Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on October 7, 1959 · Page 4
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 4

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 7, 1959
Page 4
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Carol Antone, C. L. Francis Wed at Manning Personal Paragraphs 4 TimM Wednesday, Ott. 7, ''"'""" Bridge Season Is '"Calendar M\>N"1M' — C'.irol Louree An- •ir ci'.-i;iu!Trr of Mr and Mrs WOT:.-' ^l,^nninp. became ,,ir of ( harles I.. Francis. .Mr .v,d Mrs Paul Francis. -, ;,-, ,) rlniillle rillE Or! 4 .1! 2-30 p.m in • law, ( rr '-' l-.-iV.l I ;r-'k >.' 1 ^. *! r f r-rrmony M,i Hrvl-rvt Knichls of cwumhiw will *pon- ing for Beaconsfield this afternoon sor nnnce Class Arrangemenfs Io affend funeral servicrs Thursday have been made with Mr and Mrs for Mrs Fllison's father P .1 Sayrp of .Jefferson' for In-'Parks FJlison. slrurtions in sophisticated swing ^ and Ml i n dnncine : (-^ Thr first series will betim wiHi . inf | Knights Templar -. «. -, t i /*• II Have inspection Full Swing In Cam)// Meeting, Dinner I Wednesday— Court St. Hose of CD of A. a p.m. Lima No. 6, Sr. Guild Has Potluck Dinner ^Before ^Meeting Sr. Tmmaculata Guild of St. Joseph's Church joined for a r»::u) Aboirt 50 members of Azgao* Com- . United Presbyfrnan Women Cir- ^^^.^ Dinner at the parish luill Tuesday is one of the favorite was Mrs. Alfred Snyder. and low, cles: I Mrs. Albert C. Wagner, ir Tll<?sriay evening. Fall .flowers WWQ of Carroll women for' get- mandery. Knights Tpmp'ar. and togethers over the bridge tables, Mrs. Paul Greteman. Dessert and coffee were served after the ,n or- a FKKK lesson on Friday, Oct. al S 30 in the K C not he obligated to join lesson is FRKfv A charge of Jin op per couple for the series A Rnmmsep *nlp FHdav tneir wives attended a dinner in S0 me in the afternoons, some in;games. * andio Open-lh* Masonic Temple dinims ro.,m j , he evenings By October, the s Bldg. Pick ups.> Tuesday evening preceding an in- j bridge season is in full swing. adv. i spection meeting. The Temple Degree was confer- 1 call 3151. 373.1 Mr. and Mrs. Glenn N. Weeks , jon was ne ]d by Harry Baird,! Meeting yesterday were of; Mrs. Robert Kloser will be hos- Thursday evening. Oct. 22. * * * Mrs. Paul Grouse entertained Municipal Auditorium Mrs. Arthur Neu; III. Mrs. Wil-. (|Spf | jn d PC . ftra fiijg (he tables. liam Keith; IV, Mrs. Colburn ' ( - tl]r ^ \ vcrc Hie R(. Rev. Mspr. Coliinge }-• T. Lynch, the Rev. 0. W. Koes. W.S.C.S. General Meeting. Fellow- |pr anf ]'Cecelia Kltprofh. The sis. ship Hall, Methodist Church ; )( , rs O f t | ie parish were dinner D.C.C.W. Convention, Sioux City Ihe This is voiir opportunity to lenrn returned Monday night from Iowa j Bnonp . ' ' •__.'_ ^^i,. i riiv u-horo thov hart snpnt. the -ru. M 0 N T H LY ! 0 N.O. Club, Mrs. Russell Wiin- ^^.^™^l™»™ CLUB at her home in the! schel ^ ^ . . :„.- H* u . Ir«unlyJ tTVlr.Hls* riMrt Ci I -»»l-t'i i Rurke Motor Inn. i-fccs<. nv.d accompanied .•rn. Amrs, cci'cmcriy. , I , *4l lOUIKC IVIUIUI Jim. VCHI.I-IIIIJK, m\. adv. i City, where they had spent the The dinncr was servc d hy the luncheon ta ble was a fall arrange- I weekend with their son-in-law and ways and mcans committee of Sig-! ment of bittersweet and lavender " ho Mn « Mr,. Way-, H/KllUon and ch". i ^"ler. Mr. «J Mm. Charles , chapter N 1. Order; olf Eas-j huUon mums with red autumn inc i ••>•»-- ^^ »-* ^* B ^»*»^v««'"-—•• — - - — -- - , . (he I evening. Mrs. Harold Frisbie and, St. Lawrence Sewing Circle lne • i > > . dren. Roswell. N.M . who are vis- iHp.' pivrn in marmee bv j|jnc jn , )lp hnmr n f ^ r anf j m rs . n- \\ovr a co\vn of taf- .\i oll j<; Miller in Carroll, arejeav- Rntl.inv lace, featuring a ' skirt fell .. j . .. CI J nvi ^ ,.^~ r - -^ -- - UUll.\MI I I IUI 1 m »-*nii i \^\* v.«-v.i i... Ingersoll and family. Salurday , ern star- under chairmanship of I, e Mrs. Louis Gnam. a guest, ll.A*» nll«,wr4>K«4 ll^fk I rt.ti « M(^t«l Mtl.'rtCl _ I _^ ^_ •_. *_d . i i»t *»1. .jv,«j-v-u. - ^ ^«_- ern game. .. ., . i LCI ii fia the Iowa-Northwest-} ^ rs g Harriott. Mrs. Geo. Busche soin a .rrl .) of lace, and slip cur- £ntertoinS J. L. C. '- hrhiqnot of \\'hile Marilyn .Johnston.' M,.^ Grorge J. Rusche was v ,>..=. maid o) honor. Her |i OS |p<;<; to .1 L C. Club members r>rrnej) ^nd Donna Antonc. anf j nnp cucst, Mrs. Darrell Wink- or , a ( her home Monday evening. * * * Rummage sale Lutheran Church basement. 9 a.m. Fri., Oct. 9. Adv. Janice Siepker Is Complimented Mrs. .lames Houlihan won the score bridge pme: Vlrs -.ii j m ' fi i,i e nd Chm-lrs OKrn. Atlanlir. Schroerier. second high, andI Mrs. | M) . s c u g dcr of Brcda Tues . roomsmen. .lames Francis. • Vern .hiergens, low. Mrs. Winker _ vpninc , c pn , 2 Q Hostesses a> bvidrsmnids. tfr Francis. Waterlown 'w,n brother of the croom. m.~n \ViMiiim ton verf croom CvcMon a brother. Howard, Ames, sealed Ihe guests ( C c were served after the games. Reeky Francis and Teddy Mrs Del Montgomery will enter- rrnncis. Crrston. were flower girl lain Monday evening. Oct. 19. .itTi rm^ br.-irer. -\ reception for 1,'in was held in a graduate of Crcslon High the rhmvh parlors covpmonv. Mrs. Guy Is Guild Hostess Tuesday Evening Mrs. Cora Guy entertained members of the Presbyterian Guild at and Mrs. Wayne was R j ven a g jft by her hostess. Two games of contract bridge were played. Mrs. Harry Rose was awarded the prize for high score, and Mrs. Robert Dolezal, low. Mrs. Rose will entertain the club Tuesday afternoon, Oct. 20. Honoring Janice Siepker of Car-! ), er h orne Tuesday evening. Mrs. roll, who is to become (he bride; A j] an M Peterson, the new min- of Kenneth Snyder Oct. 10, a j s t cr ' s w ife, was a guest at the P F.F. Club. Mrs. A! A. Osten New Deal Club, Mrs. Joe Witlry Thursday— Newcomers Club, Carroll Country Club A. B.C. Club. Mrs Paul Oswald pursts. Mrs. William Schlcisman con- showcr Wfls he]d jn , he home of and Tom was given a gift. Dessert and cof- day evening. Sept. 29. Hostesses were Mrs. Clair Snyder. Manning, meeting. Meditations were led by Beulah * * * Two guests were present at the T.O.B. CLUB meeting in the afternoon at Mrs. Andy KrapFl's home. They were Mrs. A. F. Matt and Mrs. Clem Rehker. Dessert and coffee were served following thr School and Iowa Stale University at Ames, where he was affiliated Mrs. Fmnris is ,1 graduate of: with Tan Kappa Epsilon. He is an Manning High School and attend-i instructor at Riverview Garden and Mrs. Earl Kennebeck, Car- { charter for Christian Action, which roll. Court whisl was played and Aiken: and Mrs. C. R. Thomas \ a | card tables before the games. gave the lesson on the Presbyterian j Tables were covered with hand- were won by Mrs. Louis Stork and Mrs. Allen Feldmann, Breda. The bride-elect received the plate prize. Guests included was written by women of the National Council of Presbyterian Wo- H Iowa Slate Teachers Collepe ?r. Hiph School in St. Louis, Mo. . end Ihe State University of Iowa. ! The couple will he at home al j the prospective bridegroom and Shp taueht. in the Jefferson .">12 Natural Rridee, St. L o u i s • friends from Breda, Auburn and r-.rhfnN last vear. Mr. 'Francis is •.'.». Mo. 'Carroll. the bride's mother, Mrs. Law-} the Guild at its nexl meeting, Oct. rence Siepker, Carroll, cousins of 20. crocheted cloths and centered with bouquets of garden roses. Mrs. Paul N. Heires was winner men. of the high score prize; Mrs. Matt, Mrs. Guy served lunch at the. second high: and Mrs. John Stam close of the meeting. Mrs. S. S. Kudsk will entertain ! Rummage sale Lutheran Church ! basement. 9 a.m. Fri.. Oct. 9. Adv. OCTOBER TIME IS PICTURE TIME SEE US rOR fAST-EXPERT PHOrOFINISHING FREE An Extra Right Hand PLAYTEX GLOVE with a pair $1.39 Why Pay More? See your doctor for medical services. Let us save you money on prescriptions he gives you to be filled. 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Lee won high score prize and Mrs. W. J. Wieland. second high. The club will meet again Oct. 20. Mrs. E. J. Kratoska will be table hostess. * * * The INTERLUDE CLUB began its fall series at the home of Mrs. Jack Grimsman in the evening with a dessert-bridge. Four'guests attended in addition to club members: Mrs. C. H. Duffy, Mrs. Cyril Schultfe, Mrs. Jerry Sqhulte and Mrs. Omer Langenfeld. High score for members was won by Mrs. Howard Mohler. and low, Mrs. Frank Balk. Mrs. Duffy received the high score prize for the guests and Mrs. Langenfeld, low. Mrs. Robert Merritt will be the next hostess Thursday evening, Oct. 22. * * * Mrs. B. H, Walden entertained members of the E.L.J. CLUB at her home in the evening. Dessert and coffee were served. Mrs. Harry Kunze received the high score prize and Mrs. .Nugent Adams, second high. The traveling prize was kept by Mrs. W. H. Frisbie. Mrs. Adams will entertain Tuesday evening, Oct. 20. * * * Mrs. Irving R. Bliss were guests in addition to members. High score prize was won by Mrs. Ray Bcrger. Mrs. Bliss received the low score prize. Mrs. Harry Frank will entertain (he club Nov. 3. * * * room DELTA DEK CLUB members j Beulah Country Club, Mrs. vere guests of Mrs. George Margel Tuesday evening. Mrs. L. J. Wiedemeier received rfudrd Iho business mooting in (lv jib.srncp ol Mrs. P. F. Carahn-, president. At tho clo.sf of the business .session, members practical music soon to be adopted in the parish. ; A social hour followed the prnc- tioe session. Mrs. L. J. Drops was chairmnn . .. . ............ V F. W. Auxiliary, Library Club- , ind MrK Tom Macligan, co-chair- un- man. high score prize; Mrs. Carl Hess, second, and Mrs. Dan Quinn retained the traveling prize. Mrs. Marget served dessert and coffee at the close of the evening. Mrs. H. J. Oierich will be the next hostess Oct. 20. * * * Mrs. Ed Murphy entertain e d members of the SPELA KORT CLUB at her home Tuesday evening. Mrs^. Louis Wittrock received high score prize. Mrs. Harold Bicrl, second high, and Mrs. William Stickrod, traveling. Dessert and coffee were served after the bridge games. Mrs. John Meyers will entertain Tuesday evening, Oct. 20. * # * LES AMIES CLUB memh ers were Teresa Brandl's guests at the Carroll Country Club in the evening. Two tables of bridge were played. Dessert and coffee werp served between the second and third games at tables centered with fall flowers Mrs. Joe Drapcho took thp high score prize, and Thelma Winnike, second high. The club's next meeting will be Oct. 20, when Mrs. Jim Meehan will be hostess. * * * Mrs. W. L. McConkie entertained members of ENTRE NOUS CLUB and one guest, Mrs. A. F. Witte, at a dessert-bridge in her home Tuesday afternoon. Guests were seated at the dining fable for dessert before (he games. A fall arrangement centered the table. Mrs. Larry Jung received the high score prize; Mrs. Louis H. Anderson, low. Mrs. Merrill Rogers will entertain Tuevsday afternoon, Oct. 20. liarn Kanne Bridget! c-s. Mrs. Clarence Spaen I. and 0. Club, Mrs, William Eis- ciub, Mrs. wil- Practical Nurses Entertain Students The C-G-C t'nit of Prnctir.i] : Nurses met Tuesday cvcnint; in Triple C. Club. Mrs. Don Hagedorn HIP synin;i'-ium of Ihe nurse; Friday— D.A.R. 9:30 a.m. Inn Rebekab Lodce. I Ihe 'home at SI. Anthony Hospital. Burke Motor diesis at the meeting were An- itcnian practical nursing student^ 0.0.F. Hall I Mrs. Ben Holslein. president. Mrs. Mike Wittrock was hostess Note Anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Ed O'Tool. Lake City, were guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. John Grey, the occasion being the 40th wedding anniversary of the Greys. Dinner was held in Ihe Normandy Supper Club Sioux City. Mrs. Grey wore at F.L.C. Club, Mrs. Alfred H. Mcy ers Saturday- Si. Lawrence Guild, parly, 1:30 p.m. innduclerl the meeting FolldwiiiL; Ihe mcctins;. Mi: n. M. Morhn ;.b"\vLvi slides ;imi Dessert-card'11,Irl of lu-i trip to Mexico. Cnl'lVf mid cookies vei-c served A.F.L. Pinochle Club, Mr. Mrs. Ed Masching ;i( the close ni Ihe ovi'ninR. The unit's next inedini; \vi A R ROLL thru Sctfurdcy! the bitter jealousies... the loves...hates..,and daring! IRWIN -ttlfH'S 'I'D iMJHCTION,Of • .• • ;. •. ' «.*.'-.>-.-*>': - *.iw»«'i"':,.*«i,yvV *^'t THE BIG CIRCUS sage which was a gift of the to the FORTNIGHTERS at a des- OTools. The Greys were nui,.'.,i sert-bridge in her home Tuesday at Carroty at the Presbyterian PETER IORREI DAVID NELSON ~ADELE MARA «. STEVE ALLEN evening. Mrs. Orville Murphy was H guest. She was given a gift by her hostess. A new member of the club, Mrs, John E. Gnam, received the high score prize. Second high was won by Mrs. Ned Collison and low by Mrs. Gerald Rettenmaier. Mrs. Harold Boje will entertain in two weeks, Oct. 20. * * * BID-OR-BYE CLUB began its fall series at the home of Mrs. Don Drees in the evening. The club has three new members, Mrs. Don Casey, Mrs. Don Bierstedt and Mrs. Marvin Simons, Two tables of bridge were played. Winner of the high score prize manse. The OTools and Greys have celebrated together for many years. COMMUNION DINNER Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Simons entertained at a dinner in their home south of Carroll Sunday honoring their daughter JoAnn on her first communion. JoAnn was presented with gifts. A cake in the shape of a prayer book, made by her aunt, Mrs. Marvin Heithoff, centered the dinner table. Attending from out- of-town were Mr. and Mrs. Mike Ricthu, Wiota, and Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Zimmer and Lonny, Vail. Mr. Ricthu and Mrs. Norberl Hahn, Carroll, are JoAnn's godparents. tnd the GREATEST CIRCUS ACTS IN THE WORLD! Kn AU.IEP AS7IS7S Pitturl GILBERT ROUND Box-Off ice Opens at 6:15 P, M. Bring the Children Early . . Have Them Home by 9:00 P. M. Regular Admission Price! BIG SAVINGS at i-**««**»^*^-*^^«-«****' TOWELS Stripe or solid colors, 20x40. Bath size. 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