The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on March 17, 1927 · Page 1
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 17, 1927
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ffl VOLUME XXX. No. 123. The Woekly RpRistch Estalilislipd IKfi?. Til.- Dally U.-fiiijty. Kstiilillsliod 1S97. lOLA, KAN., THUJISDAY EVENING, JIIARCH if, -J — L PLANS TO SHO W ASPlCTUREd, Aaron Sapiro The Law I*uts No BHdle On Truth," Seoatojr Asserts in His i Statementn to The Jury. TOPEKAMAN BUYS PAPER ISSUED MERE Allen County Joui^nal Under Management of F. B. Brown Aplril 1. Km!^ to Remain Here. I 1927. iKodcral Courl. I)<lii>ii, .Mi< Ii. -.Mar, 17. (Al't- Si 'iiiilDi- Jiiiii "H A. • Itcpil. cliipf cviunscl forHi -iity KortI ; hi tlip $1.0 (t!).<HlO lilii-l Hiiit hioiiKlit by Aaron Kajiiro. tolil ilic jury in- tlay li.<' cxiri'Clpil ; t <i sJiDW tlial cvcrylliiriK iiriiilpil altin-k S;<|>ir<i iitlil IIIH uiarki 'tiiiK a.sso" iiitioim in llio . Doiirlmrn . Inili'pciidoni was iriilli. "The law puis no hridli; on .lb" Injlli," lio said. Sfiia'lor lli'cd loiik up liis nji'ii- iMK .statciiU'lit IIIIK iiioriiliiK " liiil- int'dlatfly after Win. Hiiiiry Calr laKliCr hurl cojicliidi 'd liiH iipr<nillK NiatctiK 'iil |(ir lltf iilainlifr. " Kvidcnc(r' would ' Hliow, Senator , Kei'd said, that Sapiru .sent oiit orKiiiilzcrs llirouKli tin- roiin'ry, iiiilntijiR a paMiiii'a lor 111'- Lirni- tTK. proinisine HHMU /iin- lioinc-;. rIfhp.K. and IIIIICKI - cdniaiion lor • their iliililP 'n. ^ Unslnc.'-s iniinaKir.s, <l |o.'^<'n at Sapiro'.s sfdi 'Olion. Senator Ueed deidared. uero uivcn wiili' p.iwers • in ronlrollinc llic producjs of tli^" farni'-r.-^ who signed contraciM of •\ five to seven years wiili liieni. , "Tlie fiirniors had no rijrhlto say • when or wlicre their i>rodu<-;s w.n- to lie marketed." he jjaijl. ".\iid thf> managers were M ll !)ertty to .Kive.llieni any advain'-e oiiM/ieir product..s they saw Vitf. J ; "To make fJieS" adVanees. the' asKOi ,-ialion.«. evideiuo will .show,' had to make loaiis-on tliej faianers . pi'oduct.s and wljeii Ihcy .settled w ;ith them t \iey look,out tlio inler-; est they barf paid on. the Ioan.s." .Veitber tlH? Jewish race; nor llie cooperative orRanizatjon.s ' were eoncerned in the libel suit; Senatirl- , Senator Reed said. •Ji is a rase. KyK^ Woilii. Ti'X.. ^iaivli 17. (Al*)i—Dr. Frederick A. of Aaron .Sapiro • aRaiiist: Henry j Cook, (.'.\i)l«)rt'r and oil sUn-k iiircmot-'r. \v:ts M:r;nit <,Hl five -yijars' "i ^nd'as '^he 'cfse develops. . Jpat-olc ;tod|y frmn the Jedcind ,H .nile,iti.ry at Leavenworth think evideuee will show ; it is , no ' by Jutlgc Janu's C. W u.soji. ol the United htute.s (list ricl court. libel to say of a man, 'iie Is a jCook wa."? .sentenced in 1023 for nli .sll ^^e (>r the mail.s in pro'^"-^i' 1 .. , '. , ' motinK oil .companie .s. pne d.y they dnn .ped -.o,.o.ono ^^.jj, j.^i^-ased as so-H as the order reaches the (he days. Krskiiig VVill- Will II. KiuK has s.dii, the Allen County ilonrnal to V. \\. 'Brown. «f Toiii k.!,' and will -.jivo'. possession April 1. This is all annoiinroineni wbieh. will iiileresl a Brual many people anil •.vill be reKrelled by a Kieiit lilany. .Mr. KiiiK has owned..edited and pilblisbeil the Journal tor mor" than loirrieen years and diirhiK that timebaw made u host of friends in Iol:i ''ind tbroURbotil the county, rmler II:H inunaKenienI ihe .lournal has beeiji a model of Jonrnal- i>ni. .\ieebanii:illy tlie!paper always has been wdl printed be- lause .Mr. Kins is' a praitiral printer and has takiii a luiiijtr's pride in ihe appearaiiee o\ bis paper. Kdliorially it. Iiiis been liriKbt and 111 wsy. carefully avoidint; ,1 IM.> piib- liialion of anylbiiiK aiiprnuching vul!;arii<:. :inil always <iupportlnR Ih^ thiiiRs Ibat made for the iip- inildliiK of Ibe town and! the eoni- iiiiiiiiy. Personally .Mr. KtiiR lias howii a hiKli ili'Kroe <;if piiblir piril. always willing t<> bear.his b.ire of the pnbiie biirdijns ami to i o bis share of tlii- ••lljaiik yon"' ;ji>bs wliii-li somebody miist b< .^•ays dtdiiK. .\s a nieinl ttiry. of the Chamber of .......... Ilio Coniilrv Club, ihe Klks. and Consul Stabbed 11 list be al- illler of Ito- <j o'nimeri e. ,b!y they Iioiinds of trdiaeio on tli.j market: . ,;. • , • .i • ,• , at a .-{o per cent. loss. In buyins.i pri.son olhcials. proiiaOl.r in ahoiil per _ . , . - , . for: the farmer,-' orKanizatioiip,, jjmis. Foit Worth chtirchni^ii>and lawyer, wa.'^ named as pa- eqnipment and warehouse.';, tlif* Sapiro nianaReVs iiiiid i niilIion!< more tbajl they were worth, i The jury of) six women; aiid six I melt follower Senator Heed 'inse-• ly ns he declare/i he would offer; evidence lo prove the Iriilih of the; pashaKP-'' Sapiro claims wijro libel- ! oiis.^, • ; ^ , I "Mr. Sapiio's motives in orcan-' iziiiK cooperative marketing orc-iii- izHtions were entirely selfit<b," said .Senator Heed. •JHe piitinres biniselt in many addresses and articbs-iis wiokin;;-'! only for i be uplift of (hel f;n-mrr.; afccptiuB fio nione^ lint we will , show> deilaratjjons to In- untrue." I . ,; ,1 1 y Henry .M. Zwcifui. filed a formal notice fhtm .iiidire Wil.^mi's dfcision. Imt at the same time le woiiiil not .stand ;in the way of Dr. Cnck'.-- libera- ; role ollicoi ! pis (i |-ift .Atloriii i of ajipea : he said 1 Ition.. - I .Indue WiNoll',- d". jsiiiii w;is ^riid*: by bnvyei^ lo Ife far re;i( liiii;^ ill l;iw annals. Cook tiied lielnre .lud:;c .lijbn .M Kiliiis ipi Toleclii. .sitiina .iH a special jiid;;'- in Ue; l'nil«d .State;; ili.Mriel court. | ll was -Ian! here rliM the < <i!n I ^••i-der • .-Mlliiienl I 'll- ili<- pi;i;ii 'lier's reli I 111- pre.^id 'approviiic neressar\. the .various .Masonic- bodi nladi; himself useful an aiid is held; in hiRh I 'l 'llow members, and the l>| ;;lnd to know that I pi'i vent t'xpeetation of Ic; ' llnst what lie will do i has not yet fi-lly decideilj I ;>rob:ible be '.yill nn on l! salesni:iii for on-' of the or j)rinter's supplies wiiU his old calling till* Journal and selllin.:^ lolii. Whatever be docs. s::i'ys in Ida. his old I'r wish for him. success ami ity and Ions Jife! I .\lr. Krown; who has viifchasetl r.lie .lournal. has been a resident of T;',ie.';a for many year:;. For a time be publis'bed a labor paper but more recently has bee n 1 employed as a printer in the offiice of the Capper iiublicatiuus. lit and his wile expect, of, course., lo find a iionie in lola. and lo be ready to take Dver the lournal .\pi il 1. They will be Icivcu a cordial welcome with all Kood wishes fur success in ili'^'ir new i-nterprise. THE WEATHER I's. he has popular j esle^-iii bv his Iv will all n has no iviiiK lol:'- .Mr. King; slatt but il i>-!.(||,,„ le road as ' biK' paper bollixes as that before buying •(linvn in [just .so he ends will prosper- InltPiI Stiifex ronsul at Suo jl'aulo, Itnizil, Mhii inns >>laliliPd iinil- (liiiiirrrfluslj U^uundeil iiit lliit ooiisiilali' therv hy UinlithViinl (.\iiierlciin). iKTonlliiir |n re. |M »r»s rPreltwl by HIP S(atr Uv- Iiiirlniii'iit lit ^V)i><liliiirloii. Wanj, il nas snld.jwas proiokid bf. .Millie <»f fniluiT t» jTollM-e a and had IM-PII ordTPd! Snm thi>. (•i>nsulaf4' Mljrii (ii>i'rirth| «»as utiarked. Leaders In I T lolk Named • KI;ibo!rale prepii made for the CI convention tlo be helil inclinTTiiji; ration«« are being ristiaii 'l-indeavor alid a nominating conmiittee Dr. Malhis. the tl IS 1| Succlpssor 'lola, Dally io The lola Daily Reffiktcr. Tlie Record.-and lola liaily Index. TIEN PAGES THIRD FELONY TO BRMG Truant Heiress L FE IN PEN Mea »ure Now Needs Only .;Sij nature of Goverpor raulen to Becpn;i A Statute in Kansas. Toi»pka, Tho dliite in hplisc aniendnieiit to I be; Kan.s.. .seuat" .Mar. 17. concurred bill providing lite imi| or pcr.sons convicted <>f a felony charge ar needs imiy Co signature loj bec< moiid me til time nieasu're I'aulet's law. Cpn:^titiitiunality of the m also makes seebnd punishable by :i .s< thill received for 111 which lion's doubli wa.s 1) lli'slioiied; .Senator Kiijipp"of Coffeyk'ille doubled ibe, leKality ol" lb that not b<> shall victb.r oiise today Ham- risfin- tbinl d- tilt! ernor ine. a asure [onvic ltelM:e first MAYNOTEND ^ind the ikci s for fel I an t iidnieiit' t|lie increiiseii pc-i|.-illie..{ given "iniles.s 'Ibe of f()rme my conjmilHd- Webb's Licj^nse Tajr ka. I\aii(i| Webb bill s'; le's projiiding may court (oti- Bill tb Akain Topi Tb H al the ilison ale I'l lee anienilment retaining tin f'listribiirion 1 lie was incoi . .Mar. 17. ( for iiiainfai Ui |ti |l:l <ibi |e liceiis stale rei'drniMorj' at iva .s piissijd today by tb M'l iiri'ng l^ili b -i sen; I to '.». \\ loiiimi! etit symeni of s'i'cri.-iary t^f stjij i nieasuroi ISO for nenls. here in •v. J.'l-:. ;r e. I hai ,iel ion jby III ol Ihe liiili d Siiili:. Hill roil. I'.-, 1 i|l:ii|; i.s lipl SUIT FILED FORESlTATE I (i. W. Anderson, Administrator, Sues (Jeorjfc Dix and Wife. <;.. W. Anderson, aduiiiiistiator for the cst;ite of Klviia Dix lliil- inan. Iia.s filed suit in .district i ourl against Ceorge ti. Iii.v an,| Delia Oplia Dix. his willei for $1'.!!•:;. alleged due Ihe lloljnan estate. • *.\nder.soir cljitrgicf:' that .Mrs. Ilo'- m;«i. the motlien of Ceorge Di.\. suffered aiparal.yiic stroke and went to t.hi' I)i.\ home, where slj,e was°tb ,be cared for at ihe rale of $1 a day. •.•\iideVsoii sets out in the . potitioii That tlu'y intluonced bcr to' turn over -notes and oilier TRaPHIES ARE SELECTED NQW ('. of C. to Furnish--Prize li\ Kiiral School Day In lola. have sele ee heads led the make FOK KW.SA.S: I'arll.v iilirhl and Friday, pnibabrr IIPCOIM- : inir iiu'.dllrd Friday; Warnirr in: «esf iioiiloii foiiif;ht. For lola and Vf «-iiili>{: I'arlh •loiidy Id- COLLEGE MAY BUILDIN Ueynobi'K. Dave lioiig. .Mary-Green and Itulh Kwing. following commit prejiaralions. Convention coiiiniiltee: Charles j AblcKon...chairinah: C- O. Dorsey, i ed in tjbe bill. The l-fhe bo amend Dnc( en'.s .si; now lih ion really f fihing a Mysfem 6f dii^iribii-' number of American!, ves.sels a.-e rough tli4 lO.'i colunty Simpson Bi State! vice chairman; ifrrintris A secr.'t .Try. f'ommlltec ' cl|airm"n I follow Owen I'aiil."finance:' Dorotpiy Rtrti- crts. reistratioii: ^lai ceiitiim; .Mr.s.. K. i \V.|SherWood, eiitcrtaiiinieiit: .^ncelo Scot, publicity; C. (). Dorsey. flyiiii; squadron: Kthel .Mc( lOy. deci'-nilions; .Mrs. Rert Fr.ver. locial: Mfs. F. ,M. Paul, juniors: lUn Aiiderfon. ushers, and Hazel SnfCroii. exhibits and information. iHlerson. i The; .S" r re-<'na(|- opfka. Kans be acres, fire ai i presen Friday; „nllnued , ^.y^^^ Either in isr nigbt.: (or: lod.-iy.' e.vcess '• Or Ft. cloudy Itmiglil and Fridaj}, Iircoin- .1. A. ButtoU Inu' iiiisrlllcd rtiol. Temper.-iliire -lli;;best ye.^lerday. In. al I p. m ; lowest :!.".. a'. 7 .1. Ill ; norma j !."•: .'.vee.^s ycsterilay. il: .sin, I d;ile ou to Construct Scott Dr. Cook Is Kdilor Of Pri.son Majjazine l <:illi. , • K .Mar. ( |17. Wlei iMllli; yearj- ,l.e;iMMWnrlll. I \l'i 11: . Cre.l. i-ii K Aflieri "di.edli I ( r" 111 I ll.- Ilrol II pol b.l: lle<-n III 111- lulled .^'^lle^ leiit!,-^l y lure Sim •- Ajiiil 'I, serviiju a inn oi luiuli .ii and nine nionibv on :L eiiarue oi iisiiii; llie 'iiiMils I" ileliand. will be aiiiMiig tl;e lii,.^! iei|, ral prisoi|ei s to lie lele.-isiMl <i |i ploiialloli.a pii*r ilei;,, reeelillv Dr Co 'iK. « has ir.-.n ll, I till of lice .V' i-aliiin. i- 1" "d es. i things to Ibe ainiiuiit f of $2.i:i:;. 'Negroes AresMeld in Autbmobire Theft Deal wa -i I repoi 1- He -vas livsi pep. Dr ship an . ciaii a u,r .iileil trial yi'ik.' !e. lor s.-veial iiioi ih.s ^lil.-d III duly as lii-^ •w Kr ,-i. prison piiidi- eMc'lelll lleilll!.. i' tvd;iy at the prison, ill.-'! as !e, ili^ "JUII of '1,'ie .1 iniiiiies ibe rural ;^i -|ioid iliM !•• lie lieid ill lola on the first <;l .\,'ird liavi- lie ,.n indered by the liir:,| CliaiMlier of Coninieri-e. The lir.'t pri /.e liopby wbirb-is ll'iim aw 111 dill li.v ilie ( ii ;itiilier of <''iii'lii'-! I'-J 'l ih" seliuol .iveragiliK j CM- IIIOS I p .iliiis ill liolli the ;;raiiij , jnd-'iiK- aiiit the iraik-nieei is to! lie a .Ni .iiiie of tlie Coddess of Vie-| lor.v. 'i'lie' lie will be l.'iVi inches i bu'li .-iil 'l is iiiiile i-xpensive. Also a, gold medal will be civeil by till" I'ical Voe .-itiiMial .\griciilture Club lo ilie iiiiMvi'iual iiia'kiiig the most po:ii!> diirin:; tiie day. .Mtrumgli no seliools have reg- i-I'ied till- exact iiuml'er coming as yet. lor iliey have until April to i-'>;' r. s.-^-eral have told of their .1. A. ISutloli. )|rlii<ipal I , .toil January Isl. deKViM-s: thi.s ; K„rt Scott, .•uinonnced tojiay that ilasl year, bigliest. 77:; lowest.: |,p piaiis to buildrin one of i towns within a sliorl tiitn hours I Button Indbaleil Uiai Io|la Inlalialily will be Ibe:'location permanent sihool. wlieir marked that lie' lielieveil wol'ld have :i niiicb great lory from which to' draW i-rerled a building here \t pt'es'.nt has c|iiartcrs ii.g. defi- :J:i:!' I'rei-ipiiatioiii for Ihe il: ending ai 7 a. iiii. loday. for Ibis y<;ar lo dale. 2.1'.>: clency since January Isl', inches. r .elative bninidity at 1:! noon veslerday. Oft per cent: 7 a.m. to- dav. per I I'llt-; barometer re- dii.-el to sea level. :;u.n7 iinbes. Sun rises. •!::!'! a. ui.; sels. <;;;n p. 111. WejiLlier and Koad>i. .Ml points clejir roads good i-x- c.-pl Crlffeyville, slippery; rilts- biirg mudd.v. euro He the busittesH in the ICvaris biiild- I-.'Icven students are in ttie <ollege which wa.-i ilirei weeks ago. lola of IJlll- lola and fiale pasj ling tho! lirior fo i:i2:! inj empowered, to peiitioiiing tlioj conimi :sioners. | anjiexeit r- It niuSt d Irict cfcdiTt to lia.s belen rheld Only Jew iji Kansas ijlouse Has Shamrock .-Vmong Tho mittiii; garten childreh am Tbi'^ m approv the two prob- of the he re- ibal be I •r tcrri- if b< niuSlN poltcn statute goes b;j< k to on tile ir Coveriior snaturOk ;i|he bill was sidprT% by the jsenate iafter becti i^assed wifji tho provif^iijn for of the Kiangnan docks, where estalili lion tl urcrs. rtrea.s- I Passes Senate T^dpy Mar. 17. (AP)— l-'d the ^imp.S (i statute! i" which jCiticH ^nncx. tcrrito boarti : of Land whidil hnot e.xceed i'lio undifr the protection. I requiring tb ct on I |Unconst Topeka. Kan.-j jl| Shamricks tod; live Fishman only jow in t.hii p tjssed establi.t' in'rilies asure liW ll 10 ber .Mar. 17. /Al") twmak'ers wil was •Kepreieiita- f Creijley cifiinty, leKisIatiire. till' billl inient iof k vvliero! 2T, iir kindergarlenj •ds only. ex< trie a l.iw. Two Housed Agree on OU Roj^alty Fund ka. Kans..' Mar. i Top. jl'nabloilo iiRroe with throush two , ctiiifereilfe 17.. the college enrolletl opened Hiillton said there are Kll p*orl .Scot If led in the ormerly operated i college at CrtMikston. .Mii<n. Purily Campaign by i '£ Priests Costs LittlejL /lie I'aris. Mar. 17. soUally conducted • AIM—Ili^ purity campaign students college, business itees on the .slate oil niyalty •bill. Ibe senate killed Ibe nic The upper chamber Insfsto placing Min $i;;o.Ofio dijrived tho stalo'.s oil wells- to the of the .state cenenil fund, bouse wanted il in~ the .school With Ibe bill dea.d. the mono go to the general fund aiiyv\| Elwood, Kan., Girl Di L'.s From Bonfire Burns In an Ue irpani sloro al Lake l.Voi'tfe, \. V„ Ihey found .Mary t\. CabflJ. i.'i-year'-old diiuglilcr <il° a |iriiniiiii-.iit New \ork at- lonii-y anil relutln- of .lanie?! Ilrancli Cabell. .Slie had run iijttay froiu lionic and na-< miss. Ilia vi.x dtijs lH-caus(>- slio "ivanled to lite my onii llfp." U. S. Ships pi -es- I V tb'i I lorai- eiiate I Indications Are That One More Day Will Be ; Needed;to Work ' Out Troubled In Groups. Topeka, Kaii.i .March 17; (At")— Doubt was exjiressed today by the, chairman of the house and senata ways and means committees . I whether pl.ijis could be carried out for adjournment at midniglit , to- ~ night. They i«dicated another day I might be needed to permit confer- |ence committees lo work out agrec- • nieni.s on ;the educational and ex- ;eciiiive judicial appropriations, j Over the protest of Scboen of I Smith (^ouniyf chairman of tho/- I ways and means committee, the j bouse instructed its conferees to report al o'doc-k what progress they have made toward tending the.: deadlock with the, senate over the appropriations. : Sloan of Jacksdn county, who suggested such instruction, indi- Icated be would attempt to force, the coiiIW''.nce coiiimittee!' to *com- jiromise tonight. ._ ^ -> Building and Loan I From Bankers-Rule To|i.'-ka. Kans.. Mar. 17. (AJ>)— .Siipenision of'building and loan assoei; lions wns removed today from the state banking depart-- n:ent. when the htiuse passed and sent to the governor two -bills cre^ aiiiig a building and loan tiureau and also a building and loan de- faiii-; Shaiigbai, Mar. 17. (Al'.--A .lis-. : econ-i feature in the general C bi-!. Kxamination of building and loan a I t^o head of the department. The j board will consist of five m<>n, who j will receive no salary. These flvQ ' men will dctcrmini; policies of (Joneral I'i Shu-Cbcn,' the SI izure. c|aimK he | the board. (locK.s for tlie repair of i • of the .vortbern fortes.! Light Shed.on Death of Conductor n bill leffect were y by (joiinty ' may forty city'.s the • dis- biiilding. who marl' neod.s the war ships The move of I'i iiece-ssiuited the j, dispatch of an American w:ir ship lo Kiannan. i \— There still is no definite news: 1-os Angeles. M.-ir. 17. (AP)— of the outcome of the fighting re-' N'ew light w,is shed on the investi- ported proceeding on various parts gafion into the : death of Walter of the battle front. Ti.erc was a Henry Hothwcll ilatc conductor of heavy engagement vosterdav at, the Los Angelesi Philharmonic ior- Linvimg. niidw.iy between Taihn c.hcstra who diedj [suddenly Sainr- day. when it wa.<i; discovered that le irelilions tutioii al. and Ibe small lake east of Taiping. between ('antonose troops and C7en- Chaiig'.s Northern army, j Tlie industrial unrest gr.iflually j is f-preading . Twenty thousand 1 mill b .Tiids now are affcctedj I Tlie latest victim of the'-labor jlerrori.sts was the wife of the Chii ne.<;e chief inspector of tramways. who was shot, dead in her home. The' murderers escaped. ;iriug per- nder- mfire age. ulivo THOUSANDS ARE IN NEW FIELDS tho body bad not! been cremateld , as publicly a'nnotinced, btit was. being held in a-mortoary fbr lack of a burial pernjit. i Bill p>— coiiimit- . Cooli. previoiis Id bis edilor- oi the prison paper, served as ssislaiil lo tlie ;>risoii idiysi- Vernon nroadiiex, -I.";, and Clar,once" Smith. t'O. negroe.s. are lit>)d , ^ in ibe county jail pending the ar- i rival of .Montgomery county autli-| . orities. They are charged with the : theft of ,a .Maxwell touring car in Indepenifonce night before last. • - They were jarreslod yesterday by '• 'Charles i.Velson. constable at Kfs- ' niore.i wrhen be" be<-ame suspiciou? Oklahoma Cloudburst j Docs $50,000 Damage! Mrs. Phila Trout Hack * - - From Laundry Meeting ^.i^l;-;;:;;';::;,;;:;!:;,;,^;;,^:;,^;:,^! lite .r .ioiiiiliiiiSt l :e >-e night did Nirs I'iiila Tioiii re;ii:ii,il on tb.- Siinfiowei Siu • i,il la-t nibii! from Wielijia «.'iere /:;'• altenlleil the Stale 1 unit I'tion" III l-juiijiry (Iwiiers".. .Mrs. Triiill said Ibis nininin^' iliui iliey had a very profit.ihle ;is well as a plea.s- ani time. Tiie pri::eipal address of ('tjie (onveniion il-ii-.-errtl | by • rteorge A. .lolins'ir.. of llie .Meilon • . , , I asaiiisl snappv magazines on the., iMieiiiioiis to l4e. represented l.> ; h„„,,„.,,r,| news .stands has cost' larue uroiip. ; HeUilceni. a iiiilttant priest. just eleven frant's. or lorty-four cents. j The .\bhe was fined that amoiinl. the maximum petialt.v. by the po-; Hie court to which be was haled I on complaint of newji vendors. Thev asserted that the priest f^'r ^ more than two months^ had mil-. ..nSiSpan Will I Be 125 Years Paris. Mar. 17. (\P» i^pan Ui li 'i years and V life iild age of a few tiiniiths, instead -of many years, are nnionir Ihe fu- of their action.s after their, car bad , , „ ,, broken down.o Kd Dunfee. und.:^i-|'li!;^tilute of I 'msiuirKli. Penn. sheriff. Said.they confessed to the; siil>.i«': -«;"•> •Fiii 'iKs :ipii| oxiiiiat-ly .-f.'il'.OOi) damage lo liropeiry aiijaeeiil Sandy creek. wliii;:i traverses the heart of the city. Wai-r more than two feet deep nisiieii thioiigh many .store bi'illiiiiigs. ' I i-'<nir bridges were j,vashed out in '•le.Alester and streets were badly damaged. The fire department i -alloii out ;o;;issist some fami-: li'.'s to •f,-ifeiy wlit-.ii t^ie inundation be' lure |lo^sibilllies discussed hy Hr. .Sertre Vornnofi*, (lie eminent sporlnINt In irland oi»era- tlons. before an assenib aire of theft last night. • iTreatnient."" ilieir .lirouglit- water above- ithe floor lev- I -els of ihejr homos. magazines, the covers of wbicli considered immoral. j two youtig authors who, in pro- te.-l :!gain.=t the abbe's canipaign az.'wnsl "the freedom of the press." sma.-»hed religions image.s in a shop. w<*r<- assesseil similar fines. 1 Chinese Warfare Is „ . , iu:t,« Mighty Hard on Dogs • Operators ^and • M^^»e foreign news|ia|ier cori-espon- dents. it had been e«tiiblis|tf|d. sjiid Voriinnff, that some men had llred vetirs. "Therei' re." he added. "I and Mhers h:i right to Ihe (hat long: Hun^ireds of Nicaraguans Are Dying on Field, Says Reports Men Confer in London. Mar. 17. (AP» —.\ dis- latch to the Daily. Mail from! Kansas.City. Mar. 17 Shanghai say.s urgent'demands by ' conference to determine (leneral Changs forces has had a ; of a new union wage con I 'disstrous effect'on European own- i coal miners in Missouri, ed dogs. These have been Mexico.C5ty. .Mafch 17. . Hundreds; of .N'icaraRuan Conserva- are insnffic .tiyp soldiers are dying on the but- 'the di.siialches tletifelds of Muy .Sluy and Tierra Azul for lacki of medical attention. says dispatches - received by Pedro ?epeda. envoy lierpi for the hiberal -Mcaraguan rfgi _m4 qnder Dr. .Juan .Sacasa. "I ' ' lui.ibli' to at The Libeiiilv;^:!!' ( .\l'i—liendthem as ili.-ir medical suitpiies | .barge alt-r .seven hours of firing. l(„- 11 ,,-ir .>wn nik'ds jroulin;: L.'iim Conservatives, undfer Z-peda charg-iCeni ral iteyes.-who left 170 dead es llial the . AiiieTK a:i authorities on the field. ' have forbiiMen the entry of, such i "rounlless wounded." the dis- upplies tor the u -;e of I'lie Liberal, patches add. "are crawling along 'lied, the road to .\Iina Verde seeking f- in niediial alteniion, aiid many are ivy.jdying from exposure aiid exhaus- met Ition" JfAPl—A the terms ract for Kansas. com- Oklahoma and Arkansas bekan here polled to go on short rations in < today withi fifty operators consequence of the Shantung com- i ers renresipntatives presciit. John missariat buying all available sup- i L.. Lewis, president of lb The l.ili.-ral envoy is inior thai Ihe casualties on both sidt llie .Muy '.May |liatlle Were h< The l.ibei-:ils iriiinehed a bav plies of dog biscuits in Shanghai ' Mine Workers of Amerijca. to feed the army. The only ray of comfort in the | missioner for tho Southwokernlh- somewhat depressing situation, the terstate. Coal Operators. correspondent adds, is that despite the loss of Hangchow which is the center of the umbrella industry. the conference. The • present which the wage »e Ihe SI. .lo .seph. .Mo,; .Mar, 17. Playing .'tround a bonfire the death late yesterday lii .loscpb hospital of .tho five ye;j daughter of Mr. and! Mrs. I'ease of ICIwood. Kansas.^ burning leaves tho child IVljiny Struggle to Reach \ Dripping Springs' Region. jToday. I'hoenix. Ariz.. Mar. 17. fAP) — ProHiiectors. <-apitalists and treasure seekerj- today poured jinto the jiouse I |)rjm)inc Springs : region between (;iobo and W'inkelman, .^rlzpna, where a rb'li gold strike was're- porlcd yesterday. Many of those to arrive today clinnsed their plans ill) to Tonoptib and Wcepah. ] .Vevada. where the new strikes j were reported .following the find rof I.WO young prospectors three j weeks ago. .Vearly all lised auto; mo'iiles iii the effort to beat pros- i pei-tiirs from the bill country to illie latest boom center. I Pei.v'nf heavy rains were respon- i ^ihl•^ for the Arizona discovery. ' miiH-rs said. The water washed ; awav the dirt from the dvke of fund sure. I on from •tredit The [fund. wiil ay. Mississippi Goyemor Is Near Death Today .fackson. Miss.,: Mar. 17., (AP)'— Coveriior Henry h. "Whitfield has lapse<| into-unconsciousness and' the end appears near. Dr. JliIIus Crislor, flis i)ersonal physlciaff. staled iii :i bulletin Lssued at 10 o'clock today. Chicago Anti-Trust Case Given to JuK/ rbicago. .March 17. f^P) — The case of seventy-two furniture manufacturing concerns and 57 individ- iials tried for crtnspii-acy to vio-, late the federal anti-lrnst law, was; Riven to the jury shortfy after noon today. MELLON SEES HALOILLION Such Will Be Surpliis of Treasury in Fiscal Year He Thinks. WasbiriKton, .Mar. 17. (AP)—Secretary .Mellon believes the treasury ro.k in which the goliK ore' is I,,- i ^'"'pl 'is will, pass the! half billion! caled. rnic of ilio rivulets carried i'.'""ar mark this fi.scal jyear. The. j .March collection of itfcmne ;tazasi ly .P)— luscd I St. \Y„ j bits of gold into the adobe hut of, Vh ™^i .loe Lee. veteran sourdough. «h'.jls,fxPfcted to Teach WXfiWfiet^ werjt too j Ponied enough from the silt left close to Ihe blaze and her cldthing his floor to him to hast(.n, jily start a search for the mother caught fire, and tho, flamcsj velopcd her body. Producer of "Sex" Is • Salina Murder Case Not Guilty of Charge; Goes to .Jury Today K. C. hnd min- b United and corn- attended contract, under scale runs from Changs quartermaster general sue-, *"-!5P to JS a day, hais been in ef- ceeded in placing: an order for 40,- i feet three years and expi'res April 000 Hmbrollns for his troopH. first. i Fernando Do Norotiha. Brazil. .Mar. 17. fAP)—T|hc Portuguese round the world ph he commanded hy .Afajor Sarm into Belres arrived at this isl: nd at 10:15 o'clock this morni ig. completing the major part of the trans-Atlantic hop fr )m. the Bissagos archipelago. P )r- tuguese Guinea, on t|ie Afrit an coast. The aj^iator i will tike off for Port Natal, oqi the Brazilian- mainlaiid toiriorrow. ' Brazil. MarJ i: Pernambuco. (AP)—Major Sarmento Beires,! titgiie.sp a\iator arrived at i lode. f; While the secretary: iitUl bdldli: the surpltis does not nwaaaiBdr mean that the revenue aet'otHlitt will produce sufficient revenne'-in. the next year to warrant tax re-' duction. he said it would indicate successful operation of the act The more optimistic tax reduction advocates are already figuring ott .New York. .Miir. 17. fAPl-lPod-: Salina. Kans.. .Mar. 17. fAP)—! how much congress may lop off the ral .ludgp Goddarrf today disniss-JThe acainsl Kalpli Vandruff, | taxpayers bills, taking the indicat-} ed charges of iplagiarism as ainst | former police officer, charged led surplus as. a guide. James. A. Timony. producer^] and I with murder in connection with j The surplus, accumulating this' Mae West, star of ".Sex" one of [the fatal shooting of Lawrence El- 1 fiscal year, which will be increaa- ihree Broarlway plays, under but held that flic play is "unlfiehi- ably -salacious." fire,' wiek. .lanuary was given to the led: by ' the failure of congress tOi jury ing. at 0:111 o'clock this morn- pass the second deficiency bill, will ;.be applied to the public deBt Beires Completes His Long Flight to Isle! Near Brazii ! Island of Fernando Do Xoronha. I off the Brazilian coast at 10:15 o'clock this morning having flown ' across the Atlantic from Portu- ; guese Guinea. Por- the Major Beire^'s flight from the Bissagos l.slaiirls to Fernando Do .N'oronha covers a slightly longer route-than that taken by Commander Francesco De Pinedo. Italian aviator, in his recent crossing of the ?outh.. Atlantic. Commander De Pinedo hopped off from the Cape Verde Islands. The feat of, flying across the South Atlantic without stopping remains unaccomplished, both De Pinedo and Beires haying failed la' attempts to fly from Bolama, For- "tuguese; Guinea to Brazil withejnfe; landing: Each found it imprac-' ticable to take off from Bolamal with the great load of fuel neces-' sary for the estimated flight oC • from 1^ to 20 hours to Bra«iL_. i, Majpil Beires's projected fli^f: around the world in ninety days, i which started from Lisbon. March! 2. touches South Americaj the i southern Pacific Islasds, Aastralia and India, .i^ >

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