^1 a limited' tpiantity will be sold at thi.s j)ha'. Twii for |.. .— .'?1.()0 Value, Infant.V all w«)ol Flannu dertrude.s. Two for L Featured for Dollar Day Girl.s Middie.s in white withjblue and red A A trim and Khaki color. S2.5b value at ;«pl.cUv .$1.25 value Wash Satin Bras.siere.s Dollar Day Special at 1 —' 50c value, Children'.s Kiiit and Nain.sook Union.<iiit.-^, Slightly soiled from handling. AA Dollar Day 4 for i-.l. tPluUU $1.00 Dbllar Day in the Hosiery Deiiartmelnt. Ladies'iPure Thread Silk, Full Fashioned ! ^"I JAA Ho.siery. black and'brown, 4 pair tor 4.-«n-l-«!"" Children's!Heavy Ribbed School,|Pony Riai^.d. Our Regular 59c value, black and (PI A A brown only', 4 pairjfor ePX."" T5c value. Ladies' Derby Ribbed, black and bi'own only. |i)air for ... ^l.on valiu!. Ladies' Rib Top Lisle Hose black rtnly. .'5 i)air ;for , 1 Ljidies' Out.-iize Hose, 59c value, Iilack.only. :*> pair ?or SL25 value. Pigeon Hose Per pair .. . i ...L S!.50 value, full fashioned, pure .silk, service weight hose for $1.00 $1.00 $1.00 $1.00 $1.00 Featured For Dollar Dfiy S^lTtO value bi!autif^ul Rayon Chemise and St'-p-io'* ,in Peach. Flesh. Orcliid and .Nile. Lace A A Iiini and t:tJlored e(Vect-s, eacji . i. . «P 1 eU v Dollar Bargains in the Wash Goods Dept. Our best 19c tpirdity standard .'{G-inch A A Percales, 6 yaifls for .J.iDl.Vv .•J2-inch LaFrance Ciinghams, ^-j A A 7 yards for J - fpA.UVf ;5.5c.value. Dainty jPastel giouiul with neat (J*^ (\(\ figure.s. Crepe, 4 yards for «IJ;X«\/Vf .MV <|i?alit;y. 82-inch Queen Anne Printed A A <iingham, 4 yards for i-- - .'J6-inch, Yard-\vide Chintz, New A A Si)ring Pattern.-; 4 yards,fpr nJ J.c\f vr .*5G-inch Ceiiuine Pure Irish Lim-n Suiting, a regular 75c quality, all new .sjiriiig A A stock. 2 yards for . L .... I •Ip 1 m\9\f Dollar Day Bargains-in the DraiJery Dept. UG-iiinch Martpiisette and Stripeti Curtain ^-f AA Netjr! in bleached and white, 6 yards for tPJLaU" 19c I value, 36-inch Silktone and Bungalo .(&-| A A Cretonnes, 6 yards for .L....: |a5l*UU 59c and Ci5c value, jlG to 40-inch Arabian and A A Maifiulsejtte Curtajn Neti^i, 2.j'ard.H for «P JL«"" $1, •7 -1. [/Hereto jgetting I'oug-ht $4.9S PARCHMENT TIE 5c value; 36-inch Real Irish Linen Suitings, new S pring Shades. 2 yards for $1.00 50c Shadow Siripe. Baby- skin Satin, 3 yard.s for $1.00 26 Years of Succei^l MerdaandiMttg In lola Dollar Day Bargaiins in the Wliite Goods Department 8-y.'ii'd ,l)olt of Wiimbec, part linen Roller Toweling, full bleached, bolt .'{0 and 40-ini'h Genuine Pepperel Pillow' Tiibing. full bl.-ached, 4 yards for 9-4 full bleached, Sheeting, good -standard quality, .'5 yard.s for . _ :.9c full bleached .IiUnbo, double twisted IJath iWels, 2 foi- . : L Henislitflied Boot Towels, full bleached they sell at ti^r the world oven 4 for lOi- v:tliie, 27-inch, plain whiti?, pink and li'-a.-h Underwear Civpe. 7 yards 89c vjilue. Uhcle -Ned. long lihter, 2«>-lb. pure Cotton for comforts, 2 i-olls for $1.00 $1.00 $1.00 $1.00 $1.00 $1.00 $1.00 19c value. 3fi-inch, Pajania Cloth, .suitable d>-| A/| for night gowns, underwear, etc. 10 yards JL ^VfVl- $1.00 iathe Ready-to-Wear $1.50 N^IKe Doii Handy Apri^ns $1.00 $1.50 Brocaded Corselettej UM Infants* 50(1 Wool and t'art Wool Shirts 4 for $1.00 I 50 ONLY, 01^ SALE FRIDAY AND SAT- ]2»/.ic value, all linen weft, half bleached Roller Toweling, 10 yards for .Sl.OO value. Men's Athletic Nain.sook £^Tt Lmon.suits,.2 for -_--__L «1?'J-^W SI.39 value, heavy 2:20 Stonewall ^AB Overalls, per pair : -^Pi«W $1.75 value. Men's Khaki AA Pant.s,-per pair — V-*-»\/V/ .Sl.OO value.'Men's Madras Shirt,!*,; collar at- .(R-t jfkf\ tached arid collar band .style, 2 shirts for ..__«pl-ivU IGc value. BooTifold Cheviot .ffil CMl Shirting, 8 yards for «Pl-»vFV 19c value,.Heavy Quality, 36rinch Outing Flannel, 6 yard.s for :'.5c, (piality. yard-wide Genuine Berkeley J» "t AA Naih.scok, 4 yard.s for — ^PA.Ul/, :'.6-inch Fine -AA quality. Chamois Longcloth, 4 yards for DOLLAR 0AY, RAYON DRESSES URDAY, Your^Final Chance DoJlar D^y 25 ONLY, BEAUTIFUL ^INtER DRESSE8 IN POI*ULAR SH[A|DES of Satin Canton, Flajt CrepiBs, etcli actual values $40.00 tie ibodels anjong: thefn,.on sale Dejlaf' Day $19.75 to $6d.50l Several Mne Cas- Vard-wido unbleached LL Mtjslin godd e,ua![ty, 10 yards for ^'ard-wide, soft fininh bleached Mu.slin no stjirch, 10 yard.s for Yai'fl-wjde Bleached Cheesecloth 12 yards for 1 -- 42.X.36 Gold Medal Pillow Slips 4 for — — -r-- 72.K90. $1.25 value. Seamless Pepperel or Viclorian Sheets .•^Ix'iO Full Bleached, Se.^mless Waitlorf Sheets, $1;25 valine.". jl- 69c value, all pure linen, liand embroidered Towels! not over 2 to a cu.stomer—2 for 30c valiie, :i2-inch ACA Featherproof Ticking, 4 yard:^ for V 36-inchHerringbone ACA Feathei-proof Ticlcing. best quality. 8 yards for _ $1.00 $1.00 $1.00 $1.^ $liOO $1;00 $1.00 $1.00 $L00 $1.00 Not over 9 yards to any one customer. Extra SpedM While th)B Preseitt Stock Remains ~ 81x108 Beautiful Rayon Befl Spreads, .scalloped, e.xtraordinary value .T, colors gold, Qt% QQ and Orchid, oach __L _--^i^i«/a 8Lvl08. ?3.5() value, two-tone Krinkle Murtimer weight Spreatl.s, .scalloped, each $2.98 Siiecially fea .lifed fbr Dollar Day is one rack of Coats and one rat Ic of Dresses. You will .«;ay they are wonJ^rfuI values at |As Lcmi: As Thi^ L^st 90x108 Genuine hand made old fashioned candlfe wick Bed Spreads, like ^ijrandmother ^<r used to love, gold, and blue, Special

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